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(1.63 MB 1100x1691 1561872358025.png)

Baby 06/24/2022 (Fri) 03:40:47 No. 13395 [Reply]
Diapered facesitting Any art, photos, or videos where someone's (preferably messy) diaper is being shoved in someone else's face Bonus points if it's lesbian because all of the real porn of this is ruined by having the woman sit on balding middle aged man
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Got any like accidental facesitting?
(300.01 KB 1106x1280 1648798939774.jpg)

(7.81 KB 193x261 rtyuihgfyugyugyu.jpeg)

(107.77 KB 850x698 6tygfvbuytut.jpeg)

(104.59 KB 894x894 67676ggfdyfuf7777bbyy.jpeg)

(91.47 KB 1118x715 fdfdfddf.jpeg)

(88.33 KB 640x455 123690-asdio.webp)

Globalization thread Baby 10/25/2020 (Sun) 04:04:02 No. 1681 [Reply] [Last]
You know the drill, post global diaper scenarios. Here's one I came up with a while back: An idea that popped into my head: So it turns out your weird uncle who posts boomer memes about the Illuminati was right: the world has been secretly being run by aliens for about one hundred years now and are secretly beaming signals into our skulls to mess up our brainwaves. Why are they doing this? Because they want to domesticate us and keep us as pets. You may ask what this has to do with ABDL. One word: neoteny. When us humans decided to keep dogs around for companionship rather than hunting, we bred dogs that looked cuter, smaller, more…like a baby. Well, the diabolical alien overlords are doing the same thing to us. Celebrities and politicians acting like children on TV? That's part of their programming. Obesity crisis? They want us to still have chubby cheeks like we do when we're babies. And in the final stage, they'll take away our potty privileges, leaving us with only one choice: diapers. By the 22nd century, the plan will be complete. Humanity will consist of chubby, pint-sized manbabies who piss and shit themselves and eat off the floor. Unable to comprehend the complex language of our new alien masters, our speech slowly degrades into baby gibberish. No more free will, no more control of our own lives, just headpats and bellyrubs and diapie changes.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(36.88 KB 1068x561 tinder.png)

Baby 06/24/2022 (Fri) 15:33:10 No. 13411 [Reply]
>be me >get drunk and make a Tinder for the lolz >write that I'm looking for a mommy >put pictures of myself in onesie/diaper (face not shown) >put another of me on my changing table >do it just to see if I get hilariously mean comments from freaked-out women until I'm banned >end up matching with 11 women in five hours, some of them big-titted nerdy girls >they message me legit curious about why I'm doing it and what the fetish is actually about instead of just being sickened by me Why are women such degenerates, bros?
4 posts omitted.
(442.34 KB 1079x1915 20220610_204527.jpg)

>OP says he posted pics on tinder. >OP dies not post said pics here >A thread dies for this bullshit >OP cannot stop sucking dicks Why OP? Why can you not stop sucking dicks? It has been years ABSOLUTE FUCKING YEARS! Just take the dick out of mouth (ass?) And stop posting your blog bullshit.
>>13411 >No Pics OP is a massive faggot confirmed
>>13443 It doesnt matter if its true or not... It doesnt matter if a thread dies because of it, thats what a forum is for. And oh god... that story is non the less funny as hell

(22.16 KB 318x159 download (9).jpeg)

Baby 06/23/2022 (Thu) 16:50:29 No. 13376 [Reply]
Looks like tykables koda cubs got axed. There's no mention of it anywhere on their site anymore. No briefs, liddles, snappies anything. Did they get shut down for copyright infringement

Baby 06/22/2022 (Wed) 21:40:02 No. 13337 [Reply]
>Thy feet in mire, thine head in murk, >O man, how piteous thy plight, >The doubts that daunt, the ills that irk, >Thou hast nor wit nor will to fight — >How hope in heart, or worth in work? >No star in sight!
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>To man I come, the number of >A man my number, Lion of Light; >I am The Beast whose Law is Love. >Love under will, his royal right — >Behold within, and not above, >One star in sight!
Seriously I've lost the plot. What is all this and what's this about?
>>13348 >Poetry from a man of magic >Posted on a board without relation. >If it is elucidation you seek, >Type in the Oracle, >"One Star in Sight."

(60.48 KB 601x391 1207266854434.jpg)

(91.30 KB 625x799 125863288181.jpg)

(74.24 KB 799x522 125863288151.jpg)

(79.63 KB 453x800 125863288129.jpg)

gray_cloud's work Baby 06/15/2022 (Wed) 17:46:10 No. 13064 [Reply]
does anyone have any of gray_cloud's art from back in the day? i only have a few that i've been able to find via archive.org
4 posts and 5 images omitted.
(22.38 KB 305x400 g087.jpg)

(295.98 KB 603x579 forest_meeting_bath.jpg)

(46.36 KB 647x447 yuffie5.jpg)

(106.52 KB 564x367 helmcute1.jpg)

>>13087 Skimmed through the images I scraped from the archived tehthul pages. Nothing, not even thumbnails. Next would probably be going to abdl image galleries that go as far as the late 2000s. There is https://www.dailydiapers.com/megapics/ and if you're desperate enough, https://www.imagefap.com . I'm not aware of anymore abdl themed image galleries that go that far. There is https://abkingdom.com that also has a image gallery that goes that far, but those fags want payed membership to get to access to older pics.
(2.88 KB 100x100 yuffie3_thumb.jpg)

(3.65 KB 100x100 yuffie_thumb.jpg)

(3.75 KB 100x100 yuffie6_thumb.jpg)

(4.02 KB 100x100 yuffie-hojoC_thumb.jpg)

(4.61 KB 100x100 yuffie2_thumb.jpg)

Also here are some Yuffie thumbnails from the archived FTT pages to help you out in finding them.
(4.80 KB 100x100 yuffie9_thumb.jpg)

(5.66 KB 100x100 yuffie7_thumb.jpg)

(332.41 KB 960x1200 FJvFP5YUYAIqcCH.jpg)

(301.27 KB 1842x2048 FNSPSZLVEAEj0-N.jpg)

(273.82 KB 1804x2048 FNSPSZMVgAA34fp.jpg)

(276.00 KB 960x1200 FJvFP7PVcAIBDoZ.jpg)

Does anyone have any experience with hiring vanilla models to do diaper stuff? Baby 06/11/2022 (Sat) 21:23:35 No. 12920 [Reply]
I posted this in the diaper thread on /hc/ on halfchan but figured I'd repost here to see what y'all thought. So yeah I found a model on OnlyFans who had expressed awareness/interest in this fetish and I reached out to her. She agreed to do a diaper photoshoot if I sent her some diapers in the mail plus a ten dollar tip. I sent her a random collection of some medium diapers plus a pacifier. She was a little hesitant to give me a mailing address at first but I assured her I wasn't going to do anything creepy with it and she received the diapers without a problem even though I didn't use her real name for the shipping. She sent me three photos of her in a Little For Big diaper and a couple gifs. She really seems to love the pacifier more than anything but has absolutely no idea about diapers. Really gives me an appreciation for all of the models who are exclusively into ABDL now lol. She only did one set of tapes on it even though it has two per side. And she was confused by the idea that people actually use the diapers in this fetish. We're still talking and she says she's going to send me more stuff but she doesn't really know what to do with it and asks me for ideas but I don't want to give her anything too complicated or outrageous. Adding onto how difficult this is, we were initially talking on reddit, but she says she prefers to talk on OnlyFans DMs because she just gets too spammed with messages and notification on reddit, and it's too much to sort through. However, I don't know if you bros know this, but OnlyFans is so restrictive on fetish content nowadays, you literally can't even use words like 'diaper' or 'pee' in DMs or else you'll get flagged and they'll block your messages. They actually have notifications popping up telling you that 'diapers' is a restricted word. I also had OnlyFans flag a message because I was describing to her how to put on a diaper and OnlyFans thought I was suggesting we meet up which is against their guidelines. She said she's used to this because she's had photos and messages deleted for weird reasons too but didn't realize it was this restrictive. Her cadence of talking over these messages is weird too. Whatever her job is she's only really active in the morning to early afternoon, and I'll ask her something and then it takes a day or two for her to respond to me, and I'm not sure if it's because she's weirded out about this or not. I'm not sure how long I should keep this conversation going either. So far all I've gotten is the 3 pics and 2 gifs of her in the LFB diaper still. Not sure how much I should reasonably expect. I think if I ever do this again, like try to get a vanilla model to do an ABDL photoshoot, I'm going to actually negotiate what I'm expecting in terms of content and payment beforehand, so there's no ambiguity. I don't know if she's trying to scam me necessarily but also she keeps trying to get me to buy vanilla porn content from her and I keep telling her I'm really only interested in paying for stuff if it's for my fetish. I know it's a longshot, but ultimately if I could convince her to set up a side thing as an ABDL model that would be cool. Convincing more vanilla models to do ABDL stuff on the side. I've mentioned JFF to her before, and about how non-restrictive they are compared to OnlyFans.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

3 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>12920 So you're gonna say you got a vanilla model to wear diapers and not share what she gave you?
It may seem very little only a few pics, but $10 isn't that much to try a weird fetish like abdl. I have gotten some littles into abdl who already did not have the usual adverse reaction to it, but never a random model out of thin cloth. Ask her what price she would be willing to do more rather than expecting it to come with the subscription, yes you subscribed only for abdl content, but you are only 1 of many. I do know one vanilla-ish model that I could get to at least try pullups as she does a lot of adjacent work and asked her if she would, but as much as I am tempted because she is cute, I currently am working on long term relationships instead.
(1.22 MB 4032x3024 187457791729_0.jpg)

>>12949 I definitely will at some point. Want to give it a bit more time just to make sure she's not going to be weirded out if photos of her in diapers start popping up in other places. Still just have a couple photos/gifs right now but if she doesn't send me anything else anyway I'll post them at the end of the month.

Asami and kora captured Baby 07/11/2020 (Sat) 18:35:20 No. 534 [Reply] [Last]
hoping to get all the pages, if anyone would be kind enough to contribute that is
39 posts and 120 images omitted.
(821.79 KB 1280x1707 DOAAP11.png)

>>12055 Nice comic.
(929.92 KB 1280x1707 DOAAP12.png)

(265.61 KB 1080x1920 1645371926416.jpg)

It seems like the tip of the ABDL iceberg always has newfag abdls dickridng babyfurs.
35 posts and 16 images omitted.
(1.01 MB 623x934 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11552 Good point, good point.
>>10887 you definitely aren't wrong. furfags have some problems, man.
>>12830 Problems? Dude, the furfags shit their diapers, eat them, or they cook them in a microwave first. They are sick freaks! They give ABDL a bad rep.

Videos to watch while using your diaper Baby 06/11/2022 (Sat) 16:41:50 No. 12903 [Reply]
Just looking if anyone has any videos they like to watch while using their using there diaper. Like: pov, humiliation, task, punishment that kind of stuff
I've definitely seen POV based around humiliation or JOI. That sort of stuff. If I can hijack your thread for a sec though, does anyone have recommendations for POV videos where you're encouraged to use your diaper? Wetting or messing. But not in a condescening/humiliation kind of way, but in a really sweet, loving, encouraging way?

(7.63 KB 400x400 n8XIqmj7_400x400.jpg)

JFF general Baby 05/28/2022 (Sat) 16:38:54 No. 12503 [Reply]
Here is a thread for general discussion of JFF pages. Recommendations on who has good/particular types of content, or really anything related to JFF or other similar platforms. In particular, one thing I am looking for is a tool that lets you download all/selected videos from a particular page you are subscribed to. I know you can manually download them one at a time, but for users like lollylaza who have a huge amount of content, that starts to become impractical. Im sure there is a way to automate it, I just hardly have any experience with programming web-based stuff.
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>12662 My suggestion is to write your own. Learn a bit of python and play around with the requests module. It'll take a bit of effort (and I'd suggest practicing by writing scrapers for non-paid sites so you learn how to avoid getting banned) but once you get the hang of it it's an incredibly powerful tool you can use on any site.
>>12700 Yeah I'm not going to learn Python to rip porn easier.
>>12700 I already know python, but have very little experience with dealing with websites (like, ONE project for a class once), and no experience doing so with python. Is there a specific term I should look for to see if I can find a tutorial or something?

diaper sensors/ tech Baby 06/10/2022 (Fri) 19:39:40 No. 12856 [Reply]
diaper tech had anyone used these diaper sensors? pik related
where do i get them? gf was asking if i knew anything like these existed
>>12870 i think you can get them on ali exspress
I want to make a little device that fits into a diaper that can tell you or someone else every time you/they pee. At first it could just be a little arduino thing that logs the time it happens, and later maybe some kind of bluetooth ping on your phone or something. My understanding of wetness detectors for bedwetting alarms is that they go purely off of conductivity, meaning you can distinguish between being wet and not wet, but no more. What I want is to be able to log each time the diaper is used. Im thinking of using a temperature probe, and it basically looks for sudden spikes in temperature and thinks "hey they probably just peed themselves".

(1.44 MB 3000x2200 Re Zero Emilia.jpg)

ABDL Isekai Thread Baby 12/04/2021 (Sat) 07:42:42 No. 7354 [Reply]
So, you are sitting in your room when a small meteorite slams right through your roof & blasts right through your entier body, from the middle of the skull & exiting through your anus. You are now Isekaid into an Anime ABDL world with your favorite Waifu or Husbando/Waifus or Husbandos just waiting for you. I here have a few questions for you all. Question 1. Who will be wating for you there. Question 2. Is He or She or They an AB or a DL or a ABDL. Question 3. If ABDL. Is He, She or They the Big or the Little? Question 4. What kind of diapers does You or They wear, the options being. Plastic Baked Disposable Diapers, Cotton Baked Disposable Diapers, Plastic Baked Pull Ups, Cotton Baked Pull Ups or Cloth Diapers? Question 5. What will the rules & settings of that universe be. Will it have magic, what era will it be set in & if there are dangers in that world, what dangers will be found there? Post picture/pictures of said Waifu or Husbando/Waifus or Husbandos that will be there.
10 posts and 17 images omitted.
>>12757 The other pictures did not load so I’m adding them here
>>7354 >Question 1. Who will be wating for you there. I've been fantasizing lately about getting sent into a world in which there's bigs and littles, but everyone knows they have been sent here from earth, and everyone is into the ABDL fetish. It starts as a mystery why I get sent there, but as time passes I beign to realize that most likely it's some sort of purgatory kind of deal, specifically for fetishists. I wake up in a park and approach the first adults I set my sights on, which are a bunch of mommies who are conspicuously bigger than me, which is weird. They talk about how the person who will become my mommy was in need of a baby, and call her so she can pick me up while I stand there wondering wtf is going on. On the meantime they dress me in proper baby clothes and a nappie, to which I put little to no resistance. Eventually I get picked up by mommy which is basically a tall thick amazon with huge milkers. >Question 2. Is He or She or They an AB or a DL or a ABDL. She's into the AB as a mommy. >Question 3. If ABDL. Is He, She or They the Big or the Little? The big. >Question 4. What kind of diapers does You or They wear, the options being. Plastic Baked Disposable Diapers, Cotton Baked Disposable Diapers, Plastic Baked Pull Ups, Cotton Baked Pull Ups or Cloth Diapers? At first she puts me on disposables, but then she takes me to shopping and picks a bunch of cute cloth diapers while asking me which ones I like the most. >Question 5. What will the rules & settings of that universe be. Will it have magic, what era will it be set in & if there are dangers in that world, what dangers will be found there? The rules are pretty much the same as they are in the real world, but instead of a world there's just a big city filled with ABDLs. Some people travel to others cities which harbor other fetishists, and there's some degree of tourism between cities, but aside from the weirdness of being a world filled with seemingly immortal weirdos, it's just like the real world in terms of tech and current era. There's some "magic" in it, like mommies and daddies having a command voice which compels babies to obey, and babies having a sort of charisma bonus that compels others (specially mommies and daddies) to protect them.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>Question 1. Who will be wating for you there. I don't really have anyone in mind. He can just be cute anime guy with blonde hair. >Question 2. Is He or She or They an AB or a DL or a ABDL. Nope >Question 3. If ABDL. Is He, She or They the Big or the Little? He's the big. >Question 4. What kind of diapers does You wear I'm made to wear very large disposable ones. >Question 5. What will the rules & settings of that universe be. Will it have magic, what era will it be set in & if there are dangers in that world, what dangers will be found there? Modern day or something that looks like the last 30 years. Everything is big enough that I'm small. I don't age. While there I'm full incon and must sleep in a crib. I eat from a highchair. I'll never be potty trained; it can't be done. I always fail. I'm also sometimes dressed and treated like a girl, but not always. The longer I stay in this world the longer I'll never want to leave. The trick to getting out is I need to want it in my heart/soul. I'll be taken back to the second I left as if nothing happened even if I spent years there. The trick is I can be taken back if in my heart/soul I miss the place and it starts all over again.

Bubblesbutt1998 anon 06/03/2022 (Fri) 21:30:30 No. 12664 [Reply]
anyone have archives of this girl? used to subscribe to her JFF but she deleted everything recently (the blonde)
1 post and 1 image omitted.
What was her name on there?
>>12665 bubblesbutt1998
>>12779 She scrubbed herself off the internet pretty well. One alias of hers is Eavie Philpott, there is a facebook with attached photos. Other than that shes a ghost.

(23.71 KB 1280x720 DIY.jpg)

Baby 09/19/2020 (Sat) 14:43:27 No. 1209 [Reply]
Want to have <ABDL item> but dont want to pay an arm and a leg? Try making it yourself! A thread for any ABDL related DIY projects. Examples: DIY onsies, pacifiers, cloth diapers/covers, furniture, diaper pails, etc. Really anything you can think of. The main focus here is to share ideas/instructions/results from simple, relatively easy to make DIY ABDL items. Key word being simple and relatively easy to make. The goal is that if you have limited funds, privacy, materials, etc, this might provide an alternative to more "conventional" products. Or, maybe you just like making your own stuff or experimenting! Note that for the most part, you probably shouldn't always (if ever) expect the same quality stuff if you make it yourself (unless you actually are skilled at whatever it is you are doing (sewing, woodworking, etc) and that my goal here is not to say "those greedy ABDL companies are sucking us dry, we can make something just as good at home!" because for pretty much all cases, that probably wont be true (see next post where I describe my DIY onsie for an example). Not only will DIY quality probably not be on par with an ABDL company, but I also think it is nice to support them whenever possible. This community currently has access to a huge variety of items ranging from pacifiers to onsies to diapers (cloth and disposable) and a million other things, sold by a pretty large variety of totally independent companies (At least I think so, when you consider how niche this all is) and the only reason we have all that is because we spend money on them. (sorry for the long intro, Im really chattery right now for some reason)
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>1213 cool, thanks! If it doesn't work out it isnt the end of the world either.
>>1209 I've had some success making onesies like this: 1. Get a womens longline t-shirt/tunic made of that soft, stretchy material. Buy some extra strong thread and some needles (supermarkets and even convenience stores often stock basic clothing repair kits and thread.) 2. We will be sowing the front and back of the garment together at the bottom, leaving leg holes at the ends. Measure out a snug leg fit by pinching the bottom of the tunic around the broadest part of the wearer's thigh and mark the join. Repeat for the other leg/side. The existing hems at the bottom of the front and back panels offer a strong anchor point for our stitching. For a neat effect, turn the garment inside out so that when stitched together, the two hems form a new hem in the middle, which will have the join facing inwards. Start the new seam at one of the marks made earlier with a few random stitches in all directions to prevent unravelling and to protect the initial knot. Then use tent stitch (weave in and out of the joined fabric, but double back every other stitch to prevent scrunching) to join the front and back together. If short on time, the middle part can be done using running stitch (simply weaving in and out) since it doesn't need to be as strong or as fixed in shape. At the other end, make a few stitches on top of each other, as before, and tie off. The result is a nice wide crotch with not too much stitching to do. It will never be a proper onesie but it saves worrying about online shopping/delivery issues and it's a pretty cheap way of doing it. I can't recommend extra strong thread enough as a time saver when joining existing hems (since the underlying fabric can take the strain of a small number of highly strained stitches because it is already doubled up) and for durability.
(6.14 KB 184x274 download (4).jpeg)

(6.61 KB 194x260 download (3).jpeg)

(133.45 KB 794x968 il_794xN.829699803_iga4.jpg)

What's the feasibility of turning a surplus navy dress uniform into an ABDL sailor suit. I was thinking taking dress white shirt, cutting the sleeves removing the patches and adding little anchor patches instead, and taking dress blue pants. Adding an elastic waist so it can be worn over a diaper or underwear. I can probably replace the buttons with cute anchor ones from Joann's or something. Hopefully the end result would be something like the bottom picture

Baby 03/15/2022 (Tue) 15:31:50 No. 10147 [Reply]
Embarrassing confession: I get really turned on by those stupid cringy "My Boyfriend/Husband Turns into a Baby!" prank videos. Especially if the woman really gets into the role. Am I the only one? Do you have any favorites?
5 posts omitted.
Wow, something I can agree with. These are without a doubt my least proud faps, but I get so horny when I see videos like these. Especially if it's a MDLB scenario, even if they're played for comedic effect. If you have any more, please post them.
please kys for samefagging this fucking hard
>>12676 please kys for bumping this thread after a fucking month

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