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(281.18 KB 1770x1620 aitherj2.jpg)

omufish thread Baby 08/14/2022 (Sun) 09:17:12 No. 15699
omufish's content got nuked, here's all of the omufish content i could find. most of the content here is pretty common stuff, so if you have any that isn't here, feel free to post them here.
(258.25 KB 1180x1970 aururosend.jpg)

(182.83 KB 1150x1600 auruj.jpg)

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(375.74 KB 1620x1960 cloverj.jpg)

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(208.72 KB 1020x2000 daisysharkd.jpg)

noticed that the order of the files are messed up, i'll try to prevent that.
(211.38 KB 1020x2000 daisysharkj.jpg)

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(211.08 KB 1020x2000 daisysharkm.jpg)

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(87.32 KB 407x802 ukc1j.jpeg)

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(707.12 KB 1442x2048 ukc7d.png)

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(221.12 KB 842x1280 valestim.jpg)

(214.34 KB 842x1280 valestid.jpg)

(246.71 KB 1150x2100 whitemaged.jpg)

(267.59 KB 1150x2100 whitemagej.jpg)

(451.81 KB 1787x2365 yena2d.jpg)

(78.73 KB 723x883 zaryad.jpg)

(317.51 KB 926x1047 kazumaj.png)

(291.79 KB 750x1059 gonj.png)

and thats my entire stash. the last 2 were found on /abdl/. if anyone else posted any omufish content it would be appreciated.
(151.70 KB 1312x1156 1359274892420648962_1.jpg)

(151.21 KB 1304x1146 1359274892420648962_2.jpg)

(156.94 KB 1337x1157 1359274892420648962_3.jpg)

(155.93 KB 1344x1152 1359274892420648962_4.jpg)

(166.62 KB 1074x1462 1356970494176727043_1.jpg)

I can help out with this. Omufish didn't post his recent commissioned works on his Twitter. Instead they were posted by his commissioners so you can still find most of it by searching twitter for "omu_fish" which I already did an scraped months ago. Some of the commissioners didn't name omufish in their tweets but I have a decent amount of those saved. Some of the twitter accounts that posted their commissions have since either deleted their accounts or made them private for some of the pics I saved. Also some were only posted on /aco/ and probably a few on Discord which I don't use. I'll check my twitter scrape of omufish's to see if there was anything new posted. He left it inactive for months before deleting it so it should be the most recent scrape before deleting his account. I'll also assume that the pixiv account that had all his old art was also deleted too if you want those. I'd bet on him coming back some day again and dumping all of his commissioned art again since it looked like he came back just to make money off commissioning art. I'll most likely just zip everything I have and post a catbox link. These were from omufish's twitter so far.
(94.97 KB 1185x1393 IMG_20191026_093627.jpg)

this is the only omufish piece i have, which was a request i made when they were drawing those for a short time
(849.92 KB 920x1109 tkkari_dry.png)

(849.71 KB 920x1109 tkkari_wet.png)

Oh hey, a thread I can actually contribute to. Don't think they ever posted these publicly and I'm the commissioner of them.
>>15799 Very cute. Nice seeing that some people actually commissioned omufish to do some lolis/shotas. Turns out the pixiv account was deleted too. It was just used to dump all of the old art and a few new pieces before never posting anything else. Here's it is while I get the Twitter and /aco/ pics sorted out. https://files.catbox.moe/t7ikcl.zip
(1.85 MB 1300x2200 Omufish Susan Dry.png)

(1.87 MB 1300x2200 Omufish Susan Wet.png)

(1.88 MB 1300x2200 Omufish Susan Messy.png)

I've got some too
(1.34 MB 827x1757 1613411023114.png)

here's a few more
(408.57 KB 811x1063 fish_76907320_p6.png)

(67.12 KB 797x996 fish_76907320_p0.PNG)

>>17242 also found these all from their deleted pixiv stuff
(122.97 KB 1093x1470 omu_fish.jpg)

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