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(168.07 KB 243x311 potato-chip-girl.PNG)

Road Worker 07/05/2021 (Mon) 04:48:26 No. 2529
Where can I find fentanyl in Los Angeles? How much is a lethal dose?
>>2529 I don't know. Not much.
(2.71 MB 480x480 drug.mp4)

>lethal dose 2 milligrams "One kilogram of fentanyl has the potential to kill 500,000 people."
(137.94 KB 500x522 drugs.png)

drugs are bad mmmmkay
(9.60 MB 1280x720 drugs.webm)

(4.26 MB 610x1080 duck peas.mp4)

(7.68 MB 426x240 porcupine pumpkin.mp4)

>>2529 >Where can I find fentanyl in Los Angeles? In Los Angeles? Probably at the local Costco. Never mind drugs and suicide. Watch these ducks and then watch the porcupine and THEN tell me you have no hope left.
(1.56 MB 640x360 dancing_goat.mp4)

>>2578 i hope to see more amenal drops:)
>>2529 All opiates based drugs would work (dose will vary) if you are new to the substance. *Obligatory don't do it fren.
(859.50 KB 1706x2880 db1eb0516d9c8e4dff9c4f124e335532.jpg)

(218.60 KB 750x416 pennsylvania greenery.png)

>>2529 >Wants to OD >lives in Commiefornia I wish more of you were like this rather than migrate here to ruin our states too. Maybe you should form a suicide cult and convince a couple hundred of your people to off themselves too. But seriously this shit is getting so bad I've started meeting new neighbors in bum fuck Pennsylvanian and that makes me uncomfortable.
>>3607 >Maybe you should form a suicide cult and convince a couple hundred of your people to off themselves too. aren't they already kind of doing that organically? fentanyl is doing god's work, these people are offing themselves. >what people should do instead eliminate Narcan® factories:^)
(2.90 MB 720x1280 california.webm)

>Where can I find fentanyl in Los Angeles? >Los Angeles >fentanyl maybe go for a walk outside?
(280.58 KB 1200x1200 18744 (1).jpeg)

(1.94 MB 640x360 American heroin zombies.webm)

why!? why did big pharma make narcan!? FUCK 'EM
(154.06 KB 720x524 20210904_200201.jpg)

Ay lemme know when yall find out, ight?
(4.44 MB 480x560 american_event.mp4)

fentanyls for pussies
>>4597 Yeah. ADHD meds are for real men.
(25.57 MB 392x400 niggas.mp4)

>>4673 >ADHD meds are for real men how so?
(7.45 MB 640x640 shatpost.mp4)

>>4683 ADHD
>>4683 >>4689 love these vids, where can I find more like them?
(96.33 KB 531x351 STOP.jpg)

>>4726 On imageboards I would say. Lurk moar. Saved.
>>4730 Got any specific sites? I'd appreciate!
(1.09 MB 500x342 j'me casse.gif)

>>4921 Nope. I don't frequent a lot of boards but sometimes I like to travel on random boards to harvest cool content and read nice things. I usually don't save bookmarks and I go randomly so sorry fren I couldn't provide links. https://bvffalo.land/ could be a good start for a journey on the interwebs.>>4921
>>4925 Thanks anyway man, I too sometimes check other boards and sites to get funny stuff!
(4.25 MB 640x360 dvd.gif)

>>4929 kc all day, youll find good stuff.

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