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(656.55 KB 1071x947 gorilla based and redpilled.png)

(134.08 KB 1024x949 jew lizard dna test.jpg)

(7.68 MB 426x240 porcupine pumpkin.mp4)

Animal Thread? Tree Fucker 01/24/2022 (Mon) 22:01:53 No. 9330
Animal Thread. Pics, vids, greentext, whatever of animals, both real and created. Based, cringe, and delightfully in between are what we want, here.
(204.00 KB 800x1866 dog australia.jpg)

(118.25 KB 960x960 dog birthday.jpg)

(238.66 KB 320x180 dog don't fuck with the tail.mp4)

(1.14 MB 640x640 dog gamer.mp4)

(66.91 KB 600x404 birb 4.jpg)

(96.15 KB 500x345 birb.jpg)

(34.46 KB 250x371 birb 2.jpg)

(50.07 KB 638x476 birb 3.jpg)

(137.00 KB 1394x929 Ctc1fEt.jpg)

(894.00 KB 605x777 crabtank2.png)

(1.46 MB 1090x817 crabtank3.png)

(55.55 KB 540x481 y6jq7fbgvya21.jpg)

(92.37 KB 860x1280 yay.jpg)

(212.72 KB 625x736 nut_job.jpg)

(28.69 KB 412x430 battlecrow.jpg)

(103.42 KB 460x1394 bunny.jpg)

(95.97 KB 720x960 bunny_bag.jpg)

(336.71 KB 1200x1200 1402865065444.jpg)

(12.37 KB 480x270 doggo.jpg)

(45.13 KB 384x310 police.jpg)

(126.59 KB 920x613 bears.jpg)

(58.90 KB 554x390 bird calculated risk.jpg)

>>9337 I love these.
(152.14 KB 1125x1334 769550.jpg)

(69.06 KB 462x700 769946.jpg)

(114.48 KB 900x971 772682.jpg)

(130.06 KB 1200x1250 773945.jpg)

(308.92 KB 1772x1329 776533.jpg)

(1.96 MB 242x297 779311.gif)

(860.47 KB 352x640 776171.mp4)

(602.08 KB 960x523 775311.png)

(74.95 KB 700x703 774434.jpg)

(908.73 KB 288x352 780353.mp4)

(66.28 KB 660x680 782104.jpg)

(54.32 KB 753x544 781892.jpg)

(43.09 KB 497x557 783971.jpg)

(229.03 KB 1072x1350 ef9eb65e2a917f365b3e15941405d23d.jpg)

(74.84 KB 638x479 Yak.jpg)

(406.81 KB 1920x1226 tibet-yaks.jpg)

(163.12 KB 800x600 dscn0866.jpg)

>>9330 take the Yak pill
(199.63 KB 1080x1920 bird.jpg)

(162.10 KB 1080x1920 brid.jpg)

(182.24 KB 1080x1920 piou.jpg)

(1.04 MB 460x572 prout.mp4)

Some birdos frens. Video is not by me but funny.
>>9336 >3rd pic vulture.jpg Sky burial, traditional Tibetan Buddhist funeral ritual. Would like to go like this.
>>9376 There are much worse ways to dispose of one's luggage, and at least there's a chance one might attract a Roc or a Thunderbird or something.
(10.88 KB 554x554 images (19).jpeg.jpg)

(102.72 KB 815x596 Dzfli4yUwAAE3Kd.jpeg.jpg)

(23.83 KB 320x320 spurdo.jpg)

(1.82 MB 250x250 DogTongue.gif)

(34.97 KB 255x255 $pider.jpg)

(292.10 KB 1024x768 1444140536787.jpg)

(24.86 KB 500x493 hsotdmrbubz2018.jpg)

(27.33 KB 480x490 f2d.jpg)

(51.79 KB 480x480 the_luls_and_the_lols.jpg)

(147.72 KB 666x666 dude_srsly.jpg)

(125.89 KB 971x755 Koi42UY.jpg)

(289.29 KB 640x972 rmx-o-rly_o_1594251.jpg)

(280.00 KB 620x471 thunder kitten.jpg)

(19.49 KB 343x389 004c.jpg)

(15.03 MB 640x360 Bluegrass bird.mp4)

>>9383 >BGF-NARN picture. At first I was, man WTF? Then I do some research. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Guerrilla_Family And https://sfbayview.com/2016/05/george-jackson-university-a-statement-from-its-founder/ OK so many to dig here. Will read later. Here a cool video of a bird.
(24.12 KB 714x524 gorilla wut.jpg)

>>9383 But... but gorillas are VEGETARIANS!
(1.90 MB 640x640 bird it be like that.mp4)

(4.28 MB 326x326 bird it's not unusual.mp4)

(882.36 KB 460x458 bird addams family.mp4)

(542.94 KB 480x480 bird fuck your can.webm)

>>9390 Man, I love bluegrass. Having made that admission, I just realized I have nothing in my audio folder that's bluegrass except for a bunch of bluegrass covers of pop/rock/etc. songs.
>>9394 >1st vid I've seen a bird like that in a meme. Caption was "what you did: I see it" Was screencapped from an in-office nature show or something, by the surroundings. Not sure I have it but it would definitely belong here. Not so sure my "I'll be in my lab" image would work around here. I offer one normal horse, ridden upon some decade and change ago; a string horse some distance outside Flagstaff. Also a rip from some patreon artist who tries to make sense of MLP equines. Very detailed, though often not quite show-accurate. For instance: their wings are not huge; in fact they're tiny compared to the rest of the body. Factoid of the evening: Pegasus is a proper noun. The flying equine, named Pegasus, was a pteropus.
>>9399 >pic 1 artist did a great job, I'd fuck that horse
(40.02 KB 600x536 iseewhatyoudidtherepelican.jpg)

(10.72 KB 236x177 birdspoonbill.jpg)

(61.40 KB 567x850 birdspoonbilllaugh.jpg)

(422.90 KB 500x708 birdspoonbillpissed.png)

>>9399 >I've seen a bird like that in a meme. Caption was "what you did: I see it" I think it's a pelican in the meme, and a spoonbill in the pics, but I'm not ornithologist, so don't take my word for it.
(1.51 MB 1280x720 bork.webm)

(886.54 KB 640x640 dj pupper - become intense.mp4)

Become Animal
(9.24 MB 800x450 worst doge.webm)

(10.72 KB 232x293 Duck.jpg)

>>9330 His Lordship of Cornwall has arrived.
(4.26 MB 610x1080 duck peas.mp4)

(823.22 KB 384x480 duck t-rex.mp4)

(40.53 KB 500x499 duck daily bread.jpg)

(45.13 KB 640x757 dog turkle.jpg)

>>9438 Man, I love dogs
(70.05 KB 680x658 782768.jpg)

(698.35 KB 617x1101 780120.png)

(1.96 MB 242x297 779311.gif)

(805.52 KB 268x428 777708.mp4)

(330.89 KB 800x533 1268526814677.jpg)

(196.74 KB 792x641 hroooooooooos.jpg)

(1.12 MB 1190x1896 Baby opossum.jpg)

(216.33 KB 504x336 amber-white.jpg)

(402.95 KB 1779x2147 smile_HiRes.jpg)

(118.99 KB 334x444 hro55.jpg)

(65.67 KB 413x620 hross2-1.jpg)

(981.45 KB 480x360 yo dawg.mp4)

(395.30 KB 1920x1601 crazyhross.jpg)

(371.77 KB 1280x750 bye.jpg)

(539.98 KB 1600x1000 nohross.jpg)

>>9463 >dog farting in the fan My sides are destroyed.
(101.41 KB 1080x1120 777027.jpg)

(59.51 KB 460x757 776981.jpg)

(687.72 KB 1080x1121 769640.png)

(40.81 KB 720x716 bear bank robber.jpg)

(24.86 KB 500x493 hsotdmrbubz2018.jpg)

(969.74 KB 400x400 doge.webm)

(3.69 MB 360x360 doge2.webm)

(1.11 MB 288x360 dog pillow.mp4)

(3.33 MB 480x480 monkey grooming.mp4)

(1.46 MB 250x417 monkey grooming.gif)

(5.70 MB 1280x720 monkey vending machine.webm)

>>9517 Pure nightmare fuel.
(1.62 MB 720x720 Frog too close.webm)

(2.73 MB 854x480 too-close.webm)

(1.64 MB 800x400 tooo_close.mp4)

(12.52 MB 1280x720 tOoOcLoSe.mp4)

too close!!
>>9527 >monkey grooming Please don't rape monkeys!
(2.00 MB 311x211 Excuseme,monami.gif)

(1.99 MB 400x205 ds7ttdh.gif)

(5.00 MB 300x300 identity crisis.gif)

(1.91 MB 333x250 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)

(2.31 MB 1280x720 mlp-tng-pmv.webm)

(678.08 KB 236x426 SugarGlidr.webm)

(3.32 MB 640x360 ThisCatHatesYou.webm)

(505.04 KB 426x308 Confused.webm)

(436.52 KB 850x1113 mlp the truth hurts.png)

>>9804 My daughter was just the right age when MLP:FIM first came on, and watched all the seasons multiple times. I mentioned this new version when it came out last year and she declared it cancerous non-canon. I've never needed a paternity test to know she's mine.
(2.15 MB 720x614 birb.webm)

(807.90 KB 320x240 birb and finger.webm)

(831.99 KB 480x360 birb.webm)

(10.04 MB 255x143 birb house.gif)

(347.45 KB 400x400 bird ECHO Echo echo.mp4)

(4.36 MB 402x720 bird peekaboo parrot.mp4)

(95.23 KB 469x750 birdsparrotsmile.jpg)

>>9857 We really should have tried harder to domesticate the crow. They're smart, tough, and could probably be trained to not be complete cunts to smaller, prettier birds.
>>9872 At my work I sometimes deal with birds stuck in buildings (see >>9375). From all the kinds of birds I encounter I confirm crows are very intelligent. There are some videos around the internet of crows doing tricks. I'm sure they were (are?) domesticated in some times / part of the world because of that. When younger, I used to have a goth friend who domesticated a crow, wandering the school with the bird on her shoulder. Pretty cool. But I prefer to see them in the wild and here some corvidae species are protected so you cannot catch them. I like these black bastards.
(79.34 KB 400x571 Bird_eye_brats_005.jpg)

>>9872 >We really should have tried harder to domesticate the crow. I mean, I like crows, they're pretty awesome, it's true. >They're smart, tough, But that's what would be bred out of them, if previous animal domestications are any indication. > and could probably be trained to not be complete cunts to smaller, prettier birds. Well, yeah, that goes with the territory. Going back to the main point: instead of domesticating Friend Corvus, just adopt and train a few willing rogues.

(4.44 MB 480x480 mumke hypnosis.mp4)

(1.45 MB 480x480 mumke fren.webm)

(2.74 MB 720x1072 mumke ride.webm)

Could we stop a minute to have some mumke appreciation content ?
(2.21 MB 720x720 I want to be monke.mp4)

(4.10 MB 640x640 Monkey revenge.mp4)

(7.50 MB 1280x720 big monke finds toilet.mp4)

(818.59 KB 348x360 monke flip.mp4)

(17.18 MB 1280x720 M O N K E V I B E.mp4)

(1.94 MB 640x800 Truffe à truffe.mp4)

(869.39 KB 400x400 the truffe is out there.mp4)

and some doggos
(309.50 KB 598x311 etworldwarcrow.png)

>>9894 >But that's what would be bred out of them, if previous animal domestications are any indication. Not if we breed some for pets and some for work, like dogs
(28.65 MB 1280x720 singe-caneton-hd.mp4)

(10.68 KB 518x142 fatty i wish that was me.jpg)

(335.70 KB 1060x992 monkey huh.JPG)

>>9978 Welp, there it is. There's the monkey that I will forever envy. I always thought it would be King Kong, but here we are.
(498.77 KB 350x198 doctorwhocrying.gif)

(279.66 KB 1200x1600 1451105851019.jpg)

(5.83 KB 164x195 NiftyNumber.png)

(114.21 KB 1024x680 Mothr-Daughtr.jpg)

You all should be glad I posted this, because otherwise we'd be sitting at 69 with the animals. Or, I dunno, maybe you'd like that?
>>10008 I don't know man animals like music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFKTEaq-WA4[embed]
>>10012 (me) here have another I am too lazy to convert it to webm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1qQOGCyRbY[Embed]
(18.00 MB 640x330 CowsLikeMusic-1.webm)

(5.55 MB 640x360 CowElephantLikesPiano02.webm)

>>10012 >>10013 I feel bad for you.
>>9978 I keep coming back to this vid. It's like Heaven. The sheer carefree bliss of the monkey and the ducklings is intoxicating.
(12.37 MB 576x1024 corbeau chantant.mp4)

(1.99 MB 460x816 S A T A N.mp4)

(195.65 KB 1280x960 frawg.jpg)

(147.80 KB 960x1280 friend frawg.jpg)

>>9872 >We really should have tried harder to domesticate the crow. They're smart, tough, and could probably be trained to not be complete cunts to smaller, prettier birds.
>>10015 based
>>10613 >black birb >sometimes sing to piccolo >shits on floor ive gotta get one!
(144.95 KB 801x1200 constantine.jpg)

>We really should have tried harder to domesticate the cow.
(35.51 KB 526x530 cow your ass is grass.jpg)

(1.39 MB 406x720 Newton's dog.mp4)

(726.51 KB 364x720 Rude Cat Disrupts Meal.mp4)

(2.39 MB 320x240 keyboard cat.mp4)

(7.21 KB 225x225 cowboyman.jpg)

>>10653 gitty up
>>10008 man I sure do want to pound that foal cunny
(2.88 MB 204x360 blublublub.mp4)

(1.69 MB 886x1088 cat self rekt.mp4)

(3.89 MB 716x1280 chevaux.webm)

(3.83 MB 640x640 cochon confit.mp4)

(3.87 MB 720x908 hi mumki.webm)

(1.45 MB 224x360 mumke and the bois.webm)

(2.47 MB 852x480 poor mumki.webm)

(691.88 KB 1280x720 woof woof.webm)

(6.06 MB 512x640 hi cat.mp4)

(5.61 MB 960x536 pig eating.webm)

(30.27 KB 564x405 pig st patrick's day.jpg)

Faith 'n' begorrah! 'Tis almos' time ta celebrate St. Pattie's Day!

(6.82 MB 720x720 To get revenge on hooman.mp4)

(4.89 MB 1280x720 Whales jump.mp4)

(4.10 MB 640x640 Bad Monkey Man.mp4)

(2.21 MB 720x720 become monke.mp4)

(94.82 KB 734x734 memri monkeys.jpg)

(1.91 MB 392x294 monkey qt.webm)

>>11108 10 out of 10 rate
(399.38 KB 401x779 octopus worried.png)

(3.74 MB 576x1006 ants.mp4)

(7.06 MB 720x900 featherless_parrot.mp4)

>>11124 funne monke girl
(165.00 KB 1056x736 1643223670575.jpg)

me the dog
(4.21 MB 404x720 chien anti skate.mp4)

(460.81 KB 448x640 chiot_motorisé.mp4)

(7.76 MB 640x360 muslim ants.webm)

(42.95 KB 500x542 exmuslim-sklfbz.jpg)

(240.89 KB 518x508 exmuslim-svq35i.jpg)

(168.97 KB 1125x1098 exmuslim-skniwz.jpg)

>>11662 muslim ants make me think of muslim people
(32.17 KB 400x300 gorillatriggered.jpg)

>>11713 Oh no. You go make a proper muz hate thread and leave the poor animals out of it.
(48.38 KB 400x497 turtlehype.jpg)

(581.47 KB 903x700 cringe.png)

>>11731 >implying muslims are not human >implying humans are not animals
(1.48 MB 636x360 balle-golf-nid-oies.mp4)

(669.51 KB 406x720 chien-colere-hamburger-hd.mp4)

(12.19 MB 360x640 faucon-nid-bac-fleurs.mp4)

(543.56 KB 406x720 aVxKmyP_460sv.mp4)

(4.13 MB 1280x720 pika-mercury-hd.mp4)

(262.74 KB 480x480 Dog.mp4)

(735.26 KB 480x480 dogwoofer.mp4)

(2.22 MB 380x510 otarie-transat-hotel.mp4)

(1.62 MB 340x640 Angry Squirrel.mp4)

(677.77 KB 460x642 Lill Husk.mp4)

(521.74 KB 460x816 allergy season.mp4)

(1.55 MB 460x816 chad_locust.mp4)

(1.99 MB 406x720 pooot.mp4)

(2.41 MB 406x720 retard_frawg.mp4)

(963.29 KB 576x1024 Pavlov intensifies.mp4)

(116.05 KB 1086x724 platypus.jpg)

(1.04 MB 480x480 pVPkAC4tJF-RSbrV.mp4)

(3.12 MB 640x1138 couch gator.mp4)

(67.93 KB 633x162 gator.png)

>>12101 Okay, what the actual fuck. A reptile acting like a mammalian puppy weirded me out, because I always thought they just laid their eggs and then resumed devouring Florida swampbillies. So I did a little search and my mind is blown.
(587.99 KB 406x720 Angry Uno dog.mp4)

(10.36 MB 406x720 Cat business.mp4)

(4.28 MB 406x720 Cool dog is cool.mp4)

(43.59 KB 574x382 autism where's perry‽.jpg)

>>12099 That platypus is everything I love in one ridiculously huggable package.
(23.44 MB 656x1232 couillu.mp4)

Big Balled French
>>12751 I thought only spaniards get ego boosts with this sort of stupid shit.
>>12752 In the south of France they like to mess with bulls to. backstory : a bull escaped from a feria (a local traditional party) so the guys run after him to catch it back.
(4.12 MB 640x368 bull.mp4)

>>12753 >be french >go to beach >drown a tiny bird in liquor and eat it with a napkin on my head >slap a bull ass >die the french really know how to live life
>>12766 >drown a tiny bird in liquor and eat it We don't do that here fren.
(174.29 KB 1024x643 JP-ORTOLAN1-jumbo.jpg)

>>12780 >drown a tiny bird in liquor and eat it >We don't do that here fren. Some french did and still do. SEE Ortolan Bunting https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/ortolans-birds-enjoyed-french-delicacy-are-being-eaten-extinction-180972272/ https://youtu.be/AEZAvHs_dE0
(2.42 MB 360x360 gator wednesday.mp4)

still wednesday EST:^)
(20.56 MB 1280x720 Slipgate.mp4)

(140.09 KB 1200x720 Mitterand.jpg)

(35.64 KB 640x480 varandredi.png)

>>12781 >Ortolan Bunting Ah yes, effectively. I forget that my bad. >mfw USAnon know better about our traditions than me. Also it's a very localized meal and it tends to disappear as the ortolan hunting is now forbidden. Only some old people continue to eat this. There was a famous french meme about a farmer shoveling ecologists that came on his land to save those birds. It was also a really appreciated meal of one of our past president, François Mitterand. >>12782 Ah, le varandredi. comprendra qui pourra
>>12782 >wednesday gator <me posting friday varanus Tired here, end of shift soon. Bed is awaited.
(236.11 KB 1080x1920 IMG_20220612_003111.jpg)

/404/ was visited by the young magpie. Say hi magpie and be granted with an infinite amount of delicious pies for the rest of your life. She's now in a care center for bribs.
(141.82 KB 960x720 Picture 1653.jpg)

(118.11 KB 960x720 Picture 1664.jpg)

(134.88 KB 960x720 Picture 1663.jpg)

(1.21 MB 1690x1080 bhb - birbs helping birbs.png)

>>13126 >françanon is a birb-fren too Absolute legend in my books. Salute sir!
(24.58 KB 400x400 LPO.jpeg)

>>13127 Yeah I like animals nature in general, especially birds. Living in the countryside, I sometimes found distressed birdos so I take care of them and hand them to the local care center. When I got some time I also volunteer there.
(1.10 MB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-221011.png)

(157.22 KB 639x852 Picture 1634.jpg)

(1.08 MB 2160x1686 20-09-26-00-40-34-488_deco.jpg)

(1001.44 KB 2160x1080 Screenshot_20200925-221032.png)

>>13126 Hi Magpie! I just made two big apple pies using last year's backyard appletree apples from the freezer and wish I could hook you up with one for this act of heroism
>>13128 Do my best for feather-frens in distress too with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately I now live with a massive BBC big black cat who is an absolute murder-machine for the poor things. babby bunnies too, he took out 4 of 'em a week or so ago, but at least they won't be feasting on my various veggie patches I guess Nice logo and history for LPO, I actually have a treasured hat with a Puffin logo onnit too.
(201.46 KB 1024x1024 basée tatin.jpeg)

>>13129 >apple pies My favorite dessert. Especially the Tatin iteration. Simple, easy to make and yet delicious. I use this simple test when I meet a gf : I ask her to bake me an apple pie. If she fails (some are not good at doing something as simple as an apple pie), she's not the good one. >wish I could hook you up with one for this act of heroism I just saw what needed to be done and did it. Take care of that pie for me (maybe with beach gf ?), your kind words are enough. although I would have gladly eaten some of this apple pie
(212.86 KB 635x640 20-08-08-12-02-09-921_deco.jpg)

The need to claim these 1’s and 3's is strong
(706.17 KB 1402x1080 faceplant.png)

>>13131 Sweet palindrome get! Salty and jelly on my end, but you deserves 'em
>>13132 Was looking to meme the birb to.
(2.95 MB 365x234 ezgif-6-2f06dc97e0df.gif)

>>13134 It's a natural urge
>>13133 What's the name of the show featuring that penguin ? I think I saw it younger but it's pretty confused in my memory.
>>13130 I was just reading an article about how domesticated cats tends to alter the local ecosystems by predating endemic species. In 2018, more than 11% of animals received in LPO rescue centers were animals injured by cats: 84% are birds, 16% are mammals or reptiles. The bibliography allows us to estimate (extrapolation) to 75 million birds killed, in one year, in France.
>>13136 Issa 1985 movie from Japan called "A Penguin's Memory" or "Penguin's Memory: Shiawase Monogatari". I would recommend the subbed version over the '87 english dub. Both can be found on yt. I post it because scene after scene in it is seemingly ripped from irl events in ©anadAnon past, present and future canon. (Despite being made before I was born) Even the love interest, "Jill", has a plot twist reveal in the latter part of the movie that actually corresponds directly with the upbringing of the GF and a later life reveal that turned her world on its head. Pretty much the darnedest thing I've ever watched/experienced. The movie itself is based on a series of amazingly aesthetic Beer ads by the Japanese company, Suntory
(26.53 KB 555x553 cat pills.jpg)

>>13138 >cat facts its true, they are a scourge on the ecosystem, but hot damn theyre cute!
(100.15 KB 1024x1024 Shit box.jpeg)

>A Penguin's Memory Will watch. Maybe I will learn more about our good ©anadAnon. >>13146 I'm more a dog person. Cats are OK in the countryside as they hunt some rodents and keep them away of farms and harvests.
>>13138 >inb4 that one aussie cat that ate an entire bird species to extinction by itself
>>13182 >so let's eradicate the cats >be invaded by rodents destroying harvests [spoiler]I'm not sure it's the real story but they have serious troubles with rodents.[spoiler] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouse_plagues_in_Australia Damn this shit is cyclical !
(4.92 MB 1280x720 Ok I pull up.mp4)

(3.95 MB 640x800 snek.mp4)

(2.05 MB 640x800 catamongbirbs.webm)

>>13183 some cats are chill and exist for the sake of existing. that part of australia needs a couple good mouser cats.
(512.68 KB 464x848 dog eggroll.mp4)

(3.36 MB 406x720 Hummingbird.mp4)

(3.62 MB 306x548 snekhungry.webm)

(823.82 KB 1280x720 パラキート.webm)

(188.78 KB 800x450 No hamster.jpg)

>>13264 snek moves faster than expected
(3.17 MB 576x1024 oh.mp4)

(2.62 MB 720x720 nomnomnom.webm)

(388.00 KB 236x426 salopiaud.webm)

(3.25 MB 480x360 slav mauled by doga.webm)

(263.99 KB 749x562 soupe (chinoise).jpg)

Was in a hurry for comfy animals
(15.04 MB 1280x720 slothering.mp4)

(59.54 KB 512x371 unnamed-1.jpg)

(269.83 KB 1600x1011 Megatherium-3639229181.jpg)

>>15376 >ground sloth I'm firmly convinced that, if those things could run, we'd fear them more than wolverines and tigers combined.
(4.68 MB 512x480 6 am drug dog.mp4)

(256.37 KB 540x360 story of the 2 skrunkl.mp4)

(9.24 MB 800x450 worst doge.webm)

(18.88 KB 460x276 eggs.jpg)

>>15394 You don't have to tell me what happened, but you DO have to eat all the eggs.
>>9527 that last monkey is literally higher iq than the average african "human"
(58.74 KB 684x599 832863.jpg)

(1.46 MB 460x816 bear-tree.mp4)

>>13264 Big pythons have a nasty attitude.
(26.16 KB 500x500 71yI72SOiQS._SS500_.jpg)

(3.27 MB 640x640 space cat.webm)

(279.93 KB 640x360 uh oh stinky.mp4)

>>15522 pffft!
(363.74 KB 460x422 reflex cats.mp4)

(477.61 KB 576x432 deactivate.webm)

New Name: Wigger
(1.27 MB 360x640 fat cat.webm)

(799.21 KB 460x674 Cat Whale.mp4)

(5.96 MB 406x720 IMG_3509.mp4)

(1.09 MB 720x406 catrubbing.mp4)

(1.73 MB 440x774 Cato's Cave.webm)

(3.87 MB 506x480 1518609392488.webm)

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