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(60.75 KB 500x500 74678649_p0.jpg)

(1.06 MB 2048x2897 35.jpg)

(215.79 KB 2047x1866 EbW_K9RVcAAd2NY.jpeg)

(944.64 KB 1000x1281 LUCOA BREASTFEEDING 1.png)

(958.53 KB 1000x1281 LUCOA BREASTFEEDING 2.png)

Diapered shotas/sissies Baby 06/27/2020 (Sat) 06:28:52 No. 415
Cute shotas doing cute things in diapers. Sissies are fine too but not too old please!
>>13707 their stuff is stupidly cute. Any kemono or other places to view their art besides twitter?
>>15243 You're going to need to commission someone to translate it for you. There's several people who advertise on sad panda who don't have a problem with translating diaper art. We don't have anons who are willing to do it for free unless they use machine translation which always ends up terrible. >>15244 Twitter seems to be the place for diaper art at the moment. You could use nitter if you get those annoying messages forcing you sign up. https://nitter.net/BooChan_uwu/media https://nitter.net/TobyTigerino/media
>>15246 Oh cool, thanks! Yeah I don't have twitter so nitter is prob what I'll have to use. I didn't know it was a thing tbh haha.
>>8085 Since you do not allow messages on your Twitter or have anything to comment on. I really like the design of your vtoddler it's cute and adorable. I sincerely hate BDO tho, so I don't really watch any of your videos despite being subscribed. Maybe think about doing some other games once in a while to mix it up? Would also love to see you improve the persona of your character a bit more, you're a virtual YouTuber after all and not just a streamer, you have a character to work with.
>>8085 I adore your vtoddler model. Lowkey jealous because id love to play with a model like that.
>>8085 Cool and what a cute model! However, as the previous anon said, you should express your characters persona more which definitely includes his age as he's a toddler after all :) It's not that you should baby talk but reactions, energicity and such. Also, it would be nice to see just some let's plays with other games played.
Does anyone have the picture of Gabe, a white haired boy, being tickled by who I think is his older brother who has kinda tiger stripes on his arms?
>>15254 Ty for pointing out the Twitter messages. I didn't change any settings, so Twitter blocks messages by default? I have turned them on now (hopefully)! Youtube comments are an option! I'll put the different game request on my list. Although if a game doesn't explicitly allow video recordings, I'm a bit scared... Do you have any game suggestions? And are multiple Let's Plays in parallel ok then? I'll think of ways to be more toddlery~ Suggestions are welcome! >>15271 Ty~ >>15276 Ty as well! See answers above ^
>>15359 Should work now, I went ahead and said hi! Best of luck on your VToddler journey and just to let you know I also enjoy your not ABDL related stuff. Aquarium and Plant talk is always nice even if it probably gives you less views than the rest.
>>15526 I love you
>>8085 Shills as fuck >Literally puked. Enjoy the youtube reports, you sick bastards!
>>15588 That's rude.nIf you have constructive to comment, it's better to keep your mouth shut.
>>8217 >I wouldn't be at all put off if you mentioned when you needed to potty or used your diaper. Yes please! This would be sooppppppo cute! Like just drink lots of water or whatever before/during a stream/episode so you have to potty frequently, then talking about it and/or having your avatar do things like squirm or have diaper peeing animations (maybe a hissing/peeing sound effect paired with squirming animations/squeezing legs/suddenly going still with eyes going wide and blushing cheecks, or even just the squirming/leg squeezing animation with a word/speech bubble coming from your diaper area with some kind of peeing onomatopoeia. That way you wouldn't have to deal with making/configuring a bunch of different persistent/progressive diaper states or something) Also like the idea of playing simple games too, but really anything would be cool for me as long as it doesnt create a lot of cognitive dissonance like playing something violent or something like that.
(128.63 KB 1280x1280 FXzwHd1UIAQpymC.jpg)

(678.83 KB 1181x1772 FYXgv8laUAA_a4h.jpg)

(2.72 MB 2928x4500 marty (13).png)

(2.25 MB 3452x4007 marty (14).png)

>Almost all of Anj0123's recent works are lanklet middle schoolers going through puberty instead of cute elementary school boys. What a waste of $10 dollars. Peak diaperable shotas are when they are small and cute and not tall and gross. The aras can keep them.
How come like half this thread has disappeared?
>>15985 were the last two by RoninKagashi/Ellie?
(79.52 KB 1748x1400 Fcgfp0nWAAAL0Om.jpeg)

(79.55 KB 1748x1400 Fcgfp0HaUAAxBYC.jpeg)

(2.67 MB 1330x1560 e28a91c0e68a5997.png)

(2.40 MB 1383x1500 4bcf518316aef64f_edit.png)

(228.07 KB 1755x2048 Fa2ACCtaAAAEF8L.jpeg)

>>17093 Yeah
>>17096 I'd give anything to be a shota is skidoos artwork for a few days
>>17107 I'd give anything to be a shota for a few days, in general. So much pressure is put on men that boys don't have to deal with. Make me a little diaper-wearing boy, please.
>>17129 Yeah, I want to be able to go around and wear cute outfits and kid shirts without getting strange looks. Or wear my tykables shortalls with an obvious diaper buldge and onesie under it out in public. It ain't fair I tells ya!
(608.72 KB 2500x3700 78739612_p2.png)

(557.70 KB 3000x3000 78194187_p1.png)

(523.06 KB 3000x3000 78194187_p2.png)

(560.96 KB 2500x3700 78739612_p1.png)

(642.05 KB 2500x3700 78739612_p3.png)

(565.62 KB 1789x2500 89200698_p22.png)

(1.06 MB 1883x2600 84632755_p3.png)

(580.54 KB 1881x2500 89200698_p23.png)

(1.01 MB 1883x2600 84632755_p1.png)

(623.24 KB 2800x3000 76698919_p1.png)

(599.39 KB 2800x3000 76698919_p0.png)

(1.47 MB 2400x4000 79307014_p3.png)

(1.45 MB 2400x4000 79307014_p0.png)

>>17144 >>17145 why are shotas in chastity so cute
y’all know who made this?
>>17236 7kenoru
(140.28 KB 600x600 ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif)

Here is little Shouta having a bedtime accident. I want Shouta to be real and I wanna force him into babyhood. I wanna turn you into Shouta and make you my little baby. I'm going insane.
(38.44 KB 633x475 beware the ara.jpg)

(2.71 MB 4690x2730 marty (5).png)

(1.58 MB 2768x2832 73916136_p0.png)

(200.75 KB 620x877 Xugl8QDWtbGWiQ7lWvrfyZQf.jpeg)

>>17264 >I wanna turn you into Shouta and make you my little baby. Get a hold of yourself Ara.
>>17268 How about I get a hold of you instead? How about I take away all your adult privileges and treat you exactly like a little diapered preschool boy forever? :3 ara ara...
(2.85 MB 2012x2047 100020454_p0.jpg)

>>17264 >I wanna turn you into Shouta and make you my little baby. I would do anything to make that my reality.
(7.32 KB 273x184 3222493243_1_11_KNKdh6J4.jpg)

(353.99 KB 1000x1000 88974061_p0.jpg)

(1.45 MB 3018x2741 marty.png)

(205.25 KB 1716x2048 FZ4lYneagAgENfr.jpg)

>>17276 Heh, I like to see you try. Wait a minute...Why am I getting younger? Can't make it to the potty anymore...
>>17290 Poor little guy. Well luckily I've got a diaper and some cute little outfits that your look adorable in. Got a discord kiddo?
>>17292 I want that outfit

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