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(914.25 KB 2894x4093 with mom.jpg)
(2.50 MB 2480x3508 pulling shirt up.jpg)
(1.02 MB 4093x2894 two girls 1.jpg)
(1.06 MB 4093x2894 two girls 2.jpg)
(1.03 MB 4093x2894 two girls 3.jpg)
Diapered Loli Baby 05/27/2020 (Wed) 16:13:03 No. 108
Whether wholesome or lewd, post them.
(1.37 MB 4093x2894 two girls 4.jpg)
(1.39 MB 3508x2480 maids.jpg)
(2.27 MB 4004x2480 christmas.jpg)
(889.63 KB 2039x2894 laying down.jpg)
(656.31 KB 2480x2650 spank 2.jpg)
This art is from Nozomi on Pixiv. I really enjoy his stuff. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/32169882
(456.06 KB 900x1490 cute pajamas.png)
(734.15 KB 3071x4344 god i wish that were me.jpg)
(635.80 KB 3114x4340 l 2.jpg)
(378.09 KB 862x977 leash.png)
(974.60 KB 2246x2893 loli diaper lap.jpg)
(358.38 KB 1100x1100 72047973_p0.jpg)
(110.14 KB 1075x720 1572216829257.jpg)
(258.65 KB 1505x2124 D8nRZOkUwAEXNIK.jpeg)
(117.81 KB 1000x1300 D9GgJkjUcAATuGQ.jpeg)
(13.86 MB 4961x7016 9UZkFmNnxJ009Uaznojmc5kN.png)
(867.27 KB 1290x1821 80794366_p0.jpg)
(5.42 MB 1800x2400 80720186_p0.png)
(839.67 KB 1668x2388 80604166_p1.jpg)
(372.27 KB 1280x1853 80528722_p0.jpg)
(756.71 KB 1276x957 80422912_p0.jpg)
(876.21 KB 957x1276 80103537_p0.jpg)
(1.26 MB 1240x1754 79522766_p0.png)
(512.03 KB 2048x2048 79210091_p11.jpg)
(349.04 KB 821x1000 45078084_p0.jpg)
(143.33 KB 1280x1810 19_6_30_1.jpg)
(27.95 KB 112x213 1589723138089.gif)
(282.97 KB 1639x2048 1588956053836.jpg)
(477.46 KB 2480x3128 1587156227606.jpg)
(201.77 KB 2048x2048 1587074484332.jpg)
(929.02 KB 994x2048 1584339176311.png)
(109.75 KB 700x980 1582516518219.jpg)
(137.35 KB 1000x930 1582492392923.jpg)
(1.59 MB 1280x1808 1574835452494.png)
(129.51 KB 911x645 1542805867327.jpg)
(574.33 KB 2480x3508 79390364_p0.jpg)
(573.62 KB 2480x3508 79390364_p1.jpg)
All lolis belong in diapers.
(1.13 MB 4052x3508 81952393_p0.jpg)
(824.75 KB 2894x4093 72504957_p1.jpg)
(917.50 KB 2244x2893 69144105_p1.jpg)
(1.59 MB 2894x4093 69898304_p0.jpg)
He really has a way with lolis. So cute.
(877.40 KB 2894x4093 diaper pants.jpg)
(1.84 MB 2894x4093 change 2.jpg)
(1.85 MB 2894x4093 change 1.jpg)
>>235 I hadn't seen that he had posted a new pic today, exciting! He'd been inactive for a few months but we've gotten a couple of new pieces in the last few weeks. He's quickly became one of my favorites. Super cute lolis and I love the way the diapers are drawn. Top-tier.
(1.19 MB 1419x2000 laying belly loli.jpg)
(51.47 KB 634x490 loli reach.jpg)
(1.68 MB 2480x3508 laying down loli.png)
(196.60 KB 640x640 loli diaper.jpg)
(2.78 MB 3071x4344 diaper change.jpg)
(2.64 MB 2024x2935 EX5MXKlUMAAcera.jpeg)
(302.77 KB 1000x1200 EWijO_3U4AEO6tW.jpeg)
(77.59 KB 636x900 1590165425959.jpg)
(658.06 KB 1451x2048 1583600184596.jpg)
(716.12 KB 1451x2048 1583556323573.jpg)
(820.55 KB 1290x1821 1583600074914.jpg)
(306.69 KB 1280x1804 1574389259055.jpg)
(13.86 MB 4961x7016 9UZkFmNnxJ009Uaznojmc5kN.png)
(1.20 MB 1600x1200 1542391889531.jpg)
(4.60 MB 3508x2480 71901533_p0.jpg)
(1.69 MB 1133x1600 1542735786122.png)
(234.81 KB 1200x1600 1591297413052.jpg)
(111.60 KB 1280x960 1592414528907.jpg)
(120.48 KB 1200x1304 1591570603018.jpg)
(726.11 KB 957x1276 82439857_p0.jpg)
(1.15 MB 1194x1547 64613325_p0.jpg)
(181.80 KB 900x1220 58375090_p0.png)
(3.35 MB 3721x2631 82512056_p0.png)
(3.40 MB 3721x2631 82512056_p1.png)
(3.82 MB 3721x2631 82512056_p2.png)
>>378 There’s no cuter sight than a blushing loli looking at you moments before you change her wet diapers
Any messy pics?
(658.75 KB 850x978 messy loli.png)
(132.56 KB 627x885 messy loli.jpg)
(162.86 KB 800x800 messy change.jpg)
>>387 I have plenty of pics of lolis just casually pooping, but I have no idea why the conjunction between diapers, lolis and messing is so rare. I hate having niche interests.
>>390 Western diaperfags avoid loli because "muh pedophilia", eastern diaperfags avoid messing because they don't make a distinction between it and full-on scat.
>>406 It's truly a cursed existence for lolicons who like messing.
(102.83 KB 640x640 740489_p0.jpg)
(353.19 KB 700x914 73279830_p0_master1200.jpg)
(3.22 MB 2480x6000 79423789_p1.jpg)
(714.21 KB 800x1130 82165752_p1.png)
(406.98 KB 1450x2048 ERdg972U0AATNve.jpeg)
(386.00 KB 714x1000 45078084_p39.jpg)
(3.86 MB 2150x3035 1535497993692.jpg)
(958.49 KB 1457x1032 1535498037466.jpg)
(271.79 KB 1200x1600 1552624977516.jpg)
(661.87 KB 2040x2880 ezgif-4-aa3e8703d8ba.png)
(33.78 KB 680x680 EVuIUtYUcAElDi4.jpeg)
(43.10 KB 600x600 EX3gIyFWoAg9lx4.jpeg)
(54.16 KB 544x680 EXf_SJSU0AAT6hP.jpeg)
(3.85 MB 4093x2894 72910182_p2.jpg)
(904.49 KB 1417x1417 om2_3_05_b(L).jpg)
(608.64 KB 1012x1417 om2_3_06(L).jpg)
(640.93 KB 1012x1417 om2_3_07(L).jpg)
(631.52 KB 1012x1417 om2_3_12_b(L).jpg)
(481.51 KB 1005x1417 om2_06_b.jpg)
(170.59 KB 1276x1276 OM2old-02a.jpg)
(163.90 KB 1276x1276 OM2old-02b.jpg)
(230.97 KB 1276x1200 OM2old-04a.jpg)
(166.62 KB 887x1200 EbEN6KPUYAE3SNq.jpg)
(1.35 MB 2168x1220 db27si6.jpg)
(709.58 KB 957x1276 81957852_p0.jpg)
(79.29 KB 450x650 cute loli.jpg)
(1.90 MB 1754x1240 three l.png)
(3.36 MB 2480x3508 change dress.png)
(1.38 MB 2560x2048 car.jpg)
(713.91 KB 957x1276 76447930_p0.jpg)
(714.13 KB 957x1276 72038004_p0.jpg)
(812.16 KB 902x1276 70814006_p0.jpg)
(779.29 KB 902x1276 71366790_p0.jpg)
(766.24 KB 902x1276 71366790_p1.jpg)
(138.63 KB 841x1190 cute diaper.jpg)
(136.63 KB 841x1190 pink skirt.jpg)
(4.12 MB 2480x3508 three girls diaper.png)
(3.58 MB 2480x3508 laying.jpg)
(4.86 MB 2039x2894 schoolgirl wet.png)
>>427 These are very cute.
(1.97 MB 1809x2729 73430651_p0.png)
(2.85 MB 2039x2894 75027587_p0.png)
(1.52 MB 1856x2623 75435843_p0.png)
(2.69 MB 2039x2894 76484406_p0.png)
(2.16 MB 2039x2894 81361142_p0.png)
>>235 Love the look of the waist bands sticking out over the top of their pants in the first one, very cute
(160.09 KB 841x1190 76746273_p4.jpg)
(170.34 KB 841x1190 76746273_p5.jpg)
(134.97 KB 841x1190 77023761_p0.jpg)
(141.07 KB 841x1190 77023761_p2.jpg)
(135.93 KB 841x1190 77023761_p4.jpg)
(141.35 KB 841x1190 79436975_p1.jpg)
(124.33 KB 841x1190 79436975_p3.jpg)
(127.75 KB 841x1190 79436975_p5.jpg)
(152.09 KB 841x1190 76746273_p1.jpg)
(167.78 KB 841x1190 76746273_p2.jpg)
(138.63 KB 841x1190 76746273_p3.jpg)
(140.03 KB 841x1190 77023761_p1.jpg)
(160.16 KB 841x1190 77023761_p3.jpg)
(147.09 KB 841x1190 77023761_p5.jpg)
(108.84 KB 841x1190 79436975_p0.jpg)
(133.07 KB 841x1190 79436975_p4.jpg)
(525.88 KB 789x1116 73944149_p3.jpg)
(616.45 KB 788x1115 73944149_p4.jpg)
(624.42 KB 788x1115 73944149_p5.jpg)
(562.62 KB 788x1115 73944149_p6.jpg)
(450.39 KB 788x1115 73944149_p8.jpg)
(455.16 KB 788x1115 73944149_p9.jpg)
(582.47 KB 788x1115 73944149_p10.jpg)
(531.76 KB 788x1115 73944149_p11.jpg)
(681.16 KB 788x1115 73944149_p12.jpg)
(626.52 KB 788x1115 73944149_p13.jpg)
(655.83 KB 788x1115 73944149_p15.jpg)
(686.51 KB 788x1115 73944149_p17.jpg)
(485.73 KB 788x1115 73944149_p18.jpg)
(591.49 KB 788x1115 73944149_p19.jpg)
(613.01 KB 788x1115 73944149_p20.jpg)
(706.19 KB 788x1115 73944149_p21.jpg)
(504.42 KB 788x1115 73944149_p22.jpg)
(450.48 KB 788x1115 73944149_p23.jpg)
(492.34 KB 788x1115 73944149_p25.jpg)
(575.70 KB 788x1115 73944149_p26.jpg)
(505.67 KB 788x1115 73944149_p29.jpg)
(896.20 KB 788x1115 73944149_p30.jpg)
(564.98 KB 788x1115 73944149_p31.jpg)
(765.37 KB 788x1115 73944149_p32.jpg)
(505.67 KB 788x1115 73944149_p29.jpg)
(896.20 KB 788x1115 73944149_p30.jpg)
(564.98 KB 788x1115 73944149_p31.jpg)
(765.37 KB 788x1115 73944149_p32.jpg)
(317.38 KB 731x805 18606004_p0.jpg)
(926.48 KB 1600x1200 46689521_p0.jpg)
(671.54 KB 991x991 46905241_p2.jpg)
(339.19 KB 697x697 51368557_p1.jpg)
(370.18 KB 680x952 52730497_p2.jpg)
(308.22 KB 724x724 53899808_p2.jpg)
(351.73 KB 572x763 55881993_p6.jpg)
(261.81 KB 691x984 57687615_p1.jpg)
(345.48 KB 709x945 58239551_p1.jpg)
(345.47 KB 709x945 58239551_p2.jpg)
(263.54 KB 745x1052 62333983_p11.jpg)
(247.58 KB 745x1052 62333983_p12.jpg)
(1.01 MB 2560x1080 66662476_p2.jpg)
(919.96 KB 744x1052 71902804_p8.jpg)
(914.17 KB 744x1052 71902804_p10.jpg)
(763.97 KB 744x1052 72027248_p2.jpg)
(791.18 KB 744x1052 72027248_p3.jpg)
(770.19 KB 744x1052 72027248_p4.jpg)
(745.10 KB 744x1052 72027248_p5.jpg)
(771.01 KB 744x1052 72027248_p6.jpg)
(713.27 KB 822x1319 73133301_p2.jpg)
(739.09 KB 822x1319 73133301_p3.jpg)
(613.57 KB 788x1115 73944149_p33.jpg)
(710.70 KB 788x1115 73953098_p0.jpg)
(601.61 KB 1920x1080 comfy diaper.jpg)
(3.36 MB 4200x3517 snuggles.png)
(317.19 KB 1000x759 upskirt dry.png)
(400.08 KB 1000x759 upskirt wet.png)
(102.39 KB 800x800 pacifier.jpg)
What type of diapered loli fantasies do you anons have? Mine are mostly wholesome, involving diapering a loli, checking to see if she is wet or messy, dressing her in cute clothes or cuddling. I have one particular fantasy that I like to imagine where a JS age loli asks me while blushing very red whether I can change her.
>>473 Imagine an older girl, a mother or a sister or a babysitter , someone who's in charge basically helping the loli with her potty training (that she fails so hard at) and scold her for drinking too much before bedtime, and punish her for breaking rules that are made around her diapers. something like that. and of course the loli's will to use the toilet and to leave the childish-looking embarrassing that she wears never wavers and she stays determined. just thinking about it makes me melt. she can be either a JS or a JK and even older. because the older she is the more inappropriate and shameful it becomes for her to do this.
(627.50 KB 1024x768 spank.jpg)
>>491 I love this kind of scenario where the girl wants to be a big girl and get trained, but no matter what she does she can't do it. I think it'd be neat to have an image which traces the progression of one girl from very young all the way up to JK, with the girl looking increasingly embarrassed in each frame to still be reliant on diapers at increasingly mature ages
>>493 Yeah that would be good. especially when the girl is bratty as well. it's too cute.
>>473 Im also 100% into wholesome scenarios. A very blushy loli asking for a diaper change is great. Another favorite is when she goes (especially while right in front of you/nearby) and its really obvious (because of wetness indicators, sound [from pee hissing, wet toots, etc], warmth [from peeing while sitting on your lap/leg], or because she stinks) but she doesn't say anything and just carries on with what she was doing before. Another favorite class of scenarios are accidents in a car (or other vehicle where they might not be able to get up out of their seat or otherwise get to a bathroom).
(174.98 KB 800x1130 nnb.jpg)
>>502 You have a lot of overlap with me in what you like, nice. I'm really a fan of the casual wearing and using scenarios as well. While I'm a fan of girls who pretend to big girls but fail, I also like the idea of a loli who just accepts and uses her diapers without a care in the world, it's just natural for her. One minute she's playing with her toys, the next she's filling up her diaper, only to go back and keep on playing for a while before it becomes obvious she needs a change. And also while it's not a definite scenario really, I'm also a fan of really prim and proper lolis secretely being dependent on diapers. Around her little friends she'll always try to act so mature, but right under her skirt there's a thick diaper she often needs help changing. I'm not sure what show (if any) the third pic >>423 here is from, but that's the type of girl I like to imagine.
>>507 yeah the tough girl being not so tough when her diaper is wet and open while lying down on her changing mat waiting for her new diaper to be put on.. that is adorable as fuck. also i like koma-chan-esque character "in tokyo it's the new trend to wear diapers" then she falls for it.
>>491 >>493 we need a "spanking with diapers involved" thread. but is there even enough drawings out there?
>>542 While thats not my thing and I dont have any myself, I think there is plenty of that to make a thread for it.
(1.21 MB 1440x2170 chiyo_little_swimmers_3.png)
(1.57 MB 2149x3035 75966284_p0.png)
(712.50 KB 638x922 68811061_p0.png)
>>473 Mine tend to feature quite a lot of humiliation and dom/sub play. Sometimes that will take the form of outright bullying, but it's usually more fun to imagine the loli enjoying it or even suggesting the idea in the first place. Some examples: 1. A young loli (JY or early JS) is taken for a walk in public wearing a toddler harness/leash and a thick diaper which creates an obvious bulge in her shorts/pants. When she gets desperate and tries to enter a public toilet she gets held back and told that she can't play in there. Instead she's just given another baby bottle to drink while being taken to buy more diapers. 2. A JS or JC age loli is coerced by one of the other girls in her class to wear a pair of lockable training panties to school. They're like thick cloth panties with very babyish designs, and of course she can't pull them down without the key held by the bully. As the morning progresses she gets increasingly desperate to pee and keeps begging the other girl to let her go potty. Eventually she's at her limit and asks the teacher for permission to go to the toilet during class. She gets permission, but has to sit on the toilet and pee right through her training panties. She returns to class blushing, knowing that the bully knows what she just did, and has to spend the rest of class sitting in her soggy panties. At lunch she is given the choice between spending the rest of the day in pee-soaked training panties, or allowing the other girl to change her into a proper baby diaper. 3. A pair of twin sisters discover that they both have a diaper fetish and play various games together. They buy locking footed sleepers and exchange the keys, then agree not to use the toilet before going to bed. Or they buy locking diaper covers and both go to school diapered. 4. A JC or JK age loli who tries her best to appear mature is gradually guided into diaper dependence by her older sister. It starts with some trickery to make her wet her bed, then she's encouraged to use the toilet as often as possible to "cure" her weak bladder. As her bladder capacity diminishes, she starts wearing pads inside her panties to catch leaks. Before long she's being told to just use her pad if she can't get to the toilet immediately, then her panties are replaced by pull-ups. She's made to wear a special kids watch to remind her to use the potty (or her pull-ups) regularly, and a potty chart is stuck up in her room. Eventually she gets changed into tape-fastening diapers and has to ask her sister or her friends at school to help her when she needs to go potty. 5. A JS age loli asks to be dressed in thick diapers and a special all-in-one snowsuit for the day. The snowsuit fastens at the back with a zipper and buttons and it has thick padded thumbless mittens permanently attached to the sleeves. Once she's wearing it there's no way she can get it off without help, and the mittens prevent her from even holding a bottle without using both hands. She's given a very large oatmeal enema, then diapered up and sent to play with other kids at the park. She looks just like a toddler, except she's even more helpless than most of the toddlers at the park.
(1.10 MB 1480x2086 bench.jpg)
(954.60 KB 1252x1404 all fours.png)
(1.62 MB 1254x1771 bathroom.png)
(3.46 MB 3858x5098 needs to pee.png)
(3.98 MB 2893x4092 shh.png)
>>473 I have a fantasy I like of a JS age loli continuously being naughty in school because she is bored and feels like she knows all the material. Because of her misbehavior she's placed back in nursery school with girls several years younger than herself who are all diaper reliant still and not mature at all. She's promptly put back in thick diapers, pacifier gagged, given locking mittens and all the rest, effectively making her even more babied and restricted than the girls there. At first she hates this, but as she sees how nicely the caretakers there care for her and change her diapers, give her toys to play with and snacks, she gradually starts to like being babied, so much so that she starts acting like one at home too. At first her parents are understandably taken aback by this but once they see how much better behaved and happier their daughter seems, they start babying her too. While the little girls of the nursery all graduate, the girl doesn't graduate out, and slowly she reaches JC age, and then JK age, and she's still there being babied and changed and having a lot of fun >>600 I really liked these scenarios
(56.14 KB 747x1070 76102433_p1.jpg)
(282.68 KB 750x1000 38234501_p0.jpg)
(599.49 KB 1680x1050 Kikis delivery service.jpg)
(414.36 KB 900x1222 71631862_p0.png)
>>604 I like the way you think. I've had similar fantasies about bullying and/or regressing an overachieving loli such as Chiyo. One thing I'd like to do is let her try to prove her maturity by giving her some JS1 worksheets to complete: embarrassingly simple things like writing the names of colors and counting up to 10. The catch is that she'd be strapped into a highchair and her only writing material would be the finger-paint which I'd generously smear all over both her hands. To make things harder the answer boxes would be quite small and tightly packed. Oh, and just for fun I might sprinkle a bit of itching powder inside her clothes before she started. By the end of it she definitely wouldn't look like a big mature grade schooler, and she'd be lucky to score any points at all. In fact, I think that kind of predicament play is my favorite sub-fetish. It appeals to me in the same way as omorashi, but it has the potential to be so much more complex and humiliating.
(448.80 KB 1280x1853 senkan yamatoni diaper.jpg)
>>615 Yeah, I love the idea of mature lolis being transformed into the exact opposite, it's the best. Imagine them blushing red or getting a bit fussy because they've been forced back into baby stuff is the best. And since it is an interest of mine where the person forced into some embarrassing or humiliating gradually learns to accept or love it themselves (whether sissy stuff, diapers or otherwise) it makes for some really fun scenarios in my mind. >One thing I'd like to do is let her try to prove her maturity by giving her some JS1 worksheets to complete: embarrassingly simple things like writing the names of colors and counting up to 10. The catch is that she'd be strapped into a highchair and her only writing material would be the finger-paint which I'd generously smear all over both her hands. To make things harder the answer boxes would be quite small and tightly packed. Oh, and just for fun I might sprinkle a bit of itching powder inside her clothes before she started. By the end of it she definitely wouldn't look like a big mature grade schooler, and she'd be lucky to score any points at all. I'd love to see something like this. She'd be so frustrated by the end of it, poor girl!
>>600 Some of these are very cute! I dont really like "real" bullying or humiliation, but if its the kind of thing where "I want to do this, even if I act like I don't like it" then its fine, so long as they dont appear visibly upset. Once you get to that point it bothers me to think about, even if I know the person/character actually likes it. What do all the JK, JS, JY, etc mean? I know it refers to grade or age or something, but what are the actual age ranges that correspond to each one?
>>604 I love the scenarios done by the person who drew 4 and 5, and the art isnt bad per say, (although it could be better) it just isnt the style I usually go for. I do love the idea of just humming while she stands there and goes in her pants.
(7.56 MB 2893x4092 bunny loli.png)
>>637 >JK, JS, JY JY - Joshi Youchienji - Kindergarten Girl (age 5-6) JS - Joshi Shougakusei - Elementary School Girl (age 6-12) JC - Joshi Chuugakusei - Junior-high School Girl (age 12-15) JK - Joshi Koukousei - High School Girl (age 15-18) JD - Joshi Daigakusei - College Girl (age 18+) Daily reminder that JS and JC are superior lolis >>638 I really liked those two too, even in spite of the art. I just pulled them off Pixiv while trying to find images for my post. I hope the artist keeps practicing, because I like their ideas! https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/34055432
(5.80 MB 9645x2755 77805670_p0.png)
(3.44 MB 2480x3507 79147714_p0.png)
(2.17 MB 4092x2893 77132309_p0.png)
(2.03 MB 3845x2480 76849375_p0.png)
(4.57 MB 2893x4092 76782178_p0.png)
>>640 So I know the BO wanted all scat to be spoiled, but does that include only visible scat or does it also include implied scat or brown/bulging diaper seats?
>>644 Since I like scat myself, it’s hard to judge what exactly someone who is not into would be grossed out by, but my intention with that rule only applies to visible scat, not implied scat. So brown bulging diaper seats would not need to be spoiled, but something like the pics I have attached would need to be. I will have to clarify this in the rules thread
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>>645 Cool, thanks for the clarification. >>600 >A JS age loli asks to be dressed in thick diapers and a special all-in-one snowsuit for the day. The snowsuit fastens at the back with a zipper and buttons and it has thick padded thumbless mittens permanently attached to the sleeves. Once she's wearing it there's no way she can get it off without help, and the mittens prevent her from even holding a bottle without using both hands. She's given a very large oatmeal enema, then diapered up and sent to play with other kids at the park. She looks just like a toddler, except she's even more helpless than most of the toddlers at the park. This is pretty much perfection. One of my favorite fantasies is anything that involves diapers under snow suits (not just with lolis) but there seems to be so little of that kind of stuff. I think it has something to do with being all bundled up, being helpless due to the many layers and distance to a toilet, and the fact that they are so thick that nobody can even tell if you are wearing or using a diaper underneath.
>>650 winter stuff are perfect, I could imagine a scenario where the mom decides to potty train her JS daughter then after months of successes and failures but there were no convincing success nor convincing failure meaning that the daughter most likely failed as much as she succeeded which made the mother not give up her potty training just yet. but then the winter comes, the mother feels it's a bad idea to just make her daughter sit bottomless in the cold winter for long periods of time risking a cold or fever of some sort so she postpones the potty training and forces her daughter back into thick diapers for the time being till the cold wears off. and of course the daughter would be wearing heavy winter clothing because her mother is a worrywart and they will be taken off when the mother says it's the time for a diaper change. or when she pulls of her pants to check the diaper. and of course the daughter would feel that it's unjust so a lot of back and forth toilet action would happen as the daughter got used to going to the toilet. well I could go on forever but probably you could imagine the stuff that would happen as it goes on.
(141.75 KB 695x980 83564028_p0.jpg)
(2.04 MB 7016x4961 pile.jpg)
(404.65 KB 1948x2645 1572883974591.jpg)
(3.59 MB 1625x1997 76996005_p2.png)
(741.00 KB 957x1276 76927503_p0.jpg)
(225.91 KB 1589x1597 1569530996039.jpg)
>>860 These are really cute! Love anything to do with changing...
>tfw randomly getting the desire for breastfeeding loli in diapers Why do I keep getting into niche stuff? Do you anons have any niche interests?
>>877 dude, roleplaying on f-list made me discover how niche some of my interests are. for example tickling a loli and she squirms around in laughter with her diaper audibly crinkling. I find myself so attached to the thought. and yes I'm for breastfeeding as well. it's adorable!
>>879 >roleplaying on f-list made me discover how niche some of my interests are I can only imagine that I would have the same issues. It seems like half the stuff I look into either has very little art or no good art. It's truly suffering > for example tickling a loli and she squirms around in laughter with her diaper audibly crinkling Cute! Even better if she wets a little
>>880 >Cute! Even better if she wets a little yesss >>877 I also tend to get into pretty niche stuff. A few examples that there is very little of are (potty) accidents during car rides, and diapers under snow suits.
>>882 I never even considered snowsuits before you mentioned them a few weeks ago but the idea struck a chord in me, I think, I even fantasized about such an idea recently, especially imagining how warm the diaper must feel in comparison to the cold outside and her face
(181.80 KB 900x1220 58375090_p0.png)
(408.03 KB 684x1215 smbc_layers-2.png)
>>877 >Do you anons have any niche interests? Hard to remove clothing, such as snowsuits or back-zipper sleepers. Toddler reigns/leashes. Lolis who often forget to (or aren't allowed to) wipe after using the potty. Bedwetting alarms, especially when used during the day. Inflatable arm bands at the beach or pool, or one of those inflatable swim rings with a baby seat in it. Another interesting idea I've had involves an older sister being changed into the used diaper which her baby sister was just changed out of. Or just a scene where a loli is put through all the embarrassment of a public diaper change, including getting her bottom thoroughly wiped, but ends up being put back in the same messy diaper she started off in. The second image wasn't aimed at lolicons, but I thought it appropriate for the snowsuit discussion.
(27.09 KB 448x401 man of culture.JPG)
(378.09 KB 862x977 leash.png)
>>885 >Toddler reigns/leashes. >Lolis who often forget to (or aren't allowed to) wipe after using the potty. >Another interesting idea I've had involves an older sister being changed into the used diaper which her baby sister was just changed out of Lolicons here at /abdl/ have the most exquisite tastes, I must say. I like the last idea here a lot too. I was recently reading something (My Sweet Baby by Aiu Kaho) that I've come back to a few times where a girl is changed out of her diaper, cleaned up and put back in a dirty diaper.
On the subject of niche tastes/fantasies and this general line of discussion, I have a thing involving a loli in the middle of potty training in a car that I need to get around to writing down. If I dont soon, someone should tell me to do it.
I had a nice dream last night involving a loli. She must have been about 10 and was wearing bright red leggings. She seemed to have no idea that her pull-up was clearly visible from behind through the fabric. It was similar to the loli on the right in the first picture of >>235. That's the only fragment of the dream I remember but it was intensely cute. >>889 I'd like to read that when you have time. Anything related to potty training is really fun.
(1.12 MB 1058x1560 wet change.png)
(273.21 KB 999x1500 old styles dresses.jpg)
>>972 That sounds like it was a cute dream. I bet she would have been blushing as red as those leggings if someone had pointed out her exposed pull-up! I've only had one loli dream that I can recall a part of involving diapers. I was sitting at a desk trying to do something in some sort of room in a house. Two lolis dressed similar to the girl in yellow in my second pic were bothering me and trying to get my intention. I remember one them lifting her skirt to show me her diaper to get my attention, giggling as she did it. They must have been eight or ten, I'm not sure it's vague. It kind of cute and naughty.
Anyone know any artists taking loli diaper comms?
>>975 'alittleloli' on pixiv is probably. Im sure there are others as well.
I commissioned the guy who dres these >>491 for like a good amount of money on skeb https://skeb.jp/@LITEU you simply need a twitter account, then just write the com details simply and specify if the commission is nsfw or not then submit it. they will not send any WIP to see how it's going to be they're just going give you the finished piece so be specific, and since he is japanese you need to use many reference cuz the language barrier might cause some misunderstanding. anyways this how I wrote my commission details to him: https://skeb.jp/works/92492 that if you want to comm him anyways. you can also check other artists on that website as well. but I recommend this guy because he literally delivered the com in like 2 days after the payment was received and the com was accpeted. and he doesn't take long to accept as well.
(458.69 KB 849x1200 cute feet and diaper.jpg)
(300.09 KB 800x600 1174902269491.jpg)
(273.64 KB 1024x768 127.jpg)
(321.62 KB 800x600 1277197026283.jpg)
(113.62 KB 800x722 1390968762014.jpg)
(652.02 KB 1194x1572 1410242735348.jpg)
(91.58 KB 1024x768 1391313339895.jpg)
(91.27 KB 801x1133 1412979338829.jpg)
(594.75 KB 1154x1200 1413174877472.jpg)
(266.48 KB 1086x1536 1421129562518.jpg)
(222.95 KB 1200x1698 1439827929965.jpg)
(620.13 KB 957x1276 70525453_p0.jpg)
(7.99 MB 2550x3509 70655504_p0.png)
(6.00 MB 3500x2970 74911256_p0.png)
(646.04 KB 892x1276 67778076_p0.jpg)
(662.41 KB 1200x900 1440698289244.jpg)
(133.48 KB 811x1200 1537187509287.jpg)
(289.29 KB 800x1280 3.jpg)
(209.51 KB 560x420 22.jpg)
(9.05 MB 960x540 cgy21.webm)
I'll just leave this here. It's only 3 minutes so I uploaded the full episode, but the relevant bit starts at 1:38.
>>889 >>972 I want to finally get around to doing this, what perspective should I write it from? like, from the perspective of the loli, the adult/caregiver, or a third person point of view? Also, who should the caregiver be? I mean, a parent is the most obvious choice, but somehow a babysitter seems cuter.
(1.65 MB 1754x2481 84122900_p2.png)
(1.24 MB 2508x3541 82796352_p3.jpg)
>>1049 I think a third person perspective gives you the most freedom as a writer. If you want to write it in first person I'd do it from the point of view of the loli, since she's the one whose emotional state we are most interested in. As for the caregiver, it really depends what kind of situation you had in mind. To give you some other options, they could be an older cousin or other relative or they could be the parent of one of the loli's friends. You should go with whichever choice you like best.
>>1045 the undressing and then the daughter strongly refuses to try them on as she is implied to be forced into wearing them is just so good and so cute. the mother's soft voice and playfulness adds to the scene as well. that was a good find.
(138.49 KB 718x1200 82939185_p0.jpg)
(426.22 KB 708x1000 82889862_p1.jpg)
(145.82 KB 708x1000 82912686_p0.jpg)
(1.01 MB 4096x3177 EBSwcz6U0AIYhmF.jpeg)
>>975 Here are some people that have done loli comms. laserbeambkk https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/35506690 his works are mostly shota but he has done loli work before. https://www.deviantart.com/barkyhito It doesn't say if he is currently taking at the moment but his work looks decent. https://twitter.com/water_noodle As low as $5 for commission.
(459.23 KB 565x800 84183068_p0.png)
(966.72 KB 1593x1129 84089806_p0.jpg)
(333.87 KB 2527x2487 cirno_by_@MAEesthetic.jpeg)
(885.23 KB 1684x2373 10.jpg)
(889.41 KB 1684x2373 11.jpg)
(132.87 KB 397x589 1282355135046225920_1.jpg)
(366.79 KB 1000x1000 74208188_p0.jpg)
(1.23 MB 1600x1200 67991761_p0.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1600x1200 67991761_p1.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1600x1200 67991761_p2.jpg)
(173.63 KB 1534x2048 EhkWWw3WoAUB2_D.jpeg)
(521.62 KB 957x1276 84055361_p0.jpg)
(670.99 KB 957x1276 84341131_p0.jpg)
(276.12 KB 718x889 diaper vr.png)
(468.72 KB 2500x2500 diaper color.jpg)
(710.81 KB 2843x2500 diaper play outside.jpg)
I like the third one in particular, it's very comfy and cute.
(2.27 MB 500x281 tsugumomo laugh.gif)
>>214 >last pic I was watching the anime Tsugumomo last night and I was stunned to come across that in the show, never expected any ABDL stuff in that anime but as soon as I saw it I recognized that image.
>>1118 Wow, I didn't know that was an actual scene from an anime. Downloading it now.
(1.56 MB 1003x1417 kiriha.png)
>>1124 It's only a brief thing shown for a second in one episode, but I'd definitely recommend the anime so far. I'm about half way through the first season and have really been enjoying it. Good mix of humor and ecchi, and a good OST, here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQd39HYwVyw
>>1050 >>1049 >>889 So I FINALLY started writing this out. Iv got a pretty large piece of it done already, I hopefully will be able to finish it some time tonight, if not then probably tomorrow, since now Iv actually gotten started on it. Im pretty happy with most of it so far.
>>1133 Take your time, anon, can't wait to read though.
>>1136 >>1133 >>889 OK, here it is. Ended up being a bit longer than expected, so it will have more than one part. Cassy jumped up into the car and clambered into her car seat, wiggling excitedly as she waited for her older cousin Jake to come and put her seat belt on. Jake pushed their now empty shopping cart into a nearby cart corral and walked back to his car, closing the trunk on his way to the passenger side where Cassy now sat waiting. Despite her continued wriggling he quickly got her buckled in, tousling her hair as he finished, got in and started the car. "Someone's excited to get home!" he said as they pulled out of the parking lot. "Yeah! I can't wait to add to my train set!" was Cassy's energetic response. Jake had promised to take Cassy to a nearby toy store and pick up a small expansion kit for her train set if she behaved while they were out running some errands. It wasn't much, just a small container with a collection of wooden track pieces, but the girl was fascinated with building and re-configuring all sorts of setups in her play area, and even a few extra pieces might open up all sorts of new possibilities. "I'm gonna make a tunnel under the table, and a bridge between the..." Jake mentally tuned her excited chattering out as he recounted the days adventures watching the energetic 4 year old. ("I'm ALMOST 4 and a half!" she would probably say) Not only had she been quite well behaved the entire time, but she had even managed to stay dry the entire time they were out. Well, almost dry at least. She had a small accident while they were at the pet store to pick up cat food. "I was looking at the fish and then I had to pee! And I kinda just forgot about using the potty for a second and started going in my pants... But! Then I remembered when I felt my diaper getting wet and I started to hold it! And I only peed a little tiny bit!" was what she had told him while they took the mandatory "5 minute break to look at the fish". Jake had taken her to the bathroom right away, and although he was half expecting her to be totally soaked, she actually turned out to be right; her diaper was barely even wet. If he hadn't been looking for it, he probably wouldn't have even noticed. After she finished in the toilet, Jake put her back in the same diaper (seeing as it was effectively unused) and they went about their business. Something similar had happened on two other occasions that day (minus the part where she had started to piddle herself). Cassy's parents had tried to potty train her at around 2, but quickly realized she wasn't ready and quite frankly wasn't particularly interested anyway. They made follow up attempts periodically, but it wasn't until she was a bit past 3 and a half that she really showed any serious interest in it. Even then, she still struggled. She had been a bit late on many of the early developmental milestones (but not outside the 'normal range' as her doctor had assured her parents many times), and between being highly energetic and easily distracted at some times while (seemingly paradoxically) prone to hyper-fixation at others, she essentially represented the perfect storm of potty training. For most of the last year during which she had shown any real interest in the potty, more often than not she would end up going in her diaper anyway. That isn't to say there had been no successes, but they were somewhat infrequent and usually inconsistent. Even when she did have a small, isolated string of successes, they seemed to stay just that; small and isolated. Recently, she seemed to be doing better, and although there were certainly still plenty of accidents, her parents were hoping that this was the beginning of real progress and not just another of her seemingly random strings of success. Either way, they fortunately didn't have to worry about her getting into a day care. Her cousin Jake lived nearby and was attending university online, and so was able to look after her most of the time. "Jake?" The uncertainty and slight concern in Cassy's voice caught his attention, snapping him back to reality. "Yeah sweaty? What is is?" "I have to go potty..." "Oh, Is it an emergency?" he replied. The concerned tone in her voice had made him worry it was something like an upset stomach. He could handle wet and dirty diapers all day long, but strongly preferred to not be involved whenever anybody was throwing up... "What do you mean 'emergency'?" "Like, do you need to go potty right this second, or can you hold it until we get home?" Jake *strongly* suspected that she did in fact know what he meant by 'emergency' and was just avoiding the question. Not because she was trying to hide anything from him; she was never punished or scolded after an accident. But she had managed to keep her pants clean and dry (or rather, *almost* dry, to be precise) for the whole day, and Jake imagined that she must feel very proud and grown up about this. He suspected that she wasn't avoiding the question because she didn't want him to know the answer, but rather because she didn't want to admit anything to herself. "Ummmm..." Cassy paused for a moment, her lips pursed together in thought. "Are we almost home?" Jake mentally pictured where they were, and after a moment of thought, concluded that it would be about 25 minutes or so before they got home. "It'll probably be around 15 minutes" he said out loud, guessing that if he lowered his estimate a bit, she might be more confident in her ability to hold it. That being said, at just under 4 and a half, it wasn't clear how much of a grasp on time Cassy had in the first place. "Umm... I- uhh, I think I can hold it..." was her (encouraging, although less than confident) response. "OK, just try your best, alright?" "OK..." It hadn't even been 2 minutes when Jake noticed that traffic was starting to slow down. He wasn't sure that Cassy could hold it 15 minutes, let alone the more realistic 25. As the cars in front of them slowed down to a crawl and finally came to a complete stop, Jake could practically see any hope of Cassy continuing the day's so far (*mostly*) uninterrupted string of potty successes fade into oblivion. A few more minutes passed while they sat in traffic, occasionally moving forward a few feet at a time, when Cassy piped up from her car seat in the back.
>>1151 And part 2. “Jake?” “Yeah Cassy?” “Are we almost there?” “Umm…” He wasn’t really sure how he should answer that. On one hand, it generally seemed like a good idea to try to encourage her to hold it. On the other hand, it didn’t seem very likely that she would make it anymore. After a moment, he decided to try to keep her hopes up. “Not quite, but we’re getting there. Is everything OK back there?” “Yeah, I just really need to go potty...” “OK sweetie.” He paused for a moment then said “Do you need to pee or poop?”. It hadn’t occurred to him to ask before now. Cassy replied in a quiet voice “… umm… poop...”. “Do you think you can hold it for a little longer?” “Yeah… I think so...” They sat in silence for a while after that. The traffic had started move move somewhat, but very slowly. Jake wasn’t sure what was going on ahead of them, but this certainly wasn’t normal for the area. Another 5 minutes or so went by before Cassy said “Jake?” “Yeah?” “I really really really need to go to the bathroom...” Jake didn’t say anything for a moment. He didn’t think she had much chance of making it, and he really didn’t mind changing poopy diapers anyway. “Cassy sweetie, it looks like it might take us longer to get home than I thought, so it’s OK if you need to use your diaper, alright?” “OK… but, umm, I think I can still hold it though.” “Are you sure? It sounded like you have to go pretty bad.” “Umm, yeah, I can hold it a little longer I think...” Another few minutes or so had passed when the traffic started to pick up again. It wasn’t moving at it’s normal speed, but it was at least making steady progress now. “Hey Cassy, how’re you doing back there? Are you still holding it?” “Yeah…” Just a few seconds later, she farted. Loud enough that Jake could hear it clearly in the drivers seat. “Everything still OK? Did you just have an accident?” “Ummm…” She hesitated for just a moment “No, it’s just gas.” “…Are you sure?” “Yep!” “Alright...” Jake looked at Cassy in his his rear view mirror and saw her squirming in her car seat with a slightly strained look on her face. “Remember, It’s OK if you can’t hold it and have to go in your diaper, alright?” “I know, I just… I just really want to make it to the potty ‘cause I haven’t had an accident all day.” “Well, you did wet yourself a little at the pet store, remember?” “Yeah, but it was only a teeny bit, so it doesn’t count. You didn’t even have to change me!” “OK, I guess your right.” The traffic ahead of them had really started to pick up now. They were even almost going the speed limit. Cassy farted a few more times, each time proudly announcing “I’m still clean, it was just gas!”. Jake believed her too. Each time he would catch a slight whiff of something, but after a few moments it would fade away. He could tell that she was really struggling though. She was squirming and wriggling in her car seat to some degree almost nonstop now, and he could hear her hold her breath and tense up every now and then as well. ‘If it weren’t for this traffic jam, she would definitely have made it’ he thought to himself. Then again, she might still surprise him. It had been probably 20 minutes by now. He hadn’t really expected her to hold it this long to begin with, traffic jam or not. But now that it had cleared up and they were moving again, they still had another 15 or 20 minutes left before they got home. As they continued on, Jake saw what must have caused the delay. A water main looked like it had burst, creating a huge pool of water that was now running across the street. A small flotilla of utility vehicles were parked in the grass and along the curb nearby. It looked like they had finally shut it off, but it was clear that it must have been quite a spectacular break. The ground around the now partially excavated pipe was a muddy mess, and there was silt and grit covering the road far beyond where the water was now. Clearly the water had been higher before. Several of the utility workers who now stood around the hole were wearing reflective vests that were now spattered with mud and dripping wet. They slowed down as their car plowed through the water, sending spray up in every direction. Once they passed out the other side, he was finally able to accelerate back up to the regular speed limit again. Jake sniffed the air a little bit. ‘Cassy must have farted again’ he idly thought to himself. A short time later however, he noticed two things. First, not only had he not heard her toot, but Cassy hadn’t made any comment this time. Second, and perhaps more telling, was that the smell hadn’t gone away yet. In fact, where before it had rapidly dissipated in a matter of seconds, the odor presently in the car was getting stronger and more noticeable as time passed. He glanced in his mirror again. Cassy didn’t appear to be squirming anymore, and her head was turned down. He thought he could see her cheeks blushing, but wasn’t sure. ‘Poor thing’ he thought to himself as another wave of odor wafted up into the front seat, ‘she holds it this whole time and then finally when we start to move again she ends up having an accident’. Within a minute or so, the smell wasn’t so much wafting around as it was saturating the car. It didn’t really smell bad though. Not that it smelled like flowers and rainbows. She still pooped. But it wasn’t what Jake would consider an “offensive” odor. Unmistakable? Yes. Unavoidable? Absolutely. But awful? Disgusting? Not really. It just sort of settled gently over the entire interior of the car. Jake almost said something, ask her how she was doing, but decided against it. She was clearly already rather embarrassed, and he didn’t see any reason to draw any more attention to it. A few minutes later he turned into a neighborhood that acted like a short cut on their way home. Moments later he regretted it as they came up to the first of a handful of speed bumps. It didn’t really bother Jake that much; stinky diapers didn’t really phase him, and even if they did, a few bumps probably wouldn’t make that much difference in the long run. But he felt bad for Cassy. Not only did she have to sit in her poopy diaper for the rest of the car ride, but now every speed bump they went over would be like an embarrassing reminder that she had gone in her pants. When they finally arrived home, Jake pulled into the driveway and parked the car. He waited to get Cassy out of her car seat; there was a bag of frozen vegetables and a tub of ice cream from the grocery that needed to get into the freezer. As soon as he had finished with that, he came back out and started to unbuckle Cassy from her car seat. “Jake?” “Yeah sweetie?” “umm...” She paused for a moment, blushing. “I uhh… I really really needed to go potty, and I couldn’t hold it anymore, and I uh… I used the bathroom in my diaper by accident...” she mumbled sheepishly. “I know sweetie, it’s no big deal. I don’t mind cleaning you up. Plus you held it for a really long time, remember?” “Yeah… How did you already know that I used my diaper?” Jake had just lifted her up by her arms out of her car seat when she asked that, and had to stop himself from laughing out loud. “Because I could smell you silly!” He poked her nose playfully. “Your diaper is all stinky!” Cassy giggled a little in response. “Oh, yeah...” He closed the car door and, holding her against himself with her head just above his shoulder, started carrying her inside. “How about we go get that poopy bottom cleaned up and then we can bring the rest of the stuff inside, hmm? After that we can play with the new train track! Does that sound good?” Cassys eyes lit up at that. “Yeah! Definitely!” I've thought about doing a little epilogue at the end, but either way let me know what you think! Im not sure if I put too much extraneous details in or not.
>>1151 >>1152 Very cute, and your writing is style is really good. I actually liked all the extra details you put in. My only criticism - and it's a very subjective one - is that I'd have liked to read more about how Cassy was feeling. The speed bumps bit was a delightful idea, but we never really got any details of how she reacted to it. It would also have been nice to get a description of how helpless and babyish she felt being forced to poop in her diaper while the straps of her car seat kept her bottom pressed firmly against her padding. It was still very well written though, and I look forward to reading any more stories you come up with - especially any more about Cassy's attempts at potty training.
(6.12 MB 2480x3508 solo.png)
>>1152 >>1151 Good job, anon, it was well-worth the wait in my opinion. I do agree with >>1156 with his one criticism though. I really enjoyed reading about Cassy struggling to hold it, and Jake getting occasional whiffs of what was going on, but I would have loved to know how Cassy felt a little more when sitting in that stinky mess. Good job!
>>1162 >>1156 Thanks for the feedback! Ill be sure to keep that in mind. I think I tend to agree with you if I think about it. I wasn't really as comfortable writing from her perspective since it's a less familiar point of view to me (in other words, I am closer to an older cousin than I am a toddler in diapers) Should I try the same scenario but just from her perspective? I was thinking of doing an "epilogue" where she gets changed, and I might try to do that also with some of the ending stuff from her perspective. Do you think I over did it with describing the smell? To be honest, that was more or less the seed of the scenario; Person A and B are in a car, person B poops, but the only indication of it happening is the smell. Something about person B feeling super shy about it, but despite being really sneaky/discreet about it, they cant do anything about the smell. That, plus the idea of being stuck in a car/wherever. >>1156 summed it up perfectly mentioning the straps of the car seat. I do have other ideas I hope to explore. Now that I've actually written this down, I can probably more easily use this pair as a frame work for future ideas, so I do think we will see more of them.
>>1164 >I wasn't really as comfortable writing from her perspective since it's a less familiar point of view to me (in other words, I am closer to an older cousin than I am a toddler in diapers) I get what you mean. It's the same for me as well obviously, and I definitely identified with the experiences of the cousin more than I did the girl. If you want to try to see how writing something from her perspective might go, give it a try and see how it turns out. I think the hardest part would be writing it in such a way that it actually seems believable as a toddler character, but not falling into cringe territory, which is very possible if one imitates that type of character poorly. >Do you think I over did it with describing the smell? I am a massive degenerate so I thought that was the best part.
>>1171 I think if I write it from her point of view, but really from a third person point of view, that it might be easier. Like when writing from Jakes perspective, I was basically saying what Jake thought, saw, smelled, etc, as opposed to seeing the scene exclusively from his eyes. I think if I do the same thing, just describe Cassys thoughts, what she feels, sees, etc, it will be easier, and hopefully it wont fall into the cringe pit. >>I thought that was the best part Thats gratifying.
>>1172 That sounds like a good way to do it. Can't wait to see what you come up with eventually!
>>1164 >Do you think I over did it with describing the smell? I don't think so. I don't have a smell fetish and I didn't find it overbearing.
(3.02 MB 1735x2481 lo2.png)
(2.72 MB 1403x2395 lo1.png)
(250.98 KB 480x640 84448311_p0.jpg)
(97.05 KB 785x1200 1546792616113.jpg)
(651.88 KB 1020x689 62332392_p0.png)
(1.53 MB 1754x1240 19_6_7_1.png)
(1.52 MB 1754x1240 19_6_7_2.png)
(1.04 MB 1280x1741 78036493_p11.jpg)
>>1201 I really like pictures like #1 where she has tried to hide her diaper but it's still visible under her clothes. #3 and #4 are cute too, especially the little stain in her 'big girl' panties.
>>1202 I love that first pic. I’m pretty sure her speech bubbles say something like “Papa, the poop is still coming out...”
(334.28 KB 700x810 27.jpg)
(347.94 KB 700x810 28.jpg)
(79.83 KB 575x750 30740879_p0.png)
(931.35 KB 2149x3035 46782769_p0.jpg)
>>1203 Pretty much. I think it's actually "the poop is still coming out" or "even more poop is coming out".
(52.69 KB 560x800 C6Uc__jUYAAGw_B.jpg:large.jpeg)
(82.17 KB 880x730 C6X4oglU8AA56_i.jpg:large.jpeg)
(54.06 KB 628x777 C91n6LBUwAEx1YD.jpg:large.jpeg)
(110.54 KB 628x777 C91XbS2UIAAdQgl.png:large.png)
(89.15 KB 627x876 CDsZfR4UUAAzfwN.jpg:large.jpeg)
>>1203 Sorry, just realized I misread what you wrote. You're exactly right.
(153.66 KB 539x657 47507232_p0.png)
(1.04 MB 1050x1400 30694857_p0.jpg)
(376.22 KB 551x786 20139503_p0.png)
(741.98 KB 957x1276 73793877_p0.jpg)
(202.63 KB 992x1417 bear loli diaper.jpg)
Is loli anyone else's main ABDL interest?
>>1216 For me? Not really. I mean, yeah, I like it, but not primarily because its loli. Depending on if I am in the mood for cute or not I will switch between loli or other stuff.
(50.34 KB 565x751 DMqLSr1UQAU4TJP.jpg)
>>1216 That's definitely true for me. I can get off to diapered adults, but 99.9% of my fantasies involve lolis.
(72.23 KB 1000x1200 hand hold.jpg)
>>1223 >I can get off to diapered adults, but 99.9% of my fantasies involve lolis. This is increasingly true for me as well. I've become a bigger and bigger lolicon over the years in general, but diapered lolis have come to occupy a special place in my heart. I think a part of it has to do with how I like both the baby aesthetic and lolis in general, but another is that I can think of a lot more interesting and cute fantasy scenarios with diapered lolis than adults
(73.78 KB 500x1000 image1336119541.jpg)
>>1226 >another is that I can think of a lot more interesting and cute fantasy scenarios with diapered lolis than adults I get exactly what you mean. The idea of an adult being exposed as a diaper wearer isn't cute. The realistic reaction would either be awkward apathy or disgust, neither of which are erotic emotions for me. A far richer spectrum of emotions are available when fantasizing about lolis because they aren't subject to all the expectations of adult society. An 8 year old wearing a wet diaper and strapped into a stroller might be viewed as babyish and get teased by other children, but she'd avoid any harsher judgement by virtue of her age. An adult in the same situation would receive the full brunt of society's judgement. Plus I just find lolis naturally more attractive, even without diapers.
(33.78 KB 300x300 diaper toddler.png)
>>1230 >The idea of an adult being exposed as a diaper wearer isn't cute. The realistic reaction would either be awkward apathy or disgust, neither of which are erotic emotions for me. I totally get what you mean. When you touch on the expectations of adult society later in your post that makes me think of another thing, a loli diapered up and having fun playing with dolls, or toys, or having fun with cartoons is a lot more genuine-seeming to me and cuter than an adult in diapers doing that. I don't think they can really enjoy it in the same carefree and genuine way. >Plus I just find lolis naturally more attractive, even without diapers. I think I'm rapidly reaching this same conclusion. Like I said, I've gradually gotten more into it over the years, but nowadays nine times out of ten it's just loli for me and I doubt I'll ever go back. You know you've been lolipilled when you're looking at pics on a booru and think "ugh, her chest isn't flat enough!"
>>1216 age regression is mine. Male ar because I'm a boy and it is self insert >>1230 >>1232 Pretty much this stuff as well. Even with AR in mind I think a regressed adult wouldn't want to play with dolls, toys, or enjoy cartoons unless "fictional" hypnosis or some shit was in effect.
>>1233 The only toy I can really get into good is Legos. That's the one toy I really never grew out of genuinely playing with. They're a lot of fun to play with and build with while in diapers.
>>1235 I'll admit I still have a love of building stuff but when thinking of age regression and rp or story building for example I'd think a more realistic situation for someone who was regressed and loss all status and rights or so over night would hate legos. Granted one of my loves today as well is blankets. Which aren't really a thing I remember liking as a kid as much as oh say a stuffed animal. But yeah I love wrapping myself in a blanket these days.
>>1236 >I'll admit I still have a love of building stuff but when thinking of age regression and rp or story building for example I'd think a more realistic situation for someone who was regressed and loss all status and rights or so over night would hate legos. Why would it involve all of that evil crap, though? Why the loss of status and rights, why the assumption that this is forced? The fact that this fetish (and related fetishes, such as AR and feminization) is so inundated with vicious cruelty is what puts me off from this whole thing and always has. Seeing this portraryed as a weapon or some sort of discipline (that is actually a wonderful way to inflict lifelong trauma on a child) gets me out of the mood instantly. The worst part is when creators literally do not even realize they're writing/drawing vicious cruelty.
>>1247 When talking about a "realistic" situation for an AR story I assume it would be "forced or some sort of trickery happened or some sort of virus happened" or other thing against the person's will because most people in their right minds I assume would not want to go back to a age of their life where someone else did everything for them to the point where they have to wear their toilet (diaper) or so on them. Or how about a mom or dad becoming a kid again? What happens to their actual kids now? And the loss of "status and rights" doesn't have to deal with actual cruelty. Would you trust someone that looks like they are 2 years old to drive a car? If someone is physically a 2 year old again to the point where their bodies are weak as shit and they are using diapers would you trust themselves to be safe if they were alone? To take care of themselves? The fact that I assume they would hate legos is because they want to hold onto their status still in some way. Lots of AR stories don't have major cruelty come up as an option.
(42.87 KB 566x800 64757749_p0.jpg)
>>1247 A lot of normal people have all sorts of dark sexual fantasies involving force and coercion. It's why things like handcuffs and paddles are some of the most popular sex toys. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the same sort of dark fantasies occur in people with weirder fetishes. The important thing is to draw a clear line between fantasy and reality. Also, as much as some of my fantasies might count as "viciously cruel", I wouldn't mind being subjected to them myself. I usually start from the assumption that the characters in my fantasies have similar fetishes to myself and therefore don't feel too bad about what is being done to them. There's also a comparison to be made with things like action movies. If you see a bunch of people shot you can logically conclude that many of them would die agonizing deaths or be left crippled and suffering from PTSD for the rest of their lives. Their families and especially their children would suffer immensely as a result of a short 10 second action sequence. However, for better or for worse, most action movies don't dwell on that side of things.
>>1248 What you're talking about can be better understood when looked at through the lens of physical disability, unless some mental loss is involved (which is a serious horror show on its own for obvious reasons). Consider your questions and then consider Hotwheels. Think of what real disabled people have to deal with and how real caregivers are trained to treat disabled people. In comparison, let me give you my futuristic fantasy. I wake up in the morning in my soaked diapers, and Mommy lifts me out of my crib, changes me, and gives me a bath. (I can do these things myself in my five-year-old's body, Mommy just likes to do it for me.) Then Mommy asks me which pretty dress I'd like to wear for the day, and after putting me in it, she fixes me a delicious, nutritious breakfast without too much sugar in it, and then the self-driving bus picks me up and takes me to the rejuvenated-adult daycare, where I play surprisingly advanced and very fun social and physical games for three hours with my best friends. Then the bus drives me home, and unfortunately it's work time, but designing, monitoring, and remotely maintaining the automated factory equipment isn't that hard. Mommy calls me down for dinner and then she buckles me in my reins and takes me down to the park. Everyone can see my poofy diapers under my short dress, but I wave happily anyway. There's no humiliation, not even embarrassment. It's a very secure, very rejuvenation-friendly neighborhood; that's why we live there. When we get home, I play my favorite video games and read my favorite stories until bedtime, where I am put into my cuddly sleeper with the attached mittens - I picked it out myself! - and given my favorite plushie to hug. Some weekends, I just stay in my sleeper all day, and so do a lot of my friends when we watch (very high-quality) cartoons together or sometimes a presentation on some extremely advanced scientific topic. Depends on the mood. Legally, I am an adult; physically, I am a diapered five-year-old; mentally, I am actually superhuman, an adult with a lot of freshly divided brain cells. If I didn't want to do this anymore, I could stop at any point, use assistive technologies instead of a caregiver until I get big again, but I never want to stop. I love being little. I love my friends. I love Mommy. Unfortunately, real rejuvenation biotechnology - and yes, there is such a thing as real rejuvenation biotechnology - is nowhere near the point at which this is remotely possible. Maybe if the stuff we've got lets us live long enough. >>1249 There's a reason the BDSM community has such a strong emphasis on safewords and consent!
(315.48 KB 645x911 ah_11_1_.JPG)
>>1250 >There's a reason the BDSM community has such a strong emphasis on safewords and consent! Obviously safewords and consent are importing when dealing with real people in the real world. In case you didn't notice, everything posted in this thread is fictional. Fiction operates under different ethical constraints than reality. As for your scenario, it's pretty much what I hope the future is like. With efficient brain-computer interfaces it would actually be possible to achieve much stronger guarantees that nobody was (involuntarily) having a bad time. None of us will live long enough to see anything like that though.
(477.68 KB 1200x1155 84205537_p0_master1200.jpg)
(163.86 KB 900x796 84473118_p0_master1200.jpg)
(167.51 KB 800x715 84473118_p1_master1200.jpg)
>>1252 >Fiction operates under different ethical constraints than reality. Yeah, I don't mind "I know this would be seriously vile if it were real, but I'm getting off on it" so much. My problem is when people think up some seriously traumatic scenarios and then, in the comments or elsewhere, say something like "it wasn't too cruel" or "it wasn't that bad", or maybe the writer will put unnecessary lines into the dialogue to make things seem not as bad as they are. That's the bigger WTF. You can't justify it, so don't try! This gets worse as it gets more realistic, because at that point, the author starts looking like an actual creep who genuinely doesn't see anything wrong with actually doing this to people. The only thing worse than that is when the author is actively expressing the desire to make such things real. >With efficient brain-computer interfaces it would actually be possible to achieve much stronger guarantees that nobody was (involuntarily) having a bad time. That's what a future story of mine is going to include. Post-Singularity ABDL/sissy. https://archiveofourown.org/users/SweetJacqueline
>>1254 >the author starts looking like an actual creep Everyone posting in this thread is an "actual creep" as far as society is concerned. Also, from your filenames (*_master1200.jpg) it looks like you're saving downscaled preview images from pixiv rather than fullsize ones. You should make sure you click on any images to expand them before saving them.
(2.65 MB 1440x1440 box.png)
Maybe I'm just fucked up but I just jerk it to whatever I want and don't care if it's vile or immoral
(846.29 KB 936x1276 71029896_p0.jpg)
>>1256 It's okay anon. I don't think you're fucked up. As long as you stick to 2D you aren't doing anything remotely wrong.
>>1250 >What you're talking about can be better understood when looked at through the lens of physical disability, unless some mental loss is involved (which is a serious horror show on its own for obvious reasons). Consider your questions and then consider Hotwheels. Think of what real disabled people have to deal with and how real caregivers are trained to treat disabled people. I was thinking of how real disabled people would think about it. This is why I was saying someone who is physical age regressed wouldn't want to play with toys like Legos. I'm also well aware of how caregivers treat disabled people actually and their attempts at letting them keep their dignity can sort of get fucked up when it comes to fatigue though, no matter what even the best caregiver can take shortcuts if they are tired enough. My point is disabled people can struggle to remain independent and not struggle with the loss of ability and status. This old episode of King of the Hill actually brought this issue up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiTGaDTZyVY So in the long run I do feel someone who ended up age regressed would have to deal with the fact that the only car they would be able to drive w/o someone freaking out that they are behind the wheel of it is a pedal car. They chances are won't be able to cut their own food and everything is a choking hazard to small kids so like it or not the idea of eating some things would be gone. The world is built for adults. Every where they go they'd be treated like a kid 1st just off their looks alone. Chances are if they are seen out alone in public they'd have cops pulling up after being called about a child being left alone out on the street. Your fantasy doesn't really help my suspension of disbelief. Pretty much in order to be a toddler physically I have to hope machines advance to the point where pretty much all of humanity might as well not worry about work at all and life is on easy street so people could live the life they want anyway. I'd love it as well if it happened but with the way the world is now I feel at some point any caregiver would end up resenting the hell out of me if I regressed in age by choice or have the issue like King of the Hill showed and take shortcuts in my care at their convenience.
>>1254 I took a look at some of your stories. To put it bluntly, I'd recommend that you try not to brow-beat your audience quite so much. It gets tiring when every chapter includes a bit of internal monologue expressing the author's contempt for the rest of the ABDL community. It's a shame, because enthusiastic consent can be incredibly erotic when its done right.
(451.95 KB 654x1000 72383930_p0.jpg)
(5.19 MB 2893x4092 81027723_p0.png)
(2.33 MB 2893x4092 81218513_p0.png)
(9.39 MB 2893x4092 81246260_p0.png)
(3.39 MB 2893x4092 81287643_p1.png)
This is loli thread, remember to post lolis. >>1255 You really want the enormous ones, even when the detail is unnecessary? Okay... >>1258 You're right in that no one with the mind of an adult (who wasn't already one of us to begin with) wouldn't want to play with kids' toys, but the reason that everything's a choking hazard to small kids is that small kids put things in their mouth, and I'm pretty sure that we're in agreement that mental AR means you're fucked. Two is probably too young to live at home full-time without a caregiver,.three or four is probably a bit of a hassle (remember, motor control is in the brain), but five is fine; you'll just need stepstools and furniture in your size, assuming you don't just lie on the floor. >I feel at some point any caregiver would end up resenting the hell out of me if I regressed in age by choice Which is why you would hopefully find someone who's into it before you regressed! Your concept of status doesn't really map to reality, because there's plenty of ways to deal with it. For example, if it's a virus (basically impossible without some real nanotech wizardry, but w/e), more than one person is going to get the fucking virus. This is where the regressed-adult communities come in. This is why the local cops are informed of the handful of childlike midgets around town. Even if it's just you alone, assuming you're not in some 'poof, you got insta-regressed and no one will believe you' scenario, you get the cops called on you once, you pull out your medical card and/or the fucking news article on your phone and then the cops know who you are and don't harass you again - assuming you aren't wearing a shirt that says NOT AN ACTUAL CHILD, I AM [real age] on it. You're thinking effects but not prevention and mitigation. Actually, there's shit you can do as an adult in a kid's body that you can't do as an actual adult. How do you feel about lifting drones? >>1260 There's like 20x more words devoted to him going full /baphomet/ on motherfuckers than on his contempt for the shit he's read online. If you want to skip straight to the harder fetishy smut, go to chapter 8.
>>1257 That artist is truly a blessing
>>1264 >This is loli thread, remember to post lolis. I just noticed the topic at hand at the time in this thread and thought it was interesting. I am on the board for age regression actually. I don't really have much loli art as much as I have ar art and even then its mostly male ar. So Sorry friend I don't have much topic related that could be any good. Yeah I'm fine with admitting that mental ar you are fucked. It already is a thing irl in its own way and it sucks. But again my reason for bringing up kid's toys is the thing u just said (one who has the mind of an adult wouldn't find them fun and could find someone trying to make someone play with them an insult) so we can stop talking about this if we are on agreement with it all. As for being 5 I don't think you'd be fine on your own. Physically you needing stepstools and furniture in your size is the least of your worries. Besides the challenge of getting all that is a thing (the caregiver world is $$$ part wise, a lift to help someone who can't move can easily hit ranges of $5000) there are other challenges as well. Will society help you with the cost on some of this shit? And there is more to just needing step stools IMO. Your brain might not be able to adjust to how small you now are now physically. Think of when kids go through puberty and a lot of them end up being clumsy for a while as their brains have to play catch up. Your brain would have to do that again in reverse. Chances are since the change to your height isn't seen as natural to humans it could take more than a while to adjust to it. In fact it could not happen at all. Think of learning language, once you reach a certain age that shit stops being naturally easy to pick up. So using step stools and stuff could just be seen as dangerous to you. Really that is just one situation. There is a lot of shit that would be hard to think about. How will your voice sound? What happens to your adult teeth? Would you get new baby teeth? And stuff like your smaller body is at risk of being mugged easier or worse. You'd need protection around IMO all the time, I feel like it or not if you go through reverse puberty you chances are will need a caregiver. And my thought on the virus and so on is actually thinking more in line with it starting than something society has been dealing with for a while. So, I sadly think someone who is just starting out on this...the 1st gen AR virus victims as they were... would end up having some conditioning done to them that makes a lot of them just lose skills they would have as well. That is an issue in the caregiver world after all. People in care do tend to lose abilities as they are in it sometimes because lets face it the job is hard and stressful as shit and caregivers don't always wanna think of your dignity as my King of the Hill video showed. Hell a lot of them might just accept that like it or not people will view them as kids now. But even then lets say people get around the 1st wave of AR. Good luck with any sort of thing like travel. What if you want to take a flight? Every area that you go to is gonna assume you are a kid at 1st. Will you want to deal with every flight you take having someone think you'll be a crying baby in the plane at 1st? And what if the outbreak is just a small local area? Or some other shit. >Which is why you would hopefully find someone who's into it before you regressed! IDK how you would find something like this easily. Finding a big is already hard enough for abdl and even then IDK how many people are into 24/7 treatment. And I don't know what you mean by lifting drones.
(2.27 MB 4004x2480 78495980_p0.jpg)
(626.67 KB 976x1236 80074135_p0.jpg)
(5.00 MB 2048x2304 83720264_p0.jpg)
(521.62 KB 957x1276 84055361_p0.jpg)
(670.99 KB 957x1276 84341131_p0.jpg)
>>1266 >King of the Hill Just stop arguing from fiction. The assumption with physical AR is 'adult in a kid's body'. if we're going to continue to have this argument, let's pick an age... oh, four. If you have some weird shit like a smaller mouth crowded with adult teeth, you'd probably have to have some removed. Also, if someone insists on believing you're a real four-year-old, you could just go "Take a good look at my teeth, asshole" (even with some removed). I'm fairly sure "I turned into a fucking four-year-old!" would be enough to get you some decent SSDI checks. In many ways, it's actually easier to be a preschooler than an adult, physically (square cube law is in full effect; the bigger they are, the harder they fall), and you still remember being a kid, so I'm pretty sure the dysmorphia wouldn't be that much of a factor. Things might look scary, but you'd quickly remember that you can fall from your own height without getting hurt as a healthy four-year-old. You probably would be clumsy for a while, yes, but you would know to be careful and the reason we don't leave real kids alone is that they don't have the common sense of adults. Fucking everybody is going to know one of two things: who you are, or that this is common. If there were such a virus, it would make headlines around the world either way. If you really want to fly on an airplane and don't want to assume that people watch the news, you call up the airline in advance.and tell them that the four-year-old wearing the "Not an actual child" T-shirt is you. On the other hand, if you actually had a contagious AR disease and it provided actual rejuvenation - adult in a four-year-old's body - and didn't leave what would be basically progeric effects, you would have to be kept out of contact with people but would still have to be worried about being given unwanted hugs, not because of pedos or creeps but because practically every old motherfucker in the world would be trying to catch it. (This is not the place to go into the gut-brain axis or what a rejuvenated body would do to the brain or how signaling chemicals work.) People would see it as a second chance at life. You would be envied until the disease spread. AR World would probably be more livable than this fucking COVID panic world we actually do live in. The reason it's hard for ABDLs to find caregivers is because nobody wants to have a fat, sweaty, greasy, stinky motherfucker around who likes to babble nonsense and shit himself in between humping plushies and watching anime. Someone who looks like an actual four-year-old would be treated differently. If this were real and someone who was into it actually did get regressed, I'd totally be a caregiver here (although before we even met in person, I'd want to spend a lot of time chatting with you about just how much of being treated like a four-year-old you'd actually want). If you've got the cash and you're in the body of a four-year-old, modern lifting drones can lift YOU.
(45.75 KB 461x650 m29.jpg)
(64.27 KB 461x650 m37.jpg)
(373.39 KB 645x911 mama_21_koui252.jpg)
(311.05 KB 645x911 mama_22_koui26.jpg)
(357.19 KB 645x911 mama_24_koui28-1_3.jpg)
>>1266 Different anon here. Any future where it's possible to fully transform an adult into a 5 year old will almost certainly be so technologically advanced that the whole idea of earning money through labor has become obsolete. I'm reluctant to use the term post-scarcity, but I doubt it would be "expensive" (whatever that means in a fully automated economy) to fully adapt a house so that a 5 year old could live on their own. The idea of an AR virus is kind of implausible though, unless it was intentionally created by a very advanced species. Finding a partner/carer might be more difficult, but I reckon it would be much easier than it is currently. I'm obviously only guessing here, but my intuition says that there are more people who'd enjoy changing a 5 year old girl's diapers than an adult male's, especially if that 5 year old was open to other types of play. An AR 10 year old who only used her diapers for wetting would definitely not have any problems finding an adult partner. The really fun stuff comes when you consider the possibilities of modifying the nervous system or even running a full simulation of your mind on a non-biological substrate. At the very least you could emulate any kind of continence problems imaginable, ranging from "only get 30 seconds warning before losing control" to "unable to go while sitting on an adult toilet". Very theoretically you could even (temporarily) modify the higher level functioning of your mind to do things such as reducing your academic ability to that of a kindergartener, or making you utterly unable to remember all the steps involved in using the potty. It would be a bit like taking a recreational drug, but the possible effects would be limited only by your imagination and the available computing power.
(129.92 KB 728x1032 pink diap.jpg)
>>1274 >Just stop arguing from fiction. The fiction is making a good point though. Maybe most people wouldn't be feeding Peggy a bottle but there is a reason why the caregiver world has a lot of turn over rate. Shit is stressful. >I'm fairly sure "I turned into a fucking four-year-old!" would be enough to get you some decent SSDI checks. You'd think that but no. The amount of money I've seen some people on disability make from their SSDI checks is barely enough to keep them out of the poor house. One of the reasons why caregivers are packing turn over rate is because the pay sucks as well. You don't want fiction like KoTH so how about I just show some actual videos on the issue? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae25ig_lyqk& >Things might look scary, but you'd quickly remember that you can fall from your own height without getting hurt as a healthy four-year-old. nursemaid elbow. Ever hear about it? Sure it isn't gonna happen in 4 year olds but the point of this is the age you picked is very close to when kid's are potentially injured very easily from something like this. And even then it isn't like kids are unable to be hurt by falls. I broke my arm from just falling off a bed sized fall on a playground when I was 7 years old or so just from taking the wrong type of fall. And clumsy for a while? I could see it not going away. The only reason it goes away when you grow too much the 1st time in puberty is because our bodies are programed to learn to adapt. Going the other way and having to undo the stuff our brain did to get use to our size the 1st time doesn't seem like something easy that could happen. Either way I find it funny you keep shooting for an age where the physical affects would be less of an issue. I think a 50/50 coin flip would be more likely myself. If you are lucky you end up either 4 or 5. But any younger and you will really feel it. Though I still find it more likely you will feel shit at 4 or 5. >You would be envied until the disease spread. AR World would probably be more livable than this fucking COVID panic world we actually do live in. All the more reason why I think a range of ages people would end up in is more likely to happen. Not everyone has the same symptoms when it comes to being sick so why would everyone end up the same age? Either way I'll give on the caregiver thing. Finding a mommy/daddy is hard for the reason you said. But if it is a disability or so it would be easier. >If you've got the cash and you're in the body of a four-year-old, modern lifting drones can lift YOU. So much nope to this. No way do I want to be flown by a drone. >>1276 I already assumed that if tech were advanced to the point that people can live how they want than yeah who cares if they want to live as a kid. Really though I find it odd that people are arguing with me about the regression not being a big deal if you keep ending up at an age where you are lucky to not feel it. My whole argument in the 1st place was not on that type of regression not really being as big of an issue anyway. The idea I was bringing up was regression where you would really feel a loss of status and ability after all. How would you feel like an adult still when you can't even tie your own shoes anymore because your small body doesn't want to work the way you want it to anymore? Hell would different regression levels be separated as well? Someone who has been regressed to be 5 or 7 saying they aren't bugged by it as much is gonna have someone who is 2 or 3 tell them yeah well try living in my shoes!
(133.25 KB 850x850 1599973555080.jpg)
(232.85 KB 1536x1086 01f169df344c19eaa2bb92f3674d63e1.jpg)
(1.38 MB 1797x3417 74911800_p7.png)
(2.08 MB 2913x3743 74911800_p10.png)
(121.64 KB 848x1199 73664407_p0.jpg)
(181.90 KB 1000x1100 63272950_p0.png)
(539.51 KB 1920x1080 79741381_p1.jpg)
(547.38 KB 1920x1080 79741381_p0.jpg)
(917.53 KB 1200x1431 62048838_p0.jpg)
(1.17 MB 1621x3600 79107446_p1.png)
>>>1283 >last pic of Rikka I have no doubt in my mind that she would wear diapers
(721.69 KB 1200x1363 72521641_p0.jpg)
(708.22 KB 1329x1493 72663444_p0.png)
(711.20 KB 1329x1493 72663444_p2.png)
(739.45 KB 1329x1493 72663444_p4.png)
(987.08 KB 1667x2311 76389502_p0.png)
>>1284 Definitely. It's a shame there isn't more art of Dekomori in diapers though.
(510.85 KB 1119x604 loli chart.png)
Favorite lolis? 4-11 for me
(151.07 KB 700x1000 23736121_p0.jpg)
(351.94 KB 1024x1024 koume_potty_accident.jpg)
>>1293 Purely based on appearance, I'd probably say my favorite is somewhere in the 3-8 range. It depends on the art style and personality though. For instance, I consider the Hanamarus quite attractive even though they're somewhere off to the left on that diagram.
>>491 I'm gonna commission the same girl from the same artist, but with a new scenario ofc. but I'm kind of conflicted on what I should do with it. 1) she would be in front of the bathroom door holding her butt with both hands, indicating that she was trying to hold it., but in the image it would show the aftermath with a poop load with brown discoloration in her diaper seat 2) she's in public, trips on the ground, her pants are magically pulled down and exposes her diaper with a few background shadows looking. 3) she's getting her bottom diapered, laying down, diaper underneath it as she's getting powdered with a pout and her arms crossed. I have other ideas, but these are what im leaning into.
>>1318 I like number one personally
>>1319 I think I'm leaning towards it as well, accident in diaper is probably the cuter one out of all of them, and most embarrassing since it's a messy one as well.
(703.34 KB 800x1201 123119_0.png)
>>1320 okay paid for it, now it's a matter of a day or two before it gets accepted by the artist, and 2 to 3 days before it gets completed on a related note, here's a another diapered loli by the same artist.
(1.90 MB 764x1080 20_7_23_1.mp4)
>>1320 When I think about, I wonder if they will accept a messy commission. the artist hasn't drawn mess before.
>>1323 It wouldn't hurt to ask, but a wet saggy diaper could be nice as well.
>>1325 the idea of skeb , is to not ask or communicate with the artist at all. you have to get it all in the request and they either refuse or accept. but yeah if the mess get refused I will settle for the same request with a pose change. but the original request is still pending. hope if gets accepted it will open a new door if it does.
(1.29 MB 1864x1340 35637977_p0.jpg)
(2.37 MB 1675x2339 35787150_p0.jpg)
>>1328 the artist accepted it luckily. now it's a matter of time before it gets completed
(674.98 KB 2507x3541 EgQsRlZUMAAgcVT.jpeg)
(14.50 MB 2550x3509 75609557_p0.png)
(14.22 MB 2550x3509 74100771_p0.png)
(641.53 KB 1024x1448 66776816_p0.jpg)
(629.51 KB 1024x1448 66776816_p1.jpg)
>>1329 Hope it's to your liking.
(261.11 KB 1448x2048 EYM_Gl1U8AEu8dq.jpg)
(48.85 KB 636x900 DddKI96U0AA4npQ.jpg)
(667.43 KB 1440x1920 61262645_p0.jpg)
(3.33 MB 2480x3508 74507541_p0.png)
(1.86 MB 3114x4340 70453199_p0.png)
>>1330 most likely it will be, the artist's adorable art style hits the nail on the head for the few diaper stuff he has drawn so far. that's why I paid twice already for his services >>491. and I see myself paying him more money in the future lol
(721.69 KB 1600x900 84607430_p1.jpg)
(752.14 KB 1600x900 84607430_p2.jpg)
(722.87 KB 1600x900 84607430_p3.jpg)
(64.38 KB 1070x742 84612826_p0.jpg)
The way this guy draws lolis and diapers is just so good.
>>1341 Artist/sauce?
(359.40 KB 600x900 gallery_6322_261_45971.jpg)
(93.12 KB 472x709 1184031420345.jpg)
(264.88 KB 600x850 1428950318186.png)
(289.29 KB 800x1280 3.jpg)
(103.29 KB 465x700 71740f2.jpg)
>>1343 https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/32169882 Most of his stuff has already been posted here. Very cute art.
(1.20 MB 936x1464 65699044_p5.jpg)
The T-shirt of the girl in the background says: "I had an accident and want a diaper change." while the one in the foreground says something like: "Why am I wearing a diaper? Because I still can't hold it even though I'm in middle school." I can't quite make out the second word in the top line on the foreground girl's shirt, so the meaning might be slightly different. >>1343 For future reference, if an image has a filename which looks like "0000000_p1.png" then it is almost certainly from pixiv. In that case you can find the source by going to www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/0000000, where those zeros are replaced with the first number in the filename.
I wonder if 8moe supports webp...
>>1349 Apparently not. Or at least not animated webp.
>>1341 Man, his stuff is great. He makes delicious lolis and very nice diapers
(85.83 KB 800x960 108816_1.jpg)
>>1352 his tape-on diapers look very diaper-y and nicely detailed.
(1.87 MB 1860x2218 84639686_p0.png)
(1.95 MB 1860x2218 84639686_p1.png)
>>1349 Diapered little sisters are the best.
(1.24 MB 760x1080 59235995.webm)
(762.68 KB 1002x1594 144114.png)
>>1329 and here it is.. with a poopy present :D.
(5.46 MB 2480x3508 post.png)
>>1359 I'm glad you were able to get the mess diaper! It looks really good. The artist drew the mess showing in the back good, and I love how the embarrassed look on her face. >>1354 >>1352 >>1341 I want to squeeze that thickly padded butt..
>>1359 Oh, that's really nice. Definitely a good purchase. Her messy diaper in particular is drawn really well.
(272.08 KB 364x720 loli wet edit.mp4)
>>1358 I have perfected it.
>>1362 Did you use any special encoder settings other than cropping and down-scaling? My script currently uses 2-pass libvpx-vp9 encoding with -crf 15, but it's probably far from optimal.
>>1364 I basically nigger-rigged it. My video-editing software doesn't take webms, and since I was too lazy to figure out to convert it, I just downloaded the webm, popped it into VLC, screenrecorded the video with another program, threw it into my editing program and then edited the audio over of some girl pissing her diapers from pornhub over it. I'm sure there is a better way to do it, if anyone can outdo me feel free, I won't mind.
>>1359 nice!
(799.55 KB 636x900 nefrubi loli edit paci.png)
(798.02 KB 636x900 nefrubi loli edit no paci.png)
A diaper edit of one of my favorite loli pics. Unsurprisingly I think I prefer this new version
>>1359 I think I got an idea for another commission involving this girl. and probably it would be the last with her. well, probably not. I like how cute she looks.
(1.42 MB 5402x7651 84638021_p0.jpg)
this is cute, too bad we can't see her face
(637.68 KB 1920x1080 84689304_p0.jpg)
Please enjoy this baka.
(22.82 MB 6071x8598 qAlXbmEzZ2dH8Lssc4r39ySY.png)
>>1375 Ask and you shall receive. I've only got a few more days left on my fanbox sub though.
>>1378 cute crino, but weird context for a baka. >>1370 probably the artist doesn't want to draw again right away, he's taking longer to accept the request :P. >>1379 she's so cute! I like how she looks annoyed , it's like, someone walked in on her while waking up from a nap in her wet pamper.
(313.62 KB 648x864 1302888_20190908215826_0.png)
(283.95 KB 1254x1771 0007.jpg)
(360.57 KB 1254x1771 0005.jpg)
(562.40 KB 1254x1771 0009.jpg)
(335.69 KB 1254x1771 0012.jpg)
(438.03 KB 1254x1771 0014.jpg)
(911.89 KB 1600x1200 9347930_p0.png)
pixiv artists have started accepting skeb-esque requests on pixiv. apparently it's a new thing that was implemented on there. among them are winopz: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/2023567/requests/artworks and gogo: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3330984/requests/artworks these are the links for anyone interested, though their prices are on the high end.
(1.27 MB 3717x2702 84783739_p0.jpg)
>>1424 These just keep getting better.
(314.33 KB 500x707 59444375_p2.jpg)
>>1380 he did a diaper request other than mine, it seems like he isn't feeling like drawing the diaper loli trash for now, I can see how tedious it would be if that isn't your fetish. but at least he didn't refuse it yet.
>>1434 I love ones where you can see it coming out like that. doesnt even have to be loli. That little cut in is just nice.
I love these ones where it looks like they're just about to be changed or have just been changed. I think that's gotta be my favorite sub-interest of diapered lolis
(908.20 KB 2480x3508 094_19_1_24_3.jpg)
>>1436 it's adorable.
(1.13 MB 1035x1080 1393390266608.png)
(231.56 KB 1200x1400 1414906874785.jpg)
(281.95 KB 1783x1536 1424907811861.jpg)
(552.37 KB 957x1276 u6vekddOVzwqVa4ubVwRxWpZ.jpeg)
(92.81 KB 679x1000 loli blush.jpg)
>diapered loli genderbender Surely I'm not the only one with this fetish
>>1468 Well, I quite like the idea of being turned into a loli myself. When it comes to porn though, I prefer proper loli stuff rather than gender-swapped boys. There's nothing better than a loli who actually wants to be put back in diapers and treated like a naughty toddler.
(553.41 KB 1587x1278 2 diaper.jpg)
>>1491 >Well, I quite like the idea of being turned into a loli myself. Yeah, that's more what I was trying to get at. If I could turn into a cute loli, I would do it in a heartbeat, it could be a lot of fun to be able to wear that type of clothes and be diapered like that. I tend to self-insert a lot
(1.47 MB 1754x2481 84462583_p9.png)
>>1493 How do you feel about potty training? Would you want to be fully diaper dependent? Personally some of my favorite scenarios are ones where the loli is stuck somewhere in the middle of potty training. Sometimes she's allowed to try being a big girl, but she needs to rush to the potty every time and can't quite avoid getting her big girl panties damp and dirty. Other times she's made to wear baby diapers and isn't allowed to use the potty at all, even when she knows she could easily make it. I also love all the clothing options lolis have. I'm not sure whether I'd prefer being sent out in short, summer toddler clothes which do nothing to hide my diapers, or thick winter clothes which restrict my movements and eliminate any hope of using the potty.
(33.78 KB 300x300 diaper toddler.png)
(376.27 KB 900x1200 dress blush.jpg)
(49.98 KB 580x627 diaper denim overalls.jpg)
>>1499 It's funny how we have such similar interests, it seems. Diaper dependence is of course fun to imagine, but like you said, the scenario that lends to more imaginative and interesting fantasies is struggling with (and of course failing at) potty training. The caretakers provide her every opportunity to become a big girl, but as much as she tries, she just can't seem to do it, so most of the time it's thick diapers, but on occasion cute printed loli panties. It may even be that she's subconsciously sabotaging herself.... And I totally agree with you when it comes to clothes. For summer, my favorite type to wear would have to white strap slips, or overalls as pictured in the third pic (with a shirt on too though). There are really so many options. For the winter, I really liked the snowsuit idea that one anon (you maybe?) was talking about there before.
>>1504 I was the anon who mentioned the snowsuit idea earlier on a few times. I also like overalls too, partly for the same reason that >>1499 mentioned >thick winter clothes which restrict my movements and eliminate any hope of using the potty.
(3.13 MB 3062x2400 EkIYrYAVoAEZdhF.jpeg)
(479.24 KB 2508x3541 EGnSWBeUwAAhj-X.jpeg)
(636.20 KB 2508x3541 D4fRnimVUAcV00x.jpeg)
(552.86 KB 849x1200 34786883_p0.jpg)
(497.25 KB 849x1200 34786883_p1.jpg)
>>1546 These are super cute! Especially the second and third. Do you know where they came from? (all of them, but especially 1, 2, and 3)
(5.00 MB 4961x7016 83005064_p0.jpg)
(6.81 MB 4961x7016 83118040_p0.jpg)
>>1548 First image is from https://twitter.com/mitcher_meier although it's his only diaper related content. Second and third are from https://twitter.com/kaityo_omo/ and the last two are deleted pics from ckaoto's pixiv that I've been getting from /d/ archives. I Don't see why he felt a need to delete them since they look decent.
>>1552 Thanks! Dont think Iv seen this first one before. I dont know what it is about Ckaoto's stuff that I love so much. But also that diaper style in particular in this one particular picture is doing things to me.
>>1504 On a related note, I just came across this in my image collection. It definitely looks like she'd struggle to undo the zipper from the inside.
(747.64 KB 4096x4096 EkcwWeVXIAE3yQy.jpeg)
(235.72 KB 1444x2048 Ekc0XwHVkAIGYaV.jpeg)
(224.58 KB 1543x1200 2ji_3233._3035.jpg)
(5.92 MB 4961x7016 85006452_p0.jpg)
(19.80 MB 4961x7016 183_19_10_25_1.png)
(340.67 KB 1024x1448 drinking.jpg)
(364.06 KB 1024x1448 drinking 2.jpg)
(395.63 KB 1024x1448 drinking 3.jpg)
(349.48 KB 1024x1448 drinking 4.jpg)
(880.26 KB 850x1200 laying down.jpg)
I really like this pic for some reason. I love loli bellies so that might have to do with it. >>1588 That pumpkin loli is so cute.
(1.86 MB 1814x2523 19_3_12_8.jpeg)
>>1434 update, he refused it like a while ago, guess he wasn't satisfied with the amount that I've paid. the recommended amount increases automatically if an artist refuses a request but I don't know if the artist himself determines the increase. his usual recommended amount was was nearly 80 USD now for me it's like 130 USD. but that being said, this didn't stop me, I submitted the same request with the new price. all for diapered lolis..... well this also means I'd eat healthier this month, no fast food or anything fancy only home-cooked food.
>>1638 You’re a hero, anon. If it gets requested I will make sure to honor your sacrifices
(14.59 MB 4961x7016 75533890_p0.png)
I really love this. Any time you can see the pee hitting the diaper is really appealing, and this seems to be the ideal way to show it. Is there anything else even remotely like this?
(819.21 KB 957x1276 getting dressed.jpg)
>>1640 >diapered slime loli Curse this board for giving me so many hot but rare combinations of fetishes. I was only able to find one other diapered slime girl where I usually find my pics, and it wasn't a loli unfortunately, and you couldn't see pee or anything.
(1.25 MB 1240x1754 19_1_9_1.png)
>>1639 he actually accepted my request the day after. It's a bitter sweet moment cuz I paid a bit more than what I originally wanted. but hey, diapered lolis are worth it. and it would conclude my desire to see kagura in cute padding. it's like 4 pieces of diapered art of her but they're good and are varied enough in scenarios. now I'd wait before I commission someone again, till I feel strongly again about seeing a loli from a certain game/anime in diapers. I have been playing and thinking of genshin impact but there are no lolis that clicked with me so far, diapering-wise. though they're still pretty cute.
(206.06 KB 663x689 nozo14.jpg)
(2.01 MB 2539x1849 nozo13.jpg)
(8.93 MB 4961x7016 85227442_p0.jpg)
(13.75 MB 6071x8598 85260775_p0.jpg)
I never realized how much I want to see pee leak out of a loli's swim diaper until now.
>>1698 Which is better: a loli with a leaky swim diaper, or a loli who got in the water wearing a normal disposable diaper under her swimsuit?
(588.42 KB 1057x1500 02_06.jpg)
>>1704 That's a tough one.
>>1704 both are really good and clumsy at the same time. the loli with a leaky swim diaper was most likely having a lot of fun to the extent where she maybe didn't notice or care about the state of her diaper, causing her to be regarded as someone who has a long way till to be completely out of diapers. the loli who go into the water with a normal disposable diaper most likely has her mommy usually help her dress up, but this time her mommy didn't help her dress her up for some reason (probably because the loli was stubborn about it,since she thinks she's a big girl), but she has proven herself wrong when she picked up the wrong diaper to go to swim with. a hard decision indeed.
(1.59 MB 1390x2017 159629.png)
>>1638 Well... it's completed. it's cute, but a part of the commission was a bit too deliberate. I wanted the kimono girl to look a bit scary and kind of angry because the brat leaked over her outfit a bit. but she looks more scarier than what I originally wanted. it looks like they're watching a horror movie instead and she's about to jump scare her. anyways the contrast between the atmosphere and the items present makes this look interesting.
>>1704 I would say leaky swim diaper hands down.
>>1710 You know what I love about that? the yellow spot isnt quite centered. I love it when the wet patch is just slightly not symmetrical.
>>1710 That is very cute. It looks like she knows she just got herself into an awful lot of trouble, and the older girl is already thinking up delightfully cruel ways to punish her.
>>1718 yeah that smile, makes it look like she wants to get inside the girl's diaper and lewd her. and the little one is worried about that. not what I intended with the commission, but It fits.
>drop by thread to see if anyone put Senko art in here >spend 2 hours doing legal research (TIL about Stanley v. Georgia) >see a neat convo about future tech, people who understand how tech and society work ( >>1276 , no such thing as true post-scarcity, kinds of tech theoretically possible) Curious thread, I like it, even if I fear being associated with it and it makes me uncomfortable when sexualized, the off-topic convo here has reflected well on the people who post here ironically enough.
(367.96 KB 1104x1553 omu_p006.jpg)
(224.73 KB 1104x1553 omu_p007.jpg)
(142.72 KB 761x533 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1756 not even a loli.
(1.36 MB 7892x5572 286_20_7_31_1.jpg)
(1.41 MB 6071x8598 293_20_8_25_1.jpg)
(1.37 MB 5830x8256 294_20_8_31_1.jpg)
(1.11 MB 6071x8598 302_20_9_30_1.jpg)
(293.70 KB 1448x2048 El4jR4rVoAA_8aK.jpg)
(285.45 KB 1448x2048 El4jR5lVoAA2f1A.jpg)
a perverted fetishist older girl forcing her desires on a younger loli and she is given money to wear diapers. this is apparently the context of this. well it's what i can interpret from the artist's google translated tweet.
>>1770 I just used deepl and it makes more sense. here's the translated text. "Diapers are for little babies, and Lydia's an adult, so she won't do it!" "I'll give you 5,000 yen if you put it on now." "...Then you can't go back on your word."
(6.29 MB 3024x4032 85404852_p0.png)
(48.83 KB 636x900 DddKI96U0AA4npQ.jpg)
(429.70 KB 744x1104 ElL3rxpU0AUAz6r.jpg)
(195.81 KB 1448x2048 EmUjsyfU4AATQd4.jpeg)
(660.88 KB 689x850 61471758_p0.png)
(1.16 MB 1800x2400 Made_in_abyss_maruruk_edit.png)
(247.19 KB 1272x1046 EbUMMAsXYAA8s5V.jpeg)
Last two are edits. Nice to see some Gochiusa content with season 3 airing and all.
(5.17 MB 4961x7016 85575671_p0.jpg)
(138.55 KB 1003x1416 ElfZCpVU8AAf__-.jpeg)
(689.67 KB 1080x1525 76998016_p0.jpg)
(690.90 KB 1080x1525 76998016_p1.jpg)
actually malruk is a trap, not a loli
>>1828 time to yeet this lad to the shota thread kekw.
>>1831 But I didn't even know! It's in my backlog so I guess I should have checked.
>>1832 Has anybody seen anything more from the guy who did the last pic? he has a pixiv but nothing new has been put up in a while. I really liked their stuff.
yep i just found his pixiv account: ModalRealist Here all of his other works
(524.53 KB 1200x739 ABDL_Aelita_by_NekoroA.jpg)
Aelita by Nekoroa, she's physically 13 but she's 23 in her mind
(102.44 KB 842x596 sara-soler-ester-03.jpg)
Anyone got any pics of Bonnie/Eureka from Pokémon XY in diapers?
(469.35 KB 971x546 ClipboardImage.png)
i found this on deviantart, it's an ugly edit with a shtity text but that's the best that i found
>>1846 >>1839 >>1838 Namefags shitting up the thread with crappy western art... big surprise.
>>1847 the aelita one is cute, second one not even related to the thread, the last one is a bad edit. you trying to lump the first one with the other two is disingenuous af. any diapered loli is welcome in this thread whether it's from an eastern artist or a western artist well.
(423.47 KB 846x1200 76484406_p0_master1200.jpg)
(565.20 KB 1048x1200 73275607_p0_master1200.jpg)
(2.64 MB 1748x2480 85050635_p0.png)
I think we lost an artist. There's nothing on his/hers account anymore Ushinose / うちのせ (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/33136562)
(818.76 KB 1600x1200 912240_0394_124f4d9962_PG_583.jpg)
(750.69 KB 1600x1200 912240_0395_e09eda0219_PG_584.jpg)
(930.15 KB 957x1276 85661566_p0.jpg)
>>1851 I scraped his stuff on pixiv in May, besides that last picture you posted I don't think he posted much since the scrape. He mostly did pee related content so I don't think we missed out on too much diaper related content on his fanbox that is now gone too. His skeb page is still up. https://skeb.jp/@Uchi_nocE and looks like he's still taking request which is weird. Here's a link to the scrape https://files.catbox.moe/zgdivu.zip
>>1851 F, he drew wet diapers so well.
(6.93 MB 7016x4961 85768570_p0.jpg)
(230.10 KB 1443x2048 1277919794847576064_2.jpg)
(4.05 MB 1948x2645 19_10_30_1.png)
(469.74 KB 855x1200 034.jpg)
>>1851 His Twitter account is back. https://twitter.com/Uchi_nocE/
(755.27 KB 2012x1494 a8d332abbc1a79800e99aa2209ac7124.jpg)
anons, since you guys are well versed in diaper loli-ism, can anyone tell me the original source of this?
(1.90 MB 1754x1240 72930466_p0.png)
>>1906 Loli Bitch Now https://exhentai.org/g/217463/434341fd71/ I cheated by using saucenao and cropping it to one page.
(172.21 KB 1024x974 EncIOtJXcAAwc7w.jpeg)
(116.40 KB 724x1024 EncIOtDW4AAcQBW.jpeg)
(96.74 KB 1024x724 EncIOtDWEAIGUJ3.jpeg)
Also more cute lolis.
(188.45 KB 836x840 82175119_p3.png)
(2.24 MB 2048x2732 84302663_p0.jpg)
(727.49 KB 952x1202 84952739_p0.png)
(1.00 MB 979x1306 84992361_p0.png)
(1.08 MB 1000x1440 85180963_p0.png)
>>1909 Those are incredibly cute.
>>1909 gosh, I love wetness indicators, most of all not when they are totally wet, but when they are just a little bit wet, like the second pic.
I don't like these pics, its smug aura mocks me.
(1.32 MB 2960x4193 301_20_9_26_1.jpg)
(1.40 MB 3870x5482 308_20_10_26_1.jpg)
>>1930 she looks incredibly smug for someone who is too old to be in diapers but still is. adorable..
>>1935 >she looks incredibly smug for someone who is too old to be in diapers but still is. Perhaps because she knows who is going to have to end up changing her?
(51.15 KB 636x900 En-RWbwUwAQBkAm.jpg)

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