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Requests Baby 07/25/2020 (Sat) 22:17:12 No. 674
A thread for Requests. Anyone got these pics in Higher-res?
>>16106 crap as usual
>>16095 I always wonder how much of niche, hidden/secret premium AR bojay has never seen the light of day As the first artist that I truly enjoyed when I first discovered this fetish it has always held a strong hold in my kink/nostalgia
(47.73 KB 437x379 76gh67bbnbno.jpeg)

Is there any other Bojay art that contains messy diapers, this is the only one I can think of
>>16167 Now that's an image I've not seen in a long time... a long time. This stuff is how I know I've had this fetish for too damn long man.
>>16169 >>16177 I do love that idea. I wish there were some comics out there like that. I've got a feeling Ella Raine doesn't do that great with the concept. I think a storyline with a Veruca Salt type character who was way too spoiled to every be potty trained makes sense though.
anyone ever seen any videos (if they exist) of baby lollie/peter daddy? ever since I got into abdl I have seen the shots of innocent big fluffy nappies covering faces and cutesy attires but never really knew the story around them
does anybody have any video from this studio, they have a good mixture of simple roleplay vids and POV changing vids https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/186259/milky-shell
BDSL - was active on abkingdom. French(?) couple that had a ton of photos but went dark not long ago. Just a stellar amount of content and poof, all gone. I think Pat and Bruno were their names?
Seems impossible to find these days Looking for an old Pampered Penny video "trick or treat"
anyone got any it'sbellamariebitch PeachyPoppy or LizRaw videos?
Well I originally posted this in the wrong place, but here goes. I am sure it's still posted somewhere but I am not optimistic about finding it. There is a picture I am thinking of with a diaper girl waking up and she is wearing a diaper that has sharpie writing on it. It says something like "Good morning sweetie, I'll change you when you wake up - Mom". The ink is distorted due to wetting. I think it was sketchman's art, but he has produced thousands of images and he's terrible about tagging, so if it was him, I don't think I'll ever find it. In the intervening week I've looked through more than 2000 of Sketchman's uploads but at this point I'm guessing I skimmed past it because I don't think it was recent work. Any help would be appreciated.
>>17053 Bless you anon, you are great. I seriously looked a whole week for this. I wish I could convey my thanks more.
Does anyone have a link to some diaper chastity videos? I don't care if they're male or female.
There's a ton of sunny videos on kemono but all the recent ones are hosted on muse.ai . I haven't been able to figure out how to download the complete videos, any help? https://kemono.party/patreon/user/23722150?o=0
>>17073 do you mean there is another list of links of her videos hosted in muse.ai? or that the kemono links redirect you to muse.ai? she's cute, I dont know if I truly enjoy her content for fapping purposes but it is definitely visually pleasing
>>17097 i feel kind of similarly. i don't find her physically attractive but she does have a very beautiful soul. i watch her content and feel things but never aroused....
>>17073 No niggas!
Looking for abdreams 2010 set of Apple in pink at the park
>>17195 Level of racism=So racist that they're completely blind to one of the hottest, cutest ABDL girls out there.
Anyone have anything from littlelilly.info? She's German, not super hot, but has some content of her in the hospital and stuff.
There was a super disturbing/cringe furry comic where some character slept with a prostitute and didn't pay. He's caught by the madam/owner then has his genitals cut off and turned into a baby as a punishment. Anyone got it or know what it's called? Pic unrelated
Does anyone have this? I don’t wanna buy it because I’m sure it’ll get posted eventually https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/52703/25486663/fae-gives-step-daddy-a-blowjob
(432.97 KB 800x1122 1.jpg)

(456.12 KB 800x1120 2.jpg)

(444.89 KB 800x1126 4.jpg)

(384.82 KB 800x1112 9.jpg)

(452.15 KB 800x1119 3.jpg)

(431.20 KB 800x1128 6.jpg)

(477.83 KB 800x1115 5.jpg)

(418.37 KB 800x1111 8.jpg)

(423.70 KB 800x1114 7.jpg)

>>17493 rest of pages
>>17508 >>17512 Man i enjoy a lot of taboo stuff but actual physical mutilation is where I draw the line, yikes
>>17508 >>17512 Oh I remember this artist. I'm so glad these are spoilered. How does anyone find themselves capable of masturbating to this?
someone have anything of caraday ?
>>17584 I think a lot of taboo stuff has appeal just because its taboo
>>17615 I wouldn't even describe it as taboo. It's just the exact opposite of anything I'd consider erotic. Then again, it probably does appeal to some people who are attracted to hyper-masculine adults.

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