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DDLC diaper thread 1 Anonymous 01/18/2021 (Mon) 15:43:36 No. 2393 [Reply]
Just post ddlc art or whatever
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(590.58 KB 1200x1200 Natsuki corner.jpg)

People you miss in the community Baby 11/09/2020 (Mon) 18:22:47 No. 1818 [Reply]
Pic related Who do you wish still posted in the community
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>>2263 Severe mental illness and never leaving the house.
>>2263 seen simillar things happen on adisc and omo.org Only difference was people there invaded someones privacy for "doing the right thing". Need for validation from other normalfags on forum, for doing something that was the right thing to do in society eyes, but not right in terms of human morals (if they have any)
>>2402 >seen simillar things happen on adisc and omo.org Only difference was people there invaded someones privacy for "doing the right thing". Like give me some examples of this specifically? Is this a reference to that chick who became incontinent deliberately, then collected a pension for incontinence from the NHS (for adult diapers)? I find the diaper "community" interesting sociologically tbh.

Family thread Baby 07/13/2020 (Mon) 11:59:59 No. 541 [Reply]
Brothers, sisters ,parents anyone
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>>2251 This is perfection in drawn form. Funny enough one of the main reasons I always love age regression is that while there is a huge layer of humiliation and resistance for it in story and rp (which is quite fun) most of them just end up with someone truly caring for you in the end after you accept that you are just a baby after all or so.
>>2255 I looked up the artist of the second image and I love the guy. His art is super cute, and although some of them have diapers or other related stuff, its clearly not the focus, its not fetishy in the least. Just adorable innocent artwork with no strings attached. Not that I dont like fetishy stuff too, but I also like this sort of stuff as well.
>>2280 Yeah I love this person's art. Point of the pics I posted were to try and just be innocent artwork tbh.

(137.09 KB 640x723 Siesta spoonfeeds.jpg)

(58.30 KB 640x480 pov spoonfeed.jpg)

(139.74 KB 750x1000 spoonfeeding.jpg)

(1.02 MB 1148x1159 spoonfeedasuna.png)

Say aah~ Baby 06/04/2020 (Thu) 06:51:13 No. 302 [Reply]
Post girls spoonfeeding the viewer!

Undertale/Deltarune Diapers Baby 07/11/2020 (Sat) 08:00:01 No. 528 [Reply]
post anything pamper and undertale/deltarune related please! Prefer rals and (adult) azzy if possible, but feel free to post whatever!
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(860.60 KB 1431x1794 image0.png)

Dragon ball diaper pics 12/16/2020 (Wed) 08:28:33 No. 2065 [Reply]
Pics of characters from the dragon ball franchise in diapers

Baby 09/24/2020 (Thu) 22:09:47 No. 1326 [Reply]
she filled her diaper the wetness strip is still yellow
>>1351 Either photoshop or a defective wetness indicator. It looks like one or two spots are turning slightly blue in the 5th image, so maybe it has just degraded after being stored for a long time.

Diaper Worship hypnosis? Baby 08/15/2020 (Sat) 11:56:34 No. 931 [Reply]
I really like the idea of dominant diapered women forcing me to sniff, worship, and change their used diapers, while denying me any sexual pleasure. Are there hypno files for that? Stuff that either makes you worship women in diapers, only find women attractive when they're in (used) diapers, or similar things?
I am extremely disappointed that I can’t find anything like this from a quick search. I love stuff like ass worship, foot worship and cock worship but this would be the greatest thing

(54.49 KB 1459x145 stoner_global.png)

(12.27 KB 515x71 loli_thread_deleted.png)

(34.41 KB 585x144 8kun_loli_thread_address.png)

Baby 07/08/2020 (Wed) 18:07:04 No. 454 [Reply]
8kun global admin deleting posts After a long time since the original shitstorm, 8kun admins are now censoring drawings and I won't accept that. I heard the BO here is the same as Julay's, so instead of breaking the community more, I rather redirect the users to this board. Before doing that, I want to know if you guys are fine with it. If you need proof of my identity, I'll post on 8kun under the BO title.
2 posts omitted.
I agree with moving here. I do have a bit of a bias however, as I was the dumbass who got banned. However, even if it was someone else, the circumstances of the ban as well as the whole risk of the slippery slope, I think I would still be in favor of moving here. As for the circumstances I mentioned, the post that they removed and banned me for was virtually identical to the post above it (which was not removed). The only difference was that some of the sketch lines had been removed from one of them. The two posts were made back to back. It would be impossible to see one without seeing the other. I would completely understand if they banned me and removed BOTH posts, or if they did not ban me and removed neither post, but I cannot understand the logic of doing one but not the other. Also, I don't know exactly what their definition of "depictions of sexual abuse of a minor" is, but it certainly wasn't the same as mine. Minor? Yes. Sexual? No.* Abuse? Absolutely not. In the appeal, I made note of all this, also said that it wasn't my intent to nor did I realize the post would violate code whatever, that I would not do so again now that I had a clearer idea of what this regulation applied to, etc. They denied it without the possibility of further appeal. *the only way this could even be REMOTELY considered sexual in nature is if you subscribe to the "all nudity is inherently sexual" theology. Even if that is the case, it still was absolutely not abusive.
(419.08 KB 800x600 1449610707095.png)

Imagine staying on 8koon anyways after the rebranding and then the lolicalypse
>>847 what?

(34.34 KB 328x583 3_91d9dd09.jpg)

(42.82 KB 600x450 bb_nouky_004-600x450.jpg)

(55.86 KB 600x450 bb_nouky_inside_001-600x450.jpg)

(47.87 KB 600x450 bb_nouky_inside_006-600x450.jpg)

(51.75 KB 450x600 bb_nouky_inside_012-450x600.jpg)

Baby Nouky, Lollie and Peterdaddy's pictures Baby 06/12/2020 (Fri) 13:36:00 No. 328 [Reply]
Hi! I've been searching the internet for the past days after these pictures. I am sure there's more out there, but I though of starting this thread for speeding that up. These are the pictures I could collect during this time. If you have more, please contribute! Cheers!!

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