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king's mediocre art kingADVRC 05/19/2021 (Wed) 14:47:41 No. 60
Heya guize o/ This thread is for documenting the processes that I use when fulfilling requests and making OC for /404/ for the 3 of you that actually care.
(558.30 KB 1400x1848 21-06-14-22-04-52-600_deco.jpg)

>>1430 >shoop dik You got it, champ
Didn't expect that. You did not disappoint.
Finished the lineart for the Sailor Moon request.
(191.93 KB 1360x1080 neighs at you.jpg)

>>1515 really coming together king. you always have crisp lines, something i could never pull off. my manual dexterity gets impeded by my undiagnosed adhd:)
The app that I use to draw allows me to draw either freehand or to draw using splines. Usually I sketch the basic framework freehand and 'trace' the refined lineart over it. Check out some of my progression videos to get a feel for my process. https://ibispaint.com/artist2/113390996151140/ Also, there are numerous more talented artists on the iBis community. Every day there is a top 20 that I have yet to make it to on the main list. https://ibispaint.com/art/daily.jsp
Worked on the Spiderman request today. I laid out the base color and lineart color, which was sampled from reference images that he linked me.
(52.22 KB 444x512 unnamed-2.jpg)

>>1562 nice, i checked out the progression piece on those links you sent. FUN! i couldnt hawk from mobile, but i rip and post my favourite from puter today
Worked on the Sailor Moon request today. I laid out the base color and lineart color using samples from the images she provided. It's coming together nicely imo.
Was under the weather for a few days but I'm feeling better now. Worked on the Spiderman request today. I added shadow for the male character.
>>1760 glad you are on the mend!
Worked on the Sailor Moon request today. I added shadow and highlights to their bodies and hair. Somehow I missed a huge mistake on her right arm so I fixed it.
(2.62 MB 909x1200 comparison.gif)

>>1825 i didnt notice anyhting off with arm. is it because of where the fabric flows in front of it?
Yeah. It's behind her, so it should have been behind her arm, like her braid is.
(224.76 KB 657x527 1524268726104.png)

>>1891 it worked out for the best.
Worked on the Sailor Moon request today. It's almost finished.
(266.61 KB 1242x1202 1591807856942.jpg)

>>2040 lookinh good king! i should make a request this summer. if you are up to it!
(90.71 KB 574x561 you dropped this.jpg)

Anything for the Ghost Board~
(37.67 KB 567x523 mmmm.jpg)

>>2079 ill get back to (You) gotta brain storm a good request!
I added interaction shadows, a background, and title effects. Unless the requestor wants anything changed, the Spiderman request is finished.
Finished the Sailor Moon request today. Just like the last request, I added interaction shadows, a background, and some filters. Feels good man.
(12.28 KB 235x329 kurapika 404.jpg)

>>2109 >>2157 very nice king. would you be interested on kurapika recolors? <maybe OCs if interested
I've never seen Hunter x Hunter, but not seeing the source anime hasn't been a problem with any requests yet. Let me know any specifics you'd like and I'll see what I can do.
(194.74 KB 1200x1848 Summer Synthia.jpg)

Started working on a quick Synthia piece for the summer in between requests. I'm going to try to have it finished before Independence day so I can start working on the next round of requests next week.
(90.06 KB 1080x1080 kurapika.jpg)

>>2249 ooh la la! >>2208 just purple recolor tbh <would also accept OC verision with static:^)
(216.66 KB 1200x1848 Summer Synthia_swimsuit.png)

(231.99 KB 1200x1848 Summer Synthia_bikini.png)

(267.95 KB 1200x1848 Summer Synthia_string_bikini.png)

Made a couple more alternatives for her swimsuit. I'm really drawn to the string bikini version. Going to add the shadow/highlights and static effects tomorrow. Been thinking of adding flag motifs for some of the more dominant IPs here. I know American and Canadian flags are popular in this thread. What flags populate other threads that would like to hug the feminine goodness of Synthia's beautifully pale body?
I finished all of the current versions of Synthia's swimsuits and did an example of the American Bikini version. For the Canadian version I plan to use the swimsuit version, mostly because Penguin-sensei himself says that bikinis are getting too risque in recent days.
(354.69 KB 1023x1278 murica.jpg)

>>2310 nice!
>>2310 Make a completely nude version.
(1.23 MB 1152x2048 king's boys' club shirt.jpg)

(577.17 KB 1200x1848 Summer Synthia (Nude).png)

Made 2 more alternate versions tonight. The first is for Canadanon flag and the second is a nude version. Which flag should I do next?
>>2505 Israel
I didn't know we had any users from Israel here. I've never come across their flag tbh.
>>2537 We're everywhere, goy
(205.49 KB 1024x768 ZORYNA07.GIF)

>>2505 Ignore Jew. Do Yugoslavia.
(372.82 KB 240x240 jew_hit_or_miss.mp4)

>>2537 >das jew we dont, if you hover over the cube you'll see the the real flag is "unknown".
Since I didn't get any serious suggestions for alternate flag swimsuits I am moving to the next round of requests. Tonight I worked on a vampire singer piece. The requestor asked that I drew her character, Vlada in the pose he supplied.
(7.98 KB 218x231 vlad the implyer.jpeg)

>>2582 >Vlada the Harpooner
(350.22 KB 1200x1848 404 Kurupika.jpg)

I'm probably going to drop the second request that I contacted so I started working on your Kurupika request. Pretty sure it's a male I'm drawing, but google says reddit thinks it's a female. Let me know which you prefer and I'll proceed from there, or if you want anything changed.
(195.60 KB 400x678 Neferpitou.png)

>>2619 kurapika is a male. there are a few characters in the series that are questionable, but he is not one of them. >Neferpitou is an ant, looks like a female human cat. goes by "sir" from subordinate ants.
Worked on the vampire request today. I fleshed out her body using the basic framework from the last step.
(315.56 KB 1200x1848 404 Kurupika (1).jpg)

Worked on fleshing out Kurupika's body today. My anatomy is improving a little but my hands and feet still need work.
(367.72 KB 1076x722 kurapika appearance.jpg)

>>2676 he typically does not smile, sometimes in some instances he does. <looking great otherwise!

(23.43 KB 651x326 pack2637.png)

(36.50 KB 400x400 s-l400.jpg)

Worked on the vampire request today. I fixed a few minor things and added her outfit. I'll be sure to wipe the smile of his face for the next update. The reference images I was using was for a different outfit as well so I'll switch to the one you posted.
(300.20 KB 1200x1848 404 Kurupika (2).jpg)

Worked on Kurupika today. I altered his cheery face to a more neutral one and added his outfit. I also added the 404 patch like in Davey's shoops. The vampire request is practically finished. I was asked to change her earrings into diamonds crosses on a vampire didn't make a whole lot of sense to me but the reference material wasn't the clearest. I honestly can't think of much more to add other than the stripes on her blouse.
(55.33 KB 600x450 jannies at you.jpg)

>>2792 looking good king, looking very good!
(1.82 MB 1097x1734 foto_no_exif (3).jpg)

>>82 /baaa2/ cultist, here yes I req'd it and loved it. Sadly only about me and a couple others are there left. But holy hell. I have yet to give you the love for that lainbee /404/ gave. Ask for a shitty doodle as I figure out this tablet.
I finished the lineart for the vampire request today. I'll be sure to post both this and the Kurupika piece to my DA.
>>2838 I wasn't sure if you ever saw the finished Lainbee. All 3 versions of her were posted to my DeviantArt account if you ever need to redownload them. Don't feel obligated to draw anything on my account.
>>2851 I follow you on DA, you got plenty of followers and I don't wanna namefag but I'm around.

(394.74 KB 1200x1848 404 Kurupika (3).jpg)

Worked on both requests today. I laid out the base color sampled from the linked sources as well as lineart color to soften each piece. Let me know if you want anything changed on Kurupika's color scheme. Keep in mind that once I add the static to the lighter sections that it will make it darker than the darker areas of his cloak. I could probably figure out who you are, but out of respect for your anonymity I won't. Thank you for following my mediocre artwork.
Worked on the vampire request today. The requestor asked me to change her skin color to light grey. I also started adding shadow and highlight to the base layer. Have a bonus unfinished nude version as well.
(103.86 KB 575x557 close up.jpg)

(151.85 KB 877x711 hitch hiking thumb.jpg)

>>2918 the side by side is killing me. the original looks like a transgender hitch-hiker with a 5 O'Clock shadow. king, your version is great! hoping for nips and one tasteful vagina line.
(68.42 KB 688x446 Laughs in Hisoka.jpeg)

>>2902 kurapika is coming along swimmingly. nice work!
(404.45 KB 1213x888 mfw.jpg)

Thank you. Image my surprise when I checked my iBis page and see this. Kurupika has to be the most popular thing I have drawn (242 views in only 2 days atm). Both him and Vlada were in the top 20 yesterday on the daily ranking, and my artist rank is finally under 1,000th place. Wew!
(840.80 KB 1200x1848 404 Kurupika.png)

Finished Kurupika today, that is unless you'd like a background added. I've also been working lewds and nudes for requests that didn't want them in the past. I'll post them here as I complete them. I'm eventually going to start posting them to my Pixiv account and start making saucier lewds. It's been far too long since I've drawn hentai.
(60.18 KB 600x611 heart.jpg)

>>2951 thanks king, saved! WONDERFUL!
Finished the vampire request today. The requestor didn't ask for a background, but I added some effects that I think he might like.
Working on the unauthorized bonus content for the vampire request. I think I'm spending too much time on it but I don't care. Have a bonus 'constrained tits' nude version as well.
(1.20 MB 1200x1848 Vampire Idol Vlada Lewd .png)

(1.14 MB 1200x1848 Vampire Idol Vlada Nude .png)

Finished the lewd and nude versions of the vampire request. I've got 3 pieces lined up for the next round of requests, one of which is a swimsuit piece preemptively asked for a lewd and nude version.
(757.82 KB 336x200 1535839256977.gif)

>>2985 >>3069 >>3180 nice lewding.
Started working on the new round of requests today. My work schedule is going to become more sporadic so updates after next Tuesday will decrease. The first one is a return requestor that I drew the Rei Hino piece for. This time he asked me to draw siblings from Phineas and Ferb in a twisted fight wearing pilot outfits. This one's going to be difficult but I'm going to try it anyway.
(403.77 KB 1280x720 yuni (on right).jpg)

(49.72 KB 1024x718 morning_yuni_by_orca666.jpg)

(113.60 KB 1438x1837 swimsuit.jpg)

The second one is for a furry mouse girl character in a swimsuit. He didn't give me a lot of specifics so I'm giving him a few options. This one has preemptively asked for a lewd and nude version.
(249.23 KB 1196x1716 Happy_Sim.png)

(3.17 MB 1217x1741 simantha2b_by_tristepin.png)

(2.25 MB 1078x1454 simantha2a_by_tristepin.png)

The last one isn't so much a request but fanart for a character of an acquaintance that I see potential in on a discord server. The character is a robot girl from a distant future.
The sister fight request needed a few tweaks in regards to limb placement, but I mainly worked on the furry request today. I started flashing out her body based on the pose he selected. I'm going to open her legs for the lewd and nude versions so I'm keeping certain body parts on their own layers for easy edits.
(26.52 KB 500x500 1451314252765.jpg)

>>3281 >>3282 >>3283 >>3315 you are taking on all these requests!?
It's only 3 requests, not 4. The last one I posted was the pick of the 4 pose sketches for the swimsuit furry request. Made a few more tweaks to the sister fight request. I swear if he asks for more edits to the basic framework step I'm going to drop the request. I don't usually spend more than one day this step. I also worked on the robot girl request, mainly fleshing out her body form from the basic framework.
Finally started the lineart for the sister fight request. This entanglement of bodies is def going to be a challenge. I also continued working on lewding a piece I drew almost a year ago. I'm waiting until it's finished to share it publicly, but here's the original piece that the edits are being made to.
(79.68 KB 750x600 little sisters.jpg)

>>3375 looks scandalous:)
I personally have a preference for mother/daughter stories. I wouldn't disagree for more cute litte mice tho.
(1013.21 KB 1920x1128 Lauren's Expectations Lewd.jpg)

(963.96 KB 1920x1128 Lauren's Expectations Nude.jpg)

The requestor doesn't have anything sexual planned for this piece. I think he views it as innocent rough-housing between sisters. He even asked me to remove their breasts since there supposed to be younger, and to include a version where they're smiling at each other in the same pose. I'll probably end up slimming down their figures as well as to not make the mistake I made on https://www.deviantart.com/kingadvrc/art/I-Like-to-Bounce-for-joshspeed7-Apr-2021-877893990 making her look too old. This is something I wish he'd emphasized before I sketched out the piece several times tbh. I could go either way on the wincest department myself, not that I'd ever do it. I do have a lot of wincest h-manga and I feel it's right up with lolicon in hwatness. I took a day off of working on requests to finish lewding the older piece I mentioned in the last post. I ended up completely redrawing the body on the character in the middle, which is how I plan to lewd >>3315. Should I go further?
Worked on the furry request today. I added her hands and feet, as well as made a few tweaks to her arms and tail.
Worked on the robot and sister fight requests the last couple of days. The tangled bodies in the fight request required a few more tweaks to ensure the body placement made sense, but I think it's starting to come together.
(164.76 KB 500x375 pickard reaction.png)

>>3563 >>3588 looking good king. you are a force to be reckoned with!
Worked on fixes that the requestor wanted for the sister fight request again. AGAIN. I swear this request as well as the change in my work schedule is slowing down progress of the other requests and I am once again this close to dropping it.
(363.53 KB 968x909 eva pepe.png)

>>3608 be patient, but you already seem like a patient person. give requestor 1 one more chance:)
I have decided to drop the sister fight request. Even with the latest fixes the requestor was still suggesting changes to the same limbs that I have already edited twice. I have worked on it for 5 and a half hours already and technically still stuck on the second part of the process, which is adjusting the basic framework. I am done wasting my time on it tbh. I did work on both the furry request and the robot request today so I could catch up on lost time. I added joint lines to the robot girl as well as her outfit, which I took a few artistic liberties with. The furry lineart might be finished if I get approval.
>>3647 welp, you stood your ground, good for you king!
Finished the lineart for the robot girl. Also made a version without her scarf.
Worked on the furry request today. I laid out the base color and lineart color with samples from the source images that were linked.
Worked on the robot girl request today. I laid out the base color and lineart color. Looks like it's going to be a cool piece with very little warm colors in it.
(434.47 KB 600x1227 My Life as a Teenage Robot.png)

>>3734 >>3757 the robot is interesting. kinda has a powerpuff feel to it or even My Life as a Teenage Robot
Worked on the furry request today. I used a different shading technique for her body to simulate mouse fur.
Worked on both requests to catch up for the lost day Thursday. The furry request is practically finished unless the requestor wants anything added, such as a background or water droplets on her. The body for the robot request had shadows and highlights added.
(85.97 KB 500x408 something is afoot.jpg)

>>3771 >>3833 coming along swimmingly.
Worked on the robot request today. Finished shading her outfit and scarf. I might change the tint on her dress to match the source image.
Finished the furry request today. I wasn't going to do a highly detailed background but I feel the piece was begging for it. Bonus content will be started upon approval of the finished product.
(111.36 KB 1000x1000 Griselda On Steroids Begrenzt.jpg)

>>3931 >>4016 beauftiful!
Finished the robot request. I added a stock background and a couple of effects. Since I can't think of anything else to add to it I'll call it finished.
(5.58 KB 210x240 no waaaay.png)

>>4031 id say its finished:)
(339.99 KB 1200x1848 Yuni's Swimsuit Nude.jpg)

Apologies for being inactive for almost a week. Been working on the bonus content for the furry request for a few days and I'm finally at a point where I think it's worth sharing. This is one of the many ways I have posed her. I opened her legs, redrew her breasts into a 'freed' state, and drew her pussy in a few states of spread. I need to redraw her tail so it covers her slit in a teasing fashion. I'll also ask the requestor if he'd like a 'tanlines' version as well. The robot request chickened out on a nude version (not that I won't do it anyway and not share it with him) so I'm going to put his mind at ease with a good lewding hoping it changes his mind.
(226.02 KB 1024x768 mouse.png)

>>4259 squeek squeek
Finished the lewd version of the robot request.
(76.38 KB 900x900 cyber_Apu.jpg)

>>4302 beep boop
I like your art, King. If you are open to requests, would you draw Grace from /monarchy/? I'm not sure whether here or 9chan.
She seems cute so I'll give her a try. How would you like me to depict her. Be as specific as you find necessary. Also more full body references would be nice if you want me to draw her full body.
(719.54 KB 1350x1350 Grace eats watermelon.png)

(605.60 KB 1400x1979 E8QxsRcVkAIqtHO.jpg)

(59.82 KB 1024x854 Grace throne seated.jpg)

(2.64 MB 3000x3715 Grace + Rita x.png)

>>4315 Full body is rare, but the default costume is the purple uniform with the crown badge. The white sash diagonally was removed for future reference. So the white diagonal sash is obsolete. Purple uniform. Skirt size could from short length, medium length, long length. 3 sets or 4 sets of buttons, sometimes. She wears white boots, but this could be revised. >How would you like me to depict her My fav style is from >>4314 this post, 1st in line, holding the book. The style in that picture is the best, imo, because she has cute face and hair. ... If you would like a reference or description on how to depict her, I could give you those.
As much as you deem important, my dude. The pose reference is enough for me, but if there's additions or tweaks you'd like let me know.
Here is one last batch of pics. What if I offered a lottery of reference pics on imgur? https://imgur.com/a/C92ZfBm ^Reference Picks, basically choose or get inspiration from one or more of these. You may also try making a pose by your own choosing, unless you really want me to pick one. Last comment besides that, is 3rd pic related is the best style imo.
>>4317 We could discuss more on Deviant Art. I will send a message.
I couldn't work on anything for the past couple of days so I worked extra long on today's updates. The first are more components for the furry bonus content. I started working on her string bikini as well as tail placement.
I still need to work on her tanlines as well as interaction shadow with the newly drawn elements.
I also completed the nude versions of the robot girl. Neither this nor the lewd version will be posted to any of my galleries until the requestor gives me the okay so consider this exclusive to 404/.
(2.91 MB 480x360 Local_Channel_4_News.mp4)

>>4410 thanks for the exclusive!
Spent the last 3 hours finishing all of the elements of the mouse girl and I am exhausted. Be ready for a lot of updates tomorrow.
(8.54 KB 250x250 cum sam.jpg)

>>4446 cant wait!
Apologies for taking so long to post the latest update. It's been a weird week. Worked from 6am-1am on Tuesday covering for my boss who had a high blood pressure scare, put in close to 4 hours on Wednesday compiling all of the elements each image for the set then spent all night uploading it due to shitty Internets, then finally having the sleep loss catch up with me tonight. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.
(2.43 MB 1200x1848 10 Yuni Nude Base.png)

(2.34 MB 1200x1848 11 Yuni Nude Leg Open Tease.png)

(2.33 MB 1200x1848 12 Yuni Nude Leg Open.png)

(20.78 KB 400x400 ror mouse.jpg)

>>4530 >>4531 >>4532 >>4533 >>4534 >>4535 nice going king! who would have known mouse pussy to be so wholesome:)
After taking a week off I have started working on the next round of requests. The first one is another repeat request from the guy that seems to be obsessed with Twilight Sparkle, know in this case as Magic Gaia, the giantess super hero. He asked me to depict her shaking hands with Godzilla. I laid out her basic framework and traced an image of Godzilla to get a feel for the basic layout.They might get shrunk a little so I can add some background elements.
The second one originally wanted me to draw 4 characters in a rock band, but after annoying me close to the point of dropping his request, we settled on 2. It's another furry request, but they're rabbits so it's okay. He wants me to use a K-Pop band as the basis for the costume. The basic framework here includes a guitar that I intend to redraw for the final piece.

(609.70 KB 1200x1824 Grace picture transparent.png)

(901.81 KB 585x1091 sHz73uL.png)

(328.69 KB 1200x1848 Grace of Monarch for KorgiKhan.jpg)

The final one comes from who I'm guessing is the BO of /monarch/. He asked me to draw its board mascot Grace. I was given a wide variety of poses to sample from and this one seemed to fit my perception of her the best. I figured that since I post updates to this board already that I would save myself the time and document the process here if that's alright with you. Let me know if you're alright with that.
(62.59 KB 1147x920 ass a question.jpg)

>>4625 >/monarch/ what site?
>>4625 It is okay. I think left arm should me similar to right arm, pointing straight down by her side w/o opening her hands much. It almost looks like a menacing stance as I like it >>4628 this site. /monarchy/
I made the change to Grace's arm position that you suggested and started sketching her outfit. I was originally going to use the longer skirt tlovextended below her knees but her legs are too far apart for it to look proper. The shorter skirt will give an opportunity for a little zettai ryouiki. I also worked on the Godzilla request. I started drawing their bodies using the framework I laid out in the last step. Tracing Godzilla feels a little cheap but he looks pretty awesome so I'm not complaining. >>4628 I might have a little fun with that image tomorrow. I'm not one for drawing the latest art meme but I think this image calls for it.
(81.29 KB 1041x877 dead people.jpg)

>>4661 >fun with that image knock yourself out:)
(831.00 KB 2048x1004 ass a question jacko.png)

I spent 30 minutes on this. I'd feel somewhat accomplished, but I traced the pose. I also feel dirty for joining an art meme, but at least I didn't contribute to the sailor moon redraw one
(28.96 KB 720x540 american apu question.jpg)

>>4675 this is awesome! Saved.
Worked on the rabbit request today. I am finding that when I don't draw full bodied characters that the proportions are more realistic. I think it has something to do with my inability to equally represent important bodily features without shrinking them too much. At the very least its helping me to identify where I require improvement.
Worked on the monarch request today. Hopefully the requestor didn't want anything changed from the last update. I formed her body using the framework that I laid out in the last step. Will add her outfit for the next step.
(43.94 KB 960x742 asoomer.jpg)

>>4749 looks regal. is this their board-tan?
(3.63 MB 4000x5000 Grace ice cream w text.png)

I think so. I found a whole thread dedicated to her on their board and snagged this. Makes me feel all fuzzy an' shit. I'm going to lewd and nude her eventually but I won't be depicting her in a certain fetish that that board seems to love.
Worked on the rabbits request again today. I removed the framework so their bodies could be distinguished easier.
I was feeling energetic today so I worked on the Godzilla request and traced the guitar for the rabbit request. Still feeling productive so I'll work on the monarch request as well before I call it a night.
(81.41 KB 680x544 Kevin Ghidorah.jpg)

>>4941 me like godzilla handshake
Just finished the lineart for the monarch request. I am spent.
>>4944 Very cool.
>>4944 Will you draw brandon?
Do you have any better images of him? I can't get a feel for his tits nor legs with this one.
(68.29 KB 1280x720 thicc booty chungus.jpg)

>>4987 Don't draw that faggot. Draw me some lewd Big Chunguses instead.
Quite honestly lewd Chungus doesn't interest me in the slightest. I'm sure you can find a more willing and talented person to draw it for you, and I wish you luck with that. Worked on the rabbit request today. Every update I send to this requestor even ones asking for specific input is responded back to with a simple 'OK'. Luckily it interests me a lot so I don't feel the urge to drop the it.
(55.51 KB 399x400 bunnyfrogs.png)

>>5029 >Luckily it interests me a lot thats a relief:)
Worked on the rabbit request again tonight. Finished adding the clothing for the other character. I'm not entirely happy with the hair accessory she's wearing but we'll see if the requestor actually adds some input.
The requestor agreed about the hair accessory so I switched it out for a hat. I can't think of anything else to add so hopefully it's done.
(605.94 KB 2000x2716 today i have autism.jpg)

>>5097 liking the hat. dont personally wear them myself, but its appreciated:)
Worked on laying out base color and lineart color for all 3 requests today. Spent close to 4 hours between the three of them.
(21.40 KB 263x258 Grace face edit.jpg)

>>5153 I made a small edit. Would you consider making Grace's smile more like this?
(325.50 KB 714x450 godzilla.png)

>>5153 waiting for finished godzilla piece tbh
Worked on the monarch request today. After adjusting her smile I worked on shadows and highlights for her skin, hair, stockings, boots, and face.
Worked on the godzilla request today. I worked on shadows and highlights for her skin, hair, face, and visor. I noticed that I mage a mistake on one of her high boots. It should be angled like the glove involved in the handshake. I should probably fix that...
Apologies for being absent for like a week. Between Thursday and Monday I got 20 hours of sleep because of my day job. I got a chance to work on these last night and meant to post them but I dozed off. I worked on both the godzilla and rabbit requests. I added shadow and highlights to godzilla, and I started shadow and highlights to one of the rabbits. What would 404 like me to draw for the Halloween OC this year?
(698.27 KB 991x1607 Sachiel.png)

>>5430 >Halloween OC could you place the "Mask" of the 4th Angel from Evangaleon onto our "Board Tan" synthia who sits in the corner? <pic related
Worked on both requests again today. For the godzilla request, I fixed her boot to fit in proper perspective. For the rabbit request, I added shadows and highlights to the other girl. For the Halloween OC, did you want the same pose wearing the mask, or did you want a similar pose? That mask looks a lot like Death's mask from Soul Eater.
>>5436 >same pose same piece tbh. what we have plus the mask. <soul eater like that too. did appreciate death being funny and also horrifying
(28.51 MB 720x350 404 halloween theme endch.mp4)

thinking about doing a halloween theme for the board, but out my appreciation for the soothing properties of Yotsuba P, im not changing much. just halloween css tchotchkes. oy vey, halloween will be very minimal this year. christmas time, ill just do the santa party hats on the .img cells and call it a day tbh
Worked on the monarch request today. Looks like it might be finished unless /monarch/ BO wants anything else added. If everything looks bad for you I will post it to my DA gallery and start working on its bonus content.
Worked on the godzilla request today. I added shadows and highlights to the female's outfit. All that's left for this one is the requested background, which was specifically requested to be a light blue sky, three buildings, and one small helicopter with smile emojis between all 3 elements.
I just realized that the cursed red pixels on the right side of the window on /404/ inserts itself over images. Not going to lie, I though my screen was damaged and it freaked me out a little. What exactly are they for again?
(41.01 KB 970x477 red dot.jpg)

(319.82 KB 4500x4334 hero of b.png)

(2.04 KB 93x94 red dot hero.jpg)

(78.13 KB 1182x698 red dot.jpg)

>>5494 >red dot origin its hinted at in the custom.css. basically an esprit de corps to 8ch Proper. more specifically, an homage to 8ch/b/ and its BO Dysnomia. hate him or love him, he left a footprint.
Finished the godzilla request tonight. The piece as a whole lacks warm color, but overall I think it works. Monarch likes the Grace that I drew and are now actively trying to add a diaper to her not sure if Synthia received the same treatment and afraid to check. I'm okayish about it, I only said I wouldn't be the one drawing it.
(78.43 KB 768x768 Ghostie_20200531074314.png)

>>5684 if anyone is adding the angel mask to synthia, it would be (You). im not going to force your hand, or improvise myself, but it would be a nice "cherry on top" for the halloween theme. <think about it:) we still have 26 days left until we revert back to old stylesheet.
I was asked to shrink the head on the female in the godzilla request. Glad I took his advice because her head was kinda' big sucks that he waited until the whole piece was finished before he pointed it out but meh Fortunately I still have the original file for Synthia slump. I'll get started working on it tonight.
I made a couple of versions of Synthia masked. Let me know if I'm on the right track.
>>5717 nice
(1.34 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5717 i like the left one the best. >smol request could you make the mask a lil bit bigger and have the nose of the mask tilt to the left a lil more? Thank You!
(729.65 KB 1200x1200 Synthia Slump Angel Mask.png)

I made the changes to Synthia Mask.
(40.37 KB 693x697 lun46uc9zuu41.jpg)

>>5800 saved, ill replace tonight!
(119.86 KB 400x300 mobile poster.png)

>>5800 note to self: add synthia death mask to halloween theme tonight!
(213.62 KB 455x391 1633928650845.png)

>>5863 >>5803 updated! looks great, thanks king!
No problem~ Finished the rabbit request today. Going to start working on lewding and nuding the grace request if I can muster the energy.
(658.42 KB 1200x1848 Grace of Monarch Lewd.png)

(609.18 KB 1200x1848 Grace of Monarch Nude.png)

Apologies for being inactive for a week. I recently was gifted a kitten that has polydactyl front paws that took up a lot of my time. I'll share pics of him, who I've named Indiana Jones because he's a daring little explorer, if the interest is there. I did find some time to begin working on the bonus content for Grace-Chan.
(344.94 KB 1280x1280 Synthia Halloween 2021.jpg)

Alongside of the bonus content I'll be working on for the other two requests I started working on some Halloween Synthia OC. I'll work on it every chance I get so I can have it done before Halloween.
(134.55 KB 287x358 woah.png)

>>6059 woah! i like what i see:)
(102.78 KB 435x318 apu kot .png)

>>6058 >polydactyl kitten Hemingway cats are neat. seen one irl at a friends house in the early 2000s. was memorable:)
(629.08 KB 1800x1800 Grace Switch video game.png)

>>5456 Thank you for drawing, king lewds, no comment, b/c plebs probably think I'm a profligate now I also had thoughts about possible revisions, if you ever decided to draw Grace another time
Finished the lewd and nude versions for the Godzilla request. >>6119 No problem my dude. It was fun to work on . Apologies for stirring up the plebs. Feel free to request again if you like.
(420.05 KB 1237x883 wew.jpg)

Just checked the ranking for the category I posted the new Synthia piece in. Feels bad man.
(31.48 KB 483x369 pumpkin apu.PNG.png)

>>6147 >peer to peer review i say you finish it and let the Mob decide then. harsh criticism has never stopped you before, so why so glum? personally, i like it and cant wait for the complete product. we have 9 days 'til Halloween. put your nose to the grindstone and make 404 halloween just as awesome as last year:)
(364.11 KB 1280x1280 Synthia Halloween 2021 (1).jpg)

Looks like I got caught by the wordfilter. I'm actually quite proud of it. I was ranked #1 on the Coloring Pages/Collaboration category for several hours last night. As of right now, it has 1,782 views, 13 likes, and 50 downloads. easily making it my most popular submission.
(389.74 KB 1125x1125 yup.jpg)

>>6200 Nice King.
(37.02 KB 500x550 Paul Bearer.jpg)

>>6200 coming together nicely. i may fit her in to bort css in time for halloween? no pressure tbh
(390.16 KB 1280x1280 Synthia Halloween 2021 (3).jpg)

(359.42 KB 1280x1280 Synthia Halloween 2021 (2).jpg)

Worked on the Halloween piece. I'm aiming to have it finished by Wednesday. Should I leave it with no background for easy integration or should I make a version with and without one?
(20.00 KB 282x77 halloween.png)

>>6304 ngl, I would EAT that pumpkin.
(21.25 KB 254x233 17059698.jpg)

>>6304 is it done king. couldnt tell if you planned on polishing up the pumpkin and what not
(46.86 KB 720x960 CRThead gf.jpg)

>>400 >tfw no tv head gf
(955.52 KB 1280x1280 Synthia Halloween 2021.png)

Worked on the Halloween Synthia piece some more today. In the last update, only her base layer was finished. Today I finished her outfit and the pumpkins. Tomorrow I'll invent those blueprints finish it with a background.
(29.29 KB 680x472 apu thinking hard.jpg)

>>6356 try to have a finished transparent background option too. you'll know why:)
Finished the Synthia Halloween piece as well as making a slight change to the no background version. Let's see if I can finish its bonus content in time for spooky sexy day.
(19.65 KB 200x190 nice.png)

>>6392 will use soon:) Thanks King!
(31.48 KB 483x369 pumpkin apu.PNG.png)

might be raining pumpkins this weekend
I finished the bonus content for the Halloween Cynthia piece. I learned from the mistakes I made last time and finished it a lot faster. The only thing left from this round of requests is to lewd and nude the rabbit request.
(981.29 KB 1280x1280 Synthia Halloween 2021 Lewd 4.jpg)

(978.33 KB 1280x1280 Synthia Halloween 2021 Nude.jpg)

(47.12 KB 419x333 1335183039550.jpg)

>>6483 god damn king, this is amazing!
(3.41 MB 312x302 approves.gif)

>>6485 oh là là
Thanks guys. The colored version wasn't as popular as the lineart version on the iBis Paint community. It ranked 42nd place, which is still good imo considering thousands of images are submitted every day. On the plus side, my artist rank rose from 781 to 742 so I still call it a win.
(12.59 MB 1032x720 ハロウィーン4 0 4.webm)

>>6501 +autism
Super comfy. I love it!
(462.03 KB 300x168 eyebrow guy.gif)

>>6545 thanks for participating in halloween. means the world to me:)
(1014.85 KB 1400x1280 Rabbit Rock Lewd.jpg)

(989.37 KB 1400x1280 Rabbit Rock Topless.jpg)

(987.51 KB 1400x1280 Rabbit Rock Nude.jpg)

It took way longer than I had anticipated, but I have finally finished the bonus content for the rabbit request. I already have two requests lined up to start this week and I'll post source files as I start them.
(471.02 KB 300x300 heatenings.gif)

>>6803 looking good:)
Started working on the next batch of requests today. The first one is another rabbit girl request. Lariana is a rabbit spy in a skintight latex bodysuit, and he wants her depicted landing like a superhero. He is currently asking that her left arm be positioned more like the black widow image.
(256.41 KB 1280x720 leon.jpg)

(316.79 KB 1024x942 mermaid_daisy_render_by_obeth0.png)

The second one is a mermaid version of Princess Daisy and his character, Leon, depicted in a loving couple's pose. He didn't specify a pose so I'm offering him a few options in varying degrees of affection.
>>6863 >mermaid >no feet What's the point of living if you have no feet to worship ?
Worked on the rabbit request today. It turns out I misunderstood the requestor about the arm placement; he wanted her holding a gun like I was supposed to know what a USP-S was. I don't normally draw noses, but I think it was necessary for this piece.
>>6896 Looks good.
Worked on the mermaid request today. I tweaked their positioning a little for aesthetics sake as well as color coded each character to better distinguish between them. Apologies on the lack of feet Francnon.
(135.94 KB 625x499 grogégé.jpeg)

>>6925 >Apologies on the lack of feet Francnon. Hey no problem. At least we have cute rabbits and mouses.
Worked a little on both requests today. I added the outfit to the rabbit request and finished the body forms for the mermaid request.
(200.47 KB 449x401 laughing_princesses.png)

>>7038 mermaid looks like princess peach tbh Neat!
I finished the lineart for the rabbit request and redrew a zoomed in version of the mermaid request. Hopefully she looks more like Daisy once it's finished.
Finished the lineart for the mermaid request today. It seems to be really coming along nicely.
(1011.70 KB 500x281 interdasted sloth.gif)

Worked on both requests over the weekend. I laid out the base color and lineart color using samples from the linked source material from each request. Is Canadanon still around? It seems he left us after he concluded his beach updates.
(18.90 KB 400x400 ike.jpg)

>>7277 >canadanon im sure he'll be back for another beach update in 2022. hes been in the process of taming strange for some time. so the beach life is all he came spare. before we migrated to 8, he was in the midst of a psychotic break. half loneliness, half pandemic global lockdown bafoonery. im happy for him and his pursuits. i have his email if you want it
Worked on the rabbit request today. I added shadows and highlights to her fur, hair, face, and gun. I'm sure Canadanon is too busy spending quality time with Neighbor-Lass to care what I'm up to so I'll pass on the offer. I was just curious.
(220.11 KB 1140x1200 princess.jpg)

>>7289 >Neighbor-Lass heh, so you read his exploits too! >Gun Bunny looking good. im also liking Daisy Mermaid w/Band-Aid Lad
I hope my fellow Ameriburgs had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Last week was busy both at work and at home so I couldn't work on anything. Today I worked on the mermaid request, adding shadows and highlights to the nude layers. I'll be taking a break from requests once I finish these two to start working on the Christmas Synthia piece. Any requests on pose or situation?
(7.44 KB 95x111 hsy4m0.png)

>>7477 welcome back! looking forward to the christmas piece:) >my contribution opCell santa hats
Worked on both requests today. I finished adding shadows and highlights to the 'nude' layer of the mermaid request, and I finished the bodysuit for the rabbit request.
Finished the rabbit request today. He asked that I place her in a secret steel base, and the first thing I thought of was death lasers. I'm including a version without the laser glow as well. I also finished shading the outfits for the mermaid request.
(234.13 KB 1280x1280 Tipsy Synthia.jpg)

I also started the Christmas Synthia piece. I'm going to pose her drinking a glass of wine and have her a bit more tipsy/loose for the bonus content. I have less than 3 weeks to finish it so wish me luck~
(33.67 KB 621x960 IMG_20211202_104327_221.jpg)

>>7756 good luck!
Finished the mermaid request today. All that was needed was a background, and since one wasn't specified even though I asked him to specify 3 times I used a stock background. I also worked more on the Christmas Synthia piece. I've made her face, breasts, front leg, and wine their own layers so I can change them for the bonus content.
>>7758 >big deal is made of kyle being underage at trial >draws kyle as a non-loli disgustang
(403.64 KB 1024x768 Super Spy Lariana Lewd.jpg)

(399.45 KB 1024x768 Super Spy Lariana Topless.jpg)

(397.73 KB 1024x768 Super Spy Lariana Nude.jpg)

(252.48 KB 1280x1280 Tipsy Synthia (2).jpg)

Finished the bonus content for the rabbit request today. I also worked on adding clothing the new Synthia piece. Both the skirt and top were placed on their own respective layers. This piece might end up being more customizable than the mousegirl swimsuit request. I didn't draw the Rule 63 Rittenhouse image. I didn't realize it was him until you said it. Saving that shit!
(184.38 KB 750x802 1572907402056.jpg)

>>7839 >not loli >disgustang smh fren
(32.92 KB 449x600 all so tiresome.jpg)

>>7891 >spy rabbit idk, the rabbit is a furry? furries make me uncomfy. >synthia coming along nicely!
Finished the bonus content for the mermaid request. I made several variants so I could display her bewbs in many ways. inb4 why is she tanned with brown nips
I also finished the lineart for the new Synthia piece. I changed her sleeve and skirt hem a little as well as adding her stocking cap.
(19.15 KB 283x281 why.jpg)

>>7912 >inb4
(315.04 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (1).jpg)

Laid out the base color and lineart color for the Synthia piece today.
(29.07 KB 846x737 santa helpr.png)

>>7982 really turning out nicely king
(405.74 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (3).jpg)

(324.89 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (2).jpg)

Been a bit overworked lately but still finding time to work on this. I need to stop dozing off.
(1.02 MB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia.png)

Worked more on the new Synthia piece. Synthia herself is finished and just needs a background. I'll most likely have her sitting on a couch or in a chair next to a Christmas tree. Here's an exploitable version so you can do your thing to it.
The original piece is finished. Now for the bonus content.
(124.48 KB 577x577 Happy_Anime_Girl.jpg)

>>8045 >>8061 love it!
(980.97 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (5).jpg)

(997.20 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (6).jpg)

Started working on some of the elements for Synthia's bonus content. Today I mainly focused on her leg, panties and pussy area.
(40.87 KB 718x322 heatenings.jpg)

(903.55 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (7).jpg)

(900.51 KB 1130x1300 Christmas Tipsy Synthia (8).jpg)

Worked on her bra and 'freed breasts' state today.
(10.34 KB 692x662 happy_large_eyes_frog.png)

>>8208 king, youve outdone yourself! <thank3
I've been working on Synthia's bonus content for the past few days and I've compiled an image set for her descent into the wine glass. Let me know if you'd like me to go farther in the set. I could make use of some well placed candy canes if you like...
(12.24 MB 640x480 404 C H R I S T M A S.mp4)

(37.29 KB 720x540 apu schwitz.jpg)

>>8260 >well placed candy canes
(1.97 MB 1082x1656 christmas elf04.jpg)

(2.04 MB 1066x1678 christmas elf05.jpg)

(1.98 MB 1076x1665 christmas elf06.jpg)

(1.34 MB 1085x1675 christmas elf08.jpg)

Great vid as always. Yes, well placed candy canes. AND let me GIVE YOU a SAAAM-pllle.
(47.35 KB 1026x798 92d63f82.jpg)

>>8266 >SAAAM-pllle
Apologies for the inactivity. When I wasn't relaxing for a change I've been busy working on various positions of the candy canes. The only component left to work on is a lewd facial expression. Here's another sample of what's to come.
It took longer to compile than I care to admit, but the lewd candy canes are finished. From start to finish this piece took about 30 hours to sketch, draw, color, edit, lewd, and compile. Thank you for you patience, and Happy New Year!
>>8555 New anon is sirUNBUTTERED. Have fun with that.
(19.46 KB 471x393 pp.jpg)

>>8509 >>8550 >>8551 >>8552 >>8553 >>8554 >>8555 wowee! thanks for the candy cane arrangements! sirUNBUTTERED sounds fun. New Year, New Name, New (You)!!
Started working on 2 new requests today. The first one features an alternate version of Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin. I was asked to turn him into a water mage singing while conjuring up some water magic.
(113.73 KB 1024x1281 toilandtrouble_by_numbdev.jpg)

(117.43 KB 1024x768 undies_21_by_leokeizer.jpg)

(906.24 KB 2100x1848 Squeaky Cheeks for numbdev.jpg)

The second is a lewd drawing of sexy mice flashing their asses. I can hardly contain myself.
>>8636 >>8635 looking forward to the mousenings and what not!
>>8636 >first pic Those mice have litteraly cat faces. Yes another lewd mouse is alway welcome !
(380.00 KB 1200x1848 Hydromancer Boyfriend (1).jpg)

Worked on the boyfriend request today. Started fleshing out the head, body, and hands. I probably redrew the hand holding the microphone 7 times before I got it to look right. I need to practice more with them tbh.
Worked more of the mice request today. Started fleshing out the one on the left. Her pose got altered slightly in regards to her neck and ass. Mmmm, the beginnings of delicious leftovers.
(5.81 KB 201x176 micky.jpg)

>>8692 >>8744 squeeky cheeks for the win!
(791.17 KB 2100x1848 Squeaky Cheeks for numbdev (2).jpg)

(319.58 KB 1200x1848 Hydromancer Boyfriend (2).jpg)

I was asked to make the tail thicker and longer on the mouse request. I also finished the lineart for the boyfriend request. Looks like that one's going to be finished fairly quickly.
I worked more on the mouse request today. The requestor wanted the tail even longer and thicker so I fixed it again, as well as fleshing out the girl in the middle.
(226.02 KB 1024x768 mouse.png)

>>8828 >>8853 squeek squeek
(475.99 KB 1200x1848 Hydromancer Boyfriend (3).jpg)

(604.77 KB 2300x1750 Squeaky Cheeks for numbdev (4).jpg)

Worked on both requests the last coupla' days. I laid out the base color and lineart color for the boyfriend request, and I finished the nude lineart mostly for the mouse request. I might work on the girl on the right a little more as her head seems too tall though.
Worked more on the mouse request today. I fixed the issues on the right girl's head and started adding the bra and panties for all three of them.
(36.54 KB 471x480 mickey_mouse_gun.jpg)

>>8937 >>8960 the squeekers are cumming along micely:) sorry i cant get into boyfriend. stirs up some anti-gay sentiment that i harbor for some reason. its 2022 and i shouldnt care.
I feel deep apologies are in order. I haven't posted anything in almost two weeks nor have I browsed anywhere. I caught a nasty case of the Rona last Wednesday and it fucked me over last Friday. Today was my first day back to work and I feel like somebody ran over my chest and lower back. I haven't been hording any updates because I was basically asleep 90% of the time. I will begin contributing again once I am better enough. Don't feel bad for me; I literally asked for the Cororo and I got it, and then some. I hope you have been well and I will be active again soon.
(210.31 KB 698x717 yinyang.png)

>>9278 Take care Mr King. Hope the flu will not affect you in the future. Get well.
(38.38 KB 772x772 McFuckits.jpg)

>>9278 >slacking on the art posts dont worry about it. hope you are well. me personally, ive been distracted with Toon Blast on my phone and seasonal depression. we got 20 inches of snow last week, another 6-8 inches today. lows in the negative teens F°. outside of that, it seems like the start of a potential normal year. 2019 kind of normal. i think the power of this BIO-SECURITY State we've been living in is waning. glad to hear from you! im going drop some things ive collected on various threads soon t. BO
Felt better enough to work so I continued with the mouse request today. Base color and lineart color are finished.
>>9406 thos cheeky bastards!
(590.22 KB 1200x1848 Hydromancer Boyfriend (4).jpg)

Worked on the boyfriend request today. Only thing left to do is a background and some water effects in his conjuring hand.
I finished both requests today. I am quite happy with the water effects on the boyfriend request, and I am proud that I finished three steps on the mouse request. I am spent.
(155.97 KB 939x498 goofy.jpg)

>>9577 good job king! anything else on the docket or are you able to take it easy?
Ugh, it took me an hour to render the video for the Squeaky Cheeks lineart. I can't imaging how much longer the finished version will take. After I finish a nude version of the mouse request I'll work on a Valentines Synthia piece then move onto the next set of requests most likely. Did you have something in mind that you wanted me to draw?
Finished compiling all bonus content for the mouse request. Haven't drawn cumshots for a long, long time. Will start working on the new Synthia piece tonight.
(231.68 KB 1200x1848 Synthia Loving Embrace.jpg)

I decided to do something completely different for the Synthia Valentines piece. I've depicted her in a loving embrace with 404-anon. As I'm not well known for drawing depictions of actual love ecchi alternatives and sex don't count I'm stepping way outside of my comfort zone for this piece.
>>9777 Wew, new name 404-anon.
(1.09 MB 1280x720 OKAY LET'S GO.mp4)

>>9777 >404-anon Okay!
(22.47 KB 255x255 mewch anon.png)

>>9777 i like it! 404 Anon seems neat!
(356.44 KB 1200x1848 Synthia Loving Embrace (1).jpg)

Worked more on the new Synthia piece today.
(127.62 KB 657x527 apu up.png)

>>9814 nice!
No >lolicon
(238.00 KB 600x365 ceiling kot.png)

Return of the King! Yes! >>9863 You seems lost frendo.
(345.59 KB 1200x1848 Synthia Loving Embrace (2).jpg)

(367.54 KB 1200x1848 Synthia Loving Embrace (3).jpg)

It's good to be well again. Thanks for the warm welcome. Worked more on the new Synthia piece today. I laid out base color and lineart color, as well as started shadows and highlights on the nude layers. I'm aiming to have the main piece as well as its bonus content finished before Valentines Day.
Finished the main piece for the Synthia Valentines OC. I really like how it turned out. Tomorrow I work on the bonus content.
(5.82 KB 274x271 rated.png)

10 out of 10
Worked on the bonus content for the Synthia piece. I want to take it further with her giving him head. If I can pull this off in less than a week it'd be amazing.
Was feeling energetic so I made a few more.
I've spent close to 20 hours on this piece so far. Here's a sneek preview of the next phase.
needs more baby wife.jpg
(1.61 MB 336x167 wrestling-face.gif)

Next phase is finished. The next part is going to be a tight shot of the bj in progress. Not sure if its progress will be as fast as this step but I'm already dedicated to it.
(112.26 KB 609x571 baby wife.jpg)

draw baby wife.jpg
(1.86 MB 1280x1256 ClipboardImage-1644191319.png)

Started working on the basic layout of the bj zoom. Should 404-anon be cut or uncut? I have now spent 27 hours on this project, averaging 3-4 hours a night. I think my wrist problems are finally improving.
(7.67 KB 170x255 1591317346-0.jpg)

>>10064 dont know why synthia is blowing 404-anon, but it seems to make you happy. <so im happy!
>>10064 x-tremely lewd. 404-anon can be cut and uncut versions?
(45.69 KB 680x686 benis.jpg)

>>10078 circumcised is my guess. i vote uncut! just to make it stranger:)
Synthia is blowing 404-Anon because it would kinda' be wincest if she was blowing Canadanon. I haven't drawn full-on porn for a very long time and I'm glad I still can, which makes me happy. I also want to do a good job for /404/ because you deserve it for following my mediocre artwork for so long. I started bringing down the shorts today. I'm trying out both cut and uncut to see how it goes. Since I don't draw pingas too often or ever for that matter I spent an obscene amount of time looking at flaccid dicks. Hopefully I captured it properly.
>>10130 nice micropenis loser
(44.20 KB 485x960 Micropenis.jpg)

>>10132 >nice micropenis loser im willing to bet 404-anon is a grow'r, not a show'r.
>>10032 do it
I don't think I'll have the whole set finished before Valentines Day but I'm not giving up. Today I made several states of pingas ranging from uncut to cut and flaccid to raging. I also made a few alternate facial expressions for Synthia, and added shadow, highlights, and detail to 404-Anon. Synthia's facial expressions aren't ready to share yet so enjoy more non-Jewish purple cock.
I removed Synthia's head and body because they were in the way. Oddly enough, full-powered purple mushroom is longer and thicker than her upper arm. Perhaps I went too far in the opposite direction...
all of this sucks and the baby wife.jpg would be better
>>10165 why is it green is this hulk oc
(5.83 MB 600x342 79345848.webm)

came across this and figured it could serve as some kind of reference for your bj thing
(379.90 KB 433x559 aug2021-sketch_requests6.png)

(119.47 KB 1024x768 head7.JPG)

(258.72 KB 1485x1490 head4.jpg)

(374.34 KB 1325x2048 head16.jpg)

Thanks for the reference video, but the bj seems too forced for what I'm going for with this piece, which is more loving. Images related. I seem to be thinking of this piece in terms of keyframes, as if I was going to animate it, which is why its progression is so slow. The result will be quite a large image set so it's not all bad. Since most of you don't seem too interested in updates I'll hold off until things are a bit more finalized.
(7.97 KB 226x223 george.jpg)

>>10190 cant wait for final product
Been working on all of the elements for almost a week and I am just about finished working on this set. The only things left are small details with interaction shadows mainly the one below her head and the actual compiling of images. I'm probably going to have to flatten a lot of elements something I don't like doing in the interest of easier tweaks and fixes as there's close to 1000 of then in countless folders and takes 2 minutes to open and close the file. Here's one last teaser before I finally release the set.
(48.93 KB 400x275 7d645311.png)

>>10335 nice!
(35.43 KB 528x660 balls on neck.jpg)

>>10335 >the balls look a little flat/deflated
I made the final changes and unflattened his balls. The whole set from start to finish is going to be 36 images for each version (cut and uncut) coming up to 72 total (the first 13 are technically duplicates because they don't have the pingas on display). I've already compiled one of the sets. Here's one last teaser before I finish tomorrow..
(529.94 KB 2164x2164 cat coomer.png)

>>10381 liek
After 3 weeks of work the whole set is finished. I'll pick up the set where I left off, which is right at the start of the zoom. You can download the entire set for free at https://www.mediafire.com/file/qedm7kxnc56f0dk/Synthia_Loving_Embrace_%2528Valentines2022%2529.zip/file.
And now the cut version.
And now the cut version.
And now the cut version.
And now the cut version.
I think I'll leave the set at here for now. I want to expand more sexual acts in the future so we'll see when that happens. Thank you for following my mediocre artwork.
terrible draw the baby wife
(250.54 KB 535x526 1472258372137.png)

>>10485 >>10486 >>10487 >>10488 >>10489 >>10490 >>10491 >>10492 >>10493 >>10494 >>10495 >>10496 >>10497 woah! nice drop king! >Thank you for following my mediocre artwork. no, thank you:)
(17.56 KB 324x586 bone.jpg)

(637.51 KB 1600x1848 Yin and Yang.jpg)

(539.27 KB 1600x1848 Yin and Yang (1).jpg)

Started working on the next round of requests today. The first is from a DeviantArt user that asked that I draw his twin catgirls Yin and Yang in happy and angry poses that he chose. I had started working on it yesterday and have already made an edit to it.
The other is from Daed, an old friend from Fapchan and Mewch. He asked that I draw him wearing a cow bikini that he once posted on another site. I plan to draw both a female version and a cross-dressed version of the girl on the right on the sample image mostly because of dat ass with a couple of changes.
(2.78 MB 320x240 daed.webm)

>>10537 >Daed he's still alive? that's good to hear. <incoming mewch clip
(186.25 KB 781x1064 114Ry.png)

(264.58 KB 473x1027 mikaila_by_strangewanderer76.png)

(81.78 KB 213x485 Ganyu (pose).png)

(773.73 KB 1600x1848 Demoness and Mikaila.jpg)

Started working on the last piece of this round's requests today. I was asked to draw two girls posed like the sample image which is more a basic costume reference than a pose imo but meh.... It's another simple, straightforward request so it shouldn't be too hard.
(42.19 KB 450x613 time-to-fap_o_1595297.jpg)

>>10570 >dat demoness
Worked on the twin kitty request today. I started fleshing out the girl on the left. I'm also working on lewd and nude versions for a piece I finished about a year ago that I previously didn't have permission to make. I'll post the results from it when I'm finished.
>>10610 can u do a horse furry with a massive dick
(235.17 KB 1000x1848 Daedalus Cowkini Booty (1).jpg)

You wouldn't happen to be pony-anon would you? I prefer to draw the female form and the thought of researching horsecock to capture its magnificence makes me hesitant. Ask again with more details about the request later and I may consider it after I finish this round of requests. Worked on the Daed request today. The nude lineart for the female form is practically finished. He's a bit on the thicc side so the legs and ass are very meaty. He said he'd be visiting this thread on an irregular basis so hopefully he sees and approves.
(705.32 KB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila (1).jpg)

Worked on the demoness request today (she's a robot demoness as the original artist stated when I asked for the character's name). Had a limited time to work on it today so I didn't quite finish.
(652.66 KB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila (2).jpg)

(862.41 KB 1200x1200 Split Willy Lewd.png)

(832.12 KB 1200x1200 Split Willy Nude.png)

Worked on the demoness request again to finish what I started yesterday. Since it wasn't a large amount of work I dedicated the rest of my time today to finish the lewd and nude versions of a past piece.
bumping out of support! THANKS KING!
Worked on the twin kitty request today. I drew the body form for the second twin. I redrew the waist a few times to get it to look right. I kept making her look fat. I also started working on lewd and nude versions of another old piece that I wasn't given permission to last year. I'll post those results when I finish them. DeviantArt is now allowing hentai submissions, which would give me another place to post my spicier works... that is if it wasn't being forced to be posted behind a paywall. I'm not exactly okay with making people to pay for my mediocre drawing so I think I'll be continuing to post them here and on Pixiv until the paywall thing is lifted.
>>10701 can u do a sonic plz like make him spin on a ring with a thumbs up
>>10701 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
(522.50 KB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila (3).jpg)

Worked on the demoness request today. I finished the body form for the other girl.
(9.35 KB 297x170 thiccer.png)

>>10629 Hnng thiccer! >>10556 Come talk to me in IRC sometime :3
(467.57 KB 1600x1848 Yin and Yang for Gexon (4).jpg)

Worked on the twin kitty request today. I added my version of their outfits. The lineart should be ready for color now unless the requestor wants anything changed. I'm glad Daed approves of his piece. I'll work on the cowkini and alternate versions the next time I'm active.
(45.23 KB 569x510 1414354323001.jpg)

>>10727 >Come talk to me in IRC sometime :3 we're talking rn. me 8ch exodus haver when mewch started. lurked, sometimes posted. never rose to identity ranks of Tommy 2 Forks, uglyboi, domo(whovever that was), attention whore, Joe, King,etc. i remember you and sometimes visit the mewchs that pissed off to nanochan, whats left of them. t. me >>10764 pussy cats are looking good king!
(632.42 KB 866x705 shit.png)

>>10777 new name: Shit
I finished the lineart for the Daed request yesterday but fell asleep before sharing it. I also finished the lineart for the demoness piece today. I think I might be overworking myself.
>>10869 where is my sonics
>>10869 where is my sonic spinning on a ring
(142.75 KB 874x914 1552303212559.jpg)

(44.75 KB 700x630 3ce.jpg)

(488.93 KB 1600x1848 Yin and Yang for Gexon (5).jpg)

(345.25 KB 1000x1848 Daedalus Cowkini Booty (4).jpg)

(338.20 KB 1000x1848 Daedalus Cowkini Booty (5).jpg)

(602.29 KB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila (6).jpg)

Worked on all 3 requests today. I added base color and lineart color for each of them. Definitely overworking myself this time around.
(575.88 KB 1600x1848 Yin and Yang for Gexon (6).jpg)

Wew autosage has kicked in. I'll keep posting in this thread until it 404s, as there is no need for 2 mediocre art threads. Worked on the twin kitty request today. I added shadows and highlights to the girl on the left. The linearts for all three of these requests made it into the top 20 in their respective category, the most popular one being Daed's, which stayed in the top 20 for 2 days. Feels good man.
(839.20 KB 1200x1848 Double Gun Dawn Lewd .jpg)

(815.06 KB 1200x1848 Double Gun Dawn Nude .jpg)

Was feeling energetic tonight so I also finished the lewd and nude versions of the gun girl request from about a year ago.
>>10910 draw the baby wife >>10018
(49.94 KB 756x660 13e.jpg)

king, feel free to make a second thread or i can keep this cyclical. either one is fine, but you are natuarully bumplocked(((FYI)))
(108.55 KB 1170x1169 world war 3.jpg)

>>10911 'murica!
Finished the twin kitty request today. I also started lewd and nude versions of a Bendy and the Ink Machine request I had last year. I'll post the results when it's finished. As I stated in a previous post, I plan to keep posting in this thread until it 404s, but you can make it cyclical if it's what you want. I don't mind either way. I just don't want to clutter /404/ with more than one thread containing my 'artwork.'
(64.34 KB 480x320 1613792785131.png)

>>10959 i say kill it! lets max it out!
>>10869 >>10883 M o o You make me want to put on the cow bikini again.
Worked on and finished the Daed piece today. I am amazed on how motivated I was to finish it. Maybe Daed being both in this thread today and available in IRC helped speed it along.
>>10976 yeye ok do my sonic spinning on a ring noe
draw the baby wife
(277.42 KB 1200x1848 Celes and the Bikini Machine.png)

(303.70 KB 1200x1848 Celes and the Pantsu Machine.png)

(280.99 KB 1200x1848 Celes and the Stockings Machine.png)

(276.07 KB 1200x1848 Celes and the Nude Machine.png)

Finished the bonus content for the Ink Machine request. The Bikini version isn't new but I'm reposting it anyway. The only thing left before I make more bonus content is the demoness request.
>>10996 this is NOT a sonic do my sonic spinning on a ring noe!!!!
>>10996 I really like this bunny.
(593.20 KB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila (7).jpg)

Worked on the demoness request today. Started adding shadows and highlights to the girl on the left. Since she's a robot demoness I tried to mimic metallic shading for her body and a demonic shading in her eyes.
>>11014 Thanks. I really liked her as well. I gave the piece a simplified look to match the old-fashioned style of Bendy and the Ink Machine. The requesting artist didn't allow me to lewd and nude her last year, but that artist has since left DeviantArt and I feel she was open game.
(31.75 KB 471x393 pp hard.jpg)

>>11015 woah!
draw the baby wife
(33.77 KB 400x583 1473527815001.jpg)

(1.46 MB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila.png)

The demoness request is finished. Hopefully the requestor doesn't want anything added so I can move along to bonus content.
>>11085 hnnnng HNNNNG! do my sonic spinning on a ring noe
(71.34 KB 680x581 bf0.jpg)

>>11091 to clarify I want dont want a spin dash, I want to see sonic face like the orange sonic in pic rel
(1.02 MB 1600x1848 Yin and Yang Lewd .jpg)

(1.02 MB 1600x1848 Yin and Yang Nude.jpg)

Finished the bonus content for the twin kitty request today. I'm partway through the bonus content for the Daed piece as well.
(80.35 KB 1252x1252 stares at you.jpg)

>>11160 >twin kitty request
Finished bonus content for the Daed request. One more to go~
>>11172 >One more to go its my sonic spinning on a ring with his face right...
(7.48 KB 226x223 kingapu.png)

>>11172 >second drawing its the accurate one, did daed request a pussy? eitherway, both art pieces are great. you are a good person king. i dont have the patience or maturity that you show with all of your requests. we could all benefit to share some of your virtues.
No, the pussy was my idea. Not that he doesn't like the female version. He voiced his delight when he noticed I made the tits on the male version smaller. I'm not sure if he's seen the bonus content yet though. I'm sure I'll know soon enough. Worked on the bonus content for the demoness request. It's not quite finished yet so no image update today.
(1.32 MB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila Lewd .png)

(1.31 MB 1600x1848 114Ry and Mikaila Nude .png)

Finished the bonus content for the demoness request. I'm taking a break from requests to work on this year's Synthia Easter piece. I was thinking of dressing her either in a static bunnysuit or in something frilly. I haven't decided on the pose yet.
(119.67 KB 538x360 mmmm.webm)

>>11225 yeyeyeye u do sonic spinning on ring with face noe
(367.60 KB 1200x1848 Springtime Synthia.jpg)

Started working on the new Synthia piece. I'm going to depict her holding a basket of either eggs or carrots depending on what outfit she's wearing(spring attire or bunnysuit)..The lineart for her body is mostly finished.
(418.74 KB 1200x1848 Springtime Synthia (lineart).jpg)

Finished the fancy dress version for the new Synthia piece. Will work on the bunnysuit version tomorrow.
>>11287 Cute.
Finished the bunnysuit version for the new Synthia piece.
>>11314 Yeah baby eat that carrot. Yum yum... \ / \\ // )\-/( /e e\ ( =Y= ) /`-!-'\ ____/ /___\ \ \ / ``` ```~~"--.,_ `-._\ / `~~"--.,_ ----->| `~~"--.,_ _.-'/ \ ~~"--.,_ / \_________________________,,,,....----""""~~~~````
Worked on both versions of the new Synthia piece. Looks like it's going to be finished much quicker than I'd originally expected.
(86.55 KB 417x234 heat.png)

>>11326 NEATO!
(112.26 KB 609x571 baby wife.jpg)

draw the baby wife
(919.89 KB 1200x1848 Springtime Synthia (2).png)

Starting the night with the body finished. Would have posted last night but I fell asleep while I was working on it.
(1.23 MB 1200x1848 Springtime Synthia (3).png)

I managed to finish most of her color. I started nodding off again so I'm calling it a night.
>>11400 try doing sonic spinning on a ring with his face noe
(12.99 KB 252x212 just mew my shit up.jpg)

Finished the main outfit for the new Synthia piece. Here's a version without the background to do with as you wish.
>>11432 you cant do sonic spinning on a ring with his face cuz you dont knwo how to do a sonic spinning on ring with face literally 5 year olds and autismos can do sonic spinning on ring with face, lmao even chinchan sonichu be do dat ergo you cant draw
Finished the bunnysuit version of the new Synthia piece. Since I'm not planning any explicit use of carrots with this piece, maybe I'll be able to finish its bonus content before the holiday this time around. Also, wew version with no background!
(29.75 KB 720x630 no cat.jpg)

>>11445 NICE! t. no cat
(1.00 MB 1200x1848 Springtime Synthia Lewd.jpg)

(944.57 KB 1200x1848 Springtime Synthia Nude.jpg)

All bonus content for the new Synthia piece is finished. Now I can relax a little before starting the next round of requests next week.
(27.56 KB 416x415 reimu_sad.jpg)

ZUN, I'm a big fan of your work. I can't believe you are posting on 8moe, please don't remove Moriya Shrine.
>>11529 Also can you please sign my copy of Imperishable Night
(791.27 KB 703x1137 laci.png)

(69.65 KB 900x1238 Molly By Euforianatsumi.jpg)

(612.25 KB 1848x1848 Molly and Laci's Strange Love.jpg)

I've started on the next round of requests. I'm only taking on 2 this time. The first one asked me to draw 2 of his females in what I can best describe as a Wile E Coyote fetish. He asked that I draw one of the girls, Molly, tied to a giant rocket and the other one, Laci, kissing her. This should be fun. I'm still working on the other one's sketches so I'll try to post that tomorrow.
(193.89 KB 1024x1823 6c9.jpg)

(545.72 KB 1200x1848 Lucy's Shower Time.jpg)

This request comes from a user on pixiv, the first one from that community. His request went straight for a nude piece, which depicts Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail in the shower. His request was a bit vague so I offered him a few different poses, actions, and anges to choose from.
Worked more on the rocket kiss request. I zoomed in the focus a bit and started fleshing out the body for one of the girls.
(81.33 KB 498x739 retard shitter.jpg)

>>11650 >>11659 >>11686 looks like you have your work cut out for you. i may make a request in the future, but nothing is coming to mind yet. just brain storming atm
(299.11 KB 1200x1848 Lucy's Shower Time (1).jpg)

I look forward to your next request. Good to see the tech detox is doing good for you. Worked on the shower request today. The lineart is almost finished. I think I need to make her breasts bigger but I'll let the requestor decide that.
Worked on the rocket request today. I formed the body for the other girl, as well as made a few small changes to the one tied up. The numbness in my drawing hand seems to be returning. Hopefully the cause is just my paying job kicking my ass so I can continue my work.
Worked on the rocket request again today. I added clothing to the girl ties up as well as the ropes around her mid-section. I also started the other girl's outfit.
(31.75 KB 471x393 pp hard.jpg)

>>11746 >>11798 >>11818 >shower and rocket scene
The numbness on my drawing wrist is persisting and my paying job is working me long hours so progress is slow. Nonetheless, I worked on the rocket request once again today. The lineart is pretty much finished. I was asked to remove the tape from the girl tied up's mouth which didn't make any sense to me in the first place tbh.
(225.43 KB 1200x1848 Lucy's Shower Time (2).jpg)

Worked on the shower request today. Not much was added. I fixed her breasts a little and added hair over her shoulder. Let's see if the requestor needs anything changed.
This is a massive thread, could anyone answer me these questions for a new comer? -I can see artwork posted here is for requests from other places, are we allowed to request in this thread? -I see humans and furry are allowed. Is it original characters only or are characters from franchises allowed as well? -What will the artist notdraw?
>>11920 >contributes nothing to the board >barges in and demands free OC drawings Get lost.
>>11921 Then explain to me how things work around here.
(93.61 KB 474x625 attention guy.jpg)

>>11922 king is the artist. cozy up to king, then maybe make a request eventually? introductions are nice:) W E L C O M E
>>11920 Fortune smiles upon you, as I'm not usually active for several more hours. Most of my requests come from DeviantArt, but I've gotten a few from Pixiv and here as well. My rules for taking requests are as follows: 1. There is a waiting list and there are requestors ahead of you. Obviously anything requested by Davey or is board related take priority. 2. You can place your request here. If it interests me I'll ask you for more information. I draw pretty much anything that piques my interest. My gallery at https://kingadvrc.deviantart.com/ has examples of requested work and what I'll take on. 3. I never ask for payment or compensation for my mediocre artwork. I do ask however that you are either civil or respectful when placing your request. Example: something like >>11345 will be completely ignored. Simply linking the post sickens me, and it's not because it's lolicon. 4. Usually it's several months before I can get to your request so be patient. If it's something i have a lot of interest in I may make an exception. I hope that answers any of your questions.
>>11929 >I do ask however that you are either civil or respectful when placing your request. OK, no baby wife. Got it. But what about sonic spinning on a ring with his face ?
>>11929 Thank you for the prompt reply. I understand that there is a waiting period. Do you only draw OCs or are franchise characters allowed as well? >Simply linking the post sickens me, and it's not because it's lolicon. Just to clarify (and I don't mean to offend), are you okay with loli requests?
>>11934 I draw franchise characters, original characters, furry, etc, so long as it interests me. The 'sonic spinning with his face' was another series of rude posting that I never acknowledged, the last of which he insulted me not that I care for not working on it. I have no issue with lolicon. My issue was dignifying those 'not serious' requests with a response.
>>11935 Apologies, forgot to namefag.