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(60.75 KB 500x500 74678649_p0.jpg)

(1.06 MB 2048x2897 35.jpg)

(215.79 KB 2047x1866 EbW_K9RVcAAd2NY.jpeg)

(944.64 KB 1000x1281 LUCOA BREASTFEEDING 1.png)

(958.53 KB 1000x1281 LUCOA BREASTFEEDING 2.png)

Diapered shotas/sissies Baby 06/27/2020 (Sat) 06:28:52 No. 415
Cute shotas doing cute things in diapers. Sissies are fine too but not too old please!
>>4275 cause u a widdle baby boy on da inside. dat okay thou nuu all can be big wike me!
>>4275 Because they're boys who haven't had their childhood cut short by an anti-male society.
(194.27 KB 1380x1650 EvMt-EtUUAA7Dmf.jpeg)

(1.81 MB 2566x2712 xingyun.png)

(2.98 MB 4168x3355 sunflower.png)

>>4188 Well it was nice of them to share if it was from the artist's Discord since it got reported and deleted. Although the filenames suggest pixiv.
>>4313 ooh i see thanks but I can’t see the art he see on he’s pixiv and I not see it on he’s discord server to when it was up
>>4313 where did you get the second and third pictures? Are those by strawbs?
(462.51 KB 1536x2048 E8NiSS_VcAAIn8l.jpeg)

(2.53 MB 2500x3541 EviXEBIUYAIs0HQ.jpeg)

>>4356 Sometimes anons will post them on /aco/. Pretty sure they are from Strawbs's discord which only requires donating one dollar to their patreon to get into.
>>4358 Does anyone know what the text in the 1st pic says? Is the little guy embarrassed at being seen in a diaper?
>>4368 He's just making some sort of crying noises. The speech bubble says 「よくできました〜♪」which is a common expression used with little kids to mean "well done" - literally "you were able to do it well". I'd say he's definitely embarrassed. He's probably either just been changed or just used his diaper.
Which artists do messy diapers pretty often? Its hard to find many in this niche.
>>4370 Kircai and "riskitforthebiscut" do alot of messing but the later is more scat oriented
if any of you fellas care, I just finished importing anj0123's fanbox to kemono.party i honestly feel a little bad because he clearly does a lot of work. i figure i'll probably stay subbed for a couple more months and maybe not upload some of his newer stuff so that margin buyers have to stay interested. it's nearly 300 pictures
>>4448 the only person that I don't feel bad leaking his work is the loli jew gogo lol. the way he monetizes his old works and locks them behind a separate paywalls in batches makes me angry.
Does anyone have the original couple of pictures that Dyperdriver/BuckarooBlaster did of his space-boy character? They're scrubbed from his profile, since I guess he stopped doing any art with younger male characters.
(950.89 KB 1200x1070 91240828_p2.jpg)

(1.20 MB 1045x1513 91309017_p0.jpg)

(893.16 KB 1099x960 91483875_p0.jpg)

(1014.99 KB 1267x1062 91647857_p0.jpg)

(672.91 KB 930x1056 91816079_p0.jpg)

>>4448 Thanks. The way I see it is that if art stays locked behind paywalls then it's much more likely to be eventually lost without any backups. Artists delete their work all the time and systems like Patreon and Fanbox even incentivize them to delete their older art because it creates artificial scarcity. I've also seen several artists doing what >>4449 describes and making people pay even more for access to older art. Not to mention the privacy issues of making people associate their credit card with their tastes in fetish art. I wouldn't mind those sites nearly as much if they let people pay with XMR.
>>4467 >I wouldn't mind those sites nearly as much if they let people pay with XMR. This. I am subbed to anj0123's fanbox, but theres like half a dozen I would probably also sub to at least for a little bit if they accepted XMR or even some other coin, especially if it is possible to CPU mine it. I have a bunch of old computers and a few newer ones I use in the winter to either mine or do scientific research stuff with BOINC (I have electric heat so its effectively free since I would use that electricity anyway) and with all that I could probably sub to a few at least for a while. Its not about the money for me mostly, I'm ok with paying a few bucks a month, its the privacy. I also feel like there is a fine line or a balance to be found with paying for stuff in general. On one hand they definitely deserve to be paid, but on the other hand I feel like keeping stuff permanently locked behind a pay wall isn't great either. Like you said, permanence is one issue. At the same time, you cant just say that all stuff gets released after a set time period or nobody would pay, but instead just wait.
>>4467 look as long as the payment isn't registered as payment to diaperedlolishotafetishartist I'm okay with using my cards.
>>4467 The lack of necks here creeps me out
>>4467 >>4472 Or maybe it's that the necks are abnormally thick, the mouths are ALL agape, and the eyes aren't focused on anything. I could understand an artistic interpretation of doll like features, but this doesn't quite feel like that to me.
>>4471 That's fine until the next data breach happens and suddenly your name and list of subscriptions is public knowledge. I'm just not willing to take the risk personally.
>>4467 hey question do you have a discord server for all the diaper art you like? I just curious
>>4473 >this doesn't quite feel like that to me This artist has always had issues with falling into the uncanny valley. He *has* gotten better, albeit not at a particularly impressive rate. Still, Ill take it and wish him well as he continues to improve.
>>4502 That's a good way to look at it
>>4502 Looking back through the thread, is some of his other work posted earlier? Like: >>3942 >>3118 >>3117 In these, the eyes look more coordinated, and the postures are a little more lifelike. If this is his newer work, then I agree, he's made progress and I like it!
Looks like liljdude deleted a bunch of his stuff. Does anyone have the sequence of his character joey using his diaper? It was like 8 images in a single sequence of him using his diaper, filling it up from a behind view.
(10.48 KB 376x134 index.jpg)

>>4570 managed to find a thumbnail if it helps anyone.
>>4571 His art is okay but some of them have cute ideas.
(3.03 MB 2670x4200 87902566_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have those macro pictures Tato did for Kenny-Tyke-tales? I think the giant boy's name was Gabe and the tiny was Knil. I'm looking for the one where Gabe was dangling Knil over his pulled-open diaper, implying he was gonna drop him in. Kinda like pic related.
(7.58 MB 6900x4550 marty_silver.png)

(1.88 MB 2303x3587 marty (2).png)

(2.25 MB 3452x4007 marty (14).png)

(655.21 KB 2225x2211 E_bJScrVcAMEVrd.jpeg)

>>4640 Do you remember seeing it on Kenny-tyke-tales Deviantart or on Tato's FA? I don't see it on my Deviantart scrape so I think he deleted it and I'm still going over Tato's FA art involving diapers.

(87.14 KB 636x900 39.jpg)

(122.56 KB 900x894 46.jpg)

(242.02 KB 844x1505 260.jpg)

(152.30 KB 900x878 364.jpg)

>>4664 I'm pretty sure it was on Kenny's Deviantart. Pretty sure they're deleted but I was wondering if anyone has an archive of his stuff around.
>>4684 >trapped in diapers >mfw new fetish acquired got any more?
(121.99 KB 994x768 15110038.image.jpg)

(106.53 KB 768x783 15110092.image.jpg)

(246.98 KB 1097x1280 18361514.big_bun_but.jpg)

(105.59 KB 700x900 371.jpg)

>>4709 I do, but many of the pics are girls and/or furry. Diaper stuffing art is kinda rare and I wish there were more of it. It's kinda like vore, but less mean-spirited and less fatal. I have a decent collection of these, so it might be worthy of it's own thread.
>>4713 Make a thread if you want.

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