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(203.54 KB 574x430 apu_comfy_with_fren.png)

Good Night 05/23/2021 (Sun) 03:27:41 No. 316
GOODNIGHT THREAD ITT check out and go to bed
(5.58 MB 1280x720 Yep that's me.mp4)

Good night and because I will be busy at the moment with family and all... Merry Christmas /404/
(217.10 KB 512x338 santa.png)

>>8304 Joyeux Noël Señor!
(4.68 MB 512x480 6 am drug dog.mp4)

long weekend. gotta recharge the old battery!
(31.14 MB 962x720 daicon iv opening.mp4)

its time
>>8437 1. WTF?! 2. That opening narration made me feel like I was dying 3. No, seriously, WTF?
>>8480 Excellent opening tbh. I was wonderind dafuq was that and doing some research https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daicon_III_and_IV_Opening_Animations The Daicon III and IV Opening Animations are two short, anime, 8 mm films that were produced for the 1981 Daicon III and 1983 Daicon IV Nihon SF Taikai conventions. They were produced by a group of amateur animators known as Daicon Film, who would later go on to form the animation studio Gainax.
>>8483 Here is an remastered version with the Daicon III opening. A true masterpiece. Thanks >>8437 for sharing. https://invidious.osi.kr/watch?v=yDN68LxWW-8
(1.45 MB 640x480 anime congratulations!.webm)

>>8483 >who would later go on to form the animation studio Gainax. Oh, well, good for them.
>>8483 >Gainax they made FLCL too. still like fooly cooly tbh >>8480 glad you like:)
(7.46 MB 230x172 3 fish.exe.webm)

me sleep
(251.61 KB 1380x1080 kolmio ukko4.mp4)

(410.58 KB 1920x880 kolmio ukko.mp4)

(339.65 KB 1380x1080 kolmio ukko2.mp4)

(285.49 KB 1380x1080 kolmio ukko3.mp4)

never enough me-time
(1.03 MB 400x400 cow slov.mp4)

(10.72 MB 1280x720 Polish cow.mp4)

>>8667 pfft, fun!
(166.69 KB 2048x1152 cow squirting.jpg)

(9.46 MB 854x480 C walk compilation.mp4)

c u later
(1.96 MB 245x200 dance wonder woman.gif)

>>8720 That song is much catchier than it has any right to be.
(920.65 KB 1280x720 741175.mp4)

(23.51 MB 632x472 memes.webm)

goodnight memes
(904.92 KB 636x360 euthanasia.webm)

so long world see you tomorrow
>>8916 What in the actual fuck?!
>>8720 Wish I could have found one of these before they were gone.
I ripped the original vid and made an mp3 as well.
>>8922 >shops at walmart >expects a quality product >expects low low prices walmart people are subhuman lumps >dat cactus want
(41.49 KB 585x438 walmart boob pants.jpg)

>>8925 Used to be dropped off early for work by my wife (only had one vehicle back in the day) and it was near a Wallyworld. I'd go in to keep warm and browse, usually looking for TMNT or Transformers for my son. Nearly every time, I'd witness the fucking indoctrination chant those pricks made the drones do. That's cult crap.
>staying up late? <NO WAY. GET THAT 6 HOURS OF SLEEP!
(49.04 KB 666x645 do not want.jpg)

>>8929 i can smell the cheese from here
(68.17 KB 700x674 carlos smug frog.png)

>>8964 Actually, she's in the Meat section
(117.70 KB 748x489 apu smug.png)

>>8983 i know, thats the problem;)
(64.08 KB 502x751 hexbewb.jpg)

I leave here seeking good dreams. And a new name because we're OVER 9000 >>8999 >>9000 >>9001 >>A Space Odyssy >>9002 (etc)
(810.03 KB 1366x768 over 9000.gif)

>>9006 done
>>9006 that bitch looks efficient >nursing six babbies at once
(5.14 KB 259x194 horny level.jpg)

>>9006 >>9015 definitely made for breeding. if i only had 6 hands and 3 dicks.
(172.02 KB 480x480 skater boy.mp4)

im outtta here

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