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(97.67 KB 555x475 1579731412115.jpg)

Timmy 07/26/2021 (Mon) 22:03:48 No. 3323
check in thread ITT check in
(1.34 MB 1155x662 lovecraftcthulhulooming.jpg)

>>8512 > feeling positive about 2022 Welp, NOW you've gone and done it.
(155.18 KB 310x313 man crazy face.png)

>>8299 That's brilliant. I'm never going to be able to hear that song without think of some guy slappin' his ham.
(43.13 KB 711x633 1494453719405.jpg)

>>8525 :^)
checking in. at work. fart!
Hi frens and maybe have a fun weekend.
(293.26 KB 1000x1374 036.jpg)

>get done with work at 1:45pm friday >sit at home doing nothing until it's time to go to work monday
>have no job monday >still have no job sunday wish it was monday though so I could buy more gme regards gme comma bro
>>8869 I know I'm going to regret asking this, but what does GME stand for?
(110.64 KB 802x1020 thinking about thos gains.jpg)

>>8874 >gme that gamestop stock market short squeeze robin hood reddit thing
>>8903 derp
(44.80 KB 600x777 Internettoughkid.jpg)

>>8903 Thanks
(721.98 KB 460x258 knatterton.webm)

dead day.
(62.80 KB 640x640 001aaa03d.jpg)

>>8918 Rip today
Okay, what the heck? Is anyone else missing /404/ from the list at the top? I had to get here manually.
(31.48 KB 27x26 favourite star spin.gif)

>>8920 >had to get here manually just click on the favourite star 🔝 and it will stay up there. we ebb and flow with traffic. not always a guarantee it will be up there because of said traffic.
(101.72 KB 389x600 1491824861001.jpg)

>>8919 yes
>>8928 Thanks, fren
(4.00 MB 800x450 1.webm)

(28.82 MB 1280x720 2.mp4)

(3.99 MB 456x720 3.webm)

Dumping these here for archival reasons.
>>8941 ooo nice post fren she does have plentiful milkers~
(117.02 KB 525x639 googly_eyes.jpg)

>>8941 there is something satisfying about deep fakes >>8938 no, thank you.
>>8945 I can't take credit. I yoinked them off of /b/, but I know they'll be hard to find as time passes so I figured I'd share the wealth here. Those are the best deepfakes I've ever seen. The tech is getting a little scary.
(353.46 KB 483x386 AOC ICE detention centers.png)

>>8946 Ye cats, she's so bugshit crazy. She's the leftists' answer to Trump, only Trump is fun and she's just scary.
(1.49 MB 432x432 put a mask on.mp4)

CHECKING IN! trying some new years resolution stuff: BEING MOTIVATED! its similar to the old adage "fake it until you make it". well, its doing wonders for me. >example >take out the garbage tomorrow? <NO! DO IT NOW! >excerise this week? <YOU GUESSED IT! DO IT TODAY! >get take out food? <FUCK THAT! MAKE IT AT HOME! my motivation kills me, but im grateful afterwards.
(10.84 MB 444x403 jew what the hell, hopper.gif)

>>8951 >tfw the golem turns on its master
(147.52 KB 500x500 winonas at you.jpg)

>>8954 heh!
(233.32 KB 496x791 mel oven dodger.png)

(18.21 KB 324x395 mel ovens.jpg)

>>8971 baste
(3.60 MB 854x480 aoc 4.webm)

>>8941 New one
(3.60 MB 400x300 bengarrisonbigguy4u.webm)

Come back to /404/, people! We're sliding off the charts, again!
(32.53 KB 680x546 apu sake.jpg)

long weekend. be back to posting tomorrow:) t.Me
(536.67 KB 1024x1024 apu cool.png)

>>9070 >da charts yeah, ill be back. SEE>>9073 t.BIG TIME POSTER
(406.97 KB 869x873 1450411800071.jpg)

>>9070 oh noes
(55.94 KB 600x737 to what end.jpg)

My room smells like stale air, leaving the window slightly open even though it's cold out, there needs to permanent solution besides freezing
>>9089 >there needs to permanent solution besides freezing Try washing your sheets, throwing out your cum jars, and maybe showering?

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