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Current anime season (Fall 2021) Anonymous 10/24/2021 (Sun) 00:50:10 No. 563
A general thread to talk about any new episodes from the current anime season (Fall 2021). If something aired today, I'll give my thoughts on these recent episodes I've watched. >Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! (episode 12) Fun episode today. Jahy found a mana crystal and got chased around by cops. Saurva also turns into a cute dog.
>Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi (episode 3) I'm really liking this OL loli anime so far. Today was a cute christmas episode.
(413.49 KB 1920x1080 Hanyou no Yashahime - 28.jpg)

>Hanyou no Yashahime (episode 28) For a few seconds, it's nice that Moroha briefly meets her parents Inuyasha and Kagome. Towa and Setsuna also met their mother Rin, who is frozen in time and still 18 years old.
(360.21 KB 1920x1080 Saihate no Paladin - 03.jpg)

>Saihate no Paladin (episode 3) This anime so far is about 3 undead people raising a human boy and training him to become a paladin. This anime is also kinda boring and generic imo, but it looks like the boy's training arc is finally over. The story's slow pacing will start picking up speed starting with the next episode.
(375.12 KB 1920x1080 Tropical-Rouge! Precure - 34.jpg)

>Tropical-Rouge! Precure (episode 34) I love this tropical slice of life about magical girls. Tropical-Rouge is honestly my favorite Precure anime. Anyways, this episode gave us some character development. We get to learn what the girls wanna be when they grow up. And on the villain side, it's heartwarming to see the crab man and slug woman are kind towards the shrimp loli. Almost like a family.
(511.55 KB 1920x1883 Waccha PriMagi! - 04.jpg)

>Waccha PriMagi! (episode 4) Yes, I like this girly anime about dancing idols and magical girls. I think that the two protagonists are a fun duo and fun to watch. That said, Myamu was a total asshole in this episode. Ditching your partner so you can team up with someone "better" is a dick move. I'm glad Myamu and Matsuri became partners again towards the end of the episode, but man. I wanted to punch that cat.
(244.84 KB 1920x2180 Digimon Ghost Game - 03.jpg)

>Digimon Ghost Game (episode 3) This is a genuinely terrifying world to live in. First episode had a time digimon who rapidly aged his victims into old people. Second episode had a mummy digimon who mummified its victims alive. Now this third episode has a sadistic prankster who likes watching victims suffer. If I lived in this world and any of this creepy stuff happened to me, it would traumatize me for life. On the bright side, Ruli found her digimon partner. So fluffy.
>>566 >This anime is also kinda boring and generic imo, but it looks like the boy's training arc is finally over. My issue with the manga is that Will is just too fucking strong. The character just has an answer for all problems and has deeply loyal sidecharacter friends who are just as handy as the legendary heroes his parents were so the character isn't allowed to fail meaningfully in any way beyond maybe getting a slap from that elf-homo of a squire of his. So every chapter so far is "oh I have an issue, let me monologue about it for a couple of pages, okay there's the solution, problem solved" over and over again.
>>563 The only mildly amusing show to air as of now is Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu, and even then, it as mostly a borefest. Stay away from Megaton Kyu Musashi. It has the worst case of "mus diversity and strnk femodis" to date, with battles filled with nigger "music".
>>570 I didn't read the manga, but the way you describe him does sound like your typical bland isekai MC. An overpowered protagonist can be interesting in the hands of a skilled writer, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. >>571 >Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu I dropped that after the first episode. It has the type of annoying humor I hate. Characters constantly screaming out their lines whenever they're surprised by something random or wacky. And the running gag of that pathetic vampire easily dying that got old and unfunny quick. >Megaton Kyu Musashi I'll trust your warning on how bad it is. This is my first time hearing about this anime, but I'll personally have to check out the first episode just to see how terrible it gets.
>>572 Also, Megaton Kyu Musashi, Shikizakura and Kyoukai Senki all have a cult-like preaching of "men, take the matters in their own hands, regardless of the risks, or else women won't like you" pushed down your throat in every episode. The nerve of those producers (and the people funding them) in complaining about the current state of Japanese society, as if women weren't 90% responsible for all of that in the first place. It becomes cringe when masculinity was shoved aside as a if it was undesirable, only to be brought back, but buried under "be a simp, or you aren't a real man" shoved down everyone's throat. No wonder Japanese men are, like most men around the world by now, adopting a stance of 'who cares? let everything burn", with total apathy for their nation's demise. Those entitled retards that pushed for men to put women in a pedestal are now seeing the results of their stupidity, and even then, they still blame men for it, and even worse, demand men to "do something about it, and do it now!", as if men were obliged to fix the problems that those simps and women created.
(143.42 KB 1200x800 1575919152288.jpg)

>>563 Not gonna lie, I hate Jahy-sama's anime adaptation. The jokes of the manga just feel awkward with the pacing of the anime, and Jahy's purple hair is worse than the darker shade of the manga's covers.
>>574 I don't really consider the anime as AOTY material, honestly. But I take it for what it is. A decent but fun adaptation and a great source of reaction pics.
(360.90 KB 1920x1080 Megaton-kyuu Musashi - 01.jpg)

>>571 >Megaton-kyuu Musashi You weren't kidding about this being a diversity checklist. It even has a gay black guy that's a walking gay stereotype. I watched two episodes of this before dropping it. The mecha battles didn't start until episode 2, but even those sucked. Forgettable 3D cgi battles with the protagonists piloting generic looking mechas and fighting against generic alien robots. >>573 >Shikizakura I also dropped this after 2 episodes. I'm tired of edgy faggots. And this is a cliched story where the MC uses a cursed power, but becomes an edgy insane killer in battle. >Kyoukai Senki This is the only mecha anime this season I haven't dropped yet. But the last episode introduced a side character with a shitty personality. A black haired guy who is a super serious No Fun Allowed faggot that gets easily mad if you aren't 100% committed to fight for the cause.
>Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (episode 4) A tsundere love story between a vampire girl and a soviet russian boy as they train to become astronauts. Normally I don't like stories that hamfist "discrimination is wrong" messages down your throat. But this anime is actually alright imo. Yes, the discrimination she faces plays a large role in this story. But I'm glad that the story's main focus is more about the budding romance between a girl and boy. Anyways, today's episode was really nice. Especially the beautiful ice skating scene.
(5.85 MB 1920x1080 Mushoku Tensei - 15.webm)

>Mushoku Tensei (episode 15) I personally hate Rudeus. This story could have been a whole lot better if the MC wasn't a pervy otaku and comic relief narrator. That said, this episode was great. Our heroes stay in a kemonomimi village for a while. During that time, Eris makes some good friends and learns more about her master's childhood.
(312.62 KB 1920x1080 Ganbare Douki-chan - 06.jpg)

>Ganbare Douki-chan (episode 6) A bite size anime with short 5 minute episodes. The simple story is really meh, but it doesn't make me hate it enough to drop it. It's about an office lady MC trying to win over her crush, but her female coworker keeps trying to cuck her by stealing him away.
>>576 No joke. Megaton looks like it was straight up funded by Google or some other failed woke company. Shikizakura is at the same time using boring tropes and preaching about "take the matters in your hands, men, or else, women will not like you". Worst of both worlds. >Kyoukai Senki I dropped it after the very first episode. It looked like it would be a good take on being patriotic and not allowing the police or the state run by foreign interests rule over you snowballed into full "man up or you won't get the girls" boomer preaching. No wonder Japanese men are abandoning society altogether. When even their entertainment is run by out-of-touch boomers that keep ordering people around to fix problems that they themselves created, young people will just abandon it all. >guy who is a super serious No Fun Allowed faggot that gets easily mad if you aren't 100% committed to fight for the cause One of the most hated tropes, and the sole reason why I dropped many shows in the past. No doubt, a self insert by one of the producers or writers, giving the preaching cult nature of the show. Those damn psychopaths want people to always be on the edge, and never have fun. No different than the SJW psychopaths that they hate so much, but behave the same.
>>572 >Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu Give it a try to the second episode. There are visual jokes about a certain character that you might find funny. But the 3rd episode devolved back to what you don't like, so don't have good expectations about the show.
(49.67 KB 315x285 John.jpg)

>>581 I watch it for John.
(111.33 KB 1366x768 RIP John.jpg)

>>583 John just died :(
(696.12 KB 1912x3323 Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu - 04.jpg)

>>581 >>583 >>584 Since you guys kept talking about it, I tried giving the anime a second chance. But sorry. This show just isn't for me. The humor is too obnoxious for my tastes.
(336.77 KB 1920x1080 Kyoukai Senki - 04.jpg)

>>580 >"man up or you won't get the girls" boomer preaching I never minded that type of messaging. I think it's better to teach boys to man up instead of giving up. I'm not saying you should man up just to get laid or impress girls (that's a superficial reason imo), but it doesn't hurt to become a man who can endure hardships and keep pressing forward. I mean, today's latest Kyoukai Senki episode annoyed me a bit when the MC cried and gave up. It's hard for me to respect quitters when the going gets tough.
>Shinka no Mi - Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei (episode 4) Easily the most generic isekai this season. Another wish-fulfillment story of a self-insert fat otaku who becomes an OP gary stu with a harem of beautiful girls. Right now the MC is just impressing his second harem girl by saving her from an undefeatable dragon. This girl he's protecting also has a negative Luck stat. And conveniently, he also found a ring that "multiplies the user's Luck by negative 2". In mathematics, multiplying two negatives together results in a positive number. It's so predictable how the next episode will play out. He'll give her ring that removes her bad luck, which will make her fall more in love with him and become a more faithful cocksleeve in his harem collection.
(1.33 MB 1080x1920 Takt Op. Destiny.jpg)

(134.81 KB 1280x720 Deep Insanity - The Lost Child.jpg)

OP here. Let me apologize for not posting much today. That's because I already dropped every anime that airs on Tuesdays. such as Takt Op Destiny, and Deep Insanity: The Lost Child. I'll be honest and simply say these shows frankly don't appeal to me much.
>>585 I find it funny, precisely by jokes like the one you posted. But it is ok. It is not anything spectacular.
>>586 The "get girls" as if it was the ultimate reward (or even a reward at all) is what is wrong with it. It is just boomers desperate to force people to have more children to turn them into wageslaves for the state and banks to leech from. "Man up" overall is good. But "to get the girls" is a instant red flag. Simps are slaves, and living your life "to get the girls" turns you into one of those slaves. So, anything with this message is as cancerous as SJW pandering.
>>587 >He'll give her ring that removes her bad luck, which will make her fall more in love with him and become a more faithful cocksleeve in his harem collection. Another example of simping out. Putting all his effort into just gifting a girl, who will benefit from it without putting any effort herself. If a girl can't take care of herself, a man should never take care of things for her. Doing that is just letting her parasite you.
(469.87 KB 1920x1080 armadillo-boat.jpg)

>>593 It's not the kind of comedy that would make me laugh, but hey. Whatever floats your armadillo boat, I guess. >>594 >>595 Sure, when you put it that way, I agree that you shouldn't "man up" simply to impress the ladies. Caring too much about gaining another person's approval is an unhealthy dependency. If a guy wants to "man up" and strive to become a better person, he should primarily do it for myself and his own benefit. Not for someone else.

(2.80 MB 800x450 strip.gif)

(2.90 MB 800x450 ass.gif)

>Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha (episode 4) I know you guys hate isekais, but this is my AOTS so far. I'm really digging this story about a master assassin in a magical world. Anyways, today's ep showed us just how manipulative the MC can be. He knew exactly what to say and do to turn an outcast weak girl into an extremely loyal and deadly ally.
(409.59 KB 1920x1080 Puraore! Pride of Orange - 04.jpg)

(284.42 KB 1920x1080 TooSerious.jpg)

>Puraore! Pride of Orange (episode 4) Another anime about cute girls playing sports. This time about ice hockey. Right now there are just 5 girl players. And in today's ep, it was heartwarming to see them cheering on their weakest member she could succeed in her fitness exam. That said, I do hate that the 6th player is gonna be a super serious girl with a stick up her ass. The kind of player who just create unnecessary drama wherever they go. The kind that takes matches way too seriously, doesn't have any fun, and scolds & abandons her teammates if she deems them unworthy to be on the same team as her. This serious girl will meet the 5 funloving girls in the next episode and, predictably, she will cause drama and shit on them for just wanting to have fun playing hockey.
(488.68 KB 1920x2160 Shin no Nakama - 04.jpg)

>Shin no Nakama (episode 4) I feel like dropping this. I find myself bored with how this anime's story is unfolding. I think when an overpowered MC just keeps solving problems so easily, it starts getting uninteresting after a while.
>Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu. (episode 4) I wasn't really expecting today's episode to be about a creepy yandere. Komi's crazy lesbo simp is one fucking insane jealous psycho.
>Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san (episode 9) An okay anime about cooking food, and also learning about maiko/geisha culture. The chef girl is really adorable too. The main nitpick I have that this anime only releases 1 new episode Once per month.
(420.27 KB 1920x1080 Platinum End - 04.jpg)

(233.33 KB 1920x1080 Retard_reveals_himself.jpg)

>Platinum End (episode 4) RETARD. RETARD. FUCKING RETARD. That's it. I'm fucking done with this retarded MC. Fucking dropped. First he correctly realizes that the villain wanted to flush out the other God candidates with this televised baseball event. If the MC was smart, he could have stayed home and watched the event on tv (angels and wings/arrows still show up tv) to see what the villain would do. But despite realizing that this was an obvious trap, the dumbass MC still goes to the baseball stadium without his angel. And now, he's letting the villain easily bait him in revealing himself, simply because a crying little girl is being held hostage. The MC knows the girl is under the villain's mind control for 33 days, but the MC still makes the stupid irrational decision to jump in and save her. Even if he rescues her, her enslaved mind is still fiercely loyal to the villain and all the MC would have done is reveal his identity. That's what pisses me off. He knows all of this is a trap and STILL falls for it.
>>597 >If a guy wants to "man up" and strive to become a better person, he should primarily do it for myself and his own benefit. Not for someone else. Exactly. And not to mistake "for oneself" for ";;;so I can get the girls after that", like many do. Self-improvement must be done without ever caring for anyone else's approval. A mindset of "even if I was the only living being in the entire universe, I would still eat well and acquire useful knowledge and skills". Not for impressing anyone or getting any attention, sex or whatever else. Doing so for attention, approval, validation or sex is a mental illness That is why those shows that want to push for self-improvement and taking of responsibility, but waste themselves by adding "to get the girls" are cancer. They just disguise their propaganda (trying to force men to have kids so the state can leech from those kids later) with a facade of "self-improvement message".
>>598 Meh. The guy turned her into a whore. Plain and simple. Socially awkward girls are 100% more desirable than whores that "learned to accept and not be ashamed of their sexuality". >>599 Funny, because in this year's olympics, the female hockey matches were so bad and tedious that one Japanese cameraman started filming a cockroach walking, live on tv. This anime reeks of virtue signaling to femtards after their powerless screeching due to the based cameraman.
>>605 This trope was already annoying 30 years ago. No wonder even Japanese youngsters are abandoning trope anime, and either focusing on anime that go against tired tropes, or moving away from anime entirely.
(3.36 MB 1280x720 dangerously_fluffy.webm)

>Taishou Otome Otogibanashi (episode 4) This anime would be so much better if the MC wasn't a pessimist self-hating incel. Despite getting a loving cute loli bride that is 100% wife material, this unpleasable faggot is somehow still a depressed unhappy fucker.
>Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken (episode 55) Not many anime based on vidya IPs are very good, but this one is alright. I been keeping up with it since 2020 and we're in the final phase of the story. Our heroes just need to eliminate the remaining antagonists before it finally ends.
(242.80 KB 1280x720 muchas_gracias.webm)

>Yakunara Mug Cup mo S2 (episode 5) A decent anime about cute girls making pottery. Not much to say about this episode. One girl has (grand)daddy issues and wants to be acknowledged by him. That spanish speaking Mexican chick also showed up too and will be in next week's episode.
>>613 It seems to actually represent reality, for a change. Getting a girl to like you puts you into slavery. Not happiness. >>614 How this version fares in comparison to the original? Some anon said that it got censored in some aspects. How is the animation and voice acting?
Did anyone checked out the anime version of Jojo's worst season (Stone Ocean) to see if there is anything remotely not garbage that could make it watchable?
(306.34 KB 2222x1080 Yakunara Mug Cup mo (1).jpg)

(311.55 KB 2158x1080 Yakunara Mug Cup mo (2).jpg)

(436.49 KB 3180x1080 Isekai Shokudou.jpg)

>Yakunara Mug Cup mo (Season 2) review Final episode was today. Overall, I liked it for what it was. It was a mediocre but enjoyable CGDCT anime about pottery. Season 1 ended on an aggravating note imo (retarded father accidentally broke the ceramic she worked so hard to create). But season 2's finale was much more enjoyable. Himeno was stressed and pressured of having to live up to her mother (a legendary pottery maker) and was expected to create something as good as her mother's masterpieces. In the end, she finally learned to let go of all that unnecessary stress and stopped comparing herself to her mom. And simply rediscovered the joy of making ceramics just because she has so much fun making them. >Isekai Shokudou review Another final episode. (Yes, I'm gonna be doing reviews of every anime finale I bothered to finish this season) Overall, it was really meh. The plot of every single episode was basically the same. Fantasy race people (like elves, vampires, catgirls, etc) discover an isekai door that leads them to a restaurant that serves tasty 5-star food. They sit down, take one bite of their food, and then start praising how fucking delicious it is. I know that's the point of food porn anime such as this. But it gets boring and predictable when Every episode plays out the same exact way.
(549.65 KB 1920x2502 Festival Jahy.jpg)

(3.16 MB 600x338 Jahy Eating.gif)

(28.28 MB 960x540 Jahy ENDING.webm)

>Jahy-sama Review This has been one of my favorite anime shows this year. The story is over and I'm honestly gonna miss Jahy and her friends...
>Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu review This ended up being my AOTS. Of all the anime I watched this season, I loved this one the most. Based on the Space Race of the 1950s (back when Soviet Russia and USA competed to be the first nation to go to outer space), this story is a fictional loose retelling of those events but with fictional countries. Racism against vampires is common this world, and a vampire girl is chosen as a guinea pig to test out their initial rocket experiments. Despite all the discrimination she faces, this vampire girl genuinely dreams of going into space and trains hard to be a good astronaut. A human boy also shares her dream and helps train alongside her. Athough she is mistrustful of him at first, they eventually fall in love. Overall, it just turned out to be a really endearing romance story about vampire and astronauts. >Mushoku Tensei review I still hate the otaku MC of this isekai. The last episode was him being a depressed fucker in bed, wallowing in self-pity for most of the episode. It's a shame too, because this fantasy world has great worldbuilding and well-written characters and arcs. And the otaku MC is the only stain on an otherwise great story. Anyways, the real crime here is that Eris cut her hair. Fucking ruined. >Shinka no Mi - Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei review Another generic isekai where the MC becomes super OP and gets a harem. Not really new here, aside from a gorilla that turns into a cute girl.
>>679 >Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu >Racism bad Automatically shit. Racism is good. It prevents human beings from having to deal with inferior races.

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