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Post about a series that you just finished Anonymous 07/29/2020 (Wed) 17:37:30 No. 181
Time to make this thread again. Here's an archive of the last thread on 8kunt: https://archive.vn/EAtrt So, I decided to drop UFO Senshi Dai Apolon after 17 episodes. It's not a bad series, it's okay, but I just grew bored with the show. The premise is that Takeshi is the prince of a planet that was conquered by the Dazaan Army, and was sent to Earth as a baby in order to ensure his survival. He then grows up in an orphanage, and gains a passion for American football while living there. Then, on his 16th birthday, he is struck by a meteor that imbues him with the Key Energy power that his planet's people had developed as their "ultimate weapon". Takeshi and his friends are then abducted by his guardian, Rabi, who informs him of his origin and gives him and his friends a giant robot, Dai Apolon, and several UFOs in order to fight off the Dazaan Army and protect the Key Energy that now reside within Takeshi. The rest of the series then details the Dazaan Army's various attempts to gain the Key Energy along with trying to figure out the true identity Dai Apolon's pilot. The series boils down to three different episode were something effects the "UFO Boy Scouts" on a personal level, some outsider gets involved in the fights, or the leaders of the Dazaan Army are trying out one of their various "just created" super-weapons to defeat Dai Apolon. It's pretty formulaic, and it just feels like an attempt to sell toys. There are some moments in the series were it does decide to get a little bit more "mature" with it's premise as innocent people are dying during some of the episodes, but it feels like it's there just to be there and show how "evil" the villains are (As if mass genocide and enslavement across the galaxy wasn't reason enough). And, the show never really moves beyond that. There are a few times were the Dazaans do some espionage and end up kidnapping the wrong people thinking they have times to Dai Apolon, along with some general rivalries and tensions taking place within the various generals of the Dazaan Army, but it never really moves beyond that or does anything unique with it. As for the animation, the art is fine but the show feels very stilted and limited in it's animation. And, with the audio, there really isn't much music to speak of, the sound effects are great, but all the voices sound like the characters are always shouting no matter what they say. Overall, I wasn't really that impressed with UFO Senshi Dai Apolon. Like I said, it isn't a bad series, but I just grew too bored with it to the point that I didn't care about finishing it off.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMx3rCBREMs princess resurrection manga story follows Hiro Hiyorimi a boy as he serves one of the princesses (hime) of the royal family of the monster world as she and her siblings battle to the death in a succession war to see who becomes the ruler of the monster world. the catch, she and all of her siblings are immature phoenixes, who can use their blood to resurrect fallen allies turning them into blood warriors. however, she must constantly feed her blood warriors her blood or they will die permanently. Hiro despite being a (below) average human boy ends up becoming a blood warrior after saving hime from death. the story starts off like a monster of the week but builds up a lot of mystery and suspense from there. the anime was ok but censored a lot from the manga making it really watered down. it got an ova that was uncensored but it never finished. if you are instresed in this series id say read the manga first
(91.83 KB 353x500 199126.jpg)
(107.57 KB 351x335 rage.png)
(1.37 MB 1200x515 Ride To Hell.png)
(3.01 MB 800x450 [incoherent_yelling].webm)
(3.36 MB 853x480 scream_12bit.webm)
Just finished off Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, and I have one important question: WHAT WAS THE FUCKING POINT OF ALL THAT?!? You know, screw this. DON'T READ THIS FUCKING POST IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS, I'M NOT GOING TO HIDE OR CENSOR HOW BULLSHIT THIS IS! The premise of the series is that, a couple years after the ending of the previous series (Rage of Bahamut GENESIS), the human government finds out that all the efforts of the previous series (Of all the Gods, Demons, and Humans uniting together so that they don't die) to seal Bahamut away for good was futile as Bahamut is far stronger and is going to escape. They find this information out through scacred away texts that they found hidden away in the castle, and were only found due to the human king's palace pretty much being destroyed. In the same texts, they found out that there are also ancient WMDs that are laying around that could match the might and possibly defeat Bahamut forever. However, the remainder of this information is sealed away in Heaven and Hell. And, they do confirm the fact that Bahamut will return. Are you with me so far? SO, in order to prevent the apocalypse from happening, the last remaining heir of the human monarchy who was just placed on the throne with his cabinet staffed all with experiences people that are aware of the fact that they are working on the clock to prevent the destruction of everything in existence, they all universally decide that the smartest thing to do is...attack Heaven and Hell, kill their leaders and most of their populace, ensalve the survivors, dance on their graves, and proclaim that “Humanity is #1!” (And, possibly raid the library for more information on these WMDs and ways to kill Bahamut,...if they have any free time during all of that,...if they can be asked). OH and proceed to sit on their asses for the next five years, rebuilding everything off of slave labor that's intentionally cruel just so that they can be cruel, watch gladiator battles, imprison all who oppose them, and NEVER feel the need to make anyone outside of their small circle aware of the fact that the monster who almost destroyed the world is coming back and they are taking measures to prevent it. But, wait, it gets better. During the final months before Bahamut is released, a half-dragon girl (Nina, the protagonist of this story) comes to the capital to earn money that she can send home (Like the filthy immigrant she is), and gets involved with the city's dissidents who all correctly come to the conclusion that the king is a cruel asshole who needs to be overthrown. And, the reason they get her involved is because she can turn into a powerful dragon, but only when she let's her bishie fantasies get out of control. Oh, and she catches the “heart” of the king while he's running around the city disguised as a merchant. Anyways, she get's involved in a couple of these, first with a demon revolt that fails and results in her getting imprisoned (Along with all of the characters in the previous series, who were also imprisoned at some point, finally getting the chance to catch-up about their past decade of adventures), and the second time as a bystander to the humans aggressively telling the Gods to “Fuck off” by firing the Schwerer Gustav that they unearthed. Yes, there is some political drama that takes place during all this, but it all becomes pointless in the grand scheme of things. The first half of the series actually does sort-of justify the humans kicking the Gods and Demons to the curb, the former because of their entitlement that humans are suppose to serve and worship them and the latter because of them being the cause of the mess in the first series. And, it can be discussed all day about whether or not the humans were actually justified in attacking the capitals of the other two races, and/or needing to kill their leaders. But, all the discussion is meaningless because the entire reason why the humans attacked their capitals was because they wanted more information on how to kill Bahamut with those WMDs, and they never figured that (Perhaps) ASKING the Gods and Demons for that information would result in anything when everyone suffered heavy losses the previous time that thing was released. Continuing on with the summary of the series, people die, alliances are formed, one thing leads to another, and the Gods and Demons team up to storm the human capital and overthrow the king (Along with humans that finally realize the fact that the king is an asshole, but think that the Gods are somehow better despite also being assholes). And, all the while that's taking place, the king finally unleashes Bahamut so that he can kill it. He leads it to the capital just as his troops stationed there to protect the city are about to fall, everyone realizes that the destroyer is back, the Gods and Demons drop everything so that they don't die, and the king fires the Schwerer Gustav (With Nina and the power of love). They seemingly kill it (Before it fades away several weeks later, revealing that ALL of this shit was pointless), and everything is okay, and everyone lives happily every after. No punishments or closure for any of the shit that happened over the past five years, “No one's ever really gone” despite the framing that some of the characters are gone, and nothing was learned or gained. Nothing changed. As for the animation, the 2D art was rather appealing unless they showed the characters from a distance, and all the 3D animation and models that they used looked out of place. And, the audio was nice. Overall, I'm just so damn disappointed with the entire thing. I remember liking the previous series a lot, but this was just downright infuriating to watch as the only reason all this shit happened is because the king was an idiot who wants to keep the entire thing to himself for God knows why. And, even after knowing that Nina and her friends were the source of the troubles in the capital, he never wants to reveal to them WHY he's been such a cruel, unlikable, bastard, despite any of the help they could provide. Hell, I would have even found his actions somewhat justifiable if he DID warn Heaven and Hell about Bahamuts return and they just blew it off. Just a simple throw-away line about how, “I warned you about this, and you didn't listen,” and I wouldn't be nearly are upset with the series as I am. It's just terrible writing and pointless drama stretched out across 24 episodes. There's no reason to watch Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul. The only reason it exists is to anger anyone who thinks about it.
>>186 Bahamut is dead for real That changed. But yeah this sounds like a clusterfuck
(15.48 MB 853x480 Merry Merry Fantasia!.webm)
>>186 >Hell, I would have even found his actions somewhat justifiable if he DID warn Heaven and Hell about Bahamuts return and they just blew it off The King was awesome! I was rooting for him every week until they ruined it with the WMD book justification in the second half and by then I was basically ready to give up caring about the whole thing cause it was RETARDED so I did
>>181 I finished Gundam ZZ tonight. Good show. Don't know why people give the impression it's bad.
>>181 Finished Yama No Susume, great show about cute girls climbing and overcoming their everyday. Currently watching GTO.
(335.43 KB 500x373 kamille.gif)
>>196 I didn't like it. Focused more on comedy than Zeta and made Yazan into comedic relief. The only good thing about it was Elpeo Ple and Ple 2.
>>201 I liked the comedy. It got a lot more serious in the second half anyway. Yazan is still a sadistic mongrel of a man at least. He should've died but he deserves to live the rest of his life in squalor. Ple was annoying most of the time. I'm not a slave to a coomer brain.
(70.73 KB 478x487 out out out.jpg)
>>205 >coomer
>>206 Policing language? Maybe you're more fit for reddit than you think.
(51.04 KB 1280x720 bully4ch.png)
>>207 Policing reddit-speak & other unwanted faggotry isn't a bad thing. Lurk more and stop using cuckch lingo. Leave it at that and don't derail the thread any further.
>>209 You literally derailed it first by whining.
>>196 I finished Char's Counterattack the other day too. It was really good. Quess was a shit but that was sort of the point I guess. I feel like she had more character purpose for Hathaway than Char. He just babied her for no reason.
(51.43 KB 600x600 fidgetSpinnerReZero.jpg)
>>219 Char's Counterattack is good if you ignore the previous two Gundam series and pull up a shitty reason to do a 180 on his character development and become a villain again. It's cool we got the final showdown, but the amount of shit people make up to justify his change is retarded.
>>220 No anon you're retarded. Zeta is very important to show Char's development to why he's doing what he does. He fought against an even worse more oppressive branch of the Earth Federation & met firsthand with the spoiled elite of the Earth Federation government. Plus the feeling of all his friends & allies dying in the final battle. Unable to know what's become of Kamille but no doubt felt something was wrong. Then ZZ further showed just how incompetent & uncaring the EF really are. Not just to colonies but their own people on earth. That was to show just how corrupt the earth truly is. Char isn't doing something out of malice. He's doing it to save the earth from the uncaring masses of humanity's "elite" still there.
So, I just finished off Renkin 3 Kyuu Magical? Pokaan, and it is a very enjoyable series. The premise is that four princesses from a world of monsters are transported to Japan, and the show is just about their daily lives living on Earth. Nothing else more complex, and let me show you the door if you have a problem with that. The show is extremely laid back, and it's just fun and hilarious to watch the girls living life with little to no problems. The animation for the show is simple and silly to fit with the nature of the stories. And, the audio gives the show this extremely comfy feel. Overall, I would recommend this series to just about anyone who wants a relaxing show or just wants to be entertained. While extremely simple, I'd say it's one of the best anime out there.
Finally actually sat down & watched Gundam F91 all the way through. I ended up liking it despite initial impressions being poor. Partly because of bad subs I downloaded but also because it's noticeable that it's a bit unfinished in some areas. But overall I think it's still an enjoyable experience & Gundam movie. Iron Mask is a pathetic villain though. If he's supposed to be a Char clone just because he has a mask then he's probably the worst UC Char clone.

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