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(604.95 KB 480x608 download (1).mp4)

Plin Plom 06/10/2021 (Thu) 01:14:17 No. 1176
Kek thread Post 'em
(15.61 KB 375x375 georgecaptcha.jpg)

>>1176 >Kek thread >posts a pic about infant mutilation
(1.01 MB 640x360 whip it.mp4)

(110.58 KB 825x633 what the fuck.jpg)

(175.65 KB 1620x1080 cosmo kramer's attorney.jpg)

(37.10 KB 720x694 IMG_4891.jpg)

(397.17 KB 960x1280 1619579580189.jpg)

(35.71 KB 500x500 nope.jpg)

(624.35 KB 600x876 1432675069263.png)

(419.89 KB 750x585 sadfa.jpg)

(93.07 KB 1242x1239 citrus_encounter.jpg)

(49.38 KB 632x775 dying.jpg)

(2.17 MB 460x582 15944858231080.mp4)

(159.81 KB 1080x1159 soy_knight.jpg)

(95.91 KB 523x1071 questions.jpg)

(46.35 KB 375x500 paperball_face.jpg)

>>1205 >pic 2 What steroids do to a motherfucker.
(3.75 MB 1280x720 anime I'm at soup!.webm)

(7.83 MB 640x360 anime penile brake.webm)

(950.31 KB 640x360 anime beach teabag.mp4)

(5.94 MB 640x360 anime benis truck.webm)

(7.66 MB 640x360 anime coffin surfing.webm)

(6.74 MB 640x360 eyyy chris.webm)

>>1228 >>1229 pffft, bretty keky tbh fren:^)
(4.05 MB 600x600 follow me.mp4)

>>1176 🤯

(5.12 MB 600x480 mister meatloaf.mp4)

(85.30 KB 794x786 who's jewish.jpg)

(79.85 KB 1125x974 vin not so diesel.jpg)

(5.21 MB 1280x720 1454468229971.webm)

(4.19 MB 640x360 jews rock.webm)

(2.22 MB 640x360 hello boys.webm)

(179.13 KB 558x434 wil wheaton.jpg)

(67.11 KB 600x397 cl5moge.jpg)

(49.86 KB 500x503 Czp-TdUUkAA-L7p.jpg)

(285.82 KB 540x540 1569879242176.png)

(429.72 KB 2048x1591 1550890279158.jpg)

(672.13 KB 500x1152 1499417738851.png)

(157.78 KB 500x403 patton.png)

(52.25 KB 628x389 1475702215558.png)

(843.32 KB 1280x720 Boogeyman.mp4)

(320.74 KB 500x512 wolves.png)

(283.99 KB 750x600 1575668261011.jpeg.jpg)

(42.49 KB 706x521 07c-1.jpg)

(6.26 KB 273x228 patton just.jpg)

>>1273 >>1274 Ripping on Patton is the Lord's work.
(6.84 MB 400x300 steamed hams .mp4)

>>1299 >dat steamed ham it is beautiful
(199.33 KB 465x209 mario did 9-11.png)

(95.91 KB 827x749 unfucked myself.jpg)

(73.63 KB 490x490 el5w0.jpg)

(113.26 KB 1024x931 1554623273843.jpg)

(58.90 KB 546x575 JO crystal.jpg)

(906.58 KB 480x480 brakka.mp4)

(2.70 MB 426x240 pie.webm)

(591.21 KB 256x142 maniac.mp4)

(390.22 KB 1280x1024 cthulhu_boss_1280x1024.jpg)

If you could sacrifice your cubicle mate tonight, that would be great (but not old).
(142.03 KB 647x1000 argument2_pyra.jpg)

(43.66 KB 502x379 argument1.jpg)

but what if there is not argument? Do I still lose?
(12.83 KB 760x203 kek69.png)

Both visual media, and aural media, currently experience one sixty nine each. I hope they're happy, and I kek for their happiness.
(22.95 KB 300x300 a058dabf.jpg)

>>1448 that is bretty funny. your kek rustled a kek out of me:)
(216.50 KB 900x315 ClipboardImage.png)

(386.62 KB 600x612 ClipboardImage.png)

(102.53 KB 827x776 1623431632295.jpeg)

(86.77 KB 752x960 1623383008202.jpg)

(1.10 MB 2882x1790 1609365244842.jpg)

(38.43 KB 720x384 1622405675516.jpg)

(216.81 KB 1242x1534 1623287349578.jpg)

(75.78 KB 1200x1078 1623390402155.jpeg)

(65.40 KB 720x523 1623170900.jpeg)

(277.85 KB 1316x1650 1623389503219.jpg)

(53.92 KB 828x809 1623386624036.jpg)

(224.32 KB 1117x634 1562009650475.png)

(159.79 KB 871x1056 1623437492818.jpg)

(317.96 KB 2048x2017 1622010246839.jpg)

>>1362 That gun should have gone off in his mouth. >>1466 >pic 4 My province has introduced the "Bargaining" stage of the vaccine. They've implemented a lottery that you can only enter if you've had your first shot. And you can only claim it when you have your second. Can't remember how much it's for, but expect a lot of poor people to suddenly find a reason to flood into the place demanding instant shots.
(2.52 MB 640x640 sörgel_weini.mp4)

>>1476 women be shopping
(2.46 MB 640x1136 743686.mp4)

(3.86 MB 1280x720 744038.mp4)

(794.62 KB 640x800 woman banananana.mp4)

(392.70 KB 576x1024 woman unavailable for comment.mp4)

>>1512 >>1513 somebody call a wambulance!?
(8.55 MB 500x282 buggurt.webm)

(15.37 MB 640x360 action man.webm)

(382.59 KB 670x554 modern_man.jpg)

(45.68 KB 720x696 1556389978129.jpg)

(45.90 KB 460x355 feminism NO! More Rape.jpg)

(1.08 MB 320x240 Lionel Hutz.mp4)

>>1537 pffft!
(141.16 KB 1170x1024 PhoneMisunderstanding.jpg)

(319.46 KB 1600x1390 FlurryLetsItBurn.jpg)

(340.13 KB 500x348 agravcats.gif)

(71.47 KB 768x960 antimillenials.jpg)

(13.21 KB 200x200 HorseBroken.jpg)

(75.17 KB 508x477 FederalCat.jpg)

are we allowed five, or just four like on the End?
(2.19 MB 825x540 снос трубы.webm)

(33.89 KB 368x525 0.jpg)

(100.58 KB 748x499 15872173135190.jpg)

(1.02 MB 2048x1536 dandelion eyes.jpg)

>>1550 >allowed limited to 4, yes:)
(193.78 KB 603x670 pitbull.png)

(299.87 KB 1200x1549 Timber_85d36b_6713098.jpg)

(65.29 KB 717x717 1526389413-2.jpg)

(640.33 KB 320x240 Puppy Throws Marine.mp4)

(168.02 KB 650x999 1581709529645.jpg)

>>1575 The irony here is that if the original marines had thrown a FURRY off the cliff, no one would have complained.
(406.83 KB 1200x659 furrychad.png)

(6.50 MB 630x354 gazing into eternity.webm)

>>1746 someone gave me a published book, a book that i believe i still have, with furries having "sex" in random hotel rooms. we still talk to this day. great gift, meant more as a prank than anything. im straight and am not a furry, but i appreciated the book in some capacity. said friend is also straight with no suits in his home:) ill try to find the book!
Edited last time by Davey on 06/22/2021 (Tue) 04:37:25.
(1.11 MB 854x480 1587767185-3.mp4)

>>1746 >>1750 found it:) the book is called FURVERTS, lol, ive had this book since 2006.
(36.43 KB 400x376 9469831.jpg)

(38.98 KB 540x403 9469833._SX540_.jpeg.jpg)

(29.77 KB 320x240 9469832.jpg)

(118.31 KB 641x480 michael_cogliantry_3.jpg)

here's some pics i was able to find online.
(899.76 KB 480x270 tCdOvM5df8F8wFXo.mp4)

(3.73 MB 842x480 CRP-Autism is a Choice.mp4)

(54.12 KB 484x604 time.jpg)

(36.17 KB 600x450 autism at a funeral.jpg)

>>1779 Holy shit, that idiot is STILL putting out vids? >Autism is a choice No. You can choose to train yourself to make your encounters less painful, but you'll never be able to fully stop the cringe behavior. I've been working hard at it since my diagnosis 10 years ago, and I still manage to shit the conversational bed every once in awhile. The best thing I've been able to do is train myself to keep silent and listen to others talk for a little while.
(3.43 MB 668x4035 Fallout77Story.png)

(224.50 KB 1620x2160 BelarusShopDoor.jpg)

(107.70 KB 550x733 happydog.jpg)

(51.35 KB 839x480 DonutsTre.jpg)

(44.63 KB 540x617 97a1f44e.jpg)

(63.06 KB 621x960 a68e01bf.jpg)

(58.94 KB 460x584 930669b7.jpg)

(97.63 KB 598x906 7d678351.jpg)

(141.80 KB 959x1360 but youre a horse.jpg)

(81.94 KB 391x598 horse.jpg)

(33.00 KB 395x399 cats.jpg)

(312.81 KB 600x661 cucked to death.png)

(48.64 KB 500x387 e4.jpg)

(101.70 KB 677x768 internet advice.jpg)

(1.01 MB 700x645 ClipboardImage-11 (1).png)

(2.27 MB 400x400 assident.webm)

(33.33 KB 896x722 autism kissykissy.jpg)

>>1820 >all cats have asperger syndrome As a sperg and inveterate cat-disliker, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with you.
(7.69 KB 792x588 spurdo bernd.png)

>>1881 does Hooker Butt hail from kc tireland?

(378.25 KB 599x524 the white house.png)

(77.97 KB 550x733 sogay.jpg)

(2.04 KB 93x94 023b.jpg)

(62.58 KB 612x561 7e4.jpg)

(42.72 KB 720x405 _heresy.jpg)

(1.40 MB 720x720 LMAO she's the bitch.mp4)

(297.03 KB 426x426 1622532280168.mp4)

(5.89 MB 1280x720 ONIICHANAVIWMV.mp4)

(1.44 MB 1920x816 AquireFreeFormJazz.mp4)

>1999 >2000 Yeah I've got that. Now you have to acquire a taste for free-form jazz.
>>1750 is there a longer version of the webm?
(19.64 KB 180x200 pup shrug.png)

>>2009 >longer version <yes, here's the source: oneohtrix point never - still life (betamale) https://vimeo.com/75534042 it was a poplular vid circulated on 8ch/b/ back in the day. im trying to make a compressed version, i got it down from 90 to 60mb. ill be back if successful. if not, at least you have the OG link:) >>2009
here goes nothing!
(93.28 KB 1024x1024 nword cat.jpg)

(138.65 KB 276x254 1620611750297.png)

(13.80 MB 432x768 looney tunes.mp4)

(3.79 MB 1284x1639 ClipboardImage.png)

(137.47 KB 600x600 1590166472-0.jpg)

>>2078 bruh, i though he was dead. i think this is an old may may, still looked it up. got me bruh. totally fell for it bruh.
(150.74 KB 250x249 ClipboardImage.png)

(883.29 KB 478x767 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2098 Glad you found it amusing anon.
(1.09 MB 640x360 full metal doom.webm)

>>2114 i did, thanks
>>2150 Something's not adding up. How come there's footage of the event? Was it livestreamed?
(955.74 KB 507x338 Cesar_Pierry_Smoke_Grenade.webm)

(3.47 MB 640x360 suicide by hand grenade.webm)

(2.41 MB 460x416 Russian gunshop.mp4)

>>2175 i put in the kek 'em thread for that reason. its not real. just good editing, i thought i was kinda funny! >vids related are real way more convincing
(899.90 KB 576x1024 macaroni.webm)

(35.65 KB 600x400 ron million dollars.png)

(413.63 KB 640x619 big gulp.png)

(1.15 MB 900x900 gay dog.png)

(2.39 MB 640x640 Quarter.webm)

(3.88 MB 854x480 Mr. Cunny.mp4)

(124.00 KB 800x600 dudeweed.jpg)

(117.07 KB 500x753 mfw.jpg)

(21.17 KB 480x377 SamElHayidi.jpg)

>>2211 BIG BOY
>>2179 I hate it, thank you.
>>2166 That is an amazingly good question. I'm going to hit my mother with it the next time she starts praising the pube-beard religion.
>>2058 The way I feel about spergs like this is the way black businessmen who actually raise their kids feel about nig-related
(5.09 MB 720x720 black foot.mp4)

>>2239 heh!
(107.55 KB 300x177 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.29 MB 750x1002 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.01 MB 400x300 giphy.gif)

(23.96 MB 1280x720 Gnomepill.mp4)

(677.99 KB 480x360 now_you_gnome.mp4)

>>2256 woah, based and gnomepilled!?
(2.37 MB 428x720 1625018692623.mp4)

>>2297 Machiavellian.
(447.92 KB 400x400 1590169386391.png)

(116.82 KB 1500x500 e96bfb18.jpg)

(33.09 KB 707x430 EX3omL3XQAMhbwH.jpg)

(47.34 KB 480x478 wish.jpg)

(152.46 KB 1180x1000 Forklift Apu-1.png)

(74.78 KB 1024x605 Chad_belt.jpg)

(123.86 KB 521x1024 1588182245664.jpg)

(136.32 KB 763x960 globehead.jpg)

(841.61 KB 640x1590 ClipboardImage.png)

(230.49 KB 500x470 ClipboardImage.png)

(72.16 KB 908x768 3453cdbc.jpg)

(46.35 KB 375x500 paperball_face.jpg)

(228.12 KB 604x588 15860887531690.jpg)

(379.35 KB 638x479 ClipboardImage.png)

i do miss greg giraldo's roasts tbh
>>2012 >oneohtrix point never - still life (betamale) In fact the aural hallucination is by Oneothrix yes but the video work is from Jon Rafman. jonrafman.com some pretty weird things to see here.
(3.09 MB 4chan.pdf)

>>2681 very fucking cool frendo. i didnt know a 4chon thread got credit in a pdf archive. say whaaaaat!?
>>2670 Ripping on Kathy is the Lord's work.
(194.51 KB 377x494 Screenshot.png)

>>2670 >JRfw he called her a plastic monster
(62.71 KB 560x356 1526004052845.jpg)

(426.11 KB 722x526 1409605884255.png)

(1.13 MB 309x206 634270507587.gif)

(769.93 KB 600x750 ClipboardImage.png)

(333.26 KB 529x341 ClipboardImage.png)

(807.61 KB 496x730 ClipboardImage.png)

(496.63 KB 611x566 two thicc four you.png)

(383.91 KB 1200x1600 chicks with dicks sculpture.jpg)

(22.22 KB 571x637 H²O.jpg)

(58.61 KB 634x377 face 4.jpg)

(110.61 KB 634x693 face.jpg)

(114.13 KB 605x605 face 3.jpg)

(139.20 KB 634x893 face 2.jpg)

(849.34 KB 720x1280 1626104577254.mp4)

(3.50 MB 640x352 1625605883392.mp4)

>>2757 >4rd pic Those are some AWFULLY big shoulders for a biological female.
>>2853 The blyat peasant amuses me. Any idea what he's igniting?
(3.06 MB 696x392 space gopnik.webm)

>>2858 blyats are magical people!
>>2858 Prolly butane or propane.
(5.32 MB 1280x720 slav buttcheek bungee.mp4)

(738.83 KB 640x360 slav cannon.mp4)

(549.16 KB 460x574 slav prank.mp4)

(3.95 MB 582x320 slav pranks.webm)

(2.08 MB 1280x720 slav in an el-e-va-tor!.webm)

(1.09 MB 640x360 slav party time.webm)

(5.65 MB 640x360 slav x-men.webm)


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