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(300.76 KB 637x670 kot demands post.png)

Lil Autist 09/02/2021 (Thu) 22:45:55 No. 4499
(5.15 MB 1440x1080 twerk sex.mp4)

(8.84 KB 251x242 frogseriously.jpg)

>>8534 > ribbit is terrible. They really are. I like listening to these types of stories, but I can't get over how stupid some of them are, the virtue signalling cucks. >nurse writes in >"AITA because I called a co-worker unprofessional?" >works in old folk's home >taking trainee around >one of the patients is a violent schizophrenic who has mobility problems >old lunatic keeps hitting on her >she tells him no but is uncomfortable >finds out at lunch that the retarded trainee kept telling him to "shoot his shot" when he found out Grandpa Schizo desired her >argument ensues, staff splitting into two camps about whether that was dangerous or just a stupid joke >mfw the old bastard might be playing possum or might have a "good day" where he actually hurts the nurse, and this little faggot is seriously endangering her for the lulz Plebbit's response? Message after message screeching about "fostering an environment of sexual harassment in the workplace." Listen, you stupid legbeards, if a legit dangerous schizo gets a hold of her, she'll be lucky if she still has breasts without bitemarks at the end of it.
(2.98 MB 450x720 demon cat.mp4)

>Me >simple man >see thread >drop post
(521.18 KB 1600x2264 selena_by_magnaluna-dc01jke.jpg)

Not ded yet
(3.69 MB 600x338 1429963597060.webm)

>>8604 good:3
(112.26 KB 609x571 baby wife.jpg)

(967.43 KB 476x268 amongoose.mp4)

>>8656 No.
>>8658 yes
>>8672 Kill yourself
i'm sick, can't sleep and bored as fucj
(396.55 KB 402x476 marvel howard the duck.png)

>>8675 I'm sick, can't sleep, and my elderly parents are demanding I take them to the dentist in -39°C tomorrow AM. Fucking lungs are already full of nose-cum and now I'm going to get pneumonia. Serve them and my younger brother right if I died.
(756.79 KB 1198x1200 baitohshitnigga.png)

>>8674 ok then
>>8680 cool have a good one
(106.35 KB 1275x1650 qc mspaint you and me.png)

>>6143 >Clarence
(3.80 MB 480x848 Gotta go fat.webm)

(16.63 KB 480x318 laugh john cena.jpg)

>>8761 >that filename >that speedwalking, tho
>>8524 >>8534 Took me forever to find this post. If anyone cares, I have officially deleted the bookmark for Mark Narrations. The lad is an absolute spastic, moist vagina of a male feminist, and I'm out. He only picks stupid femcel comments to read and his whole attitude leads me to believe that he rocking only half a testicle. I'm trying this gal, currently. Her accent is slight, but kind of fun, and she doesn't actually make any comments herself. https://www.youtube.com/c/GCRedditStories/videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KCTrOqZgFQ
I'm drunk as shit Checking in For some reason on my browser I can't post on this site unless I disable javascript
(5.89 MB 640x360 coomer leonard cohen.mp4)

On day 15 of No Nut January. My secret is that, when I get that feeling, I wait ten more minutes and it suddenly turns into a raging desire to urinate... which feels awesome enough to completely sublimate the urge for awhile.
(15.52 KB 399x400 1540457379904-0.jpg)

>>8868 >javashit meh, thats kinda shitty since stephy boi uses javascript for some of his icons.
(42.19 KB 450x613 time-to-fap_o_1595297.jpg)

>>8875 >no nut seems noble and just as unhealthy as the people that nut themselves straight into erectile dysfunction
(89.41 KB 539x562 futurings.jpg)

>>8875 >On day 15 of No Nut January >01/09/2022 (Sun)
(4.14 MB 600x375 man auto wank.gif)

>>8898 I started in late December, but "No Nut Late December Through January And Possibly Beyond" didn't have the same ring to it. Failed this afternoon
(796.94 KB 640x360 darksouls feet.mp4)

>>8897 >seems noble and just as unhealthy as the people that nut themselves straight into erectile dysfunction I don't know what to do, anymore. My dad got prostate cancer and the literally cored it out like an apple and he can't hold his bladder, anymore. I'm afraid to keep too much jizz in the holding tanks. On the other hand, I also don't want to end up like those poor bastards who keep chasing the dragon with silicone breasts, going for weirder and weirder faps until they're actively searching for transsexual underage necrophile porn. I'm trying to achieve balance and only do it when I absolutely have to. Plus I'm getting so sick and tired of the way the streaming sites are pushing blacks on white girls and incest. I like mature women and younger women, but instead of just pairing them up, they put a dick-wilting "disclaimer" up and then proceed with >"Mom, I'm in love with an older woman!" >"Oh, honey, I'm so glad you felt you could come to me with this!" >"It's you, mom." >"Oh, uh..." >"This is making you uncomfortable. I shall leave." >"NO! RUB MY GENITALS!" So I'm trying to return to my more resourceful youth and go with static pictures instead of watching vids that include horrors like eating ass, spitting on one's partner's junk, and other things that take me out of it.
(11.83 KB 250x225 911.jpg)

>>8910 >>8911 dog bless
(860.23 KB 320x240 batmanjetfuel.gif)

>>8913 >>8911 Huh. I didn't even know we had a NEVAR FORGAT counter.
(193.52 KB 1600x1000 712phHSYG3S.jpg)

>>8936 >Bigfoot fan Nice. May the great wood ape protect you and yours, brother.
(662.08 KB 1276x1276 sascrotch.jpg)

>>8936 uwu
(18.69 KB 640x478 sex panther.webp)

>>8936 >>8953 >>8955 >bigfoot <pick related is all i can think of tell me im not alone on this
(1.19 MB 2500x2000 donkeyvector.png)

I have a VPN now. This is actually ... about the same as usual, experientially. But existentially much better.
(19.89 KB 263x250 1584452641555.jpg)

I don't know

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