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Diapered Asians Baby 05/25/2020 (Mon) 04:13:50 No. 27
Why are they so cute?
(23.17 KB 333x500 cute4.jpg)

(211.57 KB 1080x1620 cute3.jpg)

(80.70 KB 679x900 cute2.jpg)

(129.01 KB 1200x801 CUTE.jpg)

(1.11 MB 1920x1405 qt padded 2.jpg)

(45.41 KB 546x420 thick asian diaper 3.jpg)

(28.59 KB 495x640 thick asian diaper 2.jpg)

(151.54 KB 941x777 thick asian diaper.jpg)

(1.02 MB 1800x1205 asians diaper.jpg)

(89.65 KB 768x512 diaper reveal 2.jpg)

>>68 That girl with the really thickly-padded butt is this girl if I remember correctly: https://twitter.com/062dia75
>>319 Underscore tag for mikotan and yo821s was applied. Should be mikotan y0821s without the spaces.
>>68 >That third pic Holy hell, is that Suwawa?!
>>319 These are so cute, thanks anon! I really need to make a Twitter for the sole reason of following diaper girls like these
(1.06 MB 806x777 new.png)

(88.23 KB 768x512 diaper misc.jpg)

(89.65 KB 768x512 diaper reveal 2.jpg)

(92.70 KB 768x513 diaper reveal.jpg)

(91.56 KB 768x512 diaper legs up.jpg)

(71.02 KB 600x900 DeFJ-1GU0AEG3D_.jpeg.jpg)

Would anyone with somewhat of a grasp of japanese know any phrases that would result in good finds on twitter. Searching for 'diaper' gets some results, mostly big accounts and stuff of people talking about their kids, which I'd rather not see. Trying to translate other phrases along with diapers doesn't help much with searching.
>>776 おむつ – Diaper おむつプレイ – Diaper play おむつ替え – Diaper change おむつ女子 – Diaper girl 大人なのに女児服着てる– means something like “although they’re an adult they’re wearing little girls clothes”. Sometimes you’ll find diaper stuff Lots of dumb gaijin use #おむつ for some reason too, but you can find good stuff. All of the pics attached I pulled from the terms above, either through hashtags or just searching the phrase. If you’re getting kids try throwing in “ABDL” as they appear to be familiar with the term.
>>777 Forgot to say that おむつ (“diaper”) has two variant spellings, the other being オムツ. Not sure of the exact difference in nuance between the hiragana and katakana here but they give slightly different results.
(241.49 KB 675x1200 0000025.jpg)

(250.27 KB 675x1200 0000025_2.jpg)

(266.25 KB 675x1200 0000025_3.jpg)

(114.67 KB 682x1024 0000029_2.jpg)

(149.99 KB 799x1114 0000027.jpg)

(145.81 KB 800x1200 0000027_2.jpg)

(97.83 KB 800x533 0000027_3.jpg)

(176.92 KB 800x1199 0000029.jpg)

>>922 Love those first three
(140.31 KB 1200x800 C2smQE6UsAQx1Ov.jpg)

(146.22 KB 800x1200 C2smSxJUsAEuLSn.jpg)

(110.83 KB 800x1200 C3zzTouVcAAd4Xz.jpg)

(165.45 KB 1200x800 DAzIFtIUMAAS5GW.jpg)

>>319 really surprised she would do both tapes on one side before the other, instead of alternating. also i hate auto exposure on webcams.
(248.20 KB 1280x960 ad3.jpg)

(54.44 KB 680x426 ad2.jpg)

(41.90 KB 680x430 ad1.jpg)

(221.78 KB 1536x2048 ad4.jpg)

(143.36 KB 1277x958 ad5.jpg)

I want to change a cute Japanese girl's wet diaper, bros
(1003.06 KB 2730x4096 1300404022159925248_3.jpg)

(970.53 KB 2730x4096 1300404022159925248_1.jpg)

(957.88 KB 4096x2730 1300404013490253826_4.jpg)

(1.03 MB 2730x4096 1300404013490253826_3.jpg)

(961.68 KB 2730x4096 1300403990165815296_3.jpg)

(991.72 KB 3298x4096 1300403990165815296_2.jpg)

(1.15 MB 4096x2730 1300403982460809216_3.jpg)

(1.25 MB 4096x2730 1300403982460809216_2.jpg)

(1.16 MB 2730x4096 1300403982460809216_1.jpg)

(921.30 KB 2730x4096 1300404032838590465_1.jpg)

>>1402 I'm glad most of them are on Twitter. So much fucking easier to scrape compared to Tumblr if you're trying to get the high resolution pics and not the lossy ones.
(158.26 KB 2048x1364 1309861546630111232_2.jpg)

(154.69 KB 2048x1364 1309861546630111232_1.jpg)

(167.79 KB 2048x1364 1305118853765033984_2.jpg)

(141.14 KB 2048x1364 1305118853765033984_1.jpg)

>>1405 >>1406 Fuck, my mistake this is a guy. I need to look at the retweets and user profile more carefully
>>1408 As if that matters though.
>>1405 >>1406 black diapers aesthetic
>>1406 I haven't done much in the way of scraping Twitter. What's the proper way to get the high-res images?
(149.76 KB 1024x1278 1308745269232558080_3.jpg)

(137.50 KB 958x1278 1306196043994865666_3.jpg)

(272.91 KB 1536x2048 1305477390404136965_1.jpg)

(102.56 KB 1024x1024 1294120381058408449_2.jpg)

(181.03 KB 1536x1536 1232851047204323328_2.jpg)

>>1421 https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl It also grabs videos from twitter, I also use it for deviantart, pixiv and noticed that it supports a lot of sites.
(275.94 KB 969x564 otona nanoni.png)

Here's over a gigabyte of images from the Otona Nanoni Joji Fuku Kiteru imagesets. Some of them are diapered, some aren't. Regardless their very cute styles on very cute Japanese girls. https://mega.nz/#!eSIzzaTQ Key: !GP2z4CrEvvkbnfzPS_abv-_JOcOL-0eGGRoEcVPAmQY
Anyone have the sauce on this person? I've only ever come across reposts.
>>1469 Also, fuck. This is incredible, thanks
>>1472 Glad you like it. Those are some of my favorite pics. It makes me really want a world where "toddler fashion" was the norm, with girls wearing bright pastels, velcro shoes, showing off their pullups/diapers. If only
>>1420 they looks so good on that maid costume
>>1471 I spent some time looking, but I could only find reposts too. It’s sad because I think that’s a super cute Miku cosplay
(146.02 KB 768x1153 diaper2.jpg)

(88.23 KB 768x512 diaper misc.jpg)

(89.65 KB 768x512 diaper reveal 2.jpg)

(92.70 KB 768x513 diaper reveal.jpg)

(91.56 KB 768x512 diaper legs up.jpg)

>>1469 Posting some samples from here
(67.03 KB 800x1200 paci 7.jpg)

(61.19 KB 800x1200 paci 6.jpg)

(68.32 KB 1200x800 paci 5.jpg)

(68.71 KB 800x1200 paci 4.jpg)

(113.78 KB 800x1200 paci 9.jpg)

(369.05 KB 1280x1707 pullups 8736.jpg)

(56.46 KB 768x1024 Ek3Bvr7U8AEK8DN.jpeg)

(236.40 KB 1440x1920 ElX3UWVU0AAO1_1.jpeg)

(202.37 KB 1440x1920 ElX3UWXUcAIGkta.jpeg)

(330.05 KB 1810x1920 ElX3UWXUwAEhesh.jpeg)

(76.28 KB 768x1024 ElX6gE_U8AA6_RB.jpeg)

(440.92 KB 2048x1536 1313839555838058496_1.jpg)

(325.25 KB 1440x1920 1318420199276642304_1.jpg)

(148.28 KB 1728x1773 1319780700350935040_1.jpg)

(210.82 KB 1920x1679 1319779062840131585_1.jpg)

(226.05 KB 1507x2048 1314226709881708545_1.jpg)

>>1787 sauce please
(237.31 KB 1391x2087 1323953378808877058_1.jpg)

(251.72 KB 2048x1365 1323953378808877058_2.jpg)

(186.12 KB 1365x2048 1323953378808877058_3.jpg)

(208.35 KB 2048x1536 1294180958883598336_1.jpg)

(146.67 KB 1278x874 1327804506550067200_2.jpg)

>>1876 Twitter user omutsu201907 but I just checked and the account has been deleted. Link is the rest of her pics with some extras since I can no longer check on her retweets. https://files.catbox.moe/t21zwt.zip
(461.36 KB 2048x2048 1312883430489636864_2.jpg)

(339.02 KB 2048x2048 1317242337194508288_1.jpg)

(74.90 KB 1024x768 1264560126842695686_2.jpg)

(175.80 KB 1536x2048 1297372772474089472_2.jpg)

(110.97 KB 1024x576 1284832996852260864_1.jpg)

>>1878 Made a mistake. Persons account is still active https://twitter.com/hikaru2352
>>1405 Hi I was just wondering what the twitter was for these pictures if it’s not too much to ask
(107.99 KB 1080x1080 1101981779848617985_1.jpg)

(112.17 KB 1080x1080 1104129488101601280_1.jpg)

(96.96 KB 1080x1080 1108534678892363776_1.jpg)

(83.64 KB 1080x1080 1110797998764638208_1.jpg)

(128.89 KB 1037x1037 1151052235293569025_2.jpg)

(314.14 KB 1365x2048 1606889866350.jpg)

(353.89 KB 1080x1620 1606950444834.jpg)

>>1894 sauce on these pics?
(107.85 KB 957x1276 1349326671027924994_2.jpg)

(9.37 MB 720x960 1346808674723930112_1.mp4)

(3.58 MB 720x1112 1348845827599462401_1.mp4)

(1.62 MB 720x1252 1332280148285038593_1.mp4)

(352.87 KB 1536x2048 1322493275471667200_1.jpg)

(4.10 MB 960x720 1185121627098402816_1.mp4)

(134.77 KB 1277x957 1185878056260395008_3.jpg)

(122.63 KB 1277x957 1188100781175500800_1.jpg)

(131.00 KB 1277x957 1191267429394993153_1.jpg)

(142.97 KB 1277x957 1192419549863239680_2.jpg)

(119.31 KB 1274x955 1193047946108866560_3.jpg)

(124.97 KB 1277x958 1200313430743191552_1.jpg)

(123.26 KB 1176x882 1217113051737948161_1.jpg)

(160.66 KB 2048x1536 1218107489448710146_1.jpg)

(107.89 KB 1277x958 1239118979890704386_1.jpg)

(9.96 MB 960x720 1248537202528681986_1.mp4)

(245.11 KB 2048x1536 1278881379879542785_1.jpg)

(241.06 KB 2048x1536 1278881379879542785_2.jpg)

(332.41 KB 2048x1536 1281909858699112448_3.jpg)

(270.21 KB 1536x2048 1291298521732136960_1.jpg)

(358.06 KB 2048x1536 1336939979532980226_1.jpg)

(147.75 KB 1277x958 1338775104449249280_1.jpg)

(137.23 KB 1277x958 1338775104449249280_2.jpg)

(105.33 KB 957x718 1338775104449249280_4.jpg)

(133.65 KB 1277x958 1338775104449249280_3.jpg)

(3.86 MB 720x960 1347127867784630276_1.mp4)

(137.90 KB 1277x957 EH4UqbBU4AUm8zX.jpg)

(99.63 KB 1024x860 1277278880265457664_1.jpg)

(90.09 KB 768x1024 1320386836246585352_1.jpg)

(307.53 KB 2047x1616 1112936441766506496_1.jpg)

(225.58 KB 1647x1911 1399928076075630592_1.jpg)

(462.01 KB 2048x1842 1401676291485540354_1.jpg)

(2.89 MB 720x720 1381591703086243843_1.mp4)

(10.42 MB 720x960 1401469095510302720_1.mp4)

(5.32 MB 720x960 1389867017767845889_1.mp4)

(143.34 KB 2048x1210 1403905012330164228_4.jpg)

(269.17 KB 2048x1402 1403905012330164228_3.jpg)

(312.11 KB 2048x1650 1403905012330164228_2.jpg)

(178.12 KB 1399x1210 1403905012330164228_1.jpg)

(91.45 KB 768x1024 1403905732056174593_3.jpg)

>>3806 >ywn be in the same room as four diapered Asian qts End my existence
(405.82 KB 1536x2048 E5ShjIDVUAI0Znt.jpg)

(273.32 KB 1204x2048 E3WxyItVkAE5tv0.jpg)

(541.39 KB 1440x1920 1412409515623002117_3.jpg)

(667.35 KB 1440x1920 1412409515623002117_2.jpg)

(255.91 KB 1920x1440 1411255131870355461_1.jpg)

(711.21 KB 1875x2109 1414963992561262592_3.jpg)

(156.10 KB 1266x1289 1432257133672730629_1.jpg)

(202.62 KB 2048x1446 1434401799356633089_1.jpg)

(160.32 KB 2048x1632 1410952128441380864_1.jpg)

(214.04 KB 2048x1536 1411145160142983170_1.jpg)

(338.18 KB 2048x1536 1412327869867429889_1.jpg)

(239.81 KB 886x1182 1421288225730023425_1.jpg)

(640.53 KB 1536x2048 1421400539233800192_1.jpg)

(249.81 KB 956x1274 1421464948245340163_2.jpg)

(186.78 KB 2048x1536 1427010184220614657_1.jpg)

(4.03 MB 720x960 1435095291435184133_1.mp4)

(236.07 KB 2048x1536 1400993498891907076_1.jpg)

(245.42 KB 2048x1536 1400993498891907076_2.jpg)

(119.50 KB 1278x958 1400993498891907076_3.jpg)

(208.28 KB 2048x1774 1404637426467803139_1.jpg)

(341.52 KB 1536x2048 1404642222641795074_2.jpg)

(127.70 KB 1276x1027 st_iiii 223635.jpg)

(144.21 KB 871x1278 st_iiii 223634.jpg)

(122.74 KB 812x1266 st_iiii 275637.jpg)

(161.91 KB 1278x958 st_iiii 263421.jpg)

(368.74 KB 1718x2048 st_iiii 223653.jpg)

I found this cool twitter that publishes a lot of ABDL pictures from Japan https://twitter.com/abdl_japan

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