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Diaper RP Baby 11/17/2020 (Tue) 20:29:05 No. 1877
Hello /abdl/ would you like to RP? Does anyone here RP? If so, where do you RP? Post links to characters on F-list, other places to RP, or pictures that you inspire you to write multi player degenerate fanfiction about your waifus.
Most of the roleplay that I have done has been through meeting people on Omegle and then adding them on Discord
why not do further communication here? Everyone always wants to move to a different platform for some reason.
>>1969 People just kinda like one-on-one convos more I guess.
>>1971 >>1969 I've never really been one for public RP, I've always found it kinda cringey, unless it's still one on one in a place specifically set up for public RPs, like that abandoned diaper MUD over on fox tales times
I typically love a good rp, but the problem is I'm so divergent from other people in this fetish that it's hard to find someone that goes hard that also shares some of my tastes. It's not like I go hardcore, its more I like longer plot-driven stuff, with transformations and a whole host of other things now and then, and it's really hard to find someone who doesn't just want to be regressed or just starts as a baby wanting a dom or a caretaker. Those I can rp with are on discord, which is like 90% used for diaper servers and rp.
>>2028 >discord From my experience there are thousands of ABDL RP discord servers but they're all basically dead. Either that or there are a ton of people who are too afraid to actually RP. I get it though, the discord audience is typically way younger and when I was a youngshit I certainly was a scared little baby who would run away from any contact with other people.
>>2028 I really feel you there. If you start regressed, there's no tension, and the fact that you are regressed never pays off. I've always had issues finding people on F-list, because doms almost never want to be 'the bad guy'. They all seem hesitant to regress someone who isn't begging for it, it's just so tiring.
>>2041 >why can't I find another person to indulge my off-putting non-con subfetish in an already niche fetish? Get in contact with >>2038 and take fucking turns.
>>2042 Or >>2028. Either way. Just leave us normal sometimes-caretakers out of it, we don't want to do it. (I personally can't.)
>>2042 >>2043 Don't worry anon-kun, I fuck off when I'm told no. Don't get so bent out of shape.
>>2038 >thousands of ABDL RP discord servers but they're all basically dead. absolute fact, but you don't need a server if you're just DMing the rp, > there are a ton of people who are too afraid to actually RP. deffently, but that's why you find a person who isn't, finding people on it is quite hard, but it's a good place for keeping in touch with those you have found. I had someone who was like that too afraid to rp, so I stoped talking to them. >>2041 Guess you just need someone to want the focus to be on the transformation or regression, else you roll into story tropes and in those you tippicly have a reason for regression
I realize this is a dead thread at this point but if anyone still wants to rp hmu, especially you op if your interest in Persona girls is anything to go by.
>that feel when I want semi forced age regression rp down to toddler age (like 2 or so) but I don't want to be turned into a little girl, have sissy stuff happen, be cucked, flat out abused, etc. >getting a good rp is hard to do cause suspension of disbelief can be hard to keep up with regression because until you are just a little kid logically anyone could run away from some kidnapping or so or at least make it hard.
>>1877 I always rp as a caretaker on f-list, to the point where I have made 3 caretaker profiles. I gotta say rping fantasy is most fun so far are involved.
alaways wanted to see how people do rp, this seems cool but I'm kinda afraid of doing things wrong
>>3724 Don't worry, especially if we're talking about f-list. you create a character using drawn refs from the internet give it a name, a backstory, age, and you choose what do you like and what you don't like, etc. some people love to go deep into detail some don't even write the minimal information about their characters. you want. to fall into the moderate side of things where it's not too detailed and not that much of barebones. that if we are talking about rping on f-list.
yo tout le monde

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