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New ABU Diaper, boner raised Baby 12/15/2021 (Wed) 03:50:22 No. 7576
ABU is an annoying company with an insufferable fanbase of furfags, but holy shit, shut up and take my money on this. Japan exclusive at the moment. https://jp.abuniverse.com/%E8%A3%BD%E5%93%81/lkg/
>>7576 fuck fuck fuck fuck. I think I found my fav new abdl diaper, bye bunnyhops.
>>7576 Do want
Thank God, they need to get rid of the wetness indicator, i really wanted something not too complicated that's a little better than a Depends, hope they don't change it too much or get rid of the waistband if they bring it over here
>>7576 same design as the bunnyhops/dinorawrz but with a different print right? looks nice though, will def buy.
>>7576 This looks incredible. It's great to see companies making ABDL diapers that more closely resemble modern baby diapers. Personally I quite like details like the wetness indicator and waistband so I hope they keep those.
I need to see a size up on the same body type, pampers shouldn't be so tight fitting
>>7576 Holy hell, this looks amazing. I love how it looks like a real, modern baby diaper. Even more than that, though, I appreciate the low rise in the waist, simply because that will probably make it easier to hide under clothing. Also, is it just me, or will the padding be just thin enough for daytime wear? Here's hoping it still has standing leg guards!
Just saw these on a blog I've been following for images and stuff. These do look really cute.
>>7604 we've trully entered the next era of abdl diapers care to shate the blog?
>>7602 >Also, is it just me, or will the padding be just thin enough for daytime wear? The stated capacity is the same as a PeekABU, so I'd guess the thickness will probably be similar too. I'll post my translation of the features list: >Tapes: 4 >Standing leakguards: yes >High absorbency zone: yes >Backing: non-woven fabric >Wetness indicator: yes >Front waist elastic: yes >Rear waist elastic: yes >Capacity: 6250 ml >Number of designs: 1 >Print: all over >Print style: positional print >Ink layer: outside
>>7607 PeekABU are my fav diaper, so I can't wait to try these out. Any estimated ETA? Probably 2023-ish I guess?
>>7608 I have no idea. Even on the Japanese site they're limiting orders to 1 pack per customer (or maybe per order?). I couldn't find any mention of when they might become available in other countries, but ABU are at least aware there's a lot of hype and demand over these. If you really wanted a pack and didn't mind wasting money there are companies which offer international package forwarding services. They give you a Japanese address which you can order to on the ABU site, then you pay them to ship it internationally. Of course international shipping isn't cheap.
(358.77 KB 1536x2048 FGuknUbVQAMLkAg.jpeg)

(347.05 KB 1536x2048 FGuknUaVgAcfiSz.jpeg)

(333.46 KB 1536x2048 FGugOzWVcAA5Vyk.jpeg)

(284.81 KB 1536x2048 FGugQZ1VgAEMGo0.jpeg)

(1016.01 KB 3264x2448 FGuDBqRVIAAJC9b.jpeg)

Here are some more pictures from Japanese twitter.
(835.06 KB 2293x2780 FGuDBRPVUAMoMSv.jpeg)

(1.37 MB 2448x3264 FGuDCOYUcAAc6hG.jpeg)

Are these plastic or cotton backed?
>>7607 You had my interest until I read "non-woven fabric", FUCK that. I'll stick with Overnights, thank you very much as much that these are extremely close to adult Pampers.
(414.04 KB 2048x1536 lks.jpeg)

(424.18 KB 2048x1536 lks2.jpeg)

(289.51 KB 1536x2048 lks4.jpeg)

(392.99 KB 2048x1536 lks3.jpeg)

here they are wet, with a booster I think
>>7614 What's the problem with that? Is it just an aesthetic thing, or does it impair the function?
>>7614 >>7617 Felt and various toilet papers are examples of non-woven fabric and it's commonly used in disposable diapers, certain types of clothing, or anything that needs to be absorbent and moisture wicking as they can absorb a lot of water without feeling overly wet. The disadvantages are that non-woven fabrics are not as durable or strong as woven ones, is often more permeable than other types of fabric, and can't be washed like woven fabrics without damaging them. For disposable diapers it's normally bonded and layered with other materials to prevent leaking through, improve durability, and and to increase absorbency. The issue that they can't be washed like other fabrics is not an issue with disposable diapers. I don't really see what the issue is here since it's been a common material in disposable diapers for decades.
>>7612 Unless you're wearing actual cloth diapers there's no such thing as cotton-backed. The disposable diapers (baby or adult) that have a cloth outer feel are actually a "non-woven fabric" made of plastic to simulate a cloth feel. >>7617 >>7621 My issue with non-woven fabrics on disposable diapers is two-fold. 1. Having this faux-cloth layer on top of a regular plastic layer can take away from the integrity of the plastic layer and induce leaks, also, diaper manufacturers have less incentive to really focus on the strength and integrity of the plastic layer when it's not the outermost layer that's being felt. 2. Faux-cloth disposable diapers just feel 'wrong' to me on a really visceral level, if that isn't too weird of a take on it. For both baby and adult diapers, the trend towards faux-cloth backing has nothing to do with functionality, but everything to do with making diapers seem less diaper-like (and maybe discretion on the adult diaper front). The goal with diaper manufacturers outside of the ABDL market is just to make them seem more like regular underwear, and avoid all associations with diapers. So as an ABDL who actually appreciates diapers for what they are, there's just something about that, which feels wrong to me.
>>7624 Oh, so the issue is more the faux cloth outer shell type disposable diapers which is more understandable. I was confused more because I was thinking there was an issue with non-woven fabrics in general when even plastic backed diapers use them as standard, but it's in the inner part. I agree that I do prefer the plastic backed ones. Some of the faux cloth ones looks nice too I think, but plastic just has the better feel and aesthetic for me. I also understand the quality concerns. You're right that outside of ABDL manufacturers the goal is normally to make them them discreet and underwear like as possible, meaning appearance is often considered more important than function. Normies hate the idea of diapers, true. I kind of think maybe since it's Japan the quality will be better though. Outside the Western world it seems like Japan has a significant amount of ABDL content and demand when compared with other non-western countries and thus more incentive for quality ABDL diapers. I mean, Japan is the only Asian country that ABU decided there was enough demand to open a local shop.
>>7624 I get where you're coming from, but in my opinion the most important goal of any ABDL diaper is to accurately imitate real baby diapers. Baby diapers have now all switched to fabric backing so it makes sense that some ABDL diapers would do the same. I don't think they'll stop making plastic-backed ABDL diapers any time soon.
>>7615 10/10, will try these out.
>>7628 Yeah, I realize I'm being a little selfish about it because I have a very specific association with 80s/90s baby diapers, and that's not reflective of what baby diapers look like now or all styles of baby diapers over the last few decades anyway. But I also kinda dislike modern baby diaper designs for the same reason. They can be really cute and babyish, but they try more and more to look less like diapers and more like clothing. I don't remember where I read this but I think I remember reading a statement from an executive at Huggies where he said that the goal was to make them resemble diapers less, because Moms don't really like thinking about diapers, but Moms enjoy picking out clothing and dressing up their kids in cute outfits, so the goal was to make them seem more like cute underwear Moms could pick designs from, rather than 'diapers'. The problem with diapers is that for all the normies they don't want to buy them, they have to, they're a necessity, and so the trend in those industries is to move away from what the product actually is. Whereas with ABDLs I want it to be as 'diaper-like' as possible.
(250.35 KB 1600x1200 FGDzz2wXwAAsWUa.jpg)

(48.74 KB 640x457 FGDzwSrX0AYrvTv.jpg)

>>7632 Parents treat their babies like fashion accessories then wonder why they develop all kinds of social and attachment disorders. I wish that ABDL would just stop revolving around "imitation" already and evolve into its own thing, unaffected by the toxic consumerism of the parent-oriented industries. If anything, baby products should imitate ABDL products, not the other way around, since ABDL products are at least designed for/by the people who actually use them.
(51.62 KB 600x485 FGDz6DiXsAYIE5Y.jpg)

(49.02 KB 474x576 FGDzyKCXIAQAJup.jpg)

>>7634 >If anything, baby products should imitate ABDL products, not the other way around I absolutely agree. Of course, the chances of us having an impact on the baby diaper industry are pretty slim, but I've actually been surprised the last few years by the positive influence ABDLs are having in the adult diaper world. Look at some of the statements that the owners of NorthShore have released about ABDLs and about how they feel like ABDL products are pushing the design of adult diapers in a better direction. Also, when brick and mortar retailers started stocking ABDL products I was shocked to see that coming from medical supply stores and such. Back in the mid-late 2000s I always assumed that if someone was going to start stocking ABDL products it would be adult sex toy shops or something. Not people who are actually trying to serve the incontinence community. But that's where we are and there have been some surprisingly accepting signs from them.
>>7632 oldfag abdls wear cloth diapers, 70s abdls want the fanfolds, 80/90s kids want plastic backed, and i wouldn't be surprised if in 10 years we're going to see more abdl cloth-backed velcro diapers. it's a generational thing, and is mostly connected to ones own experienced childhood. diapers weren't originaly made for abdls to begin with. >I wish that ABDL would just stop revolving around "imitation" already and evolve into its own thing i hope so too.
>>7634 >I wish that ABDL would just stop revolving around "imitation" already and evolve into its own thing The thing is that the AB side of ABDL is all about trying to recapture the experience of being a baby or toddler, and its almost entirely defined by the culture a person grew up in. Things are only babyish (and therefore appealing to ABs) because they are associated with babies in that particular culture. It's completely inevitable that the preferences of ABs will follow the prevailing cultural norms around childcare with a 20+ year time lag. This discussion honestly sounds like a bunch of old men insisting that music peaked when they were in their teens and everything since has been getting steadily worse.
>>7646 Making diapers isn't like making art. There are clear practical aspects to consider. Also, people obviously don't want to recapture the bad parts of their childhood, so it's not too much of a leap to assume that they would be okay with "improvements" to their fantasy. Better diapers, better toys, better caretakers.
>>7606 I saw them reposted on a different one, but the source of the images was here: https://littleyuka.tumblr.com/archive
>>7610 Uuf that looks very nice. Just like a real baby diaper with cloth backing and all. Hope they come soon to europe. >>7649 Ok boomer. How you can say it's not practical if you haven't even tried them? Cloth backing have bad reptuation in terms of reliability just because people have not tried GOOD cloth backed ones. E.g. seni super quattro is a very nice cloth backed diaper. It sags a little bit when wet but it's also more stretchy/comfy than plastic backed one and if you wear a body, you will not notice the sag. And no, the outer surface will not get damp.
(513.87 KB 1338x720 tumblr_qsq2i9z7nL1ucb7d5_720.mp4)

>>7634 >>7643 >>7646 >I wish that ABDL would just stop revolving around "imitation" already and evolve into its own thing I was thinking about this concept lately and although I don't know much about fetish communities outside of ABDL, isn't that kind of how things have gone with older more ingrained fetish communities? Meaning the same thing could happen with ABDL. BDSM has a unique aesthetic associated entirely with the fetish. i.e. BDSM stuff couldn't get mistaken for anything other than BDSM stuff, with a few exceptions where the imitations are deliberate. Same with the leather community, although there's some stuff there that could be seen to be imitating military uniforms or biker clothing, it's created a unique aesthetic that is wholly associated with the fetish/subculture. Also, again I don't really know much about the community but despite how much furries love to say that they're imitating anthropomorphic cartoons, furry stuff is almost always really recognizable as furry content. That's even one of the big complaints thrown at ABU all the time. Since they're usually claiming that they're just trying to imitate baby diaper designs (like with the PeekABU) but all of their artists are furries and all of the art seems really recognizable to observer as 'furry related.' Not authentically like the thing they're trying to imitate. What I'm getting at with all this, is that maybe ABDL will eventually develop into more of a unique aesthetic of its own, associated entirely with the fetish, and it'll be a little bit more distinct from just imitations of actual baby products. I think there's already examples of that developing over the years. We have our own slang terms basically. And the obsession with thickness and bulkiness is already unique when you compare it to modern baby diaper sensibilities.
>>7646 >The thing is that the AB side of ABDL is all about trying to recapture the experience of being a baby or toddler, and its almost entirely defined by the culture a person grew up in. Things are only babyish (and therefore appealing to ABs) because they are associated with babies in that particular culture. It's completely inevitable that the preferences of ABs will follow the prevailing cultural norms around childcare with a 20+ year time lag. This. >>7693 >What I'm getting at with all this, is that maybe ABDL will eventually develop into more of a unique aesthetic of its own, associated entirely with the fetish No. As said above, you really can't develop abdl into one style. For most people it's the style what was popular when you were baby/toddler, not some general fetish style. And for many people abdl is partly or completely nonsexual. But maybe what you are looking for is this kawaii/loli/gamergirl fetish. It really have gotten some influence from abdl. E.g. nowdays it seems to be very popular that these gamergirls/onlyfans whores wear onesies and other childlike things. And belle delphine wore a my little pony swimsuit :)
>>7695 * lol1ita fetish, not loli :D There seems to be a filter which changes the words
>>7693 The desire for unrealistically thick diapers is actually a good point to bring up. I suppose it's more accurate to say we're all aiming to recreate a fantasy version of childhood which may be influenced both by our memories and by ABDL content we've been exposed to. None the less, many ABDLs say they developed the fetish long before they had any exposure to the internet or fetish content, so I'd guess that our own childhood experiences are by far the largest influence on what we desire. Also a significant proportion of ABDL artists use real baby diapers as inspiration, so even the art scene will tend to follow evolving trends in baby diaper technology.
whats the chance we get a single tape version?
>>7646 >The thing is that the AB side of ABDL is all about trying to recapture the experience of being a baby or toddler, and its almost entirely defined by the culture a person grew up in. Things are only babyish (and therefore appealing to ABs) because they are associated with babies in that particular culture. Not to mention some aspects of ABDL culture that are stuck in even older decades (like half of the sissy clothing choices out there) >It's completely inevitable that the preferences of ABs will follow the prevailing cultural norms around childcare with a 20+ year time lag. There's more to this than just a 20+ year lag time, it's also about the machines to make the diapers. The kids born in the 80's onward wanting toddler accurate pull-ups are proof enough of that. Also, there are people in their 20's that prefer cloth diapers and people in their 50's that prefer disposable diapers. >>7649 >"improvements" to their fantasy. Better diapers, better toys, better caretakers. How would you improve the diapers? Make them thicker? They already exist Make them thinner but highly absorbent? They already exist Make them have prints that aren't baby themed? They already exist What DIDN'T exist til now were diapers that replicated modern ABDL diapers that are thinner, cloth backed with a unique front and back art design. ABDL diapers are MUCH improved over the medical diapers, even the high end ones like Abena or Molicare
>>7588 I mean, the thing is that modern Pampers have the wetness indicator, so it wouldn't look 100% right without it.
>>7607 Shit, accidentally posted nothing as a reply. The most exciting thing about these diapers is the printing process that ABU has now patented, positional printing, where they now have sensors that can detect where the begining and ending are for the outer part of a diaper, allowing for prints where there is a distinctive front and back, instead of just an endlessly repeating pattern. The possibilities of this are nearly limitless for repros of baby diapers.
>>7784 >printing process that ABU has now patented Oh great. Not only is the market held back by patents held by baby diaper manufacturers, but now this printing technology is restricted to a single ABDL manufacturer so we're entirely at their mercy when it comes to designs, manufacturing capacity, and international shipping. The actual idea is borderline obvious so I bet 99% of their R&D cost was just getting a lawyer to trawl through all the existing patents, and now they've added one more to the pile.
>>7785 >The actual idea is borderline obvious so I bet 99% of their R&D cost was just getting a lawyer to trawl through all the existing patents Which is why so many other ABDL companies also have the ability to make diapers with designs like this, right? Considering the fact that Tykables seems more than willing to see what it can get away with legally, what with it going to court with Huggies back when it was Snuggies and now featuring those off-brand Bluey diapers, I feel like it the tech was that easy to get working they would have done it first. The US Patent system is broken as hell, sure. But no ABDL company had this before, so maybe enjoy the fact it's now possible at all instead of bitching that it's not ubiquitous yet? Besides, I would be surprised if other ABDL companies weren't already working on similar tech, and if they somehow weren't, the explosion of interest that these diapers have gotten has definitely been noticed. I highly doubt that these sorts of designs will be ABU exclusive forever, even if the specific way ABU achieves it is patented.
>>7784 Has ABU actually patented this? If so, that's pretty shitty. Despite how much they talk about how much they care about the ABDL community they do some annoyingly scummy things.
>>7789 >Has ABU actually patented this? If so, that's pretty shitty. I hope not, but I will laugh so hard at the ABU dicksucking fanboys as they attempt to defend ABU and deflect any criticism. Usually the same ones that Reeee about Rearz.
>>7786 >Which is why so many other ABDL companies also have the ability to make diapers with designs like this, right? The basic idea is literally just using some kind of sensor (almost certainly optical) to keep the printing rollers in phase with the cutting/gluing/etc machines (which must already be in phase with each other). It's the kind of thing any undergraduate engineering student could come up with in an afternoon. I haven't read the patent so maybe they've only patented a specific implementation rather than the general concept, but if they've patented the general concept then it definitely doesn't promote fair competition. I believe the reason nobody else has done it before is because of the risk involved in setting up a custom designed production line when you don't know if you're going to be sued out the ass for patent violation by one of the big players. Unless you get a patent lawyer to read through every single related patent you can't know with any confidence that you're legally safe. That expense of hiring a patent lawyer is itself a risk because if they find that it does violate an existing patent then you've just wasted hundreds of hours of legal fees. By far the safest option if you're a small business catering to a niche market like ABDLs is to stick to technologies that are guaranteed to be public domain. Instead of investing $100,000+ in custom machinery you just hire an existing generic diaper production line. To be fair, you could argue that they deserve to be rewarded for taking the risk of cutting a path through the hellscape of existing patents, but I'm not going to praise them if they block that path up behind themselves so nobody else can follow them. Still, I'll reserve judgement until we get confirmation. It's silly to get angry about an unverified claim posted on an imageboard.
>>7791 >It's silly to get angry about an unverified claim posted on an imageboard. This++ Even if it is true, ABU hasn't said anything about patents and if they had one, it would be public.
I guess it's not a patent problem why abdl diaper manufacturers haven't done single print diapers before but rather the cost. I mean, adding some sensors and sync strip to outer shell isn't that hard in theory but modifying an existing machine to do that is another story considering how fucking big those machines are. And do they even own the machines or are they just using some chinese manufacturer as subcontractor?
(100.87 KB 600x600 diapers.jpg)

>>7576 I'm definitely hyped for it. Tbh I prefer a high waist, but this does make it easier to hide and is more true to current baby diapers, so there's that. Absolutely fantastic design, though. Kinda floors me that we haven't gotten a pattern like this yet. And it still doesn't have the sorta stripe colors on the front on the sides (see pic). These seem almost universal on modern diapers for some reason - even going back like 20 years, I remember seeing it on some diapers back then. >>7693 It already kinda has as others have pointed out, but I really hope it doesn't get to the point of like leather and BDSM. I want ABDL stuff that's more accurate, not some weird pervy version. The appeal isn't the sexualization, it's the actual infantilization. I don't want to be an adult pretending to be a toddler - I want to be a toddler. So ABDL stuff really should reflect the real stuff - I guess with the one difference of the thickness/bulkiness of the diapers. But even there, not to an absurd degree as some go to.
>>7610 >>7799 Actually, they do seem to have the leg-cuff stripes a little bit, just a lot closer to the sides and not nearly as big and pronounced as the actual baby diapers in the pic I posted.
>>7724 >ABDL brands are better than medical brands depends abena diaper feels very soft compared to "abdl diapers". because abena diaper (abri form) has same soft material in it as baby bambo brand for abdl brands to feel somewhat soft, you have to pee yourself first so diaper swells yes, abdl diapers dont have the softness of diaper not problem for abena abena also distributes pee through whole diaper better than any other brand, and maintains its shape even when its wet abdl diapers have higher absorbency, but their material isnt that good
>>7828 >abena also distributes pee through whole diaper better than any other brand I haven't tried abena but I guess I'm going to order them next because with Betterdrys what I previosly used, almost half of the diaper remained unused. Do you wear the plastic-backed ones (Abriform M4) or cloth backed ones (Abriform Premium M4)? Do the cloth backed ones work as well? They are much much cheaper than the plastic ones here and as a 2000s kid cloth backed is more genuine. And btw. theres also Drylife Slip XPlus. I read some reviews and they say it's in practise same diaper as platic backed Abena M4, but cheaper. Everything seems to match - print, absorbency, amount of diapers in bag, manufacturing country etc. and also what they feel in use / how they wick. Drylife also have another diaper, Drylife Slip Super which have same absorbency but is plain white except having a wetness indicator strip.
>>7828 Abenas are very old school by now. If you want very soft diapers, try Molicares.
>>7789 Well, here's the thing, if ABU didn't patent this, someone else would, for this specific method, anyway, hell, might have ended up being bought out by some even worse company (not that I'm saying ABU is a shitty company, from what I've seen? They're pretty damn good), like one of the companies you see on Wish or something.
>>7792 I remember reading it was patented on the Japanese site, but I was using Google translate, so it might not be patented, might have been a bad translation of some word.
>>7897 I can't find any mention of it, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. They describe it as a new technology (新しい技術), but that's all I could find. >>7896 >if ABU didn't patent this, someone else would I'm pretty sure one of the ways to get a patent rejected is to prove prior art. In other words, if company A comes up with a new technology and then later company B tries to patent it, B's patent would be invalid as long as you could prove that A came up with the idea first.
(550.09 KB 1200x1200 unnamed.png)

(450.28 KB 1200x1200 unnamed.png)

they just hit the US, and suprised drop these as well
>>8136 They don't look as cute or as authentically babyish as the Little Kings in my opinion. Probably due to the Little Kings being designed by an actual graphic designer in Japan, and these likely being done by another one of ABU's furry artists. However, despite that they still look pretty good. I went ahead and got samples of both. Still pissed it's cloth backed only right now though. Also, I can't believe I'm saying this about an ABDL diaper, but they handled this launch really badly. The website had, and still has a ton of problems, and their social media guy on Twitter and Reddit was responding to stuff but had no idea about any of the technical issues or practical solutions. Also, what's the point of releasing samples now and allowing orders of packs if packs are just going to ship in two weeks? Why not just hold off on this release for two weeks?
Remember when ABU would cheat there customers out of there cash? Better times.
$40 for 10, what a fuckin ripoff, cool looking designs though
>>8147 That's actually standard fare for abdl diapers
>>8239 Yeah, ABDL diapers are going to generally run you something like 2-5$ each. This fetish can get expensive compared with others, especially due to the materials being disposable. It's not like a one time purchase of some specialty dildo or fetish clothing which will last for years. Standard mass produced medical incontinence diapers are much cheaper, but are also much lower quality generally. As pointed out earlier in the thread Northshore noted that their feedback from their ABDL market improved the quality of their more utilitarian products because ABDLs tend to care more about quality and comfort rather than not thinking about the idea of needing to wear diapers at all and focusing on not wanting to stay in them like their medical incontinence focused customers.
Why was the post about casey strom dubious past removed? Seams like a cover up on 8chan of all places?
>>8375 It was created by an offboarder transsexual, the lowest of subhumans. He deserves a bullet through the cranium for his muslim-style cancel culture offboard drama bullshit.
So we actively protect people who are alleged pedophiles? Sounds like someone got to one of the mods. I guess it was all true then.
(1.13 MB 2480x3508 69183742_p0.jpg)

>>8381 Fuck off normalfag
Oh well, back to telegram I go. The casey stuff is all over there anyway mow. Honestly one day I hope you grow up or you will just end up In jail...
Casey is one of us you fucking fools.
>>8386 >Oh well, back to telegram I go. Ah Telegram, the wholesome place where furfags go to talk about raping children and family pets!
>>8386 >Oh well, back to telegram I go. Yes, please go away and stop bringing retarded drama here. If you had evidence sufficient to prove wrongdoing in court then I'm sure you'd have already gone that route. The fact that you've instead come to an anonymous imageboard to try and drum up support for a witch-hunt tells me exactly how much truth there is behind your accusations.
Enough for Abu to get the post taken down clearly;p Anyway its all good guys its not really my style to hang around a group with a load of pedophiles and pedophile sympathisers.
I seem to recall some art using the patterns for these. I thought it was PieceOfSoap or RedModa since both have patterned diapers in their work off actual ABDL or baby diapers. I can't seem to find the images now, maybe I'm imagining or misremembering it.
>>8397 now he's pissed and leaving because pedos aren't grooming him anymore
(333.77 KB 849x1200 94995853_p0_master1200.jpg)

>>8397 We don't want normalfags here anyway
(1.24 MB 1920x1080 1259_Front and back.jpg)

>>8399 SketchMan
why did they remove the drama? it was actually an interesting thread
(174.42 KB 1603x2048 FHmrRz_aAAg6eWB.jpg)

>>8405 Probably because it was attracting too many discord trannies, they feed on that stuff like flies on shit. If that thread was actually going to go anywhere beyond canceling him, wouldn't the FBI be busting down Casey's door and pounding his bootyhole just like in the epic maymay? I doubt an autistic diaperfag has as much pull as the Clintons, even as moneyed as he is.
>>8413 LOL dude if you read it, it did make sense. Casey ran a website that allowed kids and adults to mix. Which he admitted to lol. On the website alot of bad shit happened, like you know, people still doing jail time bad shit. He still has the server saved with the images. For "safe keeping." that's caseys words again. Casey then bought star diapers a magazine for pedos / secetcy and fuck diaper company and turned it I to abu. And again its asumed he has all them images too And the fucking mailing list. Casey has deleted his twitter post 2020, but if you follow him, you will all remember this shit came up about 3 years ago and he admitted to it all basically. I mean that tranny was right it is doing the rounds right now. And it's all common knowledge... Just everyone put it in a fucking long boring way. But I guess you got to be able to read as well for it to makes sense. Also casey and Abu are democrat suporters🤯 Hillary helps pack there on weekends lol.
>>8399 I've come across two or three different artists drawing these diapers specifically. I think they're mostly furry artists for now though.
>>8428 Ok namefag, I'll admit that I didn't care enough to give that OP more than a skim. So tell me, since you're apparently still here, what was the actual goal of that thread? >>8399 >>8436 I think It was a Twitter fad to draw that diaper design. You'll see it on furry art a lot, because most furry artists will latch on to trends as free advertising for their art, and the design itself lends well to furry aesthetic.
>>8244 I wish I was some trust fund baby that could be diapered in tykables and ABU 24/7 rather than buying a lambo
>>8405 >he's a janitor >on a diaper imageboard >he does it for free >he takes his "job" very seriously
(405.78 KB 501x507 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8457 I'm not gonna let this board get a diaper rash.
>>8456 There is a regular on 4chan's /lgbt/ who is just that, a trust-fund 20-something who spends money on abdl diapers, wears 24/7, has been untraining herself, and apparently her parents know and don't even give a shit. how lucky some people are
>>8467 Damn it, life's not fair, im jealous. I can't even feel happy for them. I have to wear my diapers till the tapes start wearing out then people like that come along and just wet and tape on a new $5 diaper and dab on my poverty striken ass
>>8444 You see I have been here for ages I'm not just here to draw attention to this shit... The reason I am pissed off about this is, I fucking hate people who act like our Lord and savour turning out to be a fucking lier and clearly a pedo or at the very least has been involved in some very scetchy thing. If your going to act like our great hope, do dad jokes on twitter and have a public precence, you better be that great hope. It's clear to me that casey has been playing both sides. >>8444
>>8472 Why do you keep saying "pedo" as if it's a bad thing? If you think he abused kids, take your evidence to the police. If he didn't then what's the problem? We're all into "sketchy" things here. If you want to get people to join in your moral panic then maybe you should try preaching to a different community. If your allegations have any merit at all (or even if they don't) you shouldn't have any difficulty organizing a bunch of feminists on twitter or reddit to form a virtual lynch mob.
>>8474 >>8474 >Why do you keep saying "pedo" as if it's a bad thing? Because he's a newfag tourist. Everyone who has used this board for more than a day knows that it is a de facto pedo board. The most popular threads on this board are the loli thread and the shota thread. Being turned physically into a baby girl is a popular perennial topic. There is a thread for lifelike loli sex dolls in diapers in the catalog right now. There is literally a thread about digging through dumpsters for used baby diapers in the catalog right now. 8moe is site where some of the most popular boards are /hebe/, /tot/, /delicious/ and /b/, which hosts cunny threads as we speak. Pedochads own /abdl/.
i got some, wont take a pic of me wearing them but ill let you know what i think at a later date
>>8858 forgot pic
(971.35 KB 1033x771 Johnny B good advice.png)

(774.33 KB 1172x1364 ar on american dad.png)

>>8478 >Being turned physically into a baby girl is a popular perennial topic. >Calling age regression pedo >Really calling loli/shota pedo by default as well Not saying some could be pedo but the boards users aren't one person is all I'm saying
>>8875 The first pic made me laugh, not gonna lie hahahhahaha
Kinda funny how hard bambino has been pushing sales lately - it's clear that these diapers are sucking sales from every other ABDL company right now www
>>9357 Same, ever since these came out tykables has been spaming my burner email
>>9725 Jesus Christ anon I'm supposed to be straight.
>>9780 >>9725 Actually I'm really not sure if cute twink or girl anymore.
>>9725 That has to be more than one diaper right? I bought some gatorz and I don't think they swell like that (but my CG is the one that sees them in that position more than I do.) I also bought a sample of the little kingz but I have a feeling they're going to be too big since I bought them in XL. I bought large gatorz and they swamp my little body, I think they run bigger than most of ABU's diapers could be wrong though.
>>9725 Must have, are those with doublers
(69.49 KB 750x735 FU6kxszWUAA1W2J.jpg)

(115.00 KB 1024x512 FU6d-VCWUAMgHCR.jpg)

To absolutely nobody's surprise, Tykables has a stationary-printed diaper all their own now.
>>12859 >stationary-printed diaper >fixed print What does that even mean?
>>12867 So if you look a most ABDL diaper designs from the past, you may notice that the print is actually a repeated pattern. Like a repeated texture on a tile in a videogame. It's convenient, and therefore cheaper, to have designs like that so that when the machine goes to make the cut for the diaper it can be "inaccurate" if you will with where the design begins and ends. Stationary-printed, or fixed print, means that the design is.. well... fixed. It's not a pattern. It's a non-abstract picture. It's cool because you can now have much more fun, rigid, but still creative fixed designs that don't have to rely on the machine's inability to cut accurately. The down-side... is that the machine now needs to cut accurately. You run a MUCH higher risk of wasted or dysfunctional stock, NOT because the the actual product is bad, but because you just sliced the top half of the lion's face off and now you can't sell your product as advertised.
>>12859 >7000ml capacity that gonna exspand alot.
>>12859 >>12859 >>12859 Unless Tykables had their own separate tech for this sort of thing designed, I'm begining to think the owner of Tykables' main kink is actually getting sued/ legal trouble. Let's, see, there's the ABU Space near law suit and the whole Snuggies thing, but look at their designs, there's tons of very, similar, characters on their pamps and clothes that could probably get them sued by Disney multiple times (the dragon and Bluey diapers), Hasbro (the Unicorn diapers have very MLPey ponies on them) and whoever owns Paw Patrol.
>>12897 Actually, I think they've gotten better at learning the legal line. the mlp-like and bluey-like stuff is probably fine because copyright infringement is a much harder case than trademark. Snuggies they might have won, they just didn't want the battle. Space diapers they would have lost because it was literally the same name- but these are product names. Similar looking art is okay as long as it's not clearly the same character. I think they're on the right side of the law looking at the stuff on their site niw.
>>12859 Maybe some people like them, but I've never cared for how Tykeables' prints look. It's like the person creating the design is trying to get some babyish look but falls short every time, so they distinctly look like an ABDL diaper rather than a proper baby diaper. I blame it on their insistence on using furry characters in every one of their prints.
>>12859 >>12910 Upon closer inspection, I actually really dislike how boring and actually bad these look from a graphic design standpoint. Look at the front. Look how this supposed on-diaper print looks cropped at the top and especially the bottom of the characters. It looks even worse on the website where you can see each design. I also hate that each character is monochrome. It's boring. Straight up, They look like they a worse version of an add-on ABU landing zone sticker. The back looks passable at best, but still with those boring characters. It really looks like a lazy half-assed cash-in on the hype ABU is generating. It's actually sad.
>>12859 looks okay, but I'll never buy it or abu's at nearly $5 a piece, it's kind of losing the point of being a disposable thing, it's too bad bambino can't get a clue and make one like this
(1.02 MB 1600x2133 0001-03.jpg)

(1.00 MB 1600x2133 0001-05.jpg)

>>12910 >It's like the person creating the design is trying to get some babyish look but falls short every time, so they distinctly look like an ABDL diaper rather than a proper baby diaper. This is the problem with literally all ABDL companies diaper designs. Only very occasionally do you get something that looks decent out of them, and often that's by accident. Like despite Bambinos downgrade in quality in my opinion the Bambino Bellissimo is an exceptionally authentic babyish print, because it is actually a real baby diaper print from a Chinese baby diaper manufacturer. A couple companies have been able to recreate the look of the 90s baby diaper by using actual vintage baby diaper designs like the ABU SDK. However, ABU is the worst offender when it comes to this sort of thing. All of their designs look like they were designed by furries and not actual baby diaper manufacturers. Which is why it's so amazing that they just knocked it out of the park with the Little Kings. Nothing else even comes close to looking this authentic. The positional printing thing helps but the AlphaGatorz still has that same furry/not-authentic look to the art. If I could talk to Casey Strom I would tell him to fire every single one of his furry artist friends and only have this Japanese woman do all of his diaper designs from now on. And have her re-do all of the existing ABU designs.
Babyish designs lack wide appeal because everybody has memories of different diapers from when they were a child, and even two people with memories of the same diaper can remember them in different ways(the nostalgia problem). Designing them based on a new set of principles rather than emulation just makes sense.
>>12933 Be angry at the market, not the vendor. That said I've purchased 4 packs of the new ABU designs now since they launched. whoops >>12938 Wouldn't be surprised if the furry appeal actually has gained them customers who otherwise were unaware of ABDL before. Furries will dive right in to any kink, and that's more money yeah?
>>12941 As a zoomer I finally get a diaper that was like the ones I wore as a baby and it's fantastic. Diaper companies need to evolve to suit their customer base. They should always be about 20 years behind the actual baby diapers in terms of design

(1.75 MB 3425x2609 sdk.jpeg)

>>12962 SDKs were basically my generations diaper, nothing stopping a company from just maintaining a collection of all the generations I just wish ABU would update them to the 6000ml standard
>>12963 Not saying they shouldn't have a diverse diaper range. It'd be nice to see some primitive disposables from the 70s like kimbies and such but I'd also like to see full blown modern baby diapers since they're coming out with all these new prints. Kinda surprised nobody has made a proper pull up yet
>>13046 apparently the patents are just now expiring, but wet weight to elastic strength ratio I imagine is a problem
>>13060 True, didn't think about that. Anything crazy like 6kml capacity would be basically impossible with a stretchy waistband
>>13090 You need to google Trest, then
>>12897 I'm pretty sure that that position print thing was patented by some baby diaper manufacturer and it's patent have now expired. Abu was just first abdl company to utilize it. But I agree, tykables other recent designs are pretty borderline in legality but cool they have balls to do it. Position printed "tinker bell" (what ever they would call it) would be nice :) >>12925 I like them. Maybe a bit boring but imo it looks just like some modern store brand baby diaper.
>>13046 >>13090 Well, there is already rearz felicity pull ups. Just change it's color to white, make the diaper part rise higher and it's excatly same pull ups what is worn in japan, europe etc. But mutts have their huggies pull ups which look completely different so no abdl company invests in this
>>13138 Trest is a normal diaper, I'm talking pullups
>>13203 Felicity seems like a step in the right direction but we need big characters like the puppers from tykables to be front and center
>>13203 >mutts have their huggies pull ups What/who are mutts? >>13211 For me when it comes to pullups I dont care as much about the pattern as I do the structure. I could live with it being plain white if it had the same kind of stretchy sides and the same look and feel as pullups or goodnites/drynites. You would have to modify the structure to make it work because of the proportional size differences between adult and kid bodies. Probably make the absorption pad wider and longer than the kid version, heavier duty elastic, and maybe make the sides taller or extend down further or something. I wouldnt mind if they had some nice prints too of course. I would really love a semi-mature style print on pullups. Something that mimics the "Im an older kid so I dont want superheros on my goodnites but still want something other than white" vibe. A nice navy blue solid or stripe or camo pattern would be cool.
(649.64 KB 690x690 ClipboardImage.png)

(270.20 KB 1600x1600 dora_pampers.jpg)

>>13231 >What/who are mutts? I think that's a derogatory term for North Americans. And he's wrong, since Huggies sell their products all over the planet. As for adult pull-ups, I'd really love it if they make some with the same kind of prints you see on real toddler pull-ups. And of course the feel is important. I don't care so much about absorbancy though. I'd be fine with an adult pull-up which could only handle a single wetting if it had the appearance and feel of a toddler pull-up. Something in the 1000-2000mL absorbency range would be perfect while going up to 6000mL almost seems to defeat the purpose. I'd like to ageplay as a 4-8 year old who is trying to potty train. For that fantasy it's better if a single "accident" is enough to make my pull-up all swollen and squishy. With the modern 6000mL absorbency diapers it seems like a waste to change unless you spend 8+ hours drinking lots of water and totally soaking it. At that point you might as well just wear a tape fastening diaper. One slightly irritating thing about the designs of ABDL diapers is that they seem to always be furry. I don't think I've seen a single ABDL diaper with a cartoon human printed on it.
>>13237 I think it's just really easy to get into uncanny valley territory with human characters so they don't bother and instead go with anthro human characters since they're easy to make cute
>>13254 That just comes back to the old problem that they need to hire competent graphic designers. If they're only aiming for something that's easy to make passably cute, that's all they're going to get. Fingers crossed the Japanese ABU team show them how it's done.
>>13258 Being a furry I could care less either way but granted there should be variety as I stated earlier in the thread. I'm sure there's some artist out there who can make some neat looking characters
>>13237 >And he's wrong, since Huggies sell their products all over the planet. Well, at least here in Finland huggies pull-ups are not sold (except drynites). All kids pull-ups are that "granny pants" style just with higher padding rise and cute prints. Same is in asia, just look at some japanese diaper pics or manga.
>>13237 Also, pampers easy-ups are not sold in Europe but pampers nappy pants instead, which are "granny pant" style
>>13237 >Something in the 1000-2000mL absorbency range would be perfect while going up to 6000mL almost seems to defeat the purpose. I'd like to ageplay as a 4-8 year old who is trying to potty train. For that fantasy it's better if a single "accident" is enough to make my pull-up all swollen and squishy. Im in the same boat. I want enough absorbancy and security to ensure that the first wetting has no chance of leaking, but being able to handle a second wetting without any serious risk of leaking (ie, as long as you dont go out of your way to flood it with a full bladder) would be really nice too. Ageplaying as a 4-8 year old is pretty much my vibe too, as well as like 8-12 as a bedwetter, maybe with mild daytime control issues as well or something.
>>13469 I have a big bladder and most adult pull ups have enough capacity to take at least one wetting
>>13237 >Something in the 1000-2000mL absorbency range would be perfect while going up to 6000mL almost seems to defeat the purpose. I agree about the idea, but I guess needs to be something like 2500 mL in order not to leak during wetting. Abena M3 pullups are 2400 mL, Rearz Felicity 2650 mL, I have tested them both and they work fine. Seni pullups are 1300 mL and they leaked on me every time. They have a weird stich at the padding, kinda dividing it into two parts so it can also be the problem.
(242.88 KB 1280x804 CritterCaboose3sizes__63033.jpg)

(88.87 KB 818x636 70500.jpg)

Crinklz has a pirate one too, but I want to wear every brands girliest diaper.
>>15014 I could be wrong, but that doesn't look like a positional print. It looks like the standard kind of repeating pattern which doesn't need to align in any particular way with the diaper.
>>15014 Those don't look that bad. The design is a little busy for my liking though. But the padding doesn't look terrible. I've had 4 bags of crinklz just sitting in my closet for like a year or two because I tried 1-2 out of one bag and they felt so thin and flimsy I may as well of been wearing depends with tapes. But the thickness on your 2nd picture looks pretty good. >>15012 Cuuuuuute
>>15014 fuck, those are sexy, I didn't realize they made a scaled changing pad too, I'm glad it's sold out because I'm horny enough to make a dumb purchase like that
(5.73 MB 5312x2988 0702201935.jpg)

>>15074 That's pretty cool. May have to talk my CG into getting it haha. But it'd be a dumb purchase like you said since we already have a changing table, she'll probably tell me no.
>>15012 Woooooooo my order of a case of those has shipped! Can't wait!
>>15014 It's not positional print but looks pretty nice, I like how large the print is

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