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Homosexual 11/22/2021 (Mon) 20:24:18 No. 7267
Wagecucks be like: >work <sleep >work <sleep >work <sleep
(656.36 KB 1000x672 LEO_178.jpg)

>the guy who doesn't work knows how it really is
(15.06 KB 220x229 suffer more.jpeg)

>>7267 you're not wrong. moneycucking as we speak.
(4.30 MB 1280x720 turkeyvortex.webm)

picked up a little overtime at the smashed asshole factory. i do love this part of the year. getting recognized for all my hard work in the form of a heavily taxed paystub. gobble gobble!
(4.83 MB 640x360 Wagie_cagie.mp4)

(123.14 KB 694x600 you will own nothing.jpeg)

You will be in the cage and you'll be happy.
(93.01 KB 394x283 laugh.png)

>>7267 >Factory job >Work 2 days a week >Make over $30+ an hour plus benefits >Take a weekend off and get 2 weeks for travel/projects/whatever Work smarter, not harder. Must suck to be a weekday drone.
(53.68 KB 299x489 proxy-image.jpeg)

>>7287 Based worker.
(49.89 KB 526x550 you gotta do.jpg)

>>7287 never had a plan out of high school. doing alright with moneycucking. dont agree with working until you die, but what can you do? are the mentally ill homeless people based?
(3.58 MB 480x360 jobs.webm)

not today work, giving thanks (((tbh)))
(145.23 KB 1200x1470 job application.jpg)

(230.25 KB 1242x1211 steve jobs ligma.jpg)

>>7292 Your job isn't your life, it's just a means to an end. Get to a position where you're living within your means and go from there. Make the most of your free time and do what you love, wasting your youth working full time in another man's factory making him rich while just making ends meet for yourself is no way of living. Get a skill, not a diploma. If you don't know what you like, try everything. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I can't tell you what your calling is, but don't be afraid of taking chances and making mistakes. You're only young once, make the most of it.
(40.70 KB 604x427 Keanu sad.jpg)

23 hours until cage
(30.29 KB 440x330 sad_vader.jpg)

>>7370 >You're only young once, make the most of it. should have told me this 20 years ago
(82.64 KB 1024x702 apu wage.jpg)

oh fugg, its time to go to work.
(216.30 KB 772x500 sad_cock.jpg)

I haven't worked since Wednesday and I have to go back tomorrow.
>>7292 > are the mentally ill homeless people based? Yes
(30.62 KB 527x527 apu g.jpg)

>>7408 condolences
(11.24 KB 285x285 intsuf.jfif)

At work rn. It's ok.
>>7417 End of the shift. 3 days of break now. Happy. >Will repeat
(153.37 KB 608x455 dog.jpg)

i work to be comfortable, but work brings me the most stress in my life.
(149.61 KB 590x572 frogsad.jpg)

>be me, mentally ill >have the autism and have been bullied by every single boss I've ever had because it wasn't diagnosed until it was too late >used to blame myself without knowing why, because if something goes badly that many times, who else can I blame? >shrink gives me an answer >during my interviews, the good people saw me as weird and probably not meshing with their office >the evil motherfuggers saw someone they could take advantage of >good to know... except I haven't worked for 12 years because I had a nervous breakdown after the (excuse the pun) Final Boss >woman >tries to prove she has bigger balls than any man >makes promises, breaks them, then gets angry when people resent her for that behavior >makes us all sit with our backs exposed so she can quietly wander around behind us >SCREECHES in loud voice at the least little inconvenience >verbally abuses the copier repair guy for reasons that are still unclear to me, given that he's done nothing wrong, she's running a print shop, and this man is the only thing standing between her and bankruptcy >has her boyfriend occasionally haul me in to an office to tell me I'm not working hard enough >I'm working as hard as I can >Realize that, even if I somehow manage to get another job, it's going to be SSDD >become an automaton, numb and dead inside >actually have had a breakdown without knowing it, and I've mentally circled to wagons to protect what little sanity is left >boss's boyfriend accuses me of mentally checking out on the job >wife accuses me of mentally checking out of the marriage >wish I could physically check out of life >fantasize about killing self in boss's office >Except... >I have young children who will be destroyed if I kill myself so I keep putting one foot in front of the other >things get so much worse >get fired by the boyfriend for "bad attitude" >go home, sleep >wife makes excuses to leave house with her cunt of a best friend >try to find new job, but everyone can smell that something's terribly wrong with me. Even the user and abuser types are afraid to get involved. >go home, sleep some more >eventually, during my physical, my doctor asks me how long I've been depressed >"Oh, I'm doing okay. Nothing that walking in front of a bus won't cure. Ha. Ha." >Doc, who's a bro, and is worried, pushes through the usual red tape and gets me an appointment with a shrink for evaluation >Guy talks with me for 30 minutes and diagnoses me with chronic suicidal depression, PTSD, and Aspergers >I've got the ass burgers. >If I could laugh, I'd... probably still not laugh. >want to work, but I'm terrified of the inevitable evil bosses, again >know that if I go back and I get another sociopath, I will probably leave the kids to fend for themselves and just fugging eat whatever kind of bullet I can get my hands on >we apply for disability >four short years later, I'm on the incredibly low (because my wife makes decent money) autismbux and it's being supplemented by my parents >wife still loves me but does not see me as a man, anymore >sex is over, and she's eating herself into a very early grave >parents were always controlling in my youth, and now are controlling my ass in middle age >I'd throw their money back in their faces, but I have children, so I swallow my pride and a metric ton of their shit >mfw I'd like to be a wagie working for a good white man who treats his employees like family and doesn't fugg them over >mfw I'd also like super powers and a flying unicorn and a whole bunch of other non-existent things
(96.94 KB 504x433 72627063.jpg)

>>7439 >mfw I'd like to be a wagie working for a good white man who treats his employees like family and doesn't fugg them over rrriiiight. im going to need you to come in saturday and post cats.
>>7449 If Covid did one good thing, it suddenly made everyone sit up and say "Wait...I'm MORE productive from home, not less! THEY fuggING LIED TO ME!"
>>7439 >be me >not reading your book HAHA GET DUNKED ON NERD
(299.25 KB 1638x1402 3f9g1o.jpg)

>>7453 um yeah, didn't you get the memo?
>>7454 >HAHA GET DUNKED ON NERD I now consider myself dunked upon.
Honest work is preferable to staying at home rotting away, unable to muster up the motivation to even work on productive hobbies, and within days unable to enjoy non-productive hobbies out of sheer boredom. I've been there, it wasn't good. NEETs are delusional.
>>7439 That sucks man, I empathize. Won't share my sob stories here, but I get it. Have you given up on applying for jobs entirely, or are you still trying no matter how futile it feels? Giving up is the worst thing you can do, of course, as "good" as it may feel to do so. May I ppresume you've tried talking to the wife about her eating habits, or are you a big blubber boy too?
(1.97 MB 640x336 Lumbergh Fucked Her.mp4)

sometimes i wish i was office space
(86.32 KB 300x320 milton waddams.jpg)

>>7439 this is all i can picture now. how far off of the mark am i?
(26.22 KB 459x419 garfield genisis.jpg)

back at it!
>>7529 sounds like a wagecuck trying to cope with the fact he's slaving away at his meaningless office/factory/store job so his kike boss can buy his 3rd ferrari
I'm 30 years old and have never worked a day in my life. I just bought a $2000 gaming PC. Hbu wagers? I'm not on any government programs btw.
(237.12 KB 574x836 fatelephants.png)

>>7531 >Have you given up on applying for jobs entirely, or are you still trying no matter how futile it feels? My belief, which my shrink shares, is that one more bad experience will probably end with me in an institution, prison, or suck-starting a shotgun. I'm essentially "retired" via pension, but it's not enough to live on or provide for anyone. If I was alone in this world, they payment would go up, but so would my expenses, and I'd probably be reduced to living in a cubicle sized apartment and living on ramen. >Giving up is the worst thing you can do, of course, as "good" as it may feel to do so It's less that I've "given up" and more that I'm trying to find a purpose. Something I can do that can at least make me feel fulfilled and hopefully make some money. But I can't think of anything. My son recently got a 3D printer and I've been trying to figure out how I could make money with it, but nothing that's not already a saturated market has come to mind. >May I ppresume you've tried talking to the wife about her eating habits Oh yeah. That never goes well. She won't change until the heart attack finally happens. >or are you a big blubber boy too? Sort of. I try eating healthy most of the time, but the depression sometimes fuggs that up for me. "I wish I was dead. The only thing I feel is a brief second of pleasure when I eat [for example] a ritz cracker with cheese on it. Oh, maybe just one more. Oh, I've eaten an entire sleeve of ritz crackers. Is that chocolate? Man, I'd love a little cho--where's the chocolate?" The worst part is there have been times where it seems my tastebuds have seized control of my hands and I realize I'll have been munching on something without realizing it. My daughter actually slaps my hands when I'm doing it to get me to wake up and realize it I'm doing it. That always spooks me, to be honest. >>7536 >this is all i can picture now. how far off of the mark am i? Not quite as fat, better complexion, glasses aren't as thick, and I still possess my stapler. And, so far, I haven't burned down those who have wronged me. So far. But I've had bosses that made Lumberg look like a saint.
(37.30 KB 657x527 1457696412002.jpg)

on break, looking to beat a few levels of Royal Match before Lumbergh gives me the business.
>>7724 Some times ago I was unemployed and lived with the minimum welfare (approximatively 400€ here).. >couldn't eat correctly >cannot buy nothing >cannot do nothing >just existing (thats ok but boring) Sure I could have sell some drugs or rob a bank but I'm not good at criminal things. I guess it's ok to not working as long as you have sufficient money to spend on a 2000$ gaming PC or some shit. I litteraly started my life as a poor fag so if I wanted money I needed to work (or be a criminal). Now I have a work, not the best job of the world but I like it, and I earn sufficient money to live the comfy life and I still have the time to do things because I do lots of hours during a short shift then I have some days break. Ideally you should work not because it's necessary but for the pleasure. >t. wageslave cope
(138.46 KB 806x992 sad toga.jpg)

I have to work in 14 hours.
>>7737 Working under any circumstances is unacceptable.
(148.84 KB 1071x811 Despair Closet.jpeg)

>>7741 I like to be a worker. Not because I'm a slave, not because I can consume things, not because it's morally acceptable. I just like working because (as long as I do something I'm fine with) I can find some sort of fulfillment. I did some proletarian jobs and I liked the team spirit. I did some farming jobs and I liked being outside working the soil and harvesting shits. I did lots of jobs and I learned lots of things. It's ok to work as long as you can find some pleasure doing it. Your work is not your life and I'm ok working is part of my life. But as I said >>7737 >Ideally you should work not because it's necessary but for the pleasure. Or being rich from the beginning. damn why I not bought BTC in 2012?... wagecuck gigacope.
(421.52 KB 1920x2560 shopping buddies.jpg)

back at it. this time of year truly is unbarable for work.
(54.27 KB 250x268 mongler no longer.png)

>>7746 >pic I had a Despair Closet at my old job. Except we called it the bathroom.
(109.72 KB 1920x1080 nice place for sadness.jpg)

>>7761 Most of the time I'm alone by night in a big industrial place in the countryside. This is my despair closet, quite comfy place to be sad tbh.
(48.08 KB 800x450 cool guy says.jpg)

cant stop working. this kills the poster.
(21.89 KB 480x480 spiderus.jpg)

>>7769 >Most of the time I'm alone by night in a big industrial place in the countryside. I used to love that sort of scenario, actually. >No customers >boss has long since crawled back to the sewer he came from >no distractions >plenty of interwebs
(206.48 KB 991x672 apu dollars.png)

some say i sold out. quiet the opposite fren. i bought in. he who has the dollars has the means. i means, c'mon man, work a job! take part in the grand scheme, the master rat race, grease the machine, buy stuff!
>work <sleep >work <sleep >work <sleep mfw
(21.54 KB 252x289 Vallen - Nuclear .gif)

that time again. fugg
End of the shift soon. At least I have a break for christmas.
(10.52 KB 582x388 lloyd christmas.jpg)

when that case of mondays hits you
(908.77 KB 772x1079 1463117602152.png)

I have to go back to work tomorrow.
Dude I was working 12 hour shifts and I literally wanted to kill myself
(35.17 KB 512x640 apu passes the blunt.jpg)

>>8367 >I have to go back to work tomorrow. you know what to do:)
(679.38 KB 800x821 wagie.png)

>>8370 >12 hours woof. im in burgerland. 8 is the average, but its 5 days a week. which is shitty. im about to get off afternoon shift and do mornings to switch things up. could not imagine doing 12, ever, any shift. overtime is for suckers. did it a few times and got my ass handed to me with obiden taxes that go to wellfare and all those great nigger programs.
(182.15 KB 1024x1024 bird think.jpg)

>>8374 Here 7h/day is the norm for 5d/week. I usually do 12h shifts but during 3d/weeks so it let me plenty of free time the rest of the week. I like it as it is because working everyday of the week is boring and you don't really have free time to spend. And I appreciate the 12h I spend wagecucking tbh.
(4.45 MB 3024x4032 IMG_0392.JPG)

>>8373 Holy shit today dragged on.
>>8395 I'll bet.
(267.78 KB 679x522 apu pipe smoking.png)

>>8395 you have bowl scraping finger nails, fren.
Imagine working.
(33.60 KB 732x772 soisko.png)

>>8438 dont have to, the nightmare is real.
(18.90 KB 240x232 citisiuqni.jpg)

>>8438 How else to get monies? >>8418 Helps when I don't have something nearby. I don't cut them until it gets to point of being annoying when using a phone.
(30.88 KB 640x400 peter phone.jpg)

>>8490 >I don't cut them until it gets to point of being annoying when using a phone.
>>8498 Within reason.
(9.73 KB 300x285 proxy-image.webp)

There is nothing like wagecucking the night of new year eve.
(767.43 KB 585x4912 worker's_revolution.jpg)

worked almost 16 hours, feel like death, and have to go back to work in less than 8 hours. muh overtime!
>>7287 I might remember this wrong but I think this image is from a fluffy abuse comic.
(56.00 KB 500x375 hello boss coffee.jpg)

>>8690 >have to go back to work in less than 8 hours. i called in sick. muh boss!
>>8716 riiiiiiight
(51.54 KB 524x600 life.jpg)

>>8735 That one cuts deep, especially the last one about aspiration. "Working Class Hero" by John Lennon has never been more poignant than in CY+7. >disclaimer: I apparently don't have the Lennon one, anymore, so take your pick between Green Day and Ozzy.

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