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(947.19 KB 2125x1411 sug.jpeg)

Suggestions,banners and complaints Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 23:28:42 No. 5
Here you can post suggestions, banners and complaints about the board.
>>5 Complaint 1. You deleted a thread before I could post 4 fucking times this morning. Your a BO. Just use the goddamn edit function you enormous sperg.
>>6 Okay I will, I was deleting because I wanted them to have an specific number ,but I think is good as it's now. Also do you think orange is good for the background?
>>7 It certainly is eye catching. Plus I love oranges. So yeah I like it.
>>8 Okay also as you will probably know some of the css is janky (such as random orange button and so),I will try to fix it.

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