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Anonymous 05/18/2021 (Tue) 20:40:11 No. 13
niggers and jews
(1.39 MB 480x480 White negro.mp4)

>niggers and jews <niggers vs jews
(26.11 KB 286x400 african-turd-meme.jpg)

>>7927 >Baby fart
(57.76 KB 500x444 glum.jpg)

>>7963 Animaniacs?
(30.82 KB 460x330 arnNz3X_460s.jpg)

(192.39 KB 1080x1536 blk boomer hate.jpg)

(1.41 MB 358x360 asian michael jackson.webm)

>>7928 >tfw there's a possibility that Michael was set up and then murdered Still, he sure didn't help his cause with the weird behavior.
(262.64 KB 1440x1482 R.jpg)

>>7927 >3rd vid >full on howler monkey mode You can't make this shit up.
(2.17 MB 640x360 jew montel slaves.mp4)

>>7928 ><niggers vs jews If the majority of blacks ever figure out who their REAL oppressor is...
(2.55 MB 512x288 black jews.webm)

>>8224 heh! blackpilled? no, that isnt right.
(3.87 MB 496x360 redpilled black man.webm)

>>8233 >"If somebody said [that blacks ran the fed] you would consider it racist" I, personally, would consider it laughable.
(3.37 MB 574x360 an african story.mp4)

>>8818 >McDonald's sprouts up >"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" midi plays
(33.05 KB 422x433 mmmm hmmmm.jpg)

(1.92 MB 300x225 1434581472002.webm)

>>8820 you like midi?
>>8846 Perhaps.
(1.26 MB 10000x10000 1449875125477.jpg)

(22.67 KB 400x300 1449879910047-0.jpg)

>>8886 >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected
(95.81 KB 720x671 1449880079019-2.jpg)

>>8887 >flood detected >flood detected
(28.33 KB 553x333 1449880530398-2.jpg)

>>8888 New name: >flood detected
(69.80 KB 475x502 1449879910048-3.jpg)

(20.55 KB 356x371 1449880715876.jpg)

(30.15 KB 400x276 1449880922915-1.jpg)

(62.40 KB 384x460 1449880530397-0.jpg)

(22.82 KB 300x375 1449880530398-1.jpg)

(83.43 KB 656x691 1449880079018-0.jpg)

>flood detected
(87.40 KB 500x375 Iwillbreakyounigger.jpg)

(462.47 KB 1064x1050 flood pupper.jpg)

(32.18 KB 484x484 ben-garrison-anti-nigger.jpg)

>>8900 nigger
(99.05 KB 764x720 with jews you win!.jpg)

>>8905 jew
(82.81 KB 248x149 woman laugh.png)

>>7147 >Stacy beats Stacey Toll paid.
(860.38 KB 1797x1075 jew azaria merchant.png)

>>7158 I've never managed to figure out why the entire middle east doesn't just say "Alright, time to take out the trash" and approach from all sides.
(926.77 KB 690x960 niggers and cars.png)

(2.35 MB 432x432 joke.mp4)

>>8931 It's pretty obvious when you think about it. They have billions of dollars of US military weapons and equipment and they know the kikes have America in their pocket and that America will strike them if they attack the kikes. If the US didn't have their back shitrael would be a pile of dust and memory by now.
(5.82 MB 1280x720 blk bowling.mp4)

>>8985 Funny you posted that. >be me, last night, dreaming >look out window and realize BLM is throwing a chimpout in my neighborhood. >run to my door to make sure it's locked, only for some lower primate with a shit-eating grin to look in and start turning the knob >throw full weight against door and get the deadbolt in place >turn to yell a warning about what's happening >he's outside in the back with two other whites, tearing the shit out of some invading groids with a hockey stick... which is weird since he doesn't play hockey >scream with fear and rage >go blasting out my back door and tackle one of them >other one runs away >son and unknown extras proceed to fuck him up as I jump clear >the other two whites run off in pursuit >tell my son that he has to guard his sisters and repel all boarders >"Where are you going?!" >"Your mom's at the store! I have to get her!" >"Dad, wait!" >"What?!" >"Take this!" >son pulls out handgun >"Where the hell did you get this?!" >"Later! Take it with you and get back soon with mom!" >check the clip >30 bullets about the size and length of your average power drill screwdriver bits >okay >scene cuts to me screaming at my wife to get in >she says I'm acting weird >I peel out instead of replying >we're heading into our neighborhood >tons of blacks doing that thing they do where they block traffic and then descend on the poor people in the vehicle to kill them >there is only one sure fire way to deal with this >vid related >"Buckle up!" >"Wha--?" >floor it and send my SUV crashing into line after line of people whose lives no longer matter because they're done >wife screaming >"Shut up shut up shut *BANG!* up shut up--" >stop vehicle >missed a few >hang a 180° >"I can't believe you're doing this! You aren't the man I married!" >"Don't distract me while I'm driving" >several afro-bearing speedbumps go under >get back to house >under siege >drive onto lawn and take more of them out >Get inside >Son has been gathering neighbors into our house for a bit of the ol' Alamo action >hunting rifles galore, couple of handguns >I start firing my weird gun, and the tiny bullets punch holes in the invaders the size of mandarin oranges >son's got something that would make your average elephant reconsider his charge >"Where the hell are you getting these guns?!" >"LATER, dad!" >in dream time, we fought for about an hour until the cops finally graced us with their presence >SWAT and regulars >Expect to get arrested >Cops subvert expectations and open up with tasers, water-cannon, nightsticks, and, eventually, guns >feelgoodman.gif >the gunmen flood out of my house, giving chase >the cops are cheering them on, which should have been a dead giveaway that it was a dream >something VERY rare for me happens >dog, IRL outside the dream, cuddles into me because he's cold, waking me up slightly >I'm lucid dreaming >It begins >fly after two who are about to attack a white teenager girl >grab them both by neck >make their necks melt using my hands >now we're cookin' >proceed to mop floor with as many as I can get my hands on >eventually, they've either escaped, been arrested, or been killed >watch the sun rise on the chaos and damage and then wake up One of the most satisfying dreams I've ever had. I don't dream of killing regular black people, but the rape-ape pieces of shit who commit mass crimes while screaming "BLM!" need to be purged. Having super powers was just the icing on the cake.

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