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(94.18 KB 1346x1080 lil tendie.png)

Lil Tendie 05/20/2021 (Thu) 06:56:27 No. 95
MUSIC THREAD >mp3,flacs,opus,ogg >webm, mp4s >streams stuff that (you) like:)
(4.19 MB 320x240 VATICAN 2137.webm)

>>96 for sourcings sake
(6.70 MB 195131)

>>130 nice
(4.21 MB XFF-DREAM.mp3)

(22.98 MB 848x640 mortal caos.mp4)

(3.84 MB 640x640 bone zone.mp4)

(1.97 MB 498x360 G O O D M O R N I N G .mp4)

(18.76 MB 640x360 oasis swf.mp4)

wow, didnt know i had. AMAZE!! <thanks canadanon!
(5.37 MB Vic&Bobs)

>>271 Yeh that's a gud 1. Should really update my tunes, been listening to the same stuff for a while.
>>276 just bought the album on bandcamp for $5. last selection i got from bandcamp after a canadanon posting was wicca phase springs eternal dont know if i got that right‽ Listening to music in my car makes a world of difference (((tbh)))
(17.40 KB 420x361 nicholas federov.jpg)

>>282 seems like french have cows too. LOL!
(118.92 KB 800x514 vache.jpg)

>>291 Sure we have!
(4.02 MB Lorn-Anvil.mp3)

(2.98 MB Seul Au RDV)

>>304 Good vibes >voice of an angelic hobbit
(8.19 MB 852x480 a.mp4)

(5.42 MB pvp.mp3)

so fucking good!!!
was rocking this summer 2020. <i dont smoke weed but bones makes it seem cool:^)
(18.90 MB 1280x720 645AR - 4 DA TRAP.mp4)

(1.53 MB Q.mp3)

(681.91 KB 1280x720 [adult swim] Baggage Room.mp4)

(9.26 MB 640x480 [Kaiba][OP] Never.mp4)

>>426 thanks for the music tune buggy!
(23.12 MB 640x360 AYYYYY.mp4)

(6.26 MB 1280x720 post punk dance.webm)

(628.46 KB 640x360 hoes mad.mp4)

(3.18 MB 640x640 bands.webm)

(4.82 MB 576x1024 colors.webm)

Have some pony music. It's pretty good, IMHO.
In honor of muh bloodmoon tonight : what is most likely the last Wednesday Campanella song that will ever be made. Not really their best work, but since Kom_i has chosen the path of promoting globohomo in jaypan over working with the fellers who made her career I doubt she'll ever achieve the same heights. Boo/hiss/predictable end.
(411.52 KB 938x1071 wednesday.jpg)

>>503 i do have fond memories of your waifu wednesdays:) (((FEELIES)))
(91.45 KB 750x1000 boomer apu.jpg)

>>498 glad you found your way over here fren:)
(6.19 MB 1280x720 recolors.webm)

(5.67 MB 480x270 commercialism.mp4)

(1.15 MB 640x360 phazon is killing it.mp4)

>>508 <waifu What was going on back then was way weirder than mere waifuing but would take too much time to explain. I dun't think of Kom_i in that way, tho I have had dreams about her recently out of nowhere.
>>515 I'd party with that duck
There was a webcomic (Jack) and the artist suddenly, one day, came out swinging against Columbine. But I sympathized. I wished I could have had a friend I could trust to help me become immortal through immoral and useless death. The fans of the web comic had, slightly before this, chosen "Under the Ice" as the impromptu theme of the webcomic. Thus it is, that Blind Guardian is, in my mind, an artist highlighting the pointless struggle between horrible people, and untenable situations. Someone will break. Will it be you? I'll see you in Valhalla.
(6.77 MB 640x360 damn whore non stop.webm)

(26.60 MB 1280x720 Clams Casino - Gorilla.mp4)

(7.62 MB 480x360 bogs bonny axtandad.mp4)

(7.72 MB 320x240 demerol.webm)

>>581 TRIPPY!!!
(5.47 MB 480x360 Served Shitposter.webm)

>>581 do you still have thos something mcsomething videos? i liked them:^)
(18.04 MB 640x480 Baltimora - Tarzan Boy.mp4)

(24.39 MB 1280x720 boygem.mp4)

>>629 tanks, its obnoxious but i love it!
(15.20 MB 640x480 Blur - Song 2.mp4)

guess what i listening to in my car!
(6.40 MB 480x360 Ass N Titties.mp4)

>>688 An early Sammy Hyde fav?
>>690 found the possible official artist of time machine ass titties. BEATMASTER FREUDERSON - ASS MACHINE
>>698 new car jam.
>caws tha go bewm
>>788 Shit. I just found out that this retarded song I first found on napster circe 1999 (rip) was a meme on tiktok last year. I am sorry. Here's some Yma Sumac by way of apology.
(801.00 KB 406x360 1600900722007.webm)

(4.17 MB 810x720 howtosexy.mp4)

(2.28 MB PFR Booms.mp3)

>>788 >>789 >apologies without yma sumac, lol all good, tik tok is what it is. actually find some good post on kc from the posters that take the time to wade through the sewage that is tik tok. >car goes boom huh, thought pffr came up with that
>>816 Bah! I tried to upload Yma Sumac.
>>832 >Y'ma Rating : music.5 / song >misty3K Laughs / Funny Those ol' shows still have a really good comfy vibe to them.
(3.90 MB At the Mall.mp3)

(18.60 MB 1280x720 Test Deez Loli Butts.mp4)

If I could have the 80s back, only with decent pussy grooming and no smoking laws, I'd jump back in a heartbeat.
(546.64 KB 600x600 lips derrr.png)

>>898 this. this a great find. busting at the seams with diaper pube vibes! NOICE!
(117.91 KB 1000x649 80s Demi Moore.jpg)

>>924 >diaper pube pube diaper? SEE image related
(2.87 MB 384x216 nmhwlx.webm)

(2.64 MB 480x640 1587404211-0.mp4)

(6.98 MB 1920x1080 15795208714510.webm)

(27.80 KB 320x240 doc_2020-05-02_09-58-34.mp4)

>>992 far out! very relaxing view! <thank:^)
DISASTERPEACE >mp3s related It Follows™ - horror movie Fez™ - puzzle vidya
(86.67 KB 300x425 philfishgollum.jpg)

>>1007 >Fez The creator needs to be shot in the face.
(178.18 KB 680x370 mega climax.png)

>>1010 i never beat the game. still own. figured its one of the long line of games i was never meant to conquer tbh
>>1073 >>1074 little explanation on the lyrics. belle and sebastian go back and forth on point of view narratives. so sometimes it the point of view of a "high school" girl. i always enjoyed this in my youth, worth reposting. the caliber of instrumental skill is on its own level. give it a listen!
(3.45 MB BLISS.mp3)

(3.32 MB CREAM SODA.mp3)

(2.51 MB LESSON 1.mp3)

(6.79 MB 720x1280 parasyte.webm)

(10.71 MB 640x360 GREMS - PERSONNE.mp4)

thx for belle & Sebastian drop. Gud beach music. Grems is gunna have a nu album in Oct. just in time for the end of my 3 year oath. Looking forward to both dropping. Beat for the lead single here is like the musical equivalent of the ///alerto\\\ thing.
>>1088 not a fan of the track. i feel like he recorded a treadmill for 5 seconds, looped it and called it a day. >monsmile still a big fan to date. the keyboard in this song is everything i like about weirdass older style frog music. is grems to france, what bones is to the states? and russia for some reason
(2.10 MB The Proxy.mp3)

>>1090 >>1091 nice toe-tapping tunes. wouldnt listen to in my house or car, but would love to hear this at a nice restaurant or a dystopic shopping center. NOICE!
>>1096 Yeh I thought the beat was pretty weird. Suits the lyrics but it's not a good summer jam. Grems is Grems. Nowhere near the sort of influence Bones had, but also pre-dates him. >>1097 I would suggest listening to it with random footage playing. Adds a touch of class to anything.
>>1097 That album i listened to on club drugs once . Can't get its repetitive songs out my head til this day .
Damn, was gonna share some stuff but m4a format isn't supported here. Shame.
>>1114 Could always convert it
(1.27 MB bebebebe.mp3)

>>1114 >no m4a you could ask "Acid" on /site/ to allow m4a? im sure its possible. m4a's arent that common unless you have itunes, which makes all there songs m4a for compressing's sake. im not an audiofile so i could care less about .flac, but .m4a is harder to share than .mp3 try: https://www.ps2pdf.com/convert-m4a-to-mp3
>>1134 I don't even use iTunes let alone apple products lmao. I'm an archiver and m4a is a common format from Soundcloud and audius. Basically a 256kbps m4a is the equivalent of a 320kbps mp3 and I use a bot to mass archive which makes me having a large library of m4a's. I've used a lot of players that support m4a and visited a lot of website that also do and so I was actually surprised to see it wasn't supported here.
(2.33 MB ALLERGY.mp3)

(837.75 KB 20210412.mp3)

(2.17 MB claws.mp3)

Unreleased WIP.
(15.11 MB 1280x720 Coffin Dance Mario Kart.mp4)

>>1183 >256 vs 320 i hear you and i hear that. so m4a(s) are just compressed mp3(s)? >does Plin Plon flac? cuz dat isnt allowed either:^)
>>1184 love it!! what is WIP?
>>1188 sucka-free version
>>1188 Work in progress.
>>1187 No, m4a is just another format that is better than mp3. It's like how FLAC is a better version of wav.
>>1193 gotcha, but from whom? >>1194 ok, like webm is better version of mp4. >m4a MPEG 4 Audio >mp4 MPEG-4 Part 14 im picking up on a lot of stuff
>>1194 To add on to this, if use spek to compare the files, m4as typically are just better overall while mp3s are much more muffled/blurred (sometimes you can tell just by the audio but sometime it isn't as obvious)
>>1195 I'd rather not reveal whom they're from because not many people have access to these and it would be a matter of time before I'd be suspected.
>>1196 we can bost shockwave files, so i think there is room at the table for m4a. you got me sold! flac while we're at it! <ill make requesr on >>>/site/ tomorrow LATER BRUH!
(3.61 MB duck sauce.mp3)

>>1198 coolio
gn fellow wavy air enjoyers
>>1199 i like this version best. thank you onion poster!
>>>/site/3092/ made the request:^)
>>1213 Let's fucking go!
(9.54 MB 640x360 15886892702220.webm)

>>1216 i hear you, hopefully my request is fulfilled:^)
(231.78 KB 1079x678 phone screenshot.jpg)

getting there:^)
M4A AND FLAC NOW AVAILABLE!!! ill toss up some m4as later
>>1198 Fuck yes. m4a and FLAC here we go.
Now I can finally post some deleted music.
>>1278 >>1279 glad that "Acid" was able to broaden the music files. i like your selections fren. asking was a good move:^)
(7.68 MB 640x480 rollin by lookin good.mp4)

>>1280 Thanks, I try to keep it varied in my posts so that if something sounds bad to someone maybe something else in the post will be worth their time. I'm still a newfag here but I'm glad I found this place and be able to share music that I've collected the past few years that not a lot of people have heard and share some stuff that only a handful of people has access to (i.e the three WIP I've posted)
(4.32 MB 640x360 50s feel.webm)

(3.29 MB Gut's Theme.m4a)

(3.06 MB 50's feel.mp3)

>>1293 had to mp3 for chill driving
(8.12 MB esprit wav.mp3)

i caught myself humming this last week, while cooped up in the wage cage:)
(7.10 MB carpet stain.m4a)

(6.51 MB Get Down.m4a)

(3.10 MB even if.m4a)

(5.16 MB O.T.S.m4a)

>>1198 Some more recent goodies.
>>1414 I keep forgetting it keeps the post # in the reply when I get here from the bookmark I made. Holy fuck I'm stupid.
Thanks for all the new tunes. Mite even make a playlist for later.
(69.11 KB 700x700 a1065727341_16.jpg)

>>1431 Man fuggin up the artwork on the mp3 gets me down, so here's the one for above
Is classic Detroit house with vocals making a comeback?
Assuming .opus files upload here, have some Viricide Filly. Also a filly that apparently was stuffed into box at some point.
>>1414 >>1429 >>1431 >>1434 >>1439 thanks for the drops. ill be sifting through these while i check my emails!
(29.69 KB 373x369 1614763394560.jpg)

>>1439 you are the ponyposter from endchan, correct? <glad to see you made it over! have a pic i came across on soyjak/b/ that made me laugh. there are a lot of ponyfags there tbh
Edited last time by Davey on 06/15/2021 (Tue) 13:53:51.
Just noticed none of the m4a uploads aren't showing image thumbnails which is odd considering they all have the appropriate metadata which includes the image thumbnails for them. Oh well, here's my picks of the day.
>>1514 bumping the dump
repost, i think its worth repost
(10.36 MB castle.mp3)

(14.43 MB 640x360 △Sco△ - D O P E .mp4)

>First file: how are you listening to this, then? >last file: get your mind out of the gutter that's OPENBSD 3.4
(3.09 MB BSD3.3.ogg)

(6.52 MB BSD4.3.ogg)

(2.51 MB oBSD3.ogg)

(2.27 MB oBSD31.ogg)

Actually just have my other BSD songs. BSD-lite-4.4 license ... probably...
(8.34 MB 640x360 witch_house.webm)

(15.31 MB 640x360 witch_house.mp4)

>>1596 >inkubus sukkubus >real witch music meh, its ok. lots of view on jewtube, so im out of the loop. Inkubus Sukkubus are an English goth and pagan band, formed in 1989 by Candia Ridley, Tony McKormack and Adam Henderson, who have been described as one of the most enduringly popular underground Goth bands in the UK <i still like "witch house" cant help myself
(5.79 MB Surfin.m4a)

(9.42 MB Bicep.m4a)

(11.73 MB Shoom.m4a)

(9.07 MB Magic Fly.m4a)

(5.85 MB Opr.mp3)

(4.16 MB Anxiety.m4a)

(12.74 MB The Robots.mp3)

(12.44 MB Spacelab.mp3)

(11.68 MB Metropolis.mp3)

New Name: Gummy Bear
>>1646 here's flac version. very dreamy track:)
(9.97 MB 476x268 Duckno.mp4)

>>1676 nice!
I was gonna post Cruising by aprovoli but the FLAC exceeds the data limit here. Also have a bunch of wavs but those aren't supported which is even more surprising than when I found out m4a weren't supported at first. I don't convert cause it's just not worth the time and I hate having dupes.
>>1712 >even more surprising Nah man you shouldn't save .wav files. Convert them to literally anything else -- AAC gets high compliments I understand -- and toss the .wavs. PCM data is what passes through the soundcard,which is a dedicated piece of hardware to convert compressed sound into something worth using precious hard drive space for.
>>1715 >convert Convert, files <-> sound logical error, multiple conversations happening, I hope you can keep up with my crazy. Have some crazy tunes.
>>1715 The reason I have wavs is because the FLACs of those aren't available and some of them were sent from the producers directly. It's the only lossless format after FLAC that I can grab. I don't care about the filesize, I have plenty of TB available. Alone is a deleted track.
>>1730 Great, the Alone track didn't even upload LMAO. Anyway, here it is. It's a remix from whereisalex.
>>1731 Also it seems I can't even namefag correctly..
>>1737 WHY AM I SO RETARDED HOLYFUCK Anyways, the second here by bsterthegawd is a deleted track off the album Madlove. He made it with his gf at the time and they broke up and he deleted the song off the album. He later added a new track on the album to replace it.
(11.19 MB 1440x1080 8chan in a nutshell.webm)

(4.12 MB dead-star.mp3)

>>1737 >>1739 thanks for the drops. >bsterthegawd <saved:) here's a song that took me over a year to source since soundcloud and bandcamp are recognized by coneventional detection methods(i.e. shazaam/soundhound) maybe its findable now bit it was not then. the video was OC from Anonymous on 8ch Proper ENJOY!
>>1747 it still cant be found by shazam or soundcloud, so my efforts were still worth it!
(18.90 MB 1280x720 645AR - 4 DA TRAP.mp4)

(26.59 KB 540x540 1506044863755.jpg)

>>1777 New Name: Hooker Butt
>>1747 I'll keep dropping as long as this thread exists.
>>1730 >Alone is a deleted track In the same vein, here are a couple remixes that don't exist anymore. Except .moe won't let me upload them and won't tell me why or which. So, this applies to ... one of these files: The clusteryiff one is, I guess, from a DLC for some small flash-based game that, in a later revision dropped the ability to "add" songs from other artists. And it was in flash so that gives you a notion of the age. Also the genderlesswolf remix. I don't remember where I got it so it was probably in the days of napster/gnutella
>>1786 >I'll keep dropping as long as this thread exists. yeah, when this thread gets maxed out we just make MUSIC THREAD II i cant also cycle this thread when autosage kicks in:)
(215.99 KB 364x480 f72cd6ae.mp4)

>>1804 >cant cycle CAN cycle
>>1804 >cycle when autosage Then we'll lose the tunes that much faster :-| And yeah I guess I had the YTvid turned to music by some cheap web page that left this song as a videoless movie at 33.281 fps >>1802 This is the other one.
>>1806 >cycle bad cycle good! it keeps the thread going longer:^)
(9.24 MB 800x450 worst doge.webm)

>>1867 >mp3
anyone 'member Hucci? i think i still have his solo album that arent remixes of other peoples songs(his strong suit tbh)
Going pretty close to mainstream with this mix. You know, if I ever find four files the web server doesn't reject out of hand.
y'know, finding four pony songs that could be lumped together as "sad music" is hard -- especially from this computer that doesn't have a very full complement of "pony music" Mostly pony, mostly sad.
>>1999 twelve songs later, I've made a small mistake as I thought *this* was the renamer. ONII-CHAN if you please. and I'll go looking for the Dan Vs that was ponified that inspiride it but I don't seem to have it, just now.
(476.53 KB 1239x1061 stockfrogs.jpg)

>>1999 >>2000 ckeck! new name Onii Chan?
>>2003 yeah, like that.
(116.34 KB 312x296 kot approved.png)

>>1997 >>1998 thanks for the drops onion bro
Listened to the Tyler, The Creator album today, it was pretty good. Anyways here's some recently archived drops. 219 is very chill.
>>2023 Holy shit. I haven't heard of FJC in years. Not that I tried to keep up to date with him. I remember discovering him during the vaporwave craze and I was subscribed to him on youtube but stopped using that account and totally forgot about him. Is he still active? Both music and YouTube wise. Also putting in a vocal sample and a loop sample in here, maybe a lurking fellow producerfag could make use of it.
>>2027 >vaporwave he labeled himself as vaportrap. im not sure what he's into lately. i got into vaporwave around the same time as most posters, 2011-2012ish. >last mp3 relates song named V A P O R T R A P
First one is a flip of Frank Ocean's song. Second one is only available as 128kbps cause retard uploaded it (Like how can someone make good music and only upload 128, kinda fucked up to those who pay for high quality streaming, fuck that guy.) Third one is a creative beat with some Monte Booker sprinkled in there. Fourth is a twitter beat that turned into a full song.
(54.33 KB 540x720 9z04k.jpg)

>>2090 translate pls! i do love most things ruski >>2091 thanks onionbro:) always appreciated
>>2093 >I'm a modest qt >I'm a cute shy girl >I love reading books >And playing dota >I'm a pretty kitten with cute paws >Love dreaming about the stars at night(?) >Sup, 2ch [cat noises] >I'm a lamp qt (lamp has some joke or idiom meaning in russian it might be an internet meme and I forget what it is, some russian explained it here before) >it's all sarcastic btw
(628.46 KB 640x360 hoes mad.mp4)

>>2108 thank you kindly!
(1.04 MB 1260x840 hotpocket.png)

>>2111 NEW NAME Hotpocket
>>2111 Another source: I'm a shy cutie A different way of saying I'm a shy cutie I like reading books and playing dota I'm a cute kitty Fluffy paws I like dreaming about stars in the evening Sup Dvach (2ch) [cat noises] I'm a perfect(I don't know how to translate this word correctly) cutie Sup Dvach [more cat noises] I'm a perfect girl The world, full of memes, happiness, and tears I love you dota and know that it's for real The world, full of memes, happiness, and tears I love you dota and know that it's for real Sup Dvach [even more cat noises] I'm a perfect girl Sup Dvach [cat noises] I'm a perfect girl
>>2115 muchos gracias
>>2152 >>2153 >judo vid >cadillac >terry hymn noice and thanks! i found the extended verision of 10lettername on soundcloud a while back. thought you'd appreciate it:)
>>2148 Some Home eh? Here's a Bandcamp exclusive, although I don't have it atm so it's a m4a rip.
>>2167 LRC File for the Smino song if anyone wants lyrics to show when using whatever audio player that supports that. Hopefully it actually uploads. Just make a folder for the song and place the FLAC and LRC files in the same folder.
>>2148 >>2167 I finally found it.
(3.64 MB 360x360 terrorwave.webm)

>>2174 yeah, its a good song. first heard it on 8chan Proper before it succame to seppuku. >vid related thanks!
(5.29 MB 480x592 terrorwave.mp4)

another good terrorwave vid imo:^)
(9.36 MB 490x360 infirmary_blues.webm)

(9.90 MB 768x432 Feel_Dank_Inc.webm)

(7.47 MB 1440x1080 MetalPanzur.webm)

(8.48 MB 640x480 ReanimatorwolfThe.webm)

lets bump this thread too.
(1.29 MB 1280x960 HalfChanGond.webm)

(4.16 MB 480x360 NowYoureOlder.webm)

(1.71 MB stalked.mp3)

Somewhere I had a small Gondola folder. Obviously it's not on this PC though.
For some bizarre reason, I can't upload the 147MiB MP4. Ah, well, Physics, laws, constraints. We must take note of them. Anybody here ever play the Disgaea games? I've only played a tiny bit of the first one, and many, many hours on Cursed Memories, the second one. I recommend it if you love spreadsheets, q-bert, and don't have a life.
I played the first one that was released on Nintendo DS. I'm not sure how far I got into it since I never beat it, but I did recruit Gordon and his party. Definitely a very fun game with great music.
(5.99 MB 480x360 beasts.mp4)

(5.39 MB Track02.mp3)

(7.45 MB Track10.mp3)

>>2405 I think I got the -404 but it died because I didn't have a blockcheck in this browser, and I hadn't allowed javascript so the redirect-back-to-my-post died and was aborted.
(18.01 MB 720x352 psycho salad.mp4)

>>2405 >>2408 the filter went to screencap poster! maybe its you also?!
>>2405 >>2408 >>2414 Yeah. I was trying to burn up that one missing post WHILE WATCHING the index
(15.47 MB 540x360 nigger w a v e .mp4)

>>2274 Never heard of 'im. Seems okay though.
Nothing much of interest today. File 1 - Lumberjack Remix File 2 - A song from HOME's second acc on Soundcloud. File 3 - A snippet from 2 years ago. The song never came out. Either he gave up the project, lost the project file, or he did finish it and it's sitting in his vault for the rest of time. File 4 - Another remix of a song from Tyler's new album. Will try to find some more interesting bumps for my next visit here.
>>2627 >never heard of its b& and v& tbh <what lolishit also makes goreshit! bretty good imo
>>2628 nice! home 2nd acc from soundcloud is best track, thanks!
(5.61 MB 1920x1080 SpaceGondolaCrash.webm)

(13.34 MB 600x480 apu not sure if want.mp4)

(4.55 MB 1280x604 vhs amerie.webm)

(4.13 MB 1280x604 vhs gio.webm)

does anyone have any soundcloud reccommendations?
(6.49 MB 12 Reptile.mp3)

The looping female voice that appears on "Reptile" (approx. 5:06) is from the 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The strange mechanical sound before the drums start can be found in the movie Leviathan and the other sounds during all the song are found in Aliens (the escape in the vessel). Also, while not a direct sample, the ascending synth melody from 5:13 to 5:20 seems to be a reference to "Laura Palmer's >after just rewatching aliens and relistening to song related with the same month the aliens sound sample was picked up immediately by my autism. my reward is this post. >other stuff listed above not so much. still fun to know!
(106.97 KB 256x234 spoiler.png)

>>2777 new name: ?????
>>2778 Shit kickers
(1.93 MB 1578x1162 FindMyGoatKeys.png)

(293.98 KB 1229x704 GoneSangWdsWro.png)

Pardon the images, but the third file is music related as it's the gazelle from Zootopia singing Riptide; bad subs included. The first two were paired on another image board and I kinda like it.
>>2816 with file, I should hope.
(11.84 MB 640x480 Damn Whøre - Happy.mp4)

(27.41 MB 1280x720 TRST-Capitol.webm)

>>2827 I fucking love that group.
>>2849 me too:)
(12.80 MB 640x360 blyat.mp4)

charging my 160gb dinosaur ipod because i had a song i vaguely remembered in my head. i havent listened to this thing in over a decade. >problem the disk is formatted to my old macbook pro. >solution find songs i like from ipod, rip from interweb:)
>>2868 Пика - Патимейкер (Ploty prod)
>>2898 many thanks!
>>2922 I respond to your dubs of debasement with an offer of hope; of redemption despite pain. Also with ayylmaos.
>>2922 Or just send the whiskey; that works too.
And somehow missed the other whiskey song I meant to include. Whiskey, coffee, blood, hot lead -- have some other songs about drinking things to round out your day.
Been a few days but I'm back for a new post. File 1 - New release that I've been enjoying a lot. File 2 - Another recent release I've been enjoying. It's got some of that SoundCloud 2015-2016 vibe. Besides it's made by someone from that era as well which is cool. File 3 - And lastly another new release. Bumpy house-type vibe. Side note: When I say recent I refer to the past few weeks.
(7.00 KB 586x549 durping.webp)

>>2922 >>2923 >>2924 >>2925 >>2931 nice droppings!
>>3009 >>3010 >>3011 i dont know who these guys are, but they seem worthwhile to see live. >amphitheater >drinking heineken from a can >eating pizza >enjoying the warm summer air at night. yep
(1.53 MB 1000x1500 Cybertronic-Tour-Poster-B.png)

>>3024 They're doing a fall tour this year. If they're coming to your area then you can check them out live. I've already got my ticket.
(432.98 KB 1032x1036 happenings.jpg)

>>3048 Toronto would be the best. would be a nice to visit if they arent still believing in covid and booeyman varients. Pittsburgh is nice too. their bums are more down and out/sleepy than the Canadian bums. free healthcare and social services gives the canuck bums more energy to hassle people for beer money.
>>3048 Gloryhammer is pretty nice too.
>>3052 >Quebec fucking froggy City >Montre-fucking-al >Vancouvfranciso >Vicuntoria As usual, no love for us prairiefags.
>>3097 Very nice, thank you
(176.93 KB 555x512 invaders 28 days later.png)

>>3052 >Pittsburgh is nice too. their bums are more down and out/sleepy than the Canadian bums Nigger, it's COLD up here. If our hobosexuals don't keep moving around, they'll die. Not to mention the constant flux of bulls being imported by our cuck prime minister is ensuring there's less food for them, as well.
(8.18 MB Remember Me.mp3)

>>3149 fine title wrong song.
Thanks to the Jiggle Billy that introduced my to purowave!
Edited last time by 404 on 07/22/2021 (Thu) 07:13:35.
(594.39 KB 1000x1000 flatheavy.jpg)

(3.37 MB 448x256 KillAllThe.webm)

(5.38 MB Tx09_A.T.W.A..mp3)

(11.48 MB Track09.mp3)

>>3100 It is very flat, there.
still thanking the 8ch.net anon for this vid, after 3-4 some odd years. the timelapse vid is some random YT person over 10+ years. however, the choice of music overlayed was genius. i could never track the sped up version of this song, so i made a slightly spot on attempt. autists can prolly tell its not exact, apologies
(215.27 KB 700x505 naruto bog.jpg)

>>3260 the bog bros are frightening
(896.65 KB 638x480 hrt gang.mp4)

(13.46 MB 640x480 Datarock - True Stories.mp4)

(1.21 MB MryYng_1.mp3)

(1.07 MB MryYng_5.mp3)

(884.00 KB MryYng_8.mp3)

(850.00 KB MryYng_12.mp3)

>>3319 This keeps showing up. Isn't it already in the Vid thread? Have some native-inspired music while we all race each other for the next GET
Not my favorite version but seeing the conductor totally worth it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQuFP7sLzfc
why does .moe hate my files?
(8.01 KB 480x360 QUI.jpg)

>>3332 >>3334 Who... WHO the foock had the holly quad ?!? I was waiting for it all the night ! REEEEEEEEEEEEE
does it hate these files? >>3336 It died because .moe failed that many times as I tried to upload a file it hated. Mighte be the 320Kb/S .mp3
(54.74 KB 519x552 celt.jpg)

>>3338 Man it brings deep sadness in my heart.
∫Mathematic jazz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttatemnQ0Ds Nice live of Nik Bärtsch Mobile.
(5.37 MB 900x506 ponydrugs.webm)

You knew everything has been ponified, right?
(6.85 MB 640x360 thanks lori.webm)

still good imo
>>3501 >>3502 What is that aural hallucination style called? I would like to blacklist it but I don't know how.
(255.32 KB GrnJll_theme.mp3)

(664.61 KB GrnJll_Cereal.mp3)

(683.98 KB GrnJll_CwGd.mp3)

(2.55 MB GrnJll_3pig.mp3)

Green Jello sucks. They say so themselves. Bands with no talent can easily amuse idiots with a stupid puppet show.
Except for how his name was norman
Apparently the trick is, if your files might be "fancy" -- reencode them before trying to upload. Fewer issues that way.
(3.72 MB 406x720 K_ommando-Raps.webm)

new name: Kube
(2.35 MB 640x360 Lyravator.webm)

>>3555 Although if some kind strelok hangs around and happens to have a less-cut-short version of that, I'd like to see/hear/save it. TIA, 'Tia!
(491.71 KB 670x1050 thumbsupturbo.png)

>>3574 Fuckin' hate "Thunder Island."
>>3582 Seriously with the fucking filters?
(20.44 KB 360x444 obabo_banano.jpg)

>>3583 Word filters make image beards fun. Just like darkies make cities fun.
(3.90 MB At the Mall.mp3)

>>3582 yeah i like it too. hate it or hate it, filters are here to stay:)
(3.22 MB SOS.mp3)

Sum nu-Portishead. It's actually a cover of the ABBA hit rendered grim-dark. Usually not one for wallowing in that sort of sentiment, but it seems appropriate for cy+6
>>3599 <.mp3s of what should be audiovisual experiences What was I thinking?

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