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(23.08 KB 500x419 404 not found.jpg)

(3.99 MB 640x360 nostalgia.webm)

Gay Nigger Board owner 05/20/2021 (Thu) 07:13:16 No. 100
Lost and Found post stuff that was forgotten about/buried deep within your folders. make it an adventure:^)
(120.84 KB 375x375 1529428745437.png)

(57.59 KB 720x894 1537748249984.jpg)

(34.56 KB 598x317 1555607464044-2.jpg)

(96.68 KB 317x699 1555884139825.jpg)

(191.22 KB 500x375 alone-in-the-world.jpg)

(16.25 KB 441x441 on top of the world.jpg)

(52.37 KB 640x480 Stupid Motherfucker.jpg)

(2.23 MB 728x408 mqiqddnvhpz61.mp4)

(67.98 KB 500x598 PEPE_THE_4CHAN_USER.jpg)

(113.54 KB 500x375 Finish_Him_Dog_Man.jpg)

(17.87 KB 250x284 shoot me.jpg)

(39.19 KB 570x526 Double nigger.jpg)

(51.69 KB 480x720 shortombos.jpg)

New Name: Lil Tendie
(52.98 KB 377x373 heldon3.jpg)

(66.81 KB 450x350 427311315_d26617b3e8_o.jpg)

(48.19 KB 541x337 tedder moment.jpg)

(21.01 KB 450x322 homer-euro.jpg)

(29.10 KB 361x469 levitate.jpg)

(48.01 KB 599x431 0145od6.jpg)

(118.62 KB 534x479 spacechess.jpg)

(154.52 KB 300x300 444786.jpg)

(49.64 KB 680x630 c9ad49ac.jpg)

(67.35 KB 758x802 pitbull soon.jpg)

(197.67 KB 780x1040 You down with OCD 1.jpg)

(52.14 KB 620x411 You down with OCD 4.jpg)

(72.02 KB 600x447 You down with OCD 2.jpg)

(91.54 KB 620x461 You down with OCD 3.jpg)

(117.66 KB 650x866 You down with OCD 5.jpg)

(46.58 KB 500x667 you down with ocd 6.jpg)

(82.04 KB 655x1195 you down with ocd 7 google.jpg)

(236.27 KB 356x642 you down with ocd 8.png)

(32.68 KB 622x592 loading cat.jpg)

im down with a.d.d, yeah you know me.
(6.41 MB 484x272 sandyhook shooter.webm)

(7.24 MB 640x360 Infinite_login.webm)

(26.56 MB 1280x720 Cream in my KOTHy.mp4)

(5.28 MB 1280x720 Curse of The Weggy Board.mp4)

(56.85 KB 704x480 1390272164175.jpg)

(8.92 MB 1280x720 Would i lie to you baby.webm)

(800.83 KB 272x480 1567155168591.mp4)

(84.00 KB 596x532 starvation.jpg)

(412.95 KB 1024x576 1559934930069.jpg)

(397.23 KB 652x640 overlord.webp)

(77.31 KB 280x400 startrek data smug.jpg)

>>416 >be me, 17ish >over at friend's place >he and this other guy are fuckin' around with the witchboard >tell them they're retarded for doing so >they misunderstand me >"No! Dude, it's REAL! We were talking with this spirit the other day!" >"No, you don't understand. I KNOW it's real. I'm telling you guys that YOU are RETARDED for fucking around with DEMONS." >they tell me I'm an idiot >"These are GHOSTS, man, not demons." >"No, they're fucking demons and they're pulling your chain in the hopes you'll agree to do shit for them. You're putting your souls in peril for the same exact experience you can get off 4chan." >"Fuck off, man" says the other guy. "You've said you've never even tried it." >"No shit. It's because I know what those things are. I still can't believe they sell that fucking thing at Toys R Us." >Friend's had enough. >"Your turn, anon." >"I'm NOT talking to your faggy demon, guys." >"Are you scared?" >"Yes, and you should be, too." >eventually agree to do it >say the Apostle's Prayer, first, and ask God for protection >touch planchette with other guy >it doesn't move >"You're pushing down too hard!" >"I'm not. Go ahead and move it yourself." >It moves fine >Other guy asks questions, gets no response >Friend demands I move so he can see what the fuck is going wrong >"Must be a server error," I say >Other guy glares >Friend tells me to shut up >they try asking it questions, like "[Faggy Demon], are you there?" and trying to coax it out of wherever it's gone >they're about to give up when the planchette finally starts to move >"D... I... E... 'Die.'" >mfw >"See? Demon. You guys want to play something?" We tried playing some Shadowrun but they were distracted for some reason.
(14.22 KB 480x360 frame2.jpg)

(22.62 KB 480x360 overview.jpg)

(37.38 KB 585x290 muchfence.jpg)

(41.31 KB 800x600 PinkSupplements.jpg)

Some attempts that have been less than successful. >>573 >distracted for some reason. Gee y'think?
(314.22 KB 600x450 mums-a-fat.jpg)

>>573 The comparison to 4chaim was really quite appropriate considering all they got was a spoopy >kys
(61.51 KB 671x665 1487346507170.jpg)

>>575 >frame2.jpg too close to home. my dad is somewhat of a handyman. pic very relatable.

(97.65 KB 856x669 bungled.jpg)

(52.92 KB 720x477 5cichavkuf741.jpg)

(1015.82 KB 400x300 fenced.gif)

>>575 Had to do fence work today too. Hits way too close to home. Since it was bordering it
(80.68 KB 362x383 im jew.jpg)

>>592 >1st pic why'd magneto do that?
(24.67 KB 248x350 74942-5341213Bk.jpg)

>>598 General >(Insert anything) reminds me of muh holocaust! Destroy it! thinking
(30.05 KB 474x322 OIP.jpg)

I love how Magneto's backstory is all tied up in the Lol-ocaust because it's getting harder and harder to keep him in the picture. They're good to go with Cap because of the super soldier serum keeping him young, but they've had to retcon Iron Man to being injured in the Gulf War and being held prisoner by muslims instead of Chinese commies. The back stories just aren't aging well. But for Maggie, who should now be in his 90s, they've had to invent little golden mutant eggs that allow for rebirth so they can keep him around and still be one of the 6 gorillion.
(4.50 MB 1920x1080 yung paul 2.webm)

(40.33 KB 640x555 ShotshowShoot.png)

(21.86 KB 646x411 Rainbowlnicorn.jpg)

(208.91 KB 1024x1536 LeaveYaHangin.png)

I forgot I had these photos. Though to be honest, they're mostly forgettable.
(28.09 KB 600x177 kinky-jon0028.png)

I know I have some stupid old shit, but I'm not finding it right now.
(46.57 KB 400x533 weed-eater-1.jpg)

(31.90 KB 477x356 BeavisAndButtheadBlackMetal.jpg)

(18.10 KB 416x480 1810 bart mask.jpg)

(71.65 KB 500x350 blood-of-cobra.jpg)

The following dump is all circa '07-'08
(21.77 KB 599x432 0114xx7.jpg)

(29.27 KB 335x420 b_funny_costume.jpg)

(14.82 KB 460x324 Stupid Haircut.jpg)

(66.10 KB 560x418 ThaiGuy.jpg)

(11.39 KB 400x300 omgwtf.jpg)

(12.14 KB 223x298 fv2.JPG)

(92.87 KB 400x300 GoogleTibet.jpg)

(10.75 KB 167x250 23476348.jpg)

(12.99 KB 260x347 watermelon4.jpg)

(62.77 KB 492x348 curved_20fruit.jpg)

(47.29 KB 334x426 vinnie_jones_01.jpg)

(27.84 KB 286x430 Soccer.jpg)

(68.12 KB 490x385 SBvatican.jpg)

(73.01 KB 750x600 redundancy.jpg)

(72.04 KB 628x464 28.jpg)

(18.09 KB 480x360 androshot1.jpg)

(23.70 KB 512x384 mobile-phone-joke.jpg)

(148.67 KB 620x768 82-83b.jpg)

(20.39 KB 398x283 16.jpg)

(30.49 KB 357x399 tickle-me-elmo.jpg)

(25.07 KB 280x495 pussy-foot.jpg)

(21.53 KB 240x360 100116741.jpg)

(49.66 KB 692x519 c236e8924tj.jpg)

(54.06 KB 363x500 Global-Warming-Rejoice-e.jpg)

(29.98 KB 425x361 pac_grave.jpg)

(74.16 KB 643x467 jesusthumbsdown.jpg)

(26.86 KB 400x280 star-trek-tattoo.jpg)

(36.08 KB 550x632 skeleton-neck-tattoo.jpg)

(16.61 KB 400x297 eyelid-tattoo.jpg)

(138.69 KB 434x500 153267501_4e78c53552.jpg)

(18.73 KB 400x408 michael-jackson-tattoo.jpg)

(17.47 KB 344x460 nail_tattoo.jpg)

(37.72 KB 600x450 bmepb514933.jpg)

(155.63 KB 500x375 irishchewie.jpg)

(51.21 KB 422x640 burningman.jpg)

(51.45 KB 300x326 mug.weird.gif)

(185.66 KB 480x571 funny-dog.jpg)

(234.35 KB 576x574 Hart.gif)

(30.86 KB 356x460 jake_2.jpg)

(30.29 KB 356x455 jake_1.jpg)

(23.92 KB 280x366 235582659_587d7821a0_o.jpg)

(59.20 KB 371x469 gorenotcore.jpg)

(106.16 KB 500x375 52352473_0b3b454a45.jpg)

(87.98 KB 750x563 stfu2.jpg)

(153.97 KB 500x333 556864391_263d743cf6.jpg)

(161.22 KB 617x800 shicomix.jpg)

(253.35 KB 514x758 newbackground.jpg)

(323.20 KB 375x508 rpm1970-1.jpg)

(51.90 KB 390x293 leela_case_mod.jpg)

(36.86 KB 428x610 dolphin and cow.jpg)

(47.27 KB 360x450 12143998.jpg)

(28.99 KB 463x655 383704050_9718884661_o.jpg)

(17.10 KB 480x360 sod10.jpg)

(88.62 KB 445x530 rectumicidegrossebk4.jpg)

(176.10 KB 667x1000 spandex_01.jpg)

(196.57 KB 1024x768 shaved_pussy.jpg)

(24.43 KB 444x417 smokycup.jpg)

(59.74 KB 300x400 2006-10-17T10_51_41-07_00.jpg)

Thus concludes vintage dump
(73.63 KB 490x490 el5w0.jpg)

(455.30 KB 500x500 alzheimers man.png)

(81.29 KB 1041x877 dead people-1.jpg)

(36.13 KB 720x720 think.gif)

(51.69 KB 391x549 23 at north pole.jpg)

>>717 Think I've found some older, obscurerer folders from before then I'll take a look thru tomorrow. Stay tuned!* (*unless you have literally anything else to do!)
>>696 >pic 3 Huh. I was right: Zendaya DOES have a penis.
(23.03 KB 330x314 church1.jpg)

(27.47 KB 500x310 polishplane.jpg)

(30.87 KB 300x200 0390-0609-0203-4221_SM.jpg)

(85.83 KB 834x609 jewish_blood.jpg)

'06 and before stuffs dumperoo
(24.96 KB 371x500 phelps.jpeg)

(11.62 KB 300x101 300px-Eaf-logo.gif)

(44.13 KB 467x300 love-parade.jpg)

(44.85 KB 458x600 Dre_Cock_Bash.GIF)

(35.08 KB 250x200 internet-cat-on-hangers.jpg)

(20.96 KB 320x400 ga312-cm.jpg)

(39.96 KB 338x279 cat and mouse.gif)

(13.12 KB 484x275 god_of_war_kitten.jpg)

(50.54 KB 339x500 X_24_June.jpg)

(21.75 KB 240x360 supermarket.jpg)

(44.62 KB 427x600 furicide3kp.jpg)

(122.39 KB 666x1017 33onp8o.jpg)

(74.05 KB 797x711 mickeyshirt.jpg)

(179.31 KB 511x800 F041-001.jpg)

(53.25 KB 312x433 cheeky_tattoo.jpg)

(7.00 KB 200x200 smileyFace.jpg)

(24.79 KB 320x360 fuck-off952_resized.jpg)

(13.80 KB 281x342 god.jpg)

(49.76 KB 267x385 tom_of_finland_small.jpg)

(64.74 KB 338x507 slamdunk.0.jpg)

(27.54 KB 360x522 jonah_goldberg.jpg)

(13.04 KB 168x374 bh_bear.jpg)

(156.93 KB 1200x1600 simpsons.kiss.jpg)

(31.39 KB 410x493 hairy-chinese-kid.jpg)

(53.10 KB 500x501 wild_horses.jpg)

(11.71 KB 400x217 e.jpg)

(32.27 KB 320x480 camcorder.jpg)

(40.73 KB 421x667 komeetta.jpg)

(13.19 KB 360x265 lama-dome.jpg)

(117.49 KB 633x1041 hourglass.jpg)

(70.85 KB 811x599 Burzum.jpg)

(43.08 KB 600x400 Hybrid_Nissan_Car.jpg)

(40.74 KB 480x404 aye_small.jpg)

(111.24 KB 380x278 men.jpg)

(217.09 KB 800x600 rockpeople.jpg)

(39.37 KB 500x552 ml4.jpg)

(40.35 KB 432x566 headsup.jpg)

(7.06 KB 283x324 gruau.jpg)

(195.03 KB 567x337 sauvagehair2.jpg)

(184.03 KB 567x425 mingus2.jpg)

>...and thus concludes our broadcasting day
(100.78 KB 504x470 1430183889562.jpg)

>>803 good stuff!
(57.68 KB 504x470 cyanide donald.jpg)

(15.20 KB 800x800 1587205555737.jpg)

(74.29 KB 700x394 blobwheels.jpg)

(6.89 KB 255x203 dick 1.jpg)

(10.72 KB 261x208 dick 2.jpg)

(11.49 KB 261x208 dick 3.jpg)

(230.25 KB 1242x1211 steve jobs ligma.jpg)

>>888 New Name: Steve Jobs
(3.17 MB 640x358 Beast.mp4)

(1.26 MB 811x978 1555838690752-3.png)

(1022.93 KB 490x360 it is a mystery.webm)

(26.32 KB 500x375 shiggy cat.jpg)

(6.93 MB 1280x720 1588966531-3.webm)

(7.32 MB 640x360 SmartMop.webm)

(81.83 KB 835x837 cool.jpg)

(556.81 KB 600x440 doritos.png)

(414.29 KB 386x587 ranch.png)

(194.34 KB 394x473 gudjubowo.png)

>>1119 tanks, have the mp3. this guy isnt afraid to call it like it is with 9/11. will he make a corona virus remix?
(5.34 MB 512x282 infinity never.webm)

found it! anyone 'member!? i member
(955.90 KB 1280x720 stink.mp4)

(2.66 MB 1280x720 I_need_a.mp4)

(237.62 KB 480x360 cropduster.png)

(65.00 KB 790x1167 1541037318561.jpg)

(126.83 KB 850x1062 me the chair.jpg)

(988.60 KB 800x800 clenching.png)

(116.95 KB 476x533 reddit tier.jpg)

(14.32 MB 480x360 muffins.webm)

(15.30 MB 426x240 8ch pol.mp4)

(13.73 MB 720x576 8ch pol.mp4)

(7.92 MB 480x360 take_back_our_future.webm)

(3.53 MB 640x480 27212044.mp4)

(15.66 MB 640x360 ProLAPse.webm)

(141.21 KB 800x1000 Teletubb.jpg)

(145.69 KB 1024x768 Teletubbies.jpg)

(106.15 KB 960x720 KbdPuke.jpg)

Teletubbies haven't been forgotten ... but maybe they should be.
(63.95 KB 519x692 IronHorsePh.jpg)

I'm actually really torn about what thread to put this in ... because I think they look pretty hot this way.
>>1437 Teletrannies ('member the TinkyWinky debacle?) were always a saturation knob turned down away from being terrifying.
(9.76 MB 568x320 crystal castles.MP4)

(4.50 MB 1920x1080 yung paul 2.webm)

(76.25 KB 1200x803 trump teletubby.jpg)

>>1437 >>1440 being alive during the height of their popularity was interesting. getting the reference in general is fun!
(22.63 KB 394x396 1623392465475.jpg)

(93.46 KB 460x400 drawn and quartered.jpg)

>>1438 >I'm actually really torn about what thread to put this in ... because I think they look pretty hot this way. You shouldn't just be torn, you should be drawn and quartered.
(11.43 MB 1280x720 gay blue's clues 1.mp4)

(72.39 KB 760x737 gay blue's clues 2.jpg)

(62.33 KB 720x920 gay blue's clues 3.jpg)

>>1440 >('member the TinkyWinky debacle?) Seems kind of tame now that Blue's Clues is LITERALLY CATERING TO FAGGOTS, TRANNIES, AND PEDOPHILES.
(5.84 MB 640x360 peepoodo.mp4)

>>1541 yeah, the gay tellytubby, right? >vid related we've taken a turn for the worse.
(70.71 KB 800x530 Hunted.jpg)

(163.99 KB 960x864 JellyMad.jpg)

(87.40 KB 750x600 Mozilla Foxgirl.jpg)

(327.11 KB 1750x1904 princess_aryanne.jpg)

>>1540 Here are some drawings. Now give me your quarters like you said you wanted.
(903.26 KB 600x900 LilSis.jpg)

(59.76 KB 680x486 Mcd-vs-Colonel.jpg)

(19.72 KB 400x299 ALittleStilted.jpg)

(12.54 KB 247x204 H8Hors.jpg)

I do sorta collect strange images, yes.
(1.14 MB 1127x1550 donanardo.jpg)

>>1551 >first pic thanks for posting this. i had it years ago, then lost and google cartoon deer puss is not an easy task. >>1554 >I do sorta collect strange images, yes. yes.
found this while searching for questions
(9.53 MB 406x720 ColdBeer_Ukelele.webm)

(5.82 MB 886x474 SheWinsTheInternetTdy.mp4)

(7.97 MB 364x500 1593255932-0.webm)

(222.46 KB 525x388 7df2526ac5288b29.png)

>>1713 noice.
(5.28 MB 1280x720 Curse of The Weggy Board.mp4)

(12.19 MB 480x360 Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied.mp4)

(1.75 MB 640x480 DOG.mp4)

>>1770 i have no idea how all these vids made it considering the limit is 32mb.
(152.59 KB 500x377 baileywickfaggots.jpg)

>>1545 That vid is still less degenerate and perverse than the Blue's Clues pride vid.
(214.41 KB 1024x1024 sugar_star.png)

(29.23 KB 785x473 UsedManyTimes.jpg)

(9.60 MB 720x480 KissyFace.gif)

(313.72 KB 910x1024 Have.-Fun-.jpg)

Know anything about the first two images? Maybe it would be best if you don't talk about them. But we can share the knowledge, and the history.
(1.10 MB 1000x1410 lyra_xxx.webm)

(810.43 KB 1280x1656 pp_xxx.webm)

(8.79 MB 1920x1080 pandararing.webm)

(288.69 KB 1200x750 TrixieTravels.jpg)

(103.58 KB 843x1500 UmaMech.jpg)

(5.39 KB 751x1076 8kun-is-now-FB.png)

(251.00 KB WildFyre.swf)

I know this isn't actually that far down the catalog, but I want to bump it anyway although I can't for the life of me find an online converter that will change vp6.swf files to .webm, and FFmpeg can't see the video stream.
>>1119 Thanks, it's incredible to see that song still showing up today.
(32.49 KB 545x677 sand people did 911.jpg)

>>3224 it is a good song if you are at least 25 or older.
(7.12 MB 480x270 he was my face.mp4)

(304.64 KB 360x360 bruh.mp4)

>>1371 >tfw you're trans-Ember but no one will re-memmmmm-ber your naaaaame
(1.03 MB 1176x11034 TalkOnRitualAbuses.png)

(209.63 KB 1793x1408 UnderstandingCommies.png)

I remember having these, but forgot where they were. Today I found them, so you can find them too.
(48.35 KB 400x441 moar.jpg)

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