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(126.71 KB 640x640 image(191).jpeg)

©anadAnon's World Famous (allegedly) Doodle Thread ©anadAnon 05/20/2021 (Thu) 03:51:42 No. 87
This is the thread where (((i))) doodle and (you) look at them.
(68.60 KB 480x640 image(194).jpeg)

(70.93 KB 480x640 image(195).jpeg)

(79.74 KB 480x640 image(196).jpeg)

(80.13 KB 480x640 image(197).jpeg)

Lookee here who I brought along for the ride : It's SYNTHIA ERRA Intrepid roving /404/ bort-tan par excellence. As you can tell she's loving the new digs and isn't holding a grudge against me for running off last new year in a fit of pronounced mental instability! Fun times sure to follow!
Alright, blew the dust off my Canadanon's Synthia Erra Folder and prepped it for more staticy goodness. Should I redump all my archived Synthia's for old times sake?
(218.95 KB 809x870 for god's sake.jpg)

>>88 looking good bromigo. would you be opposed to synthia set to new purp theme?
(25.28 KB 657x527 hehe.png)

>>114 yes.
(2.22 MB 402x250 be my guest.gif)

>>114 >Dump If you wanna. You could likewise portion them out since there's a fair bit of her at this point. >>119 Grip and sip as they say
<double post Embarassing! Any way to clean this up?
Click checkbox next to post, scroll to bottom of page, click 'Show forms,' click delete.
(69.60 KB 1241x1277 meow.jpeg)

>>133 >0 threads and 0 posts were successfully deleted. Why must I constantly flail? Tried a few times checking the other boxes next to delete button, same dealie.
>>139 Doesn't always work if there isn't a password set in the first place. That's why you always set a password for your posts just in case you want to delete them later.
>>141 well that was painful. thanks for the insight. >>138 i done did it!
(142.55 KB 513x508 hamer.png)

>>139 >>141 >flood detected This thread is not off to a good start and is now cluttered with non-doodles. The only reason the double post even happened is because the bypass thing fugged up initially and I had to make the post in a different browser.
(25.37 KB 563x651 (Me).jpg)

>>141 neeetbux is added today btw >>145 my bad canadanon. hope you made dat password! >pic related
>>147 >password Do I actually have to make an account here? This is all starting to rub me the wrong way.
>>149 No, usually LynxChan autofills a password for you (if you use JavaScript) and you can just delete a post by clicking on the arrow next to your name or by using the checkbox/forms at the bottom method. Sometimes it *doesn't* autofill a password for you though, so like I said it's always better to fill in a password for your posts yourself. It's actually better than E*dchan because that version literally never autofills in a password for your posts and you always have to do it yourself.
(49.59 KB 600x456 1604865703096.jpg)

>>150 But I did that with the password (the autofilled one) and all I got was flood errors. I get that I'm retarded and all, but I wasn't thinking I would have to delete anything because bypasses never fucked me over like this. Morning/thread/cheery disposition = ruined Nuke this thread for all I care.
>>152 Yeah it's because LynxChan's block bypass method (which this site is using) is extremely retarded. Everytime you post or try to delete too fast, the flood reset counter resets again. So if you had to wait only 1 second longer, the whole thing reset again and you have to wait much longer again. It's pretty stupid.
(25.40 KB 362x400 head-stuck-in-a-boot.jpg)

>>153 Before I smash my head through a wall I'll say that I got "flood detected" on the first try. Plenty of time had passed since posting. Thank you for posting in the "problems I've never had in 15+ years of using imageboards" thread. Come back later to watch me get my arm caught in the subject field and have the fire department summoned to get me extricated.
(43.78 KB 628x631 02618594879156.jpg)

>>155 It is what it is.
(2.68 MB 1280x720 JPEG.webm.webm.webm.webm)

>©anadAnon's World Famous (allegedly) Doodle Thread >allegedly yeah, sorry about your thread getting derailed. <15 beers in the ib business i just hit 9. still a newfag (((tbh))) #NEWFAG4LIFE
(82.00 KB 640x640 image(10).jpeg)

>>160 Keyword is "using" for 15+, as this thread shows I've clearly not been learning anything in that time. Don't think I even posted for the first year or two. >>156 >It is what it is But Is it? or should I spend more time being defensive, blaming others and destroying any goodwill here instead making a good thread with relevant posts?
(388.60 KB 468x352 Lurking Cut.mp4)

>>162 >lurked for some time same. cheer up doodles! youre Grade A material.
(66.37 KB 480x640 image(199).jpeg)

ngl, I am a creatively bankrupt shell of my former self. That confession out of the way, I'm very proud to announce that I am : OPEN FOR REQUESTS (You) want something doodled in a mediocre manner? I'm your guy.
(77.90 KB 282x300 unnamed-1.png)

(51.42 KB 500x500 anime question mark.jpg)

(13.64 KB 385x367 2EVxWd7_d.jpg)

>>173 >requests! would you be open to a loli sized synthia with question marks above her head? <i would like a spoiler asset also, if im not putting too much pressure on you, would you consider a purple theme since we adopted yotsuba p for our bort? no pressure!
(480.54 KB 1031x1265 1593382800053.png)

me getting a bottom-right bort tan is a fools errand atm
(371.29 KB 1080x1132 21-05-21-00-31-14-781_deco.jpg)

>>179 I'll give it a go tomorrow and keep purple prominent in my mind's eye
>>185 if it could have a prominent outline like your coffin spoiler, that would be prime. so i can give it a transparent background:^)
(126.97 KB 640x640 image(203).jpeg)

(103.45 KB 640x640 image(201).jpeg)

(113.04 KB 640x640 image(202).jpeg)

(106.92 KB 640x640 image(200).jpeg)

>>188 Not sure if this checks off all your boxes, happy can redo it if not.
(160.69 KB 600x600 error.png)

>>217 looking good! <smol request could she look more confused? top botch! maybe king could color it, if you feel like teaming up again? you two work well together!
Edited last time by Davey on 05/21/2021 (Fri) 22:51:32.
(27.88 KB 370x370 gay.jpg)

>more confused raising of "where eyebrows would be" might do it!
(156.53 KB 640x640 21-05-21-19-10-22-459_deco.jpg)

>>221 >>220 Can do more work on it, jus pressed for time at the mo'. Might redo the whole thing
(7.76 KB 300x100 nanochan banner.png)

>>225 take your time! no rush, honestly. >dos brows better!
Loving the new OC. Loli Synthia is best Synthia. Imma hafta do one soon. I wouldn't mind coloring another one penguin-sensei's Synthia linearts. Let me know which one and I'll get on it. Didn't forget about the dump. Will be happening soon...
>>258 If you can fancy up the lil' Synthie I did last night I'm sure B.O would appreciate it so that he has a new spoiler for the new bort. Feel free to confuse up her brows too, I'm not sure they're questioning enough for his tastes. An aside : as a personal favor I'd appreciate if yous guys don't refer to the recent doodle as "l*li" but instead "chibi" for possible future legal reasons when I'm being tried for face-crimes and anti-vaxxxine manslaughter in the high courts of Cancuckistan. k thx
(104.70 KB 640x640 image(204).jpeg)

(110.80 KB 640x640 image(206).jpeg)

(128.46 KB 640x640 image(207).jpeg)

(135.44 KB 640x640 image(210).jpeg)

An alternate version for (you)r consideration
(132.92 KB 640x640 image(209).jpeg)

Weird. Always fails to poast the fifth file whenever I use this browser
(261.28 KB 429x410 1363379516002.png)

>>275 >5th file we're back to 4 files, for Numerology's sake. it's not your browser, all me:^) >>274 >>275 looks amazing! i can work with the white background. let me know when you have a finished product. could you place black outline on question mark? GREAT JOB!!
Edited last time by Davey on 05/22/2021 (Sat) 23:34:56.
(144.00 KB 640x640 image(211).jpeg)

>>279 >finished product Hmm, what would that entail for you? Happy to do some touch ups, but you should know by now I do pretty slapdash "work". I thought it was finished tbh.
(178.15 KB 958x900 wondering boople.jpg)

>>303 >thought you delivered finished product yeah, theyre great! idk, i wanted to see the question mark outlined. now that i see it, i know i mussed up. so the og post sticks! i put it up already <spoiler has been up for hours tbh fam its the double ?? synthia, love it! THANK!
(169.40 KB 640x640 21-05-22-22-40-59-903_deco.jpg)

(276.66 KB 500x500 png on phone is hard.png)

>>311 Nice! Here's one on a black background with an outline and a poor attempt at a transparent version. (Trouble getting at the hair gaps)
I like the new spoiler image, but I like the original version of it more. I'll probably work on my redraw of it tomorrow.
(173.87 KB 597x286 mouthglasses ponder.png)

>>336 That first version is a lot more chibi, was feelin pretty torn between them myself since they're both gud poses. Looking forward to seeing your version.
(160.33 KB 425x350 Mundane Shatt.png)

>>279 >for Numerology's sake
(44.27 KB 728x660 temptation island.jpg)

>>366 are you not amused?
(559.33 KB 1200x1200 Synthia Thonk.png)

Worked on this for a couple of hours. I traced most of the original lineart that penguin-sensei drew and made tweaks to her eyebrows, hand, bewbs, and hair. I colored it in my style and added a super-thicc outline for excessive moe-ness. Do with it as you wish could make for a good sticker if you open a 404 merch shop....
(126.16 KB 922x606 upgrayedd.jpg)

>>372 hot damn king! this is AMAZING! >404 merch shop woah, that isnt the worst idea. ive got the wheels turning GREAT JOB!! try the spoiler if you dare:^)
(1.47 MB 3264x2448 20210515_222929.jpg)

Spoiler test! Preemptive oohs and ahs.
(14.87 KB 600x600 question mark.png)

>>374 >try the spoiler context is a bitch, i meant for a recolor:)
Will try tomorrow. It's been a long day.
(227.55 KB 500x330 color moon.png)

>>376 well im sure its 5am there, so yeah, gets some rest. Later!
(24.92 KB 225x313 double.jpg)

>>372 Man, that turned out good. Way to take my scribblings to the next level. Always humbled to see you fit reworks in with all the stuff on your plate. Very impressed.
(1021.24 KB 1200x1200 Synthia Confuse.png)

Spoiler number 2 finished. I changed her body and eyebrows quite a bit. Her body proportions are oddly realistic for my style but I still think it looks good.
(15.84 KB 500x500 1564065184996.png)

>>420 wow! you really compliment canadanons work nicely. this is my favourite out of the 2 (((tbh))) 10 out of 10 r8
(432.40 KB 435x650 train-cocked_1.png)

>>420 Thanks King! You always make my stuff look amazing. I'd have a very difficult time picking between the two for a spoiler because they're both tops with me.
(79.24 KB 640x640 image(213).jpeg)

(61.60 KB 640x640 image(212).jpeg)

IMAGINATION! That's what I want (you) to use when looking at the above doodles. Just imagine if they were interesting... or maybe (you) want to imagine the ghost holding a funny caption! Imagine a whole different picture, one drawn with actual talent and intent, one beyond your wildest dreams!
(76.83 KB 550x800 1563066307710.jpeg.jpg)

>>991 >ran out ideas >asking others to draw instead i guess i could be up to the task this summer? i used to be an art student in highschool. then life happened, havent really drawn in 20 years. maybe i should get that wacom pad that you have? i do have some cash to fritter.
>>994 Nah, I was moar hoping to get (you)r ideas pawned off on me. always up for requests. In truthiness I actually feel pretty accomplished today with the ghosty and my redraw of that girl in the other thread. Can promise to post something every day here, just that it might not be substantial. >Wacom Barely use the thing. just go straight stylus and tablet when doodling. Never got the proper hang of using both mouse and Wacom on my desktop screen. Hope I don't dissuade (you) though if you get the creative itch, part of my problem may be that it's outdated to whats available now.
(186.41 KB 961x982 kot sketch.jpg)

>>995 drew a kot head on autodesk app. im not a clean line guy like king. ill texture, stipple and shade in true sketch book fashion. i used to draw wild shit.
>>997 Sweet kot! And on your first try too Would be pretty kewl if we all developed rival draw threads ngl
(203.93 KB 963x973 kot sketch color.jpg)

>>998 im not really a draw guy. i will if it shocks some inspiration into you. also, buying a draw pad sounds like fun. i can do too much from mobile app tbh.
(245.18 KB 428x396 ClipboardImage (1).png)

(37.48 KB 600x598 name-tag-tattoo.thumbnail.jpg)

>>999 >>1000 Gud gets & kots. Nu-name?
(85.11 KB 427x640 chris hansen.png)

NEW NAME: Chris Hansen
(1.93 MB 640x480 chris hansen.mp4)

welp, i dont wanna derail das thread, anymore than already has. ill think about getting a tablet this summer, which is soon, make some doodles and place them here:^)
(52.92 KB 640x640 image(214).jpeg)

>>1003 >summer doodle showdown Mite be fun, thanks for the kot
(20.29 KB 650x650 elfont wink.png)

Noice ghosties and kitties! Will try my hand at nervous gril tonight.
Why did I promise to post something every day?? For your consideration : Low effort Synthia
>>1049 you didnt promise in (OP), everything else is null and void tbh. >my suggestion <draw at your leisure
Don't sweat it Penguin-Sensei. If I didn't even post updates on current projects I wouldn't have anything new every day. I'm sure your personal life is more fruitful than catering to our whims.
(61.30 KB 640x640 image(219).jpeg)

(61.44 KB 640x640 image(218).jpeg)

(84.74 KB 640x640 image(223).jpeg)

(99.92 KB 640x640 image(222).jpeg)

>>1061 Not feeling any pressure, just want to make sure I get back in the habit of drawing. >>1072 thanks for pep-post. Still feel like i should be able to make some time for creative stuff every day though even if it's dopey doodles like this, was a bad idea letting that muscle atrophy. 'm sure it gets boring hearing me lavish praise all the time, but you really have shown steady growth with your art and ability to deliver requests this whole time.
(59.63 KB 404x404 doodle wow.png)

>>1087 this looks AMAZING!!!
I'm sure you can say the same since I correctly tell you you're version of Synthia is superior to mine. It's nice getting a compliment every once in a while but it doesn't drive me. I just do what I enjoy.
(75.55 KB 640x640 image(225).jpeg)

(83.53 KB 640x640 image(224).jpeg)

Interpretive beach friends
(7.52 KB 218x231 1f75555a.png)

>>1127 neeto!
(65.31 KB 640x640 image(227).jpeg)

Fancy ice cream sandwich
(136.98 KB 1280x1280 21-06-09-23-19-39-730_deco.jpg)

(164.92 KB 1280x1280 21-06-09-23-27-26-615_deco.jpg)

The tale of the ghost who found his hat
(68.18 KB 772x928 Autodesk SketchBook.jpg)

>>1153 >>1180 drew a 10 second toaster
(134.38 KB 1280x1280 21-06-10-18-54-36-936_deco.jpg)

>>1191 ^this is a man who understands doodle threads
(144.38 KB 878x868 me hike.jpg)

>>1240 yes i do. im more multimedia than doodle tbh <my sketch app is bretty fun:)
(16.34 KB 567x428 Untitled.png)

>>1191 How did you do so well in TEN seconds??
(7.79 KB 537x204 Untitled.png)

Discontentedness growing
(130.77 KB 744x1335 birb.jpg)

>>1342 maybe i exaggerated a lil:) did you have fun making a quick toaster?
(1.19 MB 237x336 1538751065165.gif)

>>1343 this is actually pretty good. i can see the continuim!
(302.51 KB 854x1334 draw thread.jpg)

(124.76 KB 573x858 foto_no_exif (6).jpg)

Idk how you lads make drawing on screens look so easy...
(256.59 KB 687x815 foto_no_exif (7).jpg)

Tablet synthia try 2
(40.64 KB 750x1108 yay dood avocado.jpg)

>>2811 >>2828 NICE JOB!
(211.74 KB 1200x1289 foto_no_exif (1).jpg)

>>2831 I'm the /baaa2/fag that asked for lainbee back on end from King. I draw better on paper, but these apps look so advanced and effort enduring, so I'll take reqs over here. Assuming you don't mind practice.
(5.22 MB 404x404 fugging around tbh.gif)

>>2833 i dont mind at all. glad you found us, endchan was good until it wasnt. i love lynxchan, but version 1.1.1 was bringing me down (((tbh))) >reqs nothing atm. feel free to post doodles. complete or halfway abandoned!
(114.19 KB 997x800 1626155895010.jpg)

(1.94 MB 1200x1600 foto_no_exif (10).jpg)

>>2879 >complete or halfway Glad to be welcomed.
(1.73 MB 1200x1600 foto_no_exif (12).jpg)

King makes it look so easy to trace things and alter it around, I give up on this.
(113.28 KB 1079x940 20210716-005642_Sketchbook.jpg)

>>2929 it takes practice, and a lot of mountain dew. i like your attempt. i say keep at it, always be yourself and post everything you doodle:^)
The only things I've traced were the Synthias that I enlarged and recolored and a gun on a past piece. I use the basic framework method when it comes to drawing people. This is a good example of my drawing process https://ibispaint.com/art/702567909/ Click the image to see a short 1 minute video of how I drew it.
>>2948 By no means was I accusssing you of any tracing other than the Synthia pieces you said you did. All I meant was you made it look like a smooth process, which was not on my end. And for whatever reason I have a lightbox I found on the streets that I never use. So I prolly should practice with it b4 these attempted goals.

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