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(13.81 KB 239x259 gore.jpg)

Consoomer 02/15/2022 (Tue) 23:23:13 No. 10281
GORE/REKT THREAD!™ Old Thread Autosäged >>>/404/908 >>>/404/908 >>>/404/908
>>14338 Imagine being that poor guy's little sister. You're already worried sick about him and then you check tiktok to find out (before even his commanding officer knows) he's dead and defiled.
>>14343 That sucks man. War sucks.
(3.79 MB 500x668 gun niggaz.webm)

(1.34 MB 640x480 1655843481281.webm)

(3.34 MB 352x640 Niggers.mp4)

>>14426 Haïti. More vibrant than ever. Can't wait to have such vibrancy in Europe.
>>14468 After the shot fired, the old man looks completely lost like man, the fuck going on ? Where the fuck I am ?. >Biden moments
(2.95 MB 300x300 WW_damit_roy.gif)

>>14469 He had a heart attack from all the excitement. But he's okay. The VIBRANT YOUTHS will hopefully not fare so well next time.
(2.97 MB 480x720 1659899219743801.webm)

Facetiming in Mexico
(178.55 KB 865x650 mexico.jpg)

>>14617 savages
(3.91 MB 272x480 carmagedon.mp4)

>>14395 Why are they all so fucking aggressive? I swear, every time I see a vid like this, I think "This could have been easily solved with words," and then I remember that thinking is apparently "white privilege."
(2.57 MB 720x404 nigga moment.webm)

>>14656 >not posting irl moment
>>14738 How the fuck could that possibly be justified?
>>14766 would you be saying that if he wasnt in a wheelchair you able-ist bigot, huh you want to fucking discriminate against disabled people huh you want to treat them differently huh >armed >refused to stop >heading towards potential victim >ignoring officer warnings *bang *bang, double tap a job well done, *bang, and one for good measure
>>14767 if i was cop id carry the stick that cops would carry in the old tv shows and id rodney king him but that would probably look worse and no one would believe me if i told them that if i wasnt a cop the other cop would have shot mr wheelchair perp
>>14766 he had a weapon and was putting people's lives at risk. the cop was justified imo
(3.10 MB 1280x720 1660133928781.webm)

>>14738 >>14766 Yeah, got to agree with the Canadian friend, that was overkill
(146.88 KB 500x619 5e0474.png)

>>15037 Crips arent so innocent, fren.
>>14432 did you even fucking think before posting that? a great example of 4chan /pol/ brain rot. fucking idiot. they only have power in small clans in small towns with even fewer people sometimes. fucking dumb nazi cunt. fuck you. fuck off. do you think they could even get out of their own country?
>>15075 Ouch, found the butthurt Haitian. Jokes asides, I must admit this post is /pol/tard tier yes. But what if I made it as a But what if I made it as a joke caricaturing typical /pol/ behavior ? UuUUUUHhh really makes you think >quantum chess >brainfuck master >u mad bro lol!!11!1!!.
(19.54 MB 1280x720 wypwt1vb.mp4)

(9.24 MB 406x720 wigger gets stabbed.mp4)

(5.75 MB 600x338 lifestyle.webm)

>>15544 wiggers should get stabbed
(1.77 MB 460x262 dangerous tunnel exit.mp4)

>>15803 What is wrong with these people? Whats unique about this tunnel?
>>15803 >>15809 Could it be cursed?
(35.24 KB 640x360 le genius.jpg)

>>15810 idk how you found the location, but its preety sweet that you did:) Le Genius!
(1.51 MB 480x852 indiryo_wholelottadrilz.mp4)

(3.73 MB 352x640 1664244049333489.webm)

(3.84 MB 396x720 1664243994078085.webm)

(8.86 MB 426x792 hanging.mp4)

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