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(522.78 KB 3264x2448 3k11skpi61h21.jpg)
Can we be honest for min Baby 01/23/2021 (Sat) 10:25:15 No. 2433
Dont lie. Who would take it?
>>2480 I mean I actually have videos of all of this that I share amongst my community friends from Flickr. There's a whole sub group that specializes in this fetish. You just aren't privy to it.
>>2481 You already discredited yourself.
>>2478 I believe you anon. Just be careful and don't do anything too crazy in public. Have you ever found any particularly interesting diapers?
>>2481 What flickr group and how do I join?
>>2478 whew... That was a ride. Not gonna tell you NOT to do this. Its not actually harming anyone, so you do you, but do try to avoid scaring the villagers. I do want to put it out there to anyone who happens to come across this, that this is not the norm in this community.
(9.57 KB 259x224 1526499731144.png)
>tfw I can finally feel normal for pooping myself in light of this thread
>>2486 If you want in just look up "diaperbear" on Flickr and find some of the groups from there. >>2483 Mostly found ones that are completely destroyed. Imagine roadkill, but instead of an animal its a diaper lol. Yes the important thing is not to harm anyone. I have good self control in that regard. >>2482 I mean, not really but okay 👌 You wouldn't believe that their are even sicker things than this happening on the darkweb then. Google "topic links 3.0" my guy. You'll find plenty of nastier things I assure you. >>2487 Not the norm. But more common than people think. Scaring villagers would be fun in a third world country to be fair. But, not anywhere close to where I live. No jail for me no sir.
>look up 'diaper trash' on flickr >stare blankly at the images before me That one anon isn't LARPing
Fuck no. If I was changing my own diaper and wearing gloves I would pick it up and throw it away.
I've searched before, but only when I was in a private bathroom. No luck so far, sadly.
>>2960 Try daycare dumpsters between the hours of 2-3am. I have a lot of success at zoo parking lots where there are lots of trash cans. I've found that a lot of zoos have minimal sanitation workers that aren't already assigned to cleaning inside living quarters and the like. Hope you find some dirty diapers for fun time soon! There's a small community over on thisvid.com that's starting to emerge if you're into this.
>>3066 I'd just rather not be caught, that would probably kill me.
I find the idea of this hotter than I should but I don't think I'll ever do it. Not worth the risk, and I'll be disgusted with myself as soon as I finish
>>3066 >There's a small community over on thisvid.com that's starting to emerge Im probably going to regret this, but out of morbid curiosity, where do I find said group?
>>2465 >At some point it stops being a sign of immaturity and turns into a disability. if they still need diapers at day by the time they are 5/6 they are considered neglected by the parents at 7/8 it's most likely a disability it's hot but it's more about making them use diapers and not them being unable to hold >>2471 >I wouldn't find it too unusual a five-year old had to wear, because these days parents are potty training their kids later and later. that would be hot but by that time the kid is able to hold even if you didn't teach them. if parent do that they are untraining their child the same way some people in this community are doing to themselves >probably because kids wet the bed longer than they wet their pants in the day only some, i stopped wearing diapers in the day and night at the same time >bedwetting is perceived as symptomatic of immaturity, not disability, even when you're 17 or 18 are we talking about your fantasy or real life ?
There was definitely a time in my life where I'd very much take the diaper no questions asked. I used to do it frequently. I don't do it anymore though, the fantasy of it is extremely hot but everytime I took home a dirty diaper I'd feel disgusted with myself after.
Do you have any more photos of "diapers in the wild" ?
>>3099 different person, but I would sometimes take home diapers found in the community pool bathroom, but after a while I realized it just didnt do anything for me really.
>>3108 I dont have photos, but the other day I was at a fast food place and this family comes in and as soon as they had ordered, the mom took the littlest girl to the bathroom and after a few minutes came out, and I noticed she was carrying a big pink thing of wipes. About 15 to 20 minutes later, the dad takes the same girl into the bathroom again, carrying the same tub of wipes. Do little kids actually poop themselves that often sometimes, or was it more likely that her stomach was upset or something? That seems a bit excessive...
>>3116 That's cute. From what you've said it definitely seems like that little girl might have had a stomach ache. I imagine her diapers would have reflected that too
>>2465 The real question is, what is this girl in this picture saying?
>>3137 >も、もれちゃう "It's leaking out" (The dictionary form of the verb is 漏れる, to leak out or escape. The ちゃう ending indicates that it is happening unintentionally.)
(347.27 KB 516x1133 Untitled.png)
>>3138 >pledge to protect sweet thanks. That's moe af. Now I really wonder if it's from some fetish artist or some non-abdl thing. Reverse-Google search turned up nothing. The diaper style doesn't look like it was drawn by an abdl artist. And that's interesting - I've noticed a lot of manga and such says "I'm leaking" or "it's leaking out" or "I'm gonna leak!" and it's so consistent I wonder if it wouldn't be a bit more culturally accurate to just translate it to "accident"? All these variations using similar phrasing that's taken on this particular meaning seems more or less identical to how we use "accident" in English. But I guess that just depends on the literalness of translations. Also here with a little kid it seems like an especially awkward wording. >>2478 >And yeah I know I'm sick. Stop it. Get some help. Find Jesus.
>>2478 When I first read this way back when, I thought "oh god this is not gonna end well, but there isnt really anything anyone can do about it" Now that I think about it though, this really isnt normal. Im not talking about doing this sort of stuff. Of course thats not normal. Its the part where you said > I am usually very verbally when I masturbate so I normally have to scream and yell about diapers and pee and poop when I do it. What stood out to me is the way you said "I normally HAVE to. Like you are compelled, or simply cant get off otherwise. Whatever your thing is, it shouldnt be that hard to get off. This indicates to me that your issue might not just be... whatever this all is, but rather a symptom of some other issue. Like, you may have been driven to your current state because there was no other way to satisfy yourself due to some other issue. If you solve that other issue, the rest of this wont be necessary. Seriously, find a doctor. You are protected by nondisclosure, as long as you dont have any desire or indication of hurting yourself or others. Get help, solve the problem, before the problem solves you.
>>3142 Yeah, "I'm having an accident" or "I'm going to have an accident" would be more natural translations. And the source is here. I found it via a search for have_to_pee on https://lolibooru.moe https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/9083579 >>3149 >You are protected by nondisclosure, as long as you dont have any desire or indication of hurting yourself or others. I think it depends on the individual doctor. Some would respect his privacy, while others would consider everyone in this thread to be dangerous pre-criminals. I certainly wouldn't risk talking about any of my fantasies to a psychiatrist and I've never set foot near a daycare.
>>3149 >Seriously, find a doctor. You are protected by nondisclosure Kek if you go to a doctor / psychiatrist and tell them you get off by digging for loli diapers in daycare trashcans the cops are going to ravage your ass. Same with telling them stuff like being suicidal or a pedo in general
>>3149 >this really isnt normal. >Seriously, find a doctor. just shut the fuck up
>>3149 Imagine thinking pseudo-science actually helps people. You know what actually helps people? Realizing that they can't control their kinks and trying to do is detrimental to their own happiness. People are usually perfectly capable of living their best fantasy lives and also protecting their adult integrity and contributing to society in abundance. Therapy is never the answer for someone with even slightly above average critical thinking skills. It's for weak minded people with brain damage who can't figure things out on their own.
>>2478 I live near a retirement home and I often see trash-bags in front of it. One day, one of the bags were open and I could see lots of used adult diapers. Generic brand (or no brand at all, I'm not in the US), just plain white with blue tapes, some were rolled, others open. Then, I ask you: Would you take them? It would be an easy catch, the street is empty during the night and you could do a quick job with a car, safe and secure. They aren't kid's diapers, but adult's, already used by the elderly, fat and ugly people. If you wouldn't take them, what makes you take used kid's diaper, but not adult's? I'm not trying to be a moralist, just wondering if you're actually into diapers or they are just a proxy for something else… If you made the same question to me, I wouldn't take any used diaper. I may look at them and wonder how they got there.
(1.99 MB 4096x3867 creation.png)
how tf something so dumb is that hilarious
>>3365 >If you wouldn't take them, what makes you take used kid's diaper, but not adult's? I'm not trying to be a moralist, just wondering if you're actually into diapers or they are just a proxy for something else… Old people aren’t attractive to me, therefore there diapers have no attractive qualities to me either. It’s the fact that the diaper has been worn or used by something I find cute or attractive that makes the diaper appealing. I wouldn’t take a diaper that I was positive had been used by an adult man in his prime either, but I would take the diapers of an adult woman or teenaged girl. Regarding the kids’ even then I would only show interest *at all* if it was a girl, because I like girls, I don’t like boys, or guys. It’s entirely understandable that that anon could be interested in the diapers of certain people and still actually like diapers in general. This question is as silly as asking if someone exclusively into used adult diapers is just using them as a proxy for adults when we know this is not true. >>3368 Kek
(18.58 KB 321x400 27584631@400-1528372106.jpg)
i'd take it, rub it on my face, put it on, pee in it, wear it for hours -if weekend the whole night, and cum in it. done that already :3
>>3747 Man is the 8th Wonder of the World

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