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(100.60 KB 680x538 16285381950090.png)

(91.06 KB 680x847 4ba.jpeg)

Neck Beard 08/11/2021 (Wed) 06:20:36 No. 3750
SOURCE THREAD >want to source something? >original? >backstory ITT anons help anons source
>>7087 2 for 2, thanks shazaam!
(52.73 KB 640x748 female rapist.jpg)

>>7133 I wouldn't imagine Shazaam was so good. It could be hard to find based only on the few sample of the video cause it's a very common and generic kick line in hardcore music. It could have been produced for the sole purpose of the video. Nice find. >>7342 Saved!
(76.58 KB 600x536 lafs.jpg)

(200.47 KB 449x401 laughing_princesses.png)

(21.36 MB 1280x720 OOF.mp4)

>>3859 >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacksonville_Landing_shooting Literal gamer rage turned mass shooting. It happened only a couple years ago. Wait, no, it happened three years ago. Fuck.
(513.59 KB 2048x2048 dammit booby.jpg)

>>7357 >>7358 Thanks!
(1.27 MB 576x576 16379633129990.mp4)

will be back to source music
>>7415 sauced
maybe source music in 2021. <all other years have been unsuccessful
>>7423 sauced again! god damn shazaam is on point this year!
(5.75 MB 600x338 lifestyle.webm)

who is this person and where can i find more?
(131.51 KB 1024x776 1573177328627-2.png)

(3.91 MB 620x349 new york out by myself.webm)

(20.28 KB 400x400 8Z-YVTby_400x400.jpg)

>>7770 fun!
(69.33 KB 700x783 796748.jpg)

(19.68 KB 480x477 796688.jpg)

Anyone have a clue to the events behind either of these? They aren't related as far as I know.
(125.57 KB 499x500 1575218140441.jpg)

>>7792 no clue atm, will try to look into them
Source of the bottom middle madotsuki fanart?
The site where I found this had one of the autists pop up and say it's not in Japanese "Because I can't understand them" Can anyone shed any light on it?
(42.18 KB 450x385 055.JPG)

>>7958 >japanese No. its really weird engrish.
(44.49 KB 703x680 1361470371585.jpg)

>>7956 >suggestionings https://uboachan.net/mado/index.html <its a dead board maybe sift through their collection?
(12.63 MB 2601x1682 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7792 couldnt find shit. did a reverse image search and all these reddit links popped. sorry, i tried.
>>8510 >high train ride.webm Does anybody know the song played here? Yeah I heard all the cewl kids use Shazam. I'm not a cool kid
>>8648 And if you got the Crossed.webm to, it would be nice.
(974.18 KB 360x360 me crossing street.mp4)

>>8649 >crossed.webm ill get on it after work. i think its in mental health thread.
(4.12 MB dead-star.mp3)

>>8648 high train ride.
>>8655 Hey thanks. Did you know who's the artist?
>>8715 should be in the file, but here you go: SUICIDEWAVE x SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS - DEAD STAR >crossed.webm give me 5 minutes. ill shazaam it. ive had dead star for some time
>>8717 Oh thanks, not downloaded yet but you're right, it shows in VLC. Was lurking on youtube with "dead star" and I discovered the song Light from a deadstar by Lush. Instant love. >>8718 My man.
(713.94 KB 400x400 frawg.mp4)

(2.73 MB 640x352 hot goy.mp4)

song source?
(565.28 KB 780x1019 Wwii_306b64_5454555.jpg)

(163.34 KB 1080x936 playtime.jpg)

what did they meme by this?
(139.67 KB 760x1024 kultur-terror.png)

>>9040 Nice version to.

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