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(102.77 KB 1137x753 EdKy-UAXYAAybO_.jpg)

(582.22 KB 1291x3363 6n6rJpp.jpg)

Abdl cringe Baby 08/17/2020 (Mon) 00:11:53 No. 942
Self explanatory. Post the shit that just makes you go "why?"
>>13180 kinna fuckin hot. idk what part of being an incel fried your brain that much anon
>>13180 I don't like septum piercings either but she is hot as fuck. I would bust a nut in her diapered ass so quick.
>>13310 >>13312 You desperate incel fags have shit in your eyes. I wouldn't shag this chubby piggy even if you paid me.
(516.23 KB 1592x2048 9755124-8anRlFPiz0.jpeg)

She's fine, I don't see the problem. Nothing wron with a bit of chub to grab.
Wutufuck? She's not fat, just a little overweight. Should put that baby to do a little more running and she would be fine.
(389.39 KB 587x1047 image.png)

(237.74 KB 594x734 image.png)

>>13594 I honestly don't understand this American Liberal obsession with wanting to extinguish human life. Lost any respect I had for ahbagles from that post.
(219.02 KB 539x642 appease_centrists.png)

>>13620 I think it's just an American thing in general. Nobody there gets too upset when they knowingly cause the deaths of half a million kids with their bombs and sanctions and then laugh about it on TV. The world would be a much better place if the whole of the US was glassed and its population completely eradicated.
>>13651 This is why Trump is so popular. He didnt want to fund wars or start wars. He ended wars. The republican party war mongers hated him for it.
>>13620 >>13651 >>13652 >>13594 Trump 2024! The Far-Left will die in the wilderness along with their trannies and furfags. Common sense will come back to the world!
>>13651 >be me, babyfur >smh ameriKKKans don't care about the new war in a shithole 7100 miles away >fucks sake, yemen's only on its twelfth civil wars since 1994 >country was taken over by fundie muslims whose official policy was exterminating the USA in addition to all the usual fundie muslim shit >anyway USA elites gave blockade help to the saudis without asking literally anyone or covering it in the pravda >wtf ameriKKKans >anyway fundie muslims get wrecked >i have the moral highground in case and am very sophisticated if you didn't notice >done my part. back to shitting my diaper, death to ameriKKKans
Why does this person even try anymore? 90% of her server hates her and the other 10% seem subconsciously embarrassed of her Only reason her server has any activity is because its the best place for art and meeting other abdls outside of reddit
>>14260 Discord servers are just so much cringe.
(55.35 KB 828x1053 wt50xtt33gz61.jpg)

>>14260 I don't get why anyone tolerates this kind of political spergery in porn and fetish communities. A lot of porn communities even discourage or have specific rules about this kind of thing because most people are just there to discuss, share, and get off to porn and don't want unnecessary drama. Seems weird that there are ABDL content creators that get really political too, but I guess it's probably kinks and fetishes in general being associated with alphabet people so much at this point. I mean, they'd likely get more people interested in giving them money without the political nonsense. Related, TGTF is one of my favorite fetishes next to ABDL but because of the Western obsession with gender and identity stuff the only source that doesn't normally involve politics, cringe, and virtue signaling from the authors/artists is hentai and manga.
>>10707 >No one forced Babystar/Toddlergirl to reveal that she scams the government to get diapers for her fetish, post pictures of herself openly RPing ABDL in public Anyone got screenshots or archive of this or at least that post where she mentions scamming the government for diapers? I remember seeing them a while ago, but didn't save them and can't find them from searching.
>>14370 What are those funny arrows, and why is one of them blue?
(124.68 KB 692x606 omgwow.png)

>>15019 It's facebook I guess?
>>15476 Can someone make a summary of this shit. It's too retarded I can't read it.
>>15591 >creepy trump supporter is who is "upinionated" is "hert" women call him creepy He talks about how he hasn't had pussy in 20+ years and how his dick is 5in uncut a lot.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4H9kDL-WmU You will NEVER be accepted no matter how hard you try, Karen. People not into this fetish are just going to call you a sick fuck pedo because the minute the word "diaper" comes up, they're thinking of shit and piss.
>>16369 eh not a bad video about abdl. not a win cuz cringe in saying it's a age identity thing like trans but ey ill take some average press over none. what is this character for a gapcha thingy supposed to be?
>>16369 is that mother effin' MommyKat?!?!?! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ she does heavy photoshop/filtering for those videos, thats just... I am without words, she really managed to fool me there and to think I was considering booking a session with her next time I visit the US... fucking saved.
>>16375 D...do you really think people have skin like that? Of course it's make up and filtering, the majority of pictures you see even in magazines and those people who post videos / pictures online have been edited the same way. You'll never find someone that looks like that naturally. It takes a lot of makeup or editing. >>16369 Only thing cringe is your reaction to this video. Nobody was being a "karen" what so ever in the video (you should probably understand words and the meaning behind them before you use them.) The therapist is probably not even into the lifestyle (if she is awesome) she just helps people come to grips with this fetish in their own life and lets them know there is nothing wrong with doing it. You're not hurting anyone by doing this and there's lots of others like us, which is GOOD for the community. It means more content to fap to, it means this becomes not as taboo as it was in the past, means you get better quality items and MORE items to choose from. The average human is uneducated and hate what they don't understand so they flip out and over react over little things that are different or "weird". That is why videos like this that put out knowledge and show people it isn't all that bad of a thing are good for the community. It's really sad that they have brainwashed some of our own to hate themselves and anyone that actually does enjoy this lifestyle choice. You actively are rebelling against things that HELP EVERYONE in this community. That is what is truly "Cringe"
(673.85 KB 1266x1815 ijg7svl3rom91.png)

>>16715 why is this cringe exactly?
>>16731 The "celebrate her death" part probably
>>16737 It’s not cringe to celebrate the death of the queen, her family are fucking inhuman.
(744.37 KB 743x522 QET.png)

Trump 2024!
>>16715 KEKW
>>16715 Little queens special edition would have been cute but it's way too soon for this
(464.59 KB 364x744 28483922.png)

(413.97 KB 790x437 953903.png)

(923.38 KB 625x787 05939531.png)

(189.57 KB 590x347 49956320.png)

chubby pakis...
>>17083 Altight , ill bite. Whats cringe about this?
>>17241 ugly fat person can't wear diaper!
>>17241 Number four I can understand, but the post itself is the cringe

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