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(643.29 KB 854x480 doom mower man.mp4)

Artist's Shit 12/01/2021 (Wed) 05:48:07 No. 7469
>>8387 truly heartbreaking
>>8396 >truly heartbreaking Nobody put a gun to that faggot's head and said "Eat ALL the nuggies, homo"
(3.95 MB 1280x720 ChrisChan on Prom Night.mp4)

>>8106 Hard to believe he's been in jail for about 5 months, it feels like only yesterday.
(1.13 MB 231x210 blkeyepop.gif)

>>8406 They should have buried him under the prison.
(4.33 MB 1280x720 1543752614408.mp4)

(1.32 MB 460x344 flash.webm)

(131.70 KB 503x408 frog pepe smoking.png)

>>8417 >"Wear a mask!" >isn't wearing a mask I really can't stand what's been happening to humanity since... oh, about 1989 or so.
(110.99 KB 1499x742 mask faggots.jpeg)

>>8419 things went down the shitter since 2020 imo
>>8417 This is one of those cunts that hasn't ever been backhanded hard enough to fall on her ass once in her life and it shows.
(4.38 MB 480x360 elmo_song.mp4)

>>8428 >things went down the shitter since 2020 imo Not from where I'm sitting. The (((people))) who are destroying our lives have been steadily at it for decades, but their big push started after 9/11 in 2001 and has been going faster and faster every year since.
(4.18 MB 480x360 muppets cookie NEIN!.webm)

Hope they were not posted before.
>>8510 >Crossed.webm As I said it elsewhere, roping is fugging based.
(63.45 KB 564x644 saved.jpg)

>>8510 >recharger-objets-mode-jeu-video-hd.mp4 new to me, love it!
(1.14 MB 576x1024 heading to the beach.mp4)

(325.19 KB 360x240 keep it up.mp4)

(592.18 KB 306x240 star shart.mp4)

(1.18 MB 640x480 who's the bitch.mp4)

(3.42 MB 360x640 las vegas shooting.mp4)

(7.74 MB 1920x1080 MapPorn-qd8cu9.mp4)

(3.05 MB 640x480 Rambo.mp4)

(10.66 MB 1024x576 małpa jedzie.mp4)

(577.51 KB 480x480 Im fine.mp4)

(3.81 MB 1024x768 1640133288941.webm)

(1.98 MB 454x854 VID_20211018_213922_681.mp4)

(1.31 MB 640x480 among us.mp4)

(829.19 KB 500x279 on your mark.webp)

>>8807 >3th vid On Your Mark by Studio Ghibli <will have to find time to watch (((tbh)))
(15.81 MB 1280x720 PMV_MechGirl.webm)

(15.23 MB 640x360 QirinClim.webm)

(6.51 MB 1920x1080 DieMFer.ru.webm)

These ponies sing!
>>8998 gay
(806.60 KB 514x438 BidenWalksOffstg.mp4)

(11.02 MB 480x848 BeruitJustBefore.mp4)

(161.58 KB 685x1023 95ddd27e.jpg)

>>9000 BO chooses name
(93.41 KB 600x800 MorningGlory_scowls-while.jpg)

(425.54 KB 1600x1200 HorseUdder.jpg)

>>9001 >>9000 OR SLIGHTLY TOO LATE >gay I dunno, I was hoping for ... gay pony or something. Oh well, such is the internet. Especially here Gay we don our now apparel!
>>9003 Rainbow Dash knockoff tbh
>>9004 >RD knockoff If you knew Morning Glory's story arc you might find somepony else saying that to be funny. I sure do. >Ha, ha. Killing joke.
(79.90 KB 550x550 Reading.jpg)

>>9005 >If you knew Morning Glory's story arc I live in America
(172.02 KB 480x480 skater boy.mp4)

(1.31 MB 640x360 stevie hawkins.mp4)

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