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ABDL Hypocrite thread Baby 07/28/2022 (Thu) 22:44:08 No. 14871
Let’s post pictures calling out ABDL hypocrisy. I’ll start first.
The city doesn't just classify something freely and that's now some new law everyone has to deal with. From this thread I get the feeling the city doesn't want the store within its borders. But there are already laws in place with which everyone follows. If the retail space exceeds the zoned areas allowance, I don't see why it would even be an issue as mib could just reduce the retail showroom. Everyone is happy they keep their lease and they follow the law. However, if it's a classification issue then there are issues as this depends on the definition of an adult novelty store, as described in my states ordinances I don't know what they call it over there, which in my town is written as (2)Instruments, devices, or paraphernalia which are designed for use or marketed primarily for stimulation of human genital organs or for sadomasochistic use or abuse of themselves or others. Now when I look at buying diapers I'm not seeing anything that says it stimulates harder than any other diaper. It says it's liquid absorption rate just like any other diaper on the market. The clothing they sell doesn't abuse or are sadomaschistic. Therefore it would not fall into that category unless they of course sell those products and it exceeds the 25%, at least in my district. I assume they sell incontinence supplies and clothing and other non-sexual paraphernalia. This kind of limiting a store because the board or council deems it inappropriate is a first amendment rights issue btw, if it is truly all non-sexual products.
Also nobody cares what you think it is, how it will be used, or who the primary demographic is. What matters is the laws that literally says what can and can't be within an a zoned area. If they they can't really afford to battle or are in the wrong, I hope they at least finish the lease by opening a grocery store called "Stuff that fits down there" and exclusively sell cucumbers, bananas, zucchini, carrots, marshmallow, etc as a middle finger to the town. Or even better a non profit food Bank.
>>15523 Holy Schizo posting.
>>15543 Some fag on diaper-bois.com keeps going on about my inner baby. Typical left-wing shit.
>>15470 I'd never buy anything from their shop. Dotty is a crazy woke bitch.
>>17312 They’re hypocrites. They’re only anti-government when it doesn’t benefit them but when their queen dies and someone talks back about it, they block. Not to mention their diapers suck, Kat butch claims she doesn’t work for Dotty yet she benefits from dotty money with that fat giant crib, and changing table, and onesies. They’re left-wing hypocrites, and if you call them out they send their dickriders after you in a separate tweet to try to silence you. Typical liberal shit.
>>17314 The royal family doesn't have any real governmental power. They're just human symbols, like a flag. You can be anti-government and still respect your national symbols (I'm reminded of American flag-waving apocalypse preppers who complain about gun laws but still say they're patriots). I don't really know anything about Dotty so I'm not going to get roped into defending them (your reply was visible from index), just pointing out that not everyone is a walking carbon copy of their party's platform.
>>17316 The royal family doesn’t have real government power. They still have government power tho
>>17312 I brought something from their shop once. And the clothing was ripped. I sent photos, they only gave me a 50% refund because it "Wasn't their fault". Shit company - I hope they go bust! They're only into ABDL for money, they don't give too shits about the community.
"They're only into ABDL for money, they don't give too[sic] shits about the community." No way!? You're telling me a company doesn't care about it's community and only wants to turn a profit?! Diabolical!! I've never heard of a company that puts profits over people. What next? You going to tell me that bigger companies don't really care about their woke messaging and are only doing it so they don't see a drop in stock value?
Gotta love being privileged and having daddy’s money mixed with porn dollars. How cute. They’re flying a Private Bizjet.
>>17383 Granny tits is being active lately. Who's the monkey holding her?
>>17383 Haters gonna hate.
>>17383 I mean both are cute
>>17383 >taking advantage of simps >anyone getting angry about it her being a stupid whore, does not make anyone paying for that mediocre porn less retarded
>>17389 When was the last time someone paid a private jet to fulfill your diaper fantasies? Oh yeah. Never, and they never will. Because you’re too broke, too ugly, and you’re a hairy guy.
They’re desperate. But why? They’re clearly overstocked on inventory.
>>17407 a case of 80 with shipping ended up being $3 per diaper when I looked it up yesterday. I guess that's OK. I'm personally too cheap to spend that much, but meh.
>>17407 WW3 soon
>>17407 Fuck off, Dotty cunt!
>>17433 Fuck Dotty
>>17383 You can rent a private plate on a runway and just be in the private plane on the runway without it flying anywhere. That's almost always what instagramers do. No one short of a billionaire can regularly afford the fuel for private flights. I'd be surprised if the thing actually ended up in air.
>>17397 I just had someone offer me 500$/week plus shopping expenses for me to be their baby. I don't think I'm ugly like you say. Sadly I'm already married to my Mommy or I'd have taken it.
>>17654 In your dreams, fag. I bet you're an overweight hairy piggy. If a lesbo, you're a pig with lipstick
>>17654 You wouldn’t happened to be Babygirlmommy496 right?
>>17663 195lbs 6ft male straight ottermode. If you weren't such a fuckwit you'd stop projecting and get off your ass and make yourself into something to be proud of. >>17664 No, who?
(16.89 KB 1096x492 getfuckedidiot.png)

>>17672 $500/wk yep you’re getting scammed. Either you’re genuinely autistic to not understand what a scam is, or someone on Instagram is manipulating you
>>17673 The scammer is misspelling. Sounds like a definite mommy scam. They’ve been popping up a lot lately.
>>17674 >>17675 Yup everyone out to get you and you need mental gymnastics to prove your world view. People using abbreviations doesn't equal scam. I already said I'm married to my Mommy, no need for me to go through with this. But stay paranoid and alone anons.
>>17676 Imagine reading that mess of a text and thinking that some random ass woman wants to actually give you money. Those scams are easy to spot anon. You're dumb as hell.
>>17682 There's more than just those 2 text, and the person has a built account with pictures that aren't super flattering or super hot. They're a real person and you're too jaded and paranoid to even think there are people out there that will actually pay decent looking individuals to be their baby or give them pictures. It's like you're new to the whole porn industry gtfo of here with your bullshit.
>>17682 Like you really think only guys go around and pay women money to be their sugar babies? Kind of sexist there anon.
>>17675 I am so fucking tired of the huge amount of mommy scams around whats even worst, around my area cannot even find a fucking escort/dominatrix that is ok with mild ABDL request talk about fucking frustrating

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