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(248.39 KB 2048x1536 20220507_064931.jpg)

(328.79 KB 1536x2048 20220523_075800.jpg)

(327.14 KB 1536x2048 20220507_064932.jpg)

Baby Diapers Only Baby Diaper For Big Girls 06/29/2022 (Wed) 11:47:26 No. 13631
Baby Diapers Only
(868.04 KB 2048x1536 Tumblr_l_961743486558175.jpg)

>>14645 Lol these new pampers look like fake after seeing that previous design for 10 (or even 15 years?) lol
(523.74 KB 1536x2048 Tumblr_l_17783710943213.jpg)

(670.20 KB 1536x2048 Tumblr_l_17785839875751.jpg)

What are the most stretchy baby diapers? I can fit into 4T/5T Pull-Ups and S/M Goodnites pretty easily, but 4T/5T Easy Ups don't stretch enough.
>>15120 Those you mentioned from pant style diapers as all other brands tend to be not stretchy at all after reaching certain point. Just like adult diaper pants. I don't know about tape ons, but pampers baby dry would be pretty safe bet
>>15120 pampers cruisers run a little bit larger and have bigger tabs than the baby drys and swaddlers, so those would be your best bet. but apparently cuties just came out with an actual size 8 so i'd look into those as well.
Can somebody post Chibaby’s new content from her patreon?
Not as much i would expect to be honest. And then her JFF is so expensive!
(165.46 KB 1920x1252 xxll.jpeg)

(168.14 KB 1364x2048 xxlll.jpeg)

(350.92 KB 1536x2048 xxl.jpeg)

huggies xxl count surely
(641.00 KB 2560x1920 FZiPvDPUcAEGrWN.jpg)

(731.34 KB 3413x2059 FZiPv5KUEAAFixS.jpg)

(257.15 KB 1280x852 14023881431.jpg)

Do most of you guys actually consider pull-ups to count as baby diapers? I've tried refraining myself from posting them but the supply of asian girls wearing pull-ups compared to tape on baby diapers is pretty damn high.
(307.97 KB 2048x1536 Fabp4lRaMAAPbXw.jpg)

(221.54 KB 1882x1412 Fabp4lVaMAEiJ7F.jpg)

(211.53 KB 1536x2048 Fabp4lWaIAAbI2k.jpg)

>>15874 I think the tape-on diapers are real baby diapers. So much more babyish when they've got to tape them on (or get someone else to help!). But wangxia does look so friggin cute in those huggies pull-ups..
(267.23 KB 1600x1200 0001-20220505_185116.jpg)

(244.39 KB 1600x1200 0001-20220809_135747.jpg)

(580.21 KB 1600x2133 0001-20220521_180945.jpg)

(291.92 KB 1600x1200 0001-20220809_144837.jpg)

(4.76 MB 720x1280 20210426_214856.mp4)

Kaduola diapers from china that can fit up to 38 inches waist. For older children as the package says
>>16895 Source on the last pic?
>>16895 Where do you find them?
Last one is @littleoneabdl on twitter
>>16895 no fucking way that last picture is a baby diaper
Well that user is really small. But with the page selling it, it says it can fit up to 99cm with the 5xl size which is about small to medium sized adult diaper
Bruh who is this

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