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(120.24 KB 1000x1391 omo.jpg)
(3.70 MB 2046x2894 omo4.png)
(195.21 KB 708x1000 omo5.jpg)
(244.70 KB 648x1062 omo3.jpg)
(223.32 KB 708x1000 omo2.jpg)
Peeing Baby 10/11/2020 (Sun) 16:37:06 No. 1520
ITT: girls peeing, wetting their pants or desperately having to go pee BO approved: >>1484 >>1486
(152.18 KB 800x600 omoo7.jpg)
(573.15 KB 900x1272 omo6.jpg)
(602.82 KB 800x800 paci 3.png)
(269.45 KB 2325x2000 l pee.jpg)
(392.06 KB 600x800 l pee 2.jpg)
(327.69 KB 2047x1454 1598194593-2lqcrl.jpg)
(1.78 MB 1947x2047 Eg_DCxqU8AUiqoi.jpeg)
(98.91 KB 690x1000 EZJyEwfVAAAjdjf.jpeg)
(166.03 KB 993x1000 EZtfNkVU8AAMHkt.jpeg)
(506.88 KB 594x1000 EciDlh0VAAEFfJV.png)
I have to admit that people into pee have it better than us. Quality of the drawings seem better and involve characters that I can only dream of being diapered.
(300.36 KB 2000x1500 Ea36KbkUcAI5Wmv.jpeg)
(248.39 KB 708x1000 Ej0rtjaU8AAmArJ.jpeg)
(526.01 KB 1200x1600 EeZny_wUYAI9Ian.png)
(768.10 KB 1200x1600 EeZnz38U0AIv_sV.png)
(690.94 KB 1200x1600 EekwLwsUMAAgL_u.png)
I also can't be the only one that has had a bed wetting accident due to being too scared to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
(137.69 KB 1024x768 pee 2.jpg)
(168.94 KB 1100x1700 pee.jpg)
(153.25 KB 800x1006 pee 5.jpg)
(220.43 KB 425x600 pee 4.png)
(92.98 KB 640x903 pee 3.jpg)
>>1533 I hate being into such niche stuff. Along with pee I also like girls casually pooping but there's hardly any of that that's good.
>>1537 >girls casually pooping aaaa fan detected
How do people feel about ones from official anime? The first of these is an edit, but the others are all from actual episodes.
(3.18 MB 2048x2732 84772575_p0.png)
>>1550 I don't watch anime, but it looks cute!
>>1550 What's the story of the second one? It seems like the bigger girl is cheering her on secretly? Really cute art style.
>>1550 >How do people feel about ones from official anime? I feel like I’m gonna pick this show up tbh
>>1556 The older one with red hair is Doremi (age 8) while the one with pink hair is her little sister, Pop (age 4). In that episode Pop was running errands for the first time while Doremi followed her to make sure nothing bad happened to her. Yeah, the art style is wonderful. Sadly there are only about 3 episodes with omorashi/bedwetting scenes out of about 215 (unless you count the ones involving a literal baby). Still, that's 3 more than most anime. >>1560 I'd highly recommend it. Don't be surprised if you end up falling in love with the characters, but don't go in with crazy expectations either. It's just a very well written mahou shoujo anime.
(136.03 KB 500x700 8309900_p0.jpg)
(2.33 MB 1600x1500 N_vol2_Ana_large.jpg)
(4.93 MB 2800x4000 N_vol7_Chika_large.jpg)
(3.73 MB 2800x4000 N_vol7_Matsuri_large.jpg)
(716.98 KB 1200x1000 54750775_p0.png)
(68.37 KB 566x800 57953295_p0.jpg)
(345.76 KB 600x890 59185448_p0.jpg)
(68.30 KB 635x798 59775688_p1.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1416x2000 63385627_p0.jpg)
(518.91 KB 675x900 66081469_p0.jpg)
(105.52 KB 540x812 67654728_p0.jpg)
(755.91 KB 1432x1813 68584393_p0.jpg)
(780.22 KB 1004x1453 68584393_p3.jpg)
(623.03 KB 1048x1080 68841574_p0.jpg)
(722.96 KB 950x1080 68841574_p1.jpg)
(704.11 KB 1080x1080 68841574_p6.jpg)
(777.29 KB 1144x1080 68841574_p7.jpg)
(1.79 MB 2200x3544 74883266_p3.png)
(729.53 KB 1000x1566 76254226_p0.png)
>>1561 Thanks for the list, anon
(243.40 KB 1920x1080 79190153_p0.jpg)
(590.95 KB 800x1200 80890200_p0.png)
(874.66 KB 1260x1680 81795798_p0.jpg)
(150.12 KB 566x800 1190208_p0.jpg)
(912.30 KB 990x1210 18352365_p0.png)
(867.61 KB 1030x1150 28926557_p0.png)
(880.97 KB 1030x1150 28926557_p1.png)
(868.83 KB 1000x1500 82098805_p0.jpg)
(310.08 KB 1024x1783 83953759_p1.jpg)
(297.59 KB 1024x1783 83953759_p2.jpg)
swimsuit and underwater peeing is so great imo
(875.84 KB 900x1200 26783751_p0.png)
(3.41 MB 2000x2839 75823694_p0.jpg)
>>1592 I love the idea of a girl getting into the habit of peeing through her swimsuit just because she can't be bothered taking it off. It would be even better if she got so used to peeing with her swimsuit on that she started forgetting to take it off when she needed to poop too.
(1.58 MB 2048x2732 pantsu wet.jpg)
(1.68 MB 2048x2732 wet diaper.jpg)
(631.56 KB 850x1200 70262042_p0.jpg)
(485.08 KB 850x1200 71738044_p0.jpg)
>>1597 What about getting so used to peeing in her swimsuit that she starts doing it when she's not in the water without really realizing it until after she has started? Or, imagine she's at the beach or something, and there aren't any bathrooms, and so if she were to take her suit off, everyone would be able to see her parts, so instead she just blushes and shyly sits in the sand and goes in her swimsuit.
(941.39 KB 1092x1080 pooped in the pool.jpg)
>>1597 >It would be even better if she got so used to peeing with her swimsuit on that she started forgetting to take it off when she needed to poop too That girls gonna be in permanent pamps after a few times of having to close the pool because of her forgetfulness Also, does anyone want a non-diapered messing thread?
(661.08 KB 2000x2000 1051870_20180730000618_0.png)
(566.99 KB 2000x2000 1051870_20180730000623_0.png)
>>1641 I love those ideas, especially the second one. >>1643 >Also, does anyone want a non-diapered messing thread? I'd certainly post in it. Although I prefer pictures where the mess is (mostly) contained in the girl's clothes. I was imagining a situation where she was just walking around with an obvious bulge in the back of her swimsuit. Maybe she'd be wearing one of those toddler swimsuits with tight leg elastic designed to prevent leaks from swim diapers, but she's not diapered so it's very obvious when she has a messy accident. Or maybe it happens when she's sitting on the toilet with her swimsuit on. She tries her best to clean up the mess but it's still pretty obvious that she had an accident.
>>1660 I once saw this company online that made reusable swim diapers which were basically tight fitting, water-tight neoprene pants that you wear either under or as a swimsuit. (They also sold little disposable sheets that you could put inside to make clean up easier, if you wanted, but they were optional) Ever since then, I have really liked the idea. Not even so much as just a swim diaper, but even as a regular day time diaper. Since it's water tight, you could use it outside of the pool without any issue, although you might want to put a booster pad or something in it to take care of any #1 accidents, and also to make messy accidents easier to clean up.
(1.48 MB 3000x3000 58242928_p0.jpg)
(415.65 KB 1059x1500 75961689_p0.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1800x1800 85201045_p1.png)
>>1660 >I love those ideas, especially the What about something like in picture 2, were they just dont want to go through the effort of going to the bathroom, so they instead find a secluded little spot and just go in secret?
(450.78 KB 2892x4096 Ecdg50yU0AAQvZ-.jpeg)
(539.70 KB 1754x1241 Eea7XNGUMAEAORU.jpeg)
(823.13 KB 2480x3508 Egtt2JbUYAEtJly.jpeg)
(851.66 KB 863x1200 EUA_VCjU4AIHVCE.jpeg)
>>1699 That would be extremely cute too, especially if she gets a thrill out of doing something naughty and taboo. It's a shame that any normal swimsuit would be very easily pulled to one side. A design like the one Yotsuba is wearing here would remove that possibility. In fact that has given me a fun idea: parents dressing their little girl in a swimsuit which she can't easily remove without help, then telling her to just pee through it when she says she needs the bathroom.
So, I'd really like to see some pictures of some older lolis (like, ages 5-11) using training potties (for example, 6yo loli is desperate and uses her 2yo sister's potty because it is closer than the toilet).
(414.36 KB 900x1222 71631862_p0.png)
(276.16 KB 980x931 loli_desperate_to_pee_potty.gif)
(35.22 KB 441x571 35949216_p1.jpg)
(243.40 KB 1920x1080 79190153_p0.jpg)
(755.91 KB 1432x1813 68584393_p0.jpg)
(780.22 KB 1004x1453 68584393_p3.jpg)
(103.75 KB 1500x2200 60694361_p0.jpg)
(1.78 MB 1898x2400 56608145_p0.jpg)
(172.89 KB 700x900 19873818_p0.jpg)
(764.08 KB 1500x1500 12308787_p0.jpg)
(762.17 KB 1611x2000 80552692_p0.jpg)
(284.91 KB 533x799 1577755283765-0.jpg)
(173.79 KB 1000x1060 lolibooru 133259.jpg)
Second one is spoilered because it also shows her pooping in the potty.
(260.14 KB 900x1237 77762957_p0.jpg)
(310.40 KB 677x1000 49797034_p0.jpg)
(6.66 MB 3024x4032 80836718_p0.jpg)
(142.09 KB 800x800 32191922_p0.png)
(243.14 KB 761x1024 65199896_p0.png)
By the way, the Japanese word for potty is おまる, so you can use that to find more on pixiv.
(1.66 MB 1080x1400 omo maid.png)
(2.98 MB 1700x1416 wet pajamas.png)
(119.58 KB 700x980 omaru.jpg)
(10.66 MB 2481x3082 oshikko dekita.png)
(812.43 KB 1100x990 gotta go.jpg)
>>1716 I definitely love that idea. I like lolis of all kinds, but when they're being babyish and it is very obvious that they are too old for such a thing, I love it even more. Like an 8yo loli in diapers with a pacifier in her mouth is the best, for example. While I definitely love the desperation angle, another angle I'm fond of is when they secretly use it because they are still attached to it, and like it better than a big girl toilet >>1737 Thanks, anon. I'm glad this seems to be a common fetish for once.
(398.69 KB 1363x1920 75497451_p0.jpg)
(409.39 KB 1363x1920 75737631_p0.jpg)
(770.17 KB 1087x1400 79205829_p0.jpg)
(222.35 KB 827x1169 80854636_p0.jpg)
(1.42 MB 2022x1953 1577755283767-4.png)
>>1740 I really love it when lolis are actually into ageplay and want to be surrounded by baby stuff. It'd be cute if a loli was indulging in this fetish in secret, but it's even better if she admits it to her parents and they give her their full support. One thing I almost never see in art or stories are toilet lid locks. There are real products which are designed to stop toddlers from opening the toilet and dropping things in. Imagine a 6 year old seeing an advert for one of those and putting it on her Christmas list along with a baby potty. Once it's installed she has no choice but to use her potty and then ask her parents to empty it for her.
(114.95 KB 800x800 El4PQgDVkAAxELR.jpg)
This is so cute.
(109.79 KB 800x687 EmRK6g-VoAA_4SW.jpg)
Can someone translate this? https://exhentai.org/g/1579507/1f7a5b72f6/ It seems to be about a female Chespin at the beach who needs to pee.
(2.37 MB 1907x1701 76963657_p0.png)
(172.90 KB 1075x1518 EX4w-KyWoAAKxrw.jpeg)
(157.16 KB 1000x1000 Em4KQ30VoAAIuHl.jpeg)
(105.38 KB 930x1240 ElbGrRrUcAAXuQR.jpeg)
You ain't cool unless you pee your pants.
>>1879 If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

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