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(3.38 MB 320x180 alex jones.webm)

OVER 9000 01/14/2022 (Fri) 18:17:57 No. 9014
is he smart or retarded?
>>9014 Smart, but has a horrible time communicating his ideas. I know that feel. If I type it out, I'm a genius. If I say it out loud, I stumble over everything and blurt out shit.
(26.90 KB 975x322 alex jones GAY FROGS.gif)

>>9016 Me, again. He should hire her to help translate.
>is he smart or retarded? both
(53.68 KB 600x508 frog-tech.jpg)

>>9017 >dat comic me laugh
(24.72 KB 1200x675 Bill-Hicks.jpg)

>>9027 You're aware of the theory that Bill Hicks faked his death to become the ultimate comedian, Alex Jones, yes? Well that first vid looks eerily like Hicks.
(3.82 MB 1280x720 alexjones boggin' it up.webm)

>>9014 >is he smart or retarded? Resmarted
(42.66 KB 492x550 too smart to help.jpg)

>>9053 best answer
(3.97 MB 426x240 sports.webm)

new name: Resmarted
>>9111 >"there's too much going on to care about the Cowboys" I know that feel. It's the feel of knowing too much forbidden knowledge and not knowing how to act like a regular human being, anymore. <"Hey, are you coming to my Oscar night party?" <"They're all pedophiles. I wish Hollywood would get hit with a meteor." <"Soooo... that's a 'no,' then?"

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