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(643.29 KB 854x480 doom mower man.mp4)

Artist's Shit 12/01/2021 (Wed) 05:48:07 No. 7469
(341.18 KB 400x400 XLIRDBBrkb_x2ml4.mp4)

(1.82 MB 202x360 bad touch.mp4)

(5.13 MB 640x362 russian stabbing.mp4)

(2.33 MB 480x360 why you vaping.webm)

(1.18 MB 634x360 dumb_1.webm)

(9.88 MB 1920x1080 slap take me to church.webm)

(981.45 KB 480x360 yo dawg.mp4)

>>7473 >first vid i know the youtuber who made that, i think? <love the"oh, you" doggo!
(711.57 KB 1920x1080 me.mp4)

(822.61 KB 320x240 diabeetus.webm)

(29.64 MB 1280x534 90er.webm)

(7.49 MB 320x240 skate or die.webm)

(11.76 KB 500x496 man horror and disgust.jpg)

>>7473 >vid 3 >thot using her sister for money and/or likes >is surprised when the degenerates make themselves known The bitch behind the camera needs to be slapped around for awhile for doing that. I was a little worried about clicking on the vid in the first place, but then I remembered I was on /404/ instead of /b/, so it was probably only a 25% chance of pedo content.
(136.82 KB 750x934 oldguycrying.jpg)

>>7489 Right in the fugging feels
>>7504 >Right in the fugging feels more?
(1.99 MB 320x246 weird_80s_shit.webm)

>>7541 >/404/ instead of /b/ /b/ is good for stuff like that. <memory hole i hung onto this from dysnomia's /b/. i like it for different reasons, not default reasons. its dystopian mall aesthetic tbh
Retro synthporn + badass action pack = good feels.
(13.31 MB 640x480 paulie and his robot.mp4)

(2.64 MB 490x360 Meow Mix.mp4)

_ __ ___ ___ _____ __ | '_ ` _ \ / _ \/ _ \ \ /\ / / | | | | | | __/ (_) \ V V / |_| |_| |_|\___|\___/ \_/\_/ _._ _,-'""`-._ (,-.`._,'( |\`-/| `-.-' \ )-`( , o o) `- \`_`"'-
(1.26 MB 400x211 catheadcup.gif)

>>7681 Holy shit, that takes me back
>>7571 fugging loved Streethawk as a kid. So much so that I made Future Streethawk out of my Lego, at the time, which was my only yellow lego astronaut riding an even more futuristic bike in space. Y'know, sometimes the autism can be really fun...
>>7686 Could... Could you show me that StreetHawk lego anon?
(8.94 MB 490x360 1587886869-3.mp4)

(3.31 MB 320x240 Sakura-Con_2009_Commercial.mp4)

(2.06 MB 640x360 WDF GUY.mp4)

(8.59 MB 1280x720 the_internet.mp4)

(4.62 MB 1152x720 ICP Glade Plug-in's.mp4)

(253.76 KB 360x360 a_child.mp4)

(97.33 KB 250x155 faggot.png)

>>7715 >"Garugamesh!" fugg, I had that so-called word stuck in my head two days ago. Who the fugg is that faggot and what the fugg is he referring to? I've seen that goth pickle-sniffer yell that for years, but I have no idea what the fugg he's talking about.
(66.90 KB 500x500 rageexplosiongasm.jpg)

(13.12 KB 325x307 1143362243714.jpg)

>>7729 fugg will stay up until next 404 get use this until its over : f­u­ck oldfag treat
>>7729 Chill the fugg out fugger and learn some new fugging words. Also, it's unseemly to deceive others, so let's just get over looking like retards, please?
(18.09 MB 640x360 animu motivation.mp4)

(11.51 MB 640x360 skooks.mp4)

>>7739 >Also, it's unseemly to deceive others Explain. >so let's just get over looking like retards, please? Never!
(2.33 MB 460x458 magic trick.webm)

>>7763 oh no! my sensibilties!
>>7786 You still haven't explained about the unseemly deception of others.
>>7791 i didnt know i needed to. now my sensibilities are way out of line.
(672.29 KB 396x224 magic car.webm)

(6.79 MB 226x358 magic dollar.mp4)

(5.00 MB 688x360 magic.mp4)

(6.13 MB 854x480 magician taa daa.webm)

(14.65 MB 480x360 Blood Money.mp4)

(13.14 MB 640x426 dusty.mp4)

(12.58 MB 1280x720 World Peace - Rejected Teaser.mp4)

(15.30 MB 480x360 15482562486180.mp4)

(3.17 MB 640x358 Beast.mp4)

(5.99 MB 480x360 beasts.mp4)

Anyone got the video that's a bunch of VHS clips basically describing 8chan in a nutshell?
>>7955 Sounds familiar, but I for one do not.
(15.79 MB 1280x520 8chan Kino.webm)

>>7955 this?
>>7968 Nope, the one I'm talking about had clips from actual old videos. I think some were from movies, pornos, and wrestling promos.
(7.78 MB 1280x720 8ch net.webm)

(1.31 MB 480x320 8ch out.webm)

(1.06 MB 720x360 8chanDDOS.webm)

(1.89 MB 478x358 8chan in female form.webm)

>>7972 mostly all i have with "8ch" filename. i could dig deeper?
Listen to the sound of the fart.
(3.46 MB 320x240 rapbattle.webm)

(3.73 MB 320x240 rapbattle2.webm)

(4.44 MB 1280x702 TaintedGoods.webm)

(1.32 MB 1024x1024 WasHavingFunBeforeYou.png)

One of those 8ch videos seemed to have a speech cadence pulled from the same bucked as was used in this video. Or so I'd thought when I went searching for it. I had in mind another video but I forgot which one. Instead have an angry minotaur miniature jpeg.
>>8057 I made two Koopas and a Bowser in Hero Forge and saved them to show my son. He liked the Koopas but declared the Bowser to be cursed.
(3.74 MB 640x360 newsanchor.mp4)

(1005.06 KB 480x360 blk gold.gif)

>>8092 >"Natural human reaction" Leafistani, here. I sure hope all that cotton you guys had them pick was worth what you've inflicted on North America.
(5.79 MB 320x214 chrischan tick tock.webm)

>>8091 They should have drowned him in the toilet when they had the chance.
(24.10 KB 480x600 CWC_mug_2014.jpg)

(1.98 MB 640x360 CWC.webm)

>>8100 cool vid. not drowning him was clearly a mistake
(3.55 MB 640x360 Bff.webm)

(3.64 MB 640x360 Dirty Dan.webm)

(3.47 MB 640x360 KKK.webm)

(2.28 MB 640x360 bikini bottom pride month.webm)

(1.61 MB 640x360 r u tough.webm)

(1.79 MB 484x360 Sponge Fiction.webm)

(3.55 MB 600x336 krusty krab.webm)

(2.19 MB 1280x720 Bikini Fiction.webm)

>>8139 The jews wouldn't have done it if there wasn't any money in it for them. But since you brought it up, thanks for not expelling der juden while you were at it.
(247.14 KB 320x240 My Body is Ready.mp4)

(1.26 MB 400x300 Mr Body.mp4)

(448.40 KB 320x240 daymare.mp4)

(15.30 MB 480x360 15482562486180.mp4)

(12.65 MB 490x360 PFFR - my_baby.mp4)

(4.66 MB 498x360 20X6 vs 1936.mp4)

>>8387 truly heartbreaking
>>8396 >truly heartbreaking Nobody put a gun to that faggot's head and said "Eat ALL the nuggies, homo"
(3.95 MB 1280x720 ChrisChan on Prom Night.mp4)

>>8106 Hard to believe he's been in jail for about 5 months, it feels like only yesterday.
(1.13 MB 231x210 blkeyepop.gif)

>>8406 They should have buried him under the prison.
(4.33 MB 1280x720 1543752614408.mp4)

(1.32 MB 460x344 flash.webm)

(131.70 KB 503x408 frog pepe smoking.png)

>>8417 >"Wear a mask!" >isn't wearing a mask I really can't stand what's been happening to humanity since... oh, about 1989 or so.
(110.99 KB 1499x742 mask faggots.jpeg)

>>8419 things went down the shitter since 2020 imo
>>8417 This is one of those cunts that hasn't ever been backhanded hard enough to fall on her ass once in her life and it shows.
(4.38 MB 480x360 elmo_song.mp4)

>>8428 >things went down the shitter since 2020 imo Not from where I'm sitting. The (((people))) who are destroying our lives have been steadily at it for decades, but their big push started after 9/11 in 2001 and has been going faster and faster every year since.
(4.18 MB 480x360 muppets cookie NEIN!.webm)

Hope they were not posted before.
>>8510 >Crossed.webm As I said it elsewhere, roping is fugging based.
(63.45 KB 564x644 saved.jpg)

>>8510 >recharger-objets-mode-jeu-video-hd.mp4 new to me, love it!
(1.14 MB 576x1024 heading to the beach.mp4)

(325.19 KB 360x240 keep it up.mp4)

(592.18 KB 306x240 star shart.mp4)

(1.18 MB 640x480 who's the bitch.mp4)

(3.42 MB 360x640 las vegas shooting.mp4)

(7.74 MB 1920x1080 MapPorn-qd8cu9.mp4)

(3.05 MB 640x480 Rambo.mp4)

(10.66 MB 1024x576 małpa jedzie.mp4)

(577.51 KB 480x480 Im fine.mp4)

(3.81 MB 1024x768 1640133288941.webm)

(1.98 MB 454x854 VID_20211018_213922_681.mp4)

(1.31 MB 640x480 among us.mp4)

(829.19 KB 500x279 on your mark.webp)

>>8807 >3th vid On Your Mark by Studio Ghibli <will have to find time to watch (((tbh)))
(15.81 MB 1280x720 PMV_MechGirl.webm)

(15.23 MB 640x360 QirinClim.webm)

(6.51 MB 1920x1080 DieMFer.ru.webm)

These ponies sing!
>>8998 gay
(806.60 KB 514x438 BidenWalksOffstg.mp4)

(11.02 MB 480x848 BeruitJustBefore.mp4)

(161.58 KB 685x1023 95ddd27e.jpg)

>>9000 BO chooses name
(93.41 KB 600x800 MorningGlory_scowls-while.jpg)

(425.54 KB 1600x1200 HorseUdder.jpg)

>>9001 >>9000 OR SLIGHTLY TOO LATE >gay I dunno, I was hoping for ... gay pony or something. Oh well, such is the internet. Especially here Gay we don our now apparel!
>>9003 Rainbow Dash knockoff tbh
>>9004 >RD knockoff If you knew Morning Glory's story arc you might find somepony else saying that to be funny. I sure do. >Ha, ha. Killing joke.
(79.90 KB 550x550 Reading.jpg)

>>9005 >If you knew Morning Glory's story arc I live in America
(172.02 KB 480x480 skater boy.mp4)

(1.31 MB 640x360 stevie hawkins.mp4)

(1.58 MB 720x720 matt furie - NFT.mp4)

(5.89 MB 1500x1500 matt furie - NFT 2.mp4)

(11.70 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 3.mp4)

(5.93 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 4.mp4)

(16.82 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 5.mp4)

(7.09 MB 1920x1920 matt furie - NFT 6.mp4)

(6.63 MB 1500x1500 matt furie - NFT 7.mp4)

(4.61 MB 1500x1500 matt furie - NFT 8.mp4)

(7.88 MB 640x352 arrest me.mp4)

(610.18 KB 360x360 mall cop.mp4)

(278.22 KB 360x360 unfair type beat.mp4)

(862.29 KB 640x360 strictly_business.mp4)

(696.33 KB 720x480 doomed.webm)

>>9212 always wondered about the original Thank!
(11.56 MB 294x240 Karate dance.mp4)

>>9213 >Retards_Dancing.mp4 Reminds me of this classic cool dude.
>>9276 this dude is too cool it's like he saw the future of dance and then went in a different direction entirely so sigma
(1.75 MB 848x480 Tifa Italian Senate.mp4)

(8.82 MB 640x360 dance.webm)

>>9276 me dance
(1.52 MB 460x336 Romanian electicians.mp4)

(100.87 KB 327x316 quinn drunk again.png)

>>9300 New game: drink every time he says "oblate spheroid."
(1.58 MB 301x200 approved.gif)

>>9279 Absolute madman
(198.54 KB 800x800 frog pepe 148800.png)

>>9212 The black version of the Cinnamon Challenge.
>>9333 Huh. Didn't even notice. Welp, the drinking rule still applies, gents. Try not to look at names as you scroll.
(5.04 MB 640x360 15252654482020.webm)

(800.39 KB 480x480 amanda_hackey.mp4)

(342.14 KB 460x258 brap.mp4)

(10.35 MB 640x360 viral.mp4)

(25.86 KB 600x370 russian sleep experiment.jpg)

>>9388 >"Ah maht take yo' guy!" Well, when you're done with him, make sure you kill him so he doesn't have to live with that. >>9387 >spooky shit >Russian letters Uh oh. If someone says "turn the gas back on," I'm leaving for good. Just about to hit "Reply" when the ending hit. Pretty sure I'd have preferred the sleep experimentees.
(3.59 MB 500x400 german soybeans.mp4)

(826.96 KB 400x228 32628_SD.mp4)

(1.71 MB 320x568 1643286662136.webm)

(16.24 MB 1280x720 Soit Sage.mp4)

(6.84 KB 184x184 rickandmortymeeseeks.jpg)

>>9648 I lived across from a guy who was constantly "tuning" his car with the rest of his tiny-dick friends. The true niggers are people of any color who sit there making "look at me! look at me!" noises 24-7.
(887.44 KB 398x224 bull smashmouth.webm)

>>9563 Play stupid games...
(3.39 MB 720x720 1643309464552620963.mp4)

(13.83 MB 484x272 fucked_up_by_bulls.mp4)

>>9651 heh!
(4.52 MB 1280x720 finger_geklaut.mp4)

(1.22 MB 434x720 riley-williams.mp4)

(8.44 MB 1920x1080 The Greatest Generation.webm)

(14.18 MB 640x360 WENCES LAMAS REEL 2018.mp4)

(23.99 MB 854x480 piss pipe.mp4)

(3.00 MB 480x592 dwarf stripper.mp4)

(7.99 MB 900x720 germs_hd.mp4)

(5.41 MB 640x360 Windy Man.webm)

(3.71 MB 640x480 kairo.webm)

(358.65 KB 720x720 JustShotByBritCops.mp4)

This is why I browse the overboard. I mean, I want to tell the artist that chakats are feline-derived, not canine, but the level of detail and consideration that went into this animation is amazing. Normally it's just "lolhermtaur probably has fur or sometin'" but no, this is well animated And somewhat lacking it good taste but we expect that around here, I should think. Have a random police shooting to round out the content of this detestable post.
(5.92 MB 1280x720 kids are niggers.mp4)

>Kids are nigger tie, challenge my opinion. or maybe niggers have mind and intelligence of children
(829.20 KB 576x768 15-ans-arriere-ou-celebre.mp4)

(357.11 KB 700x5508 MHq01V.jpg.webp)

>>10526 Sorry for triple post. >tfw too impulsive
>>10213 Piper Perri appears to have fallen on hard times.
(769.78 KB 1244x2880 blk africa zulu.jpg)

(387.62 KB 1066x8306 blk kindergarten.png)

(1.36 MB 1303x4720 blk high skool.jpg)

>>10525 >kids are niggers Children, until the age of 10ish (or more if negroidal), are basically animals. Dogs, actually. >crave affection >desire structure >enjoy treats and would eat only treats if allowed >act without thinking, chasing a squirrel into oncoming traffic >zero understanding of consequences >yours is awesome; your neighbor's is a cunt They're basically pets who you have to manually feed and wipe for the first few years. I say that as loving father of two. Dogs actually take less time to train if you do it right. >or maybe niggers have mind and intelligence of children I've known some smart ones, but the problem is they don't really understand consequences or the idea of other people owning the things that they desire. This is because their jungle origins allowed for them to eat whenever they felt like it, and if someone took their banana, they would shrug and go get another banana. It carried over with the slaves and very few manage to get used to the idea that maybe a nice car should be bought instead of stolen and crashed. >pics related: anecdotal evidence. I used to have the lawyer one, as well, but I can't find it.
(2.70 MB 569x320 blk baby in the dryer.webm)

(3.52 MB 224x400 blk how far we've come.mp4)

(332.61 KB 540x960 blk african temptation.png)

(147.02 KB 700x933 blk bread.jpg)

(16.48 MB 1280x720 MeetGuysThatRunBiden.webm)

Sears & Co nailing it again.
(11.96 MB 1280x720 WizardOSXNeedsUpdate.webm)

(3.98 MB 480x480 gosling lain op.MP4)

(4.53 MB 320x568 Retail Employee Worker.mp4)

(1.50 MB 460x368 crystal cafe.mp4)

(1.96 MB 640x346 gypsy talk.mp4)

(3.24 MB 720x720 traingang.mp4)

(21.78 MB 720x480 kultur terror4.mp4)

(2.19 MB 1280x720 webm quality thread.webm)

(2.27 MB 512x480 1647531952888.webm)

(2.94 MB 1280x720 1647531778383.webm)

(12.20 MB 576x1024 VID_20220317_100121_843.mp4)

(4.16 MB 848x464 chechen don.MOV)

(745.81 KB 460x574 pro.mp4)

(1.61 MB 360x588 pro1.mp4)

(13.00 MB 720x1280 tesla-volante.mp4)

(597.76 KB 430x372 parkering.webm)

>>11109 >pro comfy:)
(252.36 KB 464x258 WTH.webm)

>>11030 >3rd vid
(7.82 MB 700x394 GeneticPony-StartedThis.webm)

(1.33 MB 450x800 MxKit.webm)

My new, fancy, super-expensive computer is online and I just had to celebrate by re-encoding some random gibberish from Repo:TheGeneticOpera. Or was it my little pony? Oh well. >>11130 At least it wasn't a preschool teacher.
(792.28 KB 404x720 pro.mp4)

>>11109 >>11118 >based worker
(11.19 MB 1280x720 genders.webm)

>>11169 >2nd vid when is this fad going to die
>>11309 Based bugs.
>>10213 They'll fuck anything with blonde hair, won't they?
(69.44 KB 595x720 acidkike irl.jpg)

>>10547 >>11334 I'm pretty sure that's pic related, considering how aggressively the creature is trying to arouse niggers.
(7.64 MB 640x360 female_comedians2.webm)

(1006.92 KB 514x514 dark maga study.mp4)

(446.81 KB 332x234 worry.mp4)

(546.28 KB 384x288 yellow.mp4)

(1.76 MB 480x360 anonimus.webm)

(11.35 MB 800x450 PinkieIsABiohazard.webm)

(8.09 MB 900x506 KXLLSWITCH_(Ft-LilDarkie).webm)

(7.70 MB 1280x544 OntheTable.webm)

(13.73 MB 800x450 $uicidB0y$_DemnSlayr.webm)

Who wants some TRASHy anime? ...Well, you have to take the PMV first. HOW can you have any anime if you don't watch yer ponies? /* //Thanks, PinkFloyd. I used to like steak but not the way the brits ruin meat. */ // /* Eh. May reencode that last one. Looked nice on the big screen */
(26.65 MB 960x540 $uicideboy$layer.webm)

>>11436 >Eh. May reencode As threatened. Looks nice.
(5.73 MB 406x720 frog ripple.webm)

(48.83 KB 520x596 xoscope.png)

(369.41 KB 1984x1233 lain_oscilloscope.jpg)

(1.99 MB 1354x1062 lain_oscillo.png)

>>11447 >that mushrooms vid. Fascinating. I remember seeing on lainchan an anon drawing Lain on an oscilloscope. I'm going to install a digital oscilloscope to mess around with it. There are some softs for Linux. Will dig it. https://github.com/wwwMADwww/FT2232ImageOutput
>>11447 >>11450 And also the sound at the end of the video reminds me of that nice track by Oneohtrix Point Never.
(224.96 KB 1280x799 animu.jpg)

>>11450 The guy who produced the mushroom vid >>11447 created an oscilloscope program to play tunes and draw shapes. Spending all the yesterday morning trying to compile the shit in vain. Trying to run the standalone program in vain to (missing dependencies, tried to install them : outdated, won't on my system without turning it to an unstable machine). Xoscope can play sounds but I tried with the mushroom audio file and it didn't went as expected. Maybe I need to tweak the shit but I can't remember my high school science courses about working with an oscilloscope. And I was more the art guy than the science guy. Will dive in it later. I'm sure you can have some good fun messing with oscilloscopes. Take a look : https://ebajous-curves.tumblr.com/
(5.59 MB 480x360 BLM.mp4)

(436.40 KB 480x360 prank.mp4)

(1.07 MB 1072x648 explosion.mp4)

>>11381 Bobby Fischer and Paul Morphy are the only true geniuses who played chess, maybe Magnus Carlsen only time will tell.
(167.53 KB 1080x1080 frog incredible pepe.jpg)

(147.78 KB 636x657 frog pepe meh.png)

>>11624 >KKK <Their faces when blacks chimping and jew trickery vs. my face when blacks chimping and jew trickery At this point, I've no rage left to give. I make a note of it and move on.
(1.45 MB 1280x720 personal enter.mp4)

(2.00 MB 368x410 Flash.mp4)

(1.89 MB 264x480 chinese_drinker.mp4)

(1.17 MB 270x480 désopilant.mp4)

(21.46 MB 1280x720 Matrix par Tarantino.mp4)

(1.69 MB 720x1280 eclairs-spectaculaires.mp4)

(4.69 MB 608x1080 rouler-bmx-canalisation.mp4)

(851.18 KB 480x480 soldats-coeur-mains.mp4)

(2.76 MB 1280x720 15449935394542.webm)

(1.63 MB 576x320 14688322716240.webm)

(1.04 MB 478x360 lasagna.webm)

(4.95 MB 406x720 liver king.webm)

(2.80 MB 640x368 黑公牛.mp4)

(9.10 MB 480x848 nigger roulette.mp4)

(998.03 KB 202x360 turkey.mp4)

(10.62 MB 800x450 GhostMachines.webm)

(4.63 MB 1080x720 SirVanM_NoMoLk.mp4)

(697.17 KB 320x240 laughagentsmith.webm)

>>11989 >gozando.webm So she cums, pisses on herself and appears to also have a stroke. Not very erotic, but I guess I'm just a prude. And then... IT happens. >mfw the dildo shot out of her ass like a torpedo
(4.54 MB 406x720 based_china_worker.mp4)

(4.17 MB 406x720 cute.mp4)

(1.17 MB 460x864 it's magic.mp4)

(347.07 KB 460x480 mindfuck_baby.mp4)

(2.94 MB 460x816 Dad moments.mp4)

>>12215 <What if the Spice Girls were spergs? Um... >Sporty = Hyperactive >Posh = Seriously bad in social situations and quiet >Ginger, Baby, Scary = Very... odd. We'll leave it at that.
(9.70 MB 1066x480 1454179944.webm)

(69.69 KB 1000x871 fff.jpg)

>>12215 this gril is sperg tbh fren
(4.54 MB 880x495 TargetSad.webm)

(1.61 MB 1280x720 1449501384703.webm)

(2.94 MB 1034x1024 EmbrPon.webm)

(6.57 MB 820x461 XoLuLgBittrxSweet.webm)

(10.75 MB 1280x720 E6ZZYG7VIYN7L2QI.mp4)

(13.88 MB 640x360 american cooking redux.mp4)

(4.37 MB 480x480 1647405792751239990.mp4)

(899.90 KB 576x1024 macaroni.webm)

(796.57 KB 1038x1038 1652896447120.png)

>>12472 HAHA
>>12472 oh wow
(9.21 MB 864x486 830170.mp4)

>This had me laughing so hard, I was actually crying from the stomach pain and gasping for air. And every time I thought it was finally over, the hits just kept coming. One or many of the /co/s losing their fucking minds over the new Chip 'n' Dale movie's grand reveal: their mousefu got bugged.
>>12472 oh, wow! oh, geez! fucking ralphamale, ammirite?!
>>12538 i liked rescue rangers the cartoon and the nes vidya. i also like to watch disney stepping on its own dick.
(10.04 MB 576x1024 gdfofficail.mp4)

(9.40 MB 576x1024 gdfofficail 2.mp4)

(5.27 MB 352x640 gdfofficail 3.mp4)

(6.62 MB 480x852 gdfofficail 4.mp4)

(54.74 KB 519x552 celt.jpg)

(12.17 KB 288x300 Breker.jpg)

>>12607 >We can blame Jews; but we all know we only have ourselves to blame. Nice try. >I'm addicted to porn cause the jews >I'm a consoomer cause the jews >I'm a fat lazy fuck cause the jews I have no will power. I'm a jew puppet. Not my fault.
(93.01 KB 640x698 The Jews did this.jpg)

(262.79 KB 1100x674 jew toy.jpg)

(148.17 KB 444x500 Jewing.jpeg)

(5.14 MB 1216x720 Chad Cursed Furry.mp4)

(1.03 MB 460x576 Pacificateur.mp4)

(634.10 KB 258x460 basé marin.mp4)

(3.20 MB 460x816 simulateur.mp4)

>>12610 why do slant eyes wear fucking european sailor uniforms from 100 years ago
(132.42 KB 935x967 nikocado avocado.jpg)

>>12617 he will die soon. his heart will give out before diabetes is a threat.
>>12614 >cursed furry It's like "What if Bugs Bunny staged alien abductions?"
(848.18 KB 977x665 greta fetal alcohol.png)

>>12215 >that philtrum, tho Oh, look. Yet another fetal alcohol cunt trying to pretend she's on the spectrum instead of just retarded.
(3.33 MB 854x480 isZY3XLaaqyy.mp4)

all this bitch knows how to do is paint her tits for money never in history have men paid such a high price for something as utterly worthless as the 21st century woman
>>12652 Fucking bitch. I would have be happy if she burned herself. But this fucking dumb whore could have killed ''innocents" neighbors. What a worthless piece of shit. I don't understand men giving free money and attention to these dumbshits e-thots.
(10.94 MB 720x900 gretard.mp4)

(94.11 KB 639x1024 gretanips.jpg)

>>12625 I want to fug her bros. i want to fug her so bad. what do i do.
>>12659 Damn she's doing some sort of cringe live show now ? would lick those juicy nipples tbh
(4.74 MB 640x360 jew fear the Samurai.webm)

>>12616 But... But dosen't Jew affraid of Samurai ? Sailor uniform is cute, leave the loli alone please
(585.28 KB 600x800 Greta_Blacktron.png)

(324.64 KB 500x708 Greta__Finger.png)

(128.65 KB 1024x1010 pussy.jpg)

>>12659 She better shut the fuck up before I fuck her cute autistic face. She really need a good deep dicking, and not the deep dicking molestation she got from her parents.
(66.46 KB 1024x576 do not want 1.jpg)

(2.06 MB 1920x1080 do not want.jpg)

>>12688 Would you ? I wouldn't
(628.63 KB 526x929 barf puppy.png)

>>12688 >>12689 eeeewwwwwww
>>12688 If this does it for you, look up an old e-manga named Bondage Fairies. video unrelated.
(274.89 KB 1200x1658 blat.jpg)

>>12746 >Bondage me like >Fairies What could go wrong ?
(970.19 KB 640x360 Sonic Girls.mp4)

(3.10 MB 406x720 casse-tete-150-ans-hd.mp4)

(5.00 MB 688x360 magic.mp4)

(2.33 MB 460x458 magic trick.webm)

(6.79 MB 226x358 magic dollar.mp4)

(672.29 KB 396x224 magic car.webm)

>>12750 woah, magic!
>>12749 That is, without a doubt, the catalyst for Chrischan's madness.
>>12659 >I want to fug her bros. i want to fug her so bad. what do i do. I want you to fuck her, too, brah. Just make sure Soros isn't filming it to use against you, later.
(1.48 MB 328x328 man chigur eyebrows.gif)

>>12689 Is that cosplay or computer imaging?
>>12774 Computer job. I thought at first it was a shopped photo but it's a full 3D drawing. It's technically well done but damn it's cursed af.
(459.42 KB 250x188 startrekdoctorhooboy.gif)

>>12779 >but damn it's cursed af. Unfortunately, it's not cursed enough for my penis.
>>12795 When you have several choices in front of you (...) and you can't decide, always take the path that requires the most audacity.
(31.75 KB 620x349 jokermouth.jpg)

>>12809 "Whatcha laughin' at, Mur-RAY?"
>>12809 That poor monki.
(4.55 MB 1280x604 vhs-amerie.webm)

(4.13 MB 1280x604 vhs-gio.webm)

(5.83 MB 640x360 pomf.mp4)

(2.56 MB 854x480 THAT'S HIM.webm)

(2.87 MB 1280x720 8can_int.mp4)

(6.42 MB 592x444 8chins.webm)

(7.63 MB 400x200 ayy lmao mining.webm)

(5.96 MB 1920x1080 CP.webm)

(5.25 MB 640x360 ES ES bESt.webm)

(4.87 MB 694x417 helloshillnessmynewfriend.webm)

(8.59 MB 320x240 finland.webm)

(9.91 MB 960x540 FoE-Trailer.webm)

(20.32 MB 1280x720 Hellfire.mp4)

(7.54 MB 640x360 copying-is-not-theft.mp4)

(10.50 MB 720x1280 danse-corde-sauter.mp4)

(2.93 MB 1024x576 N_kpop.webm)

(3.73 MB 640x360 caramell_wizzard.mp4)

(1.19 MB 460x662 miniature.mp4)

(3.61 MB 640x368 Heil monki.webm)

(10.08 MB 1280x720 monke.mp4)

>>12935 🐒
(2.71 MB 640x750 1654406679498.webm)

(6.26 MB 240x426 brainmelt.mp4)

(1.39 MB 640x368 facebook runner.mp4)

>>13060 Took me a sec to realize how badly Fuckerberg was failing the Voight-Kampff.
(20.85 MB 640x360 prout.mp4)

(17.39 MB 928x720 Bean Life 2.mp4)

>>13059 Asians are really on another level of entertainment. Good cancer edit to.
(5.73 MB 1280x720 nig shot by police.mp4)

(5.72 MB 608x1080 2813-16j93pw.webm)

(238.67 KB 368x368 i_have_cum.mp4)

(1.65 MB 280x240 0351BOUNZIN.3gp.mp4)

(19.11 MB 320x240 FRIENDFEST 2.mp4)

(1.20 MB 192x144 goblinz.3gp.mp4)

(14.58 MB 998x576 my_body_my_choice.mp4)

(3.96 MB 720x720 Master Section.webm)

>>13110 weirdass shit, thanks!
(935.01 KB 460x466 me angry.mp4)

(232.89 KB 460x654 nice view.mp4)

(12.43 MB 1280x720 PAU PAU PAULETTE 3D.mp4)

(4.64 MB 284x480 bourse.mp4)

(9.06 MB 854x480 calm.mp4)

(7.35 MB 624x1080 tik tok dance.mp4)

(976.08 KB 284x360 eye cleanse.mp4)

(2.66 MB 562x1080 The conjuring robot.mp4)

(6.86 MB 480x272 David Cope'n'feel.mp4)

>>13360 >Sweat dripping from David Copperfield's forehead intensifies

(960.99 KB 460x816 kakiukoi.mp4)

>>13420 >2rd Vid heh! reminds me of swan towels at the nice hotels.
im blown away by this interaction tbh
(68.17 KB 700x674 carlos smug frog.png)

>>13431 Looks like someone brought flab to a gunfight.
(9.22 MB 406x720 Animal.mp4)

(1.38 MB 426x480 cy+7 parade.mp4)

>>13431 Is it normal® to want to turn those anguished squeals into a ringtone?
This is apparently from a nu Beavis and Butthead flic. Can anyone confirm or deny it being gud?
>>11989 Are you fugging retarded?
(121.08 KB 960x540 p21683600_v_h8_aa.jpg)

>>13556 no clue, liked office space and king of the hill. never got into beavis and butthead. the laughing drives me up a wall. cornholio was stupid. >your clip stinks of boomer humor. would watch for free. its prolly linked to some shit streaming service that nobody wants like paramount+
(997.69 KB 360x640 tornado.mp4)

(302.97 KB 738x404 retard.png)

>>13568 >wafty boomie fumes Gee, ya think? I'll still take that over forced front-hole shit-takes from whatever talent-nonconformists passes for writers these days in Hymiewood. >I dun like beenis & buttbreath Understandable. I'm still very fond of the original series, the first movie and the reboot season Mike Judge did some years back. But I was the right age for my critical thinking mechanisms to be unformed when I was hooked. Getting to catch episodes/marathons was a rarity as I was mostly without cable, so it has a late-night golden-moment aura to me. Vid related might be more your speed
>>13569 I wonder if the person who filmed this survived, a pity that video ends at best part.
(12.29 MB 704x1280 7ZZQxlkHV2CRaHCQ.mp4)

(4.31 MB 576x1024 Zwy9DzryIbp-mQkE.mp4)

(73.14 KB 654x872 1656684115982.jpg)

(24.27 MB 640x360 new york sucks.mp4)

>point <counterpoint >point nyc and its inhabitants suck ass. dood lost his job over pointing out that nyc stores suck big time.
(3.84 MB 640x427 deathfantasybelief.webm)

(7.73 MB 1280x720 arsonist pikachu.mp4)

(23.95 MB 1920x1080 kaboom.webm)

(2.50 MB 588x328 CMON MAN.mp4)

(2.63 MB 640x352 joe.mp4)

(2.59 MB 848x848 medal of honor.mp4)

(1016.23 KB 640x352 VID_20220705_182618_859.mp4)

(2.93 MB 480x270 lol.webm)

what 2 song blended would go well with this?
(6.93 MB 640x360 meh.webm)

>>13988 couldnt think of anything special tbh
(3.55 MB 320x240 are you that woman.webm)

(5.23 MB 1600x806 r9k chat.mp4)

(2.79 MB 1920x1080 trivia.mp4)

(2.96 MB 1280x720 VID_20220714_195106_840.mp4)

(3.89 MB 1280x720 a hero can save us.webm)

(1.42 MB 640x360 a hero can save us.mp4)

(7.73 MB 640x360 Panhandler.webm)

(673.14 KB 354x360 big guy.webm)

(1.62 MB 460x816 space jews.mp4)

(2.20 MB 640x360 Excuse Me.mp4)

(3.34 MB 1920x1080 biggest_boy.mp4)

(1.26 MB 640x360 6wom91.mp4)

(2.58 MB 854x480 Thanks!.mp4)

(2.53 MB 640x1138 1658774139918898.webm)

(76.73 KB 714x575 apu no look.png)

>>14251 what a fat fuck
(7.64 MB 484x360 binary code.mp4)

(6.18 MB 480x360 Tomahawk - Aktion F1413.mp4)

(1.32 MB 638x360 howtocutcarrots.webm)

>>14273 >first vid Now that's part of the entertainment i guess, but still gruesome, like gladiators fighting wild beasts and getting gored.
(4.94 MB 640x360 Nicolas Cage Wants Cake.mp4)

(2.67 MB 1280x720 NiggJam.mp4)

(12.19 MB 854x480 Thompson's daily routine.mp4)

(2.11 MB 640x480 SpeedRunnersAreScum.webm)

(3.13 MB 1280x720 1654551447527.webm)

(2.93 MB 960x540 uzi_vs_watermelon.webm)

(3.99 MB 1024x576 500 Magnum vs Lawn Mower.webm)

(449.02 KB 540x360 1656932108661.webm)

(373.22 KB 470x360 pee sucknis.webm)

(3.07 MB 480x360 1657909571138.webm)

(5.19 MB 496x360 Badger.webm)

(3.93 MB 480x360 the internet is not.webm)

(4.10 MB 200x200 Duke Nukem Jam.webm)

(4.93 MB 320x240 Contra Jungle Jam.webm)

(1.87 MB 320x240 Gollum Rap.webm)

(3.92 MB 640x360 1654451580397.webm)

(1006.45 KB 1280x720 suitcase_gun.webm)

(3.85 MB 1280x720 1656442671629.webm)

(3.39 MB 560x308 prophecy.webm)

(985.18 KB 480x360 news-trolled.webm)

(3.70 MB 480x480 1654719671502.webm)

(2.24 MB 576x576 1654563546189.webm)

(2.04 MB 960x960 1654748513640.webm)

(2.89 MB 400x400 1607741988457.webm)

(25.24 MB 360x360 Castilian Drums (Live).mp4)

(4.52 MB 640x480 Dust Devil — D-Code.mp4)

(18.53 MB 1080x1080 Blue Rondo à la Turk.mp4)

(20.36 MB 1080x1080 Strange Meadow Lark.mp4)

(11.07 MB 1080x1080 Take Five.mp4)

(21.60 MB 854x480 Stand By Me — End.mp4)

(1.19 MB 352x640 1653333923739.webm)

(9.16 MB 360x270 gentleman.mp4)

(6.10 MB 384x216 American bread.webm)

>>14419 fashy soundy!
>>14422 eww, compressing turned out doodoo. https://altcensored.com/watch?v=nuolEpzNZFY
(985.18 KB 480x360 news-trolled.webm)

(1.04 MB 320x240 OprahOver9000.webm)

(3.88 MB 500x280 1658858546918446.webm)

(3.94 MB 320x240 ANONYMOUS.webm)

(14.74 MB 576x1024 tradwife-steak-dinner.mp4)

>>14046 That's a pretty good use of schuaiby's suicide video, I wish I had thought of that. I may have some Omegle trolling to do in the future.
(2.78 MB 720x720 meme explanation.webm)

(1.76 MB 480x360 anonimus.webm)

>>14554 >OprahOver9000.webm >ANONYMOUS.webm LOL!™
(23.82 KB 208x210 204-hank-hill-whatever.jpg)

>>14557 >pan-fried steak No. >>14559 >may have some please, have some
(39.13 KB 500x500 inotunderstand.mp4)

(635.37 KB 854x480 حمود حبيبي.mp4)

(1.25 MB 640x360 lifted_trucks.mp4)

>>14599 hmmn
(129.65 KB 576x320 lalalala.mp4)

(1.89 MB 1280x720 Big Mac.webm)

(7.04 MB 1280x720 canadian honkening.mp4)

(2.82 MB 398x224 don't.mp4)

(936.03 KB 480x480 enterminem.mp4)

(3.51 MB 480x480 ItchySkin.webm)

(2.71 MB 1228x720 microplastics.webm)

(11.63 MB 2560x1440 muhtaverse.webm)

(4.30 MB 1280x720 turkeyvortex.webm)

(4.32 MB 640x360 1555387269195907077.mp4)

>>12689 I'm sorry but she's been permanently ruined for me since the fly fiasco.
(190.55 KB 1280x1076 IMG_20220724_041112_440.jpg)

>>14628 hehehehehe agartha
>>14630 That look on Berry's face was beautiful There's a vid out there somewhere of Linda McCartney singing with Paul and his band, and you can't tell how bad she is because the other singers carry her like a cement briefcase through the song. But some of the sound guys figured if THEY had to listen to Linda butcher her way through "Hey, Jude" then so did everyone else. They isolated her track and it's just terrible. Found it. The amount of simps in the comments are amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoH9zP_n_g0
The vaccinators' crimes are beginning to catch up to them.
(425.83 KB 704x880 aussie vax.png)

>>14674 can't find the source now, but i read on twitter that this guys brother died from a drug overdose. the boomerang mate and his "deceased" brother were involved with drug dealing/ using. meth and a lot of steroids. think the last name was Moger?
>>14682 Eddie Von Moger, brother of ex-Mr.Universe Calum Von Moger
Posting some Michael Cusack Stuff
(23.71 MB 1280x720 YOLO 1 and 2.mp4)

(14.01 MB 1280x720 Weedheads S01E01.mp4)

(17.28 MB 1280x720 Weedheads S01E02.mp4)

(6.50 MB 1280x720 Cinema Experience.mp4)

>>14674 My cousin keeps sending me vids and posts about all the sudden heart attacks and "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" that the media is trying to hide. Which means I might potentially be the last or second-to-last man standing in my family (including children) and friend group, which is ironic, because rare are the days when I DON'T want to die while the rest of them are happy little monkeys cheerfully lining up for the latest jab. I've had the initial two and that was only because I've got bad asthma and I was afraid to call their bluff. That's all I've had, but everyone else is still trucking and I want to make them stop but they just shake their heads about my "conspiracy theories" and go for yet another shot. What fucking hellscape are we living in where a chronic depressive has to keep pushing that boulder up the hill while the happy people die in droves around him?
>>14711 You do understand that you deserve to drop dead from Myocarditis precisely because you gave into the psyop, right?
>>14711 >What fucking hellscape are we living in where a chronic depressive has to keep pushing that boulder up the hill while the happy people die in droves around him? Don't be a wuss about it.
(434.44 KB 480x480 car.mp4)

(256.39 KB 486x472 vaxxpill.png)

>>14711 was it worth it did it taste good no matter what happens, you can find comfort in knowing your name is in an official government vaxpill database, forever, will be handy eventually oh btw did you know mentally disabled people and children arent legally allowed to vote, its because theyre too stupid to think for themselves

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