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How old were you the first time you masturbated? Baby 05/14/2022 (Sat) 20:08:02 No. 12096
I was 15. And i think that is waaaay too old! I actually remember being sexually frustrated for a long time, and i believe this is part of what formed my fetishes so strong
Imagine being this age, and you have never masturbated. Yet you're taking a stand in the choice of what gener you reflect. Not saying it's anything wrong in that, but make sure the kids know the basics first....
When i was 17 i had my first experience with the social-media sex scene. I created a profile as a 24/7 diaper slave, and kept true to it for a few hours. Enough to find a match. I was really nervous, made sure my butt was totally clean, and wearing fresh diapers and plastic pants... When he finally arrived, he fucked me, but didn't care for me to come. Just like i wanted it.... Horney and sloppy... I've since been added to a group that focuses on the not cumming aspects of the diaper experience. And it's great.. Wet.. Tied.. Frustrated..
If i had grown up today i would have been on a Ritalin prescription And from that i'd been keeping my diaper subscription 24/7 I think that having that as an optioin available is good, and an asset for further development in the years to come. Peeing yourself in local underwear is a smalll price to pay for all the enlightment to come 🙂🙂🙂
Girls and boys at the 13 to 17 age are a handfull to make posts about...
It's funny how even g strings are political now 😄 Diapered up
Okay... coming back to OP's question... I think I was 10, but I don't even remember if what I did counted as masturbation. I only remember laying in bed then waking up after feeling an "orgasm". I didn't even know what I really felt, but I went immediately to the bathroom. And fuck me I wasn't going to tell my overly religious mother about it.
>>12096 I posted a bunch in the childhood thread but I had incontinence issues all throughout childhood so I wore diapers a long time. I very clearly remember pressing and rubbing on them when I was little and liking it, getting caught putting Crayons up my bottom, tearing holes in my wet diaper so that I could rub my dick, pouring food down my diaper, etc. I got caught/teased numerous times and started to feel ashamed, so I "stopped" at 7 or 8 and switched to "only" rubbing the outside of my diaper. I vaguely remember coming during diaper changes or hospital things at 6 or 7 (not abusive, just clueless caregivers plus stimulation), but I was too early to ejaculate, and honestly I didn't understand what was happening and hated it at the time. The first definite orgasm that I remember clearly enjoying (although it also scared me) happened when I was around 8. A couple uncles would watch inappropriate movies when they were babysitting me (not out of abusiveness but stoned cluelessness) like Death Wish, They Live, Conan, etc., and I'd always perk up during the nude scenes. During one old sexploitation flick called Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, I had a huge panicky orgasm during a nude/rape scene, but of course had no idea what had happened, just thought I'd had an accident and wet my diaper but it felt different in a good/embarrassing way. Started secretly watching naughty things and/or masturbating like crazy around 9, which is when I started changing my own diapers, but like I said, I associated touching myself with doing something bad so I'd get off by "accidentally" putting things in my diaper to cause friction while I walked. Crazy stuff but that's what happens when you grow up with medical problems in Redneckville.
My first time masturbating was at 12 after sex education in 7th grade. It literally showed cartoon masturbating so I went home and tried it. Schools literally groomed me into early sexual awakening. I think that's a little fucked up. I think my first orgasm was in a diaper at 10 while trying to pee in it on all fours. I kept trying to release my bladder and my penis just kept feeling weirder and more tingly (it was a baby diaper so it was a bit tight in there, not much room for my penis). Finally, I felt this crazy sensation of relief and collapsed while my bladder finally released. But, even though that memory was of the best diaper pee ever, I didn't connect it to sex or orgasm for another 10 years, when wondering when diapers became sexual. That was probably the fetish boarding point but mentally I understood none of it at that time.
i dont really remember but it was pretty young between 10-13
>>12097 I was born with two disabilities, both of which would be discovered later in life. First I’m terribly dyslexic, second I have detrusor sphincter dyssynergia. Due to my unknown medical conditions, potty training didn’t really go as planned. I’m the oldest of 7 kids, I grow up Mormon in a VERY conservative Christian house. So by the time, I was 3 and still not “getting” the potty training thing, my parents had enough! My parents had a cycle every few months they would hang up the potty training chart with the idea that this month was going to be the month I was potty trained. At first, the chart would be used to reward me for not having accidents, after a few weeks of little to no improvement, it would turn into a punishment chart for my accidents. Again after a few weeks of little to no improvement my mother in frustration with throw in the towel and just put me back in diapers. Once again this did nothing so she resorted to humiliating me to try to get me to potty train. Inevitably I would hear the dreaded words "If you want to wet and mess yourself like a baby then you'll be treated like one". For the next few days, weeks, sometimes months or so I would be treated just like I was a two-year-old. I would have to wear diapers full time and would have to use them for their full intended purpose (no toilet). I'd be dressed as a toddler in onesies, footies, rompers, pants with snap in the crotch for easy diaper changes, all in nursery prints, sown especially for me and my mother and my aunt. I would have to eat in a high chair, drink from bottles or sippy cups, and be put to bed in a crib. My father was a carpenter (Cabinetry Finisher) and my highchair, crib, and playpen were all made by him. My “baby” humiliation and punishment would last a few days to a few months at the longest. I think they would just get sick of changing dirty diapers on an older kid and give up. I would go back to just wearing training pants during the day, or having plastic pants over my underwear. At night I would be diapered before bed. Things would go this way until once again a month or so down the road, my parents would wake up with a wild hair up their ass and the whole thing started over again. Once again in new potty train chart would be hung on the fridge and the whole cycle would repeat itself. That's some background leading to the first time I masturbation. It was a summer afternoon, I was once again being punished. I was around 6yo at the time, I was being forced to take an afternoon nap, as toddlers do. My mother had just changed me and put me in the crib for my nap. I was never tired and always hated having to lay there for an hour till she'd come to get me. But if I got out of the crib I would be given a good spanking. It was a particularly hot day so I was just wearing a t-shirt and diaper. I had one of those rocking horses as a kid with a metal frame and springs, I loved that thing and always fancied myself a cowboy. Much of my play around that time revolved around me being a cowboy. There are these keys made by little tike for teething. I'm sure you've seen them before I think every house in America that had kids had one, was a white or blue ring with keys of different colors. Anyway, some were on the floor near my crib, I knew there was no way could reach them, but dreamed up a great story about how I was a cowboy being kept in this cage. If I didn't get out my captors would burn me at the stake. I was reaching through the bars trying to grab the keys, again knowing full well there's no way I could reach them. Lying on my stomach with my arm outstretched through the bars I started pushing with my feet against the bottom wall of the crib. Rocking myself back and forth as I tried desperately to reach the keys to free myself before I was burned at the stake. Rubbing the front of the diaper felt really good after a few minutes, then really REALLY good, then HOLY CRAP! At the time I didn't know I was masturbating but after the HOLY CRAP part, I felt very relaxed and tired and quickly fell asleep. Whenever this thing was it felt really good and being tired and able to quickly fall asleep afterward was a bonus! So I did it often to kill time while being forced to take a nap or having an early bedtime. I got caught a few times but being a conservative Christian house, we NEVER talked about anything sexual. My mother would just get mad and threaten to cut off my dick if she caught me again. I was also called a sicko and pervert. So I just did that thing that felt REALLY good at night or alone, I didn’t even know I was masturbating. As I said I'm also very dyslexic, unfortunately, I did a great job of hiding this as a young child. I'm incredibly intelligent and was able to memorize all the books my parents read to me page by page. Because of this, I could easily recite the book back page by page and so everyone thought I was reading it. It wasn't until school (around third grade) that people start to suspect I couldn't read. Prior to this, I was labeled as being lazy, people could tell I was highly intelligent but figured I just wasn't trying. This didn't help my situation at home with the bed and pants wetting. It was during these years of my life (6yo-9yo) my parents really stepped up the humiliation and baby punishment on the grounds of "well obviously he's just lazy, if he really wanted to he'd stop wetting and messing his bed and pants". So I had lots of diapered naps and bedtimes that started with me masturbating by me rubbing the front of my diaper. At nine they finally found out I was dyslexic, and they stopped buying a lot of the school's BS about me just being lazy. They also laid off the diaper punishment a little too, it still happened but not as often. I got caught again masturbating at 10 and that was the first time I was told I was masterbating. The last time I was diaper punished was 12 my parents had laid off punishing me a bit for the wetting. But I still had the occasional pooping accident, and EVERY TIME I did I knew I'd be back in full toddler mode for at least a week if not longer. This time it was at my dad's parents, my grandparent's house. My grandma mentioned to my mom that since they had just found my dyslexia not too long ago. Maybe there was a medical reason for my wetting and messing. I was diagnosed with detrusor sphincter dyssynergia or DSD. They also found my bowel was only about 60% of what it should be. My parents especially my mother felt so bad about all the years of punishing and humiliating me over it. She still feels really guilty about it today, to the point she's blocked some of it out. SO my baby clothes all disappeared as did the crib, highchair, and playpen and I got to sleep on the top of a new bunk bed. I was still in training pants during the day and diapered at bedtime. BUT mom was more understanding about it. As I hit puberty quickly I realized when listening to classmates that the things I found sexual were not the things they found sexual. And that the things they found sexual didn't turn me on at all. I found the things I use to HATE to be strangely arousing, I thought I was some type of pervert or worse a pedo. Eventually I learned I wasn't a freak that others like diapers and being babied. I learned I had a diaper fetish and that was ok. That all said my sexuality has been heavily shaped by my early childhood experiences and diapers.
(3.09 MB 500x281 3bb.gif)

>>12147 Woo lad that looks like some straight up fap fiction shit. Btw I was 15 humped a stuffed animal thinking it would make me pee myself which I was into at the time.
>>12151 >Woo lad that looks like some straight up fap fiction shit. because it is
>>12151 >>12154 You may think this is all fap fuel but it's not. I was born in the late 60's, long before all this frou frou, woke, special snowflake bullshit. Hell segregation had just ended a few years before I was born. In fact the public school I attended, the principal was allowed to spank students. I was in fourth grade by the time anti-corporal punishment laws changed that. In my day you could totally spank or slap your kid in publicly if they were acting out. No one cared and people expected it. My fathers view of children was that they were to be seen and not heard. My mother was expected to raise us strictly and sternly. You know, so we'd become upstanding members in society. Plus it wasn't like it was a secret there were a bunch of kids in diapers at our house. Disposable diapers didn't really come out until the early '70s, and even then they were very expensive. My parents used cloth on us, most households did at that time. And like most households we used a diaper service. So all the neighbors knew. My parents were not the most pleasurable of people, they were very negative and pretty strict. They both were brought up in stern Christian households. It wasn't until the late 70's when they got into Amway that changed. Amway REALLY pushed the whole power of positive thought, and teaching positivity. For all the BS Amway is, it helped my parents become better, more positive people. Not only to us kids, but in life overall. It was during this time, and because of an incident that happened at school, my parents began to think maybe I wasn't just lazy. It was shortly after that it was discovered I was dyslexic. That my poor school performance wasn't because of laziness, but was because of a disability. That discovery led to them thinking maybe there was more to my bed and pants wetting. About a year later the fact I had detrusor sphincter dyssynergia came to light. Anyway I was not the only kid that was punished for wetting. Two of my younger brothers got it too. Sadly at 19 one died in a freak accident at a lake. But from things he'd said in the past and stuff his girlfriend said I think he was possibly a DL. The other brother is TOTALLY an AB! I made a post here last year in a thread about find out someone was a little. He attended a Little's munch I was helping host. He freaked and panic left the munch. We both end up in the middle of nowhere, eating Taco Bell on the hood of my car discussing the event. Anyway like I said not fap fuel just a VERY different time, with VERY different standards and expectations.
>>12141 >12 >early sexual awakening most boys start masturbating before 12 without any outside influence
>>12168 I don't think many boy gets to 12 these days with internet influence. Older generations tended to sexually awaken more 14-16 ish
I was like, 13. One of my sisters and my younger brother were both bedwetters. After ages of dealing with washing sheets mom bought them Goodnites. Started as the boxers so this was definitely 2007. I stole one of the boxers and rode my bike to a concealed corner of the countryside. I could hardly put it on, they were tight on me but I got. Not even sure I got as far as peeing but I rubbed the front and was doubled over in the most intense feeling over almost instantly. Pretty sure it was the first time I came. Over the years they bought a bunch of different goodnites variants and underjams. I distinctly remember shortly thereafter seeing the first commercials for underjams which had a bunch of boys playing at a sleepover with one being secretly diapered and it was like instant boner. I'm a straight dude now and married but thinking about being a young teen at a sleepover with other boys in diapers gets me rock solid. I don't consider myself a pedophile for that since in those fantasies we are all the same age and experiencing things mutually with no age dynamic, I have no interest in male-male relationships with adults either. Something about those commercials and early experiences just short circuited something in my head.
>>12190 Maybe you've just never imagined a scenario you consider equivalent that involves girls instead.
>>12193 lol who said I didn't?
>>12195 If girls are normally your preferred type, but you still prefer that particular scenario with boys, then it seems like there's still some element missing from the girl version.
>>12196 No, I mean that that is similarly attractive, maybe not quite as much. I'm also not a girl and not a tranny so fantasizing that scenario is not the same since I don't visualize myself as part of the proceedings.
>>12197 I meant with mixed boys and girls, not all girls.
>>12198 Yeah for some reason that has limited appeal.
>>12188 That's possible. I grew up with the internet being accessible to me, but controlled. I started having wet dreams when I was 12 and that's what began my descent into online porn rather than the other way around. >>12190 Just because you want to be the potty pants little boy playing with similar kids doesn't mean you want to do anything inappropriate with them. There is nothing wrong with that.
>>12202 >Just because you want to be the potty pants little boy playing with similar kids doesn't mean you want to do anything inappropriate with them. There is nothing wrong with that. I don't think it's normal to get a raging erection over fantasies that aren't sexual.
>>12204 I frequently masturbate to fantasies of being a child again and using my diaper. That's it, zero sexual stuff beyond wetting/messing, but it turns me on to imagine doing it again as a child... is that a sexual fantasy? It gets me off, but in my head I'm just imagining how good it'd feel to wet a diaper.
>>12096 16 years old. To give a bit of context my family and I are pretty short and even at that age I was barely 5'0 and my siblings and I were slightly sheltered. For some reason my Sister and I decided to go to the store in our Footed Pajamas with our dad. Given our height we were never seen as weird and for some reason my sister made it known she grabbed a Huggies Pull-Up from our baby sister. I didn't think much of it at that point but during that week the interest got to me and I waited for a day I was home alone to try a diaper myself. I did the same thing and wore my footed sleeper with it. Tried to play some games but just the feeling of it stopped me from playing and led to me masturbating for the first time by trying to rub myself on the arm of a couch.
>>12141 Quiero pillarte
>>12204 >I don't think it's normal to get a raging erection over fantasies that aren't sexual. I agree it's not normal but that's basically the definition of fetishism Not that anon but I have very view directly sexual fantasies. I dislike cum in art, I don't like stories with sexual themes as in any kind of penetration... yet I find the idea of being spanked, put back in diapers, and breastfed intensely sexy. I can come just from sucking on my wife's nipples. My biggest sexual fantasy, I think, is probably that I would be reduced in age to around 11 month to 18 months old and my wife would adopt me, formally becoming my mother. In this fantasy, she knows I still have my adult mind, but she decides to train me down to behave more appropriate to my new physical body with classical conditioning, thinking it will make life easier for both of us since I won't be growing up again. I would get spankings for any words bigger than "mama" or "baba", nonverbal communications, not playing with my toys or using my diapers. Properly babyish behaviors like breast/bottlefeeding without a fuss, taking my nap without trying to climb out of my crab, using my diapers would be rewarded by cuddles and praise - maybe even sweets. There's a noticeable lack of traditional sexuality in this fantasy - indeed, if anything I would want my new mommy to remind me that sexuality is far, far out of reach for me ever again. Unlike the other anon, I don't have any interest in interacting with "other" children, though. My fantasy focuses on being submissive to mommy, and perhaps any babysitter/daycare worker she hands me off to.
>>12216 For what it's worth this is how I feel as well. For me, the innocence is the most exciting part of it - I'm not mature enough to handle big kid things like sex so instead the only intimacy I qualify for with a woman is cuddles, nursing and diaper changes.
I had dreams about diapers from as far back as when I was actually in diapers. I was potty trained at about 2 and a half. Didn't wet the bed either. But I remember that far back. It wasn't until some girl I knew announced she wanted to wear diapers again. Of course, she had just said it on a whim, which she did frequently. But it was at that moment I realized I actually liked diapers. I was age eleven. Up till that point, all my dreams about diapers had been nightmares where I couldn't get away from them. Thoughts of shame and horror. After that, it was a fantasy, but I could never get a hold of diapers in my dreams, always just out of reach. I was able to steal diapers and try them, but only for a while. At 13 I got internet and then found porn and diaper stories. (and pics of girls in diapers was almost certainly not legal.) I would read stories and browse these pics for hours. I even wrote some of my own stories. A couple years later and the dreams turned to wet dreams. I didn't like it and didn't know what it was. I never asked anyone and no one ever gave me 'the talk' This went on. Sometimes it would get to the point my balls would just hurt and hurt. I never said anything bcause I didn't know what to say or who to say it to. I had learned previously to hide my interest like the darkest secret. Only a couple people knew, back when I was a jewish, and I regretted ever saying anything once I realized they didn't like it like I did. It wasn't until I was 21. Yes, 21. I was playing some game with some sexy chick in it. I had a raging boner, which did feel good. But then I thought 'what if I touch it?' Up 'til that point I'd only read stories about being a kid again. I skipped all the sex because it didn't interest me. Never watch actual porn, just looked a pics of girls, then at some point women in diapers. So yeah, I actually never put any thought into masturbating. Anyway, I came in like two tugs. Probably squirted enough to drown a horse. Like years of pent up urges cause at some point the wet dreams stopped. That nut was like the best ever. But I could never go back to not doing it. I had to, so I did, a lot. I did slow down after a few years. But yeah, didn't tug it until 21. But looked at porn for years before. I'm sure that really helped me become a well-adjusted man.
>>12209 Sounds like Diaper fetish runs in the family
(2.05 MB 2480x3508 1112.png)

I think I was fourteen or fifteen when I started to masturbate. I didn't really know it was a thing though, and I didn't know about stroking until after I had cum for the first time. Basically I just started getting horny a lot, and I would have the desire to be naked when home alone, and started looking at a book I owned of ancient mythology that had a lot of old paintings of naked women and men that I found interesting. I eventually began to masturbate to it a lot, but then I discovered Internet porn and go into all sorts of fetish stuff like diapers. I was always kind of childish and still played with toys and drank from sippy cups at home until I was like 12, so I might have been predisposed to ABDL even though I never remember wearing diapers.
7, I did it with a stuff animal duck, more like it used it's "hands" It was a dominant mother figure in my head, not knowing what I was doing but it felt good. This kept up til I was 9 or 10 when I had to give away said stuff animal and just started to use my hand. But I think that ingrained in my head to being a submissive. Diaper thoughts were with me for a long time since I was like 3 or 4.
>>12230 Possibly given the situation. I could have sworn I saw diapers in her Amazon's search history but it's not something I would care to make share with my family regardless.
I was 13 and just have seen my sister and her girlfriends playing baby, using left over diapers that have been used on a big baby doll. Until then I was innocent, but then I tried it out in the same night. I put a diaper on, peed into it and LOVED the warm feeling around my dick. Two nights later I tried it again and then rubbed myself until something happened… Since then I am “ruined” and have the fetish.
(1.67 MB 3000x2000 1643022451794.jpg)

Pre-ABDL, 12. I basically unknowingly made a makeshift diaper. Used worn socks and slowly created a mountain I could stuff in my pants. Started humping. Didn't know I was masturbating. This continued for like a week or two before I finally orgasmed. I was basically edging and didn't know it. When it came, I had a horrific panic attack. Knew about sex, but I didn't know about masturbation (pre-internet), and it took me minutes to sort out what it was. It hurt. A lot. I swore to myself that was the end of that. A week later, I was doing it all over again. ABDL... fourteen. Internet arrived. First adult wearing a diaper I saw online, and I was hooked. Ordered a sample pack from DPF; a First Quality diaper. Horrid by today's standards, but I was in heaven.
>>12204 Bro, that's why this is called a fetish. Feet or shoes aren't sexual either but some people get boner seeing them. And it's actually pretty common. From your description I can say 100% sure that you are not a pedo. And even if you were, there's nothing wrong with it as long as you don't abuse/harm anyone.
16 was when I finally felt like making myself cum. It was by humping. I started hrt at 15.
>>12096 Started humping my pillow around 8-9. Told my friends to do the same and they loved it. Didn't cum until like a year later and it freaked me tf out lol.
I started masturbating at 5 years old and it was to diapers lol
I think 11, I put a pillow in my pants and pretended it was a diaper
I was 11 or 12. Around that time was when I figured out I had this fetish too. I'd grab a towel and use safety pins to make a mock diaper, then I'd rub over the towel till I came. Thank fucking god I knew how to do laundry at that age, never got found out. A few years later I learned about internet porn. I had slim pickings back then for diaper porn. I'd use my PSP to find them on my wifi and download them to a SD card, then hide the SD card so I didn't mix it up with my games card. The PSP was somewhat new at the time and I was in middle school. This was also pre-halfchan so I couldn't even look for threads there. I still see some of the 2D pics I jerked to 16-17 years ago posted in threads sometimes; time flies.
disclaimer I put my "first" diap when I stole it from a cousin that was visiting us with my godmother when I was 5. since then I was putting a teddy bear between my legs to sleep, under my pjs, to make it feel like a diap. I realised what I was doing was sexual years later, as when you're like 6 and summing you don't really make much out of it beyond it's nice and "I made teddy wet" not really "adult" baby there...
>>12096 when I was 9 I put my groin over the pool filter and i didn't cum necessarily but i went through the motions
I must have been about 9 or 10. I remember seeing a scene where the bully kid in Foster's Home for Imaginary friends got scared and pissed himself. I felt funny when I saw it so I wanted to reenact it in my room. To make myself pee "accidentally" I took my mom's back massager and held it on my bladder and dick. I felt pressure building up and I eventually lost control and kind of peed/came at the same time. It felt really good and I immediately associated loss of control and peeing with sexual pleasure. I peed my underwear sitting on the toilet a few times and then moved on to diapers that were still around the house in closets and stuff so I could do it anywhere and skip the mess.
4 years old when I started masterbating
>>17168 >>14391 yeah I was humping my diaper during naptime on the mat in daycare/preschool
>>12096 >be 12 >laying on bed >go to get off bed >head of penis rubs against bed >cum buckets in pants >omg what was that, it was awesome It was the only way I masturbated until about 16, I had to hump and rub my dick against something (pillow, bed, floor, stuffed animal) always clothed just in case someone came in. Even after 16 I would still rub through my pants but I could do so without having to lay down hump and squish my dick against something. Now I just have my CG do it or hitachi wand over my diaper and all my loads end up in my padding.
>>12096 I was 17. I started doing it because My balls were uncomfortable, I remember I would go home, and masturbate for 1 hour every day, To try and get myself to orgasm. Eventually it worked and it felt pretty good.
20. Was 2 years into my first sexual relationship but had never orgasmed. Turned out there was a buildup of smegma inside my foreskin that had hardened into a cement-like consistency. It was my partner's first time with an uncircumcised man, so she didn't realize anything was amiss. It loosened slowly over time as a result of sex. Removed it in a shower, started orgasming during sex. About a year later, experienced blue balls while partner was away. I do not recommended the dick cheese cement experience.
I first started when I was about 12, i'd be lying in bed late at night on my ipod browsing the internet, mostly watching youtube and cartoons before I started getting curious and looking at porn. While lying on my stomach and with my dick facing downward eventually i'd sort of gyrate and use my hand to press down onto my dick until I orgasmed (I wasn't even sure if it counted as masturbating at the time, i knew what masturbation was but I wasn't cumming or doing the normal stroking method I I wasn't certain for a while) I kept this up for a while utill I actually started cumming, at which point I stopped because I knew i'd get caught if I started leaving stains in my bed or my underwear. Then at some point I started connecting those feelings with the ones I had about wearing diapers (cause like many people here i'd always felt weird about wanting to wear diapers without knowing why/still being embarrased by the idea) and so I managed to get ahold of some diapers, put one on late one night and masturbated into it, which was an enlightening experience because it felt like some sort of answer to questions i'd been having for as long as I could remember.
>>12096 It was freshman year of highschool. Seems like a switch flipped internally because my buddies from middle school were suddenly hot AF. One in particular I had the hots for. He was my dorky friend and we'd both regularly get picked on since we both had a lot of classes together. Gym especially since we'd get tackled, balls thrown at the back of our heads, shit like that so we'd sit and talk and have a good time. After class though when we were changing back I'd change at light speed just to rush over and watch him undress. He always wore the tightest briefs and the way they hugged his butt just made me melt. My first time masturbating it was late at night I just couldn't get the thought of him out of my mind. I imagined his soft cock pressing against me though his tighty whities as he looks up at me with his adorable smile. I didn't know about lube or lotion or anything so I just started humping my mattress out of instinct after a long while and 2 breaks I finally came. It was my first awake orgasm and I just laid there in my cum soaked sheets before finally realizing I fucked up and tried cleaning it with toilet paper. The next morning I told my mom I wet the bed because for some reason I thought it was less embarrassing than explaining what I just did. I had to wear some cool training pants for a while
I was about 13 I think. I was up extremely late channel surfing in my room when this documentary about nudism came on. I was watching and touching down there, not really understanding what I was doing, just knee it felt great. I also really really had to pee, like painfully bad but I couldn't tear myself away. When I did finish it was like almost painful but in an extremely good way. It was also a dry orgasm so the next time I tried it out that was a surprise.

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