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(135.04 KB 1000x1291 Alfred-Kubin-Munich.jpg)

(220.50 KB 594x848 6852478961809448.jpg)

(15.28 KB 480x452 1482545434798.jpg)

(87.17 KB 427x640 1451397792014-0.jpg)

Media dump thread #2 Sheesh!™ 10/17/2021 (Sun) 18:57:23 No. 6044
(119.57 KB 625x938 ikTRI.jpg)

(390.07 KB 899x1600 1383284014140.jpg)

(239.09 KB 640x512 ku-xlarge.jpg)

(222.80 KB 1000x1189 6ojrnit.jpg)

(2.38 MB 2040x8832 07823567.jpg)

(110.55 KB 795x1250 80015274999.jpg)

(4.96 MB 1923x1080 48739765416.png)

(227.04 KB 700x725 1586469668366.jpg)

(66.66 KB 1200x1200 apu oops.jpg)

>Media dump thread #2 ok! will dump when dump arises.
(175.99 KB 900x600 photo_bgpath.jpg)

(483.32 KB 853x1063 mc784wh.jpg)

(101.07 KB 342x512 048504045475.jpg)

(1.55 MB 1920x1200 1584571445449-2.jpg)

(43.15 KB 896x874 kramer.jpg)

(55.03 KB 757x662 kramer 2.jpg)

(44.43 KB 600x500 kramer 4.jpg)

(173.29 KB 1252x1252 kramer 3.jpg)

(17.27 KB 301x375 kramer 5.jpg)

(35.06 KB 846x472 kramer 7.jpg)

(12.73 KB 298x331 kramer 6.jpg)

(383.81 KB 1078x683 cosmo kramer.jpg)

(77.91 KB 636x666 kramer 11.jpg)

(31.77 KB 768x576 kramer 9.jpg)

(43.11 KB 768x576 kramer 10.jpg)

(91.75 KB 750x577 kramer hentai.jpg)

(128.63 KB 900x1404 Back Cover.jpg)

(20.40 KB 460x324 a-7.jpg)

(27.01 KB 450x285 1423437552588-1.jpg)

(597.91 KB 1200x800 muslims in russia10.jpg)

(36.82 KB 358x283 cans76.jpg)

(372.09 KB 500x663 w6ih76ihhfi67.png)

(272.74 KB 1024x683 8045760885_54953e339a_b.jpg)

(1.34 MB 1920x1080 97838946927835773.jpg)

(118.47 KB 650x487 ta5.jpg)

(38.99 KB 865x370 latew4ctjst.jpg)

(335.89 KB 1400x919 1497791334466.jpg)

(549.45 KB 2047x1364 1385996623177.jpg)

(42.53 KB 620x400 1453140207533.jpg)

(49.98 KB 471x700 GMivELv.jpg)

(149.00 KB 1080x1080 1562148615912-2.jpg)

(165.91 KB 800x600 11_bp.jpg)

(48.75 KB 400x400 stf0011_front.jpg)

(321.90 KB 1264x632 fut1 peteamachree.jpg)

(335.01 KB 1200x788 muslims in russia8.jpg)

(73.85 KB 620x620 na-ga-27.jpg)

(163.31 KB 720x477 TmOoV.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1920x1200 1403995262275.jpg)

(337.40 KB 2050x1367 1456159584121.jpg)

(36.08 KB 500x339 utify-cry-road.jpg)

(673.32 KB 650x735 page1_1.jpg)

(345.02 KB 1920x1080 1386099446163.jpg)

(1.12 MB 900x900 1428001446863.jpg)

(697.00 KB 500x750 4nxqFQPl1ssfkpve56.jpg)

(38.15 KB 758x547 1423747659787-0.jpg)

(355.56 KB 1200x799 muslims in russia3.jpg)

(283.41 KB 1024x680 1501045475533.jpg)

>>6088 >2nd pic Nice movie.
>>6051 I'm despicable...
(15.52 MB 640x272 dont die.webm)

(10.39 MB 640x352 Gummo - Crying.mp4)

>>6099 >Nice movie. Harmony Korine is a strange cat. all of his movies are awkward as fuck. did like Mister Lonely despite all the cringe that happening. >gummo cringe and based
>>6104 I love Roy Orbison. I liked the Gummo ending scene just because of the music. I discovered Roy with the Lynch's movie Blue Velvet, in this great scene.
We missed the next get? >>6111 filetype upload issues again? At least I'm not the only one.
(65.74 KB 1125x619 david lynch.jpg)

>>6106 >blue velvet still dont know why i havent seen this yet. nearly watch all things lynch, including Dune. putting it on my watch list.
(12.46 MB 450x360 The Dancing Girl.webm)

(743.12 KB 990x619 bp1.jpg)

(73.43 KB 600x450 1419062672535.jpg)

(51.49 KB 758x600 1423066276268-0.jpg)

(87.58 KB 500x673 MI Spanish Military.jpg)

(125.85 KB 1101x762 1362857424848.jpg)

(403.08 KB 800x1185 1358510353849.jpg)

(13.71 KB 600x315 saaf.png)

(177.83 KB 900x610 British Army.jpg)

(418.35 KB 598x776 an.png)

(56.42 KB 560x572 wrkty.jpg)

(60.28 KB 750x698 874266849.jpeg)

(455.15 KB 1504x1024 TRUMP.jpg)

>>6285 >874266849.jpeg saved and shared
(98.41 KB 791x952 htttb.jpg)

(356.94 KB 589x635 arr rook same.png)

(203.36 KB 761x1200 brainfoods.jpg)

(78.11 KB 1256x234 6504850324.PNG)

(125.37 KB 458x464 sorgsydan9.jpg)

(361.12 KB 930x700 tollandmanelection.jpg)

(426.11 KB 722x526 1409605884255.png)

(5.23 MB 2570x3345 434488582-2019-12-06.jpg)

(129.69 KB 891x506 1354729332313.jpg)

(173.82 KB 529x800 3991264616.jpg)

(73.34 KB 960x261 birds.jpg)

(18.40 KB 200x200 1412799109798.jpg)

(1.17 MB 1264x945 Rebelka.jpg)

(193.83 KB 590x824 Royal Danish Army.jpg)

(40.76 KB 620x310 50208786326.jpg)

(127.35 KB 960x534 153615685361.jpg)

(142.26 KB 612x792 RazielOld2.JPG)

(375.97 KB 1200x760 MI United States Navy (1).jpg)

(1.08 MB 2048x1348 MI United States Navy (2).jpg)

(202.13 KB 1188x1920 slamfire1.jpg)

(28.96 KB 720x540 american apu question.jpg)

>>6358 >1st pic is this real?
(4.88 MB 453x255 wykcfpk.gif)

(181.54 KB 985x948 Swedish Armed Forces.gif)

(1.13 MB 309x206 634270507587.gif)

(198.65 KB 1080x1073 2684542065346.jpg)

>>6362 That infographic is so old, even if it was real, them old wending machines probably are no longer operational.
(493.71 KB 800x1333 give_moot_the_boot.png)

>>6369 it was looking like a blast from the past. >member when 4chan used to be significant <member when 8chan used to matter
Edited last time by 404 on 10/26/2021 (Tue) 21:53:00.

(5.87 MB 544x480 VID-20211013-WA0002.mp4)

(63.38 KB 680x543 ExRSDeEXIAIJOjc.jpeg)

(238.98 KB 430x602 870589.jpg)

(87.81 KB 900x445 28942792478452.jpg)

(866.13 KB 3000x2000 86758740426.jpg)

(161.20 KB 1011x444 1635391732945.png)

(56.57 KB 374x555 1635389274679.jpg)

(390.52 KB 1440x1395 etmap.jpeg)

(173.68 KB 1036x1006 1600288949229.jpg)

(86.01 KB 539x640 SoldierTard.jpg)

>>6390 >techniques of silent killing
(1.91 MB 610x360 magdump.webm)

should be ready for a dump tonight.
(62.10 KB 1077x1067 hamster-wheel.jpeg)

(33.54 KB 600x396 1632346060269.jpg)

(75.51 KB 614x845 domesticated.jpg)

(433.88 KB 750x697 TAMED.png)

(120.16 KB 1280x716 d1bec82de799bdba.jpg)

(59.61 KB 960x770 IMG_20211026_123021_475.jpg)

(295.33 KB 360x360 escape the modern world.mp4)

(29.02 KB 456x457 apu swim pic.jpg)

>>6420 >>6421 >>6422 >>6423 >>6424 >>6425 >>6426 >>6427 >>6428 >>6429 >>6430 tried to dump, but only farted. Splash was made:)
(14.28 MB 600x480 Eiffel 65 - Blue.mp4)

my god this has dated poorly. so good!
>>6447 other mentionables
(68.15 KB 480x829 1416340542834-3.jpg)

(154.52 KB 736x1871 1436442302994-1.jpg)

(181.87 KB 750x1334 90165325841069.jpg)

(2.92 MB 5462x3173 FA-18.jpg)

(389.78 KB 800x1200 1354337004603.png)

(591.77 KB 500x750 howtoworkbetter.png)

(74.91 KB 474x644 5678152959.jpg)

(93.10 KB 500x490 Fighter Jet Comparison B.jpg)

(339.08 KB 213x199 5a3egr.gif)

(1.96 MB 230x173 1362172804211.gif)

(47.41 KB 531x751 20080617774531751.jpg)

(120.75 KB 819x540 Aircraft Generations.jpg)

(2.49 MB 3966x1695 Astute Class Submarine.jpg)

(950.92 KB 384x288 1380214104174.gif)

(74.71 KB 828x821 007.jpeg)

(1.79 MB 360x640 1635816508226.mp4)

(338.48 KB 928x928 1635795602877.png)

(269.17 KB 640x640 antifa chud.jpg)

(101.83 KB 1080x602 IMG_20211103_063548_594.jpg)

(93.96 KB 800x600 JSF F-35 Variants.jpg)

(86.15 KB 540x810 R-C brioche-tall.jpg)

(84.52 KB 700x479 1454037960849-0.jpg)

(1.50 MB 2205x990 1618953969422.jpg)

(515.09 KB 1702x2048 013.jpg)

(564.63 KB 2048x1365 014.jpg)

(1.36 MB 2508x1707 604.jpg)

(1.82 MB 2714x1707 606.jpg)

(165.92 KB 750x563 620.jpg)

(150.01 KB 750x563 621.jpg)

(153.13 KB 750x563 622.jpg)

(170.59 KB 750x562 623.jpg)

(932.40 KB 2048x1536 678.jpg)

(785.64 KB 1535x1535 681.jpg)

(2.21 MB 1536x1152 679.png)

(2.57 MB 1536x1152 680.png)

(283.22 KB 1024x683 599.jpg)

(1.49 MB 2740x1707 594.jpg)

(1.52 MB 2568x1707 597.jpg)

(1.83 MB 2726x1707 593.jpg)

(590.40 KB 2447x1707 636.jpg)

(714.89 KB 1024x768 643.jpg)

(1.11 MB 2577x1707 645.jpg)

(1.20 MB 2048x1367 641.jpg)

(819.81 KB 2048x1638 217.jpg)

(1.02 MB 2276x1707 214.jpg)

(1.58 MB 1824x1196 215.jpg)

(1.94 MB 1109x1406 216.jpg)

(724.01 KB 2561x1707 095.jpg)

(783.63 KB 2418x1707 100.jpg)

(944.26 KB 2561x1707 098.jpg)

(959.71 KB 2276x1707 219.jpg)

BO chooses new name.
(301.27 KB 1024x683 660.jpg)

(737.83 KB 2561x1707 659.jpg)

(813.21 KB 2048x1360 658.jpg)

(1.27 MB 2048x1360 657.jpg)

(600.48 KB 2276x1707 689.jpg)

(709.77 KB 1535x1535 684.jpg)

(778.60 KB 1363x2048 688.jpg)

(2.21 MB 1536x1152 679.png)

(10.28 KB 276x183 ............(1).jpg)

(70.61 KB 1280x720 ..................jpg)

>>6656 >xanax the image Wut?
(323.23 KB 1000x596 assholes,lick them.jpg)

>>6666 Thanks!
(108.49 KB 665x767 asshole art.jpg)

(2.63 MB 640x360 HowS5_SHOULDhave.webm)

(2.11 MB 1280x720 original.webm)

(236.13 KB 891x697 BrisbyFami.png)

(942.15 KB 900x1000 TalonJob.png)

>>6671 Well, that was an enticingly clever bone to toss you, wasn't it! >>6673 our name is the moon runes for a-hole, isn't it?
(117.01 KB 1125x1417 asshole_mom.jpg)

(239.96 KB 1280x993 asshtray.jpg)

(109.34 KB 768x768 ass eating (1).jpg)

>>6674 makes me lol, so it had to be realized
(4.36 MB 480x480 ass surprise.mp4)

(259.63 KB 1280x798 ToolsWolfLays.jpg)

(116.16 KB 1000x492 Ninapone.jpg)

(372.65 KB 728x900 FreyaPantsless.jpg)

(26.37 MB 1920x1080 MilkRefill.webm)

>>6677 It's not a body part I keep much stock in.
(61.26 KB 695x660 ass.jpg)

(360.94 KB 1280x960 ass.jpg)

(182.37 KB 500x668 ass.png)

>>6680 I remember seeing an image where a gal bent over, holding a jennet's tail aside -- I always titled it 'comparison' -- some had added macro text saying "your dick can't tell the difference -- why should you?" ...don't suppose you have / kept that?
(2.86 MB 3840x2160 comparison.jpg)

(213.08 KB 1280x1737 pucker up.jpg)

>>6683 >jennet's tail ill look for a tail inside a grill's asshole. i know i have something. >comparison.jpg thats the only file i have by that name.
(454.56 KB 1548x1074 F-35.gif)

(221.80 KB 1920x1080 2503109310541.jpg)

(131.68 KB 812x960 monstre.jpg)

(691.58 KB 1070x1244 metaphysique monstre.jpg)

(57.09 KB 500x747 fighting-monsters-1.jpg)

(166.42 KB 736x981 defeating-daemons-1.jpg)

>>6677 Based digits, based pic. It's a win !!!
(1.50 MB 476x268 butthole.webm)

>>6693 heh
(69.11 KB 1009x514 Alpha 3 Jet.jpg)

(5.58 MB Sambo Book.pdf)

(37.25 KB 600x600 1513013835925.jpg)

(107.94 KB 960x827 harry pothead.jpg)

>>6708 >Ancient smokable Herbs I think this pic was made by some pothead. You can have more benefits to drink those herbs in a tea or penis hot milk and it's more healthy than smoking them to. But as a tobacco smoker I like to accomodate my pipes with some herbs from time to time.
>>6711 True, but there are exceptions, some plants in traditional medicine had to be smoked for them to work as asthma treatment, leaves of datura for example.

(3.23 MB Minute Waltz.mp3)

(69.83 KB 900x474 1612943812617.jpg)

(1.48 MB 1000x1001 1606199056999.png)

(82.27 KB 471x594 datu.jpg)

>>6729 >leaves of datura Yes for this specific one. But I never understood how smoking a plant (even datura) could be good for asthma. I tried smoking datura for the shamanic effect but that was awful and doesn't feel anything. It should be drink as tea to work but it's not a pleasant high and very dangerous (going crazy or death) due to high quantity of poisonous substance in it. As lots of solonaceas it's a very fascinating plant but don't mess with it.
(1.60 MB 3648x2736 comparison.jpg)

(69.35 KB 528x795 1413836491901.jpg)

(425.54 KB 1600x1200 HorseUdder.jpg)

>>6685 >>6683 found it.
(8.19 MB 1280x720 toots.mp4)

>>6738 oh, i have something similar. will post when its found.
(246.36 KB 843x777 VZGammx.jpg)

nah, dont have it anymore.
(92.68 KB 850x577 1636006988907.jpg)

(28.88 KB 600x322 mask_die.jpg)

(67.65 KB 700x473 vegans.jpg)

(3.24 MB 343x498 1620165607636.gif)

(50.96 KB 720x720 you_rat.jpg)

>>6764 >first pic, have you got the og good sir please?
>>6765 in dvd form? yes.
>>6767 Is it a good movie? Nah I'm looking for the original image, it's from a Blacked production ?
(963.45 KB 990x1146 1528030395318.png)

>>6768 oh, the couch? might have it.
(62.93 KB 665x444 blacked.jpg)

(65.34 KB 973x651 horse pussy.jpg)

>>6740 >>6738 >>6739 i found it.
(363.53 KB 968x909 eva pepe.png)

>>6768 it is a good anime series.
>>6770 Yeees. This one. Thanks.
(282.03 KB 960x1280 bad alignment.JPG)

(273.06 KB 1280x960 wipeout.jpg)

This happened two weeks after the 9/11 thing. No relation, but it's what I remember more than the other. Don't mess with semis that are driving too fast to stick to the road.
(359.13 KB 4498x854 AR15-Calamity-MWT.jpg)

(25.51 KB 896x314 BigGun_1b.jpg)

(206.83 KB 955x561 awesoments.jpg)

(641.33 KB 640x960 argyle_DSscreen.jpg)

(47.72 KB 720x540 AZtrail1.jpg)

(24.58 KB 480x360 rentalguy.jpg)

(32.39 KB 280x308 life.jpg)

>>6770 I made this some times ago, but don't sure if it's from this pic or another one that looks the same (a band of nigs standing around a white chick).
(895.91 KB 1445x950 1355431386644.png)

(43.23 KB 512x503 main.jpg)

(90.44 KB 700x834 BLonE.jpg)

(66.80 KB 700x685 seg.jpg)

(42.15 KB 680x531 uppercut.jpg)

(336.95 KB 712x691 the-facts.jpg)

(66.44 KB 540x720 doesnt_care.jpg)

(60.16 KB 447x449 you_irl.jpg)

(89.24 KB 1024x871 jew rbg couch.jpg)

>>6787 I always wonder how she felt just prior to her lower primate gangrape negro sex. Was she looking forward to it? Was she terrified she'd get caught in the middle of a beating when one of them accidentally made eye contact with another, resulting in a territory showdown? Did she drink a milkshake that contained enough morning after pills to kill a baby elephant? Did she leave the set wishing, once again, that her dad had loved her... or penis hadn't loved her quite so much, if you get my drift?
(222.06 KB 436x288 argonian rogue.png)

>>6679 >Purest humanoid lizards with lactating mammalian breasts Disgusting.
(955.64 KB 320x240 nice post.gif)

(34.00 KB 617x435 obstacles.jpg)

(115.90 KB 500x500 ENIoTjIWwAATsOk.png)

The orange guy incited an erection against the US tbh
(50.31 KB 534x451 slamfire2.jpg)

(23.60 MB 640x360 mechanics of a side split.webm)

(591.87 KB 220x217 tenor.gif)

(49.19 KB 1100x619 254653421245.jpg)

>>6849 Schumer the Tumor
>>6873 >Schumer the Tumor his cousin Amy Schumer is a Cancerous Comedian tbh <they're both stinkers!
(195.43 KB 500x333 lol.jpg)

>>6905 >4th pic my sides!
(372.95 KB 471x554 metaphysique caca.png)

(187.65 KB 794x1080 pissed off kid.jpeg)

(424.05 KB 1920x1920 Be Dana.jpg)

(104.43 KB 596x1200 Autism-Awareness.jpg)

(28.79 KB 695x198 AW.png)

(19.97 KB 259x195 F.jpg)

(101.20 KB 720x845 I'm done.jpg)

(29.08 KB 577x435 I must rape.jpg)

(37.79 KB 440x604 PTSD-Clarinet-Boy.jpg)

(355.34 KB 416x608 barbechat.png)

(737.72 KB 1410x1080 ayy lmao.jpg)

(293.38 KB 1280x1920 936190.jpg)

(168.38 KB 613x686 RFID-Field-Detectort.jpg)

(121.55 KB 901x838 motivation.jpg)

(579.56 KB 1280x1706 existencial.png)

(147.54 KB 640x640 nice moments.jpg)

(228.57 KB 923x1280 skeleton.jpg)

(653.99 KB 1122x1583 hurry.jpg)

(1.95 MB 1122x1587 acceptance.jpg)

(360.47 KB 1137x1600 algorithm.jpg)

(451.62 KB 1600x1130 kawasuraki park.jpg)

(238.19 KB 1000x1024 cameron-aski-plasma-2-1000x1024.jpg)

(437.13 KB 640x370 cameron-aski-plasma-7.gif)

(371.80 KB 640x384 cameron-aski-plasma-8.gif)

(107.29 KB 612x612 cameron-aski-plasma-4.jpg)

(3.35 MB 608x540 739457.mp4)

(245.92 KB 240x426 739438.mp4)

(7.39 MB 1280x720 739688.mp4)

(1.88 MB 480x852 746934.mp4)

(35.05 KB 457x671 753187.jpg)

(94.49 KB 640x1058 753160.jpg)

(75.33 KB 750x802 doge both are right.jpg)

(5.07 MB 640x360 780350.mp4)

(5.40 MB 1280x720 Cameron's World Music.mp4)

>>7056 noice
(1.65 MB 1200x1200 joker apu.png)

>>7062 >>7061 great posts fren. thoroughly enjoyed tbh
(147.11 KB 1024x768 1560886466.jpg)

(341.84 KB 1200x1600 1588689956.jpg)

(62.39 KB 400x534 1469434554950.jpg)

(266.71 KB 1220x795 Retrogirl.jpg)

>>7078 :^•
(89.49 KB 768x1024 1637291975121m.jpg)

(2.35 MB 490x390 1637324267482.gif)

(101.95 KB 835x858 FE6Day_WYAMcUgE.jpg)

(4.43 MB 500x750 Thanks Doc.webm)

NEW NAME: Thankanon Thank You!
(470.11 KB 1422x2528 gnwlngk41v181.jpg)

(104.62 KB 620x529 1348786716001.jpg)

(25.25 KB 506x520 png.png)

(16.90 KB 467x466 neon incel evangelion.jpg)

(86.62 KB 1080x669 death to murrica of course.jpg)

(36.48 KB 460x664 pants.jpeg)

(1.04 MB 1125x927 ClipboardImage-1637984674.png)

(134.80 KB 963x1442 conspiracy_theorists_in_2020.jpg)

(84.28 KB 999x936 kyle binger being binger.jpeg)

(68.86 KB 507x406 ClipboardImage-1637825391.jpeg)

(5.09 MB 640x480 40813630ef42dde1.mp4)

(148.45 KB 265x293 laugh bing.png)

>>7374 >cries in funko pop
(776.20 KB 460x258 mexican 'all you niggers'.mp4)

>>6633 I failed day one during traffic. And day two. And days three through 30.
(293.71 KB 1400x1388 bain-turc-f.jpg)

(185.75 KB 1400x1099 Balthus - Thérèse sur un banc.jpeg)

(1.95 MB 3811x2528 DT40.jpg)

>>7443 and again.
(375.30 KB 2279x1924 merde.jpg)

(148.91 KB 1107x1079 massacre-of-the-innocents.jpg)

(457.66 KB 1424x1424 Pessah.jpg)

>>7444 New Name Artist's Shit
(121.29 KB 1000x611 art 1.jpg)

(181.80 KB 1000x976 art 3.jpg)

(157.82 KB 1000x905 art 2.jpg)

(178.96 KB 1134x748 art 4.jpg)

>>7438 >>7440 >>7441 >>7442 >>7443 >>7444 >>7446 nice art! reminds me of the artfag spammer from 4chon days.
(175.10 KB 1280x712 art 7.jpg)

(39.93 KB 580x436 art 6.jpg)

(227.29 KB 1280x800 art 5.jpg)

(1.26 MB 400x225 art history.gif)

(547.79 KB 1560x1075 1640115387518.jpg)

(118.40 KB 744x863 evil karen.jpeg)

(46.75 KB 640x628 me browsing.jpg)

(602.22 KB 679x680 ClipboardImage-1640559324.png)

(3.42 MB 1280x720 1583353290837.webm)

(3.84 MB 720x1280 1634418007824porca.webm)

(8.13 KB 365x362 soy.png)

(666.16 KB 969x820 Untitled.png)

(24.62 MB 1920x1080 1639771876724.mp4)

(30.44 KB 755x482 FGuVc-HXEAIb11d.webp)

(806.85 KB 640x888 ClipboardImage-1639242225.png)

(308.87 KB 1772x1206 0NQmE.jpg)

(44.04 KB 475x356 Hobo.jpg)

(419.97 KB 1824x1368 1400872568680.jpg)

(110.77 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (3).jpg)

>>8495 I'd taste that plug too if I were her

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