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(387.35 KB 630x472 8b1.png)

That time of the month AAAAAAaaaaa!!! 09/19/2022 (Mon) 22:03:23 No. 15491
What's up D-man? How have you been? How's work? How's life in general? How are your chickens? Do you still consume alcohol or other drugs? Peace.
(66.37 KB 640x438 apu autumn.jpg)

(23.91 MB 1080x1920 20220904_175333.mp4)

(1.80 MB 800x720 the boy.mp4)

(5.90 MB 50x77 girl.mp4)

>What's up D-man? not too much. Fall is almost here, looking forward to that (((tbh))) Work sustains my needs and also makes me want to shit. Work pooper here. Life is good enough, the chickens help tremendously. pretty much working to get home and watch them eat mealworms and peck at the grass. will be brooding at least 6 more chicks, next spring, giving me 12 in all. Drugs and Alcohol: think ive had 6 beers since 2019. havent had weed gummies since Fall 2020. tried delta-8 and kratom last year, from gas stations, was meh! >girl.mp4 <this types of vids are fun!
(1.81 MB 460x460 chicken live is life.mp4)

>>15491 >3rth chikkin thread Is this a herdnigger thing or something?
(851.20 KB 2560x1440 j532i7znsuv11.jpg)

(1.10 MB 1266x1452 817.png)

>>15501 You can never have enough chicken threads.
(64.67 KB 460x713 ajg0Rw0_460s.jpg)

>>15496 Is there any footage of the female chickens? For research purposes...
>>15503 >You can never have enough chicken threads. Fine, you poultripheliacs. You didn't answer my question, though.
>>15501 >>15503 >>15504 >>15506 oh, favorite midnight noodle snack: Mama Noodle chicken flavored
(6.63 MB 720x1278 kiwi.webm)

been sleeping a lot longer since cutting down on tech intake. body just naturally shuts down if not near tech. yeah, it's preety sweet. still like dopamine in spurts, more rewarding:)
so long
(72.17 KB 832x1024 1662967277876175.jpg)

happy trails

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