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(340.51 KB 421x507 china.png)

Bowlussy 07/16/2022 (Sat) 01:51:53 No. 14100
(1.89 MB 220x400 China ATM.mp4)

(39.50 KB 720x474 china cringe.jpg)

(44.66 KB 663x680 criticize Xi Jinping.jpg)

(32.63 KB 600x466 nigakilla from China.jpg)

Based poland is so lame. You cannot be more based than chinks.
(4.06 MB 596x480 GH8l6aaYYxMU.mp4)

>>14609 classic singapore these people are so bizarre
(3.76 MB 240x180 quick snacks.webm)

>>14216 Initial D bus driver must love his job so much. Surely he dominates the underground drifting scene.
(1.70 MB 202x360 1598636510539.webm)

(347.84 KB 640x360 1598218450556.webm)

(2.80 MB 626x360 1598210733435.webm)

(2.93 MB 640x360 1598209572134.webm)

(1.91 MB 640x640 1598209643743.webm)

choinese doughnut
(432.78 KB 460x258 kungfu.webm)

(278.36 KB 640x432 firestarter.webm)

(416.02 KB 374x200 goal.webm)

(1.24 MB 1280x720 china truck.webm)

(20.78 KB 400x400 ror mouse.jpg)

(738.43 KB 426x234 fall.webm)

>>14592 ROR!™
(452.40 KB 368x464 827199.mp4)

>>14640 Face filters need to be wiped from the face of the universe. Ye cats, gang. I'm 49 years old as of today. Married with grown children, nearly, but not quite, out on their own. If my wife ever leaves me, I'm going full MGTOW. Women of this century both scare me and offend the logic centers of my brain.
(3.53 MB 1920x1080 1598238477462.webm)

(601.76 KB 400x400 15982117565357.webm)

(1.49 MB 720x576 1598211226206.webm)

(828.67 KB 626x360 1598234782521.webm)

(58.33 KB 828x693 deathnote chuck.jpg)

>>14699 I don't think people need Kira's help to end themselves in stupid and unlucky ways.
(800.70 KB 360x360 Ching Dong.mp4)

(6.17 MB 636x360 chiner swimming.mp4)

Chink Empathy
(4.38 MB 854x480 China tire.mp4)

(3.88 MB 640x368 chinese tire adventure.webm)

(145.53 KB 1080x1265 tiredings.jpg)

>>14414 tires are one of the bigger menaces of china
>>14107 Why the fuck did the blue man explode? Did he piss off Japanese David Bowie?
(98.10 KB 598x600 japanese david bowie.jpg)

>>14904 はい
>>14892 i like how he points to him and tells the kid something like "look there, you want to be like him swim"
(1.08 MB 392x696 1662703007444198.webm)

(476.78 KB 608x336 1662715012340318.webm)

(2.99 MB 854x470 china apartment cooking.webm)

why is everything china such shit?
(2.93 MB 464x848 airborne china.webm)

(1.89 MB 640x360 red hot china.webm)

(1.21 MB 872x491 china factory.webm)

(3.84 MB 1280x720 china factory.mp4)

such cases
(38.84 KB 606x530 sneed klaus.jpg)

>>15273 >why is everything china such shit? >>15274 After viewing these, I'm inclined to think that many of them are depressed and suicidal/murderous. Must suck hard cock living under communism. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
(8.58 MB 640x360 太阳红衫衫.mp4)

ngl this song is a serious banger.
(4.78 MB 1280x720 chinese national anthem.mp4)

>>15383 It's not as good as their national anthem.
(53.06 KB 640x624 1Capture.JPG)

come on, china!
(103.60 KB 828x940 EeCHBIcXoAEfEmX.jpg)

(2.25 MB 384x480 shanghai observed.mp4)

oh, china!
>>14640 >the face filter did almost nothing on the actually cute one Made me laugh.
(226.87 KB 719x640 american woman impression.png)

(1006.39 KB 720x408 absolute mad lad.webm)

(8.57 MB 960x546 china drive.mp4)

(1.49 MB 900x720 Chiner.mp4)

(13.43 MB 852x480 china bottle.mp4)

(1.35 MB 480x498 chinky things-887.webm)

(4.41 MB 1280x720 1657609731755.webm)

>>15861 what a choina

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