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(2.20 MB 720x480 tranny.webm)

Cuckold 10/25/2021 (Mon) 13:07:19 No. 6302
Trannies Hate 'em or Love 'em, they have and will be part of Chan Culture Thread Guaranteed 41% Funny or Your Money Back!
(75.79 KB 900x900 Jesus.jpg)

>Hate 'em or Love 'em Can I just don't care? Most of the time they are cringe and tiresome. Sometimes they're funny tho.
(104.08 KB 640x1136 blew a tranny.jpg)

(798.41 KB 2480x3508 nazis and tranny books.jpg)

(8.93 MB 1280x720 desmond q and a.mp4)

(15.29 MB 640x360 desmond_is_a_gay_kid.webm)

(1.15 MB 510x474 bd like me.webm)

(27.55 KB 480x429 trans.jpg)

(7.34 MB 460x258 trans gf.mp4)

(52.55 KB 618x750 clown trans gf.jpg)

(12.72 MB 1920x1080 Asstrochan Chijo Thred.mp4)

(64.60 KB 270x249 jamescope.png)

>>6377 member who loved chijo
(1.21 MB 800x1243 tgic.png)

(2.19 MB 854x480 oh my.webm)

the beginning of the end.
(72.31 KB 554x1024 1615236916681194275.jpg)

(50.33 KB 680x1020 1629575339749.png)

(335.39 KB 1000x500 1572053930881.png)

(78.74 KB 828x859 1629778772536.jpg)

(11.41 MB 720x1280 post-op.webm)

(286.82 KB 1440x1440 trans trump.jpg)

(83.92 KB 760x958 Pediatrician admiral.jpg)

(53.40 KB 389x390 3d55f5.jpg)

(480.97 KB 1012x4388 Simpsons bart is trans.jpg)

(1.97 MB 423x440 trannyteen.gif)

(580.22 KB 1200x2284 Trans man.jpg)

(360.03 KB 1320x1159 Transbians.jpg)

(5.41 MB 1280x720 tran wreck.mp4)

(78.47 KB 800x782 tranny gay pepe.jpg)

(1.31 MB 1637x1452 tranny rope.jpg)

(805.78 KB 949x800 tranny.png)

(23.98 MB 464x848 trannylife.mp4)

(49.70 KB 488x515 trannysissyasian.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1600x2382 trans t.jpg)

(1.67 MB 360x360 trans-gression.webm)

(115.92 KB 1139x536 trans.jpg)

(1.55 MB 640x360 trans.webm)

(5.53 MB 1280x720 trans_qt.mp4)

(2.25 MB 1280x720 trans_or_miss.mp4)

(154.43 KB 768x1024 transfarmers.jpg)

(3.49 MB 1280x720 transport.mp4)

(2.03 MB 640x360 hannah gets stomped.webm)

>>6302 >Hate 'em or Love 'em Going to have to go with my gut on this one.
(39.90 KB 720x445 laughs at you.jpg)

>>6716 you ever see a tranny grandma?
(483.30 KB 460x460 trannies bon jovi.mp4)

>>6721 >you ever see a tranny grandma? Like... an ACTUAL grandma who thinks she's a grandpa or a grandpa who thinks he's a grandma?
>>6731 a man grandma
>>6753 fuck's sake one job tranma
(504.88 KB 708x912 couple of fruits.jpg)

(51.87 KB 530x665 7sf3.jpg)

>>6791 that's brilliant
(118.15 KB 385x172 blk grandma.png)

>>6753 >a man grandma
(6.99 MB 960x720 顔を上げて.mp4)

(2.81 MB 320x568 1634773081475.mp4)

>>6968 >"Okay transphobes, you lot win!" >sobs uncontrollably in falsetto >"I'm just an ugly man! I'm not a real woman, I never WILL be! Are you lot happy?" Quite.
(3.86 MB 1280x720 am i gay.webm)

(78.47 KB 800x782 tranny gay pepe.jpg)

(2.00 MB 500x563 Not Gay.gif)

(7.65 KB 300x225 barf orggll!.jpg)

(184.27 KB 1000x1490 worst movie ever.jpg)

i personally blame these motherfuckers. they planted the seed of destruction.
(2.26 MB 480x270 VID_20211110_063539_093.mp4)

(160.21 KB 1080x1345 trans man.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1600x2382 trans t.jpg)

(299.41 KB 466x586 trans comics are funny.png)

(365.94 KB 1080x1184 trans bleeding.jpg)

(1.17 MB 1280x1522 trannies movie night.png)

>>7166 Fucking Assigned Male. That faggot is always chastising everyone, be it "ignorant haters" or "trans allies." And no one ever actually catcalled "her," even in their fictional world.
(172.61 KB 1291x1080 gay.jpg)

(1.20 MB 1080x1886 Screenshot_20211124-222537.png)

(227.41 KB 1204x2048 20211124_222808.jpg)

hate when i lose my glasses
(2.47 MB 464x848 homeless vag.mp4)

this is what i crave
(252.80 KB 500x345 blu.png)

>>7326 Imagine the smell...
(8.80 MB 480x848 ayyjayjay.mp4)

>>7337 >dat smell prolly cheesy
(319.13 KB 500x399 blue waffle.png)

>>7337 >the pic >the search not as fun as it used to be since companies make actual blue waffles. found the OG
(1.23 MB 255x255 barfblood.gif)

>>7326 >homeless >waxes Wut? >suddenly realize all her pubes might have fallen out from the syph No.
(50.48 KB 313x221 man appalled.jpg)

>>7338 Hell is full and demons walk the earth.
(23.90 KB 791x462 fake gay.jpg)

>>7343 >>7344 >>7348 i laughed out loud!
(115.50 KB 640x957 80985.jpg)

(32.87 KB 604x480 dead-sea.jpg)

(1.00 MB 645x636 ClipboardImage-1637899078.png)

(771.20 KB 779x640 SETTLDOWN.png)

(1.28 MB 480x360 stop it!.webm)

>>7354 >cravings
(47.63 KB 492x572 1369983061832.jpg)

>>7355 >stop it!.webm now!?
(127.88 KB 1125x1887 FAAlYShVkAIqc7g.jpeg)

(116.46 KB 1125x1877 FAAlYShVkAU2OKW.jpeg)

(184.16 KB 1125x1879 FAAlYSjVgAcAlBw.jpeg)

(132.73 KB 1125x1878 FAAlYSjVkAMcweN.jpeg)


(556.38 KB 1200x1323 Screenshot_20211127-234333_Brave.jpg)

(1013.98 KB 1538x2144 trannirs.jpg)

(2.51 MB 1786x1088 trans women.png)

women be crazy
>>7393 >>7394 >>7395 This is absolutely the worst timeline. Even Orwell would be shitting his pants in terror.
(186.83 KB 404x572 this kills the dad.png)

>>7437 LOL!™
>>7451 That look of mixed disgust and personal failure makes a good argument in favor of spousal abuse.
(39.58 KB 347x426 chris-trans judges you.jpg)

>>7354 if its old its gold
(5.53 MB 1280x720 trans_qt.mp4)

(2.25 MB 1280x720 trans_or_miss.mp4)

(369.39 KB 400x400 im_transgender.webm)

(9.79 MB 544x960 2.mp4)

>>7512 >but thats a woman, you fugging retard nice try, but guess again
>>7338 I like her spirit.
(70.58 KB 900x900 Carmelita.jpg)

>>7532 I posted the Nye pic in response to your Nyejak drawing, not as a dig at you.
(216.43 KB 160x120 mantohtfacemelt.gif)

>>7600 wasnt thinking it was a dig to begin with fren.
(20.65 KB 630x427 futurama brisk.jpg)

>>7607 Then we are frens with no beef. Come here, fren.
(44.75 KB 710x577 1634841922394.png)

>>7697 ok fren
(239.03 KB 615x782 feelsmiketyson.jpg)

(8.03 MB 500x334 yayhbughbughbugh.webm)

(1.68 MB 320x180 nu male.webm)

(139.45 KB 621x643 1587419328-3.jpg)

(75.06 KB 650x448 1587571037-0.jpg)

(472.82 KB 640x796 1587468333-0.png)

>>8177 That "penis" in pic 3 is hilarious. >"Hey, even though I can't actually feel anything or achieve any kind of sexual relief, can you give me an absolute hogleg?"
(70.95 KB 899x600 1.jpg)

(105.47 KB 575x800 2.jpg)

(119.71 KB 721x369 4.png)

(178.96 KB 600x450 3.jpg)

(44.94 KB 450x300 6.jpg)

(74.15 KB 640x480 7.jpg)

(16.69 KB 360x480 9.jpg)

(392.66 KB 992x709 8.jpg)

(167.96 KB 621x643 spicy_italian_trannies.jpg)

(926.68 KB 1000x750 tranny_surgery.png)

(106.55 KB 568x275 tranny penis ALT-phalloplasty.jpg)

(332.62 KB 396x388 corndog2.png)

(819.57 KB 716x649 anime jojo dario brando.jpg)

>>8185 >>8184 >>8183 >>8182 >this shit >still no cure for cancer
(90.09 KB 902x698 778694.jpg)

(286.65 KB 300x702 trannies profile pic.png)

(460.18 KB 882x799 776931.png)

(219.54 KB 640x411 776886.png)

(1.58 MB 460x816 775490.mp4)

(81.90 KB 1118x839 775728.jpg)

(277.90 KB 640x1136 775940.mp4)

(550.56 KB 2896x2896 772192.jpg)

(87.46 KB 616x824 768709.jpg)

(298.93 KB 460x666 768408.png)

(899.78 KB 1080x996 763949.png)

(122.02 KB 1170x1063 774774.jpg)

(691.64 KB 1616x1332 gay sus.png)

Not trannies, necessarily, but I thought I'd let you guys know that amogus memes are now "homophobic."
(3.11 MB 950x534 tranny.mp4)

>>8192 i lol'd!
(76.69 KB 500x709 passable.jpg)

me gf
>>8251 Me in the 80s >"You listen to Culture Club? Boy George is a fag!" Me in the 10s >"You listen to Culture Club? A few of theirs are alright, I guess. Man, howabout Boy George kidnapping that kid, holding him prisoner, beating the shit out of his, and somehow getting away with it?"
(80.29 KB 932x960 1641078590021.jpg)

(579.31 KB 1536x2048 1641081054191.jpg)

(84.21 KB 640x853 u3kvnn0ubi881.jpg)

(602.50 KB 1080x1393 ClipboardImage-1641144415.webp)

(442.06 KB 1920x1080 trans reality (8).jpg)

(154.72 KB 1080x707 tranny reality (1).jpg)

(37.21 KB 640x853 trans reality (5).jpg)

(112.60 KB 983x800 trans reality (3).jpg)

(96.92 KB 576x768 trans reality (11).jpg)

(99.92 KB 960x1280 trans reality (10).jpg)

(328.46 KB 1932x2576 trans reality (9).jpg)

(286.00 KB 1280x1707 trans reality (13).jpg)

(238.99 KB 1080x1920 trans reality (14).jpg)

(79.21 KB 540x960 trans reality (17).jpg)

(69.88 KB 720x960 trans reality (15).jpg)

(174.14 KB 1170x882 trans reality (16).jpg)

(373.48 KB 1280x1055 trans reality (21).jpg)

(175.22 KB 1270x916 trans reality (18).jpg)

(39.90 KB 540x617 trans reality (19).jpg)

(230.93 KB 1446x623 trans reality (22).jpg)

(130.93 KB 676x704 trans reality (24).jpg)

(53.54 KB 373x767 trans reality (30).jpg)

(152.46 KB 1280x720 trans reality (52).jpg)

(85.16 KB 750x993 trans reality (28).jpg)

(189.96 KB 1080x720 trans reality (43).jpg)

(370.22 KB 720x1280 trans reality (33).jpg)

(179.13 KB 708x1119 trans reality (56).jpg)

(102.33 KB 634x734 trans reality (50).jpg)

(21.48 KB 300x300 trans reality (55).jpg)

(97.91 KB 948x569 trans reality (61).jpg)

(129.73 KB 1024x1024 Trans reality (59).jpg)

(244.14 KB 876x1035 trans reality (68).jpg)

(253.72 KB 1226x1334 trans reality (67).jpg)

(151.45 KB 960x983 trans reality (65).jpg)

(72.53 KB 652x700 trans reality (62).jpg)

(177.29 KB 586x824 trans reality (77).jpg)

(121.68 KB 847x1024 trans reality (69).jpg)

(1.10 MB 1080x2280 trans reality (70).jpg)

(145.79 KB 912x1024 trans reality (83).jpg)

(61.44 KB 800x1200 trans reality (71).jpg)

(80.95 KB 1224x878 trans reality (80).jpg)

(266.45 KB 1080x1327 trans reality (82).jpg)

(940.45 KB 1080x1920 trans reality (29).png)

(24.11 KB 499x378 trans reality (79).jpg)

(295.04 KB 466x635 trans reality (31).png)

(694.53 KB 671x774 trans reality (35).png)

(219.61 KB 540x551 trans reality (34).png)

(176.96 KB 919x570 trans reality (39).png)

(557.37 KB 460x607 trans reality (36).png)

(816.88 KB 773x933 trans reality (37).png)

(594.81 KB 692x760 trans reality (41).png)

(1.32 MB 1061x1542 trans reality (38).png)

(3.53 MB 640x360 trans reality (4).webm)

(827.43 KB 1002x1553 trans reality (42).png)

(311.43 KB 548x519 trans reality (44).png)

(413.58 KB 578x603 trans reality (45).png)

(347.61 KB 360x360 traps_in_reality.webm)

(5.87 MB 544x480 gotcha.mp4)

(62.92 KB 762x646 transurgery.jpg)

(148.05 KB 1024x768 beutiful trans gril.jpeg)

(680.03 KB 480x480 life flashing.mp4)

(6.61 MB 640x480 all pussy.mp4)

>>8621 >first vid i knew i recognized that monster! vid related is what i have. <bonus vids some efukt vids. they are a laugh. used to love their content. >why so funny? trannies are a joke. passable or non-passable. that 41% is growing.
(95.25 KB 299x236 blk jeopardy 3.png)

>>8622 Dude, NEVER save anything that isn't obviously anti-tranny. Think about how effed up your loved ones would be to find that shit after you died.
(61.04 KB 750x749 roboload.jpg)

>>8630 >my loved ones and their thoughts after death id need my devices connected to my heart somehow. like when my heart gives out, my computer and phone would explode or self delet? FUTURE TRIPPING
(7.86 MB 1280x720 who's the boss.mp4)

i never found out who the boss was
(89.82 KB 682x620 IMG_20211212_031858_727.jpg)

>>8745 >"Imagine being pregnant" Any man who seriously thinks this is a fun state of being deserves to be implanted with a tapeworm for his idiocy. I observed my wife closely through both pregnancies. >first trimester: vomit, fear of misscarriage/preemie, more vomit, meat suddenly looks like a plate full of pubic lice covered in diarrhea >second trimester: healthy glow (literally, she seemed to actually emit a low amount of light, sometimes; not joking), healthy appetite, meat's back on the menu boys!, weird cravings. Childless female friends start ovulating like mad out of desire for one of their own. Basically the best part of being pregnant. >Third trimester: wishing it was a preemie, pissing every ten minutes, carrying around enough amniotic fluid to drown a bull, mentally urging the kid to arrive already, too hot, too cold, "YOU DID THIS TO ME," mood swings become hostile more often, etc. I'm already on the spectrum. I absolutely DON'T need my life any more complicated by being pregnant.
(221.65 KB 1080x1686 802770.jpg)

(46.00 KB 499x499 clorox eye drops.jpg)

>>8786 >see horse parent
>>8615 He looks just like Felix tbh
(699.94 KB 862x1280 1604425279122.jpg)

>>8804 >He looks just like Felix tbh Doubt
(452.15 KB 294x342 eye bleach simpsons.gif)

>>8786 >grindr "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" "Masculine vagina." "...okay, let's give it a try."
(670.95 KB 1306x1142 trannies dad in labor.png)

(176.30 KB 479x465 trannies thought control.png)

The GDQ thread on /v/ at the moment has some amazing tranny losses. Abominations as far as the eye can see.
(148.65 KB 295x314 trannies jew witch 1.png)

(42.53 KB 491x490 trannies jew witch 2.jpg)

(37.47 KB 482x477 trannies jew witch 3.jpg)

(1.25 MB 1488x844 trannies jew witch 4.png)

>>8957 This one... this one scares me.
(873.48 KB 856x480 protomagical.mp4)

>>8959 this one seems like it would have hairy butt cheeks. >>8957 >non-passable hosts vidya forum >knows nothing about vidya >tries auctioning of chris-chan art during interview >2018 wonder if its still alive. >sidenote that is one manly tranny <A Manny
(236.36 KB 620x620 hotpocket1.jpg)

>>8944 I posted the tranny "dad" in labor pic on /v/ and the jannies spoilered it. I have no idea why. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but I don't see anything except her nipples, which are now "male nipples" and therefore exempt from censorship.
(239.51 KB 1440x1058 new vagina.jpg)

(165.61 KB 1440x711 Transphobia.jpg)

(2.79 MB 540x960 transgirl.mp4)

(788.85 KB 576x1024 transgirl 2.mp4)

passable or not, when will the world see a senior citizen tranny? they cant all 41% otherwise they be 100%-ers.
(68.09 KB 683x1024 1641763058205.jpg)

>>9103 >senior citizen tranny ill be keeping my eye on this one
(68.30 KB 712x641 trannies tranpa.jpg)

(26.27 KB 460x445 trannies coke and dog sex.jpg)

>>9103 >passable or not, when will the world see a senior citizen tranny? I'm so glad you asked.
(72.40 KB 400x582 nyet.jpg)

>>9103 < >she offers you a little trans flag
>>8982 Me again. I post pic related and "got warned." If someone can find anything legitimately NSFW in this, please tell me.
(33.67 KB 460x509 trannies bruce tranpa.jpg)

(123.72 KB 1080x1132 trannies 5-year-old elf.jpg)

(117.10 KB 836x1080 210615-Z-A3554-2001.JPG)

(150.05 KB 1200x630 ca-times.brightspotcdn.com.jpg)

(99.12 KB 1190x798 Monica-Helms.jpg)

I am not sure why anyone would want to be a trans Muslim but ok.
>>9149 >I am not sure why anyone would want to be a trans Muslim but ok. If it helps, I don't understand why anyone would want to be either.
(215.26 KB 441x458 Screenshot.png)

>>9137 >2nd pic I can't even tell which way it's transitioning, but the face is too cruel a fate for either sex to bear.
(27.55 KB 480x429 trans.jpg)

>>9151 >I don't understand why anyone would want to be either. when youre mentally ill, you can be anything
(480.97 KB 1012x4388 Simpsons bart is trans.jpg)

(24.38 KB 542x453 gross.jpg)

>>9152 my money is on fugly woman thinking its a man. >us darmy >dat rank >major major turnoff is more like it.
(1.53 MB 350x196 laugh pennywise.gif)

>>9175 >major turnoff is more like it.

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