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(643.29 KB 854x480 doom mower man.mp4)

Artist's Shit 12/01/2021 (Wed) 05:48:07 No. 7469
(341.18 KB 400x400 XLIRDBBrkb_x2ml4.mp4)

(1.82 MB 202x360 bad touch.mp4)

(5.13 MB 640x362 russian stabbing.mp4)

(2.33 MB 480x360 why you vaping.webm)

(1.18 MB 634x360 dumb_1.webm)

(9.88 MB 1920x1080 slap take me to church.webm)

(981.45 KB 480x360 yo dawg.mp4)

>>7473 >first vid i know the youtuber who made that, i think? <love the"oh, you" doggo!
(711.57 KB 1920x1080 me.mp4)

(822.61 KB 320x240 diabeetus.webm)

(29.64 MB 1280x534 90er.webm)

(7.49 MB 320x240 skate or die.webm)

(11.76 KB 500x496 man horror and disgust.jpg)

>>7473 >vid 3 >thot using her sister for money and/or likes >is surprised when the degenerates make themselves known The bitch behind the camera needs to be slapped around for awhile for doing that. I was a little worried about clicking on the vid in the first place, but then I remembered I was on /404/ instead of /b/, so it was probably only a 25% chance of pedo content.
(136.82 KB 750x934 oldguycrying.jpg)

>>7489 Right in the fugging feels
>>7504 >Right in the fugging feels more?
(1.99 MB 320x246 weird_80s_shit.webm)

>>7541 >/404/ instead of /b/ /b/ is good for stuff like that. <memory hole i hung onto this from dysnomia's /b/. i like it for different reasons, not default reasons. its dystopian mall aesthetic tbh
Retro synthporn + badass action pack = good feels.
(13.31 MB 640x480 paulie and his robot.mp4)

(2.64 MB 490x360 Meow Mix.mp4)

_ __ ___ ___ _____ __ | '_ ` _ \ / _ \/ _ \ \ /\ / / | | | | | | __/ (_) \ V V / |_| |_| |_|\___|\___/ \_/\_/ _._ _,-'""`-._ (,-.`._,'( |\`-/| `-.-' \ )-`( , o o) `- \`_`"'-
(1.26 MB 400x211 catheadcup.gif)

>>7681 Holy shit, that takes me back
>>7571 fugging loved Streethawk as a kid. So much so that I made Future Streethawk out of my Lego, at the time, which was my only yellow lego astronaut riding an even more futuristic bike in space. Y'know, sometimes the autism can be really fun...
>>7686 Could... Could you show me that StreetHawk lego anon?
(8.94 MB 490x360 1587886869-3.mp4)

(3.31 MB 320x240 Sakura-Con_2009_Commercial.mp4)

(2.06 MB 640x360 WDF GUY.mp4)

(8.59 MB 1280x720 the_internet.mp4)

(4.62 MB 1152x720 ICP Glade Plug-in's.mp4)

(253.76 KB 360x360 a_child.mp4)

(97.33 KB 250x155 faggot.png)

>>7715 >"Garugamesh!" fugg, I had that so-called word stuck in my head two days ago. Who the fugg is that faggot and what the fugg is he referring to? I've seen that goth pickle-sniffer yell that for years, but I have no idea what the fugg he's talking about.
(66.90 KB 500x500 rageexplosiongasm.jpg)

(13.12 KB 325x307 1143362243714.jpg)

>>7729 fugg will stay up until next 404 get use this until its over : f­u­ck oldfag treat
>>7729 Chill the fugg out fugger and learn some new fugging words. Also, it's unseemly to deceive others, so let's just get over looking like retards, please?
(18.09 MB 640x360 animu motivation.mp4)

(11.51 MB 640x360 skooks.mp4)

>>7739 >Also, it's unseemly to deceive others Explain. >so let's just get over looking like retards, please? Never!
(2.33 MB 460x458 magic trick.webm)

>>7763 oh no! my sensibilties!
>>7786 You still haven't explained about the unseemly deception of others.
>>7791 i didnt know i needed to. now my sensibilities are way out of line.
(672.29 KB 396x224 magic car.webm)

(6.79 MB 226x358 magic dollar.mp4)

(5.00 MB 688x360 magic.mp4)

(6.13 MB 854x480 magician taa daa.webm)

(14.65 MB 480x360 Blood Money.mp4)

(13.14 MB 640x426 dusty.mp4)

(12.58 MB 1280x720 World Peace - Rejected Teaser.mp4)

(15.30 MB 480x360 15482562486180.mp4)

(3.17 MB 640x358 Beast.mp4)

(5.99 MB 480x360 beasts.mp4)

Anyone got the video that's a bunch of VHS clips basically describing 8chan in a nutshell?
>>7955 Sounds familiar, but I for one do not.
(15.79 MB 1280x520 8chan Kino.webm)

>>7955 this?
>>7968 Nope, the one I'm talking about had clips from actual old videos. I think some were from movies, pornos, and wrestling promos.
(7.78 MB 1280x720 8ch net.webm)

(1.31 MB 480x320 8ch out.webm)

(1.06 MB 720x360 8chanDDOS.webm)

(1.89 MB 478x358 8chan in female form.webm)

>>7972 mostly all i have with "8ch" filename. i could dig deeper?
Listen to the sound of the fart.
(3.46 MB 320x240 rapbattle.webm)

(3.73 MB 320x240 rapbattle2.webm)

(4.44 MB 1280x702 TaintedGoods.webm)

(1.32 MB 1024x1024 WasHavingFunBeforeYou.png)

One of those 8ch videos seemed to have a speech cadence pulled from the same bucked as was used in this video. Or so I'd thought when I went searching for it. I had in mind another video but I forgot which one. Instead have an angry minotaur miniature jpeg.
>>8057 I made two Koopas and a Bowser in Hero Forge and saved them to show my son. He liked the Koopas but declared the Bowser to be cursed.
(3.74 MB 640x360 newsanchor.mp4)

(1005.06 KB 480x360 blk gold.gif)

>>8092 >"Natural human reaction" Leafistani, here. I sure hope all that cotton you guys had them pick was worth what you've inflicted on North America.
(5.79 MB 320x214 chrischan tick tock.webm)

>>8091 They should have drowned him in the toilet when they had the chance.
(24.10 KB 480x600 CWC_mug_2014.jpg)

(1.98 MB 640x360 CWC.webm)

>>8100 cool vid. not drowning him was clearly a mistake
(3.55 MB 640x360 Bff.webm)

(3.64 MB 640x360 Dirty Dan.webm)

(3.47 MB 640x360 KKK.webm)

(2.28 MB 640x360 bikini bottom pride month.webm)

(1.61 MB 640x360 r u tough.webm)

(1.79 MB 484x360 Sponge Fiction.webm)

(3.55 MB 600x336 krusty krab.webm)

(2.19 MB 1280x720 Bikini Fiction.webm)

>>8139 The jews wouldn't have done it if there wasn't any money in it for them. But since you brought it up, thanks for not expelling der juden while you were at it.
(247.14 KB 320x240 My Body is Ready.mp4)

(1.26 MB 400x300 Mr Body.mp4)

(448.40 KB 320x240 daymare.mp4)

(15.30 MB 480x360 15482562486180.mp4)

(12.65 MB 490x360 PFFR - my_baby.mp4)

(4.66 MB 498x360 20X6 vs 1936.mp4)

>>8387 truly heartbreaking
>>8396 >truly heartbreaking Nobody put a gun to that faggot's head and said "Eat ALL the nuggies, homo"
(3.95 MB 1280x720 ChrisChan on Prom Night.mp4)

>>8106 Hard to believe he's been in jail for about 5 months, it feels like only yesterday.
(1.13 MB 231x210 blkeyepop.gif)

>>8406 They should have buried him under the prison.
(4.33 MB 1280x720 1543752614408.mp4)

(1.32 MB 460x344 flash.webm)

(131.70 KB 503x408 frog pepe smoking.png)

>>8417 >"Wear a mask!" >isn't wearing a mask I really can't stand what's been happening to humanity since... oh, about 1989 or so.
(110.99 KB 1499x742 mask faggots.jpeg)

>>8419 things went down the shitter since 2020 imo
>>8417 This is one of those cunts that hasn't ever been backhanded hard enough to fall on her ass once in her life and it shows.
(4.38 MB 480x360 elmo_song.mp4)

>>8428 >things went down the shitter since 2020 imo Not from where I'm sitting. The (((people))) who are destroying our lives have been steadily at it for decades, but their big push started after 9/11 in 2001 and has been going faster and faster every year since.
(4.18 MB 480x360 muppets cookie NEIN!.webm)

Hope they were not posted before.
>>8510 >Crossed.webm As I said it elsewhere, roping is fugging based.
(63.45 KB 564x644 saved.jpg)

>>8510 >recharger-objets-mode-jeu-video-hd.mp4 new to me, love it!
(1.14 MB 576x1024 heading to the beach.mp4)

(325.19 KB 360x240 keep it up.mp4)

(592.18 KB 306x240 star shart.mp4)

(1.18 MB 640x480 who's the bitch.mp4)

(3.42 MB 360x640 las vegas shooting.mp4)

(7.74 MB 1920x1080 MapPorn-qd8cu9.mp4)

(3.05 MB 640x480 Rambo.mp4)

(10.66 MB 1024x576 małpa jedzie.mp4)

(577.51 KB 480x480 Im fine.mp4)

(3.81 MB 1024x768 1640133288941.webm)

(1.98 MB 454x854 VID_20211018_213922_681.mp4)

(1.31 MB 640x480 among us.mp4)

(829.19 KB 500x279 on your mark.webp)

>>8807 >3th vid On Your Mark by Studio Ghibli <will have to find time to watch (((tbh)))
(15.81 MB 1280x720 PMV_MechGirl.webm)

(15.23 MB 640x360 QirinClim.webm)

(6.51 MB 1920x1080 DieMFer.ru.webm)

These ponies sing!
>>8998 gay
(806.60 KB 514x438 BidenWalksOffstg.mp4)

(11.02 MB 480x848 BeruitJustBefore.mp4)

(161.58 KB 685x1023 95ddd27e.jpg)

>>9000 BO chooses name
(93.41 KB 600x800 MorningGlory_scowls-while.jpg)

(425.54 KB 1600x1200 HorseUdder.jpg)

>>9001 >>9000 OR SLIGHTLY TOO LATE >gay I dunno, I was hoping for ... gay pony or something. Oh well, such is the internet. Especially here Gay we don our now apparel!
>>9003 Rainbow Dash knockoff tbh
>>9004 >RD knockoff If you knew Morning Glory's story arc you might find somepony else saying that to be funny. I sure do. >Ha, ha. Killing joke.
(79.90 KB 550x550 Reading.jpg)

>>9005 >If you knew Morning Glory's story arc I live in America
(172.02 KB 480x480 skater boy.mp4)

(1.31 MB 640x360 stevie hawkins.mp4)

(1.58 MB 720x720 matt furie - NFT.mp4)

(5.89 MB 1500x1500 matt furie - NFT 2.mp4)

(11.70 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 3.mp4)

(5.93 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 4.mp4)

(16.82 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 5.mp4)

(7.09 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 6.mp4)

(6.63 MB 1500x1500 matt furie - NFT 7.mp4)

(4.61 MB 1500x1500 matt furie - NFT 8.mp4)

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