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Hypno Thread Baby 07/16/2020 (Thu) 00:39:36 No. 559
Share Files, or discuss your experiences. Found any files that really brought you into little space? Any that went too far? Share you experience! :)
>>16770 Thank you! Theres some new ones here for me, and i love the theme.
>>16799 When you're dealing with a namefag you should never set your expectations of decency high. Especially when that name sounds like some Chinese knockoff bra company.
Does anyone have tinybee hive stuff that only thing not seen really posted?
>>16770 I love baby girl/sissy baby theme ones, thank you!
So fucking 🔥🥵 thank youu
ive seen this get spread around a fair amount recently and im wondering does anyone recognize the file that its describing?
It sounds dangerous drinking to much water can kill you by removing the salt from your body causing water poisoning.
>>16903 Sounds like Champtheotter’s bladder training file. You can check the script for it on WMM
>>16906 that is true, but, like, a normal adult would have to drink around 6 Liters of water in a short period of time to be anywhere near a dangerous dose.
>>16906 >>16938 It's worth mentioning that you would fill physically ill and an urge to vomit long before you damaged your body with salt loss. This is the body's natural response to overhydration. Just listen to your body - if you feel like stopping, stop.
>>16939 I think the parents of Leah Betts might disagree with you there
>>16939 From what i remmeber of nat science class, that feeling from body will work, but if you are drunk or too drunk it overrides getting taht feeling.
>>16942 Gee, I guess I had to explain, "you probably won't be able to make rational judgements to stop if you are on ecstasy". Not only that, but ecstasy will mute your body's feelings of sickness, making it harder to feel, and ecstasy reduces urination, making it harder to get rid of water. I mean, I know everyone here is a baby, I just assumed that was implied.
>>16945 This. Just smoke weed or take magic mushrooms like a normal baby butt looking to melt into a giggly widdle puddle pants
>>16945 Who are you quoting? The article you just read? Today we call it MDMA and you're trying too hard, poppet.
>>16950 I don't get what you want with this disingenuous approach anon. Let's recap what this conversation has been >Nooo you can't drink water it will literally kill you >>Actually, a normally functioning body will warn you when you take in too much water >Yes but what about this ONE TIME a person died while doing drugs in the 90s!! >>That was probably due to the drugs. >Uh actually you're using the wrong drug word! And you weren't supposed to research it!!! Just to fuck with you I'm gonna drink some water tonight... and stop when I no longer feel like drinking water. Oh shit! Imagine my mortal peril!
>>16906 Gee thanks, I'll try to reduce how much I breathe as well. Don't want to get too oxide in me!
>>16978 ...as it becomes evident minors have entered the chat, the sharing stops. Gee!
Hey, anyone's got latest MyLittleLullaby Leaky Diapers ? Please :)
>>17007 aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL3UweWJzMjg2eWQvTGVha3lEaWFwZXJzQk9ZXzMzYl9tcDM=
Thank you so much
Does anyone have Baby Bantling by nicole dosei
>>17016 hey!! do u or anyone else possibly have the girl version?
>>17060 dXJsOmh0dHBzOi8vYW5vbmZpbGVzLmNvbS9JNnIxRDk4ZXlkL0xlYWt5RGlhcGVyc0dJUkxfMjRjX21wMw==
>>17088 tysm!!!!!:D
Does anyone have Baby Training Thumb Sucking Time to be Little
Time to be little aHR0cHM6Ly9hbm9uZmlsZXMuY29tL1E1TDdhMkEyeTkvVGltZV90b19iZV9MaXR0bGVfbXAz
Baby Training Thumb Sucking by Nicole dosei. That one post is not it.
Does anyone have Hypnotic Mist 5 - Baby Girl ? bab girl here looking for it, not wanting the "sissy" version
>>17386 Sounded like you were asking for 3 files, and there doesn't appear to be any thumb sucking file available on the t2bl website. Have u got a link?
So, a few days I was listening to the "Wetting the bed is as easy as 1, 2, 3" file by Nichole the Au Pair girl. I really felt so helpless, and I wet and messed myself on command. I had some stomachache too, so that's why my bowels were weak too; but since it all happened in the moment, it really did hit hard.

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