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Fake Diaper Ads Baby 02/23/2022 (Wed) 09:06:44 No. 9428
Anyone into these sort of fake diaper ads/edits? I made a few and had them in a thread on the old chan, but they're long gone now and because of hard drive fuckery I lost about half of them. I'll post what I still have, though.
>>15224 I don't really mind if they got non-ABDLs to do this commercial honestly it could have been Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot and would have been basically pretty much the same ad, I'm just saying it's nice to people I recognize and not seeing the same thing again, Honestly I would like to see others ideas for real diaper brands ads they could do, Also I think I would say my favorite thing about the add is that's it kinda a homage to "packing for Disney world" commercials.
>>15688 >tonights episode written by; the authors barely concealed fetish
>>15725 ...concealed?
(7.33 MB 2300x3184 hannahpage1&2.png)

I want many more magazine pages like these one is.
>>16126 >loo >nappy >wee nothing kills the dick like Br*tish English
>>16132 Wrong. All these Bri'ish'isms are clearly more infantalizing and therefore humiliating than burgershit ones.
>>16165 This. 'Nappy' just sounds so much more juvenile than 'diaper' (which I think sounds more technical/medical). Plus, the accent. (That said, I'm reading it as non-heightened RP/southern English. If it were Cockney, I think I'd be with >>16132)
>>16165 They do live in a nanny state, after all.
Yum yum. More britbong content
>>16194 good god this man loves koreans
>>16184 Kek >>16194 Kudos for attention to detail, even the nigh-unreadable disclaimer
>>16614 Yessssssssss Nothing like being compared to her former "peers" and found lacking to help a girl realize she's just a bedwetting little child who deserves this
more silliness
drug infused diapers? have they even read ivan illich? bad vibes indeed
(3.18 MB 1658x3073 cutthebullshit.jpg)

feminazis always got to ruin everything... this... this is clearly an attaq on family values. im going to call their mothers. y r they in college learning about communism?
>>16922 Under a political system run by me, because they’re admitting to be Communist, they can be sentenced to life in prison without a trial.
>>17293 Life in preschool without trial*
>>17293 >>17294 I will endorse any political system that regulates women to the status of diaper-wearing children. Fascism, communism, Monarchism. As long as women get put in diapers and stripped of rights I'm here for it. >>17357 I'm not normally a Pull-Ups fan but this just works super well.
Trying something in this space for more content. Less image manip and more text manip. Focusing on perceived realism
>>17599 Great work. Keep it up buddy.
>>17599 damn 2121 niggas really still be on web 2.0 huh
>>17599 It’s fun, post more. Realism is great.
Here's another, I have some more on my tumblr and twitter too

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