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cyoa with ABDL/AR Themes Baby 05/28/2021 (Fri) 11:21:12 No. 3628
Did I miss any?
The Age Regression RP Framework General Rule #1: You cannot use points to offset the effects of points. No beating up rivals with super strength; they likely have it too. If your skin is invulnerable, they'll just spank you harder. You can use your abilities to stay out of trouble, but not, in most cases, to get out of it. The point of this framework is simple: Origin stories don't matter. Genre doesn't matter. You start off at zero points. If you want power, you must suffer for it, one way or another. Enjoy. Attributes Strength/Endurance -2: You are so physically frail that you are disabled. You cannot stand up under your own weight nor lift anything heavier than a pencil or phone in one hand, and if you ever fall from any height, you're going to break your hip like an old woman. Take this in addition to disability-related Conditions. (+35) -1: You're a scrawny, weak child. You hunch under the weight of your bookbag. You bruise easily, too. (+20) 0: You're an average unathletic kid. (0) 1: You're an average athletic kid, or maybe you're just a strongfat. Either way. average school bullies don't mess with you. (-15) 2: You're about as strong as an average adult - and you still have a child's weight! You can arm-wrestle your teacher and come out even. Punches (and spanks) don't really hurt that much anymore, so your caretaker(s) may have to get creative... (-35) 3: Forget the regular teacher- you can arm wrestle your gym coach and win handily, because you are a bit stronger than an adult bodybuilder! You can tip over cars handily. Nothing short of an aluminum bat swung at your face will leave much of a mark. (-60) 4: Ever seen the cover of Action Comics #1? Yeah, that's about your limit. A 9mm might leave a bruise. (-100) Agility/Reflexes -2: Whatever the name of your condition is, your nerves don't work properly. You need heavy assistance to walk or hold anything. Take this in addition to disability-related Conditions. (+30) -1: You are completely uncoordinated, your reflexes are shit, and you can't run very fast. Hope you like the training wheels on your bike, because they're staying there. (+15) 0: Just plain average. (0) 1: Let's put it this way- you get picked early on for dodgeball. Good at video games. (-15) 2: You run a five-minute mile on your worst day, and you can likely win video game tournaments of any kind. (-35) 3: Faster than Usain Bolt. Two-minute mile. Superhuman reaction time to match. (-60) 4: It turns out that you don't actually need to be faster than bullets; you just have to be quicker than the finger that fires them. Which you are. You can run down the interstate and keep up with traffic. (If you want to keep doing that, put points in Strength/Endurance.) (-100) Intelligence -2: You can't even take -2 on this one. There's nobody home, just a drooling sack of meat. Terri Schiavo tier. -1: You're retarded. You can neither learn effectively nor use any adult memories properly. You take the short bus to class and may have additional learning disabilities (see Conditions) (+35) 0: You're an average kid, center of the bell curve. Depending on your attitude, this is either tolerable or still really stupid. (0) 1: You're a smart kid. Academic subjects are generally not a real problem for you, and your caretaker(s) may wish to place you in an advanced learning institution because of it. (-15) 2: Child prodigy. Perhaps a virtuoso, perhaps a future researcher. You're gonna go far, kid. (-40) 3: Beyond Einstein, beyond Hawking. Prodigy in any subject you want, including things like nanotechnological engineering and/or advanced magic. Ever heard of an "Erdos number"? They'll have a YOU number before long. (-80) 4: World-changing genius, almost a singularitan AI in your own right (depending on setting, you might have an actual computer brain). Similar to Dexter's Lab only not foolhardy. Lex Luthor at his most brilliant. Given time and resources, you can invent futuristic technology (or highly advanced magic, if that's your setting - or both!) all by yourself. Probably too smart to be playable without shattering whatever RP you're in. (-150) Adulthood -2: Literally a blank slate, no memories at all. Brain of a newborn baby. You can build a character with this but don't actually try to play one. (+40) -1: You don't remember anything of your adult life at all, although you retain enough basic skills to pass as a kid of the age you look like. It would be very, very easy for your caretaker(s) to say that they've always taken care of you, and you'd believe it. While you get points for this, it might be more of a blessing than a curse. (+15) 0: You remember that you were an adult, and you remember some things about your adult life, but you have the mind of a child. (0) 1: You remember considerably more about your adult life. You could drive a car if they let you take the test. (-10) 2: Adult in a child's body, straight-up. While you spend points for this, it might be more of a curse than a blessing. (-20) 3: Your adult self and child self are fully integrated, and you grasp related social situations intuitively, able to switch attitudes and personalities fluidly. If you have extremely disciplinarian parents, you might need this one just to deal with them... (-30) Conditions Diapers (Here we go, what you've all been waiting for!) 1: You wet the bed a little. Maybe not every night, but you need protection. Hope your sleepover friends are understanding. During the day, you're fine. (+5) 2: No control of bladder at night, and problems during the day. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Pull-ups recommended. (+10) 3: No control of bladder nor bowel at night. No control of bladder during the day, but you can usually stop yourself from having a bowel movement in your pants. (+15) 4: Absolutely no control at all. Constant dribbling, and you're probably wearing thick, chemically treated diapers to hide the smell. (+20) 5: You cannot control when you hold nor loose it. You might hold it in without knowing it all day, then completely flood your diapers- bladder and bowel!- at any moment! Therefore, your diapers are very thick to prevent leaks. Everyone will know, no matter what you're wearing. Aww. Poor baby. (+25) Pacifier 1: Maybe you grind your teeth at night, or maybe you just need it for comfort. Either way, you suckle on a pacifier at night. Awww. You're cute like that, really. (+5) 2: It's tough to not suck your thumb at school, but you can manage it. You're way happier with a pacifier, though. (+15) 3: You need to be suckling on something all the time, and your pacifier is probably strapped to your chest. The only time you take it out is to eat or drink. Your teachers understand. Well, probably. (+25) Crybaby 1: No matter how smart you are or how much you remember of your adult life, you just can't stop yourself from sniffling when bad stuff happens. Those aren't tears, really! You just need to blow your nose! (+10) 2: Getting a grade one letter lower than you'd hoped might cause sniffling. Got a splinter? Misplaced your Switch for more than a couple of minutes? That stuff will have you crying in your mom's arms. (+20) 3: You sniffle when you get your feelings hurt at the smallest insult. You cry when you lose a game (it might hurt a little less if it's your best friend, though). Anything more than that and you throw a full-blown tantrum, and what's worse, all your enemies know it (although they might not want to provoke you if you have super strength or something like that). (+30)
Autism 1: You're bad with people. You forget names and faces easily, fail to grasp social cues, and generally act like an aspie. You know it's a problem, though, and your best friends understand you. (+10) 2: You find your fantasies comforting and hate facing the outside world in general. People are generally a mystery to you, although you might still have friends you can (barely) relate to. (+25) 3: Chris-chan tier. You cannot relate to people at all. You cannot have friends (bought with points or otherwise). You have serious problems discerning fantasy from reality. God help you, or, if you're taking this to buy superpowers, God help the world. (+40) Eyes -3: Whether your eyes are technologically or magically enhanced, you can read a book from across a football field. (-40) -2: You are eagle eyed, able to easily see small objects at long range. (If you want to take this and also get points for needing glasses for close-in work, you can.) (-20) -1: Your vision is very good, and you tend to spot things others don't. (-5) 1: Presbyopia or myopia, either way, you need glasses or contacts, although you can mostly get by without them. Too bad they can't do laser surgery on kids. (+5) 2: You've got a pretty heavy prescription. +-8 diopters or worse. (+10) 3: Not only is your prescription hideous, you also have a host of other problems that make your vision seriously bad even with corrective gear. You'll be sitting at the front of the class, and your books will be large print. (+30) 4: You are blind. Actually, completely, irrevocably, unfixably blind. (+70) Ears -3: Dogs have nothing on you. Whether it's your parents whispering in their car while you're at home or the movie in the other theater next door, you will hear it. This is a double-edged sword, as your ears are quite sensitive, and you often hear too much to make sense out of everything. Never attend a rock concert! (-30) -2: Your sister in the next room might think her headphones are just for her, but you clearly hear her boyfriend talking to her anyway. (Out-and-out blackmail is normally ill-advised, but perhaps you can keep her secrets if she keeps yours...) (-20) -1: You have notably good hearing and tend to hear things others don't. (-5) 1: Your hearing sucks. You can probably get by without one, but it's a good thing they make such small hearing aids these days. Hopefully you or your caretaker(s) can afford one. (+5) 2: Your hearing really sucks. You'll need that hearing aid if you don't want people shouting at you. (+10) 3: Not only do you need a hearing aid, you cannot hear a lot of high or low frequencies at all, and you need to listen carefully to hear anything. In a noisy room? Forget it. (+25) 4: Let's hope your friends can learn ASL. (+40) Additional (Non-tiered) You're immune to all disease, from the common cold to the tender mercies of Corona-chan. (-25) You stutter, and more so when you're stressed. (+5) What kind of asshole put the "s" sound in the word "lisp"? Because that's what you do. Don't combine this with stuttering, or you'll be close to unintelligible. (+5) Despite your Agility score, you're just not very good with your fingers. Your handwriting is bad, you suffer at using devices, your typing sucks. You can probably throw a baseball okay, though. (+15) No matter how tough you are physically, your skin is very sensitive to pain. Taking this and Crybaby will make for some very interesting times. (+10) You have seasonal allergies. A few weeks out of the year, you're either on powerful antihistamines or you're suffering horribly. (+5) You have food allergies. Eating the wrong thing can kill you. (+5) For whatever reason, you simply cannot walk at all. If you have high Agility you might simply not have legs. (+25) For whatever reason, your arms (and wrists, and fingers) simply don't work. (+40) You either babble unintelligibly or are completely mute. (+15)
Superpowers (Of course the cheapest they get is 50 points! What were you expecting?! Also note that these refer to superpowers that most people don't have; if your RP is in birdman land or Gensokyo, for example, you can get them for free if everybody else has them.) Flight 1: You can naturally glide on air currents, although you can't take off from flat ground unless it's particularly windy. Your commute home from school may involve jumping off the roof. Don't try to carry anything heavier than an average bookbag, though. (-50) 2: Those wings on your back? Yeah, you're actually Mommy's little angel (or, perhaps, demon). Good Agility helps. Strength might help to carry things/friends. (-90) 3: No need for wings. Gravity just works on you the way you want it to (or not at all). Depending on how your powers work, you'll need Intelligence or Strength to carry things/friends with you. (-120) Telekinesis 1: Throw rocks at bullies with the power of your mind. Most of them will hit (your fine control is not that great). (-60) 2: Throw bullies at rocks with the power of your mind, and all of them will hit. Or just give them invisible wedgies, because your fine control is that great. (-100) 3: Do you want to lockpick that safe with your mind, or do you just want to rip it open? Your choice. (-150) Obfuscation 1: You just tend to go unnoticed whenever you want. It won't get you into a well-guarded area, but it might let you sneak home after dark and tell your mom you've been home for a while. (-50) 2: Dogs likely won't bark at you if you don't want them to. Most security cameras generally just don't pick you up. You blend in unless someone is actively looking for you- and even then, they probably won't find you. (-80) 3: Actual, full-bore invisibility, unhearability, unsmellability. Motion detectors, laser tripwires, dogs all fail. Specialized things like pressure plates might still work. (-110) Teleportation 1: You have a recall point (probably your home) that you can get to instantly, once every day, so there's no excuse for you not being home on time, is there? If your friends are willing to hug you, they can come too. (-70) 2: If you've been there before, you can be there again. Five times a day. (-135) 3: You know what? Fine. You're a fucking Jumper. Given how much this costs, your caretakers are probably viciously insane psychopaths (and can still. somehow, punish you), you probably have multiple people who hate you (and can still hurt you), and you're probably a drooling, uncoordinated weakling permanently in diapers, but hey, you can teleport anywhere you want, as often as you want. (-200) Regeneration 1: Even if you lost your legs, they'll grow back like new in a month, tops. (-50) 2: Make that a week. (-65) 3: WOAH! MAN, I THOUGHT THE MARVEL UNIVERSE WAS WEIRD! HOW DID I GET INTO THIS AGE REGRESSION RP?! LET ME OUT! (-80) Energy Emission 1: "Dude. It's so cool that you can start a fire like that. Can you charge my laptop?" (-50) 2: "Dude! THAT is how you light a campfire! All at once!" (-90) 3: "DUDE! That's a REAL lightning bolt! I was twenty feet away, I hope my phone still works!" (-130) Telepathy 1: You have to take tests without any other students sitting next to you, because otherwise you'll just pluck their surface-level answer choices out of their heads. (-50) 2: You have to take tests without the teacher in the room, because otherwise you'll just pluck the mostly buried relevant knowledge out of her head. (-80) 3. "Help me out, I totally forgot the name of this obscure chemical I learned about last year!" "You mean this?" "How'd you know?" "You knew. You just forgot you knew." (-120)
Lifestyle Family Wealth -2: You and your caretaker(s), if any, are literally homeless and you're straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Child Protective Services will not save you. This is probably going to conflict with other options on this list. (+20) -1: Maybe your parents move frequently between cheap apartments, maybe you're in a government barracks, or maybe you just live in the shitty part of town (although this might be good for a budding superhero). You're likely to share space with siblings and possibly parents. Basically, your living accomodations suck balls. (+10) 0: You have your own room and some of your own stuff, whether that's plush toys or last generation's video games. (0) 1: You have your own spacious room and access to considerably better stuff. FAO Schwarz, a decent video card, whatever. (-10) 2: Congratulations; you're officially rich. Or your caretaker(s) are, anyway. Enjoy opulence. (-25) 3: Your family has access to resources that don't exist for lesser mortals; you can ask your AI to make you something, your uncle owns the toy company, your dad really is the lead designer at Nintendo, whatever. Money is its own superpower. Just ask Batman. (-50) Personal Wealth (Assuming caretakers exist) -1: You are not allowed to have any personal belongings. What you are allowed to use actually belongs to your caretakers (depending on who they are, this might not be as bad as it sounds). (+10) 0: Your parents sometimes buy you stuff, for Christmas, your birthday (which may have the same number of candles every year...), whatever. You don't have a lot of things that you own. (0) 1: Your parents give you a nice allowance. That decent computer isn't shared; you picked it out yourself and it sits in your room. (-10) 2: However much your life might suck in other ways, you have your own really high-end stuff to play with- assuming your family can afford it. (-20) 3: You have nearly total access to your family's wealth, resources, and power. You may even be required to regularly make use of this ability as part of your education. Use it, but don't abuse it too much, or it'll be taken away! (-30)
School No school: As a rejuvenated adult, you don't necessarily need to go to school. (0) Homeschool: Your parents teach you at home. Difficulty: From 1 to 4, depending on the caretaker and your intelligence. The smarter you are, the more demanding it'll be, or it's not really school, is it? (0) Retard School: Either special classes or a retard school for retards because you're retarded, you retard. Must have Intelligence of -1. Difficulty: 0. Your caretaker(s) won't care about your "grades" (the ones that would care wouldn't adopt some retard like you). (0) Daycare: It's like school, only they don't pretend to teach you anything. No matter how smart you are, you and all your friends will be treated just like little kids, all day every day. Admit it, this is exactly what you wanted, isn't it? (+10) Ordinary School: Whether it's entirely for rejuvenated adults or mostly for ordinary kids, it's elementary school just the way you remember it. Min/max Intelligence: 0/2. Smarter kids go to different places. Difficulty: 1. (+5) Rejuvenated School: This one is just for rejuvenated adults who (mostly) act like adults. The subject matter is tougher, although it's run more like a college than an elementary school. You can and will get flunked out if you screw up, but in general, it's nicer to be there because everyone understands what's going on. Min Intelligence 0, min Adulthood 2. Difficulty: 2. (-5) Extraordinary School (Chuck Xavier's House of Weirdoes): You're not the only one who got incredible abilities from being rejuvenated. Min Intelligence of 0, but at least one of Str/Agi/Int must be 3 OR you must have a defined Superpower. Difficulty: 2. It's an enjoyable place to be. (-10) Military School: This may or may not be an actual boarding school and is not likely to be run by the actual military, but either way, it's seriously tough. Min/max Intelligence: 0/2. Difficulty: 3. (+10) Extraordinary Military School: This one actually is run by the government, and not the Department of Education, either. If you're super smart, they will demand that you use it. Requirements: Same as Extraordinary School. This is not an enjoyable place to be. [Hope you're ready to RP some serious shit. Seriously, you don't want this.] Difficulty: 4. (+20) How to Get Points From Punishment (Warning: Math. Slow down. Don't freak out. You can do it.) Strictness tiers have Strictness Points, not regular points. Punishment tiers have Punishment Points, not regular points. Each Strictness routine may be assigned punishments worth up to twice the strictness tier (not strictness points, tier) in punishment points. (Each Strictness may only have a maximum of two punishments.) Then, multiply strictness points times punishment points times the caretaker multiplier to get the final number of points. Yes, this does mean that if you are severely punished by a complete sadist for getting a B in a hellish military school, you can earn a whopping 120 points just from that. You are still being severely punished by a complete sadist for getting a B in a hellish military school. Don't game the system too much, or nobody will want to play with you. Note that only things that you can realistically violate are punishable. For example, if you find rejuvenated school super easy (Int 2, secret telepathy), it's cheesy to max out punishments on Tier 3 Grades.
Strictness Routine 0: You have no curfew, dinner time, etc; your caretaker(s) actively help you stay out of trouble for being out late. (0) 1: You're a kid. Be home before 9, honey, or expect punishment when you get home. (1) 2: Start your homework as soon as you get home, be home for dinner, and be in bed by 8:30, but you've still got the weekends and holidays mostly to yourself. (2) 3: You can never get more than a few hours to yourself, because you have to be attending church, doing some regular activity with your parents, whatever. (4) 4: Your life is on a rigid schedule. You have effectively no self-determination over your life. Your caretaker(s) bathe you, feed you meals of their choosing, and put you to bed. Naptime may or may not be involved. You have specified times to do homework, engage in hobbies, play games, etc. If your friends want to come over or if you have a project to do, it goes on the schedule. Small violations result in big punishments. (6) Meddlesomeness 0: Your parents respect you as a (former) adult, and no matter how strict your routine might be, there are times at which they leave you alone to play and be with friends. (0) 1: You can expect your parents to ask how you're doing, check up on you, tell you to call them at certain times if you're out and about, etc. Usual kid stuff. (1) 2: Your parents pretty much know where you are and what you're doing at all times, although they're generally nice enough not to get involved. If you're doing something they don't know about, expect punishment. (2) 3: Your parents are monitoring your activities and are involved in your social life. Even if you're a superhero, Mom will ask, or find out, what you've been doing all day, who you've been hanging out with, how many bad guys you caught, et cetera. In front of your friends, too. Be honest and don't complain, or it's punishment time. (3) 4: You have no privacy at all. A caretaker or other adult is always watching you through technological or magical means, regularly offering (probably unwanted) help, meddling in your social life constantly, possibly following you in person wherever you go, you name it. Helicopter to the max. Don't say you don't want it or try (or appear to try) to get away from it, or your parents will be offended and you'll be punished. (6) Clothes 0: You have your choice of whatever clothes you want. Depending on wealth, you can be more or less guaranteed to be the most awesome-looking kid in your peer group if you so choose. (0) 1: It's hard to find the clothes you really want, or maybe your parents won't let you wear them, but you look like an average kid. Buy anything else, particularly if it makes you look too adult, and your parents won't like it. (1) 2: God, why did your caretaker pick this stuff? It's hard to find anything in your closet that isn't too childish, ill-fitting, or just plain lame. You look like a dork no matter what. Try to wear anything else and you'll be punished for not appreciating your parents. (2) 3: Not only are your clothes childish and embarrassing, your caretaker dresses you in them, and you're basically guaranteed to look like a total retard. Your parents will be very displeased if you wear anything else or if your clothes are even slightly damaged, too. (3) 4: Your caretaker dresses you in clothes that you didn't even think existed. Be prepared for cute dresses, Fauntleroy outfits, pink ribbons, and lots of bows, even if you're a boy - especially if you're a boy. Can you fly? Be prepared for everyone on the ground to get a good look at your cute ruffled diapers, sweetie! If your clothes are ever soiled, expect punishment. (5) 5: Except for gym class or some other pre-approved activity, your super-cute clothes interfere with your movement. Your caretaker will dress you in thick mittens, slippery booties, awkward heels, waddle diapers, a very conservative dress for a proper young lady with a tight underskirt and that doesn't let you raise your arms much, anything in that category. If you have powers of any kind, you'll probably also have something to turn them off most of the time, even if everybody else in your world can use them freely. Get used to it, sissy, and you better not ever get your clothes dirty or even out of place! (7)
School (These values are modified by your school's difficulty.) 0: Your parents are not strict in the slightest about your grades. They might even help you cheat. More likely, you don't go to school. (0) 1: If you're failing school, expect punishment. (1 x Difficulty) 2: Your parents make sure you're doing your homework, attend PTA meetings, and generally make sure you're getting decent grades. (1.5 x Difficulty, round up) 3: If your GPA isn't at least 3, you will get punished. (2 x Difficulty, round up) 4: "You got a B?! B is for BUM!" Additionally, your parents are extremely involved with the school and expect you to participate in difficult extracurricular activities. (Hope you bought lots of Intelligence, kiddo.) (2.5 x Difficulty, round up) Behavior 0: Your parents understand that you're an adult in a kid's body and don't care if you use bad words, etc. Yeah, this is the 0-point level, but still, don't get really excessive about it. (0) 1: You're a kid, so some talkback, naughtiness, etc is expected. Step out of line too far, though, and it's punishment time. (1) 2: Your parents are strict about this. The occasional light swear may be permitted, but you can't ever get extremely angry or say anything obscene, or you'll be punished. (2) 3: You're expected to act and talk like a dutiful, obedient child at all times. No bad words, and you cannot even say anything truly mean to anyone, regardless of circumstances. Expect to say "sir" and "ma'am" a lot. You wish to be a superhero from the comic books? Granted! Your speech is now tightly regulated by the Comics Code Authority. (4) 4: Your caretaker(s) require you to talk and act in a very affected, specific way that makes you stand out among your friends. You may have to talk with a lisp, curtsey to guests, act completely subservient to anyone older than you, or engage in some other demeaning, childish ritual that they think makes you look cute. (6) Chores 0: Other than schoolwork, you are not expected to do any work of any kind. Yay! (0) 1: Make your own bed, clean your own room, maybe do the dishes once in a while, usual kid stuff. (1) 2: Set the table, do the laundry, do the dishes and put them away, "oh and can you help me with..." Expect interruptions of personal time. (3) 3: You are the family servant. Your caretaker(s) and other family members don't do housework anymore. That's why they have you. Better not mess up! Combined with a rigid schedule, you are likely to be forced into no-win situations. (5) 4: You are everybody's slave. Your caretaker(s) can (and will) hire you out and possibly keep the money. Maybe you'll even have to clean your worst enemy's room for him while he watches. (7)
Punishments Diapers (It's what you're here for, so let's just get it out of the way first, shall we? Note that thinner diapers than the ones you usually wear aren't a punishment.) [Not that they're really a punishment for you, are they?] 1: You're forced into diapers at home for a few days. You're not expected to wear them to school. (0.5) 2: You're forced into diapers for a few days, and you ARE expected to wear them to school, and they DO crinkle. You're not expected to use them, though. (1) 3: You're forced into diapers for a week, and you WILL use them. (2) 4: Two weeks, and they're extra thick and show through your clothes. Hope you like waddling down the halls, sweetie. (If you're always dressed like this, that's a stricture, not a punishment.) (3) 5: A month, and when you're at home, you're forced into giant, super-thick diapers that you can barely even move in. You may need to be potty-retrained after this. You can still invite your friends over to play, though. (4) Lecture 1: A good old-fashioned, humilating, hour-long lecture. (0.5) Mouthsoaping 1: It's humiliating and tastes bad, but at least it's mercifully brief. (0.5) Spanking 1: A mercifully brief but painful spanking (with whatever causes you pain). Just the one. (0.5) 2: An unmercifully prolonged spanking that will leave you aching for hours. Prepare to cry a lot. (1) 3: Repeated, scheduled sessions of unmercifully prolonged spankings every day for a week. (2) 4: Spanked in the morning. Spanked when you come home from school. Spanked before bed. Unmerciful. For a week. (3) 5: Just plain beaten on a semi-regular basis for a month. No permanent damage, and not in the face. (If you regenerate, and your parents know it, however...) (5) Grounding 1: No computer or video games for three days. You and your friends can find something else to do. (0.5) 2: No computer, TV, video games, or time with friends for three days. Don't complain or it'll only get longer. (1) 3: For a week, and you also have to write "I will be a good child" fifty times every day. In cursive. (2) 4: Go stand in the corner, and stay there. This is what you'll be doing every day once your homework's done until it's time to go to bed. For two weeks. Better hope you actually have school, kid. (4) 5: For a month. Oh, don't be sad, sweetie. Your friends can come over and talk to you, you're just not allowed to look at or say anything to them. Actually, anybody can come over and see you. Especially all those nice kids you called your "enemies". (6) Public Humiliation 1: You are put in a harness and walked around the block carrying a sign saying "I am a naughty child". Hopefully nobody with a grudge sees you or this is going straight on Instragram (or, worse, 8kun). (1) 2: Six blocks, and naked except for a diaper. (1.5) 3: Paraded around town in a stroller and wearing the most ridiculous thing your caretaker(s) can find. Every day for a week. (2.5) 4: This is how you go to school for two weeks: Wearing the frilliest things your caretaker(s) can find, including a bonnet, mittens, and a diaper-revealing dress, you are sat in a carseat, and the car is parked three blocks away from the school. Then your carseat is put into your stroller and you are walked, slowly, to the school entrance, just as all the other kids arrive. Your caretaker answers all questions for you (in the most possibly humiliating ways), as you can't spit your pacifier out. If you don't attend school, don't worry- your caretaker(s) will think of something. (4) 5: There is no 5 for this one. Everyone's gotten too used to it. Rape You know what? I'm not even writing this one. Make it up yourself, you sicko.
Caretakers (One main caretaker per punishment. Select up to two main caretakers in total.) Uncaring Bureaucrat: It's not that he doesn't care, it's... okay, he doesn't care. It's his job to take care of you, though, but that's all he does. Your routines and punishments are likely to be directives that he follows, and he doesn't like his job very much. Pretend that you're going along with everything, don't make waves, don't make his job harder than it has to be, and you'll be fine. (0) (0.4x Multiplier) Uncaring Parent: Well, let's look on the bright side: Alcoholic Loser Dad probably won't notice if you have a hidden stash of unapproved clothes he doesn't know about. The downsides, however, ought to be obvious. He will be capricious, very angry at you for small childish things (if you took the wrong Conditions, you're in for a ride), and generally an asshole. "DID I HEAR YOU SAY ASSHOLE?! OVER MY KNEE, BOY!!!" You don't want to be at home a lot with this guy. (+10) (0.6x Multiplier) Caring Parent: A kind and loving Mommy or Daddy who will hug you, tuck you in, kiss you goodnight, and spank you if you're bad (although they're probably just human and can be worked around sometimes). It's best to have two of these, really, although they might demand different things... (-8) (0.7x Multiplier) Mentor: If you're Superkid (or magic kid), you probably get Superdad (or magic dad). The downside is that this parent is very strict. The bright side is that this parent understands you, has things in common with you, and genuinely loves you. (-10) (.9x Multiplier) Apotheotic Entity: Whether it's a godlike AI, an actual sephirotic angel, or any other superhuman force, this thing is determined to take care of you. And it does so, very well; it knows what you need, child, and gives it to you freely. It has utterly limitless patience, goes out of its way to protect you from harm, and administers punishment fairly and to the letter. It is likely to always be watching (no Meddlesomeness stricture, as you cannot escape it) and might have odd strictnesses and punishments; you will understand what it wants but probably not why it wants it. You cannot select any enemy or situation that would actually be able to hurt you. (-20) (1x Multiplier) Caring Dysfunctional Parent: This person actually does care about you but has mental problems. Expect the unexpected- random punishment and apology ("I am so sorry I hurt you") is the normal way of things. Worse than Uncaring Parent in that it's much, much harder to get by day to day. (+15) (1.2x Multiplier) Complete Sadist: Parent, caretaker, dormitory supervisor, legal guardian - it doesn't really matter what he calls himself, does it? This person wants to hurt you and will do so given a good reason - or no reason at all, really. [Since by the rules you're not allowed to just kill him with a power or something, you probably shouldn't pick this.] (+20) (1.5x Multiplier) Telepathic Sadist: Mommy knows where you are. Mommy knows what you're thinking. Punishment is how Mommy shows that she loves you. You better love Mommy back, or she'll just have to show you more of her love. No, you can't go to school, because then you'd be away from Mommy. No, your friends can't come over, Mommy doesn't know them. [Don't pick this unless it's your fetish or something. Seriously.] (+25) (1.8x Multiplier)
Sub-caretakers (Pick up to three.) Loving Older Sibling: Cares about you, although might not have a lot of time for you. Might be assigned to take care of you and generally won't tattle on you unless you do something really stupid (a winning combination). (-10) Neutral Older Sibling: Just stay out of his way, okay? He's busy with older-kid stuff and has no time for your rejuvenated-adult shenanigans. Might be assigned to take care of you and will tattle if he sees anything amiss, but isn't going out of his way to find it. (0) Hating Older Sibling: Extremely annoyed that some rejuvenated brat has gotten into his house and is looking for revenge. Might engage in a little bit of humiliation and blackmail [but that's what you're here for, isn't it?] (+10) Babysitter: Maybe she thinks you're a real kid, or maybe she knows better. Anyway, she has a job to do, so you better just do what you're told, you little brat. (+5) Family Servant: Robot maids, elegant butlers, and men-at-arms in the service of Her Majesty Your Mother the Queen all fall into this category. They will probably have a soft spot for you and are likely to be very kind to a little angel. They are also very loyal to your caretaker(s). Being bratty to them might or might not get you what you want in the short term. (-5) [If you have NO caretakers and just want a servant, make that -10.] Friends/Enemies (Non-identical twin siblings can be Neutral, costing no points, as long as they are equally likely to help you as get you in trouble. RP, after all, is free.) Good Identical Twin: A completely identical twin (same abilities, same conditions) who goes through the same strictures, punishments, and everything else that you do. No matter what, the two of you are never far apart. Your parents are likely to dress you in matching clothes, but it's worth it. (-20) Evil Identical Twin: (Maximum of one. Two would actually kill you.) A completely identical twin, except that he suffers fewer conditions and fewer punishments, is the favorite of the family, and hates you a lot. This is your nemesis, and his favorite source of fun is finding ways to hurt you. [Another "don't get this, seriously, unless it's your fetish"] (+25 + 0.2x (Total Strictness x Punishment)) Good Fraternal Twin: The same age as you. The two of you care for each other quite a lot and tend to complement each other; he might be fast where you are strong, she might be cautious where you are gung-ho, et cetera. (-15) Evil Fraternal Twin: (Either one of these or an Evil Identical Twin. Again, two would actually kill you.) The same age as you, shares nothing in common with you, greatly favored by your caretaker(s), and hates you. A lot. [Don't do it! Seriously!] (+20 + 0.15x (Total Strictness x Punishment)) Good Little Sibling: Very nice to you and will not tattle unless you do something mean specifically to him (don't, you spent points getting him after all). Is probably an actual child, though, and can be expected to behave like one. Considers himself your sidekick, whether or not you actually have powers. Can be annoying, of course. (-5) Evil Little Sibling: (Maximum of three, and three will be raw hell.) 100% brat. Tattles all the time, whether you did anything wrong or not! On the bright side, your caretaker(s) will probably ignore his shenanigans after the first couple of times. Easy to distract and does not actually hate you, although it's hard to tell sometimes. (+5) Best Friend: Every kid's dream. Shares your interests, cares about you, may have similar Conditions, complements you well. Similar to a Good Fraternal Twin, except he doesn't live with you (but might want to). (-10) Worst Enemy: (Maximum of one. There can only ever be one.) You don't know what it is, but this kid loves picking on you to the exclusion of all others. (Is it the lisping? The crying? The diapers, maybe?) Harasses you at school. May even attempt to get you in trouble at home. Will attack your friends as well. (+10) Friend: An actual friend, someone you invite to your parties and play games with from time to time. (Acquaintances are free.) Probably won't help you with serious stuff unless you make it worth her while. (-3) Enemy (maximum of three): Bullies, jerks, general dickwads. They're not serious about it, and it never goes past social settings like school. (+3) Final Notes Remember, this is a CYOA, a blueprint for RP. You can probably metagame the hell out of it if you really want to (or just pile on punishments if that's your thing). For some insane reason, I've been up all night writing this madness just to get it out of my head. I have no idea what will happen if you actually run an RP with it.
Blue Moon Inn Mother's Blessings
>>3638 Damn, haven't seen this one in years. I wonder if anyone has made anymore builds with it.
>>3658 No, I (the one who posted it) am the only one who's ever done so. In retrospect, it's not just complicated, it's way too tough. I wanted to make a system that was really hard to game, but that's just meant that no one actually wants to play with it. So, two adjustments: You start with a full 50 points. Punishment benefits are doubled.
>>3658 >>3731 I actually have an idle scenario concocted from the original rules. While it is generally stingy with points, there were a couple areas that were easy to gouge for extras (as mentioned by the text itself). It's probably more difficult if you're aiming for powers that are of practical use. The sheer variety is rather interesting, at least when compared to normal CYOAs with genre-limited choices. I did ultimately end up with some weird results, but some of the post-hoc rationalizations were interesting.
>>3731 I never played it because I thought it was just a text version of an existing CYOA. I also would never use a CYOA as an RP framework. But hey, if it will make you feel better I'll do a build. >Name: An Actual Infant >Basically an attempt to simulate being "locked in" as a 1 year old baby of a rich family -2 Strength (+35), -2 Agility (+30), -1 Intelligence (+35), Adult In Child's Body (-20) No control (+20), always paci (+25), tantrums (+30), Chris-chan autism (+40), myopia (+5), notably good hearing (-5) Babble (+15), can't walk (+25), food allergies (+5), sensitive to pain (+10), bad fingers (+15) Rich family (-25), no personal belongings (+10) Homeschool (0) Strictness Total: 15 Life on a rigid schedule (6), No privacy at all (6), Childish clothes (3), No school (0), No behavior requirements (0), No chores (0) Punishment total: 1 Light grounding and small spanking Caring Mommy (-8) 0.7 x 15 = +10.5 (rounding down to 10) Babysitter +5 Bureaucrat daddy (0) 51 family servants (-255) Leftover points: 2
Don't quite know what possessed me to make this, but if you're going to get babied you might as well make it esoteric I suppose. Build: “Childhood's End, but cringe-worthy” Attributes: Strength: -1 Intelligence: +1 Adulthood: 0 Conditions: Diapers: 4 Pacifier: 1 Crybaby: 1 Powers: Telepathy Lifestyle: Family Wealth: 0 Personal Wealth: 0 School: Ordinary School Strictures: Routine:2 Behavior: 2 Clothes: 1 Punishments: Diapers: 5 Grounding: 2 Public Humiliation: 1 Caretakers: Apotheotic Entity (Supernatural Being “Angel”) Family Servant (Psionic Robot)
Ah, I remember a modification I'd made to the original: In lieu of punishment, it might be impossible to disobey some strictures. I forgot what multiplier I gave it, let's just say 2. Let's try on the more reasonable mode (+50) and see what we can come up with. You're still not sure if you should have accepted the Guardian's (-20) deal. It turned you into an actual magical girl, and not the secret kind, either. You know you were an adult at some point, but tossing all that away was the price of the deal (+15). The thick diapers (+20) you constantly wear under your magical girl dresses would be humiliating... if anyone dared to try. They all know who and what you are. You go to school (+5), and you know for a fact that the Guardian is manipulating that school's administration and teachers, making it a much better place... well, for certain values of better. If you perform anything under your best - and it knows what that is - you can expect a series of long, strong spankings (2.5 x 2 x 2 = 10) directly on your magically sensitive skin (+10). You have to talk like a magical girl should, politely and respectfully, even to the villains you must fight (6 x 2 x 2 = 24). Everything you wear becomes a magical girl version of itself (5 x 2 x 2 = 20). And it's watching you, it's always with you, and breaking the (fortunately not totalitarian) routine it's set for you is simply impossible (2 x 2 x 2 = 8). This includes taking care of your own house; the Guardian is non-physical and you're the only human resident. (splitting the difference, 2 x 2 x 2 = 8) (Subtotal: 150!) The upsides to all this? Your agility is great (-15). Your intelligence is boosted (-15). Your eyes (-5) and ears (-5) are far better than they were when you were an adult. The Guardian has consulted with you on what you'd like to have in your home (-10). Your best friend (-10) is also a magical girl, and she comes over to play regularly. Your worst memory? Oh man. That one's a doozy. See... the Guardian sometimes jumps in when it's hero time, forcing you to do things you'd really rather not do. This one wasn't like the weird, almost performative battles you get into sometimes, where the vague remnants of your adulthood are telling you that someone with a gun would just settle it quickly (but somehow that just never happens). No, this one... this one was a little more real, for lack of a better term. You were walking home alone, as you do, your magical dress fluttering and your diaper crinkling. A man pulled up next to you, and apparently he didn't recognize you or thought you were just a cosplayer or something. You KNEW this guy was a dangerous pedophile. Everything about him screamed 'this man is a dangerous pedophile'. So it was to your utter surprise when the Guardian started giving you direct orders: Accept his offer. "Thank you very much for giving me a ride, sir!" Pretend not to notice he's not taking you home. "I just need to stop in my house real quick, oh hey, do you want some candy?" Graciously accept. "I would love some candy! Thank you, sir!" Of course, once you were inside the door, he grabbed your arm and reached for a pair of handcuffs, and you were absolutely relieved when the command finally came: Kill him. Your Love Beam (-90) blew out the other side of his skull, spraying the walls with wet brain matter. You'd always known it could do something like that, that the directed energy you were throwing around was actually dangerous if you let it be, but you'd never actually done a thing like that, never seen it done. It was... unwholesome. But then again, so was he. Of course, like a good little magical girl, you pulled out your magic phone and called the cops, who found answers to their questions about what had happened to three other girls before the killer pedo had made his fatal mistake, and one of them drove you home. (Detain you? A chosen of a Guardian? Hahaha no.)
(3.57 MB 1728x1728 7658.png)

(359.36 KB 1280x2061 dlproject1.png)

(391.55 KB 1280x1974 dlproject2.png)

(398.84 KB 1280x2016 dlproject3.png)

(316.68 KB 1280x1490 dlproject4.png)

Here's some others I have. The first is pretty meh but the second could be good if you find you're more into a "punishment" idea. I have some others that are tangentially related or have a handful of options related to abdl but theyre nothing groundbreaking. Youthful Magic was always my favorite, wish that person made more. Havent payed attention to CYAOs till recently so I never saw Omorashi Curse or the Framework before, both look cool
>>4274 Rolling
(214.80 KB 840x1200 92334752_p1_master1200.jpg)

great these CYOA, love it, are there any more? can we revive this little thread? I try to relaunch it with this file
>>3628 bump, i love CYOA stuff
>>3628 Teen +1 constant +7 incontinent +4 Extra thick +1 babble +2 Constant paci +2 cute face +1 Cute clothes +1 VDL +1 Unknowing +1 No self change +1 Powder smell+1 Stuffy+1 baby food only +2 Bottle +1 no self feed +1 Cuddle slut +1 Kawaii +1 Total: 30 Powers Diaper rash immunity -1 Unaging -1 Gender flip -1 Honest wage -1 Supplies -1 Sexy diapers -1 Differnt path -1 Physique -1 regress -2 Stronk -1 Puppy dog eyes -1 untraining -2 Comfy -1 Peekaboo-1 Fantasy look -1 A baby world -13
(200.93 KB 560x420 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7495 damn, i probably could have afforded the VDL and no self feeding, plus geting the unaging and immunity stuff as well lol. I mostly picked my choices out of the idea that I don't really need to work (why I chose the wage and income options, with the unlimited supplies), and have a nice gf and partner to basically be my "mommy", for the most part.
>>7491 It's probably too late, but this is my thing written down and updated: Young adult +1 Inctontinent piss +2 Urgent bowels +1 Extra thick +1 Pacifier +1 Cute face +1 Cute clothes +1 VDL +1 No self change +1 Stuffy +1 Bottle/breast milk +1 Crybaby +1 Cuddleslut +1 Kawaii +1 = 24 free points! diaper rash immunity -1 unaging -1 Gender flip -1 Wealth -1 Honest wage -1 Supplies -1 Twoo wuv -1 Makeover -1 24-16=8 points remaining!
There used to be a lot more of these that I had saved till my harddrive failed with no backups. I remember there being an attempt of making our own. Anyone have the julay stuff saved?
(1.39 MB 900x3536 Serene_adab6a_6059648.jpg)

(1.43 MB 900x3536 Serene_2d79ad_6059648.jpg)

(1.45 MB 900x3536 Serene_d8b4bc_6059648.jpg)

(1.47 MB 900x3536 Serene_63e2ed_6059648.jpg)

(1.54 MB 900x3536 Serene_42d65f_6059648.jpg)

(6.09 MB 1400x5500 1476539694039.jpg)

>>7627 Didn't see Page 1/7, so I found it
(3.00 MB 1400x5500 MedsnWt.jpeg)

>>7635 Found page 7 for you - no diaper content though
Tahnks you/merci
(3.89 MB 3507x2385 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone in a creative mood for designing our own? Any particular theme? Something autistic based off the Tarrant Thread or Grace themed?
>>8494 I'd be down for helping a bit with one, especially if it's somehow Tarrant or Grace-themed, but I'm not sure how much of a help I can be when it comes to designing the board or getting pictures for it
>>8520 Need to gather a lot of pictures of Grace for starters. Maybe of Aurelia and Integralist as well. Anyone got an archive?
>>8685 Here's basically every Integralist that exists: https://16chan.xyz/fascist/res/9197.html I don't really know how this whole thing works but I could always make edits and stuff.
>>8693 Thats pretty neat. Just wondering what happened to all the existing board-tan edits though?
>>8716 Most of them are in here >>80
(275.77 KB 1092x1260 ClipboardImage.png)

So tossing around an idea for a Grace abdl themed cyoa. How about an escape from Graces dungeons? Have to escape or not from Graces Dungeons while having encounters with the Ara Patrols and other characters who may aid or hinder you?
>>9010 dont know graces dungeon, care to explain?
>>9010 I love the idea of an ABDL escape/adventure CYOA. Any idea how you'd build it?
>>4274 rollingggg
>>9278 Only thing I can think of is a sort of DnD style mini campaign where you have several choices are rolling opportunities that determine your fate. Just means there would need to be several paths thought out and some artwork ninja'ing
(6.34 MB 1900x11480 A Momma's Love 1.webp)

(7.59 MB 1900x11520 A Momma's Love 2.webp)

(7.19 MB 1900x11960 A Momma's Love 3.webp)

Found one last cyoa based around designing a caregiver and your life with them. It's more focused on the sexual side of things but there are some reasonable roleplay options later on. Think I might try my hand at making one but don't count on me actually delivering anytime soon. Been looking at some higher quality cyoa setups and I think there's a gap to fill. Probably will frame it around an isekai scenario and just steal ideas and art. Not sure I have the gallery built up for it so it might end up half complete and we can fill that up together if I'm lazy
>>10746 I saw this one on r/nsfwcyoa about a week ago. The reasons I didn't bother saving it or posting it here is because I've never really found any of Dragon Jak's CYOAs to be interesting and this one weirdly has ABDL only implied, it's just a somewhat generic mommydom CYOA. There are no images or direct references to ABDL and only one reference to physical regression. Apparently that's because Dragon Jack doesn't do anything involving diapers because of the wetting and messing part. Also there only being a couple references to any kind of actual regression because of Reddit not liking anything even remotely to do with loli and shota which, apart from Patreon, is the only place he posts.
>>10747 Thought it might be something like that. Definitely didn't strike me as something they were into, more what the commissioner wanted. Reddit's always been a bad place to grab from since theyre so restrictive but I don't really go put in the effort to find anything else unless it's from a creator I like. Either way, we're pretty starved for abdl stuff and I don't see that changing soon
Here's a decently horny one with some good diaper and humiliation options. I think I found this on the old 8chan board before it got 86'd. Incase it puts them all in the wrong order, it's meant to be read like this: Blue>Purple>Gray>Pink>Red>Green>Orange
(5.72 MB 750x4460 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10746 Looks interesting, a sham there isn't any outright mentions or options for ABDL shit
>>10835 >>10836 Surely there's something missing. Isn't it supposed to come with something like picking the room and amenities and stuff, as well as starting points?
(1.18 MB 1583x5000 WIP To Square One Preview.jpg)

I'm making an interactive CYOA with stats and dice rolls and shit. Basically you take in a foster kid and lead them towards C/TBDL hell or C/TBDL heaven. 5 pages, covering twelve months of time Each month has six-ish rule options that your child responds to based on their class It's nowhere close to done, but I've finished the bones Generous anons with design talent, do you have suggestions for the following? * Colors for background, infobox, hovered choices, and disabled/selected choices * Fonts for the different elements (headers, intro text, choice descriptions) * General design for the letterhead, section headers, and sidebar I'd appreciate it Anything must be doable in CSS but if you just mock it, that's great too Here is the actual HTML, scripts, css etc of the first page Make sure to read the README because you need to set a browser flag in Firefox for webdev (Until it's finished and I stop loading in the content dynamically) https://mega.nz/file/IHtBWTjb#Gm07GcQYcJNrcebwtw2cq4MZRU-DKsIP_5xJv20K-v4
>>14085 The CYOA I didn't know I wanted. Godspeed.
>>14085 This looks amazing. Would anyone be willing to give some idiot-proof instructions on how to set the flag in Firefox?
>>14085 This is really cool anon! I'm not a graphic designer, but I can give you some game design tips. Accompany Stats with symbols (which is looks like you're planning on with the (heart) and (lighting) in the stat descriptions), then going forward, just use the symbols. Consider in addition to the number read outs having bars for the stats. It seems to me that we're juggling pride and resistance here, so a visual representation of "How close to accidently breaking them" will mean more to me than a number. This might be tricky to do with out including a big text dump that no one wants to read - but having descriptions for the stats before the choices you make that effect the stats (like your kid, their personality, and their friends) For the secondary stats, have a stat name header, followed by the bullet points that describe the stat in question, followed the table. It took me a minute to figure out what the bullet points were describing. >>14102 I don't use firefox, but here's how to do it in chrome browsers in windows: >Close all windows of the browser you wish to use. >Find the browser's.exe installation location. You can do this by: <opening the start menu, right clicking on chrome and selecting "go to file location" to open up the start menu short cut folder, then right clicking on the browser's short cut in that folder and again selecting "go to file location" to open the location of the .exe <right clicking on the desktop short cut and selecting "go to file location" >Once you're at the .exe's file location, shift right click in the folder and select "Open powershell window here. >Run in powershell '.\(browser name).exe --allow-file-access-from-files' >Open index.html in the new browser window that just opened.
>>14102 Type about:config into your URL bar Search "security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy" in the bar that appears Switch it from "true" to "false" Basically this setting allows the javascript within an HTML file on your computer to read local text files When I actually release this that won't be necessary I might end up hosting it on GitHub pages but they'd probably delete it when some karen reports it You can do what other anon says, too, if you'd prefer >>14103 Thanks, yeah I gotta use some <span>'s to highlight the text and add icons there Should be pretty easy to find icons like that, don't need help there I might add a bar graph representation using <canvas> at the very end if I still have the motivation. Otherwise I'll just have hover-text that shows the thresholds Agreed on the last two points
>>14085 This shit is righteous, anon. I wish you the best of luck on this project and hope you post it here often. >* Colors for background, infobox, hovered choices, and disabled/selected choices Not a graphic designer, but I find the green/black foreground/background combo a bit tough on the eyes, and you may want to try more neutral bg color. Other than that, the graphics are more than functional.
>>14085 This seems really cool, but I haven't been able to go to first day. >I tried both Firefox and Chrome >I followed instructions for both - the about:config method for firefox and the powershell method for Chrome >I did pick an age, gender, and background No matter what I do, I can't get started.
(191.18 KB 1288x864 To_Square_One_WIP_pg2.png)

>>14245 > This seems really cool, but I haven't been able to go to first day. Yeah, that was intended. I posted only a fragment here to get help with design. You'll get to play it when it's done I haven't translated the text to JSON files to render it yet, anyway. I've just finished writing the engine now... ///You can visit the site here now:\\\ http://qyori.gitgud.site/square_one_cyoa/ Probably done by August? The git repo is here in case any better programmers wants to yell at my Javascript https://gitgud.io/qyori/square_one_cyoa
>>14251 Ah, sorry for misunderstanding. You really went all out on the design, I respect it. I don't know dick about Javascript sadly but I'll definitely be following to see how it develops. I think it already looks great visually.
>>14251 Just wanted to say I have been checking in on this project both on your repo commits and the website regularly and it is looking absolutely insanely good. The amount of polish is incredible, even including little UI sound effects. Very excited to see the next week of development.
(132.33 KB 529x479 punishments.png)

(512.77 KB 995x653 inline_images.png)

>>14506 Thanks for the interest. I'm pretty close to feature complete Javascript/game elements-wise, but I'm not going to upload months after September until the game is in playable state. Don't expect anything too interesting in the repo ETA continues to be sometime in August
>>14542 fuck man I just checked your game. It's very good, though a little too complex for me to understand. I feel like I have to grab a notebook and start doing math. BTW I would love if you could add mind control references, maybe in the form of punishments.
>>14251 Oh wow what a tease, I was so engrossed with it until I reached the end. What a blue balling. If my art was any good I'd love to make pictures for your game, I always wanted to take part in a game project.
>>14542 So fun to get to choose parent gender too now! Man, I think this system would be fun to play from the other side, too -- pick a character and get random punishments and policies. But that would be a huge time commitment on your part, so it's unfair to ask that kind of thing. Maybe I can pull myself up by my bootstraps and make it as a fan mod since you're open source.
>>14860 I'm having a hard enough time balacing the trust economy as it is lol. The game is basically done now minus art but I find it doesn't feel free and breezy like a typical CYOA. The numbers are so important you end up thinking "Can I afford -4 Resistance or wait until Pride decreases more?" rather than "Should I dress Caleb in shortalls or pink dresses?" Probably I'm going to have to perform surgery on the stat design >I think this system would be fun to play from the other side, too I think most players will be self-inserting into the role of the kid. That said, I don't think actually playing as the kid is a good idea. Diaper story protagonists have so little agency it's hard to make their life into a game.
>>14866 A lot of CYOAs have a "casual mode" and a "hard mode". You could keep the challenging numbers and just add an easy mode button that reduces all the resistance and pride penalties. >implying the TBDL personality type isn't the easy mode as it is
>>14866 Does is actually have the diaper usage/wearing regarding the adoptee?
>>14888 Yea it takes awhile though
>>14890 Good. A suggestion you your number problem, would extending the game for one year help.
>>14891 That presents a content problem for him, he clearly wants to make each month unique and have events for each one, so it just adds on a lot more work
>>14866 I'm a caregiver and I'm loving the game because it's from the point of view from a caregiver, i always wanted that.
>>14898 so... do you like... caring for cute and adorable littles? asking for a friend...
>>14903 are you a girl (female)?
>>14898 Also into this as a caregiver. CYOAs are relatively suited to that where games often aren't. Little-focused stuff can be fun but is usually best framed as a bargain to setup rather than a storyline you play out
Well, August is here. I am hoping to hear about updates from that new CYOA.
>>15068 Holy poop babs, "sometime in August" lol My "Must Finish" `todo.md` is one important UI feature, seven more punishments, four or five "Girly" tagged choices, export card on game end, 20 more pieces of art, and actually implementing Betty and Derek It's coming. When it does, it will interest and amuse you for... oh, a half hour? Listen to mommy when she tells you not to hype up future game releases
>>15077 Don't pretend like you don't like the attention. You've been checking in on this (very slow, no new content) thread daily. Sure you don't want to overblow expectations, but there's so little to talk about in terms of CYOAs right now that the last several posts were people chatting about hooking up. Until someone else announces a new CYOA, may as well talk about the only news the CYOA world has had for maybe years.
>>15077 >amuse you for... oh, a half hour? you underestimate how starved i am for quality interactive jerk off content. im also constantly checking if that shit ass 3dcg game "please change my diaper" is updating, but i think the maker of that one offed themself or something
How important is good formatting/art choice to a fun CYOA? I am really bad with that kind of thing, do you think people would be interested if I made a CYOA that was just text?
>>15400 Text only isn't bad, but pictures can add immersion (my preference is no real people). Are you intending it to be a typical scroll sheet or an interactive one?
>>15403 Just a normal sheet, I can't do any of that HTML stuff. Still, that post above about how there is no CYOA content was right. I can't really make anything good, but I can make SOMETHING. Maybe if people step up and contribute it will breathe some new life into this thread.
>>15406 The lack of greater creative content regarding this fetish is rather cross the board. CYOA's have is as an feature instead of a core concept, games are mostly RPGMaker titles that lost relevancy give or take 8 years ago and are gaining steam again due to dedicated developers, and ASMR only has a handful of people taking up the challenge (Mostly caregiver, rarely little. I'd be interested in seeing them be more creative like standard ASMR VA's). But by all means, go for it. Get a concept, put good detail in the circumstance/choices, and have fun with it.
>>15400 While it is the least important element, a professional look still helps. Undoubtedly people would still be interested because of the absolute drought of content.
(20.17 KB 600x1042 temp.png)

>>15400 Make a template of programmer art like this, but actually fill in the text with what your CYOA would be. It maybe rough, but if you post something like that here, anons here will suggest pictures to fill in the image boxes, design for actual layout, etc. etc. After enough passes, we'll get some complete OC.
>>15435 >>15419 >>15416 See all that ugly misalignment with the text and boxes though? That's the trouble. I can throw some images from my harddrive on a white canvas but it's ugly. I think Microsoft Publisher can automatically pop things into alignment for you though which is nice if I can figure it out
>>15440 That was thrown together in all of 5 minutes. realigning things isn't super hard. You could also pirate Adobe illustrator, which has a similar function, and would probably be better suited to image editing (hence it having like layers and all).
I used Publisher to write two pages of CYOA today. I am expecting it to be about 16 pages when done. Therefore, I predict it will be done in four days (I expect to pick up speed as I go now that I have the general idea). Plus, we'll be halfway through August so that other guy's CYOA will probably be nearly done by that time. Maybe all of this work will inspire someone else to throw together something. I feel like based on replies there are at least 4 regulars who watch this thread. So, maybe everyone reading this message should try something.
Today I wrote 3 more pages, for a total of 5. I'm still on track. The pages aren't as long as you'd think in publisher, though. I mean, look at those long pics in the OP and compare them with the length of an average page. I will have to consolidate them into probably 4 finished images once I'm done. I don't think what I'm making will be what anyone expects, so I hope people enjoy it. Anyone else out there working away?
Today I wrote 3 pages, for a total of 8. Halfway there, but the thread is very quiet.
>>15604 For what it's worth, I'm very interested and CYOAs are one of my favorite genres / things, while often fairly rarely made (esp. for diapers). I just wasn't checking this site as often as I used to as it seemed to be slowing down, plus I was doing a lot of (non fetish) writing. But yeah, super interested and I'll try and be active at least here (lol).
>>15604 I check pretty frequently, but i've been a long time lurker. I'm interested, but i typically just lurk. This is my first ever post.
>>15616 >>15638 Ah, it's nice to see there are people still checking in at least. That will give me the energy to keep pushing on.
Hey bros, just finished writing my first CYOA, just need to find 60 images for it now. Hope to have it done in a few days
>>15683 >>15691 Hell yeah. Though don't rush, just take your time and enjoy it.
>>15534 I've been wanting to make one for a while, but I don't even know where to even begin, don't have a theme/setting/scenario that works.
>>15730 Just make one. Don't even worry about that stuff. Create a fast one so that you have accomplished it. It's like how every game starts with a tutorial. Don't worry about having an amazing setting or theme or idea. Throw something together!
Publisher guy here I forgot to bring my laptop charger with me while traveling so it will be a bit longer than expected. Hope to post on the weekend when I get home though!
>>15808 Square one publisher or the ambitious new blood?
>>15824 Call him "Square One Guy" or "html guy" or even the name he posted with, cyori/qyori I'm the "trying my first CYOA using Microsoft publisher" guy, who is not either of these 2 guys >>15691 >>15730 So we potentially have FOUR CYOAs in the works, which is fantastic
>>15838 Most are listed as Baby. Bit a gueswork there. How far along are you?
I used this website https://intcyoacreator.onrender.com/ The final image ended up as 30 megabytes, I went back and compressed every image to 40% quality, and it only went down to 28. What gives?
>>15871 Does anyone know how to compress the final image on this site? I got the project file down to 6 mb now but the final image is still 28 mb, and I can't compress the final image too much or else the text becomes unreadable
>>15876 Just download it and open it in paint.net, then resize the picture while maintaining aspect ratio until it's small enough to post. Or you can upload it to an external site like mega, uguu.se, or catbox.moe
>>15876 >>15884 His suggestions are good, but I would also suggest considering to chop up the image into 2 or 3 parts. This is totally normal for a CYOA! Just look at the OP.
>>15886 This'd be the way. If for some reason it really doesn't work as multiple images, an external site works fine too
>>14251 Just wanted to drop by and say this looks great - trying not to over-hype as per >>15077, but still checking back every other day or thereabouts with fingers crossed for updates.
>>15903 >Hasn't made a post or git update in >2 weeks Ghosted
(2.60 MB 1896x7880 cyoa part 1.png)

(3.23 MB 1896x8204 cyoa part 2.png)

(2.59 MB 1896x7410 cyoa part 3.png)

>>15691 Okay here it is. Hope it isn't too autistic. I limited most choices to only 3 options to keep it simple. I want to do a similar concept but more fleshed out eventually.
>>15915 It's great! Good job anon! Thanks for your hard work!
>>15913 Possibly, but I live in hope
>>15915 Some constructive notes >In question 2, you left the default row text on >Some things feel a bit redundant. For example, Transition in Q1 is basically the same as Feminization in Q17 if you are male >I think you could have some meta rewards at the end, for example, if you don't like any of the core classes you can design your own course for 5 points Overall I think you did a good first CYOA!
(2.61 MB 1896x7760 cyoa part 1.png)

>>15943 >>In question 2, you left the default row text on oh shit, here's a quick fix
>>15915 Look, I did a build: >Q1: Unchanged (0 points - Gender TF isn't my thing) >Q2: With Teacher (2 points) >Q3: Student (0 Points) >Q4: Genuine Need (0 Points - I'm thinking legally required, but not for any punishment. Just sweeping new laws forcing certain people to) >Q5: Regression (2 points) >Q6: Girly (2 points) >Q7: Baby clothes (1 point) >Q8: All of em' (0 points) >Q9: Elementary School Style (1 Point) >Q10: Mean (2 Points - can I have extra mean please?) >Q11: No (1 Point) >Q12: Teacher (2 Points) >Q13: Baby Food (2 Points) >Q14: Set Times (0 Points - Orgasm seems tempting, but it feels like it would be more embarassing to mess 5 minutes after "designated changing time" and have to wait until the end of the day for a change) >Q15: Spanking, and Enema (1 Point - I assume I get the highest point value of the two?) >Q16: Long Diaper (1 Point) >Q17: Pacified, FEminization (1 Point) >Q18: Preschool, English (2 Points - Am I still allowed to pick multiple options here?) >Q19: Home Ec. (2 Points) >Q20: Chearleading (1 Point) Total Points: 23 = 4 rewards Rewards: Play Ground, Theme Park, Island, Mommy
Pretty similar to above Anon, let's compare 1-3: 3 >Unchanged >With Teacher >Aide 4-7: 3 >Genuine >Regression >Neutral >Baby 8-11: 4 >Just You >Elementary >Caring >No 12-15: 3 >Teacher >Breastmilk >Set Times >Spanking 16-20: 3 >Long Diaper >Pacified >Preschool >Home Ec >Swim Total: 16 >Mommy, Diaper of Youth, Pocket Dimension Going deep on that supernatural reward stuff at the end. With mommy's help, maybe I can turn this ABDL CYOA into an AR one.
>>15915 This anon again, I started writing a 2nd cyoa, this one is shorter and more focused on the DL side of things than the AB. Before that though I plan on making a slightly updated version of this image, won't have any new options just fix some errors, clarify some stuff people were confused on, maybe find replacements for some images I didn't like (btw does anyone have any art involving people writing on diapers?), and add some new modes of sorts. This will all be slow though since college starts up again next week
>>15915 Alright, lets see here. 1-5: 7 Pts Transition Dorm Teacher's Aid Punishment Regression 6-10: 6 Pts Girly Baby Clothes Hierarchy College Style Caring 11-15: 6 Pts No Teacher Breast Milk Orgasm Enema 16-20: 4 Pts. Layering Feminization History Home Ec. Swim Team Total Points for Rewards: 23 Pts. Rewards: Mommy Pocket Dimension Playground Royalty I liked this one, it was really fun~ though I do think some sections like the classes that are available to take don't make as much sense as like...'Layered' options. For example, In stead of like English being worth 2 points but History is worth 1, maybe have both equal one point but you can take multiple? Or make the rule be like "Here is a list of possible classes you can take. You need to take at least four, everything is worth 1 point except 'Preschool and Phys Ed which are worth 0 and can count as two classes each". And then have a list of options. Just my two cents for if you make another in the future. Good job on this one though~
>>15942 I kinda saw this coming >Very ambitious project with huge amount of upfront work >Posting every day until he suddenly stops replying It's the classic "last 10% takes as much effort as the first 90%" situation. He definitely burned out before he could finish. It had potential but maybe too much potential honestly - too much feature creep and as a result failed. I mean look at >>15915 It's basic but it got done. It's not revolutionizing CYOAs but it got across the finish line and that's what counts.
>>16008 It's a real shame - even just clicking through the gitgud archive, there's like, 7 in-game months worth of content which has already been written up but just not implemented. A lot of the hard work has already been done.
>>16008 >>16023 The up side to that anon using a source control like gitgud, is that someone here could just fork the project and complete it for him.
>>16008 Everybody's doomsaying square one anon, I figured they were just waiting to push the complete version at once. It's still August after all. That said we haven't heard anything from them so it's a definite possibility. >>15915 >>15945 I like it! The Regression option was smart, I think there's a pretty good storyline with the right combinations there, will see what I can come up with. Also feel like there could be some more varied rewards, I ended up with ~25 points so it felt like I had more than I really wanted there with some of the rewards overlapping. Gave me some good ideas for the CYOA I'm messing with too. Overall a great result for such a quick turnaround
>>3639 Season: Winter patron: maid-entretainer Patron: svana Traits: -maid: Gossip, etiquete training -entretainer: fine arts -misc. townhouse, Memento:calm bell (calm emotions) Mother's blessings: blessing of youth blessing of knowledge blessing of fantasy
>>16072 As mentioned in >>16008, I live in hope. That said, my assumption is that they'd have been working directly on gitgud (and thus we'd see updates to the files even if they weren't implemented in the demo yet) rather than working offline and making sporadic updates. The last update to the project on gitgud was 3 weeks ago. It's entirely possible that they *are* just working offline, not checking this thread, and waiting to upload at 23:59 on August 31st. My fingers are crossed that this is the case, and I'd be very happy if Qyori were to pop up and prove the 'doomsayers' wrong. But if that doesn't happen, then as per >16047 it's nice that they put the square one project in an accessible source and with written DWTFYW permission, so that it can be carried on by others.
(2.78 MB 1896x9210 cyoa 1.png)

(3.32 MB 1896x8956 cyoa 2.png)

(2.62 MB 1896x7925 cyoa 3.png)

>>15915 >>15979 okay here's the version 2. Here's what's different >added a "bonus point" option that you can add on to at least one of the options for each question (so I could add in more fetishes and give more reason to pick the lesser point value options) >added some new "modes" you can select at the beginning (try the dice mode it's fun) >changed a few images >edited text mostly to fix grammar or attempt to make things more clear, but also to change a handful of options Nothing too major. Anyway I don't plan on adding anything else to this >>15983 thanks
>>16612 Gender (students/teachers are both sexes, changing height to 5 ft if that falls under "appearance"): Transition Living Accommodation: Dorm +Obsessed Role: Student Reason for Diapers: Punishment Diaper Type: Regression Diaper Pattern: Girly Uniform: Schoolgirl Uniform +Upskirting Diaper Frequency: Hierarchy Schedule Style: College +Open Campus Your Primary Teacher: Caring Diapered Teachers: No Transportation: Walking +Waddle Lunch: Normal Food Changing Conditions: Set Times +Luck, Orgasm (assuming OR rather than AND, otherwise just Set Times +Luck) Daily Punishment: Spanking +Helpers Academic Punishment: Personal Use Permanent Punishment: Feminization Core Course: Preschool +Only You, English Elective: Physical Ed Extracurricular: Swim Team, Cheer Leaders +Team Player 25 points Mommy Diaper of Youth Pocket Dimension Playground Royalty Notes: >somewhat tempting to use a nonsense height for laughs for radical transformation, like 100 ft or something >royalty reward totally destroys any incentive to use the $1000 for each unused point thing >playground reward refers to a "beach" reward that doesn't exist, should be "island" instead
>>16089 Okay, I'm calling it, we're a week past Qyori's self-imposed deadline and there are no updates on GitGud, so the "Square One" thing is dead. I've got very little competence with coding, so I'm not even going to pretend to try and take it over, but I've extracted all the already-written content - they'd written 7 in-game months of choices already (just not properly coded in) so you can see where it was heading. Should make for interesting reading at least.
>>16666 Very cool anon, thanks for extracting what was posted. Also the publisher project isn't dead it just got stalled. I got occupied with adding rolling as a mechanic and... well things just kind of blew out of control in terms of scope. I honestly don't even want to put a date on when I'll finish because I started over from scratch and don't even feel close to what I want to do, but at least some OC is coming.
>>16689 So how much can be expected to have changed from the established demo in terms of design and playability?
>>16697 You misunderstand, I'm not continuing that guy's work. I have a little coding skill but not in the language he's using. I was a different guy saying I was working on a CYOA last month in Publisher. I doubt anyone will finish Qyori's CYOA unless he decides to come back.
>>16703 My mistake.
>>16704 No worries. But I am excited to say that talking about it again really hit me with a burst of inspiration and I made a lot of progress. Like the other guy who made a CYOA recently, I'm going to post in 2 parts. The first one will just be the choices and you can customize as you like, then later I'm going to add a game mode. The game mode will be a little more ambitious but I think separating that out into a later release will keep me on track to actually fucking post content instead of getting out of control like last time and shelving it. This new one is oriented around AR though, so it may not be a good fit for people who are just into DL stuff.
(153.69 KB 422x451 Untitled.png)

Also, just to prove I really mean business this time about finishing, here's proof that I have over 40 options already completed!
>>16797 Sweet, theirs not nearly enough abdl cyoas!
>>16793 Wait so are you Qyori/the original guy or are you a completely new guy?
>>16827 Not completely new, I was posting about using publisher before. I wanted to make something that was too much before, I got so wrapped up in the dice rolls and meters and systems and story that it spiraled out of control up at >>15458 and then I never finished or posted more about it. I'm not doing that this time. Today I didn't add many more options but instead I worked on formatting. I mentioned in my last post that this CYOA has to do with AR. The thing I find very interesting about AR stories is that they provoke a question: how will the regressed individual be treated? Like an adult? Like an infant? Somewhere in between? The first version of the CYOA will simply present you with the choices - I'm expecting to land somewhere around 70 to 80 when done - and you can customize as you please. After that, I will spend some additional time making a "game" version which allows you to simulate loss of privileges over time. This version is inspired by the Qyori game.
>>16830 Sounds good, can't wait to see the final product.
>>16849 I'm getting close, I counted just now 59 completed options that you can mix and match as you please. If there is interest, tomorrow I will post the intro as a teaser.
>>16851 yes, very interested!
>>16877 Since I had some time now, here's the header: Story >It's not an age regression virus. Because it's not a virus at all. It's an adaptation. An autoimmune response that hijacks apoptosis, causing the body to degenerate. Doctors describe the prognosis as potentially including "musculoskeletal atrophy, incontinence, weight loss, dementia, and an exaggeration of neotenous features". Culture is more blunt: some people who get cancer turn into babies. Affecting almost 1% of the population, it's a big enough deal that doctors are aware of it, politicians have tried to legislate it, and lawyers are definitely sinking their teeth into a new market for contract law. And that's what your story is about. >Every victim of this disorder has a unique end point. Some just lose an inch of height. Others experience full physical mental effects, becoming indistinguishable from an infant. That's where contracts come in with a solution. You are here to broker a contract with your future care giver - someone you trust. Maybe a mother, sister, or spouse. It's a statement of how you expect to be treated - down to the very smallest of details. Once it's inked, that's the life you'll be living until, hopefully some day, your body starts to grow again. Rules >This is the "Sandbox Mode". Pick any number of options from all available rows. You can combine options where logical (e.g.: carried in arms and stroller might just mean both are available for getting around), but where two policies are obviously in conflict, the more restrictive (usually further right) option trumps. (e.g.: fully liquid diet by definition cannot be combined with pureed baby food). >Options are either called "policies", "training", or "treatments". Policies are ground rules that the caregiver will respect (it is understood that the care-receiver may attempt to break contract due to dementia... which is what the permitted punishment options are for). Policies are by far the most common and cover everything from what food the regressed will eat to whether it's permissible for the carer to carry a diaper bag. Training and treatments are one-time programs to alter something about the care-receiver's mind or body respectively - usually to make caring for them more manageable. Today I reached 81 options. Overwhelmingly the tenor of these options is "realistic". I included just a few extreme options that can be ignored but might appeal to subfetishists. Art is all over the place stylistically but I didn't use any furry art, clearly explicit art, or visible scat.
>>16882 This is basically everything I could want in a cyoa, all the other abdl cyoa's are lacking in 1 or more aspect. Really looking forward to seeing the final product!
>>16894 It's very encouraging to hear that! I am glad someone is looking forward to it. If I didn't lose count, I believe I have reached 118 options. Maybe this is getting too detailed at a certain point! Haha...
(228.44 KB 974x756 Untitled.png)

Another teaser, this time a pic of my progress. As you can see, it is currently extremely ugly. Everything is misaligned and haphazardly arranged, no background, the intro text isn't up at the top, and options are literally spilling off into the off-page editing zone. But if you look past that ugliness, it is extremely information dense. More than a hundred images and multi-sentence descriptions of each option.
(108.54 KB 392x460 Untitled.png)

Looking a little cleaner now. This is a preview of page 1. There are 3 pages currently at 164 options. I feel quite close to release. You'll probably notice I had to split some of the old categories into new ones. Some lists just spilled out too much.
>>17010 nice, I seriously can't wait.
>>17010 >I feel quite close to release getting hyped
>>16612 >transition >oyo + babysitter >student >you like them >diaper >girly >baby clothes >all of them >highschool style >caring >yes + matching >waddle >chocolate milk >set times >face sitting >layering + waste not >pacified + 1 >History >PE >swim team 19 points <mommy <diaper of youth
>>17010 glaring at you rn
(152.76 KB 728x306 Untitled.png)

>>17317 Still coming, still getting bigger by the day. Getting too big is the problem though. As you may have noticed, my current design only allows for 9 options per row. That is getting to be a little cramped under my current listing. I have a solution (it's the same solution I said above) - split the row into new rows that get more specific. Except even those want to split. Maybe I'm getting too detailed. Let me give you an example. I started out with "Food". But now that has broken down into >Food preparation - make your own food? banned from using heating elements? help mommy cook? strictly barred from any cooking? >Food - relating to what you will actually eat - normal menu, kid's meals, toddler faire, puree from cans, fully liquid diet of milk/formula, breastmilk? >Seating conditions - a proper seat at the table, highchair, lapseat, sippycups, bottle (hold for self), bib >Feeding - feed self, spoonfed, bottlefed, breastfed, + 4 specific breastfeeding modifier policies And that's JUST feeding. I stopped counting at 200 options, I have no idea how many there are now. It's coming. This hasn't been ghosted, not yet anyway.
>>17344 godspeed anon
>>17344 You know, you can just make some rows 2 lines. They don't all have to be a single whole category. Also more is better honestly, especially if there's either points to spend on pricey rewards or tons of negative points you have to overcome (or both, though I'm a particular fan of the latter). I'd say just focus on getting it done though, in the context that I like the sound of that level of detail so far, so perhaps do just about that much for other things. With the experience you've gotten now, you can always make a 2nd cyoa, or a v2.0 or expansions for the original, so the big thing is to try to get something out that is coherent. Also, you're now inspiring me to wanna start making a cyoa too rather than just giving armchair advice, so good job on that, lmao.
>>17347 Yes, the plan was that the v1.0 is just going to be the options but no costs or anything. Categories, pictures, descriptions. Full sandbox, choose whatever you want. It's more of a storytelling device than anything. There are in fact so many options that in Sandbox I don't even suggest making a full list of all your policies. Instead, I ask the player. V2 will formally gamify it. I already have hints in the descriptions of some of the options about how this will work, but the plan is basically that you will pick a caretaker to start with and then roll a chart to determine what their demands are. Then negotiation to see what you end up with! Once that's done I may also add a narrative feature for changing rights over time, which can be very fun.

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