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Littlington University got an update if anyone would like to share it here please
>>15334 Hoping it gets shared soon. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it has a ton of content.
Littleington University Update: This is done as a split 7z archive because catbox has a 200MiB file size limit: https://files.catbox.moe/dtswbj.7z-001 https://files.catbox.moe/glwbu1.7z-002 https://files.catbox.moe/wfv6cy.7z-003 https://files.catbox.moe/5f6x1c.7z-004 https://files.catbox.moe/ldpgh2.7z-005 You need to rename the files to all be the same thing, and also replace the - (dash) with a . (dot). Make sure you don't have file extensions hidden; it's so retarded how that's the default on Windows. E.g: - dtswbj.7z-001 -> littleington.7z.001 - glwbu1.7z-002 -> littleington.7z.002 Then just open the first one with 7zip, and you should be able to extract the lot. Main things added: - The people on the mountain path, in town, and by the beach actually have dialogue now. - Added the lab area which contains the next area on the main story I'll give a few tips about some bits because they're not entirely obvious: - To get past the security guard, use the time ability to make it night. There will be patrolling robots at night though. - To get past the first patrolling robot, it's easiest to go upstairs and jump down in the gap near the glass - To get past the robot standing still by the last door, use the time ability to make it day - To actually leave, you need the "imagination" ability, which you learn by doing a quest chain from talking to the researcher that wants to see you use your abilities. - To get back into the university after you've left the lab, go into the mines you went into earlier, and there is a fence you can use your ability to walk through near the start. There is no additional content at the university though; this is the end of the update.
>>15383 The last time i played I got stuck when I was supposed to meet the guy at night outside of the university. I was never able to find him, only a bunch of large ghosts I wasn't really able to damage. What are you supposed to do there?
>>15388 Where the university gate (leading to town) is closed at night? You need to defeat a boss that you find on the path leading to the docks. It's invisible/untargetable, so you need to buy baby powder from the medical center and throw it at it. After that, you should get another dream sequence which will teach you the ability that allows you to walk through the gate.
>>15383 I dont want to sound ungrateful, but why not just use mega? Instead of doing file tricks.
>>15409 Probably just a preference. It was simple enough. Here's a little more indepth help if you need it. https://superuser.com/questions/15935/how-do-i-reassemble-a-zip-file-that-has-been-emailed-in-multiple-parts
>>15409 I don't want to use a service that requires an account.
>>15383 Damn can't figure this out reeee leet me know if anyone can upload it please
>>15428 There's a thread on f95zone with a megaupload to it. https://f95zone.to/threads/littleington-university-update-11-gauche-cheeks.54483/page-25 You might need to make a forum account but it ain't shifty afaik.. Download is on page 25 in one of the comments.
Would love an ABDL game or just a normal game that had hypnosis in it so that as you were playing you got suggestions and such to act more babyish or wet or something.
>>15437 The latest version of LU tends to lock up during dialogues and battles now. It's much worse than it used to be.
>>15603 I think he put out a hotpatch a day ago.
>>15603 >>15605 I'll post the new version if I see it. I am subbed to diaperquest so I don't wanna sub to too much more since it costs me 20 bucks a month for porn
>>15603 Made it to the secret base with robo nannies. Never want to leave.
>>15680 Mind posting your save file?
>>15680 How do you reach it? I did the mines but it teleported me to the usual lab place on the campass. Did my version bug out?
>>15734 it's after you beat the arcade. So you need the timewarp ability as well as gravity manipulation.
>>15735 Thanks, assume that's in the shopping centre or town? Guess I've got more exploring to do.
>>15736 Yeah it's in the mall, go there after you get the time warp ability, sit outside the arcade with tons of like burgers or something to replenish energy (it's guarded during the day) use the timewarp until night time and walk in, kill the big monsters at the end of the cables controlling the forcefield, go in and kill the big boss to get gravity spell. Then go all the way to the end of the beach at night, lift the dead tree your friend will enter the keycode letting you into the lab, follow that to get a cutscene, congrats you're in the secret lab and a test rat for the robo nannies / scientist.
>>15737 Just checked my save, I don't have the Time Warp ability, where can I get that?
>>15740 I honestly can't remember where you get the timewarp ability right now sorry. I'm guessing it's after defeating one of the bosses and having those weird dreams. As a side note: I do think you need to go to the woodworking shop on the beach in order to get into the arcade. So do that before sitting outside the arcade and time skipping. They give you the keys or something.
>>15741 That's fine, I'll do some more exploring and check see what I've missed. Thanks anyway, at least I know what I'm looking for now!
>>15740 You get time skip beating the cave boss. I've been replaying it. I'm seeing how long I can stay out of diapers and keep my pants clean. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. I've only had two accidents and one of them was me overestimating how long I could hold it. Only wear at night since the MC can't help, but wet the bed.
>>15842 The crystal? I've beaten that already. Was an old save though so maybe it bugged out.
>>15854 No it should be one of those crib chime things. You need to go at midnight if that helps.
>>15855 >>15854 >>15842 Has anyone been able to get passed the opening sequence? I can't seem to get the mom to take me to the boat to get to the island. If I skip the island, I encounter so many other bugs it becomes unplayable. Combat locks up if I try to run away. Random encounters stick my character in place. Phone hints tell me to check in the medical center when the NPC to check in with is no longer there. Is everyone running this version of the game? >>15437
>>15895 This build is bugged and he’s working on bug fixes. By the way,the thread reached bump limit. Maybe we should get to a new one ?
Does anyone have the Ausdpr game demo? Assuming its an actual game, nd not a caption.
Robo nursery if anyone wants to play it https://mega.nz/folder/0twwAQpA#dsveVu_DLAYuDU-U-0-_cg
Anyone have the Perpetual Change chapter 5 when I use the link it doesn’t work https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7456662/post/71782365
Do you have robo nanny 1 https://babybunch.itch.io/robonanny
Anyone got an update to https://www.patreon.com/ABDLSwallow I just wanna game an ABDL game ima sub next month to support and will post link if no one else has a link
>>17020 Dude, its 1$ per month to sub

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