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(412.08 KB 640x448 01.png)

Anonymous 07/03/2021 (Sat) 19:58:51 No. 457
why do niggers and spics like this so much? is that because they're violent and brainlet apes like Goku?
>violent Is enjoying the thrill of the fight really violent? It's not like he attacks innocent people.
>>458 he put the whole multiverse at stake and lied to his friends, family for the sake for fighting stronger opponents and get a high out of it, something only a nigger or spic would do. Then again Shonen is just meant for the apeshits anyway.
>>457 Niggers are weak. Thats why they rove in packs. They idolize that which they can never have. Strength. Every nigger wishes he was goku, but they are all krillin.
>>457 England history Occupied and raped by Danes Occupied and raped by Normans (Franco-Danish mutts) Ruled by Frenchs Welshs Scots Germanics National motto (DIEU ET MON DROIT) is in French Does an Ethnic Englishman ever ruled England? Do they have anything of their own? No. Your ancestors cant do anything so set out to another continent (murica)
>>463 >fuck wypipo No fuck you nigger.
(258.75 KB 1080x1920 fa-bulma.jpg)

it was a well-known license affordable enough for thirdie tv channels, and a longrunner meaning that it'd fill plenty of their schedule simple as it is american blacks the ones innerly drawn to it, and it has more to do with their unability to adapt to western society that they seek eastern cultural products more. As for the violence let's be real here, similarly "violent" media like Call of Duty exist and the average player is pictured as a white suburban kid. Rather than race or even "violence" this has more to do with the power-play this shonen power-structure formula DB represents, with a fixation in training and labeling etc at the expense of other developments, or calls for "saving the people of X world", the sharp good vs evil contrast; easy to project a quasi militaristic tone which is so ingrained in burger cultural expressions of all strata, and by extention their culturecucked countries of japan and fake korea. in yurop for example other shows like one piece and naruto are sizeably larger, and casually they have a more laid-back tone classical adventure approach to shonen (sp. One piece) with character interaction happenning (ideally) more in harmony with their surroundings in contrast to the get-it-done DB way. And if not just compare the clumsy personality of Luffy with good boy Goku or the more underdog focus of Naruto with the way Goku was cracking skulls since virtually the beginning, make your own assessments and this is not to shit on DB itself, i actually enjoyed it growing up and find its phenomenon interesting for these reasons
>>468 >And if not just compare the clumsy personality of Luffy with good boy Goku They basically have the exact same personality. Dragon Ball is most popular because it came before the other two you mentioned, especially in non-english territories. One Piece has never been aired properly in English territories. Dragon Ball, and later Naruto, were on tv with more successful dubs. You might say people should just be going online for their anime anyway, but people won't do that unless they're already interested in anime. Dragon Ball was accessible, and therefore the anime that made many people interested in "anime" in the first place. In the '90s, it was barely thought of as an anime, because there were few before it. It was a cartoon that happened to be from japan, and it was only after this and other shows like Pokemon lead to a huge influx of Japanese animation that kids started thinking of it as its own genre.
>>468 >the black guys are atracted to it kinda weird goku was white washed because white guys wouldn't watch anime with chars that had skin a bit darker. >classical adventure approach to shonen wait what!? it seems you either don't know or simply stupid Shounen refers to anything published on the shounen magazines,shounen sunday,shounen jump,shounen magazine and like that and the genres go well go too far. You are kinda similar to the people describing Goku when trying to describe a nekketsu (passionate) character without knowing the real meaning or other characters. Some shounen stuff .- Kanojo okarisihimasu .- Negima .- Love Hina .- GS Mikami .- Jigoku Sensei Nube .- Ranma .- Detective Conan .- Hayate no Gotoku .- Zettai Karen Children .- Rave Master .- Fairy Tail .- Urusei Yatsura .- Cyborg 009 .- Shijou saikyou no Deshi Kenichi .- Boku no Hero Academia .- Bakemonogatari .- Kanojo mo Kanojo .- Sitokai Yakuindomo .- Magic Kaito .- Patlabor .- Ushio to Tora .- Denpa Kyoshi .- Sasami-san@Ganbaranai .- Domestic na Kanojo .- Aho-girl .- Tsubasa Chronicle .- Great Teacher Onizuka .- boys be so as you see shounen is quite diverse but stupid people tend to think "SHounen are naruto,bleach,one piece,dragon ball" without knowing the reality of shounen manga.
>>475 >goku is whitewashed Anon what the hell are you talking about?
(51.75 KB 474x769 002.jpg)

(78.56 KB 474x1119 001.jpg)

>>480 The skin color goku had on DB GT is the original skin color goku had since he was a farm boy living on the outside is kinda obvious his skin will be dark but he is white on the anime. You have to be blind to not notice or realize the difference (Buaahhh!! they changed my goku to dark skinned i hate GT,truth is was kino but sadly super messed the chronology and now instead of a 15 year old pan we have a 10 year old pan)
>>481 thanks for shwoing the .- how it was vs .- how it should have beenand he does have dark skin on the manga well at least on colored pages and the color version.
HI guys. I need your help 8chan chads Can you please make my thread active please? Say something nice about it https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/225716204
boruto, boro make virus. delta virus
no it's because that's cool to follow a shity sayan kid become a monster of power
Niggers like it because they don't know any better and think martial arts is KEWL. With the Americinized diaspora and expats will only like DBZ, but mainlanders are into Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, Shaman King, Heidi, Mazinger Z and Cardcaptor Sakura. But you don't hear much about them since most modern anime fans can't recognize anything past the super mainstream and super popular FoTM that they only like ironically

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