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(656.55 KB 1071x947 gorilla based and redpilled.png)

(134.08 KB 1024x949 jew lizard dna test.jpg)

(7.68 MB 426x240 porcupine pumpkin.mp4)

Animal Thread? Tree Fucker 01/24/2022 (Mon) 22:01:53 No. 9330
Animal Thread. Pics, vids, greentext, whatever of animals, both real and created. Based, cringe, and delightfully in between are what we want, here.
>>13182 >so let's eradicate the cats >be invaded by rodents destroying harvests [spoiler]I'm not sure it's the real story but they have serious troubles with rodents.[spoiler] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouse_plagues_in_Australia Damn this shit is cyclical !
(4.92 MB 1280x720 Ok I pull up.mp4)

(3.95 MB 640x800 snek.mp4)

(2.05 MB 640x800 catamongbirbs.webm)

>>13183 some cats are chill and exist for the sake of existing. that part of australia needs a couple good mouser cats.
(512.68 KB 464x848 dog eggroll.mp4)

(3.36 MB 406x720 Hummingbird.mp4)

(3.62 MB 306x548 snekhungry.webm)

(823.82 KB 1280x720 パラキート.webm)

(188.78 KB 800x450 No hamster.jpg)

>>13264 snek moves faster than expected
(3.17 MB 576x1024 oh.mp4)

(2.62 MB 720x720 nomnomnom.webm)

(388.00 KB 236x426 salopiaud.webm)

(3.25 MB 480x360 slav mauled by doga.webm)

(263.99 KB 749x562 soupe (chinoise).jpg)

Was in a hurry for comfy animals
(15.04 MB 1280x720 slothering.mp4)

(59.54 KB 512x371 unnamed-1.jpg)

(269.83 KB 1600x1011 Megatherium-3639229181.jpg)

>>15376 >ground sloth I'm firmly convinced that, if those things could run, we'd fear them more than wolverines and tigers combined.
(4.68 MB 512x480 6 am drug dog.mp4)

(256.37 KB 540x360 story of the 2 skrunkl.mp4)

(9.24 MB 800x450 worst doge.webm)

(18.88 KB 460x276 eggs.jpg)

>>15394 You don't have to tell me what happened, but you DO have to eat all the eggs.
>>9527 that last monkey is literally higher iq than the average african "human"
(58.74 KB 684x599 832863.jpg)

(1.46 MB 460x816 bear-tree.mp4)

>>13264 Big pythons have a nasty attitude.
(26.16 KB 500x500 71yI72SOiQS._SS500_.jpg)

(3.27 MB 640x640 space cat.webm)

(279.93 KB 640x360 uh oh stinky.mp4)

>>15522 pffft!
(363.74 KB 460x422 reflex cats.mp4)

(477.61 KB 576x432 deactivate.webm)

New Name: Wigger
(1.27 MB 360x640 fat cat.webm)

(799.21 KB 460x674 Cat Whale.mp4)

(5.96 MB 406x720 IMG_3509.mp4)

(1.09 MB 720x406 catrubbing.mp4)

(1.73 MB 440x774 Cato's Cave.webm)

(3.87 MB 506x480 1518609392488.webm)

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