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New ABU Diaper, boner raised Baby 12/15/2021 (Wed) 03:50:22 No. 7576
ABU is an annoying company with an insufferable fanbase of furfags, but holy shit, shut up and take my money on this. Japan exclusive at the moment. https://jp.abuniverse.com/%E8%A3%BD%E5%93%81/lkg/
>>12859 >>12859 >>12859 Unless Tykables had their own separate tech for this sort of thing designed, I'm begining to think the owner of Tykables' main kink is actually getting sued/ legal trouble. Let's, see, there's the ABU Space near law suit and the whole Snuggies thing, but look at their designs, there's tons of very, similar, characters on their pamps and clothes that could probably get them sued by Disney multiple times (the dragon and Bluey diapers), Hasbro (the Unicorn diapers have very MLPey ponies on them) and whoever owns Paw Patrol.
>>12897 Actually, I think they've gotten better at learning the legal line. the mlp-like and bluey-like stuff is probably fine because copyright infringement is a much harder case than trademark. Snuggies they might have won, they just didn't want the battle. Space diapers they would have lost because it was literally the same name- but these are product names. Similar looking art is okay as long as it's not clearly the same character. I think they're on the right side of the law looking at the stuff on their site niw.
>>12859 Maybe some people like them, but I've never cared for how Tykeables' prints look. It's like the person creating the design is trying to get some babyish look but falls short every time, so they distinctly look like an ABDL diaper rather than a proper baby diaper. I blame it on their insistence on using furry characters in every one of their prints.
>>12859 >>12910 Upon closer inspection, I actually really dislike how boring and actually bad these look from a graphic design standpoint. Look at the front. Look how this supposed on-diaper print looks cropped at the top and especially the bottom of the characters. It looks even worse on the website where you can see each design. I also hate that each character is monochrome. It's boring. Straight up, They look like they a worse version of an add-on ABU landing zone sticker. The back looks passable at best, but still with those boring characters. It really looks like a lazy half-assed cash-in on the hype ABU is generating. It's actually sad.
>>12859 looks okay, but I'll never buy it or abu's at nearly $5 a piece, it's kind of losing the point of being a disposable thing, it's too bad bambino can't get a clue and make one like this
(1.02 MB 1600x2133 0001-03.jpg)

(1.00 MB 1600x2133 0001-05.jpg)

>>12910 >It's like the person creating the design is trying to get some babyish look but falls short every time, so they distinctly look like an ABDL diaper rather than a proper baby diaper. This is the problem with literally all ABDL companies diaper designs. Only very occasionally do you get something that looks decent out of them, and often that's by accident. Like despite Bambinos downgrade in quality in my opinion the Bambino Bellissimo is an exceptionally authentic babyish print, because it is actually a real baby diaper print from a Chinese baby diaper manufacturer. A couple companies have been able to recreate the look of the 90s baby diaper by using actual vintage baby diaper designs like the ABU SDK. However, ABU is the worst offender when it comes to this sort of thing. All of their designs look like they were designed by furries and not actual baby diaper manufacturers. Which is why it's so amazing that they just knocked it out of the park with the Little Kings. Nothing else even comes close to looking this authentic. The positional printing thing helps but the AlphaGatorz still has that same furry/not-authentic look to the art. If I could talk to Casey Strom I would tell him to fire every single one of his furry artist friends and only have this Japanese woman do all of his diaper designs from now on. And have her re-do all of the existing ABU designs.
Babyish designs lack wide appeal because everybody has memories of different diapers from when they were a child, and even two people with memories of the same diaper can remember them in different ways(the nostalgia problem). Designing them based on a new set of principles rather than emulation just makes sense.
>>12933 Be angry at the market, not the vendor. That said I've purchased 4 packs of the new ABU designs now since they launched. whoops >>12938 Wouldn't be surprised if the furry appeal actually has gained them customers who otherwise were unaware of ABDL before. Furries will dive right in to any kink, and that's more money yeah?
>>12941 As a zoomer I finally get a diaper that was like the ones I wore as a baby and it's fantastic. Diaper companies need to evolve to suit their customer base. They should always be about 20 years behind the actual baby diapers in terms of design

(1.75 MB 3425x2609 sdk.jpeg)

>>12962 SDKs were basically my generations diaper, nothing stopping a company from just maintaining a collection of all the generations I just wish ABU would update them to the 6000ml standard
>>12963 Not saying they shouldn't have a diverse diaper range. It'd be nice to see some primitive disposables from the 70s like kimbies and such but I'd also like to see full blown modern baby diapers since they're coming out with all these new prints. Kinda surprised nobody has made a proper pull up yet
>>13046 apparently the patents are just now expiring, but wet weight to elastic strength ratio I imagine is a problem
>>13060 True, didn't think about that. Anything crazy like 6kml capacity would be basically impossible with a stretchy waistband
>>13090 You need to google Trest, then
>>12897 I'm pretty sure that that position print thing was patented by some baby diaper manufacturer and it's patent have now expired. Abu was just first abdl company to utilize it. But I agree, tykables other recent designs are pretty borderline in legality but cool they have balls to do it. Position printed "tinker bell" (what ever they would call it) would be nice :) >>12925 I like them. Maybe a bit boring but imo it looks just like some modern store brand baby diaper.
>>13046 >>13090 Well, there is already rearz felicity pull ups. Just change it's color to white, make the diaper part rise higher and it's excatly same pull ups what is worn in japan, europe etc. But mutts have their huggies pull ups which look completely different so no abdl company invests in this
>>13138 Trest is a normal diaper, I'm talking pullups
>>13203 Felicity seems like a step in the right direction but we need big characters like the puppers from tykables to be front and center
>>13203 >mutts have their huggies pull ups What/who are mutts? >>13211 For me when it comes to pullups I dont care as much about the pattern as I do the structure. I could live with it being plain white if it had the same kind of stretchy sides and the same look and feel as pullups or goodnites/drynites. You would have to modify the structure to make it work because of the proportional size differences between adult and kid bodies. Probably make the absorption pad wider and longer than the kid version, heavier duty elastic, and maybe make the sides taller or extend down further or something. I wouldnt mind if they had some nice prints too of course. I would really love a semi-mature style print on pullups. Something that mimics the "Im an older kid so I dont want superheros on my goodnites but still want something other than white" vibe. A nice navy blue solid or stripe or camo pattern would be cool.
(649.64 KB 690x690 ClipboardImage.png)

(270.20 KB 1600x1600 dora_pampers.jpg)

>>13231 >What/who are mutts? I think that's a derogatory term for North Americans. And he's wrong, since Huggies sell their products all over the planet. As for adult pull-ups, I'd really love it if they make some with the same kind of prints you see on real toddler pull-ups. And of course the feel is important. I don't care so much about absorbancy though. I'd be fine with an adult pull-up which could only handle a single wetting if it had the appearance and feel of a toddler pull-up. Something in the 1000-2000mL absorbency range would be perfect while going up to 6000mL almost seems to defeat the purpose. I'd like to ageplay as a 4-8 year old who is trying to potty train. For that fantasy it's better if a single "accident" is enough to make my pull-up all swollen and squishy. With the modern 6000mL absorbency diapers it seems like a waste to change unless you spend 8+ hours drinking lots of water and totally soaking it. At that point you might as well just wear a tape fastening diaper. One slightly irritating thing about the designs of ABDL diapers is that they seem to always be furry. I don't think I've seen a single ABDL diaper with a cartoon human printed on it.
>>13237 I think it's just really easy to get into uncanny valley territory with human characters so they don't bother and instead go with anthro human characters since they're easy to make cute
>>13254 That just comes back to the old problem that they need to hire competent graphic designers. If they're only aiming for something that's easy to make passably cute, that's all they're going to get. Fingers crossed the Japanese ABU team show them how it's done.
>>13258 Being a furry I could care less either way but granted there should be variety as I stated earlier in the thread. I'm sure there's some artist out there who can make some neat looking characters
>>13237 >And he's wrong, since Huggies sell their products all over the planet. Well, at least here in Finland huggies pull-ups are not sold (except drynites). All kids pull-ups are that "granny pants" style just with higher padding rise and cute prints. Same is in asia, just look at some japanese diaper pics or manga.
>>13237 Also, pampers easy-ups are not sold in Europe but pampers nappy pants instead, which are "granny pant" style
>>13237 >Something in the 1000-2000mL absorbency range would be perfect while going up to 6000mL almost seems to defeat the purpose. I'd like to ageplay as a 4-8 year old who is trying to potty train. For that fantasy it's better if a single "accident" is enough to make my pull-up all swollen and squishy. Im in the same boat. I want enough absorbancy and security to ensure that the first wetting has no chance of leaking, but being able to handle a second wetting without any serious risk of leaking (ie, as long as you dont go out of your way to flood it with a full bladder) would be really nice too. Ageplaying as a 4-8 year old is pretty much my vibe too, as well as like 8-12 as a bedwetter, maybe with mild daytime control issues as well or something.
>>13469 I have a big bladder and most adult pull ups have enough capacity to take at least one wetting
>>13237 >Something in the 1000-2000mL absorbency range would be perfect while going up to 6000mL almost seems to defeat the purpose. I agree about the idea, but I guess needs to be something like 2500 mL in order not to leak during wetting. Abena M3 pullups are 2400 mL, Rearz Felicity 2650 mL, I have tested them both and they work fine. Seni pullups are 1300 mL and they leaked on me every time. They have a weird stich at the padding, kinda dividing it into two parts so it can also be the problem.
(242.88 KB 1280x804 CritterCaboose3sizes__63033.jpg)

(88.87 KB 818x636 70500.jpg)

Crinklz has a pirate one too, but I want to wear every brands girliest diaper.
>>15014 I could be wrong, but that doesn't look like a positional print. It looks like the standard kind of repeating pattern which doesn't need to align in any particular way with the diaper.
>>15014 Those don't look that bad. The design is a little busy for my liking though. But the padding doesn't look terrible. I've had 4 bags of crinklz just sitting in my closet for like a year or two because I tried 1-2 out of one bag and they felt so thin and flimsy I may as well of been wearing depends with tapes. But the thickness on your 2nd picture looks pretty good. >>15012 Cuuuuuute
>>15014 fuck, those are sexy, I didn't realize they made a scaled changing pad too, I'm glad it's sold out because I'm horny enough to make a dumb purchase like that
(5.73 MB 5312x2988 0702201935.jpg)

>>15074 That's pretty cool. May have to talk my CG into getting it haha. But it'd be a dumb purchase like you said since we already have a changing table, she'll probably tell me no.
>>15012 Woooooooo my order of a case of those has shipped! Can't wait!
>>15014 It's not positional print but looks pretty nice, I like how large the print is

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