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(27.75 KB 600x450 Harley_Quinn.webp)

(24.42 KB 225x350 254819.jpeg)

(127.95 KB 1024x2100 Pinkie_Pie_%28EG%29.webp)

(160.03 KB 1400x1400 rise_psd_jpgcopy.0.jpg)

character who are likely ABDL diapered giants 03/28/2022 (Mon) 00:12:23 No. 10534 [Reply] [Last]
this is for characters who have abdl qualities so, who are cute, childish, bratty, and even sexy/promiscuous or just characters you had more artwork of.
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(177.90 KB 631x475 1576028620362.jpg)

(1.49 MB 640x480 1517252260781.webm)

I'm so disappoint she didn't wore diapers, the high chair is the most explicit she got. I'm also disappoint she only had two episodes and a single background cameo in a comic over 20 years later. I'd like to make a story with her, do you guys have any ideas mind sharing?
>>17190 Then write that some weird director hires her for the role of a spoiled, immature girl who won't give up nappies?
>>17190 THE MISTAKEN IDENTITY >The Union's strike efforts have been successful. For the last six weeks, the stageworkers at Dahl's movie studio have been striking for better wages and benefits, and an agreement has been struck. Dahl couldn't care less - the agreement only affets the blue collar workers who manage the lights and cameras, she has no reason to follow the negotiations. But she should have. Among the benefits won is that the studio will pay to set up a daycare on the film campus, near the security gate. Children can be dropped off and save workers a huge amount in daycare, preschool, or babysitters. While Dahl is walking past security on her first day back on set, one of the newly hired daycare workers mistakes her for an "imaginative" child that fancies herself a film star. It doesn't take more than a quick spank to get Dahl to cease protesting, after all... surely someone will come rescue her when she doesn't show up on set? Confusion over her lack of registration forms leads them to diaper her to be on the safe side. METHOD ACTING >Dahl's agent is furious with her. Legally, she can drink. But it's bad for her brand. She can only play toddler roles, so she CAN'T be seen out at bars. Her agent says the only way for the studios to regain confidence in her is if she commits to some "method acting". That is, living like the baby she resembles for a while - just a week until she's past any booze withdrawal - to help her get back in touch with her character. And don't worry - mommy, I mean, your agent, will take care of everything. Little does Mary know that in order to satisfy the studio execs, her agent will be keeping a photo and video blog of her new babified lifestyle, including 24/7 supervision and diapers. The only bottles she's hitting are full of milk. ARGO II >Batman calls in a favor on Dahl. He brought her in before for her villainy, but she also got off on house arrest because of his recommendation to Gordon. Now he's calling in that favor - and reminding her that she could still be sent in to Arkham if she doesn't play ball. She has to infiltrate the home of some possibly insane highly wealthy Gotham socialites who have always wanted to adopt a little baby girl - and help him retrieve a lead that will help rescue a young reporter they are holding hostage somewhere on the premises. It becomes quickly apparent that her new "mommy" and "daddy" know she's mentally an adult - and prefer it that way - but that won't stop them from insisting she use her diapers and take her naps. Trapped between the threat of the insane asylum on one hand and two very insane, possessive parent figures on the other, it's enough to make a girl throw a tantrum.

(309.87 KB 2264x2663 FReJ56aX0AEkaW5.jpeg)

(241.32 KB 1636x2048 EZdlr5jUMAEJycf.jpg_large.jpg)

(16.03 KB 209x241 images (11).jpeg)

(131.96 KB 1013x1200 EYrafSwU8AAxP3i.jpg)

(316.00 KB 2185x2858 E5kO5SkVoAEl4x3.jpeg)

Kircai compilation thread Baby 09/16/2022 (Fri) 06:34:57 No. 16995 [Reply]
This guy has a lot of art all over fur affinity but it all got taken down off E621. Post any pics that you have
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Casual reminder Kircai is a white nigger, who abuses people and is incredibly narcissistic. Theres only a fee truly bad people in the babyfur community, but Kircai is one who should be shot in the face to increase the quality of the furry fandom. Alioth is another.
loving the fact that this is a hate thread while still going 'but his art is good' as his somewhat only redeeming quality loved kircai art in 2020, today, not so much, give it 3 years tops and he'll fall down the sewers
You furfags need to be gassed! You're worse than the trannies!

locked and padded (chastity) 02/05/2022 (Sat) 13:28:14 No. 8888 [Reply] [Last]
Cumming is a privilege reserved for big boys and girls! (chastity Tread) Boys, Girls, sissies and anything you've got as long as they're safely locked away like good sissies should be!
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>>9281 >2 AM >About to fall asleep with mommy at my side >For no reason at all, muffled lullabies start being emitted from my crotch, waking her up angrily >Get put into the cuck crib JUUUUUUUUUUUST
I'm looking for this one video about a guy being put in chastity and diapers after cheating on his wife, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

(634.59 KB 1200x1846 _k9.jpg)

Have you ever experienced a diaper girl IRL? Freddie Apple 10/24/2021 (Sun) 03:47:38 No. 5667 [Reply]
As most of you, there's nothing that turns me on more than the idea of a girl wearing diapers. I literally can't get off without thinking about some variation of girl + diaper. Have any of you ever experienced a girl in diapers in real life? Was it out of luck, or did you make it happen? How was it compared to your expectations? Really curious to hear anyone's stories, since I don't think I will ever be able to meet a girl who is into diapers.
30 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>17048 >It takes some confidence to open up about this fetish for sure but if you really care about the person and they care about you they'll likely accept it to some degree. My trust issues run very deep, it took my last ex finding out by mistake for the truth to come out. I had told her months before that I had a fetish I wanted to tell her about, but wasn't ready too say what it was. Looking back it was stupid I waited so long given what she already knew about me. The issue is that while that relationship is over, what we had felt deeper. We knew each other for a long time before dating, whoever comes next will likely be a stranger. I hardly trust people I know, I'm going to trust a stranger.
Met a girl who was an empath and for some reason put her full trust in me. Only the second week knowing her and having her over at my house. I forget what led up to it but i jokingly told her to get on her knees and she rushed to. She had an amazing ass and she wanted me to spank her and boy did I. Long story short we kept meeting up and i took her to comicon where i found this couple that were diapered and it was easy to see. I had used them as an excuse to get my girl to try wearing a diaper and she barely agreed. Also I'm a dl so i had some diapers on hand so i put one on her asap. The first time i had her in a diaper i made sure to use a wand on her and gave her a big orgasm while wearing it and in her tired state i got her to agree to wear them again. I got very lucky with this girl because she came to me one night and asked me to buy her a pacifier and a sippy cup. She was super shy and ashamed but i stopped that immediately and assured her i thought it was cute. So now i keep her padded, giving her a bottle, dressing her up in onesies, changing her if she wets and cuddling her the whole time. I thought it couldnt get any better... Then she diapered me lovingly and would change me and use the wand on me after i wet. Now its 50/50 one night it's her padded one its me. She is a kinky sub, i got her to wear a vibrating dildo while diapered and she came as we went through a drive through. Sorry for a jumble mess of a post but there was a lot to say.
Talked about kink stuff with an friend online We met up and had some fun, first time BDSM stuff, 2nd time included ABDL, she was adorably needy and loved getting edged/denied. Wish I had more time with her, she ghosted me for a while but still checks in occassionally, we don't talk anywhere near how much we used to I miss the friendship more. idk if shes just checking I haven't offed myself yet, feels bad

Abdl games Baby 09/14/2022 (Wed) 01:32:01 No. 16957 [Reply]
There was a thread on abdl.kun.top about talking about abdl video games and sharing the files to them this is a 8chan.moe version because the original thread seem to be taken down
1 post omitted.
(773.82 KB 960x640 luvs poopdeck.jpg)

Not really an ABDL game but still kind of fun... Basically it was Angry Birds with diapers and was released by Luvs / P&G. The game was called "Poopdeck" and the premise was to use rolled up diapers and a slingshot to take out pirate ships. I kind of enjoyed it when it was still around.
(863.68 KB 1000x709 Divus.Crewel.full.3181707.png)

(522.78 KB 3264x2448 3k11skpi61h21.jpg)

Can we be honest for min Baby 01/23/2021 (Sat) 10:25:15 No. 2433 [Reply] [Last]
Dont lie. Who would take it?
285 posts and 73 images omitted.
>>12510 Sometimes I piss and shit girls goodnites and leave them in the trash for sick fucks like you. It makes me happy to think that maybe some basement dweller will find it and rub it all over himself.
>>17011 NGL I'm a degen and if it's just wet I'll jerk with it. Idgaf who it's from
>>17022 God that's soo hot, have any stories of your finds, anon?

Disney Girls in Diapers 04/12/2022 (Tue) 22:21:17 No. 11067 [Reply] [Last]
"Oh reality, it's not for me and it makes me laugh/ Fantasy world, and Disney girls, I'm going back!" -Beach Boys, "Disney Girls (1957) Post your favorite padded Disney girls! (Yes, Kingdom Hearts counts)
39 posts and 117 images omitted.
(1.18 MB 3317x3822 AquaConfident.png)

(517.79 KB 1400x1476 aqua-diap.jpg)

(293.54 KB 1350x1579 BeelzeDerBock.jpg)

(6.90 MB 3500x3000 Aqua.jpg)

(7.56 MB 2987x3369 101276447_p0.png)

(7.27 MB 2987x3369 101276447_p1.png)

Diaper Cuckold Thread Baby 01/04/2022 (Tue) 06:52:13 No. 7966 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for Diaper Cuckold content.
55 posts and 36 images omitted.
>>17105 Maybe find a mommy/daddy to dom you both? IDK, I'm pretty new to the whole relationship where both parties come clean about their fetishes. I just think if you could find a bigdickdaddy to diaper her up, and just jerk it to porn of their preference that might put her in her place. Maybe a toss a Hitachi into ya'lls playpen.
>>17109 My wife doesnt want to be a little at all, she's just lost interest with me sexually except for using my mouth sometimes
>>17105 Yeah that sucks hard. Maybe explain your worried you'll lose her and that you need affirmation that she still loves you and wants to be with you. Communication is key and she should care about your wants and needs as well as her own. If it's something you aren't enjoying then she needs to take that into account.

(1.51 MB 1614x1872 76710635_p2.png)

(759.02 KB 1000x1400 01a2b0b3b6351f37cbd50b345849c7d9.png)

(58.42 KB 429x576 1263708604.zamycat_169.jpg)

(35.01 KB 427x445 1263887414.zamycat_170.jpg)

Loli diaperfur Baby 03/28/2021 (Sun) 22:17:15 No. 3023 [Reply] [Last]
Padded furry lolis, anthro or otherwise.
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(289.35 KB 1493x1433 1625706_Aogami_1i.jpg)

(143.95 KB 1746x2048 dcd2c8b7a0811dfb71db076e9e182ae5.jpg)

(117.97 KB 1200x1600 4099598_hendric_hendric2_1_.png)

(1.77 MB 1541x3334 3701603_Flong_hendric.jpg)

>>16188 Who made the first one?

Diaper Edit Thread #1. Baby 07/15/2020 (Wed) 19:46:29 No. 557 [Reply] [Last]
Hello my dear pepole of /abdl/ i thought that we needed a diaper edit thread on this website, so i thought, why not make a new one. This thread is where we can make request's for some diaper edited pictures like this series are for example. [Pitcture 1 is before the diaper edit] [Pictures 2 is after the diaper edit] [Pictures 3 is after the diaper edit, but with a (wet) diaper] [Pictures 4 is after the diaper edit, but with a (wet & messy) diaper]
177 posts and 284 images omitted.
If someone could put her in something poofy, that'd be great

Abdl games Part 2 09/03/2022 (Sat) 06:20:27 No. 16530 [Reply]
Since the last thread was bumped, i thought that we needed a new one to continue.... Link to the old thread https://8chan.moe/abdl/res/4931.html
17 posts and 2 images omitted.
Perpetual Change YUhSMGNITTZMeTl0WldkaExtNTZMMlpwYkdVdlQxVnZSV2hEZW1JamJHNVZVbXhKZGtKbE5HRllRbDg0Um1oUFZHcHVkVlpNTUV4dU1IZFNkMVl0WDBoQkxYUm9iVGR5VFE9PQ== >>17084 pretty sure it was just posted unless thats the old one
>>17040 Yeah, I was wondering if anyone had it too, its up to update 6 on Patreon and kemono brought up nothing
>>17084 I posted the dipquest file right here >>17025 get it while it's hot

(1.27 MB 895x656 ClipboardImage.png)

Middle East Diapers Baby 10/28/2021 (Thu) 16:58:18 No. 5897 [Reply] [Last]
What is with the Arabs being obsessed over diapers?
48 posts and 37 images omitted.
>>16663 Holy shit this is real? This makes me want to convert.
>>16714 It's real. Checked the quotes. Religion of Pampers quite literally.

CGI abdl thread Baby 05/31/2020 (Sun) 11:44:19 No. 266 [Reply] [Last]
For 3d pictures and videos of diaper themed content. Aswall as models to make said content
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thread to share your best attempts at image modification Baby 09/18/2022 (Sun) 04:14:57 No. 17063 [Reply]
as the name of the thread indicates this is only for sharing modifications of images and photographs that you have made in some free time you have had, no matter the tool you have used for such modification.

(328.99 KB 1024x878 81852607_p1.jpg)

(178.90 KB 1280x920 lulu pack.jpg)

(403.68 KB 1430x2000 kosodate crow.jpg)

(911.25 KB 1500x2000 Mutsumi gonna diaper you.png)

(259.16 KB 738x985 P031 pack.jpg)

Diaper packs Baby 06/08/2020 (Mon) 07:28:52 No. 317 [Reply] [Last]
Images involving packs of diapers. Women holding them forebodingly as if they're about to diaper (You) are particularly appreciated, but feel free to post things like diapered girls with diaper packs and fake diaper pack covers too.
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I AM A SHADOW, THE TRUE SELF Baby 04/22/2022 (Fri) 19:22:06 No. 11382 [Reply] [Last]
Persona ABDL stuff goes here!
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(158.58 KB 1024x1510 Metaverse 1.jpg)

(201.11 KB 1024x1448 Metaverse 2.jpg)

(214.78 KB 1024x1610 Metaverse 3.jpg)

(273.95 KB 1034x1816 Metaverse 4.jpg)

(2.96 MB 4192x3144 Persona 5 Group 1.jfif)

>>11400 I have been losing my mind trying to find the sauce for the P4 group arts here? Please someone put me out of my misery and tell me who.
>>16988 Bringus ABDL, but I think they changed the name they go by awhile back t. The guy who commissioned them

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