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(1.85 MB 640x360 starfox-com.mp4)

(256.94 KB 1200x1600 jim the anvil.jpg)

Subject Name 05/19/2021 (Wed) 04:25:38 No. 26
meta test thread >css >js >text format things may get goofy this week. relax and enjoy the process:)
(1.34 MB 938x1024 shitposting general.png)

>custom js >swf upload >css file upload nope! oh well. flaggot test
sage test Name = Gay Nigger until trips
(762.45 KB 653x728 ballmer sees the future.png)

>>29 delet test bump test /*Code Test*/ .doomText { color: #CD3B2B; font-family: 'DOOM'; }
(5.66 MB 1080x1080 joe-biden-vs-joe-biden.mp4)

role signature test Stronk Red spoiler
(643.29 KB 854x480 84bd0.mp4)

(246.88 KB 1078x1103 1621268447591.jpg)

ok, fucking off for now. >custom.css somethings work, somethings dont. sticking with yotsuba p base for cheeriness. will be adding as much flare as possible without the css being a complete distraction. >see [Old Bort] in announcement bar too distracting lately. will add as much stuff as i see fit to the light theme base without it becoming overwhelming. >tomorrow bort tan, custom spoiler, migrate banners later:)
code tags test
(1.53 KB 102x76 old.png)

(1.94 KB 128x81 new.png)

Proposing to change the .imgFlag CSS to: .imgFlag { max-height: 24px; } So the balls aren't cut off. See pics for before vs after.
(83.18 KB 458x600 IMG_3403.jpg)

>>59 >balls aren't cut off
(22.63 KB 394x396 1621263187408.jpg)

>>59 yeah i just noticed that. good eye! Thank ill fix tonight
(364.51 KB 2000x1328 throughmyshadow-1.jpg)

(21.25 KB 567x393 1570310962734.jpg)

>unfuck flag css >add more 404 stuff brb wage cage now!
(16.56 KB 385x534 das boomer.jpg)

>>85 flag fixed on break. will convert 'merica and the netherlands tonight to whatever the code, is base64? breaks over.
(276.01 KB 500x574 frenched.png)

>>86 Amerisphere is looking large and in charge. Props for proper sizing.
(69.02 KB 992x1066 menace kot.jpg)

>>89 tanks. i just spent 2 hours fucking around with stuff that doesnt translate. >board tan no fucking clue how to do it atm. >>>/bane/ has a board tan but i cant figure it out. maybe i need to turn the image into base64 code instead of imgur or catbox? fuck! >what i managed to do custom role signature. replaced the weird red star with my favourite smiley :^)
(9.31 KB 322x321 hmmmph.jpg)

>>91 >base64 needed nope. >>>/loomis/ has a background-image w/o code. oh well, i was right in originally think the full migration would take weeks. fug
(421.52 KB 1920x2560 shopping buddies.jpg)

>banners >css favouriteButton >other stuff >??? >sit back and enjoy bort profit
(72.69 KB 443x750 1496626335001.jpg)

>>102 >banners coming along >css favouriteButton soon enough, if it even works >other stuff make boardHeader flashy its coming along!
(28.50 KB 512x422 1551890629606-1.jpg)

>favoriteButton css >board tan css incompatible >tor onion ball css not giving up. it may just be the classes i used on lynxchan 1.0, but its not looking good. <here's raw text rules: 8chan[code] doesnt have break-word. maybe ill fit her it their later? /* tor voodoo*/ a.linkName + span.labelCreated::before { content: ' '; background-image: url(  )!important;   background-repeat: no-repeat;   background-size: 14px;   height: 17px !important;   padding-right: 4px; }
(395.60 KB 560x532 grimace.png)

i think, after tomorrow, we'll have the permanent 404 css: g r i m a c e aka 404 g h o s t p u r p
(4.55 MB 1280x604 vhs amerie.webm)

(1.65 MB 4000x3683 157178690045.png)

>>201 >das code works fine, i left out a "}". my bad:^) #bannerImage { max-width: 100%; border-radius: 8px; border-style: double; } gotta tidy up word-break.
>>208 test a.linkName + span.labelCreated::before { content: ' '; background-image: url( )!important; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 14px; height: 17px !important; padding-right: 4px; }
(547.76 KB 639x544 AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa.png)

CSS COMPLETE!!! https://8chan.moe/404/custom.css >global balls(including onion ball) >custom text markdowns <other stuff!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
(30.95 KB 477x388 buns.png)

>cant load custom spoiler from mobile afk, will try later. Custom Markdowns: Red Text Stronk Red Strikethough Spoiler AA Special Characters Global Markdowns: >imblying <faggot text (((blue text))) Doom Text
Edited last time by Davey on 05/22/2021 (Sat) 19:23:06.
the game this also works SRZ BIZNIZ italics bold underline strikethrough [meme]the game[/meme] [autism]the game[/autism]
>>284 the game this also works the game this also works SRZ BIZNIZ SRZ BIZNIZ (((Echoes))) (((Echoes))) <pinktext <pinktext UGUU SO MOE~ UGUU SO MOE~ RIP AND TEAR RIP AND TEAR italics italics bold bold underline underline strikethrough strikethrough
(104.43 KB 596x1200 Autism-Awareness.jpg)

How do you do the rainbow effect? How do you do the Stronk effect?
(34.36 KB 655x527 apu scienz.jpg)

>>290 Stronk make red text only throw ''' on both sides of the word Cowtext see Mona Pゴシック for board specific tags
Edited last time by Davey on 05/23/2021 (Sun) 00:50:08.
2d6 = 7
test mmmh
(31.95 KB 750x522 uwu.jpg)

>>296 uwu
(39.00 KB 856x1083 french apu.png)

>>296 You did it! Since youre in the test thread, feel free to monkey around with stuff! disclaimer:custom text is only good for this bort:^) HAVE FUN!
(195.58 KB 769x796 oops.jpg)

>reminder logout when deleting my own shit! good thing there are only 4 posters here or id be in hot water with the cuck police!
(61.49 KB 768x1024 Disgusted_Face.jpg)

>.uploadCell img:not(.imgExpanded) { >opacity: 0.8; >} Can you not? It makes the thumbs look very light and weird.
(203.14 KB 657x527 apu rotating eyes.png)

>>495 nothing gets past you, ill remove when i get home. it was part of /c/'s theme, wasnt in love with it, but did have ok feelings towards.
(20.59 KB 420x420 o4iou9o.png)

Edited last time by Davey on 05/27/2021 (Thu) 04:46:56.
(177.05 KB 948x569 thank_you-webp.png)

(1.45 MB 300x300 drop.gif)

>>530 ayyy np
(156.22 KB 339x300 ahnald.png)

>>>/site/2906 looking to get back my custom cursors. ill check on this for a lil while. the css i have is sound, this site wont allow for some reason? >something else the newest version of lynx is out. mental note to request custom javascript from "Acid" >sidenote "Acid" made "Adelp". bretty neat:^)
(555.20 KB 669x641 dad jokes.png)

tor test
(105.65 KB 1080x1016 friday tbh.webp)

>>656 ok this makes sense. i actually posted on tor. i think the other ones were before i implemented mandatory country flags. im bugging out, might be time to take a break. after all, it is Friday
(86.68 KB 960x720 rigger in chief.jpg)

>>657 test Testtest
Am I having a small brain hemorrhage or did (you) add the vintage red dead pixel? Or was it there the whole time and I'm just that oblivious?
(58.52 KB 1024x1024 chung.jpg)

>>715 youre not crazy:^) tossed it up last night
Edited last time by Davey on 05/30/2021 (Sun) 03:14:42.
(44.83 KB 1703x777 ClipboardImage.png)

>>715 >>716 Had to fuck around with the CSS to actually spot it.
(274.31 KB 1341x2048 1592604926968-0.jpeg.jpg)

>>823 heh, the spot aka hero of /b/. couldnt help myself. be back later. happy memorial day to muh fellow ameritards!
(169.21 KB 1024x1024 f6_535KIYtA.png)

(298.59 KB 558x582 biden kamala wakunta.png)

>>826 >"Senator Biden, have you picked a running mate, yet?" >"I've got two whole years 'til the election, c'mon man." >"It's in two MONTHS, sir." >"Is Mike Pence available?" >"As soon as we pay him off, yes, but that will be too late for this term. Any other ideas?" >"Yeah, get me that Latina whore that can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch." >"She's African- & Indian-American, sir." >"Well, teach her to wash her hands and private parts and then send her on up."
body { background-image:url(https://i.imgur.com/ZuKL46H.png) ; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: right bottom; }
(2.82 KB 23x39 html hover.gif)

(2.82 KB 23x39 a.gif)

(2.79 KB 23x39 label.gif)

(2.17 KB 37x37 dropzone.png)

/* Cursors */ html, *, hover { cursor: url(https://i.imgur.com/vny9MjP.gif), default; } a, .embedButton, select, .divRefresh input, #postingForm button, #qrbutton { cursor: url(https://i.imgur.com/Qs7jeij.gif), progress !important; } label, img, .hideFileButton { cursor: url(https://i.imgur.com/pX5Ym9i.gif), progress !important; } #dropzone, #dropzoneQr { cursor: url(https://i.imgur.com/rXg9Cjj.png), progress !important; font-size: 14px; }
(141.10 KB 400x170 its fine.mp4)

>>865 >>866 i had to upload assets to 8chon.moe in order place in css. kinda ghetto blocking imgur imo <now what!? gotta keep these posts forever or the css assets will disappear? idk, whatever. glad i figured it out
>>868 They have a board for that >>>/res/ It's pretty based to block external hosts.
Hey! Synthia and illuminati mousies are back!
(51.08 KB 500x375 it turned out okay.jpg)

>>869 ah, nice. ill transfer today. >pretty based if you say so. THANKS!
(2.17 MB 460x582 15944858231080.mp4)

>>870 yep, they sure are back! this site took a little bit to figure css wise, with virtually no help. thankfully im not a newfella.
(81.92 KB 818x593 endchan404RENKLER.png)

Rip that doesn't work anymore
(185.70 KB 680x555 bruh zone.jpg)

>>910 bruh, it only works on endchan bruh. new site bruh. get used to it bruh. glad you found the place bruh:^) SEE https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html
>>911 I'll try to, thanks :)
(627.73 KB 2310x2147 whipped cream.png)

>>938 ayyyyy!
>>941 I think I know you!
(140.83 KB 955x1046 AAAAAAaaaaaa.jpg)

>>974 i hope so, i kept your gore thread alive on endchan:^) t.BO
>>976 Could you please explain the purpose and origin of this crap board?
(77.63 KB 695x872 MK_rocks.jpg)

>>978 >smallhead talk
(73.88 KB 449x757 8koon.png)

>>978 its a non-shilled indexed board. the purpose is comf without the label or the meaning. YOU ARE WELCOME! ive been wandering from bort to bort since 8ch.net seppuku'd itself:^)
>>976 Ha! I know remember you, and thank you for that, I posted some of your vids again :D
(121.01 KB 600x446 1352907624001.jpg)

THOUGHTS? came across sloped text when reading a thread on /site/. it got my attention since its not listed with the other globals. reminds me of a caution or warning text. made the text flash to make it more troubling i call it alerto /*Sloped Text Custom*/ .slopedText { color: #fce300; animation: alerto 0.5s linear infinite; } @keyframes alerto { 0%{ color: #c8102e; background: #fce300; } 50% { color: #fce300; background: #c8102e; } 100% { color: #c8102e; background: #fce300; } } TRY IT OUT IN SETTINGS AND SEE IF ITS WORTH PUTTING ON i can always remove it if its not welcomed
Edited last time by Davey on 06/05/2021 (Sat) 19:04:53.
>>1025 I say go 4 it
(97.63 KB 499x419 glad.jpg)

>>1047 text-transform: uppercase; ///for intensity\\\
(103.11 KB 500x588 sr9fgcV.jpg)

>>1048 I already feel like I should be having a panic attack. Immanent meltdown /10
(477.54 KB 666x550 bowsette angry.jpg)

>>1050 then its working:^) ///aaaaahhhhh!!!\\\
(72.30 KB 627x720 stare.jpg)

note to self: mobile fix, put "(" before and ")" after filename.
(89.69 KB 1076x1085 thats that.jpg)

>>1084 >(filename.jpg) for mobile fix'd! >tried incorporating post time and date in mobile what an abomination! i would have to resize the whole line and im outta time for css fugglings. <you can test in your mobile if interested just need to go to desktop version and plug in this css for a test try: @media only screen and (max-device-width: 600px){ span.labelCreated{ display: inline; font-size: 13px; } }
(36.43 KB 857x701 brain melter.png)

>>1104 >date and time for mobile after looking at how much space a role signature takes, the entire idea is scraped. the country balls are enough for me tbh GOODNIGHT!
@media only screen and (max-device-width: 600px){ span.labelCreated{ display: inline; font-size: 13px; } a.linkSelf, a.linkQuote, a.linkName, .noEmailname{ font-size: 13px; } } let's see if this works better!?
Edited last time by Davey on 06/08/2021 (Tue) 15:35:46.
(50.60 KB 850x478 nigger think.jpg)

>>1146 @media only screen and (max-device-width: 600px){ span.labelCreated{ display: inline-block; font-size: 12px; } a.linkSelf, a.linkQuote, a.linkName, .noEmailname{ font-size: 12px; } input.deletionCheckBox{ display: none; } } does someone want to test on mobile and gib opinion?
>>1149 silence is consent. mobile fugglings gomplete:^)
(833.20 KB 1401x788 ufo cult.jpg)

made Rules to go with new mobile css for aesthetic reasons only. >wanna really long Poster Name? make it yourself:^)
(18.96 KB 300x300 burrito.webp)

animated webp test
(886.54 KB 640x640 dj pupper.mp4)

"alerto" animation is kill until the muppet gets bored and fugs off.plain old ///sloped\\\ for a spell:)
Edited last time by Davey on 06/25/2021 (Fri) 04:44:21.
(38.73 KB 684x303 red dot.jpg)

Am... Am I the only one seeing it ? Why nobody talking about it ? Is it... Is it following me ? What are it's intentions... ? I feel insecure now
(121.23 KB 2000x2000 dysnomia's pizza.png)

>>2728 its an homage to the former BO of 8ch/b/ IT'S HIS CSS FROM 2018-ish
>>2728 So its not just me then you see the red dot too!?
>>2730 Man... I'm affraid... Are you to ? Did it want to hurt us ? Did it want to establish a communication ? Please red dot tell me something... Are you coming with peacefull intentions ?
(172.00 KB 533x402 SPERM_2.GIF)

>>2732 just succ it dicc if you want it to leave you alone, dawg
>>2733 But... Wheres the penis on a red dot anon?
(65.17 KB 1373x635 red dot.jpg)

>>2735 Look closer fren.
>>2736 Of all the... Of course it had to be black. Well. What do you guys say? Sacre bleu? Time to suck a dick.
(50.40 KB 642x632 LFCéline.jpg)

>>2738 >Of course it had to be black Not my intention. I think black dicks (big or not) are a totally unaesthetic. The red had turned brownish when zoomed on. Sapristi !
(78.13 KB 1182x698 red dot.jpg)

(70.51 KB 292x284 internet barney.png)

think im going to make this theme more purple. <im open to a purposal >three or four colors in a swath
note to self: make theme more purple this week
(27.77 KB 500x333 P U R P L E.jpg)

>>3403 >>3414 Da thing goes %PURPLE%
gotta fix some css with site update. some things did not transfer:^) custom.js test: embed display test https://youtu.be/G0gAxuvo5rc
(153.68 KB 800x800 1579357664467.jpeg.jpg)

>>3566 lol, that failed. ill upload dollchan.js tonight. give that a whirl again for the umpteenth time. what i was trying for the youtube pop-up: var embedButtons = document.getElementsByClassName('embedButton'); for (var i = 0; i < embedButtons.length; ++i) { embedButtons[i].click(); } >im sure its a class mistake LATER!
(9.37 MB 398x224 obituary.webm)

trying to make custom.js work with no success. gotta unfuckle css still, since site update habbened. i will make progress this week. speaking of week, i feel weak. famished in fact. gonna make a late night snack, then bed down:^) GOODNIGHT REST IN PRISON CWC
(49.04 KB 666x645 do not want.jpg)

im beginning to think custom.js does not work (((tbh))) <script src="https://adrianotiger.github.io/web-esheep/src/esheep.js"></script> what am i doing wrong? super tarded with js, but even dollchan.js doesnt work that shouldnt happen
(46.69 KB 571x618 JS cancer.png)

https://smelle.xyz/lynx/res/2779.html i subbed it out, hopefully ill get some answers from lynxchan dev. seems like Acid is currently being attacked on /site/ over all the updates. so ill see if stephy boi can help for my javascript problemo!

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