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king's mediocre art kingADVRC 05/19/2021 (Wed) 14:47:41 No. 60
Heya guize o/ This thread is for documenting the processes that I use when fulfilling requests and making OC for /404/ for the 3 of you that actually care.
The original piece is finished. Now for the bonus content.
(124.48 KB 577x577 Happy_Anime_Girl.jpg)

>>8045 >>8061 love it!
(980.97 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (5).jpg)

(997.20 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (6).jpg)

Started working on some of the elements for Synthia's bonus content. Today I mainly focused on her leg, panties and pussy area.
(40.87 KB 718x322 heatenings.jpg)

(903.55 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (7).jpg)

(900.51 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (8).jpg)

Worked on her bra and 'freed breasts' state today.
(10.34 KB 692x662 happy_large_eyes_frog.png)

>>8208 king, youve outdone yourself! <thank3
I've been working on Synthia's bonus content for the past few days and I've compiled an image set for her descent into the wine glass. Let me know if you'd like me to go farther in the set. I could make use of some well placed candy canes if you like...
(12.24 MB 640x480 404 C H R I S T M A S.mp4)

(37.29 KB 720x540 apu schwitz.jpg)

>>8260 >well placed candy canes
(1.97 MB 1082x1656 christmas elf04.jpg)

(2.04 MB 1066x1678 christmas elf05.jpg)

(1.98 MB 1076x1665 christmas elf06.jpg)

(1.34 MB 1085x1675 christmas elf08.jpg)

Great vid as always. Yes, well placed candy canes. AND let me GIVE YOU a SAAAM-pllle.
(47.35 KB 1026x798 92d63f82.jpg)

>>8266 >SAAAM-pllle
Apologies for the inactivity. When I wasn't relaxing for a change I've been busy working on various positions of the candy canes. The only component left to work on is a lewd facial expression. Here's another sample of what's to come.
It took longer to compile than I care to admit, but the lewd candy canes are finished. From start to finish this piece took about 30 hours to sketch, draw, color, edit, lewd, and compile. Thank you for you patience, and Happy New Year!
>>8555 New anon is sirUNBUTTERED. Have fun with that.
(19.46 KB 471x393 pp.jpg)

>>8509 >>8550 >>8551 >>8552 >>8553 >>8554 >>8555 wowee! thanks for the candy cane arrangements! sirUNBUTTERED sounds fun. New Year, New Name, New (You)!!
Started working on 2 new requests today. The first one features an alternate version of Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin. I was asked to turn him into a water mage singing while conjuring up some water magic.
(113.73 KB 1024x1281 toilandtrouble_by_numbdev.jpg)

(117.43 KB 1024x768 undies_21_by_leokeizer.jpg)

(906.24 KB 2100x1848 Squeaky Cheeks for numbdev.jpg)

The second is a lewd drawing of sexy mice flashing their asses. I can hardly contain myself.
>>8636 >>8635 looking forward to the mousenings and what not!
>>8636 >first pic Those mice have litteraly cat faces. Yes another lewd mouse is alway welcome !
(380.00 KB 1200x1848 Hydromancer Boyfriend (1).jpg)

Worked on the boyfriend request today. Started fleshing out the head, body, and hands. I probably redrew the hand holding the microphone 7 times before I got it to look right. I need to practice more with them tbh.
Worked more of the mice request today. Started fleshing out the one on the left. Her pose got altered slightly in regards to her neck and ass. Mmmm, the beginnings of delicious leftovers.
(5.81 KB 201x176 micky.jpg)

>>8692 >>8744 squeeky cheeks for the win!
(791.17 KB 2100x1848 Squeaky Cheeks for numbdev (2).jpg)

(319.58 KB 1200x1848 Hydromancer Boyfriend (2).jpg)

I was asked to make the tail thicker and longer on the mouse request. I also finished the lineart for the boyfriend request. Looks like that one's going to be finished fairly quickly.
I worked more on the mouse request today. The requestor wanted the tail even longer and thicker so I fixed it again, as well as fleshing out the girl in the middle.
(226.02 KB 1024x768 mouse.png)

>>8828 >>8853 squeek squeek
(475.99 KB 1200x1848 Hydromancer Boyfriend (3).jpg)

(604.77 KB 2300x1750 Squeaky Cheeks for numbdev (4).jpg)

Worked on both requests the last coupla' days. I laid out the base color and lineart color for the boyfriend request, and I finished the nude lineart mostly for the mouse request. I might work on the girl on the right a little more as her head seems too tall though.
Worked more on the mouse request today. I fixed the issues on the right girl's head and started adding the bra and panties for all three of them.
(36.54 KB 471x480 mickey_mouse_gun.jpg)

>>8937 >>8960 the squeekers are cumming along micely:) sorry i cant get into boyfriend. stirs up some anti-gay sentiment that i harbor for some reason. its 2022 and i shouldnt care.

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