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(698.30 KB 1200x1060 BU-'22.jpg)

Beach Update '22 ©anadAnon 05/12/2022 (Thu) 04:07:40 No. 12134
B.U.2022 : Soakpocalypse Wow! This is the thread where I* (*©anadAnon) keep (you) conscious of coastal comings and goings while musing about various musables. Join me, won't you? rhetorical question, please do not answer
(120.90 KB 640x386 shots fired.jpg)

A note : Joined in this current third return season of B.U will be the character formerly referred to as Neighbor-lass who will now be assuming the reoccurring role of GF throughout the foreseeable future and subsequent updates.
(42.45 KB 386x236 diff approach, same goal.gif)

Beach Update : After a long absence and several false starts, I have done a proper beach day worthy of bread baking. Following a quick but delicious burrito lunch --Neighbor-gal-- the GF and I made for the hot sands and bright sun of the mid-May beach. The homemade food and sunny day seemed to rekindle her energies which were a bit on the low side considering it is that time of the month. In a dominant and startlingly masculine manner (some would even describe it as maverick) I had to go out and test the waters first. They were bloody cold. At the same time; I can no longer afford to care after the amount of psychological torture and gud, ol' fashion tyrannical tiptoeing I've managed to endure here in Soviet Canuckistan. Dove right in that fugger and swum the fugg around. Can't say I was in too long, but my peerless undauntability inspired even a pms riddled GF to take a proper plunge. Her swim was actually somewhat impressive due to how long she can bare the freezing waters, but she has a tendency to overdo things to where she might have given herself a case of hypothermia without me there to provide fortified body heat and treats. Even ended up carrying her back to shore in classic fashion since the cold had sapped so much of her energy. She was pretty much toast at this point and fell asleep on my chest various times before I got her home and fugged off for evening calisthenics in the woods. Diagnosis : delightful
Welcome back penguin-sensei. Nice to hear that you and neighbor-gal are an item now. Despite my massive distaste for swimming and water in general I look forward to experiencing the brisk Canadian aquatic adventures vicariously through your posts once again. May the swim season last as long as, if not longer than, the previous one.
(117.25 KB 239x294 zootopia unimpressed.png)

>>12134 >rhetorical question, please do not answer You aren't the boss of me, penguin-boi.
(167.59 KB 512x640 dramatic reenactment.jpg)

Beach Update : Busy day where I just seemed to be doing one thing after another non stop. Started early with some pool work for a local b&b. As I was collecting my dish for the time and effort, I managed to find out that the owners had at one time taken care of a baby raccoon until it was old enough to go off on its own. Bottle-fed it, house trained it and clued me into the odd fact* (*alleged) that the reason 'coons are given to washing their food so much had to do with them having no saliva glands. Did not realize raccoon tales were a foreshadowing of later events, but perhaps it was all spiritual prep work. I was fairly sweaty and grungy after the pool work in the hot sun, so I dropped the GF a line and found her already prepping for a dip. Helped her set up a dehydrator for some morel mushrooms we're been foraging for recently and then set off for the beach. It was hot enough there that she opted for a shady spot and we set up only to be interrupted mid-disrobement by an extremely zonked, near-zomboid raccoon. The GF was pretty shaken by the poor thing and it's stumbly advancing on us, but I just got a stick and exerted my will calmly and succinctly on it, sending it towards some less public water which is what I think it was really after. My beach companion was dutifully impressed and I did a bit more to direct it so that it didn't end up bothering any of the children nearby. Following that low-level random encounter, we were off into the water. I had a fine swim and it was certainly warmer than yesterday, but I didn't go very hard as I still had loads of other shit to do and needed to budget my energy. In a strong showing, the GF once again outdid me in terms of endurance but needed a lift out of the water by the end of it. Rounded things out on the beach eating ketchup chips (a fav of hers) which I sneakretly surprised her with. The scent on us caught the attention of some very large, extremely long haired Russian wolfhounds. Bizarre billowy creatures those dogs, odd affinity for sniffing and licking ears too. Funny enough their owners are straight up old school ruskie elites, dude was wearing a ridiculous expensive scarf on the beach in 80¬į weather. GF got left to do her own thing after we brainstormed some ideas, I had most likely given her pure gold and she needed time to sort through my brilliant word-nuggets. Closed out the sunset with more of my calisthenics routine in the woods and generally felt grateful to have such high energy and enjoyable surroundings to expend them in. Prognosis : Pleasant
>>12158 It's great to be back >>12163 >Caution status : thrown to wind Your proffered disdain is its own form of compliance.
(66.54 KB 640x480 neckbeard alpha.jpg)

>>12169 >Your proffered disdain is its own form of compliance. Takes one to know one! >wimmins There are only three women in that picture worth sexing.
>>12170 >3 worthy holes It's surely possible. I can only spot one myself.
(1.21 MB 1630x750 2023.png)

ready for my beach reads!
(77.72 KB 640x640 ghosted.jpeg)

(48.55 KB 640x640 image (11).jpeg)

(98.99 KB 480x640 wip.jpeg)

Beach-Update : Another beautiful but overly busy day for me. Time for beaching was made, but having to line up things with the GF's schedule is another time sink I was feeling frustrated about. At times I'd prefer the ease of a quick swim over a full beach lifestyle. Still, no need to complain. The water had warmed a bit and the weather was like something from summer. Following a good swim out the burningly cold depths, I carried GF out the water and along the beach so that we could lay back in the sun together. She proceeded to feed me ripe mango as we watched the calm waters. Funny how not using your hands at all makes food taste better. I proceeded to fugg off again in a vainglorious attempt to keep my calisthenics streak going, but just my luck (Friday the 13th I might add) a nearby campground had just opened today and the place was filling up quick. Not sure if this is common, but they even had armed/armored guards strolling around. Put the kibosh on my hopes of self-improvement, but because I took a different path back away from there and had my eyes peeled I was able to stumble across a great big find of psilocybin mushrooms. Bit of a time-sensitive forage as those things can turn into a pile of melted brown and black goo given one day too many in the sun. Got back and got those drying before a firepit dinner. Proceeded to neglect my sweet, caring flesh and blood GF to destroy my back drawing a 2D gril for (((/404/))) didn't even finish it, will see if I can tackle that tomorrow With all this garbage typed out I'll fugg off to probably get my dik succ'd. G'nite! rating : radical
Wew, more ghosties, and an official Synthia. Happy to see it, but don't let it keep you from your penguinette for too long now.
(120.53 KB 736x766 pengapple.jpg)

beach update : My previous evening's forecast was correct and my night ended with some excellent dome. GF and I having a good laugh afterwards well into the wee hours. Due to excess energy and humidity at her place I was up early and busy tending to a plethora of things on wayyy too little sleep. The blur of tasks turned up a notch as I went back over to her place to prepare a french toast, with some caramelized pineapple topping, brunch. Very well received and needed after the morning's labors. A bout of beach time was in order following the big meal. We arrived at a nearby beach to find it pretty busy. Again the waters had inched up a few degrees warmer and I was able to have a fairly laid back swim through the calm but scuzzy tides. The GF enjoyed her time in the water, she had a lot more energy for it than I did given that she slept in after I left. Did a good jog carrying her back to the beach and then later doing a one armed carry up the steps to her place before taking off. Was planning to spend the rest of the evening back home drawing and whatnot, but then I got ambushed very quickly by a relative who wanted to rag on me and the GF really hard for 2 hours. This was pretty painful, mostly because it's always an exercise in how well you can hold your tongue on certain things and how best to phrase things that will make that person reflect on their actions without taking them too far out of their comfort zone. This was tiring as the writing is on the walls all around everyone and still people want defined plans that fit their thoroughly crumbling and poisoned paradigm. Eventually I wore away the rough edges and things were fine other than feeling exhausted and beat down by the highs and lows of life. Study says : Stellar stuff
(539.29 KB 1080x1132 synthy purplexed.jpg)

>>12213 Thank ya kindly King, but I can't let the lass monopolize all my time (and I'm pretty sure she would). Sending powerful healing vibes your way so whatever you were feeling earlier today leaves you quickly. Also trying to take a note from your book and not rush the drawing stuff. It'll get done when it gets done.
(119.22 KB 980x654 Chest-Bump.jpg)

Beach Update(s) : Yesterday's beach time was a pleasant, balmy affair on a packed bit of sunday surf. Water was still quite cold, but the sun was warm and direct enough to merit a good long swim. The GF was in tow and greatly enjoying herself, really going at the water with gusto. After a healthy jog through the shallows carrying her l, we spent some time just soaking up the sun, laid back under my big hat. Pretty serene stuff until some goofs showed up and started playing Memphis rap/chopp'd 'n' screw'd droning nonsense. Back at her place I decided to make her orgasm until she passed out then made some plans to watch the blood moon later that evening after she woke up from her pleasure coma. Ended up on the same beach later that night for a somewhat brief glimpse of the very large, very pink moon sliding its way in and out of cloud cover. Looked a bit like a big hologram of an apple. Today was considerably cooler and breezy. Lots of rain last night had really washed things out, the air felt considerably fresher. Back at the beach, we had the place to ourselves but the cloud cover and wind was enough to dissuade the GF from swimming for once. I wasn't letting myself off so easy and instead got out there for a very cold and invigorating swim. While I felt like a stiff block of ice getting out, I at least didn't shiver. After a bit of drying off in the intermittent sun, it was back to her place for a rather intense bout of coitus then sleepy satisfied dinner planning in bed. Bout to fugg off for that, so good evening to you all. Double Day's Deduction : Dang Ol' Dandy
(37.18 KB 492x566 13038347802933.jpg)

>>12389 >weather sometimes forget we have the same stuff going on cuz of proximity and all. it rained all day and was hovering 61¬įF. gonna drop into the 40s tonight, brrrrr. driving home from work, picked up a chicken bacon jalapeno wrap from Arby's/small curly fries and a side of cheese sauce. was amazing! never really go to Arby's. the rain put me in the mood:^)
Edited last time by 404 on 05/17/2022 (Tue) 01:08:03.
>>12392 >Arby's A throw back to simpler times, no? Plus you know the inner workings of the Arby's empire first hand and can thus select the best of their offerings. Curly fries + cheese sauce in particular sounds scrumptious. Dindins for me and GF was a big helping of fried noodles with chorizo meat, shredded pork chop and various local veggies. Came out quite nice and I was awarded various accolades and sexual favors for my culinary capacities. Hope things are sunny your side too today
(84.85 KB 755x1000 5459925-summer-time.jpg)

>>12397 Arbys is scrumptious:^)
(1.01 MB 726x909 beach.png)

are aqua socks comfy at the beach?
>>12431 Have a pair and : no >Slip off too easy in water >Fill with sand/pebbles that rub your feet in uncomfortable ways. If you're just wearing them to avoid overly hot sand in summer, they're fine. Can get weird and funky smelling though, in a sort of way that washing never quite fixes either.
(76.27 KB 480x640 fungal envy.jpg)

Beach-Update : The weather has been uncooperative recently as far as beachings go. Also been busy with neverending tasks as things fall apart which leaves me feeling like I'm constantly trying to beat the clock. The GF has been feeling a similar pressure and the tension started to get to her today so I brought her out for a long walk through miles of sand dunes. Things were warm and overcast as we slowly ambled through the greenery taking in all the fresh scents bursting out. I've trained GF well enough that she actually spotted the morel mushrooms out and about before me. Once you see one of those, they start popping up all over and we were able to pick a nice bag of late-season huge morels before they dried out too much or crumbled. No swimming today, but we did take up a log and watch the waves roll as the sun was setting. Some middle-aged lady was there doing a professional photoshoot for her and her two dogs. Brought a crew and everything. Baffling. Got a little cross trying to puzzle that one out in my head, but I forgot all about it watching a young lad, probably no older than 7-8, catching his first fish off the side of a boardwalk. Real golden moment type stuff that needed no film crew to immortalize it. Now I'm off to some fancy dinnery-do, hope all /404/tians have a great Friday whatever they're up to. General gist : Good to Great
(50.58 KB 656x525 ce-i acolo.jpg)

>>12466 >no swimming i like to watch mostly
(970.92 KB 1286x2006 FKK-Rind1.png)

bench front
(699.40 KB 922x628 sunbathe.png)

>>12474 There is quite a lot to watch beach-side. I like the water for the exercise aspect. >>12487 Nice view!
(896.76 KB 1672x1080 boom_1.png)

Beach Update : Things were up and down on the weather front today. At times this area has almost a bubble around it that seems to keep the big storms at arm's length. The worst of it passed right around us and when there was a clear enough window it was beach time. Though me and the GF had only been away from this particular beach for a day or two, it seems there were big seismic shifts that had taken place. A large tract of nature had been bulldozed for who knows what reason and it really got my poor lass down. Had been quite the haven for all manner of rare and common birds alike, the end result was decidedly barren and ugly. This has been a reoccurring theme this year with the government swooping in and blitzing away various beautiful aspects of the shoreline, most recently by tearing up a beloved boardwalk based (allegedly) off a single (!) complaint. This takes on a distinctly hypocritical flavor when they've spent millions putting in manicured "naturalized" zones mere meters away from the actually natural nature they'd plowed over. Obviously this put a bit of a damper on the fun and things didn't get much better once we tired the water only to find it back to freezing temperatures. Still, we made the most out of it, wading out until our joints felt like they were full of small icey knives and taking in the sun while enjoying some butter tarts. Recorded recollection : rough/redeemable
(814.72 KB 498x395 tuxedosam.gif)

beach update : Made my way over to some coastal woods today for a bit of a hike with the GF. She's been busy at work trying to grow pawpaw trees that she sprouted from seeds we saved last year, so the time out was a pleasant diversion. Eventually came out through some sand dunes to meet the placid calm of the beach. Spent a good while watching the horizon and the swallows flying along the shoreline in pairs. Just as we were leaving, who should pop up but a fully armed and vested-up po9 just casually walking along the beach. The story he gave made absolutely 0 sense. He was there looking for an "African guy" who was "really scared of water". I had a very hard time not bursting into laughter while wishing him the best of luck. The implications were dizzying; had the African called the authorities in a panic when he spotted the beach? Had someone forced him to go close to a massive body of water? Was he threatening the shoreline with a knife yelling at it to "stay back"? Never got an answer and they were still there a good 30 minutes later as we were making our way home. Homemade burgers and fries followed, then some after dark calisthenics to round things out. Official Observations : Optimum Opulence
(106.14 KB 640x960 dbt1gdp[1].jpg)

(115.22 KB 1029x1226 FTfgHYPWYAAsWrO.jpg)

(125.07 KB 530x640 19-05-14-13-55-56-692_deco.jpg)

>>12568 >tfw Merkel has been ruling Germany based on sex appeal alone Powerful and thought provoking
(204.25 KB 500x281 bad-boy.png)

>>12602 >Spy Kids poster Worked on the second one, so this picture checks out as factual.
(20.09 KB 640x480 battle rider.jpg)

Beach Update : B.U weather hiatus has ended today. While the morning and afternoon were a flurry of tending to business and other jobs under some very overcast skies, by mid afternoon a large swath of sky cleared out for the sun and got things nice and toasty. Got a hold of the GF and we made our way to the beach for one of those perfectly synchronized shoreside experiences. The spot we chose ended up being completely vacant allowing us to take in the full breadth of nature undisturbed. I was the first one in the water and felt thrilled to find it quite mild and more than swimmable. Almost felt like the first real, substantial swim of the year where I could actually enjoy myself. The GF was in agreement other than finding things colder than me. We worked off our excess energy in the slow roll of the waters then flopped down to take in the hot, direct sunlight. The weather was cordial enough to allow a short nap before everything clouded up again and a breeze started to blow through. Brought the GF back home and carried her to bed for a bout of facefugging then making her orgasm until she was glassy eyed and drooling. Some fancy Swiss chocolates were then consumed while we discussed further plans. All this was lovely and a marked change from two days previous when she had tried to get into an argument with me about current thing. This was a rather depressing display on her part where she managed to get butthurt over ewwwkrain, 'bortions, fully awesomematic funs and not knowing that quite literally millions of beans jump the "u.s border" (in name only, apparently) every year. Very sad/scary to watch all that programming making her spazz out in such a retarded way. Obviously I kept calm throughout and eventually she defaulted to <Well... Just... Don't say things in a way that makes me feel dumb. Sounds like I have my work cut out for me (jk tbh). I blame 'merica‚ĄĘ for being such ravenous piss-pigs with the recent psyops and would kindly ask their media-jews to shut their dang sensationalizing schnozes for a bit. K thx Noted Noticings : Nice 'n' Nifty
Beach Update : Was treated to a bout of Jeep Weather today, musta spotted a good 20-30 of them parked all over. So appealing and warm was it that I actually took off to the shoreside well before the GF was ready. Waters were warm and calm, I had already been in for a 30 minute swim by the time she showed up and dove in. Our antics inspired a few other beach-goers to try their own luck at swimming out well past the shallows. Everyone out seemed to be having a great time and we found ourselves musing privately that the customary carry-back to shore acts as a compliment to both of us since I'm either getting stronger or she's getting lighter. Sunbathed for a good while and were greeted by some familiar doggers out enjoying the sun. May have actually been a bit too much time on the towel as the GF started to get a touch of sunstroke. Sorted things out in short order getting her back home and prescribing emergency ice cream since I'm certified beach-pro. Roving Report : Reliably Radiant
(22.34 KB 640x382 beachtrip.jpg)

>>12620 >>12673 >5/28/2022 meh, ok day over here. >5/30/2022 honestly can say it was the best weather ive seen and felt in my lifetime. caught myself a couple of times thinking "what a beautiful day!" <sunny <81¬įF <slight breeze <tree leaves swaying just right, almost shimmering wish i could live this day on repeat forever. not a care in the world.
(15.02 KB 195x300 happy can.jpg)

>>12697 Aye, had many a day like that. Perhaps more than is deserved. Weirdly, it's important to have lousy days to be able to contrast it with.
(109.10 KB 640x480 tko_1.jpg)

Beach Update(s) : Real cavalcade of events recently have robbed me of the necessary time to give daily B.Us so I'm going off slightly faulty memory. -©anadAnon Earlier in the week I can 'member the day starting off well, much sun and a minor breeze greeted me & the GF for a lovely casual swim in the mid-afternoon. Things were somewhat full on the beach we chose, so our beaching spot ended up on a bit of an incline. I can remember being slightly on edge concerning the still-life I was at the time working on for the impending B-day of the GF. The calm, warm waters helped immensely in this regard as I worked off my stresses swimming around in grand style. About 30-40 minutes in it was time for the carry to towel routine and that proved somewhat more difficult from out of the waters up a steep sandy hill. Still made it and enjoyed a slow sundrying with her resting in my arms. Unfortunately I fugged off too soon, mostly hoping to finish off the B-day artworks but was instead met with a sudden bout of domestic violence at ©anadAnon manor which took a large amount of self control not to escalate. Description of events : yelled at with spittle flying in my face, various glass objects smashed all about me and finally a very sound smack to the facial/head region that left my left ear ringing for a good hour. This was, on the part of the aggressor, a massive mistake over essentially spilled milk and has left him in a very bad position. My self-control through the ordeal rubbed my attacker the wrong way and he destroyed my prized Aussie shitposting hat (a gift from my now dead-of-vaxxx-related-side-effects great uncle) in an attempt to provoke me. No bait was taken and I finished the coloring outdoors on a bench overlooking the shoreline. The gift went over very well when I presented it to the GF later that night as we lay in a graveyard attempting to watch a meteor shower around midnight. (1/3)
(1.40 MB 1690x1080 shit girls say.png)

>>12839 The next day was the GF's B-day proper and I tried to leave behind all stresses and worries of dysfunctional home life as I met up with her far along the coastline for our first nude-beaching of the year. Found her flaunting the B-day suit in classic fashion and we took in another pristine day of sun and surf. The swimming was wonderful and relaxing, though we both had to minimize our interactions with the nude-beach regulars who have a tendency to overstep their suntanned, leathery boundaries. We walked back the long length of the beach, cleaning various clutter and trash along the way. I was still in a dour mood puzzling out the best course of actions for fixing home life, but kept a bright face on as we met up with other friends for a beach bonfire weenie roast which included lamb skewers and marshmallows. Really could not have gone better and the GF felt overjoyed at the smooth ease with which the day had progressed, the beach and the weather being the real stars of the whole experience. Back at her place, the GF drifted off into sumptuous, resplendent sleep in my arms as I read her wacky Korean myths and legends from an old book of mine. (2/3)
(293.72 KB 700x432 broken think.png)

>>12840 Believe this brings us to June 1st, a day I had set aside last month to engage in 24hrs of fasting and prayer at the urging of none other than wacky conspiracy grandpa, Steve Quayle. In many ways this couldn't have happened at a better time since there was a stifling amount of conflict weighing on my heart. Majority of the day was spent in deep prayer replete with reading parts of the NT and OT aloud and meditation on what my next moves along this grand chessboard should be. The weather ended up reflecting this internal angst as a large, menacing storm formed, knocking out the power and prompting me to seek a private personal rebaptism amongst the heavy rain and booming thunder. Obviously, I had the beach to myself the entire time and was able to get out and fully immersed myself in the chilly depths of the æther even during a caloric deficiency. I reemerged born anew and found the storm and rain had calmed as soon as I made it to shore. Casually rounded out the rest of the evening repeating key psalms aloud and even fitting in a short story by Albert Camus. My final tally had my fast lasting closer to 26hrs and by the end of it I was experiencing warm, fully body tingles and an intense feeling of euphoria. All insights I received during this time were put to good use and my visualization of the correct course of action has born fruit since then. While nothing is ever truly settled, I was able to rectify a precarious situation and find it within my person penguin to bare goodwill and understanding in a way that will hopefully benefit all parties and gave me peace of mind. Triangulated Telecommunications : Tremendous Trepidation (3/3)
(44.23 KB 638x825 DJASflcUIAA6UUk.jpg)

Beach Update : The weather has not been terribly cooperative this swim-season and had I heeded today's (((weather report))) I would have missed out on prime beach time. I'd already finished several jobs and done a good round of running + weights before I realized the temperature was a full 10 degrees warmer than what various apps and electronics were gaslighting me with. Skies had also cleared up, so I took my sweaty butt down to la plage for a dipperoo. Dropped my swim companion a line before I headed out and for once our schedules didn't sync. Got right in and made the most of the cool yet very swimmable tides for a while, casually going through various strokes until my hands felt icey and unresponsive. back on the towel I lounged around, scoping out the various sandside scenes with my binocs until someone was standing next to me and planting an unexpected kiss on my ugly mug. It was the GF fresh from a round of plant-care and I made the dashingly heroic effort of engaging in a second dip so that she wouldn't be the only one swimming. She found things much colder than me even though I felt like the day had become noticeably warmer and was appreciative of my sun-bronzed body heat when it came time for the carry out. These have become almost laughably easy now and I felt like I could support carrying her with one arm. Drying out on the towel we were treated to guest appearances by a salamander, grackles and a very large jumping spider with a cute green face. Clouds covered up any evidence of our wonderful swim-weather after we were nicely toasted, so it was time to go. The walk back had the GF entranced by some bloomin' magnolias, specifically of the Tulip Tree and Cucumber Tree varieties. The latter being somewhat rare and boasting fruit which smells uncannily like orange sherbet, not that those were in season yet. I collected my accolades and bold proclamations of undying love from the GF then fugged right off for more work and eating of quiche. Now I will make with the calisthenics routine and most likely be treated to sexual favors later tonight. Adieu fellow /404/teans and all the best in your various endeavors and adventures Dockside Description : Distinguishly Dapper
(141.45 KB 800x800 summer fag.jpg)

>>12957 >Adieu fellow /404/teans and all the best in your various endeavors and adventures Do come back:^3
(25.86 KB 600x370 russian sleep experiment.jpg)

>>12957 >and most likely be treated to sexual favors later tonight. You will picture this one microsecond before climaxing.
>>12957 >Adieu fellow /404/teans Swimming season already over ?
(122.30 KB 766x446 auto-incorrect.jpeg)

>>12980 >>12958 I'm liking how literal /404/ has become. *Editor's note : "Adieu" will now be substituted with the much less final sounding "bonne nuit" to avoid confusion. Arrivederci! >>12970 This worked like a charm. Massive thick load she wasn't even able to swallow the totality of. Those Ruskies were really on to something.
i hate the beach and canadians
Beach Update : My predictions for last night panned out and I was treated to a bout of dome while I read aloud for the GF. Very odd combo to experience and even she was impressed. No, not solely by my unschnipped schwang, but by my ability to remain focused and undaunted in my speedy, clear diction as my tumescent nob was slobbered ponst. Somehow these gud vibes did not carry through fully into the next morning where she seemed a bit somber and unwilling to communicate why. Rather than being dragged down into emotional larceny, I resolved to remain motivated and productive, setting about my day with vigor. What did bring me slightly down was seeing our illustrious francoanon's poast here : >>12979 (apologies if (you)re reading this) Made me very conscious of how easy it is to sour someone's day with something that in my good mood had seemed chuckle-worthy. Leftgroid hijinx really are more poisonous than I can fathom and I'll attempt to keep my reposting of them to a minimum. Needing to reflect on my perceptions and actions, I set off for a very obscure bit of woodlands leading to an empty beach. On the way I was treated to yet another salamander newt (of the eastern newt variety), in it's Eft (lel) form, while taking in the intoxicatingly fragrant woods. Extremely interesting little critters, especially concerning their bizarre life cycle and research into the regenerative properties of their RNA. The beach proved overly breezy and was unswimmable by my standards. I still dutifully threw myself into shirtless meditation and a long bout of prayer. My only company was a large, playful group of turkey buzzards having their own beach party. Strikingly handsome birbs up close I must say, yes even with the reddened, featherless heads. The long walk back I put my foraging bag to good use and removed garbage from the shoreline instead of looking out for personal gain. Accrued Abstract : Absolutely A-OK
(685.94 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200825-204447.png)

>>12996 Still salty that we took in Victor Ostrovsky and helped him spill the beans on your "nation's" lawless malfeasance? Get your unintelligence agency in order or you're going to end up like whatever's at the bottom of the dead sea. Also : please stick around as I'm certain you'll come to love me, my geographic landmass, and the simple joys of summer shoreline splendiferousness.
>>12981 >*Editor's note : "Adieu" will now be substituted with the much less final sounding "bonne nuit" to avoid confusion. Arrivederci! Nice. Here Adieu really has a long time no see connotation. In some part of France, old people used it as a hello tho but it tends to disappear. >>13011 Thanks for taking care of muh feelings fren. I must admit reading these brainshits retardation from the New World‚ĄĘ piss-me off on the moment but I'm quite resilient and tend to not care anymore. I couldn't unsay something about it but damn my brain is well trained to not fall in the trap of badmood each time the state of the world tend to appear more sick than the previous day. When all else rot, a man has to resort on is inner strength and build what I like to call it, his Last Kingdom. >The long walk back I put my foraging bag to good use and removed garbage from the shoreline instead of looking out for personal gain. Bas√© ¬©anadAnon
(817.86 KB 1118x1280 18-06-08-18-29-36-167_deco.jpg)

Beach Update : Considering going completely weather-app free at this point. It's so routinely far off the mark that it makes me feel like they're fuggin with folks. Great temperatures and loads of sun with a healthy stiff breeze to prevent things getting too muggy. I was feeling an odd mix of not having enough sleep crossed with very high, almost tense, energy. Work out routines were a cinch following the day's work and thankfully the GF was right on cue to join me waterside. I brought her some fresh pear clafouti to sweeten the deal. She had her own scheduling issues to deal with and wasn't able to stick around too long, but we still managed a nice dip. The strong winds and evening rain from yesterday had cooled the waters quite a bit and caused her to wuss out from really challenging the depths. (probably for the best considering her time restraints) Still got a good carry in and I found myself complaining that she needs to gain weight since lifting her is child's play for me now. Went over some plans for an elaborate dessert I'm to prepare for her one of these days then she was off to the races leaving me to even out my tan then get a proper solo swim in. Very cold temperatures angried me up enough to really give the water what for until I was exhausted. Spent the rest of my time at the beach getting cooked and watching the procession of unmarked planes spraying fugg-knows-what into an ugly tick tack toe whispy plasmatic mush. Contemplated indulging in some junk food then opted against it and took a route through a graveyard back home. This was the right move as the downpour had sparked some lovely patches of shrooms to burst out. Dutifully collected a fat sack and have them dehydrating as we speak type. Collected Cognizance : Classic 'n' Cool
>>13042 Yeh I knew of the perceived "finality" of adieu, but my reason for choosing it was more of a "it's in Dieu's (God for english-only anons) hands when I'll be back" due to a rather grim forecast for today when I was writing it. As for the feely stuff : never hurts to reflect on our actions and improve/refine them. I don't need to be reposting UGH!-harvesting clickybaits as the world is utterly saturated with shit at this point. I just like your style and taste and would like to be party to lifting you up from the daily grind instead of tossing more waste out into the wasteland. Simple as.
(503.75 KB 1623x1080 thunder.jpeg)

(1013.38 KB 2327x2980 le_wanderer.jpeg)

>>13055 >would like to be party to lifting you up from the daily grind instead of tossing more waste out into the wasteland. Simple as. Commendable intention. Appreciated. I can sometimes seem a little bitter about life, but I can assure you that I have nothing to complain about compared to some others folks. I have my difficult moments like everyone else but I have learned to deal with them for a long time as life was quite difficult when younger (partly because poor life choices I made but I engaged a harsh fight against myself to get better). All in one, my feels good moments outweigh the bad ones by far and that's not the shitty state of the world that will hurt me at this point. I'm still able to found beauty in the most trivial things around. >me radical romantic I would like to go wander some cozy beach with a sweet GF to. Reading your beach update is comfy, you seem to be a nice guy. A personal anecdote that I like to remember regarding beach times : >me >summer vacation >hot weather >on the beach >big thunderstorm with heavy rain appears >all normies run away >me alone on the beach >go full naked >swim in the angry ocean with free benis >the feeling of the rain on my naked body Very good feels.
(63.14 KB 479x386 tattoo.jpg)

>GF if she smokes she pokes, or so ive been told.
(14.14 KB 260x156 018239_01_32_0.jpg)

>>13074 >Naked beaching in the middle of storms Done this myself on several occasions. Nothing quite like it. There's a feeling of being at mercy to the elements and yet physically embodying a deep calm unshaken by everything around you. Great stuff and it gives me good vibes knowing I'm not the only one seeking that embellishment-free communion with nature. The mere fact we can relate so well on multiple fronts is a continued source of joy in the face of seemingly insurmountable odd. Good on ya, monsieur. >>13094 >What's said here AYE. Had serious misgivings about her single tattoodle. It's of a beloved and now deceased cat of hers. In many other ways she's a rare find which I could go into detail about, weighing out her pros and cons. As it stands I take the serendipitous nature of our continued time together as a blessing to be deeply thankful for. But as with all things in my life it's very easy to see how it could all go south, so to speak.
(887.28 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-220136.png)

Beach Update : Yesterday was a day of excellent beaching weather. The weekend waders were out in force having a blast taking in the sun and surf. I was a veritable powerhouse of energy and had worked myself into a drippingly sweaty state attending to various garden tasks between increasingly easy exercises. The GF was in the midst of tending to her ever expanding menagerie of plants but made time to join me in claiming some prime beach spots. The breeze of previous days had died down but not fully kicked the bucket. Provided a nice counterpoint to the searing sunrays and brought the water temps up those crucial few degrees. We took in a long, zestful swim. The surface temperatures were welcoming enough and the chilly depths provided that key motivation to keep oneself parallel and afloat. It wasn't all sunshine and apple pie* though. (*I brought some with me) Turns out the beloved Borzoi clan of this previous B.U here : >>12168 Have had a series of tragedies strike. Owned by a lovely ruskie family that lives near by, I was saddened to find out that two of their pack had died in as many months. The more recent passing had one of the lovely canines suffering a massive cardiac arrest right on the beach we were taking in just a day previous and passed away right on the spot. To add insult to injury, a longtime cat of theirs (14 years old) promptly died the following morning, attempts to get to the vet likewise were stifled by their car breaking down. That's a lot of L's to take in such a short span and my heart goes out to the lone wolfhound holding things down with it's heartbroken owners. While I tried to maintain an upbeat energy, both me and the GF fell into a bit of a malaise once we were back at her place. This resulted in a lot of soul searching together and well as an unplanned, and probably detrimental, bit of fasting seeing as neither of us ate all night long while we spilled out our most painful ponderings between fitful bouts of rest in each other's arms. The night brought on a series of very vivid and upsetting dreams for me, my sole comfort being the waking reality of a warm, loving GF to cling to in the face of mental torture inflicted by my subconscious sleeping mind. Left me out of sorts today with an unshakable sinking feeling, so much so that I haven't beached despite the hot, humid day beckoning. Formalized Findings : Fun / Forlorn
>tfw no boardwalk
(147.57 KB 640x375 20-01-06-13-21-39-237_deco.jpg)

Beach Update : Had a very busy and high octane day starting off with a sweaty sex session which made me feel like I'd woken up to push ups mixed with planking. The GF glompfed a large helping of apple pie to recover after we took in the scenic view of a clear, bright morning. As soon as that was done I was off to the races, taking care of work and various acts of heavy lifting so that I could get to a half hour of cardio followed by pull ups and weights. That left me sweaty so it was time to go swimming. By this time the GF had sorted her own sortables and was ready to come along for the dip. The sky was already starting to get into the mushy, soupy hazey state that comes with all the aerial spraying that generally starts around 9 am. Thankfully the sun was still warm and inviting for our time there and the waters are basically perfect for long, laid back swims. I practiced a bunch of different strokes and had a bit of a race against the GF to a deep water marker and, much like that very morning, I creamed her. Did a bit of a water sprint/carry back to the shore and we dried out while the skies turned to a grayish muddle breaking up the direct heat. Escorted her back home then fugged off to prepare a large-scale dinner of my five-star, A+ fried noodles (this time with a healthy dose of fried chicken in the mix). Lot more intense staying on top of 3-4 courses cooking at the same time, but everything turned out well enough. The food had the desired effect of satiating and cheering up a relative before their (undesired) trip away from ©anadAnon Manor. Sorted everything away and trotted off to get in the evening calisthenics only to get grilled and hassled by a neighborhood youngster as I was finishing up my routine. I suppose I should praise his boldness for seeing someone doing muscle-ups after dark and thinking "yeah, I should chide this guy." Tentative Tabulations : Totally Tubular
(239.71 KB 460x632 1599529301204.png)

>>13155 There used to be a really awesome old boardwalk here, but they tore the fugger out over one (1!) complaint letter. That strip of shoreline is actually far more dangerous now and they left the dessicated corpse of warm memories of innumerable strolls in front of the house of some frens who used it probably more than anyone. Now it's it's just a rotting eyesore so some paper pusher could employ their cousin in yet another pointless make-work scheme at the county's expense. <tldr Canuckistan is bigtime retarderd and leaking diarrhea down its leg, policy-wise. gr8 song btw!
>>13074 Here is a raer song from a french (a french fren) to inspire your luv quest. If I can do it, you'll assuredly do even better and love even deeper, mon ami.
>>13158 Comfy song >love even deeper The question is not to love deeper, but who can I love this deep ? >>13157 >boardwalk Ah yes, those famous Boards of Canada everyone talking about ?
(153.61 KB 640x640 pre-enactment.jpeg)

Beach Update : Nah too much to this one. Very nice, clear weather throughout the day so far had both me and the GF itching to get to the waterfront. When we had both accomplished a satisfactory amount of work, we set off to a near by favorite spot. Slight bit of wind and lovely, rolling currents greeted us along the empty stretch of sand, only company being a group of playful grackles. We got in a good long swim fighting against the tides, the water temperature being pretty much perfecto. Gave the lass a lift back to our spot then nearly dozed off in the warm rays and refreshing breeze. The aquasize worked up a powerful hunger in the GF and I was able to treat her to a heaping plate of the leftover fried noodles from yesterday. We relaxed listening to cheesey french music about being on the beach while I collected various contented compliments for my culinary prowess. I'm pretty sure she was hoping for some good fuggin' following this but I still had stuff to do. Like, uh, write this right now. And to go get in food and exercises before we meet up later tonight to watch the unveiling of the strawberry supermoon. (sounds a bit like an obscure Japanese band name tbh) Wandering Witnessage : Wonderful 'n' Welcoming
>>13159 >who 2 luv? Oh geez, I dunno. Just try not to expect love, that seems to be when it sneaks up on (you) and falls into your lap. I was pretty much resigned to being forever exiled from polite society and the sexual hierarchy for choosing to be a part of the Cororo control group when the GF popped into my life and latched on to me.
Beach Update : Late Night edition There was a second dose of beaching in conjunction with the rising of the full moon this evening. Things sort of got down to the wire, but I was able to get the GF there right at the perfect moment to watch a thin sliver of red pierce the dark horizon. Quite the sight to behold. We found a nice spot and took in the vibrantly rose-colored moon rise to the occasion. Had brought the binocs along with so I was treated to the slow and vivid reveal of every detail of the moon's magnified face. Watching in real time as the reddened rose color drifted seamlessly in a proper strawberry hue, then into a sort of tangerine color as it formed a shimmering bridge of light along the calm surface of the water. We decided to lose all clothing and take in the moonlight while skinnydippan, following that bridge of light along the water. Spend a good while taking it in while holding a slightly shivery GF until she requested yet another carry to shore. We paid for our serene scenery amongst the fireflies in blood as the 'squiters were out en mass, hopefully delighted with the in-the-buff buffet. Nearly lost a prized, handmade silver ring in the process of redressing, but managed to hook it with a pinky sifting through the dark sands. As magnifique and downright romantique as this all was, I opted not to spend the night nor her slip the saucisse. This sort of bummed the GF out, but hey... I gots'ta bee me*. (a mega-cringelord) Bonne nuit /404/teans, (you) stay classy Nighttime Notes : Nearly Nonpareil

(115.12 KB 1060x1600 Mishima-Yukio-1966.webp)

(99.16 KB 551x414 moonterm.png)

>>13166 >not to expect love Yeah, that's pretty how things doing right now. I come to an age I don't care as much I would younger. I even still nursing old heartaches for the pure beauty of it. Taking care of this bittersweet sadness gives me a strong feeling of power as a romantic (I think Mishima wrote something about this that opened my eyes, maybe in his Reflections on the Hagakure. Need to read it again). I'm not resigned for sure but I don't take the search of love too seriously. I meet some gf from time to time, I take what can be took and give what can be given and let it go as it would aka not forcing the hand of fate but trying my best to do the right thing if needed. My priority is to focus on my family and trying to build a better me than the previous day (and I have come a long and winding path). I just cherish love as a feeling for the sole purpose of beauty (including the purest form of it, the sadness). Not for the weak minded nor the faint heart tho.
>>13171 Sweet fugg I had a great long reply to this and shat the bed by somehow pressing "back" right before posting. reconstructing from memory now. Really kinda ruined my morning, yet totally fitting for this topic. >Ol' Mishi Quite enjoy of a lot of his writing and ideas, but I've always been curious about how some of his bigger fans reconcile with his very probable bi-sexuality? Also never been fully sure whether that was a post-death gayop to try to sully his legacy and influence among younger men. >Romance From my own life I've noticed a tendency for men to do the heavy lifting when it comes to romance and romantic gestures. Ladies never seem to really grasp it even if they tend to ravenously consume it like a box o' chocolat. In my own relationships I've sided much more towards giving than receiving and try to leave every lady richer for our time together even were things to end at a moment's notice. Consequently I find I have very few bitter feelings and none of my past lives bare me ill will. I consider myself blessed to be content with very little in life and as such am able to recognize the true value of my time. Time (emit backwards, as in something you "put out") becomes the highest gift possible when you detach it from externally defined numbers and take true stock of what you do with it. This also has the effect of causing other people to value you presence on your terms. >Self-improvement Almost meaningless unless you have a moral compass and purpose to focus those improvements towards. While I agree with building up and protecting the concept of family, I've had to recognize in my own life that many of my relatives are very resigned to walking face first into a lie-powered meat-grinder. Being prepared to treat people you meet, regardless of blood ties, as family brings purpose and motivation in abundance. >Beauty As a Living Man you are the designator and definer of beauty, bringing it into existence at a moment's notice. How you choose to frame life and it's subsequent experiences is how beauty lives and breathes. For me there is no small amount of beauty in simply relating these ideas to someone I will never meet, much less even see. >Sadness Life's seasoning salt. Are you a man worth your salt? Has your salt lost it's savor? (Old sayings, forgive me) I would advise that the next time you find yourself shedding tears you take the time to actually taste them. The tears we shed are chocked full of rare hormones and chemical compounds designed to sooth one even in their lowest and most powerless states. There is a heavy, achingly beautiful element to the end result of sadness being its own consolation in those times of need. Almost as though the spirit is drawing out a deep wellspring of love to protect and lift you up. The ancient symbol of the woman is the ankh, which correlates heavily in both shape and spoken sound to the an(k)chor, as in "that which weighs down and holds one in place". Women at their best keep one grounded in the natural world and not beholden to any wind or wave carrying one off to crash against the rocks. At their worst, they become the "old ball and chain" of the jailor. Hold these concepts close and be prepared to interchange them at a moment's notice and deep insights will flourish. At times one needs to be buoyant in the face of the weight of the world in a lover's eyes, at other times one needs to be penitent and serve their time with good behaviour. First go at this was really vital and well worded, this retake is a bit lacking. A poor attempt to catch lightning in a bottle a second time round. I'm sure I've said nothing here you haven't already heard or told yourself at various times, so I thank you for indulging me in such an ephemeral topic. Best of Luck and Godspeed.
>>13175 >Mishima being gay ? I don't think people who truly understands his work and the man are bothered by this. I recently read Confessions of a Mask which deals with this subject as Runaway Horses (to a lesser extent as it's more focused on his politics views) that I'm currently reading. >Ladies never seem to really grasp [romance] even if they tend to ravenously consume it like a box o' chocolat. I agree with you. My opinion on this is because women are eternal little girls and cannot apprehend truly what Romance is in its purest form as they are more into the feeling of the idea where men can understand and appreciate deeply the idea of the feeling. To keep it short, all the women I met (even those who claimed being romantic) had a materialist view of romantism where men can develop a deep and in the flesh (almost metaphysical) appreciation of it. >Family When talking about family it's my close relatives (mom, dad, sister) I'm grateful they are nice folks. I don't really care about extended family as I never see them. Having a moral compass is important, even more when you've grown in a religious free environment which dosen't mean that I am devoid of the religious heritage inherent to all societies. I see it as a kind of Pascal's wager, even if I don't believe in an afterlife reward, I like to do what my moral compass tells me is the right thing when something need to be done, it's more a treat with myself, maybe a kind of ego-boost. >Beauty For sure it's up to each one to be a builder of beauty but we cannot forget that there are superior forms of beauty that surpass us. Some beauty that don't need to be definedthrough the eye of a man to exist but was, is and will be anyway. You just has to pick it. >Sadness I usually don't cry when sad happens, it's more an introverted but profound sensation in my flesh. I am not really emotional, but terribly sensitive, listenning some pieces of music or reading some poetry can bring me to tears more easilly (not because it's sad, just because I'm punched by the beauty of it). >Women as anchor I like this idea and a good metaphor. It can be extended to much more than only woment tho. All the things a man can love and cherish can have this power to uplift him as it downside effect to keep him imprisonned in some sort of mental jail. >Bacskpce fuckery If you use Firefox, look in about:config to disable it. I'm not on my computer rn and just have a chrome based browser so I cannot tell you more but a quick search may give you some help. It saved me a lot of troubles in a case like this. >This text I realize that I had a bit of trouble structuring my thoughts in English as precisely as I did in French, and even then, I'm generally more comfortable speaking than writing, where I'm sometimes overwhelmed by verve and can't articulate the substance of my thoughts as clearly. So sorry not to pay tribute to the quality of your writings. I would have liked to use more synonyms to lighten my text too. Was not really good at school (including english classes), but it's a good exrecise to mumble with english-speaking peoples on the internet.
(51.37 KB 800x900 canadiantier.png)

dear OP, can you take beach pics without compromising your location? the peguinos have finally begged the question, where's the beach!? t.BO:^) love the updates!
>>13192 >Ask and ye shall receive Sadly I'm not big on visual documentation of beach exploits, it's rare for me to even bring a cellphone. Could probably tap the GF sometime since she has a fancy-shmance crApple phone and gets pretty great pics an short vidya outta the thing. The strawberry supermoon pics in partics were quite stunning. Here's a few I've got on hand to give a taste
(774.99 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213244.png)

(912.80 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213258.png)

(1.40 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213321.png)

(1.04 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-213347.png)

>>13181 Ne vous inquiétez pas, mon ami. Vous me rendriez un énorme service en écrivant dans votre langue maternelle. Il est très rare pour moi d'avoir la chance de parfaire mes compétences en français, c'est pourquoi j'écoute autant de poubelle populaire musique française. Great reply btw. Deep gratitude and respect for affording me so much of your time and inner process. I use'ta write professionally and it's no easy task getting a point across while imparting your personal character to dry, dusty ol' words on a screen. Speakin' of crying to certain songs and poems tho : I routinely tear up hearing "Hunger Pangs" by Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Like streaming, runny tears. Pretty embarrassing considering he's jus' some lil' nigga from Queensbridge, NYC who talked a lotta shit bout bussin' gats. Salut!
(663.49 KB 1915x1202 black metal feel.png)

>>13203 it's so beautiful
(185.01 KB 740x416 20-07-03-19-59-59-205_deco.jpg)

Beach Update : Bit of a rough time since I last B.U'd. I ended up really hurtin' the GF rite in the feels the night before last by my sudden fuggin' offwards. While it gave me the time to write a long, rambly, incoherent treatise on love to cool guys I don't really know, I had in fact nearly ruined the love between me and her by being such a cold, unloving automaton in how I left her suddenly that other night. Funny how that works, huh? We met up yesterday past dark along a long pier and she was basically ready to end things with ol' ©anadAnon. I'm basically ready for everything I hold dear to my fragile ego to end at any moment so I wasn't particularly troubled even if I was saddened by my continued idiocy. No idea how I did it, but in the process of talking it over with her I somehow won her back after she had carved out her pound of emotional meat from my soul. Ended up in her bed later that night softly telling her an improvised fairytale until she drifted off. Morning was intense orgasms all around followed by fresh cookies and scones. Day was blazingly hot and humid here, so after dealing with all my impending dealies we met up again to beat the heat in the rolling waters while the air danced with with a veritable snowstorm of cottonwood spores over our remote spot. Water temp was just what the doctor ordered on a day like today and we both really worked out our tensions letting the feeling of our brains stewing in our skulls drift away among the cool currents. Following a spirited carry back to the towels, we lay about and talked more. She spent most of it trying to pin me down in various "gotcha!" moments with me casually shrugging and plucking yet another pristine bit of pearly wisdom from my posterior to put things in perspective. I really don't think I could have managed to not let my defenses prickle at some of the things she said without the years of meditation and prayer I'd gotten under my belt before she slipped into my idyllic little life here. It's easy to see why she does it, I just hope I can remain adept at defusing it. But honestly : if not, no biggie. Valedictory Viewings : Vital 'n' Vainglorious
(761.59 KB 777x715 pain.png)

>>13203 Plage confite comfy beach. >>13205 Héhé j'aime l'application que tu mets à l'écrit, toujours un plaisir de te lire. >musique française Nous avons de la musique française (et même de la bonne grosse daube populaire) ici >>>/planche/40
>>13219 <Obscure /404/ factoidal anecdote : I believe our illustrious B.O actually has that wonderful tune you linked to on vinyl. Yes, we should all bow down and adopt him as our spiritual Big Bro, basking in his reflected grandeur. Here is the try-hard late 2010's MV version for your viewing dis?pleasure. I actually think they do an 'salrite job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI5mQ17jb7g
>>13224 >I believe our illustrious B.O Yes, I believe he is OP of the music thread I linked.
(142.61 KB 720x540 plance promotionnel_1.jpg)

>>13225 Was going off the top posted song. Checking out the rest of the thread now!1!!
(155.39 KB 1200x1200 m83.jpg)

>>13225 >OP Oui. "So Young But So Cold : Underground French Music 1977 - 1983". still have the cd kicking around. should transfer over to computer (((tbh)))
>>13230 We used to have a good coldwave / synthwave scene.
(35.43 KB 512x357 thuglife.jpg)

Beach Update : Previous night had a particularly scary event transpire. A close relative here at ©anadAnon manor roused me from near slumber by falling down loudly not far from my room. She was in the buff, extremely cold and clammy, and couldn't stand or make it to the toilet where she needed to go. Proceeded to void her bowels rather violently. While she seems to have recovered from this and is feeling much better today, I found myself very frustrated, upset and nearly angry at her for what seems to be the culprit : she had just been to the dentist that day and had a rather large dose of the deadly aluminum byproduct rebranded as essential additive, fluoride. Why she did this is beyond me. I'd been over it with her multiple times about how dangerous that literal garbage is, we even put in a massive, expensive water filtration system here just to keep that trash out, yet still she let some quack dose her up with death juice. The feeling of everyone around me taking handfuls of stupid-pills daily is palpable. I was able to set that aside and meet up with the GF after a very fast-paced early day of activity and together we made for a far off beach where nobody wears clothes. As nice as this was, the feeling of the GF not properly budgeting her energy rubbed me the wrong way. She had been out for a long time in the burning sun then wanted to make the hour-long trek there all on a hummingbirb's diet. Still obliged her as I had the foresight to prepare a fresh and nutritious lunch for two. Nude beach was very hot and windy, waters there were almost going sidewise and it was easy to tell watching the waves that there was a vicious riptide operating right below the surface. Had to keep restating the need for caution to the GF as well as keeping an eye on her when we were in the water. She's honestly pretty good at playing it safe and the powerful aquatic tug of war we immersed ourselves in felt really wonderful. Worked off much of my angst with a long, intense swim against the endless wavepool and we enjoyed getting blow-dryed (and nearly sand-blasted) off in the buff afterwards. Found a secluded spot out of the wind to improvise a table and bench from driftwood while we tucked in to my freshly made egg salad on delicious buttery buns. Feeling revitalized, we hopped in for a second dip before making plans to tour some real-estate once we be back in town. The GF is moneyed to the point that dropping a million is no big dilly. First spot looked great at first glance, but we started noticing oddities once inside.... Oh, a tipped over vase. Ah. Another one.... Ok six... No, seven disheveled and disturbed plants and broken vases. None of the usual prints or leavings of an animal either... Then upstairs.... A room just filled with old, glassy-eyed staring dolls. Lovely. Down in the basement an obscurely placed speaker endlessly repeating an eerie tone. Great. The lassies along with were quite shaken by all this while I busied myself looking for structural flaws and other problems. (The support beam resting on a cinderblock being the worst of them) The other spots after this had their pluses and minuses but proved uninteresting and overpriced. Ah well. Still felt accomplished with our day and I made a temporary leave to get in some dinner at home and force myself into calisthenics and weight lifting before I go off to perform body-pillow and storytelling duties for the evening. Handpicked Heraldry : Harebrained/Haunted
(698.04 KB 2117x1654 20-09-03-18-09-44-293_deco.jpg)

Beach Update : Yesterday started off great as I was banging the GF first thing when I got up to the point I think I peeved the neighbors. Fun times. Got home following that to be treated to a bout of pointless drama from the recently collapsed relative which was very unpleasant. What did it boil down to? <Fuggin' heck ©anadAnon how dare you have a rich GF and keep falling assbackwards into gud times?! You should begrudge life and cut yourself off from loving people like I do! Also you're "not allowed" to point out that I make excuses for a physically abusive decaying pharmaceutical drug addict, it gets in the way of my projection! Sad showing but I did my best to remain calm and hold my ever so witty tongue back from pulling Mortal Kombat style fatality moves. Didn't let any of that stop me from enjoying the lovely, sunny day and set out with the GF for bluer waters. We ended up at a very scenic beach and were treated to moar wind. The constant gusts had cooled the waters dramatically and we needed to do a double take before getting in. Only really happened because I dared her to be as brave as I and we both came out of the chilly depths feeling more accomplished for it. Spent a good bit of time warming up and getting blow-dryed while eating special pineapple cakes from Taiwan. Back home it was all hugs and tear-eyed entreaties to win back my love and affection from the previously angry relative. I had other things on my mind, so I was gracious in accepting more hollow words and set about the evening work of making an extremely thoughtful, hand-doodled Dad's Day card for the next few hours. Omelette dinner and outdoor calisthenics followed. Occulated Occurences : Oppressively Ornate
(299.40 KB 1280x879 d&c.jpg)

Beach Update : Lotsa cleaning and prep for a young relative joining us at ©anadAnon Manor later this coming week. Looking forward to that as I haven't seen her in years. Temps had dropped here overnight and the breezy blustering has not yet left. Didn't exactly bode well for dippan, but the GF had her heart set on gettin in there and it was sunny enough before the aerial spraying kicked into high gear so I was quick to oblige. Waters were possibly even colder than yesterday, the kind that make you start involuntarily cursing once you reach a certain point and you feel it seep into your bones. Still put up a good show of diving in and getting some strokes in before carrying a shivering GF to shore. Drying off was difficult with the cool breeze and expanding chemtrail soup blocking out the warmth of the sun. She lodged her various extremities into my warmer nooks and crannies and we made the most of it. On the way back we stopped by the ruskie Borzoi enthusiasts and were treated to a lot of backstory and quasi-interesting banter. While the lady is a bit much with the talk-talk-talking, I found out some very uplifting info from her husband and found myself immediately liking the guy on a much deeper level. Going to try building up a friendly relationship with him and try to feel out where he's at in his own learning process concerning the absolute state of things over these past few years. Could prove to be a very valuable ally tbh. *An Aside* : I would like to formally wish a very happy and healthy Dad's Day to our very own maverick dynamo, Davers the B.O extraordinaire my spiritual Big Bro fromma 'nother 'giney hole. Cheers for the continual hugboxes that rox my sox off-es! Gathered Grading : Good Gravy
New name: ©anadAnon
(116.62 KB 933x1200 933x1200.jpg)

(432.15 KB 1200x1660 maintain.jpeg)

>>13333 >©anadAnon Noice.
(65.03 KB 626x828 cy+7 accurate.jpg)

>>13333 Nice get
(3.12 MB 360x152 'baccy plant.gif)

Beach Update : The GF is currently on a sojourn presenting sacred tobacco plants she grew from seeds to a bunch of Chugs aboriginal leaders at some fancy ceremony up north*, so I was solo dippan today. (*It's some sort of token Indigenous People's day here yet again which is a retarded because technically anyone born here is "indigenous") Good day for a dip too, very sunny and not a cloud inna sky. Things were poppin or possibly lit according to youthful vernacular down at the beach due to school being out for summer. Lotsa folks on seadoos tearing about having a blast and youngsters laughing and shrieking while splashing each other. Waters were still a bit on the cool side, but very plungeable. Took a lengthy, leisurely swim out to a deep drop off then saw how fast I could get back to shore. Reminded me of more carefree times before the love-interest arc of B.U started circa last year. Dried off on the hot sands while watching everyone have a good time and counted my blessings until I ran out of fingers and toes. Experienced Events : Energetically Effervescent
(85.65 KB 600x581 canada_anal.jpg)

>>13333 ©anadAnon it is. Sorry, im late to the party
(131.02 KB 736x1080 canadanon gf.jpg)

goodnight original pancakehouseanon:^)
(139.53 KB 483x640 l'mao.jpg)

>>13369 h-how did (you) know?! Also : G'noit!
(101.68 KB 481x640 synthie moonset.jpg)

Beach Update : Preddy great day all around here so far. My cousin got in looking very fetching and all grown up, having a fun time on a solo adventure in the province. Immediately following her arrival I finally got the last leg of paperwork for a very substantial sum of money from a court case I won years ago which I believe I've mentioned to the /404/ regulars in years past. The final amount was larger than I was expecting and filled with all the 13s and 33s I so crave in my daily life. Sure I'm getting it right as everything goes offa cliff, but it's nice having one less thing to worry about/anticipate. The weather is scorchingly hot today and the whole ©anadAnon Manor crew came down to the beach with me. Everyone had their own varying degrees of a dip in the calm, cool waters with me and my cousin being the only ones who took a full dive in. I had a long, intense swim far out then back and ended up having a good long chat with an older feller, former paramedic, complimenting my abilities, about staying fit and the absolute state of medicommunismcare in Canuckistan as I was getting out and he was getting in. Very pleasant stuff. Back shoreside I caught up with my cousin and treated her to a chocolate chip, coconut square with graham cracker base while giving her many hearty laughs in classic style. Pointed out many natural oddities as I showed her about town then we stopped off for boozing supplies for the evening. The positive vibes and familial prying were almost enough to make me want to leave aside my teetotaling ways, but it's hard to end such a long unbroken streak not had a drank since I was 19. Outdoor fires and the grilling of meatstuffs on said fire are sure to follow this evening. Absolutely peachy sez me. Pic vaguely related : a snapshot of the pre-sunrise morning the GF awoke to up nort. Assorted Ascertainments : Auspiciously Awesome
(25.26 KB 500x557 OOOOOoooo.jpg)

>Pic vaguely related >moonset >pre-sunrise
(315.30 KB 1280x997 disbeleeleeif.jpg)

>>13384 Was sorta confuse with the way she worded it : <I was drawn to ‚Äúthe rock‚ÄĚ to watch the moon hanging height moments before the sun came up. Nice pic regardless tho. Looks like a paintin'
(156.58 KB 1280x1000 gay for elephant seals.jpg)

Beach Update : The remainder of the visit by my cousin passed by in an enjoyable manner. Other than discussions where she and other family members wanted to make plans with my impending windfall of caish We're very much on the same page about many things, though her approach is different, gave me some modicum of hope-like phantasms for the future. She was off on the next leg of her tour early today which left me free for more solo-beaching. Less sizzling out today, but still a hot and sunny one. Shoreline was less buzzing than yesterday but had a healthy amount of beach goers out taking in the natural splendor. Strolled over to a fairly remote spot and got all geared up for my dip. Wasn't paying too much attention to anything other than the beautiful blue horizon, but apparently some tattoodle festooned lady nearby took my display of rigorous bathing as some sort of challenge to her BF (whom I initially mistook for a female while he was laying down due to his pink salmon shorts and full back ink illustration). By the time I had swim far out and back through burningly cold waters, she was loudly dragging him into the surf as he tsk'd and shivered. Weirdly the guy was probably bigger than me in terms of big guy bigness, but it seemed for all his mass it was untested and for show only. As his lass actually braved the cold tides, he waited in the shallows fretting over getting his rose coral shorts even slightly moist. Sunned myself for a bit until I had the brand new experience of feeling quite an annoying chomping down on my leg by what I was surprised to find out was a small grasshopper. (babby locust par chance?) Didn't realize they were into that sort of thing, had even drawn blood. By that point the breeze had picked up and I decided to go indulge in coffee and tobaccy. Judicious Journalage : Jovially Jaunty
(37.90 KB 542x422 he gay.jpg)

>>13415 >gay for elephant seals
(759.04 KB 1080x475 orphy_ded_tired_m8.png)

'''Beach Update"' : GF made her return last night and despite being sore from a blitz of ranger-adjacent activities during most of the week, we met up. Many tales, including a near-brush with a rattlesnake (yes, there's a raer endangered variant here), were relayed in a sleepy and sore yet satisfied manner. Still fit in a good bout of rogering pre-passing out. Both of us woke up quite sore and stiff in own ways and parted early on to take care of various workings and continual projects. Day turned out rather hot and humid slowing down our respective progress until late afternoon when we both found ourselves compelled to fit in beachy times. She made it down there first and had already had a brief dip before I emerged on the scene. Waters were still annoyingly cold but somewhat welcome in their numbing effect to my neck and headache I'd been nursing since morning. Allowed me to focus on giving my all for the swim even with the nagging, burning sensation very cold waters bring about in the chest, sort of makes you feel like you can never quite properly catch your breath. Went a good ways out and back in zealous style but didn't stick around the beach long as the GF was sapped of energy from the whole ordeal. Got her back home and was fed truffle and sea salt chips while I read some particularly hilarious and baffling tales from my big book of Korean mythology. Our favorite being one about a small dog that made "sweet dung" people just couldn't wait to chow down on and concluded with a supposed life-giving bugle that needed to be blown in direct contact with an anus. Absolutely bonkers. Beheld Briefs : Baleful / Beatific
(1.48 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-204354.png)

Beach Update : My day was off to a rough start as I stayed up too late having a rare bout of fappan was rudely awoken too early by the cats here intent on letting me know it's caturday. One was even reaching under my pillow to claw at my arm then sent in the BBC big black cat to bellaow at me incessantly while I feigned death. My ploy didn't work and I eventually got up after a half-hour of harrassment to give them their precious ‚ÄĚfood". Fell back into fitful sleeps and awoke late and with slight brainpains. Attended to an seemingly endless series of attendables until I got word from the GF it was beaching times. Classic hot summery day out there as we opted for a nearby beach and even scored some free goodies on the way. Place was packed tight with folks soaking in the heat, sun and surf. Waters were very clear, almost crystal, but did have a bit of a scummy film in the shallows. Temperatures were some of the best yet and swimman was a joy even if we were both a bit groggy. Swim was very fast-paced and the calm waters lent themselves to long stretches of butterfly stroke. (Poorly named imo given its the most intensive) A signature carry back to shore followed and I busied myself with the binocs testing my own revulsion reflex and judgemental limits scoping out the plethora of fellow beachers while the GF soaked up the solar radiation. Took another wade out before leaving and rescued a seemingly suicidal beetle that dried off on my hand then tried to fall back in over and over. Got it to shore and we packed up for her place as the continued spraying by unmarked planes rendered the sky into a ruddy, sharp-lined grid. Back at her place, the GF was in a frisky mood so I put in additional effort to de-frisky her via continuous intense orgasms. This worked well and soon she was chowing on aforementioned truffle and sea salt chips while I read aloud more krazy Korean tales. Had to fugg off to do yet more bs which will soon be done allowing me to enforce more calisthenics on my fleshy heap. Wish me luck, or possibly death. Both have their appeals at the moment. Beachside Beholdings : Bountiful Brilliance
(84.18 KB 640x640 kot lurk.jpg)

checking out crystal beach area. 5,000 square foot lots going for $30,000-$100,000++ CAN. not bad. lots are best. the home are overpriced and old for my price range. t.zillow lurker
>>13500 Is tough because a lot of those lots are subject to erosion, but the views are purdy shweet. An yeah, homes are retarded expensive. Possibly wait for Trudeau to fugg things up even worse and le bubblé may pop.
(1.64 MB 221x244 feelsgudquestionmark.gif)

Beach Update : Awoke to a very moody GF. Whut was the matter? Something along the lines of me not dicking her down at a moment's notice and whenever the urge seizes her. This kinda ticked me off as just a few hours prior I had made her into a drooling heap of orgasmic bliss. My error was I suppose not doing that again once I had come back around close to midnight, yawning and sniffling in my exercise beleaguered and sleep deprived state. Decided not to engage in the pointless emotional tug of war and felt rather down all day because of it. The skies today reflected this emotional state and lack of conflict resolution being that thunderstorms were forecast and never materialized, instead a grey humid bowl formed for the majority of the day. Bit rough on the plants with all the heat and no drinks, but perhaps this will be sorted soon. Took care of many things around the manor then decided to swim off my lingering tensions. Was still quite warm out even with the continual cloud cover and I was eager to get into the waters because a big scary deerfly kept harrassing me. Things were still very pleasant temperature-wise out in the water and I worked on my form and speed with the butterfly stroke until I was worn right out. Didn't stick around the beach but instead found a hill with a bench and read some NT quietly to myself while I thought about many of the things Russ Dizdar RIP had spoken about. Never knew quite what to make of him, but things may well be getting nutty enough that what he talked about could come to pass. Skies cleared considerably after this and the early evening was sunny and beautiful. About to head off for another heart to heart with the GF which I assume will entail more raking of my conscience over hot coals of womanly scorn. Please feel free to point and laugh. Sighted Supposings : Slightly Salubrious
Beach Update : Oh boy, did I ever get raked over the coals last night by the GF. It all felt pretty ridiculous seeing as I'm very giving of my time and sexual energies and I suspected that something external from us was causing some imagined conflict to boil to the surface. A little prying and... what do you know? Turns out she was particularly peeved about the Hoe Vs. Laid debacle and taking it out on me because I make it no secret that I following the teachings of Lord of lords, King of kings, Christ and find great solace and meaning through reading the bible. For her this meant I was pretty much screaming nigger while assault-rifling Transpersons-of-pregnancy. Golly was it hard not to giggle or smile at her upset to the point of tears face. Pretty much ready to dump me then and there while furiously intoneing that <I would never! Never! live by a book written by fallible men! Trying to restrain my joviality I promptly requested all the various books by her bed I had been reading to her at night back. So that, y'know, she would have to live by them. (For the record, I did not actually say this, by man'o'man did I want to) Suddenly I was an ice cold monster and heartless knife-twisting goblin as her jaw quivered. Was pretty much ready for things to be over if I was going to be held accountable for state's rights issues in a whole other country that I don't live in, but again somehow I flipped the scripted response and calmed her down until I was invited to spend the evening and did more late night fuggin'. Morning was unfortunately rough as well, with her shaken and sobbing that I would calmly reveal that sometimes I don't feel like fuggin' so that I have enough energy to get in proper exercise. I don't see why that would be surprising or hurtful as she's quite literally constantly praising my flesh-husk and all the work I do to keep things shipshape. More diffusing of confused hurt feelings later and it was all smiles, giggles and treats for ©anadanon before I went about my day on something like 3-4 hours of sleep. Not so fun, but w/e. >This is a beach update you contemptible oversharing retard Oh right. Well the day started off hot but got sort of overcast and windy so the best I could manage was a beach stroll. Pretty pathetic, but the place was empty and I did some perfunctory clean up while checking various spots to see how soon various delicious local berries will be ripe for the pluck. Also found out that there's a take a plant, leaf a plant rack tucked away not too far from casa de GF. She seemed excited and happy about that as she'd been planning something similar for a while. I'm just glad people are sharing food plants and getting into productive gardening practices at a good clip since I can only do so much proactive propagating of local species around here in Johnny AppleMapleSeed style. Peeped Positings : Pointless Pain/Pleasure
(67.11 KB 638x638 9cb.jpg)

Beach Update : In stark contrast to recent B.Us, the GF was in very good humor both last night and today. I guess good routine dinkings right all wrongs in the ladyverse and I'll have to keep on top of that. Bringing by fresh pear clafouti may help along these lines. She had a busy day of prepping for an unintentionally long stay away in the big shitty city and was unable to even get in a dip before the trip due to scheduling headaches. I was left to a solo-swim which reminded me of pre-8chaim.moe beachings of years past. Weather fluctuated between breezy and toasty making me feel like I might have missed my mark by getting there in the late afternoon. Fellow beachlings were few and far between so I was pretty much the only one out in the actual waters. Wet-temps were pleasant enough that I was able to really push myself to get it in with vigor but also chilly enough that there was a lasting numbness to my fingers for a good while once I got out. Dried out and took stock of what to fill my extra free time with while the GF is away, making a few plans on the sunny sands. Also watched a big interesting stump which is quite literally torn between three states of being. On the one hand it's burnt up quite bad, on the next an extremely industrious colony of ants is tirelessly carving out a big pile of sawdust to make it their own and on the third hand it's begun sprouting new branches and leaves. Not sure what force will win out, but it makes for a compelling sight. Meandering back home, I stopped by the only store I would frequent during the cockdown years as they've always been lovely to me and never once tried to push muzzles on me and demonstrated no smile-shame themselves. Quality folks. Loaded up on unhealthy snacks and chatted about many of the bizarre shortages making life interesting for a small businesses, the latest being plastic bags of all things. May start blowing more money there as the feeling of impending financial abundance is getting increasingly palpable by the day. Focussed Findings : Fun/Fancyfree
(71.07 KB 767x767 shieet.jpg)

Beach Update : Another day of faulty forecasts that can kiss my ass. Other than a minor sprinkle in the morning, today was great weather-wise. I was up and about tending to plants trying to make sure they got in a drink of what little rain water there was then it was off in a beachward bound. Few small puffy clouds dotted the horizon and no lines of plane-goo to be seen. Sands were at the point of sizzling your feet if you stood around too long so I got in the cooling, calm waters pretty quick. Swimman was a joy and I took my time to soak it all in. The chilly layer is all but a memory, basically just a few inches at the bottom that make diving practice feel invigorating and refreshing between changes of stroke. Spent enough time really going hard that I feel genuinely sore now and like my back and upper arms have been put through the wringer. Back beach-side I enjoyed a bit of filterless rolled 'baccy and surveyed the beautiful scenery while the sun dosed my body with vitamin D induction. Not too many people out despite my hitting up one of the more popular beaches and in classic fashion nobody was really in the water until they saw me go far out and back. Makes me feel like a bit of a human thermometer. Strolled back home and took in a nearly overflowing pot of soup while a very large and confrontational Blue Jay held dominion over our apple tree where its seemingly set up shop. Watched it sqwark and chase around Orioles like a fuggen boss. Whatta birb! Would be fun to make friends, but that doesn't seem like it's style. Distilled Data : Dang ol' Dandy
(127.76 KB 829x823 1655757379590.jpg)

if i owned a beach home would i inherently have a beach bod?
(36.18 KB 588x410 75_yesir.jpg)

>>13600 Based on your dubs alone, yes.
Beach Update : Very hot day here and my brains are slightly cooked because of it. Don't really 'member much from earlier other than a very nice Northern Flicker showing up while I was taking a break from work. This seemed to piss off the Blue Jay, but I've honestly yet to see something not piss it off. Once everything was sorted, I took a trip down to the beach and found it very busy. Had to set up on a log far out since space was at a premium. Waters felt great, good temps all around and a nice little bit of waviness to struggle against. Swam out very far and did a bit of diving until I felt like I might pass out and not make it back. Instead of doing that, I did make it back in quick time coasting along once I got the rhythm of the waves down. On the steamy sands I was treated to one of those days where everywhere I turned my head there were ladies bending over in bikinis, many rubbing tanning oils all over their legs and bottoms and in my general direction. Instead of being a letch, I decided to look up at the plane-made haze and grumble to myself in preparation for being an old man yelling at clouds. Espied Esposings : Easeful & Ebullient
(330.63 KB 892x649 canada apu.webp)

Happy Canada Day!
>>13657 Thank ya kindly! It actually was a pretty happy Canuckistani Knockoff 4th of July day here. Well for me anyhoo. Fireworks going off inna background as I type these very words. Along these lines : psychotic msm tapeworms here have been pushing some very retarded talking points recently. Namely that the flag here is now a hate symbol due to the honkening which left their eardrums so scarred and beds so shat they can't even be reminded of what country they live in. How far are they taking this? There was even an effort to rename "Canada‚ĄĘ Day" to the incredibly ambiguous and dystopian "New Day". My guess would be that "celebrating" it would involve hanging one's head in shame and having new normal talking points forceably injected by masked service corporation goons while youths feed insect treats to their canine lovers.
(1.23 MB 266x200 packing wood.gif)

Beach Update : I dislike that a reoccurring feature of this season's B.U has been me complaining about (((weather forecasts))) being incredibly off... and yet I'm about to do it again. I got a ¡warning! notification for a stronk thunderstorm with possible hail and flooding. What did I actually experience? An overcast and humid day with roughly 40 minutes of drizzle. Things were busy all about, my neighbors were putting on a lucrative and popular yard sale (I snagged a very timely gift for the GF which I will surprise her with tomorrow) while not far away there was live concert with Boomies lionizing being close to death and ready to burn through funbuxxx in a way that will totally teach their estranged offspring an important lesson about dad rock. As sour as I might sound I was all smiles as I made my way down to the beach and really enjoyed the sun-less swim I put my best effort into. Waters were only slightly less warm than yesterday and slightly more wavy. Since there was no direct heat to soak up and dry out to, I strolled around the beach collecting various bits of trash. Caught sight of a young zoomie couple strolling along once I'd filled the bag to capacity. The lad had that exact copy of the broccoli top I see being posted around here in memes I don't care to understand while his lass was quite rotund and mystery-meaty. In a rather sad display, he tried to lift a half buried and water-logged log from out the shoreline and failed miserably repeatedly despite not looking particularly out of shape and having low bodyfat. I waited until they strolled off a good distance and yanked that heavy bit of timber with zero difficulty even with the fatigue of an upper body intensive 30 minutes of constant swimming. Felt gud for the fragile, fabergé egg that is the ego but I had to stifle myself from pointing at him and yelling "Pathetic!" Leaving the beach I was struck by just how unhealthy looking a lot of my national compatriots are. While I was sprinting up hills barefoot, roly-poly peeps were dangling their gunts and dripping grease from under their gynecomastia flaps. Sad display. In return for the trash clean up I was treated to a very pristine Blue Jay feather which I took as a literal feather in my cap for good services rendered. It was then that the first drops of rain started, so I took a brisk jog over to the GF's to make sure her outdoor plants were positioned to get the most of it. Localized Log : Limber / Lively
Beach Update : Been quite a nice day here but I feel like I've been too busy to properly enjoy it. Was rushing about to fit in everything that needed gittin' sun and bonked a toe preddy gud in the process. Didn't slow me down, but maybe I shoulda iced it as it's feeling a bit puffy now. It's very possible there was some sort of residual grumpiness from the bonk that hovered over me as I got down to a nearby beach for a quick dip. This feeling was not helped by it being packed to the gills with various blobby people-folk. Had to stifle an odd urge toward violent physical confrontation and hurling insults as I looked around at the fallen state of a lot of my country-"men". Carved out a slim spot to slip into the warm, wavy waters and went for a long swim while actively reflecting on my urges to coat my hands in crimson. This worked well enough even though various seadooers felt it was fun to buzz me getting too close and generally being annoying. A long taxing rush back to the towel wore out the rest of my angst and I was able maintain civility for a while, watching various man-breasted doughboys too scared to even get in the warm waters despite a large number being emblazoned with skull and crossbone tattoos. Finished by doing some beach clean up. (there was a lot to do, hog-people really toss their trash everywhere) The trail of garbage was all about, and I was picking up and properly disposing of stuff well away from the beach. Once again my good deeds were not without reward, by keeping an eye peeled for trash I came across a ripe mulberry tree littering the round with goodies. Suddenly that urge to have my hands covered in purplish-red eviscera made sense : it's berry plucking season and juicy goodies are afoot. Gathered up a nice fat bag from the very tall and out of the way mulberry and felt much better being able to line my packed schedule up with simple pleasures along the way. Monitored Ministrations : Mostly Magnificent
Beach Update : Back from the megacity wastelands last night was an exhausted GF. I showered her with a couple well chosen gifts and baked treats to help her get the sour taste of a fruitless trip out of her mouth. She was all smiles and was so taken with the gifts that the giving of dome was insisted upon. Not sure my seed was much of a palette cleanser, but she gulped it down like a milkshake. I proceeded to improvise a fable about a large Blue Jay who proclaimed himself king of a particularly large apple tree and within a few lines and giggles she was out like a light, face nuzzled into my arm dutifully huffing my musky pits. We awoke to a very fine day of clear skies and sun. After we were done with our separate workstuffs in the late afternoon, it was time for a return to the beach. Another sunny and crowded day there, this time with more of a breeze. We carved out some territory and ran right in. For the first time in I think forever we actually came across a much more serious and impressive swimmer than either of us. This was a rather busty lady who was doing intense laps alongside a fella on a paddle board. Not just keeping up with him, but often outpacing him. Made both of us put our unearned pride aside as we watched a real tri(?)athlete do her thing like a pro. Our respective swims were much more relaxed and aimless, simply taking in the summer-appropriate waters and feeling grateful for our lot in life currently. After a hearty hauling of GF ass back to the towel (I missed that, she's like a warm weighted vest that kisses me as we get out) we took in the sights and sounds of the busy shoreline. Truly terrible muzak was being pumped at all angles and it made me muse that in our old age there will most likely never be any true golden oldies listening material but rather some sort of platinum trash station blared at us to drive away any clear thoughts. Spotted Summarization : Superbly Spiffy
(31.18 KB 600x450 wtsnacks.jpg)

(68.25 KB 512x317 killer whales.jpg)

>>13801 So that's why they call them humpbacks
(2.66 MB 498x381 pingu-doctor.gif)

Beach Update : Catching weird vibes all day, possibly due to the GF seeming a bit off last night. Still went about tending to a plethora things until it was time to rinse off the perspiration of the day with some swim. Getting in contact with the GF revealed what was up; she was feeling none too well and had needed to bed down early last night and had taken additional naps early in the day. Made plans to check in on her following a quick trip to the beach. The weather was a mix of sun and clouds, not too hot or cool, just pleasant. I was happy to see the first of the thimble-berries reaching their dark red pluckable apex and felt my body gearing for days and days of capitalizing off them in the various spots I'd marked down in my mind. The beach itself was calmed than the last few days but still lively. Not nearly as packed which meant I could find a nice spot to set up rather than settle for what I could find. Very calm waters met me as I waded out, noticeably cooler than yesterday but still very enjoyable. I worked off a lot of the angst and concern I was feeling about the GF and found myself much calmer and more focused after a half hour of swimming, albeit quite exhausted too. The sun wasn't much help in drying off so I strolled about doing some more beach clean up instead of simply vamoosing. Once again the clean up came with its own reward as the GF showed up right as I was getting the trash into receptacles looking dazed. Her forehead was quite toasty and she was complaining of a slightly sore throat. No swimming for her, but I joined her on the beach for a slight cool off wade and then some sunbathing (the sun had decided to show itself at this point) while making sure she stayed hydrated. Got her back home safe and sound then went about making her a very tasty noodle soup full of good stuff to hopefully get her back in order. She greatly enjoyed it and we watched some vintage music vids together as she sipped and slurped the big steaming bowl I brought her by. By the end of it her forehead was at least feeling more normal and the spices and ginger I'd loaded into the soup seemed to have soothed her throat for the moment. Carried her over to bed all full of soup and wished her a speedy recovery while she offered her sleepy thanks. Now it's off to late nite coffee and calisthenics for me. Idiomatic Investigations : Industriously Idyllic
(614.28 KB 1726x1080 serenity now (insanity later).png)

Beach Update : A bad combo of both staying up too late and being woken up too early by extremely loud and downright assholey cats sapped a lot of my energy, focus and mental clarity today. This didn't get in the way of getting stuff done, including getting out for a nice heavy sack's worth of picking berries, but by late afternoon I was nearing surly status. Thankfully I found out that the GF was feeling nearly 100% thanks in large part to the soup and care I showed her yesterday and was ready to join me on the beach. Day was very humid following an early morning rain, and we found the beach breezy and wavy. Despite my less than 3 hours of proper sleep, I still got right in and put on a good show of swimming it up. Quite a strong undertow today and it felt incredibly draining fighting against it on so little rest, things could have gotten quite bad but I pulled through regardless. gave the GF a nice carry to our towel and flopped down, mentally and physically exhausted. She proceeded to exasperate things by being in the mood to talk food with me at length, various things she or I should make when I just wanted to flip the off switch on moving or thinking. This was not an option as were were accosted by some locals with their dog out enjoying the beautiful day and rolling surf. I completely blanked on who or where I would even know this couple from, but was instead treated to shouting on both sides of me about banalities due to troubles hearing each other with the wind and waves. Dispatching with the GF back to her place couldn't happen soon enough and I was finally free to shower off and catch a scant few minutes of shut eye before dinner prep for the evening. Seen Substantiations : Sunny/Sleepy
(515.59 KB 1369x2047 KŇć Kojima.jpg)

Beach Update : The slight nap I had last night allowed me the wherewithal to cap off the night with some sleepy fuggin' over at the GF's. She enjoyed this very much and I had her drifting off to sleep nestled into the crook of my arm while I read her some dreamy poetry. I woke up feeling refreshed and with a rather adamant case of dawnrise-dong so I proceeded to rouse her and give her a much more in-depth ramming until she was near-delirious and grinning. She basically passed out again and I went about starting my day. Lots got done as well as a restocking of various ancient and raer grains from a nearby Mennonite co-op. Twas then the call of the kang berries overtook me. As an added adrenaline boost to really motivate me, I managed to slam the tip of my pinky in a toaster oven door. Still throbbing with a dark discoloration under the nail as I type. Went to a different spot this time and was treated to possibly 3-4 times the amount of berries than yesterday. This felt great and it seemed like these ones were a lot sweeter despite being somewhat smaller (which I would chalk up to a lack of sufficient rain). Was also pleased to see much of the wild garlic I'd spread about was doing well and I'll soon be collecting loads of delicious garlic seed and bulbs in a few weeks. The day was overcast for the most part until I was heading back home with a heavy pillowcase of spoils when the sun peeked out to reflect my mood. Rinsed off the berries and then it was time to rinse off my person. The GF was down for the trip and even brought along freshly baked peanut butter cookies to the beach, undoubtedly some attempt keep me supplying her with berries and sexual marathons. Things were overcast again by the time we got to the beach, but the waters proved roughly as warm as the day before so swimming was refreshing, especially on the aching little finger. We took off in separate directions and I was going so fast I seemed to have impressed a young lass enough that she cheered and offered accolades that I barely acknowledged between swimman strokes. Eventually we both tired of the endless struggle against the depths and I have the GF a lift to the towel where we ate still-warm peanut butter cookies and I came up with the idea of mixing each bite with a topping of the freshly picked berries. Sort of a pb+j cookie which proved more delicious than mere words can describe. The sun reappeared briefly, as if making a guest appearance by popular demand, for us to dry out a little, then it was off to the evening leg of activities and chores which included making some very tasty and popular all-veggie and mushroom p√Ęt√© which I've managed to tweak into a crowd pleaser over the years. Retrospective Review : Respectably Rewarding
(90.92 KB 496x620 shoresidestroll.jpg)

Beach Update : So dang busy today, felt like I was multitasking since the moment I woke up. Didn't help that I was treated to long vivid dreams of trying to navigate some unending megacity wasteland through crowds of unhelpful people, struggling to remember where I even lived there. Type of thing you wake up from feeling exhausted. Got through that and a flurry of tasks before rushing off to get in more berries while the berries are good. This took awhile but was quite fruitful and necessary as by the time I got back a large bowl of them had vanished into some very tasty and fresh muffins. Hopefully I keep up my streak. The GF was busy today tending to expensive and raer foreign plants that had just arrived from Ecuador and could only managed to fit me in for a short while provided I brought by as many jugs of specially filtered water as I could carry. This was fine as I had many other things to attend to before I could even fit in an evening swim. The sunny and hot day I'd been sweating myself silly to had given way to a somewhat cloudy evening with a slight breeze. Getting in came with an unfortunate end to my swim cap of the last two years tearing right as I got it on. Bit of a bummer swimming without it, but the waters were nice enough that I was largely unconcerned. Didn't stick around long as the shadows were creeping in as the sun crept away, instead opting for some barefooted windsprints up a steep hill so I could get even more stuff done back home. Peeped Panoramic : Practically Prodigious
(598.82 KB 640x360 SCREAMING_EXTERNALLY.mp4)

went to a beach on a lake last year in PA, something isle, presque isle maybe? wore my trunks there so i didnt have to change. pretty smart. sat in the water for what felt like hours. great time, almost touched a fish too. get out of the water, trunks loaded with sand. did a pat off and hit up one of those outdoor showers. sand still in the trunks. no big deal. drove home, went to bed. hopped in my car the next day. sand all over my seat. brushed it off. sand still on my seat and now on the floor. sand on my hands. gotta drive to work. >mfw
who are these zoomers and why are they sooo spot on!?
(367.73 KB 1439x1399 1604608953453.jpg)

Beach Update : Getting quite tired of the endless demands put on my time since it leaves me with fugg all in terms of moments to write or reflect. Still, starting things off early can have its upsides : yesterday I nabbed a very prime pair of rancher boots which were getting tossed and were in my size. They proved extremely helpful (if somewhat sweaty) once I was out in the blazing sun loading up on moar berries. Allowed me to stomp easy paths through the tall brush and collect another heavy sack of black raspberries. Was completely exhausted following this and by the time I got back the GF was bugging me to bring her down to the nekkid beach. Really was not the day for that since Friday-Monday is generally when that place is packed with people desperate to monopolize your time while lusting over your bare person. Instead I shambled over to a nearer beach where we watched two young lads scanning the beach with a metal detector, certain they'd found sunken boats and possibly submarines. Best they managed to dig up was one doubloon as in a double-loonie and a bottle cap. The rain threatened all week by useless weather forecasts turned out to be all of four drops. Might as well be warning you that someone might spit that day. Things were very humid, almost oppressively so, so the placid waters were a pleasant repast. Used up what I thought were my last bits of energy having a hearty swim and basically passed out several times once I got the GF back to the towel. Made plans to have a quick snooze at her place but got waylaid en route by the ruskie Borzoi peeps who talked way too long about ridiculous dog show antics. The snooze likewise turned into the exact opposite of a restful time as the GF proceeded grab and squeeze the ©anadong until it was awake and I was made to lay there, barely able to keep my eyes open, while she rode me into friction burn oblivion. While there with pleasant and powerful orgasms all round, she somehow got slightly moody after this and I felt my evening slipping through my fingers so that I didn't leave things on a sour note. The exhausted accusation lingering in my chest is that she is indeed some kind of succubus and should watch the fugg out trying to mess with me on my path. Other than that it was quite a lovely evening with her preparing a good meal and even another bout of rough fuggin' this morning to cap things off. Manifold Monitorings : Maddeningly Magnificent
(63.07 KB 680x680 19 year old faggot.jpg)

>>13934 >who dey? No idea. Was also confused by the term Basil's that the paki used. As spot on as the criticisms of the tiny amount of vaguely aware youngsters are, what are they going to do other than monetize their griping to appease the less articulate masses? The low-value irony enriched commentary of ectomorphic broccoli head and pak(i)man reek of mind poison. Pakis in particular are just chomping at the bit to tear down whatever they can get their shitmitts on without ever acknowledging their massive role in the immigration ponzi scheme and how much they benefit from the affirmative action nightmare they've recently realized they can lambast for funbuxxx. <tl;dr Broctop does a pretty ok gril impression and probably wishes he could do all the things he's making fun of.
(1.57 MB 1024x1948 x1y6r98lesz01.png)

>>13895 >hates sand YES! Good! Let the hate guide (you)! Let it infuse (you) with its dark powers! (maniacal laughter rises in time with booming orchestral score)
(126.24 KB 800x769 wondering pepe.png)

>>13947 i can feel your hate from here frenmigo. not too keen on zoom zooms? personally, in general, i find them to be harmless. millennials(Me) also "Generation Me" were just as dumb sounding and looking at that age. the 2 broccoli studs are confident with what theyre saying and that confidence gives me hope for humanity. its the bug-eye emaciated cattle generation that will give me end times vibes. >basil's bezos?
(114.64 KB 300x225 good guy central.png)

>>13958 >hate? I tend to agree with your assessment and have to default to my own stress levels being high when I typed my little whiny screed. (Was also multitasking writing everything yesterday, not that that excuses me from demerit points) Pure projection in all likelihood. Its "great" they're seeing through basic level fraud, lies and are able to call it out. My problem would be it's a "too little too late" scenario, they need to be setting their sights on bigger and more cancerous targets instead of low hanging fruitiness. >Muhlennials Same manufactured age grouping here and I can confidently say I was miles ahead of the pack and actually got my ideas/gripes out to a wide, international audience without the ease of streamin' and pudcastin' at the touch of a screen. That said, was mostly likely not dealing with the same sort of full court press of propaganda and self-censorship that these fellers have been held face-down in a trough of. So good on 'em and all that, but for me the real test of if they're worth their carbon credits is how they dealt with Cororo and whether they hid their faces and took the gene editor for social acceptance. If they can't speak out about that, they're write offs. >inb4 clips of them doing just that Will gladly, gratefully, gorge myself on humble pie if such is the case. I suspect it's not though.
(376.95 KB 500x367 Risn+Murphy+RisnPNG.png)

Beach Update : Very busy yesterday and was tending to 3-4 things at once throughout most of the day. Barely managed to fit in a very fast-paced berry-pick which may have been the best in terms of berries gathered to time spent. The GF was wilting in the heat of the very sunny and hot day and need a good soak by the time I could pry myself away from pressing work. Beach was stuffed to capacity when we arrived, but we still captured an extremely prized bit of waterfront realty for out time there. The waters were warm, clear and looked almost tropical in the various shades of blue leading far out. Close to shore was unfortunately a bit of a parking lot thanks to all the boats, seadoos, canoes and inflatables in the shallows. Past that it was great swimming though and I had the odd experience of a passing female paddleboarder attempting to flirt with me as I got in my swim routine. Obviously no time for that, but I suppose it was somewhat flattering. Back on the sizzling sands, the Gf lounged about while I took in the sights wearing my captain's hat from my now deceased from ooze-infusion friend. Feels bittersweet whenever I don it. Watched some poor lad fail over and over for nearly an hour to get up the sail on his windsurfing board while he drifted down the coast until his old man showed up and did it in one go. Me and the GF chatted for a long while about Zorostrianism and Whirling Dervishes of all topics until she decided to grill me on my language skills and international accent and imitation abilities. Shadows started creeping up on us so we made for the hills and prepped for a later dinner of Pork and Scallion stir-fry which turned out quite nice. Visible Valuations : Vociferously Vivid
(960.48 KB 1125x1137 millennial kids.png)

(6.51 MB 720x1280 Profound Zoomer.webm)

>>13964 all generations are shit in their own right. newer generations harm older generations sensibilities. i look back at the 80s 90s and 00s through rose-tinted glasses from a childs brain. i wasnt keeping up with worldly affairs then. give zoomers a break:)
(6.05 MB 640x360 NXXXXXS - THE SORROW.mp4)

Beach Update : After a pleasant dinner and evening last night with the GF, I found myself assaulted with vivid dream after vivid dream throughout my sleeps. About 4-5 I can remember quite clearly. My dream-schedule was so jam packed that I actually awoke feeling exhausted from it all, it was as though I hadn't slept at all it was so vivid. Consequently I felt quite sore in my back and shoulders and woke up in a bit of a distant mood. The GF was very comforting in this respect and managed to pry out the details from me then give my back a good massage before I took off to sort out the day's sortables. The day's work was a bit of a blur and I was unable to fit in early-day berry-nabbing. Still, many important things got did and when later afternoon rolled around I was ready to take the GF back to the beach. Suitably pleasant day in terms of weather, nice summery heat but very little humidity. The place was once again packed to capacity and we were lucky to find a lousy spot to set up. Lots of water traffic, but it thinned out completely when I got far enough out. Water temperatures were akin to lukewarm tubwater and allowed me to really go in hard on the swimming strokes. Even with the lovely day and water, I had a residual cloud of frustration following me and sullying my mood. The want to externalize this with physical altercation really made me wish a nigga' would. Instead of doing that, I confronted myself and hashed it out with the GF. She was very helpful in this regard and managed to sooth my sourness with peanut butter cookies sandwiched with thick yogurt, black raspberries I'd brought her and a slight touch of honey. Gud stuf. Got her back home safely then I was off to take care of more work as well as set up a charcoal barbecue for the evening's festivities/eats. That sorted I clomped off grab hold of as many berries as the dwindling sunlight would permit me. Got in a good pick even with the annoyance of 'squitos being out in abundance at dusk and was back in time for a downright decent spread of dineables bring brought to table in perfect synchronicity. Preddy stuffed now but I still intend to force calisthenics upon my musculature until I either puke or become a living Chad meme. Good morrow to (you) all Circumspected Cataloguing : Capriciously Clement
(1.90 MB 3960x8640 Mz_March.jpg)

>>14001 >tfw it was actually your prenatal body that released the hormones that caused your mom to start labor
>>14001 Ehhh, I'm fairly nice to preddy much anyone I talk to one on one. Youngsters who live out here in the middle o'nowheresville are downright decent and up to all sorts of wholesome stuff, plenty to be hopeful for with them about. Back when I was living in megacity dystopia however I actually had an early model "zoomer" (using this term only for reply's sake) roommate who was just about every tumblr stereotype you could jam into a single fleshbag and it was mental anguish to be around her and her friends. Cutting those types a "break" means watching them cut out their wombs, letting predators psychotropically medicate their survival and sexual instincts into oblivion, and allowing them to groom the next generation into even worse. In short the "break" you cut them happens to be the break-line as they floor the gas into a brick wall. They need people being unforgiving, mocking hardasses on them more than any group in history, don't provide them that and the governmental service corp is more than happy to whisper sweet whopping lies in their ears as they lead them towards the guillotine. Because of my influence on her she steered away from lesbian bed-death with aromantic hormone pill-poppers who thought they were pokemons and instead is in a loving heteronormative relationship. Nobody, not her rehabbed druggy dad, not her abusive bpd mother, actually demanded she consider the consequence of her actions. "Breaks" were cut constantly and it was the last thing she needed. I provided the sense of normalcy and stern care that won out against billions of dollars of anti-male propaganda and I did it by not cutting "breaks". wow I sound like such a pissy cunt, lel. Thanks for drawing that out of me! Genuine laughs reading over myself get high and mighty for silly reasons
(280.37 KB 1104x983 012.jpg)

>>14006 >Windsor McKay Very nice. Also, you're right: humans need guidance.
>>14007 Big fan of McKay since a yout as he was an absolute dynamo of an artist. Will also never get his due as the "father of animation" because muh rassist charicatures. Doesn't excuse what I found out about his insertion of freemasonic predictive programming over the years though.
Still timely editorial 'toons before exercise. Thanks again for helping me excise my lower states of consciousness.
(45.03 KB 600x570 nooting intensifies.jpg)

Beach Update : Was up too late last night trying to stuff my garbagebrain-box with more learning even after a strenuous calisthenics routine. Paid for it today with a long lasting headache that only abated around 7 pm. This didn't stop me from getting work done, but it did fill my head with a lot of angry imaginings (news, both here and abroad, obviously added to this). Found ways around that negative energy and even got in some foraging on the side. Very humid day with intermittent cloud cover out there, made for sweaty berry pickan, but on the plus said I found that a lot of the wild garlic seed was good to go. Felt great gathering up big bags of both and I was back home in time to add a bunch of the fresh seed to a tasty pasta sauce that was in the works. The GF seemed engaged with various plant-care activities so she was left to her own devices as I got in an evening dip. A spectacular view down at the beach met me, clouds and sun offering a grandiose display of color and layering. Being able to grab a towel and be in the water in under 10 minutes from my door is one of those priceless luxuries I have to remind myself of at times. The water was still warm from the hot and humid day and things had cleared out enough that I felt like I was the only person in the water. Had a speedy swim far out and the rapid, intense exercise seems to have sorted out the annoying brain-ouch on the right side of my head. Gave it my all until I felt like I might pass out, then got out, toweled off and picked up a bunch of unsightly beach trash before sprinting up a hill barefoot and getting home in time for a big pasta dinner. Idle Investigations : Irresistibly Impeccable
(159.25 KB 500x600 watery repose.jpg)

Beach Update : Spent last evening working my upper body into oblivion then went over to the GF's where she enticed me into coitus which really tested the breaking point of my arm muscles. Read some poetry aloud following this and then we promptly passed out. Had to skedaddle faster than I would have liked in the morning, but there were many important things to attend to. While there was apparently some short shower this afternoon, it passed completely unnoticed by me. Once business was sorted and swimming was in order things were hot and humid out, but largely overcast. Even now it still looks like it could rain at any moment, though things remained dry for the duration of the swim. GF was along for the ride this time and was dealing with a similar brain-pain as I was the previous day. Getting in the water likewise sorted out that residual aching for her and she was all smiles once I was carrying her out. Took some time to dry out as the clouds grew more ominous, then we packed up after making a few meal plans for later dates. I even got to keep my berry picking streak alive by plucking up two quick handfuls on the way to her home where we sorted out some lighting and electrical issues before eating a bunch of fancy potato chips. Gathered Generalizations : Genuflected Grandure
(260.21 KB 1280x834 cy+7 (me in the water).jpg)

Beach Update : Been feeling a bit low energy today in contrast to the sort of hi-energy antics I've been engaging in for a while. The weather was sympathetic in this respect as it was very overcast with periodic drizzle on and off which kept everyone else laid back too. Still donned my big stompy boots and got out to get in more berries. Even without a raincoat the wetness was negligible and probably more refreshing than anything. The later-harvest berries are proving very big and juicy and I can only hope the rain today makes them bust out even more. The GF was occupied with endless cleaning and other activities at least until this evening when we have some full-moon gazing planned (cloud cover permitting), so I was back to a solo swim. Was yawning all the way down there as great grandiose grey clouds cruised overhead. The rain hadn't cooled the water by much, but it was noticable especially when you're not warmed up for it or haven't had a hot lunch. Felt a bit like I was struggling to keep enough air in my lungs at times, but still managed an intense, physically taxing swim. The place was very calm and quiet which made for good conditions to do laps until my fingers felt numbed. Some hints of sunshine snuck out to help dry me as I got out and wandered down the beach removing rubbish. A particularly troubling find was a can of vanilla coke which seemed to claim it was mixed with coffee of all things. Sounds terrible but I've been off sodas for a long while now. Watched various birbs reclaim and goof about on the empty beach for a bit then took off for home to stuff myself with cheesy pasta and sauce with sausage in it. Enjoyable but I felt like I could eat fives bowls of it and not break a sweat. Realized Remarkables : Resiliently Raffish
(2.92 MB 640x1138 bbw3-1.webm)

beach bump
(33.67 KB 460x318 indomitable will to scam.jpg)

>>14049 >Mississausage Genuinely terrible place to live. Used to have a gig that required pubelick transit there and it was hellish/hilarious. My stop was also in front of a strip club where people were routinely shot. >Why? 2 many reasons to type out. Biggest that come to mind are: house flippers keeping a scam going. A weird incentivizing of jamming 20 pooinloos/pakis into a single small abode while laundering money through them with loans/grants and ensuring they'll be extremely servile little debt slaves. Once these dusky darlings get into positions of governmental authority scamming goes through the roof as they try out all the corruption and incompetence they 'member from back home. It should be obvious by now that the crown service corporation lording over soviet Canuckistan (genuine chagrin seeing this term get used more and more since I started it) actively hates and wants old stock Canucks deader than the red leaf on the flag.
(32.07 KB 809x611 jaxaamg2tix51.jpg)

>>14060 Leashes are required on dogs by law regardless of how obese or slow they might be.
(208.49 KB 994x728 tfw beach updating.jpg)

Beach Update : SuperMoon viewing went well last night, there was a layer of cloud cover that prevented us from seeing proper moonrise, but the delay just meant checking out the swarms of lightning bugs along the coast until it peeked out. This was one of the few times me and the GF weren't alone in appreciating the celestial event, further down the beach there were a bunch of people howling at the moon like werewolves. Did it for so long and so loud that dogs started barking at their madness. Strolled back to the GF's for fistfulls of juicy berries and some sleepy poetry reading from a large book which amusingly had a line referencing both the moon and dogs braying at it. Early day involved work and prep for a visitor tonight, but by mid-afternoon I was able get in some berry pickan and garlic-seed (which is being roasted onto a pizza as we speak I type) gathering then hit the beach again with the GF. Very pristine sunny day out with a refreshing breeze, made me sort of surprised there weren't more people out. We found a favorite spot unoccupied and set up, but the GF was very much ticked off by a boat nearby pumping some of the worst club music in existence. Not too far from us there was a couple also playing 90's rock while taking massive bong rips, which I found pretty amusing. The musiclash was awful but the water felt great and we even saw little fish jumping around along the small waves. The swim was long and revitalizing in an excess energy draining sort of way and I proceeded to give the GF a lengthy carry back which felt like weighted lunges through resistant water. Back on the towel the GF could not tolerate the terrible tunes coming from both angles but only made matters worse by deciding to play her own music from her crApplephone. Three, three unwanted, tinny blaring devices assaulted me and my patience with discordant notes until her resolve broke and we moved down the beach to eat jalapeno cheetos in peace. Auditory Autobio : Assertively Abiding
(1.31 MB 320x320 pakiman.webm)

>>14063 thats tragic. btw, are you drowning in pakis? its a terrorist country. not sure theyre able to migrate to OOooSA
(243.22 KB 1080x1607 meme'd.png)

(656.72 KB 1259x2160 wikipedo'd.png)

>>14098 >drowning in pakis? Not exactly, more of an issue in the big cities and university towns. They're sort of annoying in that many want to live out delusions they've seen on (((tv))) in the most gaudy way possible. There's also problems with the amount of inbreeding that's gone on with their bloodlines which leads to a lot of taxing and greedy exploitation of the helthcare system. A fun fact about Soviet Canuckistan is that whenever the States blocks a foreign country from coming there a lot of the refuse and detritus finds its way here. There's sizeable Cuban and Iranian expatriate communities because of this need to ugh and tsk at Big Bro (and to run various other scams)
(29.39 KB 443x277 the call of the beach.jpg)

Beach Update : Was a busy morning here rushing aboot about so that I was able to fugg off early to the GF's to whip up a large french toast brunch. This turned out well as I had brought over a bunch of particularly juicy and ripe black raspberries which ended up sandwiched between slices with a health amount of cream cheese and then maple syrup drizzled onna top. Obviously the GF was overjoyed and in near ecstasy tucking into this and I was quite happy to accept the accolades. What I was not too happy about was the credible rumors from various 'Merican national guardsmen that a lot of extremely odd preps have been occurring which seem to point toward possible nooklular shenanigans. I'm so far down the wacky-hole that I'm not even sure nooks are 4realz anymore and that this may be a convenient excuse for using more exotic technology while putting folks on permanent cockdown. I din't go all in on the GF with the fearmongering, but I did tell her that it might be a good idea to get over to see her parents on the west coast sooner rather than later even with the absolute state of cy+7 air travel. She was of course full of fuzzy logic'd handwaving asides of this, but even with the sparing amount of grim reality I let leak into our idyllic time together I can tell she's starting to pick up that I'm more often right than wrong. Things quickly shifted to sex following this and after an explosive and sweaty round we collapsed into nekkid napping. Waking up I was in the mood for some swim but she was still worn out and instead picked my brains for æsthetic ideas as I have a proven track record of being dynamite along these lines even if I rarely apply them in my own life. Full of borrowed ideas and excited to apply them, I was off for some solo swimman under a cloudy sky. Was already early evening by the time I got to the beach and things were clearing out. The sky was completely covered and hazy with the day's spraying, leaving it looking wavy and plasmatic where the particularly heavy trails had been laid down. Waters were pleasant and lukewarm, felt great to wash off the coating of dried sweat while really taxing my body against the calm expanse of water stretching out toward a grey horizon. My ability to butterfly stroke for long stretches without getting too tired is improving and I felt pretty accomplished by the time I was back on the sand. Did not stick around long but rather went for some uphill windsprints then plucked a handful of very ripe berries to make sure my streak of berry pickan carries on to the bitter sweet end. Back home, I was greeted with hibachi-grilled chicken kabobs, roasted veggies along with bags of Montreal bagels and fat buttery croissants. Quaggy Quantification : Quite Quaint
Beach Update : Scorcher of a day here, beyond just the physical heat I felt like my time was being burned up at a fast pace. Morning was a slew of multitasking which required a degree of ambidexterity I wasn't sure I had the cognitive abilities to pull off. Yet I did and then I was off jogging to get in another big haul of berries while tasks that required waiting were being being accomplished for me back home. Was drenched with sweat by the end of my berry run and that was the cue for the GF to request a long trek over to the birthday suit beach. Wasn't exactly enthused about the hour+ walk to get there, but since I'd been putting it off I obliged and brought her. On the way out I was asked out of nowhere to dispose of a freshly deaded (courtesy of BigBlackCat aka Murder Inc.) american robin by a co-inhabiter of ©anadAnon Manor in the woods. This was an odd request as animal carcasses are an almost daily occurence when the shadowy seal-pup is on the prowl and I was never asked to toss those miles from the abode. Took it anyways and watched liquid life drip from its drooping beak before meeting with the GF. The walk was pretty dang toasty and made both of us want to skinny dip rather strongly. Birb got tossed in a ravine during the provincial park leg of the journey to the land of no-pants. Finally arrived at the private beach where you publically flaunt your privates and we were in the water preddy quick. Temperatures were genuinely warm, like swimman in a bathtub, and we both had a long leisurely dip washing away our perspiration. Drying off and ketchup chips followed. Since we were there, I put in the extra effort and brought the GF along to a remote and hard to reach spot where the coastline becomes natural clay cliffs. This was more than a little arduous as washed up logs blocked much of the shore, the shallows get very rocky and once you're close enough those same shallows become sheer, slippery wet clay. We still made it due to my bravery and fortitude, at which point I whipped a bag outta my hat and made sure she got in a healthy mound of pristine cliff-clay to fool around with. Thing musta weighed like 30 pounds at least and made the journey back that much more taxing and harrowing. On the way we were accosted by noodbeech regulars demanding answers for why we weren't there all the time for them to drool over, even plied us with sob stories about the medical issues of a few of them. (Had to hold back on my ooze infusion questioning, though what they described sounded exactly like stories I've seen vids of and read leaked papers about) Back at our towel we sucked back a bag of juicy crimson berries I'd brought along. The GF was tilting the whole bag into her mouth and had blood red juices dripping down her chin and neck. Wayy too tempting. I proceeded to lick off the sweet ruby syrup and must have looked nearly Vampiresque had anyone been looking. She enjoyed this a great deal and went ahead purposefully dripping more on her chest which I lapped up like some sort of ghoul. While I've only brought the topic up 2 or 3 times with her, the GF actually noticed the aerial spraying occuring today since it was blatantly obvious behind the grid-like patterns and bizarre geo-engineering streaks dropping curtain-like polymers. Walking back was tiring, especially given that I was lugging a heavy sack of wet clay, but worse for the GF as she doesn't know how to budget energy like I do and was pretty much done-zo by the time we got back. Still took the time to proudly show me how she had implemented the æsthetic design ideas I'd given her the day before to great effect. I then proceeded to fugg off for food stuffing, coffee guzzling and the gettin’ it in of late night calisthenics. Not sure how I'm still able to type, but w/e. Locational Loggings : Luciously Lucent
(132.03 KB 240x135 gettin it in.gif)

Beach Update : Day of long overdue, and much needed, thundershowers here. Was pleasant in that I could relax a bit, bit unpleasant in that I had more time to find out about the upcoming H.R 4350 (Amerifrens *may* want to look into this, is pretty bonkers) and found myself a bit flustered by the implications. Instead of freezing up, I went out to meet the storm head on with the skies booming all about me and the rain torrenting down. The distant portions of the beach were completely obscured in a white fog which made wading out into the water feel æthereal as though I was swimming out to some sort of grey haven. The day was warm even with the deluge and the waters were still extremely comfortable. Swimming alternated between intense and introspective as I made my way far out then flipped over and floated for a while just watching the thick grey on grey of the raining sky while the waves rocked me slowly, rotating me about as my body focussed on buoyancy. Various folks were out walking the beach with umbrellas and watching me, felt a bit bad that half their weekend got rained out mildly prideful (not a good thing) that I was able to recognize and realize an opportunity to swim regardless of rain. There was no real "drying off" in that sort of weather, but with all of my stuff wrapped in my raincoat I was able to remove excess water with my towel and sprint the sand off my feet in the damp grass before heading home. Cats had been out, both were soaked when I arrived and greatly appreciated a toweling off followed by some food. I proceeded to make myself some ginger, tumeric and garlic-seed heavy soup while contemplating what's to come with a more composed, post-swim body. Rainyday Review : Really Rejuvenating
(46.06 KB 437x501 spurdo tears in rain.jpg)

rained all day
Beach Update : Had a nice night over with the GF while the rain poured down heavily. Not exactly sure how I was able to remain so energetic even after calisthenics in the rain, but I felt a bit like I was paying for it today. Morning was busy so I couldn't stick around with her and many of the delicacies I've been making with foraged goods have proven so popular that I need to carve out a good chunk of time each day to acquire more. I was hoping that the rain and some time away would have made the spot I opted for today more fruitful, but it seemed like a lot of berries were either dried out or rotting on the branch. Still managed a nice bag of those and was able to stock up on garlic seed before I start going after the actual bulbs probably next week. No time to rest once I was home, went right into a prepping a lunch of croissants stuffed full of fresh crunchy egg salad to bring down to the beach. The GF needed a break from continual annoyances with her own work and was happy to join me. The huge amount of rain turned the day very humid, would have been an almost stifling kind of muggy heat if not for a strong breeze making things comfortable. We jumped right in to the water and I proceeded to fatigue myself even more putting in a lengthy swim. Carried her to the towel after she clung to me like a wet koala and we set about drying out in the breeze before I pulled out the food. Many compliments for how they turned out and it provided the needed nutrition for me to not pass out on the beach. Plans are for me to head over and do yet more cooking shortly so I shall take my leave wishing (you) lot all the best in your various adventures and endeavors. Xamined Xtracts : Xenial Xenismos
(46.65 KB 320x444 slippery-when-wet.jpg)

>>14155 aye. 'twas grand. Was amused by the weather notification on my plebphone this morning "warning me" of <Beneficial rain. Which may cause flash flooding "beneficial" to (((whom))) weather app?
(65.21 KB 700x634 lure of the beach.jpg)

Beach Update : Dinner went great last night. I whipped up an extremely delicious steaming batch of fried noodles with all manner of vegetables, eggs and chicken. Really top notch stuff and oral recompense was insisted upon by the GF. This was also top notch but I proceeded to out do her until she had the kind of orgasms that require a long period of recovery. Unfortunately neither of us had a very restful rest and have been moving slow all day. Even with the lack of energy I pushed myself hard and got a lot done early in the day and stifled my yawns so that I could go out and get moar berries. This was dizzying due to the heat and humidity of the day, and yet the berries along this particular stretch were some of the best yet. Really big and succulent, and appearing in such quantities that I came home with probably my biggest haul yet despite not being on my A-game. Pretty much felt like I might pass out by the time I got home so it was time to get into the water before all wherewithal left me. The GF was occupied with other going concerns so I stumbled down the the shoreline solo. Felt like I was dragging my legs the whole way and there was a lot of booming thunder and ominous clouds off in the distance. Water was very wavy and tested my motivation by slamming into my chest as I wandered out. Great fun to swim in even on low battery, made my different swim stokes very difficult and hard to time. I surprised myself with just how rigorous I was out there and felt fully wiped by the end of it. Been in sort of a sore, exhausted daze ever since, yet still the urge to B.U persists. Visualized Valorizing : Verging on Velveteen
(5.88 MB 480x848 windy day in canada.mp4)

what le fug habbened here?
(1022.17 KB 978x649 regret strikes beach borzoi.png)

Beach Update : The cats here provided an impetus to awake a bit too early here today so I never quite got the full revitalizing rest I had hoped for. A shower last night left the atmosphere very humid and the sun amped things up considerably. After dealing many pressing taste, I got out to pick up where is left off yesterday in the pursuit of copious berries. 'Squitos were really out today but I don't feel like they got much off of me since I'm not itching. The haul of berries was great and well worth the dripping sweat and fatigue. Even with the pleasant summer routines fully indulged, I've been having an implacable feeling of angst all day long. I've been taking a bit of a news break, so it's not current world affairs, but maybe just trying to navigate the mess of what I already know was wearing on me. The GF was neck deep in plant care stuff and welcomed my invite for some swim time, so we set off together. The creepingly tense feeling didn't abate with her around and I found myself worrying for her for a variety of reasons. The beach itself was a bit overcast when we arrived, but right on cue the clouds cleared as soon as I mentioned them and we soaked up some direct rays before getting in the warm water. Swimming felt great even with the nagging unease weighing on me and we got in a very nice carry to shore which felt like a routine of high energy and resistance lunges. The sun seemed to peek out and get covered on demand as the clouds were rolling by quickly. We watched some turkey buzzards deftly glide about as folks tested their dog's aquatic abilities not too far off from where we were until the GF started getting odd long distance calls that would drop due to poor reception and it was time to go. Got waylaid on the route back by a particularly wealthy townsperson who needed to show off the progress of a plant the GF had gifted to her in a very bizarre garden. The plant was indeed thriving and needed help to stop it from falling over on itself. My gal friday wednesday still had fried noodles leftovers and more plant work to attend to so I made my way back home to fresh chargrilled burgers and skewers filled with veggies from the garden. Seen Summation : Simply Sublime
(1.40 MB 1002x867 comfy discomfort.png)

>>14187 >Wutt LeFugg? Nah sure. A tornado? Was getting warnings on the plebphone here this morning but nothing ever seems to hit my sleepy lil' spot.
>>14187 why amerisharts still building houses out of styrofoam and wood instead of concrete and bricks like the rest of the world
(418.54 KB 700x705 ClipboardImage-1658225305.png)

>>14199 >amerishart houses canadian houses bruh. my guess also is that the majority of the destroyed homes fetch over a million dollars.
(67.23 KB 446x640 playhouse.jpg)

>>14200 Let's not pretend that the so-called "damage" didn't add character, expose brick, open up ventilation and provide skylight options. Easily bumps prices up several hundred thousand tbh. The stories about the housing markets here are hellish and baffling. The older folks sleepwalking through it all staring back at you with glazed eyes and bleating platitudes make my soul shudder.
(23.61 KB 400x298 acceptance.jpg)

Beach Update² : Doubling down on this one since I was too busy to get a B.U in yesterday and today's is short. Very busy running around yesterday. The GF is expecting a guest for the weekend and finally broke under the pressure, asking me to lend a hand with cleaning and prep. This made me kick everything into high gear on my end as I wanted to supply a bunch of fresh foraged goods for her guest and still needed to get a lot done on my end. The day was stiflingly hot and humid so everything felt like wading through old man breath as I rushed through everything. The GF was very grateful for the help and the tasty treats, but still had more to attend to so she wasn't able to join me for a swim in the early evening. This suited me just fine since I get everything done faster on my own. Sprinted over to a lively bustling beach and tossed off all clothing, save swimsuit, onto a log then dashed out into the water. Temperatures were warm relaxing but I kept things high energy and really worked my body into a sore stupor. Much more of a strict exercise swim than me enjoying myself, though I did find a lot of joy in the fact I can go for a 30 minute swim and be there and back home in a trim 40 minutes total. Following the swim me and the GF were scheduled for a fish fry with friends which was very tasty. A relative of our hosts was in town on a trip away from Dubai', so it was interesting talking to him and hearing the latest on dystopian biometric goodgoy control grids the adoption of cryptocurrencies and nu-tech. He is hilariously all for it and might even fancy himself a type of bitcoin guru, planning to set up ponzi schemes coaching classes. I kinda played dumb but also asked some key questions that betrayed me knowing more than I was saying since I was around the right circles to be propagandized with all that stuff since the inception of the blockchain. Pleasant evening, but the best part was walking back through dark, quiet roads and seeing hundreds of lightningbugs setting off their display. Intense intercourse and the reading aloud of fables followed. ------------- Today I awoke sore and slightly brain-painy. Not good sleeps. The GF was in high spirits remembering all I'd done for her and I wished her farewell as I trudged off to sort out more annoying hassles. The neck pain got progressively worse as I thought about all I had to do, so I took a break to get in another quick swim. very hot out today, the beach again jam packed with people throwing trash all over. Proceeded to toss off everything and stride out into the depths for a lower-energy, yet equally intense, swim. Water had cooled by a few degrees overnight but felt refreshing regardless. The constant motion and upper body-intensive swim routine sorted out my neck and noggin pains right quick and I was able to focus on cleaning a bunch of garbage then running up hills with ease. Still feel like I want to sleep for a few years, but at least I don't feel stressed about it. Monitored Meanderings : Moist Munificence
(368.94 KB 1067x867 feelhouse_1.jpg)

Beach Update : In theory, I was able to get a lot of sleep last night. In actuality, I woke up slightly late and felt residual fatigue from a cavalcade of vivid dreams throughout the night, the most striking of which seemed to involve eating parts of my own face. Didn't have really any time to puzzle out or interpret these episodes of sleep cinema as today was extremely busy. Had to preserve a variety of things while juggling 5 other pressing issues at the same time and it made me feel like I was in constant motion all day. By the time I'd finished pickling and freezing a whole mess of things I was setting machines to handle some of the work load allowing me time to trudge through thick forest so I could get in another haul of berries in the heavy heat and humidity. When I got back the GF was hoping I'd take a long trip to a remote beach to hang out with her and her guest, but I simply didn't have the time as I'd been tapped to put together a large and work-intensive dinner at home. The nearby beach was more my style as I was more looking for a fast, punishing work out over summertime pleasantries. I was certainly provided with one, the waves were out in force and the riptides were pretty brutal. Trying to time strokes with walls of water tossing you around added an adrenaline-boosting element of danger, but it was more fun than worrying. Went quite far out, wrecking my back and sides against the powerful currents, then tried to speedily get back without getting swept down the coast. Trying to maintain the momentum was tough as some lass wearing a Hellfire Club and sporting one of those cow rings through her nose with hair that couldn't decide which color it wanted to be made sure to try to get her dog into my business. Was nearly tempted to get into a conversation about Ben Franklin' and the other lauded degenerates that populated the den of iniquity referenced on her shirt, but I could tell almost instantly it would have fallen on deaf ears as she had the look of "the lights are on, but nobodies home" going on. More attempts upon my time were made as I sprinted homeward bound only to run into the ruskie Borzoi-buds who wanted to chat my ears off about their latest designer leather, handmade in Poland, dog collar. If I understood the words being tossed in my direction, the thing may have cost around $400. The thing was nice and ornate, but wowee. Extricating myself from that I was back home and all set to toil over a hot stove for hours getting a delicious dinner ready incorporating some quality fresh forage finds. Busy Bulletpoints : Brash / Breezy
(91.78 KB 1280x720 millifeel.jpg)

Beach Update : Good amount of rain last night and this morning left things quite muggy and humid today. Made things feel awkward and sticky as I set about doing a lot of work and planning out some redesigns and renovations around the yard. Noticing that a plethora of pale brittlestem mushrooms had popped up I was reminded that I've been slacking on patrolling the woods for fungal foraging finds and decided to work that in to the schedule. This turned out to be far more straining than I thought it would since a good amount of berries and wild garlic were on the way there and I couldn't pass them up. Woods themselves were empty and serene, quite a lot of different kinds of mushrooms were all over the place,some very exotic and raer, but I only stuck to harvesting what I could identify. As far as I could tell, I was actually a little late getting there as some of the best finds, oyster mushrooms, were rotting on the logs in many spots and getting feasted on by lil millipedes. There were still enough spots where they were fresh 'n' juicy so I returned back replete with a smörgåsbord of tasty pickins'. I did however pay for all of this in blood as the forest was packed with 'squiters demanding their taste of control group blood. Despite seeing well over a dozen get big fat red butts stuffing themselves at the hemoglobin buffet, I can't saying feel itchy at all. The heat and humidity took a lot of energy out of me, was drenched in sweat by the time I was home. So it was clearly time to go for a long, arduous swim down on the beach. First of all I sorted out and slapped together a care package of particularly handsome foraged goods to drop off for the GF and her guest in lieu of actually spending time with either of them. Waters were fairly wavy again, but at perhaps a slower pace than yesterday. Still pretty grueling exercise and a real test of endurance shifting through the various strokes while not catching a lung full of water from a stray wave. Getting out I was accosted by some older feller from Kelowna, out west in British Columbia, who wanted to shoot the isht with me about various things. During our convo he was immensely pleased with my hot takes on a bunch of bland topics and revealed to me that he was some sort of masters phd fyi idk level economist and told me I seem to know more about what's really going on than most people he runs with. This was oddly depressing to me since my last bit of formal schooling was snagging a GED after a week's worth of half-assed study back when I dropped HS for more profitable pastures. Sort of reminded me of the feller visiting from Dubai a few days back, he kept asking me if I had a background in computer science and how I knew so much about cryptology and steganography. Back houseside, I was busy laying out my finds, cleaning and prepping them, then getting most of the oysters into the dehydrator for later use. Ended up with a jam-packed jar-full of them all dried before I set out for the evening calisthenics routine. Fresh ones were fried up in the chicken burritos which made up dinner. Bespotted Braggadocios : Big Bounty
Beach Update : Good deal cooler out for most of the day. A nice breeze complimented the laid back feeling of not feeling sweaty all the time. Took the occasion to get more acquainted with the pressures washer I'm going to be using to do some cleaning and eventually painting around ©anadAnon manor after getting a bunch of work out of the way. Since I'd been through a whole week of no-news I decided to check in on the absolute state of affairs and within 20-30 minutes I was right back into feeling that familiar boiling rage and urge towards violence without clear, deserving target. What fun! Instead of dwelling too long on that I tried my luck at getting more berries and was treated to a thick, meaty bouquet of oyster mushrooms growing out a lone stump along the way. Not a bad haul of berries either. Whether it was the intake of toxic news or possible 'squito-related pokings, I was not feeling too hot for most of the day. Sort of thing where you might think a cold is coming on. Didn't let me lose momentum too much and opted to go meet up with the GF in the early evening for a quick dip. She was happy to see me but also justifiably morose that I'd not taken time out to come and spend time with her and her guest. In all honesty that particular friend somewhat bothers me seeing that she's an elementary school teacher in cy+7 plus and fully onboard with current thing, whether that's endless ooze-infusions (despite having "Cororo" 3 times already) or jamming developing minds full of sodomy. In some ways I don't always trust myself to remain tactful around these types when they're increasingly ready to become venom vectors in exchange for an inflated cheque and empty pension promises they're going to be too poisoned to enjoy. Things were overcast on the beach and we were quick to find that the water temperatures had dropped precipitously since yesterday. I still took the plunge and was ready to keep going after a few minutes in the icy depths, but the GF just wasn't feeling it so I gave her a carry to shore and tried to brighten her mood somewhat successfully. Watched a young couple stroll past and set up not far off to coldly sit about, barely acknowledging each other while staring at their respective phones as I warmed up and dried off with my arm around the GF. Made me realize things could be much worse. Dinner was fried foraged mushrooms with italian sausages and those big waffle-cut fries. Gud stuff. Flash Founderings : Fond Folly
Aaaaah custom beach ghostie!
(56.60 KB 640x633 ©atchphrase.jpeg)

Beach Update : Yesterday there as a very cute and odd kot that showed up and started following the GF around. And by follow I mean went down to the beach and back with her and then strolled right in her place like it lived there. I was tasked with bringing by food later for it later as she contemplated the best course of action. Little feller was quite affectionate with me and enjoyed the food, but we both felt like it must have a proper home to get back to somewhere nearby. I settled on setting up a spot for it on the front porch so that it would have a place to stay if it was indeed homeless. Fortunately it was gone pretty quick and could no longer tug on our heartstrings. In the morning the GF had decided on breakfast being a hot protein shake directly ejected from my person which felt great but didn't exactly energize me for a busy day. Back home there was much to attend to and fresh sourdough cinnamon rolls to stuff into my facepiece. I tried to implement a new routine to practice some skills I've been neglecting but have been having mixed results so far due to time constraints. By late afternoon it was time to get out for a swim, so I went to meet up with the GF who'd been having her own busy morning. Was much warmer with clearer skies than yesterday as we strolled down to the beach and she filled me in about a possible boatside murder mystery that had happened recently. She had apparently also met an extremely talkative (((lady))) who needed to blab about her overbearing judaic heritage and had somehow cajoled the GF into possibly escorting her to the nudist beach tomorrow. A series of obvious warning alarms were going off internally hearing all of this, but I am also somewhat curious to see if this schmundie lives up to the obnoxious picture my mind has painted. In addition to the undesirable minority the GF was informing me of, there was also a hilariously low-effort troon set up with some hapless goof on the beach when we arrived. Really nothing more than wearing a sports bra and putting his long hair up in a bun, fella hadn't even worked on his voice. Poor showing tbh. The waters were a good deal warmer today and largely calm. Swimming made up for the poor effort yesterday and was very enjoyable. A quality carry back to the sand followed and we sat around with the GF grilling me on my knowledge of all things (((tribe))) related as well as various interpretations of the Ol' Testee-ment and the Torah. Bit irksome having to distill decades of side-study into tasty bite sized morsels, but nothing I couldn't handle even if I had to control my disgust around certain aspects. Planning for dinner followed and I'm about to go deal with that. (((Laylah tov))) to my esteemed /404/ schmendricks! Contrived Contemplations : Circumspectly Civil'
(549.02 KB 1150x1840 not gud vibes.jpg)

Beach Update : Spent a fairly nice evening with the GF last night, with very intense releases all around and pledges of undying love & fealty from her following. Then I read some particularly bizarro tales including one about a 9-headed giant with reattachable, flying heads and supersonic DBZ-esque battles above the clouds. Unfortunately over the night my misgivings about the (((lady))) the GF had met yesterday intensified, not that I let it impact my demeanor much. Who asks somebody they've only just met to escort them to a remote nudey beach? At any rate, I made the request that I be alerted to come along should the trip come to fruition and went back home to deal with a bunch more strenuous work and troubleshooting for bigger projects on the horizon. By the time I was done with that I had a sinking feeling and checked in with the GF to see if she was up for a dip. My request had not been heeded and this odd (((character))) had in fact absconded with the GF making sure I wasn't alerted. I was invited to take the hour+ trek to meet up with them and dropped everything to do just that, my curiosity piqued at who or what I was dealing with. The day was distinctly overcast yet still fairly hot and humid. I made it over in good time and did my best to remain in high spirits even with the no-gud gut reaction. Turns out it was entirely justified, this (((woman))) was quite poisonous, festooned with all manner of magick tattoos and was all sanpaku-eyes when bringing up how she was talking to spirits concerning the recent death* (*see yesterday's B.U) which occurred close to her campsite. Full of theories and a huge fan of true crime, she was ready to send anonymous tips implicating the dead woman's husband she knew nothing about based on hearsay. I was none too pleased about the lack of discernment the GF had demonstrated through all of this, much less the disrespecting of my wishes when I make so few demands of her, yet still I kept things light and civil, taking in all the broken bits and pieces of information this (((lady))) was bringing up. Enjoyed a very hearty nude-dip as I pondered over my spiritual radar being so finely tuned as well as the best course of action. It wasn't long once I was out that the clouds started to drizzle, so we set out homeward bound and were able to find cover right before a proper heavy rainstorm hit. I'd had my fill of whatever this black-nailed entity was and so bid them adieu as they found a restaurant in town to escape the downpour. I have zero doubt will I be dealing with whatever venom has conversationally contaminated the GF in the days to come and pray that this (((character))) will vamoose very soon. Time will tell. Today's Tally : Terminal Trespass
>>14295 >heavy rainstorm I would kill someone to have rain here. Almost one entire month without a fart of water from the sky. Sun, nothing but sun and and its stupefying heat. Earth is dry af and I need to feel the rain on my skin, it smell when it pour down the heated soil around, it sound on my windows. I miss rain so much...
(5.70 MB 800x800 rained.gif)

>>14296 Aye. Last month or so seemed overly dry here and was not good for surrounding farms. The feeling of where da rain? was compounded by a lot of false forecasts that never panned out. Hope the heat spell ends soon and you get a good long soaking, maybe even getting to take your GF out for a stroll with the drops painting your smiling faces
(91.75 KB 640x640 surfbort.jpeg)

Beach Update : Following some humid, foggy calisthenics late last night I was tapped to come over to the GF's place. She'd had a busy day getting sized up by the energy Vampire of the last two B.Us and was summarily introduced to an even more foreboding character who owns some extremely exclusive property here. While the town folk play him up as being "eccentric", he is in fact a pederast who preys upon young male vagrants and may well engage in animal abuse. His property bares an unmistakably mk-ultra namesake, serves a distinctly high-end clientele and his father was a murderer whom I suspect initiated him into some variety of SRA. He's also very knowledgeable about local plant and animal life, receiving sweetheart tax-haven status from the government, and used such ins as a way to ply the GF' while presenting her with an impromptu "gift". Should he become a routine feature, he will henceforth be referred to as Bluebeard for the skull+crossbones connotations. I was still able to have a peaceful and quiet time with her last night and an enjoyable bout of fugging in the middle of the night. Come morning, I did my best to carefully explain my caution around the people she's letting into her life but didn't delve deeply into my own warning criteria. She seemed quite thankful and loving that I was the polar opposite of the characters she was around yesterday with their need for constant validation and chatter. Had much to deal with at home and by the time I was done it was late afternoon. Sent out a line to see if the GF wanted to join me for some swimman, but took off solo when no reply was forthcoming. The day was quite hot and I found the waters crashing with waves. Got right in and enjoyed myself greatly getting whisked about by the strong undertow and endless battle against the tides. Got far enough out and had expended enough energy that I actually felt momentary concern about getting back to shore, could really feel the tug and overwhelming force of the water making even my swiftest swimming all for naught. Slowed my roll a little and concentrated on timing, breathing and catching the waves and soon I was back in the shallows no worse for wear. The GF got back to me a short while after I was home and let me know she had in fact spent the day getting a private tour of Bluebeard's keep and had been separated from her phone when she arrived. Interesting to see where this all goes. Providential Ponderings : Pointedly Picturesque
(958.26 KB 500x525 traceloops-1.gif)

>>14314 Lel, nice self-own onna formatting.
>>14314 >Interesting to see where this all goes You've captured my interest, not that I'm insensitive to your BUs, but it's taking an interesting turn. I hope the GF doesn't get into any bad stuff.
(64.67 KB 480x640 the pondering.jpeg)

>>14316 Aye, and frankly it's a general dark aura coming down all around me. Old tumblrina roommate from back when I lived in the megacity just got traumatized seeing a 4yo shortly after getting hit by a train. Limp, onna stretcher with the mother screaming bloody murder-type affair. Then right before I started writing this day's B.U I'm getting an email from an ex I haven't spoken to in 3 years who needed to let me know she had some sort of sudoku-attempt. Tie that in with listening to some spoopy BPD jewess looking like a witch outta central casting going on and on about murder theories and conjuring spirits yesterday and it sort of gives a putrid, moribund flavor to life. Thanks for tuning in! Hope things get more interesting without my lil life getting dragged into murky waters.
(35.34 KB 589x900 Child Muscle Shirt.jpeg)

>>14318 Sometimes life shows its good sides, sometimes it confronts us with really dark stuff. The worst part is that often the bad stuff comes in a series. But that's how you recognize a man who is solidly grounded, by his ability to resist the onslaught of darkness. Stay safe, take care of you and your beloved ones Canadabro.
(74.10 KB 1280x720 yes.jpg)

>>14319 A lot of working out, especially calisthenics on jungle gyms, makes me feel like that pic (you) posted. Big smiles. I would not even describe what I listed as dark times, merely that it lends a foreboding aura to a day. But I'm way down the wacky-well and have been preparing myself mentally for much much worse than what's currently going down. If anything I was saying thankful prayers before bed for all I got to learn and the discernment to recognize my blessings and possible pitfalls on my path. Bravo pour l'affirmation positive néanmoins
(80.06 KB 640x640 beach-carry‚ĄĘ.jpeg)

Beach Update : After work for the morning was all tucked away, I set out to see the status of some remaining berry spots. Have pretty much reached the point of diminishing returns in terms of time spent to berries plucked, so I think that's done for this year. Was in a slightly tense mood reflecting on my ex reestablishing contact and just how lousy that whole relationship was compared to what I've got going now. Didn't let it get to me too much as a request was made for me to make lunch by the GF before we were to go on a long nature hike and mycological research adventure. Food turned out gud and soon we were off to the deep dark woods to see whatsa growin'. Along the way, I got filled in about the private tour w/ Bluebeard. I was not surprised at all that he'd made a bold bid to sink his hooks into her, practically offering her a cabin on his land and co-authorship of a planned book, even after but a scant 24hrs of knowing her. She is quite a high-value individual and would be an obvious boon to his odd operation, so his perception isn't off in that respect. While he is in many ways a fallen man, these are sometimes the ones most in need of a redemption arc. I'm cautiously optimistic and expect to be drawn into deepening layers of mystery which will test my fortitude and faith should things pan out in the way I prognosticate. Woods were very quiet considering today was the start of a long weekend here and all sorts of mysterious mushrooms were to be found and catalogued. As far as we could tell, nothing overly edible, though hopefully the patch of babby cinnabar chanterelles will provide some forageables in the near future. Wildlife was also in abundance and we got up close encounters with moles, wild turkeys, deer, buzzards and bunnies. Walking slow through brush and being vigilant for fungal finds is an oddly energy-draining activity and we were both feeling run down nearing the end of the trek. Still made a push to get down to the beach and were confronted with crashing waves and a spectacular skyline. Somehow the brutally uncompromising waters were exactly what we needed to reinvigorate us after the long hike and we had a great time getting painfully bitch-slapped by watery crests reaching up to out faces while trying not to get dragged to sure death by the strong undertow. A signature beach carry followed and I found myself wishing I could carry her around in strong currents for hours every day as an intense lower body work out. Lounging and ketchup chips followed while we gazed at the sharp rays of the sun streaking out from between puffy clouds. Made several stops on the way back and local dogs were all over me for scratchies. Habitual Honorarium : Hapless Happenstance
(98.19 KB 640x641 big_dog_hed.jpeg)

>>14356 >local dogs were all over me for scratchies absolute bliss.
(84.92 KB 700x875 eceleb.jpg)

>>14361 Aye. One lil' feller demanded lap-time and was practically drooling on me for the way I work the neck and ears.
Loving the custom drawings in your recent Beach Updates.
(1.47 MB 640x640 swim.mp4)

how's the swimming scene?
(109.81 KB 745x729 beachrush_1.png)

Beach Update : Following a late-nite rendezvous with the GF for storytellin' (a particularly spoopy tale involved a fox demon posing as a 5yo gril and summarily extracting the livers of cattle and humans alike), we settled into fitful sleep. A bit too early for my tastes the GF made rather bold bids for the ©anaDong and I was roused enough for some rather rough rogering though I could barely keep my eyes open. Sorta mussed up my internal schedule and I've been fairly tuckered all day. Both of us were quite busy taking care of requested services so there was no real time to recoup. Berry season finished, I had obligations to acquire and process more wild garlic and wild garlic seed before that too was beyond forageability. The GF had made promises to a local business to help set up outdoor stalls for an event capitalizing on the long weekend. Bluebeard apparently showed up again with yet more gifts in a continued bid to secure the aid of the GF and foist feelgud aboriginal spirituality books to propagandize her with for future large-scale psyops which are ongoing in Canuckistan. Will say the plant gift was quite nice, it was a passion fruit vine which had only just bloomed. Very striking and fragrant. We were both going non-stop with our respective duties but made time to disengage from everyone else and get down to the beach. The weather was very pleasant today. A nice breeze broke up the hot sun's dominance and allowed a level of comfort that wouldn't have been there without it. The waters had calmed a great deal from the previous days and felt like a slightly choppy swimming pool by the time I squeezed into a slim spot at the end of the beach. I had already had quite a long swim by the time the GF showed up so I returned to shore and conglomerated our belongings before getting in a second dip. Temperatures in the water had cooled somewhat or were simply more noticeable without the waves distracting you. Rounded things out with a piggyback out of the waters and to shore. This was pleasant, but I feel like holding her up in front of me provides more profitable physical exertion. Regardless I felt like I could probably carry her around for hours no sweat. The shadows and winds had crept up by this time, so we left and were treated to a large find of curbside goodies being tossed aside, a basket full of tiny baskets being something which was exactly what the GF needed to showcase small plants she intends to sell in a way which tourists will gobble up at inflated prices. We stopped by the outdoor stalls on the way back and picked up some homemade doughnuts before calling it a day. I returned home to fresh zucchini bread and fought off the impending need to pass out with varying degrees of success. Ultramarine Uranography : Utile Usufruction
(72.21 KB 480x640 cooncapp'd.jpeg)

>>14366 Nise dubs and thank ya kindly. Was going to phone it in tonight with some old pic due to exhaustion, but I saw this and brewed up a hot cuppa and broke out the draw-tablet. Inspirational as always, King! >>14370 Moist&Mild
(100.34 KB 768x576 pre-memoria.png)

Beach Update : The small town I live in was more busy than I'd seen it in a long time. Both me and the GF were similarly engaged with a variety of jobs and having to entertain visitors. Even with the visible joy of flocks of folks out enjoying the clear, hot day, I found myself in not the greatest of moods. Maybe it was just a nearly forgotten feeling of what it's like to be crowded in or perhaps it's the continuing saga of people I know slowly poisoning themselves and falling deeper into an abusive relationship with the death cult medical pharmaceutical establishment. Still put in a good effort and made extra time to get my spirit right with extended meditation and prayer. Took a long stroll to a large beach to find out it was packed to capacity. Felt like a bit of an odd man out as I was pretty much the only one there who had come without company. Navigated past the crowds and got into some very warm, calm waters for a great swim, my tensions and misplaced aggravation fading the further and further I swam out. Was in a somewhat lighter mood by the time I was back on the shore and opted to read some NT instead of looking around for reasons to scowl. This helped quite a bit and I was in a better mind state by the time I got home. The town got even more packed as dusk rolled around since there is an annual fireworks spectacular which draws in the crowds. By sunset the GF had dispatched of her visitors and we were free to still over to a friend's place for their prime view of the light show. Very enjoyable display this year and even their big beautiful husky joined us part way through on the porch despite usually being afraid of the deafening bangs and boisterous crowds. Plans were made for me and the GF to join in and aid during an inaugural voyage of a friend's sailboat, hopefully sometime this week, so I'm going to have to dig out my sailing handbook from years ago and brush up on terms and knots. After all the tourists had cleared out, I escorted the GF back home, we stopped and watched the natural fireworks of hundreds of lightningbugs doing their thing in the woods along the way. Back at her place she requested a massage that seemed to work so well she fell asleep during it 2 or 3 times. I sorta figured that was it for the night, but then she wanted to get fugg. In a new twist, she seems to be very into the idea of getting knocked up by yours truly now. I did not comply with this request for a variety of reasons, the most embarrassing being that she got a single dose of the mutagen and there's not been much information concerning the effects on pregnancy other than a marked increase in spontaneous rejection of the fetus and all manner or immunodeficiency issues in the newborns who do make it to term. Obviously did not go into these things with her, but what a painful and divisively shameful world I've been drawn into. The GF couldn't even bring herself to tell me for months that she had an unusual, three week early period immediately following her only dose lest I used that for fodder in my now-not-so-absurd suspicions. There's a bottomless well of anger and hatred surrounding all of this and the inept gaslighting of people I used to trust repeating mantra-like that what they're turning a blind eye to all around them is simply ABV* (*Anything But Vaccines). I really didn't believe back in 2018 when I was shown that this mass exodus was going to be largely voluntary and that towards the end of it I might actually see it as something the afflicted actually wanted or perhaps even divine intervention that such a thing was possible. Really chilled my blood and made me feel sick to my stomach with confusion, but here we are in cy+7 and I'm almost glad I dealt with some aspects of the impending grief before before the psyop even started in earnest. Fireworks Factoring : Festive Fructification
>tfw cant swim
(131.44 KB 768x745 reader's digest.png)

Beach Update : The massaging and sexual escapades left me with a rather ouchy brain-box for most of the day. Still found myself taking care of bidness and having to sort out one of the cats that I'm guessing got into some sort of fight based on the claw in his ear. He seems to be doing fine tbh. I took things easy for the most part in an effort to ease the stiffness and hurt, but I've found more and more that it doesn't go away until I engage in strenuous exercise or swimming. The weather kept threatening to turn into a big thunderstorm, but I found a brief window of opportunity to get down to the beach while there were some slivers of late afternoon sunlight. Waters felt great and were slightly more active than yesterday. Within a few minutes of plunging in the neck and head pains were completely forgotten and I was enjoying the slow rhythm of staying afloat and making my way to deeper waters and back. Wore myself out in leisurely fashion and dried off on the beach where I came across a nice, if somewhat sandy, hat which I've thoroughly washed and have hanging up to dry now. Got back before the big, bonerattling thunderstorm hit and nearly took down the power. Providiential Ponderences : Painless Placidity
(34.44 KB 480x360 s251013001a.jpg)

>>14433 aww man nice similar numbers! >nothing else left to appropriate, ebonoids turn to heisting the very sorrow of europeens Saw it coming tbh LOL!‚ĄĘ testing new filter tbhonester lel
(94.79 KB 768x762 beachbooked.png)

Beach Update : Nice beach day here, only made it down in the afternoon but I could tell it would have been nice to spend a whole day there. Good mix of sun and clouds made things pleasant and warm, but offered breaks from the heat. GF has been roped into a lot of work with Bluebeard and I'm not exactly sure how to feel about it, I'm supposed to lend a hand when I can make time and will hopefully get a better read on the guy as well as see how he reacts to certain topics. As such, I was left to my own devices for the trip to the beach. Much more laid back and enjoyable now that the long weekend is through. Was able to set up at a far end and get in a very long and vigorous swim way far out before making my way back. Fair amount of lasses out on the beach today, but instead of ogling I opted for a bit of 'baccy and a good ol' read of the Bible. Gave me a lot to think about and reflect on my own actions. Proceeded back home to to deal with wild garlic and listen to wacky time travel brain benders from Al Bielek. Fun stuff. Temporal Transciption : Tremendously Tempean
(315.27 KB 1244x704 beach-invite.jpeg)

Beach Update : Started off the day with the GF going hard for the ©anaDong and it was pretty alright. A lot of early morning fugg is taxing because I can barely keep my eyes open, but thankfully my body can sort of just go on auto-pilot. Made plans to meet up after tending to our respective work as the GF had been missing getting her dips in over the last few days. I had a mess of stuff to attend to back home but made sure to use my time effectively enough that I didn't get too worn down. The weather was alternating between overcast and hot and humid all day long. By the time we were both ready, the snippets of sun were on the way out but we were both still quite happy to get in the water. Things were calm on the beach, other than boisterous flocks of seagulls, and we got right in the water without much delay. Temperatures were tepid but enjoyable, I found myself taking things slow as I suppose the morning bout or intense fugg had had more of a toll on me than I'd initially thought. Was noticeably slower with the beach carry too, but still felt great getting back into that. Enjoyed a bunch of fresh cherries on the beach and made plans for a chicken curry dinner tonight which I will be off to shortly after wrapping up this current B.U. A hearty Gute Nacht to the bort and bort purveyors. Intermittent Inspection : Indefatigable Intrepidity
(234.13 KB 382x417 sink.png)

beaches are a social construct
(176.29 KB 768x764 fourohfourage_1.png)

Beach Update : Curry dinner turned out very enjoyable last night, the GF and I also watched a documentary about Cassowaries since she had never heard about them. I enjoyed the footage a great deal, but the narrative building and falsified heartstring tugging with most modern nature documentaries irks me a fair deal. Finished off the night with the long tale of Gil-Dong whom I guess is somewhat of a Robin Hood with inexplicable magical powers type figure for Koreans. Morning was more use of my not-so-sleepy wang attached to a still very sleepy me. Still gave it a good go and the GF was all chipper with big smiles by the time I had to head out. There had been a lot of rain last night and it occurred to me that it was time to get back to the woods to see what had popped up since my last visit after work was done. Things were overcast and seemed like a large storm was passing somewhere nearby, but I experienced no precipitation for the duration. My first find was a small amount of the much vaunted cinnabar chanterelles which are a vibrant, traffic cone red-orange and therefore not too hard to spot if you know where to look. What I found is reserved for the GF as she seems particularly excited about those. Next up was a good amount of fresh and spritely crown-tipped coral mushrooms which have an interesting peppery taste which you would not expect from something that looks like coral growing on a log. Sort of thought this might be the extent of what I was able to forage, but eventually ran into a single fallen tree boasting a huge amount of very big and prime oyster mushrooms. Most likely ended up with 6-7 pounds of these as they're very popular with lots of folks I know. My kitbag was quite full and heavy by the end of this, but I took a brief detour to the beach instead of heading straight for home. The beach was largely deserted in every direction I looked. The sky was layered clouds set against more clouds and looked very enchanting. I was quite soaked with sweat at this point and divested myself of clothing for some swimman. Nice tough waves out today had a general feeling of danger which boosted my flagging energy and got the adrenaline pumping once I felt that strong undertow trying to drag me off. Felt like I could tempt fate in a fun way for hours in those waters and I nearly did. Was pretty full-body wrecked at the end of it and set off for home to gorge on homemade burgers and fries, but not before I ran around playing chase with a husky fren and stopped to get some last end-of-season wild garlic seed on the way. Fairly pleased with the full forage as it took me nearly an hour just to lay it all out for tending to tomorrow. Meandering Measurements : Meritorious Marvels
(25.40 KB 362x400 head-stuck-in-a-boot.jpg)

>>14519 How'sa'bout I socially construct my boot up yer butt, smart guy?
(217.45 KB 1365x2048 Beach Butt.jpeg)

>>14548 go for it
(68.72 KB 633x812 gift'd.png)

Beach Update : After staying up late to do more calisthenics and reading into all sorts of theorizing about impending financial systems last night, I was very brain-numbed today. Still set about doing a whole lot of stuff today, but I was moving pretty slow and struggling to process information in helpful ways. Regardless, was able to process a lot of the bounty I brought home yesterday and keep everything shipshape. Afternoon rolled around quick and it was very hot and humid everywhere. The GF was ready for a swim and I was able to surprise her with all the goodies I brought by. Many squeals of delight were had as I pulled out the treats, especially for the cinnabar chanterelles as they're quite raer and one of her favs. Setting off for a nearby beach, she also lucked out finding a tub of plants left out by a neighbor and was excited to add them to her nearly overwhelming collection. The plant stuff is becoming a bit of a full time job for her and bordering on addiction, though it's obviously not the most unhealthy thing to be obsessed with. Big, puffy cinematic clouds ushered us onto the beach from all sides and somehow a small dome of clear sunny skies kept them all at bay for the entirety of our visit. The waters were flat as a board and warm as a sitting cup of tea. Very relaxing being out in them which suited my low energy just fine. Lots of detritus in the shallows, but it all cleared up the further I got out. Swimming felt really good and went on for a long time. By the time I pulled a carry back to the shore, I was really barely able to stay awake and converse. This wasn't great as the GF was in the mood to talk over various business ideas while wanting to grill me about where I saw myself in five years and what I was gonna do for funbuxxx. I mostly wanted to nap for the duration of those five years and could barely imagine scenarios where things haven't gone absolutely sideways considering the daily escalating absolute state of affairs. I didn't go into my doomy-gloomy prognostications, but I also wasn't much help for helping her visualize some sort of sunshine&LOL!‚ĄĘlipops future for herself though in many ways hinges are looking bright for both of us on a variety of fronts. She was understanding enough as we ate juicy peaches on the beach and then went back to her place. I excused myself after giving her some ideas for ways to cook the fungal funbag I'd gifted and she seems to have put them to good use of the pictures she sent later are any indication. Got back in time to jar up some preserved mushrooms from the dehydrator, stuff my face with pesto pasta and promptly flomp into bed for an immediate nap. Could have slept till morning and beyond, but there's still stuff to do like write boring posts about all of this and draw amateurish penguins to accompany them. Sleepy Synopsis : Surprisingly Salutiferous
(76.82 KB 540x405 beauty fatigue.jpg)

>>14571 I'm saw a lady with a bum like this today onna beach and was too tired to even have lecherous thoughts. Praise Jesus!
(79.70 KB 768x562 beach massage.png)

Beach Update : Much more awake and aware today, though all night I was subject to vivid dreams which are somewhat exhausting in their own right. What causes this? As far as I can tell, a big component is simply taking high quality fish oils. I ran out a few days ago and the intense dreams tapered off, stocked back up and they've returned. May be worth noting if any /404/teans are seeking more substantial interactions with the realm of Morpheus. Got lots done in the early hours then met up with the GF to bake a long promised cheesecake for her. First time making one and I can't exactly say how well it turned out as they take a very long time to cool and sit in the fridge before being ready. Looks and smells good enough though. In addition to this I brought lunch and did my best to help her with a fairly severe pinched nerve issue in her neck, most likely due to too much late night potting and plant work. Felt a bit like a juggling act getting everything ready and trying to teach her various stretches to recoup. Once the cake was out of the oven, she was of the opinion that swimming would sort out what ailed her. I was not so sure of this, but still wanted to swim so we set out. Caught the last bits of sun in the remote spot we set up at since, it being early evening, the shadows were creeping in. She was too sore to even maintain the tension to get her swimcap on and so went in without it. I sort of wanted to keep an eye on her but pretty much forgot about that and fell into a long, robust swim far far out in the warm waters. Realized I was dallying and wore myself out getting back to her as fast as I could manage. She was relatively fine, but I don't think the swim sorted things out as much as she would have liked. Sat around for a bit rubbing the afflicted spots while trying not to stare at a particularly vapid girl's neon buttfloss then got the GF back home. Sorted her out with some take away and made sure she could rest properly without distractions while we await midnight cheesecake tasting. Going to run myself through the wringer before then with some calisthenics first though. Boa noite boart buds! Nocturnal Noticings : Necessitously Natty
(96.41 KB 1024x1024 KH_inspirational_31.jpeg)

>>14606 >vapid girl's neon buttfloss Okay, a tiny bit of my gin & tonic got inadvertantly inhaled, but that's all okay, I suppose. So, that dang ol' cheesecake (especially the dry & tart kind) perked my ears dang well up, and I hope it was delightful, because there's nothing sadder than a shitty cheesecake.
(118.11 KB 657x839 blkbrry'd.png)

Beach Update : The aforementioned cheesecake of yesterday's B.U was a smashing success and made the GF stamp her lil' feet with joy eating it. Was a nice pre-bed treat and was followed up with a thorough massage to help her with the pinched neck. Worked well enough as she fell asleep during the rubdown and we were able to get in a fairly peaceful night's rest. Come morning, things started out on a discordant note due to her asking me what I thought was a casual question about current world events. Somehow something I said triggered her 'tardation programming and suddenly she was telling me that Hunter Bidumb being a crackhead pedophile who is compromised by foreign governments is totes fine and that his pops, the Big Guy is absolutely coherent and showing no signs of mental decline. This was followed by a lot of whattaboutism concerning OrangeMan still being a big bad (biggest bad?) and how the uneventful ushering in of people to take selfies on JanSixxxth was pretty much the holocaust or something. Fuggin' baffling, it's like there's an app randomly updating itself with faulty thinking in a lot of people's noggings. (You) might want to accuse me of going full alt-media conspiratard reality-revisionist on her to provoke this, but I swear I was only saying the most basic of things that have all been admitted at this stage. At any rate, I didn't escalate things and instead was steadfast in repeating basic truths until she was somewhat less wide-eyed, perhaps remembering that I'd taken care of her all day and even made her favorite dessert followed by expert massage. Was able to go off on good-ish terms and work my lil' buns off all morning until mid-afternoon when the call of nature became undeniable and fugged off far away from electronic de-vices. For the sake of full disclosure : i did not get in the calisthenics I had planned for last night and instead tried to make up for it with exercise in the blasting heat and humidity on my way out today. Went to the deep woods to check on how the cinnabar chanterelles were coming along, scoring a nice little helping of those and some other edible fungi. The find I was more excited about however was reaching a very dense and plentiful patch of proper Blackberries (as opposed to the black raspberries I'd been collecting previous) just starting to come into season. These were a bit hard and treacherous to get to, but that feeling of impending bucketfulls of prime berries was quite the buzz. Going to be a bit tough racking up the same kind of numbers since it's a long way to go to get to them, but I'm sure I'll force myself to bring in a good haul. What I got today wasn't shabby either. Completely sodden with perspiration, I got myself down to the beach along the way back and things were fairly busy. Waves were choppy, but not nearly as dangerous as before. Very sad showing of fellers out with shameful gyno-flabs, one in particular was audibly stunned that I was going out to swim in the mildly rough waters. No soy-speak could slow my stride and I was soon out and afloat absolutely loving the warm, wavy tides. Still sorta amazes me that I could be drained from hours and hours of hiking and foraging, yet still a very physically demanding swim somehow feels refreshing and energizing enough to amp me up to get me through another long walk back home. Didn't even sit down once I was back, I'd been tasked with making another big batch of fried noodles and so was off to the races as soon as I'd hung up my towel to dry. Those were a big success, especially due to all the foraged oyster mushrooms and crispy chicken I'd cooked to perfection, with everyone wolfing down a small mountainful of them and following it up with a large hunk of cheesecake. All that sorted it was time for original art doodlin' and barfing out this puke of a post. Hope (you) enjoyed looked at it and didn't throw the screen out your window. Berried Briefings : Baronial Benediction
(501.76 KB 1866x2985 this-but-less-airbrush.jpg)

>>14607 The neon buttfloss was the type of thing that makes one seriously consider whether they could endure every other word being "Like..." long enough for genital-to-oriface stuffing. She was aided in undue appeal by the fact she had a much less attractive and even dimmer bulb of a friend next to her. >cheezcak This turned out "great" according to all who have had it so far and was basically restaurant quality despite being my first try at it. For the record : it was moist, creamy and served without ostentatious flavoring other than a small amount of lemon zest and vanilla extract mixed in when I was baking it.
(222.57 KB 850x531 beach nips.jpg)

me beach
(11.40 KB 236x355 Sex on the Beach.jpg)

me drink
(44.56 KB 744x740 think'd.jpg)

Beach Update : Very introspective day here with ‚āĪatchy bouts of rain throughout. I had a lot to get through early on, but once that was tackled I leaned more to a meditative and prayerful mood. The GF was off surveying some land and doin' plant stuff, so I decided to get in a swim nearby. My short walk there seemed to coincide with the skies clearing somewhat and things turning very hot with high humidity. Waters had cooled slightly since yesterday and had a nice easy roll to them that provided a bit of resistance as I was swimming out against them. Was one of those days where I felt like I could swim for hours and maybe even not turn back till I reached another country. Instead I did turn back and wore myself out fully making a speedy return. Strolled around cleaning up residual trash from the weekenders and made for home. Back there I was treated to a rather troubling message from my ex venting about how hopeless she has become with life and detailing the various travails currently bringing her down. Even some talk of a compulsion to enditall which was sobering to read but probably also a side effect of treating sadness with pills. I did my best to directly channel a loving stream of consciousness and tapped out a lengthy reply drawing from the consoling elements in my own life but not downplaying the severity of the absolute state of things. Hoping I don't have to play counselor too often, but given the spiritual path I've set myself on I'm pretty much obligated to offer help to the point of death or collapse when called upon. There was also an element of guilt knowing just how serene and enjoyable my current lot in life is even with the occasional stumbles I make, but it's not as though I didn't offer her a stake in all of this when we were together. Now I'm off to eat cheesecake and probably get hot sex foisted on me while the world seemingly fixes to self-immolate. Godspeed /404/frens! Water Watchings : Whistful Whimsy
(4.77 KB 237x212 images (21).jpeg)

>>14649 This seems like it would be a gud noodbeach challenge. A race to see who could reach the finish line first with the fanny fortitude to hold their swimbottoms in place the whole way. Sort of an adult egg and spoon race. >>14650 I've never had one of these but orange and cranberry juice mixed together sounds nice.
(91.17 KB 768x574 beach snooze.png)

Beach Update : The cheesecake aspect of my previous evening's forecast did not plan out, but sexual side certainly did. The GF is in a bit of a bad way with the current neck issues, even after a long relaxing massage, and had a somewhat rough night because of it. She's also come around to seeing some of my basic, surface-level warnings about Bluebeard and his intentions for her, but it's not as though there isn't a lot to learn along the way if a certain amount of distance can be kept. We were both in a bit of a beleaguered state thanks to not so good sleeps and were not on our A-game today. Still the call of work could not be denied and I got all necessary tasks done and sorted. Invited the GF down to the beach when we were both ready and she brought along some very fresh and distinct potato salad and toast to enjoy. The sun was beamingly bright and hot when we arrived, but quickly got covered over by the time we were wading out. Waters were quiet and quite still, the temperatures had dropped a few degrees however and almost felt chilly in unison with the slight breeze. I swam a lot further out than I had initially planned to since the wave-less days make it easy to cover a lot of distance when you're not working against a current. Tried to speed back and found that the GF was getting goosebumps from the chill in the air so it was time to carry her out. The potato salad was a nice treat after the intense swim and various seagulls swooped in hoping for a treat. Some younger lasses set up nearby and it was a bit jarring to hear the kind of things they talked about, especially considering they didn't look to be the standard thotty type, more brainy/nerdish. Sort of cold clinical anatomical stuff about upsetting physical afflictions delivered in an upbeat, giggly sort of way. Felt like witnessing a generation raised on botfly removal and surgical mishap yt vids. Speaking of flies, once the sun was nestled behind the clouds there were bitey flies about and out for my blood. Didn't really phase me, but also didn't make loafing around too long very appealing. Made the short walk back to her place and ate a fresh almond-filled croissant before giving her what she really wanted, which was a nap in my arms. Dozed off right away and drooled on my chest while I fell into vivid, near-lucid dreams delivered in a sort of Simpsons setting. Like I was watching some old episode I could half remember or was being subjected to something from the many reanimated-corpse seasons since I stopped paying attention to those sorts of things. From what she said once we were both back awake, the GF had had her own bout of vivid sleep cinema and was happy she was able to do it in my arms for the feeling of comfort and safety when she would start out of them. Will most likely return later tonight for a second go at scarfing down cheesecake and perhaps a more restful night of sleep. Coastal Cataloguing : Calmly Comatosed
(113.27 KB 656x847 platter'd.png)

Beach Update : Hmm, not much to this one. Meet up last night didn't pan out, spent my time instead reading the NT with a fluffy cat next to me. Morning was just standard work with exercises squeezed in. By the time I was done with all that I felt the pull towards the woods since berries and chanterelles were on my mind. Been quite pleased to see how the cinnabar chanterelles have been coming along. Bit of a rare mushroom so it's good to see several healthy patches. Collected a small bag and made off for the blackberries. A lot more were ripe after the wait, some had become cartoonishly big and juicy, but the lion's share were still far away from being pluckable. also had to contend with various wasps that seem to be just as enthusiastic about the berries as I am. Grabbed a nice heavy helping of those then got to the beach. Lovely hot day, thankfully with a nice breeze and little of the humidity that had made other days stifling, sweaty affairs. Stripped down to the trunks and got a good long swim in while various families made human pyramids and fooled around in the slightly wavy waters. Took off pretty quick as I still/always have loads more to do and ran into a local friend with their dog who informed me that I should be taking part in a sailing adventure early next week. This has been long promised and continually moved back, so I'll believe it when I sail it. Back home I tried to figure out a recipe for a sort of battered, fried oyster mushroom thing, but seeing that I opted for oven roasting and was synthesizing the recipe from several sources the results were sort of mixed and not up to my standards. Still have recieved compliments on them so far and they taste nice with a good crunch to them so it's not a total failure for a first try. Will see what the GF makes of them shortly. Roasted Reconnaissance : Resourcefully Rousing
(114.53 KB 661x857 swallowtail'd.png)

Beach Update : Much noshing was made of cheesecake at the GF's last night and sleep occurred soon after. Would have been restful if not for many vivid dreams, one I even woke up with a start from due to being smothered by a lard-lass who obviously didn't enjoy the tone I took with her in the dream. Closer to morning I had the surreal treat of having dreams about waking up and everything going wrong in various ways. This happened seemingly a dozen times and started to feel like a bad Inception-style joke. When I actually woke up things went pretty gud since the GF wanted my dink and got it much to her glee. Took care of a bunch of work and preserving foodstuffs for later once I was back home. By late afternoon I was finally ready to get down to the beach and invited the GF along. She had greater enjoyed the roasted, breaded mushroom things from the night before and told me as much while we picked out a spot in the sun. Even with the clear skies and bright sunshine, things had taken a cooler turn recently and this was reflected in the water temperatures. I had no problem with them, but by the end of my long swim the GF was in the shallows shivering and latched on to me for bodyheat/beach-carry. We warmed up pretty quick and a lazy Swallowtail butterfly showed up to make friends with the GF. It posed for an extended photoshoot as the shadows rolled in and we made plans to watch the Sturgeon Supermoon later on. I got to work on tonight's B.U doodle and suddenly it was time to get back out to the beach and set up for moonrise. The GF had made some sort of three mushroom alfredo pasta using my foraged goods and brought it along to chow down on as we watched the night orb make it's way into the sky. Very pleasant if uneventful viewing. There's some sort of meteor shower running concurrent, but I felt like I only saw one or two flashes of that since the brightness of the supermoon is not conducive to a crystal clear view of the stars. Lunar Logging : Lighthearted Listfulness
(214.84 KB 1321x912 090.jpg)

>>14731 Seems like August, named for Augustus, should be about the time for a meteor shower named after a lion, so maybe the Leonids? Shame about the bloated, white glowy thing in the sky.
(103.44 KB 960x720 choizi3u4h681.jpg)

Beach Bump
(376.30 KB 2304x1536 1660016800613.jpg)

Beach Bumps
(35.95 KB 768x769 sort'd.png)

Beach Update : Bit of an introspective day here. Between daily work I set about actually sorting through things I'd been putting off for a long time. In particular, I was getting my books in order with a priority list of things to read through post haste. Somewhat difficult to balance study and daily life at this point, but perhaps the reorganization and new regimen will prove fruitful. Bought a whole mess of fresh blueberries from a passing horse+buggy salesman and got an apple crisp together using some of the defrosted black raspberries and previous year's sliced apples. Not sampled it yet, treating it as sort of a reward for getting this B.U done. Spent a good while in meditation with intermittent prayer about what's to come then got down to the beach. Very nice day out, not too hot but still ample sunshine. There's a feeling like the humidity has left for the year and I can't complain. Waters were calm and a few degrees up on what I swam through yesterday. Made a good long go of it out there and tried to work on my form while doing the butterfly stroke. Dried off on the beach reading a few chapters from the Bible, which itself turned into a bit of a test of focus due to biting flies blitzing my back and legs. Got through a good four chapters without fidgeting too much while I got carved up and then made for home. Been a struggle getting started in on the reading, especially given how unpleasant the topics covered in the first book on this list are, but I think a some tea and getting comfortable will allow me to plow through. Daily Data : Dainty Dedication
(366.84 KB 960x1280 tfw-gorgon-mocks-dick-size.jpeg)

>>14747 Nice numbras. The meteor shower currently going is the Perseids, named due to the localization and seeming emanation of the meteors from the constellation Perseus named after the demi-god slayer of Medusa in Greek myth. I caught one or two zip by last night along with other less explicable moving celestial bodies. Supposedly the entire length of the shower is around 10 or so days so there's still a chance for more sky-watchin' if that's yer thing.
(374.40 KB 1280x1750 sights-unseen.jpg)

>>14748 >>14749 There was a noticable lack of beachbods to linger the peepers on today. So I suppose these make up for that in a way I wasn't expecting.
(182.24 KB 655x852 cact'd_1.png)

Beach Update : Last night marked the end of the Korean Legends and Myths book with a particularly wacky story about come taoist magic practitioner doing wacky magical things and getting the most highly prized thing in all of ancient Korea : some cushy government gig. Knocked the GF right out since hearing this stuff makes you feel like you're already in a dream with how nonsensical everything is. Morning was more intense Cockin' before I took off to deal with too many things to mention. Did leave the lass with some fresh apple & berry Crisp for brekkies which went over well. Later in the afternoon, the GF tapped me to help bring back a very large and heavy Cactus from across town which was a bit precarious to transport but also preddy gud exercise. Once that was back at her place, we made for the beach and ran into a large family gathering who were making fried Chicken outdoors with a big pan of boiling oil on a small stove. The sky was very cloudy by the time we set up with bizarre formations resembling rough brushstrokes. Bit of a breeze too, so I don't think things were as warm as she would have hoped. Water temperatures were still quite enjoyable, but I might have a better internal furnace than her. Got in a good long swim through the calm, breezy depths and found her shivering in the shallows by the time I was back. Had her climb on to warm up and did the carry back to shore. Drying off helped her somewhat, but without the sun she wasn't interested in sticking around long. The family who was still frying up a storm caught her 'mirin' the Crunchy Chicken and made sure we got some fresh drumsticks. So pleased was she that as soon as she was back home she pledged to bake up fresh peanut butter Cookies with which to recompense the frying family before they left. Fully Chipper with the five fundamentals Cs she'd accrued; cock, crisp, cactus, chicken and cookies, I felt like the day was a success and set out back home to doodle my little buns off and take care of other bidness. Catabolized Categorizations : Charitable Chaperonage
(32.26 KB 600x800 apuguin.jpg)

stinky poopy
(110.71 KB 663x846 enchanterelle'd.png)

Beach Update : Post-work, I made a serious effort to get a good work out in before taking off for the woods to bring the GF cinnabar chanterelle hunting. All the exertion sort of left me in a combative mood, like I was about to smash someone's melon at the drop of a dime. Not exactly the best sort of outlook for a relaxing stroll through nature, so I worked hard to keep things light and pleasant when I met up with her. She's been looking into business offers and ideas recently which might put her into direct conflict with some members of ¬©anadAnon Manor who are less than enthusiastic about my relationship with her and her ongoing living nearby. I would prefer to not escalate this pointless drama, but I also think the naysayers should just get over themselves and their petty qualms. Will see how it pans out. There was some threat of the thunderstorms today that didn't materialize. The skies were cloudy and looked like they could shift to rain at any moment though. Temperatures were still pleasantly warm even with this and we had a good time sifting through the leaf cover for more chanterelles. While the remnants were slightly bigger than I had left them days ago, the lack of rain and humidity had somewhat stunted the growth of many of them, some were even discolored and shriveled. Still found enough for a nice little bag and she was happy to know there were several patches that will most likely serve up another helping in early autumn. We picked some blackberries as a snack along the way down to the beach and stopped for peanut butter cookies. We had been invited to a beachside weenie-roast by some friends and arrived just before them at the designated beach. I got a bunch of wood and kindling together before getting in a satisfactory swim in the cool, refreshing waters and by the time I got out the fire was ready to roast the dogs and stick in some corn on the cob along the coals. Our friends had brought international visiting friends who do hoity-toity work for the U.N and it was quite interesting to see the special kind of entitled type that organization prizes. Still nice enough people mind you, just a bit disconnected from the real world‚ĄĘ. The feller was a Kraut and this was actually his first ever weenie roast. Was quite a nice one too and I think a pristine bit of Canuckistani summer for him to treasure, even features a bald eagle making a dramatic appearance and alighting on a nearby tree. Since it was a remote and usually quite private beach, we were surprised that around nightfall another young man showed up. He was a bit bummed that we were there and when pressed for the full story it turned out that he was planning to propose that very night to his love-lass. Everyone was already stuffed to capacity at that point and ready to cede our spot to romance, so the feller was left with a nice bonfire to cozy up with his bride-to-possibly-be. I'm due to bed down over with the GF but had to excuse myself to doodle and crap out whatever this travesty of a post is before I stroll back over there. Hope (you) enjoyed! Alliterative Allusions : Apex Appeasement
(1.82 MB 360x203 a5NId.gif)

>>14783 Apt descriptor!
>>14790 that ass is gigantic
(46.47 KB 768x566 face-splatt.png)

Beach Update : Returned back to the GF's place last night and started in on a nu-book of her choosing which was pretty gay. It somehow manages to be dumb and condescending at the same time while being filled with self-congratulatory drivel. Six fuggin' pages at the start of quotes from literal whos sucking this lady author's clit like it's a fuggin' everlasting gobstopper. Decidedly less gay was the intense physical fuggin' which followed before we both passed out. GF was very pleased with this and was still all smiles and cooing when we got up this morning, I mostly felt sore like I'd been doing a combination of thousands of push-ups mixed with squat thrusts. Plans were made for her making me a big brunch and I trotted off to get stuff done. Brunch was very good, featured fresh baguette with cheese and some pan fried chanterelles which were crispy and delicious. Adding to the ambiance was a great mixtape by musipal, DJ Paul Nice, of all vintage Brazilian tunes. We were both pretty stuffed by the end of it, but I still intended to get in beach time and swims. She decided to join me despite the food fatigue. The GF has been going over floorplans for a potential business opportunity, so she's mostly sketching on graph paper and daydreaming. Too distracted to even get in a swim. I was not so encumbered, so I dove right in. Water is still on the somewhat cool side, but things were hot enough today to where that wasn't a detractor. The lengthy swim really brought out the pains and fatigue in my upper arms and lower abdomen, but that felt sort of great in its own way too. Ate some peanut butter cookies once I was back on the beach then left the GF to her busy beachside brainstorming in the hot sun. Got back home and proceeded to pic related into bed for a well deserved exhaustion nap. Perceived Puzzlings : Pure Preeminence
(81.92 KB 638x855 pantsu-upskirt.png)

Beach Update : Didn't get down to the beach until late afternoon. The GF was along with and still brimming with ideas and business schemes. Yet more options had come up since I last saw her and she was excited to mull things over with me, even tackled me to the beach towel shower me with kisses once we got down there. Speaking of showers, there were forecasted ones all morning but things remained sunny for our time on the shoreline. Various birds of prey performed aerial feats for our entertainment, catching fish and gliding overhead in effortless style. Waters were cool with a slight waviness to them that helped mitigate some of the bodily aversion to getting out there and in. I had managed to give myself somewhat of a pinch in the neck and shoulder nerves staying up late last night and debasing myself, but the difficulty of staying afloat, catching breaths between waves and swimming far out sorted any residual pain rather quickly. Greatly enjoyed my time in the water and could have kept going, but I spotted the GF far off in the shallows and figured she was probably done-zo for the day. Guess the cold gets to her easier than it does me. Gave her a big long warm hug and lifted her out for a quick jog to shore. There we ate fresh figs and blueberries while the seagulls looked on in disgust wondering why we weren't tossing french fries and bread. Went over some of the bizarre idiosyncrasies and odd history of the small town then decided to make out way back. She went off to fulfill a craving for poutine while I took off for home and a much needed relieving wizz. Gawked Generalizations : Groovy Glory ------------------------ Post Script : >>14798 (You)'re not wrong. While I could possibly get disemboweled for taking and sharing this illicit image of the GF, I just can't help but brag. Try not to fap yourself blind to this B.U.I (beach update image), but I'll understand if (you) do.
(37.46 KB 480x480 f5 refreshing ass.jpg)

Responding with a respectfuLOL!‚ĄĘdschool meme.
Wew that filter is super broken!
(115.91 KB 690x1024 wew lad hitler.jpg)

>>14863 >>14864 >Wew im ditching it. LOL!‚ĄĘ was a bad choice
(127.71 KB 768x758 gourdy-wowe.png)

Beach Update : Got in a good but fatiguing calisthenics routine last night before passing by the GF's for storytellin'. Found her in a big silk robe I had brought by the other day with the intention of having it there to wear. She had immediately assumed it was for her despite being giant on her and has taken to wearing it all the time ever since. The book is ploddingly unfun with a sort of scoldy tone unlike the legends and myths which would often make me crack up. Fortunately it put us both right to sleep and we passed a peaceful night in each other's arms. All the working out had left me somewhat sore in the morning, but I still rose to the occasion when tapped for intercourse endurance training. Now that really left me sore but in a satisfying way. Made my way back home and was treated to the sorry sight of a dead possum on the street near my place. Was it really dead, or just playing possum? Well, unless it mastered the specialFX artistry of organs external from its stomach and a mock dangling eyeball I doubt it was playing at anything anymore. Got it out the way of traffic and proceeded to get to work back home. The GF was occupied today with a lot of cleaning so I was left to a solo bit of beaching which was very enjoyable. Things were scenic and sunny all the way to the hill before the beach when I started to hear loud rumblings building up behind me. A huge cloud front was trailing behind me and making ominous thunderings the entire time I was at the beach, yet still it seemed to stay off in the distance for a good hour while I had a long, laid back sunny swim and then sat on the beach reading various epistles from the NT. Didn't rush anything even though the sky grumblings were constantly in the background and stopped to collect some curbside gourds next to a "free" sign. These are possibly the best kind of gourd and I'll have to figure out some fun way to cook them. Rain finally hit once I was home and sipping hot coffee. Shoreline Score : Sumptuously Scrumpalicious
(1.13 MB 1080x1080 FrontBC.png)

>>14863 >>14864 I'm in favor of the filter simply because it made your post seem like you were more excited than my gag image merited. >>14866 >ditching it I lol'd while it lasted
(158.67 KB 645x864 gullfuddled.png)

Beach Update : May have jumped to erroneous ID on the gourds, expert analysis was conducted and the correct name is most likely crookneck squash. Looked up some recipes and have yet to settle on what I will do with them, most likely try a few different dishes. Tried to keep things high energy as I went about work early on, but I get the feeling I've reached the point of diminishing returns on coffee consumption since it was just making me yawn today, though that could also be residual fatigue from late night calisthenics. Regardless, going to set it aside for a week until my system recalibrates. The GF was having a bit of a frustrating time dealing with delivery companies not coming through on their promises. The common excuse, and this is across the board on a myriad of shipping and delivery issues affecting almost all business, was staffing problems. Generally loads of people sick or permanently debilitated due to ooze infusion sideFX, and sadly those seem to be the "lucky ones" since I'm hearing from older folks that the mass die offs are accelerating with one overheard convo claiming he had lost 8 relatives and friends in a single two-week span. The pharmacological whore's doctor's response? "That's odd." Wew dawgies. Anyhowsers, after extended customer service kvetching she was ready to get some beach in come later afternoon. Very warm and pleasant day day out, a slight bit of the humidity returning after the showers yesterday. We caught up with the Borzoi buds on the way down and then set up shop on the beach. A slight breeze made getting in feel more daunting than it actually was, but once fully submerged the waters felt great. Lingering soreness from a variety of exercises and cardio earlier drifted away in the calm waters and I was swimming myself silly for a good long while. A classic carry-back followed and we sat around drying off while seagulls swooped in once I started peeling an orange. Didn't think the birbs would be into citrus fruit, but the chunks of orange seemed to have the right consistency that had the scavengers gobbling it down. Was sort of amusing watching some squabble and bully each other until a young lass came running down to the shoreline to screech and chase the gulls, giving the ruder ones a taste of their own medicine. Occasion's Occurences : Opalescent Oomph
(90.82 KB 800x601 fitgull.jpg)

went to evangola state park beach yesterday. hung out with seagulls. saw a dead fish floating in the water. made a canal, with my hands, leading from the water to the beach(about 5-6 feet in), was bretty impressed with myself. dug my feet into the sand too. beach life is okay sometimes:)
(205.08 KB 1024x1011 aquarian-age.png)

Beach Update : Pushed myself to get in a calisthenics routine last night before meeting up with the GF. She sort of quizzed me on just how much exercise I did yesterday and it was sort of impressive once it was all laid out, makes me feel a bit blessed to even have the time, freedom and motivation to work that much on building myself up. Laying down felt great and I got in some more reading from the terrible book she had picked out. Both of us are sort of sick of the bloviating, overly-verbose, sneery tone of everything this lady writes. A small example would be her using the adjective "concomitant" three or four times in a single chapter. Who does that? Sleep was ok if somewhat brief for my liking, I awoke to being roused for physical intimacy which I struggled to keep my eyes open for. The begrudging tiredness fueled the rough plowing I proceeded to lay down and we were both able to collapse into a fitful nap shortly after which featured dreams so vivid I could remember the dialog (I seemed to be in an episode of Reno911 inquiring of the officers if they'd "ever had any trouble with midgets?". Dangle seemed to take feigned offense at my use of the M-word and I was in the process of rephrasing it when I was woken up.) The doorbell sounded, giving both of us a start, it was the large package that had failed to materialize yesterday. In addition to the box, the GF found that her box had just had its monthly delivery too. Good timing on the morning mambo I 'spose. The package was more plants from Ecuador and I was enlisted to supply her with precious reverse osmosis water from my place. She leaned on me heavily for a lot of that today and I brought so many jugs by that the neighbors started to grill me about it. Dealt with business at home while the specter of grumpiness from lack of proper sleep loomed. The day was still beautiful and toasty with seemingly not a cloud in the sky. I got myself down to the beach a bit late and found most of the prime spots taken. Set myself up far out on the rocks since I was just there to get in a swim. The waters were warm and welcoming, even got the providential sign of a bald eagle flying overhead as I got in. Current was nonexistent and I felt like I had an endless swimming pool almost entirely to myself. Grade A stuff and I made the most of it. Back on the rocks I crunched on an apple en got back home for more water jug requests and making dinner for a member of ©anadAnon who was feeling under the weather. Later on I was out on the back porch and saw one of the cats tormenting something in the grass only to find a small mouse once I strolled up. Took the poor bugger in and gave it some seeds and water and it seems no worse for wear. Considering letting it hang around a bit as it already lets me pet it and is enjoying chilling out in the makeshift pad I set up. Mainland Metaheuristics : Mousey Maintenance
(62.87 KB 640x640 me beach.jpeg)

>>14955 Diggin stuff inna beach is underrated. Will occasionally chance upon intricately dug moats around sandcastles and (you) can tell whoever did it had a great day of it. In other news complaining to noone in particular : poasting tonight was a massive pain which took an hr+. That validation issa mofo' sumtimes and mussed my schedule rite up.
(38.81 KB 298x276 LL_iodine_in_my_water.jpg)

>>14962 Phocomelus: a word I learned from a Philip K. Dick novel.
(117.33 KB 649x862 bald'd.png)

Beach Update : Busy day here attending to a slew of activities. One that turned out quite well was an attempt at cooking up some entrés using the crooknecked squash. Mostly became some sort of vehicle for conveying cheese and wild garlic, but tasty nonetheless. Also repatriated the mousey boarder from last night after it spent a cozy evening feasting on raw sunflower seeds and curling up in the little shelter I had whipped up. Almost wanted to keep and attempt to tame the wee fuzzball with its big kawaii eyes, but since it seemed chipper and full of energy today I found a good spot to let it out where hopefully the cats will ignore it. A ©anadAnon Manor resident returned early from a business outing among the general populace due to overwhelming disgust replete with tales of horror. Lotsa folks really are becoming straight up 'tarded as the collapse accelerates and think they can get away with being skeezy degenerate deviants while puking up accusations of "discrimination" to anyone not indulging their criminal behaviours. Not fun, but I was glad to be about to offer my sympathies and provide an understanding ear. The GF was off catching up with a friendly visitor in addition to her monthly visitor, so I was left to solo beachings. Quite hot today, a call back to earlier days in summer, and I wasn't alone in trying to get out while the getting was good. Beach was quite packed and I was relegated once again to setting up far out on some rocky outcroppings in order to get in the water. Good deal warmer water temps than yesterday, but the calmness and lack of current remained as I went about a demanding and long lasting swim. Really felt the burn in my lower abdominals from the strokes I've been working on. As soon as I got back out, I was treated to a return visit from the bald eagle and managed to lock on with the binocs for a good long look at the big birb in flight. Often reminds me of its symbolism in the Aquarian mythos whenever I see it in union with water. To really cement this point, a large lightningstorm followed this evening and is still in progress. Probably going to waterproof myself and get out for some rainy calisthenics immediately following the (hopefully swift) poasting of this. Wading Wonderings : Wholly Winsome
(45.03 KB 640x384 redderp-kills-humor.jpg)

(122.88 KB 800x652 pkd-prescient-quote.jpg)

>>14972 PKD did have a way with wordage. Here's a few of his own design I enjoyed : >CEPHALOCHROMOSCOPE (Cephscope). An electronic gadget equipped with a screen upon which graphical, coloured representations of the user's thoughts and brain patterns are displayed. The purpose is to bring the user into a relaxing and pleasurable state of mind. Cephscopes are very expensive and considered as valuable household objects. Altec Corp. is the main manufacturer. >FAMNEXDO To keep emigrants to Mars from going batty in their near-isolation, they take "famnexdo"s with them. Famnexdos are family replicas made of simulacra i.e., Family Next Door. >FLAPPLE A personal flying machine. Sometimes they are AUTONOMIC, sometimes they aren't. Described in 64PENT as"fruit-fly like". Gives rise to such terms as "disemplappled". >FLURK Expletive, as in "Flurk off, Zafsky!" 69UBIK >FNUGGING Expletive >FOODHEAD Shithead. In 67COCW, where we eat our turds through our arses, we shit out food from our mouths.* (*note : South Park stole this) >FRAB term of affection such as in "Hi, you old knurlheaded frab." >HOMEOPAPE A newspaper that filters the news so it only shows what you are interested in- these are beginning to exist now in the form of web robots. There's a good description of what Phil imagined a homeopape to be in 69UBIK. Along with many SF predictions, there are anachronisms in the way the thing operates. The homeopape asks you what you want to read about. (the forefront of our technology), and then prints it on paper. >PIZZLED An inebriated state of some sort that loosens up one's wallet. You can get pizzled on papapot 69UBIK, or by"pizzling away at the bottle 70MAZE. Alternatively, from 55AFAC, a survivor of the Total Global Conflict attempts to confuse a robot factory representative by rejecting a product as pizzled, describing the word to mean"the condition of a product that is manufactured when no need exists. It indicates the rejection of objects on the grounds that they are no longer wanted." >PUDDINGED Malformed. Said of objects made by the Biltong that began to decay >QUAKKIP Goat-like sub-organisms at the Tekkel Upharsin Kibbutz that smell like the Form Destroyer's last years underwear. You can get a very poor quality cheese from them. >SWIBBLE some kind of device to control the 'politically correct behavior' of citizens. It's "an artificially evolved telepathic metazoan." It's purpose was to stop war by ensuring that everyone maintained the same ideology 55SERV. Swibbles are undefined household devices in 64PENT.* (*cy+7 Nanotech prions?)
(77.70 KB 724x738 old-dick.jpg)

>>14985 i would like to more about dick. seems like someone that is too smart for there own good.
Beach Update : Rainy day here. Seemingly put the kibosh on a lot of folks weekend plans. I still got a fair amount of stuff done early on, but mostly focused on reading, meditation and prayer. Definitely felt "out of sorts" most of the day, possibly a holdover from working my body to exhaustion last night. Got down to a very quiet and overcast beach by mid-afternoon and treated myself to a slow, introspective swim far out towards a gray horizon. Waters were cooler following the rain and lack of sunshine, more choppy too, yet this it was easy to catch the rhythm of the waves and completely zone out letting my body go about the business of keeping me afloat and breathing while my mind wandered off. I'm none too pleased about a lot of things going on, but there's more than enough to be thankful for in the face of mounting uncertainty. To make a point of this I cleared my mind once I was back on the sand and set about a lengthy reading of NT chapters driving home the message that things could be much worse, especially if I were to go through this without faith. Even just the quiet stretch of empty beach felt like a blessing, the time and clarity of mind to bring the book without any pressing issues interrupting me doubly so. Paused Percolations : Perceptions Paramount
>>14992 Yeh all them smarts didn't do him a lot of favors in interpersonal life and he died before he got to share his most important revelations or see the fruits of his labor make the successful jump from page to the more influential "big screen". His work sort of exists in a limbo now where hacks feel free to pick the bare bones and misconstrue all sorts of interesting ideas. Not that I want to hand out homework, but I did find a copy of his post-mortem compiled Exegesis which should feature the man at his most candid and possibly incomprehensible. Always been a bit weary to dive in fully to it just given the fact that it took nearly 30 fuggin' years to get out and I'm never quite sure about the compilers of these sorts of projects, especially when they sit on something hemming and hawing for that long.
(282.60 KB 774x1000 002.jpg)

>>14996 >PKD's Exegesis I'm not going to try to dump on this too hard, but it's Lethem, and he's, well he's Jonathan Lethem. It's compiled from a confusing and huge pile of notes left by a man who was awed and confused by an encounter with the divine. But also, if you've read (and at least partially understood) [perhaps all of] his novels, the Exegesis is a bit redundant. At least Lethem doesn't use the whole mess as some jumping off point for his own stupid madness.
(286.94 KB 768x767 you-usin-all-that-blood.png)

Beach Update : Spent a very cozy time with the GF last night and woke up to an insistent display of dome. Not sure I really did anything to merit it, but it did feel pretty nice. Returned home to help out a relative who's not feeling all that great and take care of work for the day. Things went quickly and had to make sure to harvest some vegetables from the garden before a big rainstorm hit. The showers were on and off all day after that, but I was still in the mood to swim. Got out for what seemed like a sunny break and passed by the Gf's to drop off some things she needed for continuing projects. She was a bit busy today for a swim, but had wanted to give me a series of gifts she had ordered. These were a bunch of new swim trunks since I have mentioned my intention to get some new ones once my long-delayed windfall arrives. Perhaps she got sick of having to bum around with me wearing the same shorts I got when I was 13 or maybe I just get presents. Either way they were a step up and looked good as I was modeling them for her. Of course a big deluge of rain hit while I was over there, so I was off to the beach with the umbrella opened looking to get my dip in quick times. The beach was completely empty so I had free range of where to set up. Found a good spot where I could keep everything covered with the umbrella and got out in the water. Extremely still and quiet, the water nearly entirely flat other than an ever so slight ripple like a gauzy curtain catching the faintest of breezes. The rain pretty much tapered off to a drizzle as I was walking out and then to nothing at all once I was swimming. It was so quiet all around that I tried to focus on not breaking the surface of the water to maintain that stillness. The swim was very peaceful as I floated about and watched to the rainstorm sweep along the coast, the occasional muted rumblings getting further and further away. Took my time going far out and getting back to shore only to find a rather upsetting scene waiting for me on my umbrella : dozens and dozens of bitey beach flies just coating it. I guess the wet weather and lack of dining opportunities had drawn them all out. It was not pleasant instantly getting swarmed by that as I made the move to gather my belongings and get the heck out of dodge. They were very persistent and more than ready to follow me on my escape route. As luck would have it, the GF showed up to meet me after some of her plans had fallen through and she saw the break in the rain. While I looked good in the new trunks it was troubling for her to realize I looked good enough to eat. We lost the flies once we were over a hill and took a short stroll before I went home to check in on dinner*. (A crookneck squash and cauliflower casserole which turned out very nice) Floating Formulae : Forgivingly Fervid
(1.04 MB 1993x2903 3stigs.jpeg)

>>15007 I'm really glad I'm not alone in having serious misgivings seeing his name on it. The needless and redundant forewords with academics clambering to insert their personal ideologies into a deadman's journals and letters right off the bat also left a sour taste in my mouth. While you're probably right that a simple re-reading of his later books is a more satisfying pastime, I find taking in small doses of the Exegesis interesting since it presents his unfiltered stream of consciousness about those events, subsequent ponderings and how he tried to polish them into something "relatable". I also got the feeling the extremely long time taken to publish that edition came from hymiewood types descending to pick through his intimates at their leisure and scavenge what they could before the general public was aware of who done what. Letham being a Roy E. Disney "creative writing chair" doesn't help matters at all, those types are the dreamstealers.
(120.39 KB 768x769 mourn'd.png)

Beach Update : Awoke to not at all good news, one of my closer frens from HS times had met an untimely death. Still awaiting further details, but it's easy to have a bit of a sinking feeling about the whole affair given the current absolute state and my unceasing confirmation biases. Been a bit out of it as all those old memories and moments flood back and make you realize they're all one-sided at this point. All those laughs ring hollow when you're the only one there to hear the punchline. Despite the deepening sorrow encroaching at all angles, I didn't really let it stop me today, other than taking time out to say a long prayer for him and especially his family. Heck, I didn't even mention a word of it to anyone other than in this here B.U. Work and chores felt listless, the sense of loss really robbing me of my usual vigor. Still it eventually came time to get in exercise and swimming even if my body felt like a burlap sack of bricks. The GF was happy to join me and we set out for another beautiful summer day. The masses of rain had brought back the humidity in the air, but the closer we got to the shoreline the more the breeze picked up and kept things feeling fresh. Clouds drifted in and out of our direct connection to the sun, winds kicking up the sands around us. Water temps were roughly the same as yesterday with a slightly stronger current to work against. The swim was refreshing, but in truth I wasn't giving it my all and struggled to be in the moment. Swam over to the GF before long and set about carrying her to shore as my legs ached against the drag of the tides. Sat around enjoying some delicious fresh fruitbread I'd brought with me and even shared some with the gulls until they started getting into fights over the tossed morsels. Did some making out on the beach and then hightailed it for her place where we both periodically dozed off in each other's arms for a short while. Mournful Meditations : Mild Melancholia
>>15015 Peace be upon him.
(25.46 KB 300x385 red menace.png)

wondering if beach is code for something or a psyop? you mention GF in bold often enough in concert with a penguin picture that im starting to think about Grilled Fish and where i could purchase such a thing at this late hour. thanks for nothing
(84.39 KB 768x763 rock-my-world.png)

Beach Update : Doing a lot of work around ©anadAnon Manor in anticipation of building our own greenhouse. Unfortunately this meant digging up and moving some very heavy stones and slabs of concrete. In addition to all the overgrown weeds I was tearing out and the large plants I was digging out to transplant in the spot we've set aside I was cascading perspiration off of my person. In many ways this was great because I didn't have the time or energy to think about my dead fren and get caught up in beating myself down with phantasms from the past that tend to pop up around these sorts of events. Also made sure to get in some weights and pull ups between normal work until I was getting requests from the GF to bring her to a distant beach. She's been building up anxiety of business issues and bids for property which led to needing my calming presence and the strong hugs that come with. The day was very hot with a heavy dose of humidity that only got broken up by the breeze once we were nearing the beach. She needed me to help collect a lot of rocks and pebbles for drainage and possibly decoration on new plants and I managed to find some prime spots to quickly gather and wash what she needed. The waters there were a good deal rougher than the beach we normally frequent, but that just made swimming in the warm riptides more fun. Made the carry out that much more of an exercise too since it feels like your lower half is in a wind tunnel. Sat around enjoying the sun and fooling with the seagulls, little gulls and terms that hang out on that stretch of the coast in great numbers. Eventually had to make a long march to rendezvous with a ranger friend of ours and her dog far away down the beach with me carrying a big bag of rocks on my back. The waves had gotten bigger in that time, and after a good long dose of scratchies and neck massage for the pooch we resolved to go out for another swim. Ranger friend ending up pushing me quite far out, but it was mostly as an escort since she doesn't like going out far in those sorts of waters without company, also seemed bewildered at my butterfly stroke against oncoming waves. We all had a fun time doing this and getting swept down the coast in the process. Left the beach for the ranger's place and I bid them adieu before they sat down for a chicken cacciatore (which means "Hunters Chicken", "catch" derives from the Italian Cacciatore or hunter) and I got back home feeling sore for some delicious breaded and roasted chicken here with mashed 'taters and fresh peas. Since I still seem to be conscious I'm going to see if I can't destroy what remains of me by doing late night calisthenics. Tutti i migliori, anoni! recensione riviera : regalmente risplendere
(59.73 KB 500x512 posting from abacus.gif)

>>15029 Beach is code for good times, Update is code for what I did today at the beach. The GF is emboldened by virtue of being my best and most easy going GirlFriend to date. Fish sandwiches can be bought frozen at a variety of 24hr foodstuff depots and prepared on a whim. Penguin themes have to do with autism and their special autonomous legal status in Antarctica. >>15023 Thank ya kindly, he was a good fren and had many tales that would have brought a smile and or chuckle to /404/.
(329.13 KB 1600x1100 giant petrel.jpg)

>>15033 *blocks your path*
(80.69 KB 638x798 pssst-gibs-dik.png)

Beach Update : The GF was pretty much asleep by the time I met up with her last night, but once I was in bed with her this didn't prevent her from putting a strong bid for dong. She's grown to have quite the appetite for mine and the down time during the monthly visitor days makes her pretty avid for it once that's done. Made sure to put her into a pleasure coma before a fitful bit of sleep, but come morning shewas bright eyed wanting a more athletic performance and ended up getting it. She was basically drooling and speaking gibberish by the end of it and caught a shot that landed partially on her hair. Fully satisfied, we ended up passing out again and started our respective days a bit late. Work was a bit of a haze with me pondering some very grim scenarios for the future I'd been reading up on, stuff that seemed to coincide a little too closely with some of the more bizarre experiences I had back in 2018 when I feel I got clear warnings about these times we've been going through and gave me the impetus to get rid of almost everything I owned and move far away from any big cities. This caused me to find distractions in places I probably should avoid moving forward and that led me to wanting to go reconnect with nature. Put out an invite to the GF, but she was off on a drive with our ranger friend so I made the trek out alone. The weather was quite nice and hot, but there did seem to be a fair amount of aerial spraying which only dissipated once I was set up on the beach. Water temps were great and I felt a lot of anxiety melt away as I swam further and further out. Did a bit of beach maintenance hauling out and moving heavy logs that had been accumulating and then sat down on some warm rocks to take in the sun while reading from the NT. Have a bit of a rule to pick a page at random and trust it will have the insights I need to put whatever I'm going through in perspective and it has yet to fail. Also works as a good distraction so I'm not just watching bikini clad lasses splash about. Returned home feeling refreshed and refocused for whatever the evening might bring. Harborside Happenings : Holistically Heteroclite
(660.29 KB 220x223 domination.gif)

>>15040 I'll eat that birb's lunch
(148.69 KB 768x771 de-snack'd.png)

Beach Update : Got more details last night on the recent death which seemed to confirm my suspicions and gave some perspective to the sinking feeling I was having over the weekend, including that he's leaving behind two recently birthed youngsters. Letting the GF in on the passing of my good fren was not a great idea, she was in many ways more concerned that I was having a few days to process things. She wanted to see more of a reaction from me and talk things over late into the night. Consequently had a terrible night's sleep with my head feeling like a traffic jam that wouldn't let me drift off. Morning came with requests for intercourse which I felt obligated to offer just so she wasn't even more concerned. Once again this led to a later start to the work day than I would have liked and a nagging tension headache. Not been in the best of moods as I prepare myself to re-establish contact with people I was ready to never speak to again while pondering what I even want to tell them/possibly warn them of. The day progressed in sleepwalk mode until I got the invite from the GF for beach time. Pleasantly hot day with a good dose of humidity, but a dark cloud followed me and her to the beach spitting out a few scattered drops of rain. The GF had not properly eaten since a small bite this morning and was feeling the worse for it, so I pulled out some fruitbread, which was meant to be a surprise post-swim snack, for her to eat. As we were preparing to swim she warned me to hide it back in my bag, recounting how gulls had dragged off her peanut butter cookies before, but I didn't listen... The water had lost some of yesterday's warmth but was still wholly enjoyable. I swam too far out and felt pretty gassed by the time I was back in the shallows to haul the GF out. Sure enough, the seagulls had made off with the bag of fruitbread, and there was no trace of it anywhere near by. Pretty good comeuppance considering the petrel-post reply I made last night. Some locals passed by and wanted to get into a long conversation which would have been fine except for that being the time that biting flies chose to swarm me. Was a bit of a challenge trying to maintain cordial smalltalk while dozens of tiny winged spears are lancing your flesh. Once those folks had wandered off me and the GF made for the hills so she could attend to more business deal talk and I could shuffle at home about in a dead-eyed haze. Dockside Dealings : Diplomatic Dynamism
(88.72 KB 768x754 swum'd.png)

Beach Update : Been giving some parts of ©anadAnon Manor the primer for a new paintjob today. Also drilled down on various ideas about new sheds and more fruit trees. Worked up a healthy appetite by the afternoon and slapped together some eggsalad. Mentioned this to the GF as we were planning out beach excursion and she got jealous so I made another batch for her and roasted up a homemade buns for her to enjoy on the beach. Had another big family getting together on the beach roasting chicken when we got down there and they made sure to give us some drumsticks to take as we set up shop. Very tasty. Things were quite hot with nary a cloud in sight and many a lass in sight with ass enhancers on. So much so even the GF was pointing them out. Swims were swum in the pleasantly tepid waters and the long carry back caused many a jealously green eye to be cast at the GF, possibly wondering at when was the last time they were carried, or perhaps are they even still carryable? One particularly curvaceous specimen also caught a brief moment of eye contact from me when I was trying to avoid being blinded by the sun and made a beeline to where we were set up, really trying to do her best to appear as zaftig as possible. Did not fall for this conflict magnet and instead delighted in watching the GF wolf down her beach box lunch while gulls watched enviously. Augustine Aftermath : Adroit Amelioration
(119.19 KB 768x756 paint'd.png)

Beach Update : Whole lotta coitus both last night and this morning, I'm guessing that my body is a lot more interesting to the GF than the nu-book we've been going through. She really seemed to love both bouts so I suppose I did a pretty good job of plowing into those deep unseen spots. Back at home there was a lot to do and I tackled most of it fairly handedly. Also made very strong headway in all the painting today and it felt nice to work as a cohesive unit with the fellow members of the Manor. While nothing like this B.U's pic related actually occurred it serves as a reminded of what if? What if I was actually an anime penguin trying to do a big painting job? Possibly all sorts of antics would have transpired, some memorable and hilarious, but as it stands everything went smoothly even if things took longer than I would have liked. Was the very tail end of the afternoon by the time I could pry myself away from home and sadly found out the GF was unable to take a break from plant things to join me. Down on the beach everything was still sunny and just right for a long dip to get off any residual stray drops of paint on my body. Swam far off out into the warm waters and really gave my body a long workout getting there and back. In a show of poor sportsmanship, a speedboat was out doing the equivalent of aquatic donuts in the calm, wave-less waters decided to buzz me far too close. I wasn't fazed and didn't respond, but the noxious exhaust fumes when you're in the midst of just trying to stay afloat and breathe was very unwelcome. Felt like getting a mouthful of motor oil. Dried off for a short while back on land then returned home for handmade thin crust pizza and a brief bit of some sort of terrible movie which featured the decidedly unterrible to look at Sophia Loren. Foamy Filings : Fastidious Furbishing
I have noticed a lot of updates have been solo swims lately. Do you feel like you get a better workout without the misses or do you miss her company when she's absent?
(128.71 KB 768x761 beach-upd'paint.png)

Beach Update : A whole mess more paintin' today, though it was people other than me getting messy and me having to step in and fix things. Had various jumpscares big spiders leaping out at me and wasps trying to fly into my clothing. Should be mostly done with all the painting some time tomorrow. Late in the afternoon both myself and the GF were able to fit in some beaching. Enjoyably sunny and humid on the short walk there, but once we were ready to get in the clouds had covered most of the sky. Much wavier today, but this beach is fairly well insulated against the really crushing surf that occurs on some of the more au natural beaches. Made for an invigorating workout getting far out and back along with testing your timing for being able to coast along the waves and not lose ground from the riptides. The carry out was likewise excellent resistance training. Sat around enjoying the scenery and eating cherries as the clouds got darker then we sort of got conversation cornered by two honest to goodness recently released mental patients bringing their big dog for a walk. Wowee could the guy ever talk (and spasm!) Was treated to a whirlwind of tmi which included bragging about drunk driving (this actually eventually landed the feller a frontal lobe brain injury which caused the arm spasms), cutting himself, magical birthday synchronicities, his gal pal and co-psychward releasee being his former babysitter and current fuck-bud, casually mentioning wanting to hold knives to the throat of a lover as a type of "trust exercise", how he just wants to help everyone, and too much more to mention all delivered at a breathless pace that had him literally frothing at the mouth and offering more weather than news at many points. Pretty fun (((tbh))), but would have been more fun if I could have fit more in edgewise or dug in deeper to the myriad of points he brought up (also ended up inadvertently showing me a pic of his gal-pal's big ol' milkers as he tried to make some sort of point about his txt messages lel). Really drove home how relatively un-spastic I am next to this dynamo even if I think about and look into all sorts of kooky stuff. This guy was the real deal and had no filter blocking the River of psychic whoo-haa from spilling out. Had to firmly extricate me and the GF past a certain point so we could get some dindins in and she could help me plan an art project for a mutual friend's upcoming b-day. Psammon Pathology : Pleasingly Psychosocial
(1.70 MB 498x322 heart-penguin.gif)

>>15091 >Solo vs. Co-swims Solo swims can happen faster in terms of setting up and leaving which allows me the luxury of more free time. There's also a somewhat more leisurely tone when I'm not feeling like I have to keep an eye out for her. In years past, being solo also allowed me to explore more remote beaches on a whim without having to plan around someone else's schedule which might mean more hiking without having to worry about her getting tired out along the way. Co-swims have the unbeatable exercise bonus of getting to carry a whole bikini-clad lass to shore through shifting tides and water resistance for several minutes. Having her around also keeps me on the straight and narrow in terms of not allowing my eyes to wander and postulate perversions with various beach-slags. Also often surprises me with quality post-swim snacks. The exercise differences are negligible and generally get evened out in their own ways. (i.e if I'm not carrying her about I'm doing stuff like uphill windsprints) Both have their upsides, but really just having this sort of ease of access to beach time and swims whenever I want is an absurdly priceless blessing. The GF is often prone to remark : <We actually live here! As if many days it's all too good to be true. Thanks for passing by, King!
(107.59 KB 768x766 spider'd.png)

Beach Update : Been rainy here most of last night and this morning. Made for a cozy time reading in bed with the GF until we drifted off to sleeps. Morning featured some athletic fuggin' to start things off and I ended up hanging out a little longer than usual so we could watch some odd and amusing musics from the world over until the showers let up. Busied myself with work until things were more dry out and the sun was doing its thing so I could finish off the last (hopefully) of the painting. Various critters were none too pleased with slapping on of pain to their preferred nooks and crannies and made it no secret. Since I was fully solo on this leg of it things dragged on as I did all the clean up and sorting away of equipment. Was early evening by the time I could get out for a swim and the GF had opted for a rainy day mentality of bumming about at her place so I was left to enjoy the beach on my own. Could hear the waves from my place and they only got louder as I walked over. Very tempestuous out there today, strong currents and crushing waves all over. Not much sun or warmth to speak of, but when the water is that energized I find I don't notice the temperature at all. Just trying to get out of the shallows was an ordeal in itself since if I wasn't being dragged down the coast it felt like I was getting thrown to shore. Absolutely enjoyable physical pummeling at the hands of the tides and I felt nearly delirious by the time it was all over. Barefoot uphill sprinting followed and then I had some quiche later on. Qualitative Quantification : Quixotically Quashed
(5.08 MB 640x1138 dance cat.webm)

lol, didn't read!
(89.30 KB 768x761 hike'd.png)

Beach Update : All sort of bureaucratic annoyances to get through today. Incompetence is on the rise and many of the automated "smart" systems being implemented seem to rob people of their intelligence. Did not let this stifle or bring me down, instead helped where I could then made for the woods. The GF was in a much sunnier mood today and was filled with plans for us in the near future. The sun was also in a bright mood and made the day quite hot, happily this abated once we hit the woods. Though we were set for a general forage and hike, as usual the main focus was securing more cinnabar chanterelles to satisfy her appetites. I was very on point with spotting them and the little patches had been fruitful in my absence. The GF seems sure that someone else has been picking them too, but we still managed a nice pile of some of the biggest and most vibrant yet collected. Stopped for some blackberries along the way but didn't bother picking too many. We were both pretty sore by the time we got out of the woods and onto the beach. The sun was back out in force and a healthy breeze had kicked up. Things were largely empty there other than hundreds and hundreds of gulls all about enjoying the view. Water was extremely wavy, like waves crashing into waves crashing into waves going in different directions kinda wavy. Even with the residual fatigue from the hike, we both really enjoyed going out and swimming in that. That sort of fun is always tinged with more than a little danger though, the brutal, relentless slamming of the waves can catch you off guard and there's no way to properly gauge how far the riptide is going to pull you out while swimming. You can be in was feel like the shallows, do three or four swim strokes and find yourself far far out with nothing but strong currents under you tossing you in whatever direction they please. We both spent a long time getting tenderized and gut-punched by the roiling depths then sat about on the towel after an exhausted beach carry. Stirred up the gulls by tossing out pieces of grapefruit of all things and they seemed to enjoy gobbling down the meatier pink morsels. Started making our way back and stopped at a friend's place where their dog was overjoyed to see me and got a good brush down from yours truly while the gals talked up a storm. This dog has a tendency to gently chew on my arm when it's particularly happy and there was much ado made by the gals about how much the dog is in love with me. Got a short drive back and parted ways with the GF so I could slap together whatever this is and possibly force my body into more strenuous activity. Shoreline Selects : Salubriously Somniferous
>>15127 >vid (((lol))) I watched >TL;DR "I'm go beach 'n swim'd."* (*applicable to any B.U I've ever made)
(117.61 KB 768x578 brunch'd.png)

Beach Update : Had some lingering soreness after the wavy beatdown yesterday followed up with midnight calisthenics, yet there was no time to slow down since I had a lot to do today. Rushing around getting jobs done then up and down precarious ladders to slather on paint for trim. Between it all I was fitting in pull ups and weights since the rush was so that I could head out earlier than usual didn't want to miss the chance to strain my body. All the hurry was so that I could meet up with the GF and cook up an expert brunch spread. The cooking turned out great and allowed me to work out residual tension and anger whipping up batters until they were foamy. Also took the odd step of cooking up cut ripe figs in the pan which made them puff up a bit like marshmallow, along with the mascarpone I used things felt positively mediterranean on the plate. The GF enjoyed this a great deal but slightly overdid it on the sugary sides and spreads which left her falling asleep in my lap once we had stuffed ourselves to capacity. Escorted her to bed and entered into a mini-diabetic coma to keep her comfy. Awoke a short while later and it was time to get in a dip before the evening's activities. GF still required more r&r so I made for the beach by myself. Quite quiet down there and the shadows and moved in along the shoreline making things decidedly cool. Quickly stripped down to the trunks and got right in. The water was not particularly warm but still enjoyable and refreshing, no real waves to speak of either. Tensed and taxed my body fully switching through various strokes until the feeling of the large brunch was entirely worked off. There was a large contingent of roly-poly peeps puffing up a storm nearby so I got myself together and took off before I caught a second-hand high. Found a bunch of plant pots being discarded on the way back so I piled them up and dropped them off with the GF to collect more accolades. Today's Tabulations : Tasty Togetherness
(208.47 KB 768x768 art'd.png)

Beach Update : Woke up to some gud fugg with the GF which caused us both pass out shortly after. Didn't have time to stick around too long as I had to get back home to deal with work and legal garbage. All that had to be rushed too since I was way behind on an art piece for a friend's impending b-day (today by the time I post this). Rushing to force creativity puts me in a bit of a cranky mood, obviously catching up on the news while I do it doesn't help with that feeling. Really had to buckle down for hours and hours to get it right and by the time I was mostly done the day had pretty much vanished. Still wanted to fit in a swim, the GF had made overtures about joining me, but come early evening she was still far away so I was left to make the trek on my lonesome. Skies were sprayed to absolute mush and from what I've seen on monitoring resources there's been an insane amount of radiological hammering going on in my region and stateside. Didn't let the nagging feeling of everything being crapped up big time stop me from trudging out and getting in a good long swim. While I was still far out I spotted the GF and a mutual friend waiting for me on the beach and had to exhaust myself swimming back to find out what was up. Turned out during their drive about the countryside they had stopped at a farm advertising "free kittens" and found a cute lil feller to check out. The GF noted a wet spot on the neck and our friend went on to positively ID that wet bump as being a botfly maggot. There was some consternation over what to do and they'd somehow settled on going to get me to aid in some way while they attempted to remove it. I wasn't going to say 'no' when there's some little kitten's life on the line, but my first instinct was to roll my eyes. Packed up and redressed still wet to go see what we could do, but fortunately on the way there the GF thought to call ahead to the farm and we found out that their findings had been passed on to the owner and he'd gone ahead and removed it right away. Was thankful for not only being spared watching that, but also one less opportunity for the GF to get a cat she doesn't need in an apartment ill suited to a farm cat's needs. For whatever reason she needed some calming down after this back at her place and once that was taken care of I could finally get back to wringing the last drops of artistry out of my creatively bankrupt soul. Behavioristic Bookkeeping : Barely Beauteous
(41.71 KB 493x277 sexy time.jpg)

>>15158 wah wah wee woo!
(77.16 KB 768x765 b-day salut.png)

Beach Update : A lot more rushing and forcing of creativity today with intermittent exercise shoved in for good measure. Fortunately the place where I had to go drop off the birthday gift today was beach-adjacent. They were not in when I initially passed by so I made for the beach in the hot sun and soaked up the humidity along the way. Very packed down shoreside as it's a long weekend, but I know all the remote and hidden spots so I wasn't too crowded. Had a jolly time taking a long swim while getting ogled by Mennonite lasses sitting on the rocks nearby watching the whole proceedings. Took a laid back pace once I was out and sat in the sun alternating between prayer and meditation. Happened to pick the perfect moment to head back as it was when the B-day friend was just getting back home and I was able to get her reaction to gift in real time. Went over gangbusters and I was showered with hugs and kisses, especially from the GF who had been out with the B-day girl and hadn't seen what I'd been working on the last few days until then. Got invited to a big steak dinner with baked potatoes, fried mushrooms and many other tasties. This was dry pleasant and satiating, really stuffed my face and fed their dog steak scraps under the table much to everyone's glee. Also secured my spot for a possible beach bonfire weenie roast tomorrow evening (weather permitting) as her b-day festivities continue with more visiting friends. Birthday Beholdings : Bursting Benefaction
>>15176 Haha, "My Wiife!"
(135.14 KB 768x763 biblically-buzz'd.png)

Beach Update : Not so good on the sleep front last night. Everything got very humid to the point of fog and condensation everywhere and that carried over to me dripping pools of sweat as the GF lay all over me. Just wanted to stay in bed and make the day a write off, but instead I got woken up by the GF and made sure to fugg her into a glassy-eyed daze. She was overly concerned about me not getting enough rest later on when she woke back up, but I couldn't just go and lay the blame on her since that's and way to start the day. Had to shuffle off yawning and get things done anyways so there was no sense dwelling on it. Very overcast all day with everloomong warning of thundershowers that kept getting pushed back and never materialized. Almost everyone was taking it slow so I decided to join in. Got the feeling early on the weenie roast would be called off and was proven right. The GF still went to meet up with our mutual friend for more b-day porch lounging with some visiting fancy guests. I opted for a sleepy swim close to home instead. Fully expected to get rained on as it was dark grey in all directions. Beach was empty save a big group of turkey buzzards having some quiet time. Waters had cooled with the prolonged absence of sun, but were still wholly swimmable. Swam off towards the foreboding horizon until my stomach started to cramp from all the kicking and tensing of my body for the butterfly stroke. Slowly swam away the pain until I was back on shore and sat around drying off reading some bible aloud to nobody in particular (fairly sure the buzzards don't count and cannot accept Christ). Floaty Findings : Fashionably Flat
(37.15 KB 768x568 float'd.png)

Beach Update : Sort of a repeat of yesterday in terms of endless grey cloudiness. I took things fairly slow since nothing is operational during the long weekend. Plans I had to go and help a friend with processing and preserving a whole harvest of goodies fell through and will be pushed back until later. The GF was busy preparing for some visitors and was crestfallen to miss yet a third day of swimming. I didn't have any such obligations so I was able to get down to the cool, cloudy beach earlier than usual and take my time floating out in the calm waters. The second day of new sun had an impact on the warmth of water, but there was enough of a breeze that being submerged actually felt more tolerable than being half in and half out. The slow roll of the tides was relaxing and refreshing, but somehow I came out feeling a bit cross and testy. Some beach strollers who saw me swimming in from far out wanted to get a run down on what the water was like today and I had to bite my tongue since the urge to chew them out for no reason at all was almost overwhelming. Just managed and curt "cold." and left it at that. Did not feel good about my inner turmoil and turned myself to more NT reading and meditation upon my mind state while sitting on the quiet beach. The obvious culprit for the tension is having to engage in yet more lawfare this coming week when all of that should have been done away with a good year and a half ago. The continual waiting eats away at my ability to do anything with what is owed me before an increasingly probable financial collapse makes all that effort null and void. While I planned for and was aware of this eventuality years ago, it still irks me that there's this staggering a level of incompetence within the bar that is allowed to operate with impunity. Some of the things they get up to here in Canuckistan are stomach turning in the extreme and are only going to hasten swifter and more grievous recompense. Back home I enjoyed more fresh baked goods and made the most of grumpy energy transmuting it into workout fuel. Idle Identifications : Icey Integrity
(116.40 KB 640x640 crumpl'd.jpeg)

Beach Update : Had a pleasant start to the day with some sleepy sexy times in bed with the GF. We passed out for a bit too long afterwards and had a slightly late beginning to our respective days. I helped her with some heavy lifting at her place, then made my way back home for a decidedly unpleasant start to the rest of my day. Within 5 minutes of being back I was getting chewed out for what must have been well over an hour about dumb garbage I can't do anything about at the moment. There was a lot of projection and personal attacks on the character of me and the GF which were uncalled for. This took a lot of wind out of my sails as I set about getting work done and initiating all sorts of legal bidness. Recieved empty apologies afterwards, but my outlook was already shot and that creeping grey feeling was upon me all day. The weather was definitely not grey and very lovely, a nice break from all the cloudiness that had been ongoing. As far as I know, the GF was off making brunch/lunch for her visiting friends at the place they rented so I didn't even bother seeing if she was up for a swim. Dragged myself down to a beautiful, sunny, and yet wholly empty beach and set up to get some swimming in. Slight bit more of a breeze and waviness today, but nothing daunting. Temperatures were maybe slightly up from yesterday, but still somewhat cool by early September standards. Had a sort of perfunctory swim while my mind puckered up with sour thoughts and couldn't find much energy in me to really test myself in terms of speed or endurance. Got back to shore and sat around on a log reading some bible chapters at random and it was only then that the sense of foreboding seemed to abate. Said a few prayers and got back home to help with some heavy lifting and planning for future projects. General Grading : Gregarious Grind
(92.12 KB 768x756 pull'd.png)

Beach Update : Was in a sort of lousy mood here early on today due to a bit of information overload and general stonewalling on the legal front. Let it strengthen my resolve to take a break from a few things and focus solely on constructive pursuits and tending to a backlog of reading. After work was done I got in a bunch of simple exercises and set out for the beach. Whatever sun was out earlier today has vanished by mid afternoon and things were back to a general overcast grey with an undertone of breeziness. Had the beach to myself and stepped out into extremely calm, almost still, waters. Temperatures were relatively the same and I enjoyed a long and rigorous rotation of strokes until I was back on the shore. Looking up there were an array of buzzards gliding almost motionless against the breeze and it seemed that a bald eagle had joined in. Went for the binoculars to check things out and somehow that small stooping motion caused a weird tear or pull in my back around my ribs and lung. Pretty unpleasant since it feels like I got roughed up with a baseball bat and breathing in deep makes ribs and lower back ache on one side. Not a great start to a new round of self-improvement and news-detox, but whatcha gonna do? I'm fairly confident I'll mend quickly and baffled that with all the exercise and lifting it was a simple bit of bending down that caused one of the more painful states I've had in many months. Still I suppose it's good it didn't happen far out while swimming. Sore Synopsis : Slight Setback
(327.78 KB 650x886 027.jpg)

>>15228 > breathing in deep makes ribs and lower back ache on one side. It's called pleurisy: irritation of the pleural lining between your ribs and lungs. The only cure is time and NSAIDs, sadly. Trying to power through it will just make it worse, and while relaxing a lot will eventually solve it, you'll get fat and lazy if you do that. Sorry.
(60.69 KB 768x748 fix'd.png)

Beach Update : Got the GF to give my back a good massage last night and woke up feeling much better. She wanted sum dik as recompense in the morning and was able to collect. She had been saving a treat to share with me that was brought all the way from Staten Island by her friend; a red velvet cupcake. While this was a tasty way to start the day, it was also bog standard and not all that amazing considering the distance involved. Made me want to see if I could make something better. The odd back pains and aches cleared up over the course of the day as I was going about work and by the afternoon were pretty much all sorted. Things were sunny and pleasant out so calls were made and I met up with the GF again for some swim. Things are very quiet on the beach now and it feels great having free reign of it. I felt upbeat knowing that as bad as I felt yesterday I hadn't managed to miss even one day of swimming. Still took it a bit slower than usual, even with the sun out the temperature in the water hadn't raised much. Once we were both done with our routines, we swam over to meet eachother and I got to get in a classic carry to shore very much cementing that whatever had happened yesterday I was back in working order. Casual Conclusions : Constructively Committed
(1.03 MB 1097x600 my-sides.png)

>>15229 Thank (you) for clarification. I did not really rest or do much different at all other than getting a 30 minute massage last night. Lifted weights, did push ups, swam and carried a gril to shore today with little-to-no irritation. Will be mindful not to overdo things for a while though. Please make sure to atodaso me into abject submission if it does flare back up though.
(76.11 KB 768x570 nood'd.png)

Beach Update : Woke up to some very pleasant weather today. Not really any clouds to speak of and just a slight breeze. Once work was set aside for the day, I was off to lunch over with the GF. She had made a mushroom risotto with a fried egg on top which was a bit heavy on the mushrooms for my tastes , especially with the truffle and mushroom sauce she tried to spoon on. Still scarfed it down since the plan was for a big long trek to the private beach where people make their privates public. The nice weather had drawn out a crowd and the beach was pretty full for a September afternoon. I always get a bit annoyed on the way there since the nood beach regulars have a tendency to be overly chatty and invite themselves over at the drop of the pants. Still nice enough all things considered. We were both pretty sweaty by the time we were setting up and didn't waste much time before diving in to the calm, scenic waters. The sun yesterday and today had warmed things considerably and swimming was a joy, even more so trunkless. The GF also had fun nakedly clambering all over me and pushing off to swim. We had brought along a good amount of snacks, including some pear clafouti, and had a leisurely stay with two long dips which included shore-carries over treacherous rocks. Various beach regulars dropped in an out to catch up but thankfully didn't overstay their welcome for the most part. Scavenged a good amount driftwood boards for some planting projects the GF has planned and started making our way back as the sun was setting. The clear skies lit up all sorts of scenic colors and we made it to a rocky boundary in time to peek around the corner to get an eyeful of the harvest moon rising up along the coastline. This was lovely to watch and a nice cap to a classic beach day. Stopped off on the way back to check in on some friends and get gnawed on by their dog while giving it a gud scratchdown. Moonlight Measurements : Major Mondo
(32.26 KB 600x800 apuguin.jpg)

Just watched the entire movie Conspiracy Theory starring Mel Gibson. Wow, it sucked big time. Never seen before tonight, had no expectations. Whoever said " They don't make them like they used to!" hopefully ended their bloodline around the same era Ford discontinued the Tempo, Aerostar, Taurus and Escort. Nothing is good all of the time. My last mobile, i'm sure, is an outdated piece of shit by now. Fuck You Mel Gibson!
(87.75 KB 761x561 trail-mix'd.png)

Beach Update : Got over to the GF's sort of late last night. We were both pretty run down and went to sleep quickly. I had a bunch of weird episodic dreams about watching Seinfelds where Jerry was slowly turning into a zombie, George was faking a multiple personality disorder to date a black girl and Kramer was touring the country doing large scale David Blaine-type illusions with a fancy car. Very fun and vivid, almost would have liked to write out some of the finer details while they were still fresh. Waking up led to some satisfying love making which made me want to fall back asleep afterwards.did not do that and instead tried to go start my day all yawning and sleepy. Things got done, but I felt like I was dragging my heels the whole time imagining naps I would never have. Before long it was the afternoon and I was meeting up again with the GF to make sure swims were swum. The weather was a cloud-like mush with countless aerial trails crisscrossed throughout the sky. Sort of put a damper on the natural warmth of the sun, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. The waves had picked up slightly down at the beach, but were pretty small beans all in all. Temperatures in the water had maybe gone dow a degree or two, the lack of direct sunlight making these things more noticeable. The swim was long and taxing, I was sort of surprised I was able to muster up the energy I did. Finished it off with a long carry to shore of the GF which some giggling and gleeful youngsters running along the sands were dutifully impressed by. The GF had brought a fat sack of some tasty trail mix which we polished off in short order since swimming usual builds up our appetites. Took a circuitous route back to her place so that we could sneak and peek around a dejected and crumbling property which might be up for sale in the future. Whoever owns it now is doing their best to cover up the worst of the decay and shoddy workmanship, but it looks like more work than any sane person could handle and they might do better just tearing down large portions of it. Surfside Snoopings : Surefire Splendor
(63.17 KB 526x526 macabre-soul-swallower.jpg)

>>15275 >Coonspiracy Theoreee Thassa weird one. Oddly enough I can remember watching it around when it came out, and at a Drive In of all venues. I think it was a double feature with that atrocious (and not in a fun way) ’98 Godzilla flic. Terminally horse-faced tooth-hoarder Julia Roberts was definitely the low light from what I remember, the highlight being the part where Gibson bites off part of Picard's nose (if I'm 'memberin correctly). All in all, there's a good chance '98 Godzilla probably aged better and is more watchable than whatever preprogramming they (damn them!) were attempting with Cumspiracy Theory.
(157.54 KB 768x749 trepidation'd.png)

Beach Update : Very slow day here. Nobody felt much of an impetus to get much done other than chores and things around the house done. I opted to give my body more of a rest than I usually do since the sage advice I got itt is still ringing in my ears. Skies were decidedly grey, but other than a bit of sprinkling rain not much came of all the clouds. By late afternoon I realized how quickly the day was slipping by and got myself together for a small beach trip. The weather had the effect of making the GF zone out to where she didn't even see my invite. I sort of figured such would be the case and made for the waters on my own. Subsurface temps were slightly down, but by no means unpleasant. In keeping with the laid back course of the day my swim was casual and not overly energetic, sort of an aquatic stroll. Back on the beach I realized I'd brought some old bread that the GF was intending to throw out and took some time out to feed the gulls. I'm sure bread probably isn't the best thing for them, much less moldy bread, but after some hesitancy a whole crowd showed up and I was getting them to grab the tossed bread balls in midair. This went on for a while until what remained of the loaf was gone. It was then that I took out the Bible to read a few chapters aloud to the well fed feathery audience and they lost interest in hanging around pretty quick. (A scenario mirroring most missionary work I would assume) Beach Bonafides : Befeathered Benediction
(913.34 KB 2480x3507 hairy.jpg)

would you say this is beach front property?
(181.99 KB 768x749 mush'd.png)

Beach Update : Bit of a cloudy start to the day, was almost expecting more rain, but things cleared up by mid afternoon. I'd cleared my own plate of things I needed to do and took off for a hike in the woods. Took an odd route to where the chanterelles were previously not expecting to find much... and I didn't. There was all of two which I scooped up for the GF. Kept my eyes peeled though and started spotting nice big blooms of fresh, moist oyster mushrooms. Didn't quite take in the same haul I did earlier in summer, but managed to fill up a nice sized bag with the foraged goods. Some were in particularly precarious spots and I felt pretty accomplished putting myself in dangerous positions to snag them. While the day was sunny, there was a bit of a coolness in the air helped along by increasingly stiff winds by the time I made it to the beach. Despite being a huge stretch of beautiful coastline on a bright sunny day, the place was deserted other than gulls and turkey buzzards watching the waves. There was a lot to watch in that respect; big brutal crashing waves were in abundance and I was amped to get slapped around by them. Set up sort of close to a rock wall and it was a struggle not to get tossed about and slammed into them. No matter how hard I swam, I was pretty much at the mercy of the tides and had to be careful not to get flipped over or smashed into sandbars. This was very fun and physically draining to the point I was feeling delirious and euphoric then I finally stumbled out to get sandblasted dry by the cool winds. The GF had been busy off learning how to make and jar huge batches of pasta sauce which had taken up most of her day. It's nice to see her picking up and enjoying canning and preserving skills when she used to be a strictly take-out and order-in type of lass before she moved here. I was invited to a large pasta dinner by her and the friend she was being taught by when I stopped in to say 'hi' on the way back from the beach. While I was pretty tired from the long swimming ordeal, I helped out getting everything ready and even giving their dog a bath after it had rolled around in and eaten some putrid fish. My fingers were sort of numb and tingly for a good hour or so helping out following the swim which must have felt warmer than it actually was due to the energetic nature of the waves. Dinner was hefty and filling, the homemade sauce and drippingly cheesey garlic breads being the highlights. The dog got strips of crispy bacon for being so well behaved during the bathing and everyone flopped down on the porch to watch a very big and yellow moon. Various Visualizations : Verdant Ventures
>>15368 >stockings onna beach If she is property she's not zoned correctly. Also : is that even a beach? Looks sort of like hay in the background and the foreground too lel. She looks ready for a Canadian winter with that rearmuff on
(506.36 KB 2306x1341 rowanmooremSTsEC3.jpeg)

(2.65 MB 1928x1226 Rowan Moore 146.jpg)

>>15370 A little reverse image search proves that Canuckistanis have good perception.
(96.51 KB 768x753 sauce'd.png)

Beach Update : Rather rainy night and morning, made for a slightly slow start on some roof work that needed to be tended to on the back porch. Took care of other work and sorted out the bounty of mushrooms from yesterday so they'd be ready come dinner time. Skies eventually cleared that got wrapped up in quick order which allowed me to get down to the beach with a stop in to see how the canning and preserving of the now finished tomato sauce was going with the GF. She was fairly worn down by the tail end of things and not in the mood for a swim due to it also being aunt flo's monthly visit. I hung around for a bit but the call of the beach got to me and I completed my journey there. Got to say hello to a bald eagle on the way there and found the beach complete vacant once again. The waves were going, but not as big as yesterday. Still quite fun and challenging to struggle against though. Was by no means a hot day and clouds were in and out of my direct line for sunlight. Water temperatures were largely the same, the constant motion of the waves making things feel warmer than they probably were. Had an intense long swim doing butterfly stroke against and along waves until I was thoroughly fatigued then made my way back. Everything was wrapped up by then and I caught a ride back to the GF's from there. Returned home just in time for a large dinner of pierogies, sausage and fried oyster mushrooms with lots of sour cream. This went over well and everyone was pleased with how the flavors came together. Tonight's Tally : Top Toothsome
(966.99 KB 1125x1381 downs-to-f---.png)

>>15372 >times were rough back then on the lingerie farm in those days. A cold spell had damaged the silk chemise crop and the garters weren't looking too good either. Your great aunt Rowan couldn't even afford a new razor and had to go without, much to the chagrin of the townsfolk. One of her neighbors got to cluckin' off about it and aunt Ro' had to take her out back behind the woodshed. Show 'er what's what. Simpler days of moral fortitude and true grit tbh. *Note to fappers* : please read fine print on attached pic and ask yourself if you want to go downs that road
(223.69 KB 732x732 retardpro.jpg)

>>15378 10/10 would
(45.85 KB 674x690 yawn'd.png)

Beach Update : Got over to the GF'S a bit too late last night for my liking but had a pleasant rest together regardless. Would have been an uneventful night other than I ended up having some of the most vivid lucid dreams in my life thus far. All the colors and details were so realistic I was certain I was awake, the fact I was in a completely different apartment with the GF didn't throw me off until she was in multiple places concurrently and was telling me in no uncertain terms that "this is a dream". There were about five of "her" by the end of it and some implication of possible naughty business to follow with all of them when I woke up. Freaky stuff. Both me and her were fairly tired all day but still set about getting work done in short order. The day was warm and sunny but somehow lacked a proper blue sky, almost as if a dome of extremely high cloud cover as far as the eye could see. I forced myself into a lot of yawning exercise then met up with the GF again for some swimming in the hopes it would help ease a lingering headache she'd been dealing with. Not much happening on the beach other that a bunch of buzzards sunning on the sand and a whole mess of hungry beach flies waiting for us. Waters were calm and had taken a turn for the cool. This didn't really bother me, but the GF felt like a "scared baby" wading in and shivering. I tried to keep my swim speedy and restrained baring this in mind. She was quite cold and fully done by the time I paddled over to share some core heat and carry her to our dry towels. The flies were unpleasant and she was pooped following the swim so we just went back to her place and hung out on the balcony before I tucked her into a warm bed for a well deserved nap. Came home and tried to get things done between more yawns until it was time for a nice dinner of fried rice with oyster mushrooms and big fried chunks of doufu'' with veggies. Very yummy with sweet chilli sauce. Dozing Declarations : Dutifully Decent
>>15398 >10 An extra filter for every extra chromosome
(250.87 KB 1280x960 img-3469.jpg)

>>15401 she's got a bf.
(71.64 KB 768x512 IMGnudav0139.jpg)

>>15402 There's a small crew of 'tards who get escorted to the library every week or so, and one of the downie girls makes me double take just about every time: like, hey that's a nice butt and . . . oh, shit.
(471.56 KB 500x372 1512760737001.png)

>>15402 >she's got a bf. it's over
(88.30 KB 768x748 shiver'd.png)

Beach Update : Weather is starting to feel decidedly fall-like with last evening dipping down to single digit temperatures. The bit of coolness was not unwelcome for various jobs being done outdoors today however, lots of people tending to repairs and renovations before it gets too chilly. Brought the GF down to the beach in the late afternoon and we had the run of the place. Was fairly sunny and warm, yet there was a lacing of spidery lines laid by aircraft in a very obvious way seemingly only in front of the sun to block it somewhat while turning the sky around it into a messy knot of jetstreams against an otherwise clear sky. The GF had a difficult time getting into the water and couldn't hide her squeaks from the cool water lapping at her exposed skin. I didn't have any such issues but was running hot from just completing a bunch of angry exercise before meeting up. Waters were calm and pleasant to swim through, the touch of cold only spurring me to go harder to keep up my core temperature. Getting out was a bit less enjoyable since the moving air against your wet skin can feel pretty frigid. Made sure to meet up quick with my shivering swim-companion and did my best to keep her warm carrying her to dry land and letting her soak up my heat. We didn't stick around there long after I floated the idea of getting her in a nice warm bed and curling up until circulation resumed in our extremities. This felt great and restful and she seemed genuinely gleeful peeking out at me from a tiny crack in the pillows and blankets. Will return shortly to do more of that tonight. Seasonal Selections : Simply Splendid
(65.93 KB 384x512 unnamed (29).jpg)

>>15402 >tfw downies have their life more together than (you)
(115.71 KB 1440x810 it's-over-trump.jpg)

high today 72¬įF Pack it up
(107.24 KB 768x746 soyprise'd.png)

Beach Update : Passed by the GF's last night and she was pretty insistent on having sexy times. This went ok but also made me laugh at the amount of effort she had to put in. I made sure that she had a good time too despite it being the tail end of her period. In the morning I made up for the goofy good times with some proper all-out fuggin as all systems were go down below. This was very nice and made her pass back out for a bit of sleeping in.i did not have this option and set about getting work done. Had a lot to do so my day just flew by. By the term I was ready to swim it was late afternoon and I was getting messages from the GF letting me know she was spending some time with a friend before she leaves for a few weeks and wouldn't be able to join me today. Suited me just fine and I took off to enjoy a late dip on my own. Very nice temperatures today, some of the warmth had returned, but the sky was once again sprayed to oblivion. Real obvious too, in some parts you'd have a plane leaving a dark trail then another plane following immediately after and adding a white trail right along it like it was tracing the first. There was really not a single natural cloud formation to be seen and it uglies things up tremendously. Noticings aside, I had left for my swim a little too quick and realized once I was there that I hadn't even put on a swimsuit. This was embarrassing, but not so much that I was going to put in the effort to go home and change, so I just found a remote spot along a rocky outcropping and went for the swim in my underwear. I couldn't tell if the water had regained some heat since yesterday, but still had a jolly good dip while chuckling to myself about the wardrobe mishap. Set around on the beach afterwards absolutely disgusted at the state of skies above, watching trail after trail get laid bolstering all sorts of wild delusions. Can't say it really made me angry or spoiled anything, but it does drive home the point that things are big time fucky from the top down. Evening Espousings : Efficacious Effusion
(60.11 KB 399x414 wtf0ng.jpg)

>>15426 Was actually very nice where I am today. Came as a bit of a surprise because when I was out last night I could see my breath condense.
(458.33 KB 768x524 relax'd.png)

Beach Update : Had a fairly boring morning of getting chores and cleaning done while while attempting to harness and utilize a general feeling of directionless rage. Not exactly sure what was causing this since everything was pretty laid back, but I tried to make the most of the nagging anger turning it into exercise fuel. By the time I was panting and lightheaded I was getting called to accompany the GF to the nude beach. Weather was sunny and hot out, the humidity in the air making the long hike there a fairly sweaty affair and reminding me summer days past. The sun was got slightly clouded over right as we arrived at the busy balls-out beach and were setting up. Usually there's quite a lot of driftwood forts and shelters build up along the stretch of private beach by the regulars, but it seemed like a bunch were knocked down. An old guy who frequents the place a lot filled us in that there had been a string of arson attacks on the structures, three getting burned down in the evening when no one was around. The taking down of the other driftwood domiciles was in an effort to dissuade more burnings that could get out of hand. Waters were very refreshing after a long hot walk and we both had a good time swimming about. The sun returned as I was carrying the GF out, but the heat never quite came back. We sat around having snacks then laid back for a while listening to nature sounds and enjoying relaxing in the buff in each other's arms until we nearly nodded off. Eventually the sky turned all sorts of pretty colours and it got cooler so we headed for the hills. I returned home to fresh shepherd's pie and glompf'd accordingly. Coastline Chronicle : Clotheless Capaciousness
(66.72 KB 768x574 grapefruit'd.png)

Beach Update : Did some reading aloud last night and man'o'man are modern writers grueling to slog through. Just brutally bad, and yet all these awards and NGO praise gets heaped on it by a network of self-promoting parasites. I'm not going to give up on getting through the damn thing, but I woke up several times throughout the night just disgusted at the author and wanting to vomit out the most acidic critical review I could. Took a lot of self control not to let this ruin my mood or demeanor with the GF. Pushed those things aside in the morning to direct my energy towards a very lively bout of fuggin' which left both of us exhausted. The weather was sunny and humid again today with a short shower. The wind also got stirred up by the afternoon and made for some wavy tides when me and the GF strolled down there. Pretty strong currents to contend with, but not really crushing or dangerous waves. Still made for a very fun swim even with the waters being slightly on the cool side. Enjoyed a blow-drying from the wind while the sun hung in the sky after carrying the GF to shore. We watched some grebes fly by and shared a delicious grapefruit while a very cute young family did a professional photoshoot not far off. Definitely made me feel I had a lot to be thankful for. Day's Deductions : Decently Diaphanous
(134.35 KB 768x756 eggsalad'd.png)

Beach Update : Nice and hot again today, decided on having a little bit of lunch on the beach and invited the GF along once we were done with out respective activities. Picked up a freshly fallen pawpaw on the way and found the beach entirely vacant. Well, vacant of other people at any rate. There ended up being quite a few hungry flies out in the warm sun and humidity. Enough that the GF was quite bothered by it. Wasted little time in getting into the rolling waters and like previous days it was a very agreeable temperature once you were fully submerged. Had a long swim until fatigue set in then carried the GF back to our towel. The flies returned fast enough that we decided to move to a nearby hill in order to enjoy lunch without being a blood buffet. The food I prepared proved very enjoyable and we were treated to loads of curious milkweed butterflies alighting by us and fluttering about like we were in a poorly written movie. This obviously thrilled the GF who has a great affinity for butterflies and added to the pristine picnic ambiance. We packed up and headed home afterwards to work on various evening projects. Rendezvous Receipts : Refulgent Redound
shut up, nobody cares
(133.81 KB 768x756 bear's-tooth'd.png)

Beach Update : Made a concerted effort to be up bright and early today so I could throw myself into a blitz of activities and exercise. This worked pretty well and I was able to get out to the woods for a hike shortly after noon. Managed to cultivate a pretty good sense for when mushrooms will manifest in abundance based on the weather and it held true today. Foraged four different types in reasonably good amounts; oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, crown tip coral and the best find of the day, Bear's Tooth. All of this searching and spotting got me into some hazardous situations just spotting and picking, but I came through without a scratch. The hike led me to the beach and I was able to wash off the perspiration the hot, sunny day had drawn out of me. The cool, roiling waters also relieved some of the soreness from the extended hike and aerobic exercise. Didn't bother staying to take in the sun as I had hoped to drop in on some nearby friends to share some of the fresh oyster mushrooms and cheer up their dog whose devoted owner is on a long trip up north. Unfortunately my timing was off and I only saw them briefly to wave hello as they were driving along the road back. Back home I dumped my finds and stuffed in leftover shepherd's pie and coffee before going to a nearby beach to meet up with the GF. She was already out in the waters when I got there so I prepped myself for a second dip in what seemed like much cooler temperatures than I'd just experienced an hour or two ago. Still put in a good swim and carried the GF back to her towel but my legs felt like they wanted to fall off by the end of it. Got to surprise her with a nice goody back for the four fungi which really filled her with joy and plans for how to cook them up. While this was a warm and pleasant feeling, the winds started to pick up and made things intolerably chilly for the GF so we took off with her wearing my jacket. Nebulous Notes : Nitidly Nourishing
(1.09 MB 1005x1037 1609203091536.gif)

>>15520 Great name and matching comment! Would read again.
go write your gay boring schizo blog in a local offline Word document. nobody cares.
(31.04 KB 500x342 dog_swim.gif)

>>15529 I may be a nobody but, eh ! I care.
>>15529 >>15520 I mean, it's not like it's that complicated to ... Oh, I don't know ... CLOSE THE THREAD? I don't care either but you don't see me sitting around here whining about it.
(71.55 KB 768x753 share'd.png)

Beach Update : Spent an enjoyable evening reading aloud from that terrible book while being fed fine Swiss chocolates in bed which almost made up for how boring it is to slog through. Woke up for an intense round of lovemaking which brought a very big satisfied smile to the GF. Wanted to get in a good early start to work so that I could fit in a lot of exercise so I wasn't able to lounge around with her wrapped around me. The day looked very bright and sunny outside her window, but as soon as I got home a thunderstorm hit and the cloud cover was heavy for most the day. Made good on my botched plans from yesterday to deliver fresh oyster mushrooms to some old friends and unfortunately the GF was too busy to join me. The gift was happily recieved and more importantly their dog was excited and cheerful to have my company. Weather was very humid and overcast at that point so I figured swimming should happen sooner rather than later. Beach was vacant and had a very equinoxical feel to it, the dark clouds hanging in the sky as a orange-yellow strip of sunlight receded in the distance. Waters were pretty rough and wavy, temperatures weren't too bad though. Got swept around swimming for dear life as the currents threatened to crush me against the rocks and generally had a good time doing it. Spent a good amount of time in there and would have stayed longer if it weren't for my friends out for a stroll on the beach. Their dog spotted me from far off in the water and waited gleefully on the shore wagging its tail waiting for me to get out and play around. Ran out of the shallows and did just that since no other dogs were there to do that with. When the dog was all played out and they had left I took some time to take in the majestic view and break out the NT for some reading before prayer, feeling particularly thankful for all the good stuff going on in my life. Cleaned up a bunch of trash on the way back and was treated to one last happy visit with the dog, playing a version of "tag‚ÄĚ until I made the homeward bound. Waved "hi" to a single tree filled with a good 20 or so turkey buzzards and got home in time for fresh bread and cats needing attention. Formalized Framing : Frolicsome Foray
(63.46 KB 720x534 great post.jpg)

>>15529 Be careful, that energy (you) put in to hating some guy anime penguin talking about going to the beach only fuels my gay schizophrenic powers even more. In all seriousness this season of B.U will be done soon. Temperatures are set to drop tomorrow and I'm only interested in making it to Oct.11-12 when I can start my fall/winter calisthenics routine in peace. Thanks for dropping by and sorry this thread isn't your cup of tea. >>15530 >>15543 Cheers gents and apologies for any unsolicited conflict on your fine, upstanding bort. Will try to actually contribute something of substance once this third consecutive year of whatever this autistically repetitive thread is draws to a close.
shut up, nobody cares
(84.50 KB 768x751 brain'd.png)

Beach Update : As forecasted, there was a significant drop in temperatures overnight leaving everything feeling very fall like. The abrupt change in weather also had the effect leaving people feeling under the weather so to speak, myself and the GF being noticeable examples. Woke up with a headache and the feeling of some sort of impending cold but still did my best to remain high energy and fit in various exercises between tasks. There were several heavy but short downpours in the morning which left a damp chill in the air and seemed to keep most people indoors. I wasn't about to let things like brainpain or cold weather stop me this close to the end of the season, so I headed out for the beach once there was a break in the clouds. Did not feel too hot the whole way there, but the fresh air felt good to take in and the sun was shining making everything look very dramatic and grandiose against the huge clouds. Winds were quite stiff and chilly, but I had dressed for it, posed more of a problem as I was wading out though. Waters weren't really all that bad, once I was actually in them it was much more preferable being submerged than being exposed to the breeze. Swimming felt great and I got none of the deep, painful, chilled to the bone feeling I was expecting. Spent a good long while switching through strokes and by the time I was walking to shore I realized the headache and neck pains were completely gone. Set around for a bit drying off and feeling grateful for the day then cracked the Bible and did a bit of reading aloud to an audience of a single confused seagull. Returned home feeling refreshed and renewed for whatever the evening might bring. Cerebral Catastrophe : Casually Cured
(568.61 KB 220x251 tenor (5).gif)

>>15549 >3rd strike It's at this point I get to make the observation that (you) certainly do care otherwise (you) wouldn't be returning. I'm very sorry that my dumb thread causes (you) such frustration and hope things pick up in your personal life to where my single post a day beach blog doesn't upset (you). In fact of course I will even say a prayer to that effect since there's genuine sorrow in my heart that B.U '22 would bum anyone out.
(200.06 KB 983x1187 1593302213105.png)

>>15805 he doesnt get it. lifes a beach.
(90.76 KB 768x760 heart2heart'd.png)

Beach Update : Enjoyed a nice autumn night cozied up with the GF in bed and then had a great round of morning horizontal mambo come morning time. Had to get back home shortly after to plan out some construction and moving of structures along with work. Weather had heated up a few degrees without the wind and clouds, but still had a definite fall feel. Following some cardio and weight lifting I decided there was no time like the present to get in some swim while the sun was still strong. The GF was ready to join me for the fresh air, but was not up for an actual dip. Can't really blame her, it was pretty cool out there in the waters today but not intolerable by any measure. Did a normal swim routine and was glad to have her waiting for me with my towel . Sitting around in the sun I found out that she was feeling stressed concerning a property she's been looking into buying that just gave word they were ready to accept her bid. This required a lot of talking over with me acting as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of as we made our way back to her place. The convo took a turn into more personal heart2heart matters and suddenly I was getting grilled on my own future plans which was awkward and taxing in its own way. This turned into a bit of a time vortex and suddenly a good 3-4 hours had passed and I felt exhausted. Was good to talk things over, but not great for scheduling purposes. Evening plans were sort of shot, though I still made the most of it. Aquatic Anecdotes : Amicable Ardor
(28.85 KB 500x397 1442457370-1.jpg)

>>15806 It sure is. Gotta learn to ride the waves and keep your head above water among other aphorisms.
(106.48 KB 768x759 dedication'd.png)

Beach Update : Lots of yardwork, mainly trimming trees, around here today. Had a persistent heavy feeling floating over me and the weather sort of matched the mood. Very cloudy with threats of rain that only ever brought about little bits of drizzle. By afternoon I got the feeling it wasn't going to get any warmer out and it was time to get the swim out of the way. Definitely brought up the question of "Yeesh, can I even make it to October? Much less a good third of the way into it?" Yet at the same time I felt totally resigned to getting it done. Thankfully not much wind down on the beach and I had no second thoughts about disrobing and getting in there. Having no direct sunlight at all makes a big difference temperature-wise, but all things considered it wasn't so bad once I dove in. Not sure if it was my imagination, my body kicking my metabolism into high gear or what, but I would get to patches of water that felt noticeably warmer than others. Others still were icy cold but not to the point where I felt like my skin was getting freezer burn or my limbs were going numb. Put in a good amount of time in the slightly wavy depths then swam back to shore and dried off. Felt good not having my body go into shock or shivering even once. Sat around drying out for a little while with a big warm coat then got myself together and did a sprint up hill before getting home for a warm shower to rise off. Hot soup and fresh bread was ready by this time which capped off the welcoming sense memories of a return to fall and everything that comes with it. Floatational Factuals : Firm Frisson
(3.04 MB 352x624 its raining.mp4)

>>15839 buck up! nobody likes rainy days, except for your run-of-the-mill sociopath.
(132.15 KB 786x846 adamant'd.png)

Beach Update : Went over to give the GF a good rub down last night to help deal with some of the tension surrounding a big property acquisition. This worked out pretty well since she felt asleep part way through. In the morning we had a passionate roll in the hay while the rain spattered outside. Enjoyed some tea and a leisurely start to our day before I took off to sort out some works plans for tomorrow. The sun kept making brief appearances as the day progressed, but it was mostly rolling clouds throughout. In the late afternoon I had gotten all the calls I needed to attend to out of the way and invited the GF to join me for some fresh air. She's still not in the mood to test her cold tolerance threshold and instead did some stretching on the beach while I matched off into the waves. At this point, I know what to expect and my resolve has hardened enough that I don't think there'll be any trouble making it to mid October. The cold doesn't bother me and my core strength seems to be at a level where I can keep going for a long time without much discomfort. Did pretty much a normal swim I might have done weeks ago in summer and felt no rush to warm up or redress afterwards. Going to see if this stays true at some rougher stretches of beach later on the week. Returned home to some more of that delicious squash soup from yesterday and a fresh bit of fruitcake with butter. Drenched Declaration : Devotional Daring
(171.86 KB 880x1173 soak-survivor.jpg)

>>15841 >I took this advice to heart even before I read it. t. Rainy Day Survivor That guy at the end looked like he was having a rough go of it
(43.21 KB 484x497 woj window rain.jpeg)

been raining on and off since last week and its still going until friday. the worst. lake effect rain, just in time for Hurricane Ian rain.
(79.68 KB 768x748 'brella'd.png)

Beach Update : Plans fell through for a job I was supposed to do today which was understandable due to the unpredictable weather. Would be bright and sunny, then five minutes later completely overcast and raining. Postponed till tomorrow. Instead I busied myself back at home and awaited the worst the skies could bring before challenging the waters. Started raining out quite hard with a strong wind, so I grabbed my umbrella and hit the road to see just how dedicated I really am to seeing this through. The beach was empty of people and the waters full of loud, daunting waves. Got undressed and right out there, each slap of the cold waters against my chest and face only making me more focused and motivated. The winds were really biting, especially with waves splashing over me as I walked out, so fully diving in actually came as a bit of a relief. The force of the tides was quite strong and could really wallop you if you poked up at the wrong moment. Still, the cold discomfort quickly gave way to actual fun just fighting against the currents and trying to time my strokes. I caught my breath not long after swimming out and looked around to realize that the sky was sunny again, albeit only over the beach. A bright warm circle that seemed centered over me despite the harsh winds and barrage of waves. Spent a good deal longer out there than I would have thought I was capable of, then got out and returned home for a nice bout of cardio to warm myself back up. Experienced Expressions : Enduring Ethic
>>15863 I don't mind the rain so much and actually waited until it was coming down hard to head out. All the wet mixed with cool temperatures makes me think I'll be able to find a lot of fresh mushrooms next time I go for a hike.
(82.81 KB 768x758 exit'd.png)

Beach Update : Another day of delays all about. The job I'm doing as a favor will take place tomorrow and hopefully go smoothly. Everyone seemed in a bit of malaise dealing with their own difficulties and I found myself nearly backsliding in bad habits. The weather was sort of oppressively cloudy all day but didn't break out into any storms. I did my best to amp myself up and get out for a swim in the afternoon. My only company out on the beach were some buzzards sitting on a picnic table watching in that quizzical way that makes you wonder if you'll be serving up a cold, bloated corpse for their dinner. Noticeably colder today, but again I felt undaunted and didn't hesitate even for a moment getting in as the winds buffeted me. Swimming was enjoyable even with that initial feeling of freezer burn all over my body. I don't get the same sort of deep, joint-freezing cold penetration I've experienced before that makes your movement feel sluggish. By the time I'd realized how far out I'd gotten, I also realized how euphoric I felt, my previous cares and worries she'd like a thin coating of ice. There was a deep sense that if I can get through this and even find a certain feeling of accomplishment in such an absurd pass time, then I could get through anything. I could feel the cold air rising off me as I got out* (*nowhere near as dramatic or rushed as the doodle tonight depicts) and experienced the bizarre feeling of my warm clothes filling with cold and feeling like a meat locker as I bundled up. Did a bit of barefoot sprinting before getting my pants and shoes on and made for home stifling the feeling of my body wanting to shiver or my teeth chatter. Good warm shower sorted everything out and I felt glad to have yet another day under my belt. Marine Memories : Melting Mettle
(3.53 MB 336x250 surprisingly long.gif)

(1.58 MB 460x252 stormy_out.webm)

>>15909 >no storms thats good. rained all day here. been raining since the weekend. been walking in the rain just to confirm its not worth going outside. could be worse; hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, wild fires, such cases. do you have sump pumps in canada or is it called something else? a loo flue, perhaps?
(78.25 KB 635x671 canada.jpeg)

would you slightly agree, mostly agree or only agree that poor people are oofing themselves in canada?
(113.09 KB 768x757 robe'd.png)

Beach Update : Had a night of rather fitful rest over at the GF's where she greeted me in the luxurious silk robe I guess I've given to her. While it was very comforting to have her close and feel her drift off to sleep over and over in my arms, my mind never really took the hint and shut off fully. I also had the added inconvenience of needing to set an alarm for a hard out in the morning to get a Landry list of things done. Even with that I managed to time things so that a good long lovemaking session took place before the bell went off. This was highly enjoyable even on a sleep deficit and I felt off to a great day as I strolled home. The twice delayed job finally took place and went smoothly. I also got filled in on some harrowing details concerning a scam the old couple I'd been doing the job for had been shnookered by. Real greaseball stuff, especially considering what a pleasant and lovely old English pair these two are. Without going into the finer details I'll just say it involved lies about the construction of a new house and soaking them to the tune of 65k. Turns out the contractor they'd gotten involved with had a history of this and defrauded a convent of all things to the tune of 700k for houses for some of "society's neediest" which they never delivered on. Going to make sure I do my best to help them in the future since they at least were able to find another, already built house not far from me, and will need a lot of heavy lifting done to get it shipshape. That settled, I went back home and got a very nutritious and filling lunch together for me and the GF before we took off for a distant beach. The sun came out just in time for us and we both felt that special sort of optimism only good weather can bring. Had some very nice chats with friends along the way and made a certain dog overjoyed to have our company and my expertise in particular at tag and scratchies. We were also treated to some up close and majestic encounters with the local bald eagle and many dozens of migrating turkey buzzards. The beach was completely void of company and I was left to a solo swim with the GF watching from the shoreline. Absolutely, brutally bone-chilling waters greeted me and I could feel my my toes turning to painful slabs of inarticulate frozen meat as I got out into the water. The welcome warm sun was completely shadowed by the time I'd gotten far out, but I was already committed enough that nothing would bother or stop me. The swim was enjoyable despite being physically repugnant to any sane warm blooded creature and even with the GF trying her best to warm me up I was pretty much a popsicle for a good 40-50 minutes afterwards. The walk back was sort of painful since the joints in my toes felt like brittle icicles. This was augmented by the fact we kept making stops so that she could pick various wild flowers and get a big ol' bouquet together. Got back home, fixed myself some hot cocoa and let the fatigue wash over me. Aquifer Appraisal : Amative Appentency
(18.47 KB 425x420 71GBPROZmXL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

>>15916 >Sump pumps Aye. this one is a biggy around where I live. A "must have" for a lotta basements here. In the bottom of ¬©anadAnon Manor we have two, one being a backup should the first give out. Thankfully not had much of an issue with that in years and part of the work being done presently on the house is to mitigate those problems from ever occurring. >>15917 >Youth in Asia I perhaps don't say often enough that things are big time fuggy in Soviet Canuckistan. Let me reiterate : Canuckistan is big time fuggy and run by various out and out criminal cartels currently (from my vantage point the worst being the Bar which are upholding a disgusting amount of child abductions). It goes beyond "the poors" as there was a scandal recently where army vets were counseled to medically an hero as a cure for depression and ptsd. This type of wholesale suicide promotion (for organ/soul harvesting purposes) is about to be mainlined to the populace and most likely even lionized as the Death Cult makes their powerplay to have "hope‚ĄĘ" officially outlawed due to climate crimes. If even a word of this seems absurd : (you) ain't seen nothin' yet. >Is it financial? There's quite a lot of money to be made in death and pretty much all of >us have had various leans and insurance policies taken out on their persons which are fabricated at the issuance of your ALL CAPITALS "name" on your birth certificate without their knowledge or conscious consent. This ALLCAPS "person" (strawman) is traded and valued at various levels on various markets and measured against something called your "evoked potential" which is carefully monitored, datamined and undermined. Certain outside bodies have decided you're worth more to them dead (for testing and monitoring how well certain clandestine technologies have altered your genetic structure) and to make sure whatever constitutes your "soul" and "spirit" are permanently legally estranged from creation/God by expressed consent to exit life based on fear.

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